Sunday, April 26, 2009

Death of another good blog

Jed Yoong.

This is the second time Jed has shut her blog. The first time was when she was blogging as Freelunch2020 in the early days of blogs. (Did DAP have anything to do with Freelunch's clossure? Read here).

This latest shutdown came about two months or so after police reports were lodged against her for the article Time for PAS to stop trusting the Malay Rajas in her blog. She's been climbing up and down Bukit Aman a few times for "interviews" since the reports. She was OK with the interviews until her siblings were called in for questioning to help the police with the investigation.

Jed says she wants to focus on the law degree she's been pursuing.


  1. lolla1:55 pm


    dah fed-up agak nya.

    some people don;t have the stamina.

  2. Rocky, did you say or put 'Daulat Tuanku" when Mahathir and Umno shamed and belittled the Royalty back in esp. 1992.

    I made my own "DAULAT TUANKU" and placed it on my rear screen.

    You're sickening now.

  3. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Hi Rocky

    My siblings -- sister is 20, about to start university, brother is 17.
    To me, this just exemplifies the racism of UMNOputras wannabes like Big Dog.
    May God have mercy on him and his family.

  4. It is a personal recording
    Of what one sees or hears or reads
    Put it down in words to share with others
    Sometimes a bit overboard; sometimes extra put into play
    To get the oomp or so some thought of it

    Yet when everything is done
    Some just can't carry it through
    Like the TV shows.......fatigue running out of ideas
    Finally the curtains fall
    Sometimes the authorities wielding the hard stick
    Telling who is the boss?

    Even in companies
    Losses heavily closing shops the day
    When economic spelling doom
    Sell what can be fetched
    Leave the scene live elsewhere
    Cut the losses save it for another day perhaps

    Likewise in blogs
    A day will come somebody will close shop
    Unless it is used as a diary to track thoughts and events
    Until the day one soul disappears..........

    I had occasionally read her blog
    Interesting articles alternative view
    Yet I hope she will be back
    When she completes her pursuits

  5. delCapoe2:43 pm

    Goodbye and good riddance.

  6. Anonymous3:01 pm

    .. haiya ... tell her don't waste time la study law (where got meaning here) .. better do business .. la .. haiya ..

    - Raymond Burrp

  7. All the best to her.

    Read my interview with Nuraina A Samad hereSyed

  8. Maybe the police have done a good job!

    Maybe she could have run the race but didn't want to get family members involved.

  9. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Good Blog? U think? Thank God! Suruh dia balik jaga anak lagi bagus.

  10. Anonymous4:03 pm

    I dont wish to appear rude or racist here, but I would like to let this be clear to the Non Bumiputras...

    Reasons known to all, why their grandparents, parents ran away from their motherland.. poverty, starvation, criminal activities, or plainly... they HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO ABANDON their countries of ORIGINS.

    The Chinese, were DAMN scared of Chairman Mao, and the ongoing communist system.. so they cannot take the heat.. they left. FULLSTOP.

    The Indians, mainly DALITs previously known as PARIAH, 3000yrs practice that is still ongoing.. FROM CRADLE TO BIRTH.. So, THEY HAD NO CHOICE, but to abandon their place of origin, some even converted to ther religion to get away from it. FULLSTOP.

    That's the QUALITY of Non Bumis that we have to ENDURE...we the BUMIPUTRAS had to endure all these over 50years here!

    What I cannot ACCEPT, is, don' dirty the minds of the BUMIPUTRAs because of their own inferiority beginnings here.


    This they know, and we know... so this BLOODY JED YOONG should NEVER NEVER NEVER BE ALLOWED touch on anything that she herself DO NOT HAVE..



  11. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Well, if your whole family members and relatives were called to 'help" police investigation. Then the answer is very clear.


  12. Anonymous5:15 pm

    cant wait for the death of yours, bro

  13. She has an unpredictable personality.
    Her messages seems to cater for personal attention ..more than anything else.
    She has established her fickle mindedness.
    Lets hope for the sake of her children...she learned something.
    I hope she will continue to blog..with a generous and caring mentality.
    If she is against the government...she should behave like an NGO blogger......copying Susan Loone style.
    She can influence voters..if she wants to apply her skills properly.
    Lets hope she is for change for government..with a passion like Susan...who happens to respect her alot.

  14. Dah kena sue ke? dah jadi kes polis baru nak sedaq diri ke? kalau lagu ni...maknanya blog dia tak buleh dipercayai...takdak kreadibiliti...tak buleh pakai...dia ni di"bayar" ka? Anyway, aku harap dia akan "diam" terus lepas ni...

  15. Anonymous5:22 pm

    welcome police state,
    today jed, tomorrow _ _ _ _ _ _,

  16. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Yang lain2 sewaktu dgn nya , hati2 di jalanraya. Jangan telampau KURANG AJAR dengan RAJA2 dan Melayu secara am nya. Dah terlampau kompromi sampai melaratkan bangsa sendiri.
    Tak patut sangat lah.


  17. clusco5:40 pm

    padan la muka dia.. byk lg topik kt dunia nih bleh ditulis.. kalau nk sangat tulis pasal raja², lapik² lah sikit.. org lain pon marah, bukan tk marah tp dlm hati ada perasaan sayang.. bkn tk sayang kt raja², ada yang sayang, cuma mungkin ada raja² yg taktau kata rakyat sayang kepadanya..

  18. Anonymous6:15 pm

    siapa cakap cina pandai????
    ini cina banyak bodah ma...
    rukun negara pun tak tahu/tak habis baca kot....

    anti racist chinese

  19. A welcome loss6:22 pm

    Good Riddance to bad rubbish.

  20. Husin Lempang7:00 pm

    At the rate of those blogs dying, your blogroll would be running empty very soon.


    They could resurrect again very sooon by assuming another anonymous identity.

    SUKJ did it couple of time oledi.

  21. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Intimidation through law. This is what it really is. Pure and unadulterated intimidation.

  22. Terkini:
    Sdr Zakhir -Jangan politikan kerjaya orang lain kerana taksub kepada seseorang ! here

  23. This blog may or may not be the voice of the people. But if one blog after another is frightened off then we are back to square one... the govt. media and its propaganda, one voice, 1malaysia?

  24. Bobby7:45 pm

    good stuff! :D

  25. Very simply - service above self and that is why party interest overrides Jed's interest.

    There is no compromise, no to and fro because she owes a duty of care to the party and public-at-large in her capacity on the editorial board.

    She has a choice of either being an editor or a blogger(indie), but not both. Her recent trouble with authorities is precisely the reason why.

    As editor, she has to abide by internal control but as an independent mind, she controls her own destiny.

    I grant your query is genuine and not meant to stir up muck but knowing your sinister mind, I hope my indulgence satisfies your cynicism.

    It is not a fine line between right and wrong, truth and lies and the people you associate yourself with, can only lead you down the path of ruins.

    Start thinking to salvage what is left of your integrity and work towards noble pursuits.

  26. Anonymous8:34 pm


    In the end only Doctor2008's blog will be left standing. His is factual, delivers his thoughts and makes you think. Notice, he attacks issues, not people like most of the other blogs.

    Good luck la Jed. You study lor or are you studying law?

    Take 2 panadol and call me in the morning!

    Dr Av8tor

  27. olangKg8:53 pm

    Kalau lu tatak salah apa mau takut la nyonya...! bila lu bikin salah, tulis ikut suka hati, lu tanggung la sendili. Janganlah salahkan polis pulak. Ini negala ada law punya. Lu pun ada belajar. jangan jadi olang bolo la nyonya!

  28. Anonymous8:53 pm

    One of the causes of death of blogs is nonsensical postings from the likes of idiots like Monsterball. People like him should be banned from commenting in blogs because they bring down the quality of the blog. Raja Petra has banned him from posting in Malaysia Today and the hope is that all blogs will ban him. Presently he is causing a lot of havoc in Susan Loone's blog turning it into a jungle which will soon collapse because of the excessive garbage deposited by monsterball


  29. Kalau kita berak dlm tandas tertutup, org lain takkan tegur. Tapi klu kita berak tepi jalan, sudah tentu ianya adalah satu gangguan pada org lain.

    Begitulah juga apa yg kita tuliskan. Apatah lagi bila ianya melibatkan isu Raja-raja.

    Takkan org sebijak Jed Yoong tak tau apa itu Akta Hasutan?

  30. Anonymous9:10 pm

    2020 developed country?
    first class mentality
    go fly kite people.

    time to bring back sultan mahmud mangkat dijulang..

  31. What have the siblings got to do with what she writes?

    Or is this how they shut people up? They may even want to exhume dead relatives to see if answers might come out of there.

  32. Anonymous10:15 pm

    To wira u ingat bapak kau punya negara what have u done for this country compared to me when i have spill blood for MY Malaysia your racist son of a bitch.

    A patriot

  33. She had a very good time gloating over Teresa Kok, RPK, and the others when they were detained under ISA... and supporting the acts of the government that did it.

    Now the agents of this government that she supported have turned their fangs upon her. The irony.

    Churchill said something about people who fed crocodiles to avoid being eaten...

  34. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Run a check on all her siblings, relatives... each and everyone.. dek kata orang melayu MERISIK mendalam!

    Kalau mereka sebenar2 Rakyat Malaysia, they should know what is RUKUNEGARA...

    They should know the sacrifices of our FOREFATHERS untuk menjaga keharmonian dan keamanan Negara ini.

    Yang setakat datang nak menempek, buat kacau, buat kurang ajar, mesti mereka ini dari keturunan yang tiada harga diri asalnya...

    Kerepot punya betina, mau kasi anak cucu cicit aku hidup tak senang?


  35. Anonymous11:26 pm

    J who?

    Jed who? Nothing so significant about this who?..I only know two significant J - i.e Jet Li and Juburi..

    Sing along Lady J..
    **Don't cry for me anjing cina.. the truth is i never love you...**

    (Note: anjing cina = melayu pariah)

    :D muhahahaha..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies

  36. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Bro, did you put up Terengganu's flag when they called the Sultan, "natang" Well i guess you did..and it was an invisible flag..that is why i could not see it.. well are just another hypocrit. Worst than the UMNO leaders..

    To wira..aduhai wira..nama pun pinjam nama india..boleh tak wira masuk belajar lagi..kalau boleh..nasuk lah tadika..kami pembaca blog rocky bru akan menyara pelajaran anda..kerana orang yang tak tahu sejarah seperti anda lah yang..menjadikan masyarakat melayu nampak sangat me - layu nya. Wira pernah tak dengar tentang lembah bujang..pernah belajar tentang sejarah melaka..tahukah anda kerajaan melaka itu pun bukan pure melayu.. Kesultanan Melayu Melaka tu sebenarnya ..alah tau jelah

    Rocky Bru's Fan

  37. Anonymous11:42 pm

    dear wira,

    malays, indonesians, vietnamese, burmese, cambodians are all from southern china la... other than our orang asli, semua pendatang.
    google austronesian to find out about your roots.
    dunno what sort of quality you are referring to but my income tax contribution is probably what you earn in 2 years.
    so take a good look at yourself before you start picking on others.
    god knows what you are good for?

  38. Anon Wira 4.03 PM,

    "I dont wish to appear rude or racist here, but I would like to let this be clear to the Non Bumiputras...

    The Chinese, were DAMN scared of Chairman Mao, and the ongoing communist system.. so they cannot take the heat.. they left. FULLSTOP....

    The Indians, mainly DALITs previously known as PARIAH, 3000yrs practice that is still ongoing.. FROM CRADLE TO BIRTH.. So, THEY HAD NO CHOICE, but to abandon their place of origin, some even converted to their religion to get away from it. FULLSTOP."

    You may pretend not to, but everything you posted is RACIST.

    AS for our Sultans, the Melaka, Johor, Pahang & Perak Sultanates are descended from Parameswara, A Indian Hindu. Suely, you insult our Sultans by referring to Indians as Dalits and Pariahs from 3,000 years, Is what you are saying not 'Derhaka!' and highly Seditious?

    As for Bumiputra, they now include by Govt approval Portuguese, Dutch, Indian Muslims and naturalised Indonesians. Which Sultan are they loyal to and where are their ROOTS?

    The first Chinese came to Malaysia well before Mao Tse Tung and before 20th Century, or have you forgotten Zheng Ho (Cheng Ho), Princess Hang Li Po of 15th century A.D. and Kina Balu, Kota Kinabalu and Kinabatangan River in Sabah?

    It is a very, very slippery slope for useless RACISTS like you, because you don't know your own history and culture and live in some other imagined fantasy world.

    And to RACISTS like you I say, SCREW YOU MATE! You are neither a true Malay, Bumiputra and least of all, Malaysian!! You are scum!

  39. Anonymous12:23 am

    Of courselah DAP supremo the Lim must be involved in the initial closure. Her articles must definitely be not to the liking of either the senior Lim or Junior Lim.

    This is freedom of the press by Lim Kit Siang's style or rather Freedom of the press on applied to the Government not to the DAP.

    Freedom Fighter

  40. Anonymous12:29 am

    I do agree with Anonymous that Monsterball can only deposit garbage into people's blog. He has no brain. Just leave him alone. Don't dirty your blog, Rocky. Keep out undesirable element like Monsterball, who is incapable of intellectual debate.

    Brainless monster

  41. Anonymous12:34 am

    Reply to:
    "delCapoe said...

    Goodbye and good riddance.

    2:43 PM"

    Though I hv never met Jed personally, I have too much respect for free speech & too much disgust for police intimidation of bloggers to hv posted such a comment.

    So "delCapoe"... if that's your true name or your true preferred nick... i respect your opinion as it is (pls ignore what follows below)

    - if your intention is to impersonate someone else, for whatever reasons... pls try harder/smarter.. at least spell better =]
    - if it's personal.. leave others (Jed in this case) out of it... bring it straight to me.


  42. Well, if your whole family members and relatives were called to 'help" police investigation. Then the answer is very clear.


    Just because of what she wrote in a blog the polis calls her entire family.
    Altantuya was murdered and the polis dont even calls najib.
    See the picture?

  43. Anonymous1:41 am

    while we pity bloggers for what they have to go thru alone with the authority ,,, we must not forget even our brothers and sisters in media prima are treated discriminately - about 400 workers are still on contract labours - no ot,no epf,no socso etc for almost 3-4 years?? some are blaming the stake holders - Umno for the illtreatment . Many of them out of frustration supports PR. Can someone investigate and safe the workforce from being heavily demotivated

  44. Anonymous3:32 am

    good for u jed... do try keeping yourself occupied on d law degree ur pursuing... n try not to meddle with areas ur not familiar wth... stop trying to be a 'hero'... u yrself is a racist..

  45. Anonymous3:37 am

    Bang Khun Pana aka johanssm,

    Kalau nak letak gambar Jalur Gemilang tu letak la bebetul. Lets have some respect for the National flag shall we.

    Msian in Libya

  46. Anonymous6:31 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. bro. big dog aka zakhir is perennial coward. remember the last blog get-together at damansara? remember it was also the same time pete got questioned at sentul pd? the cops were looking for zakhir and demanded pete to divulge his identity then. i still recall the look of terror on his face THEN when i approached with the camera in had. NOW baru le berani nak tunjuk muka dan taring poyo dia tu. sorry about what to jed.

  48. How on Earth can anyone classify me as brainless?
    Working and achieving ...seeing knowing so much before most of them are even born.
    I guess they will consider one like Mahathir smartest of to fool and cheat for 22 years.
    And now...Najib...fantastic brain to apply his finest double headed snaky political game...appointing looser as ministers and deputies..and walking pro RP areas..acting away.
    To conclude...if one can cheat..act and stay away from jail is highly intelligent. Is that it?
    What real idiots you are.

  49. Anonymous9:32 am

    Saudara Wira,

    Tidak perlu anda menggunakan kata-kata kesat, perkauman untuk menyampaikan hujah-hujah anda.

    Sebagai orang mukmin, patut kita menjadi teladan kepada mereka yang belum mendapat hidayah dari Allah.

    Bagi saya, Sultan masih adalah seorang insan kerdil ciptaan Allah. Adakah sebagai Sultan, baginda tidak akan terlanjur dan tidak berbuat jahat?

    Sila bentangkan hujah yang bernas dan bersopan santun. Orang Melayu adalah orang yang berbudi bahasa. Jangan menjatuhkan maruah kami.


  50. sum up Jed Yoong very well.
    The way she writes...she should be a fantastic successful great demand.
    But there is a touch of her unstable brain..can be very unreliable...moody and spiteful for no reasons.
    I cannot understand why she rub salt into Eli's wounds. Woman jealousy?
    I can see she is saying her younger brother and sis needs her attention.
    That's good.

  51. Wira, you said "What I cannot ACCEPT, is, don' dirty the minds of the BUMIPUTRAs because of their own inferiority beginnings here."

    Maybe true of you. But certainly not all the bumiputra friends of mine.

    Oh BTW, are, like Syed Hamid Albar or Khir Toyo, one of those who finds it so inconvenient that your parents were actualy migrants from Indonesia in more recent times? You know, like those who abandoned and got rid of their Sultans there for instance? Or are you one of those other Indian Muslims who, like a lot here, like to pretend that they are Malays and bumis?

  52. Anonymous9:49 am

    "The Chinese, were DAMN scared of Chairman Mao, and the ongoing communist system.. so they cannot take the heat.. they left. FULLSTOP." should take lah history lesson. Chinese was already here during the fifteenth century under the Ming Dynasty. Today is the 21st century, that is, more than 600 years ago. Just curious, what is your root? To what century did you trace it?

    Roots is a very good book. I really doubt you have read it and grasp the true meaning of the book.

    Don't lah insult Chairman Mao, especially now when Malaysia needs to trade heavily with China since your big bad satan USA is in trouble.


  53. Rocky Pru10:25 am

    As long as your blog do support 'G','M','N' and 'K' then you will be OK.

    If you support other alphabet, then surely you will KO la..

    simple Malaysian democracy.

  54. FactFirst10:31 am

    To Malaysian police : Please look for this Khun Pana and bring him/her to court to answer her/his allegation against our PM and for putting the Malaysian Flag upside down. After that probably we can ask him/her to look for another country...!

  55. Anonymous10:55 am

    Dey dontplaypundek. What the pundek are you saying? Wira is right. The Dalits and the Mao left-overs come over here and decide to become otais. But a slight look at their origins show that they really are … err…. Not the best in their class.

    And you say Parameswara was a hindu prince? Anybody denying that? We even learned that in sejarah in school. But you know what happened next? He and his progenies became muslims, and the rest is history, while the dalits that Wira mentioned just came here about one-two generation ago, and now want to have EE_QOO_AR_LEE_TEE. Up yours man!

    And if your sociology gets you confused, Mr Dontplaypundek, a PRINCE is never a DALIT. So if by your admission that we, the malays in this peninsula, are descendants from that Prince, it means we are kingly, putras and therefore bumiputras. Now the DALITS, however, are different. Well I don’t have to write about them here. Its not my religion anyway. But go ahead and google up the caste system and how the lower castes are treated in India and you will find how lucky those people that came to this TANAH MELAYU are about 1-2 generations ago.

    And as for you, don’tplaypundek, I know where you came from. You came from here. Oops sorry! Try as hard as I might, I couldn’t find pictures during the time when your grandpas came here. I only could find this contemporary pic. Now if this is now, imagine the situation during your grandpa’s days….


    p.s. Jed Yoong:

    You are only as good as far as bantai RPK, the DAPs and the BangsaMalaysias. Once you started to touch our Kings, then sorry. It was nice to have known you. But please, lock the door on your way out.

  56. Anonymous11:14 am

    Trully back donplaypuks® jab on the most typical UMNO supporter Wira's racistest remark. Shd stop Wira's controversial remark.
    He , like any typical UMNO goons will soon create racial tension soon.


  57. >>Takkan org sebijak Jed Yoong tak tau apa itu Akta Hasutan?<<

    Most advanced countries do not have Akta Hasutan. This is a colonial legacy meant to keep the local populace in line.

    The US had a Sedition Act but that was 90 years ago.

  58. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Padan la muka Jed tu. Seriously bro, ppl who do not have the required intelectual depth should not be allowed to publicly make comments on serious and sensitive matters. Good riddance.

    Jade, you will not be missed.. i can tell u that.


  59. Wira...aku sokong..

    What police state?
    Even Jackie Chan,the kungfu king said it..Chinese people 'need to be controlled'.
    Lee Kuan Yew realised it long time ago and look at Singapore.
    Authoritarian rule/One Party political monopoly rule must have been one of the reasons of their success.
    Here in Malaysia , we are just too liberal and too tolerant.
    Its not democracy that they are asking for but political chaos, social breakdown..anarchy.
    Yes 1 Malaysia..1 Negara ,1 Bangsa,1 Bahasa and that is Bahasa Malaysia.
    And to donplaypuks..

  60. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Jed Yoong tried to sound inteligent and educated through her writings. But the piece she wrote about the monarchy exposes her true background. And why study law? She would do well selling bak kut teh....she's got THAT look!

    Mangkok von Hayon

  61. Anonymous1:17 pm


    p.s. Jed Yoong:

    You are only as good as far as bantai RPK, the DAPs and the BangsaMalaysias. Once you started to touch our Kings, then sorry. It was nice to have known you. But please, lock the door on your way out."

    Actually, it is Dr Mahathir and UMNO who consistently bantai your Kings. I am afraid I as a Chinese have many places to go but a Malay.....Good luck to you...Maybe you can go to Indon....

  62. Anonymous1:17 pm

    I've heard it said that people give up blogging once they have found happiness.

  63. ka ka ka. :) daulat tuanku.

    jed yoong....speaking like a racist to a racist..what changes?

  64. it's great. after reading the comments, it's great to know that rockybru blog is now degenerate down to being a racist polemic forum..

    Hip hip hurray!

  65. Anonymous3:24 pm

    I agree with you wy kam. And that is why people like Dontplaypundek there should not start to say demeaning things about the Malays and their ancestors. If not, a backlash from Dontplaypundekteacher is what you get. You no want racism? Then stop being racist yourself.

    Mild Malay

    Eh Wira, bestlah ko ni. Tulih lagi?

  66. Anonymous3:36 pm

    WK, it's not a racist statement per se but based on linguistic abilities. It's a fact that most Malays are only fluent in Malay unlike other cultural groups. ;-)

  67. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Aku hairan la kenapa ada dikalangan mereka yg komen ni bODOH??

    Masa Mahathir kurangkan KEKEBALAN Institusi DIRaja adalah untuk melindungi rakyat Malaysia daripada kelakuan dan tindakan KURANG AJAR dan RAKUS sesetengah "kerabat-kerabat" DiRaja.. bukan menhilangkan KUASA MEMERINTAH SULTAN dan RAJA MELAYU.. cuma dihilangkan KEKEBALAN apabila melibatkan PERBUATAN JENAYAH.. kalau bunuh orang bunuh balik..kalau tipu masuk penjara..TETAPI KALAU MELAKUKAN KESILAPAN DALAM TUGAS RASMI MASIH KEBAL!!

    ada faham... BODOH betul..

    p/s:For Jed although i disagree with you but still your blog is one of the best...

  68. Anon 10.55AM

    You can't change DNA and Race by embracing another religion. Therefore, Bumiputra is not a race.

    So, according to your Dalits and Princes classification, who were these peopel:

    1. Dr.M's father & grandfather
    2. Dato Zambry's father
    3. Munshi Abdullah's mother
    4. Chandra Muzzafar's grandfather
    5. Mohd Nor Yapkop's grandfather
    8. The 1st 8 Sultans of Kedah

    According to you they must all have been Pariahs. But the grandchildren have all turned out very well for M'sia haven't they.

    Most of the Indians who came here as indentured labourers from S.India in the 19th Century were just ordinary Indians; not Dalits or Pariahs. There were were also Sri lankans - also Dalits & Pariahs?

    Man, RACISTS scum like you are the one's playing with fire!

  69. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Jed Yoong, this is a blog fill up with racist comment and not for kid like you. My advice to you is to stop writing.

    P.S. DontPlayWhateverTeacher / Typical Loser

    For you information, all your cousin in Yunnan is living fine, they tabit to Mao morning and night. You can visit them anytime, but of course not foc.


  70. Merramass4:35 pm

    Jed Yoong you said,

    "It's a fact that most Malays are only fluent in Malay unlike other cultural groups.."

    Jed, Jed, pls give the Malays a break. You want to pursue law studies? but you're so dim wit, not bright enough How dare you say that Malays are not fluent in other're an insult to my intelligence, Jeddi.....oui, vous m'avez insulté mon intelligence ....vous êtes si bête si raciste et vous n'êtes pas belle!!!

    A song for you, Jed...

    Jed, Jed go away, don't come back another day, we just want you to stay away ....we don't miss you anyway....

  71. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Wallawoi! Now its a racist battle field here..

    Just see how this Lady J fiasco suddenly derived to a history redefining exercise by these decendants of runaway pendatang...i thought we had already through with this in blogspheres.. funny lah these moron..

    Below are some excerp from KijangMas in DemiNegara pertaining to this subject matter..these lowlife should spend more quality time with the DN Knights there before trying to show off as a bloody punster hero in Rocky's blog to teach the malays on history lesson..

    "...And the inverse is happening in Malaysia. The non-Malays are now writing their own historical
    accounts of this land. According to this subversives,
    many alumni of such schools as the LimKokWing college or whatever,
    Chin Peng is now the hero. Bintang Tiga is a patriotic organisation.
    Heck, even Hang Tuah is now an Ah Pek. Parameswara is an Indian fellow. The old pre-Islamic civilisations were all Tamil outposts.And the Chinaman "open up" much of this Tanah Melayu.
    Yeah, go read the original Hindraf lawsuit documents. See how these scums insulted the Malays." -KM
    I always hated history lesson from these idiots..
    Yeah right, since when Tamil Nadhu people contributed to the account of civilization landscape of this land..? Parameswara is a name & does it indicate anything biological confirming that he has Tamil how these smartass professor dig shit out from their ass..
    Sultan of Perak who was link to the Sultanates of Melaka does not even display your Tamil genes features at all as we all can see today..does he? and that is a real biological account..really Tamil kalathai pundek u all..

    Let me make it very2 clear here this time..

    1) Our ancestors, be it from anywhere around this archipelagos came here and built civilizations and WE all stay here since then & never had we ran away even when the penjajah came & torn apart our land..If the orang asli already built civilizations here probably our ancestor would find another place.. we are not like u lowlife scums..

    2) On the other hand, u pendatangs run away from your very own civilization to come here scanvaging this land under your ass-licked penjajah master..just like bloody fugitives..

    Can u see the different? Mind u people looking at yourself in the mirror?

    now these arrogant big head want to claim credit for the civilization yourr ancestors had ran away from? hahaha..thick faced! fit the depiction of typical dalit pariah who had this over-syiok feeling been elevated in the social hierarchy..

    Next subject..TAX? damn..again this..fucking shit..ok,let it roll again..

    one bloody shit here brag about his tax pay as if his kind are the one that feed this whole nation.. does this moron know the figure or not that individuals tax only contribute to 9% of the govt whole revenue (2008)? You think your money is so big hah? see below link..

    again almost 40% of the income came from Petronas..25-30% from GLCs.. and the rest of the cake came from sales tax, service tax, license/permits, corporate sectors (minus that of those chingkies' tax assessment manipulators company & those non-registered haram activity business) and so on..

    so guys..again, as a host citizen i hereby give my warmest gesture as a token of appreciation to those assholes racist loosers from the other camp..

    -- my middle finger! ..|., --

    p/s: Lady down girl..u need not stress yourself on this at the exit stage..have a peace of mind..(mind to introduce your 20yrs old sis to me..just wanna make fren bad intention..hehe. But pls..pls don't go to hell & bring her along with u.. :D

    :D muhahahaha..
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  72. Merramass4:45 pm

    What a nice picture you got there
    make it bigger for everybody to see
    clearly ....!! Don't forget next
    time ok....

  73. Anonymous5:21 pm

    I read her blog. I think she's rotten. good riddance to bad rubbish.


  74. I read Jed's few messages here and it will be see her go.
    She should focus and write exactly like this...helping Malaysians to have strong second opinion in a blog..filled with pro UMNO buggers.
    Be inactive in her blog...if she needs to.....but have time to speak out for country and people.
    She is irritating UMNO monkies....and that's good.

  75. 3 years ago..I asked her for a freelunch...never got it.
    Maybe one day...she will accept a candle light dinner from me...with no strings attached.

  76. Jenggg X39:04 pm

    ""Below are some excerp from KijangMas in DemiNegara pertaining to this subject matter..these lowlife should spend more quality time with the DN Knights there before trying to show off as a bloody punster hero in Rocky's blog to teach the malays on history lesson..""

    Ka Ka Kah...

    oii... 'DN Knights' ni apa? Arabian Nights ka?

    Cerita 1001 Dalil Mengapa Be-N Masih Relevan...? ka ka kah...

    Ataupun knights macam Monty Python?

    Ka Ka Kah... pergi berkempen dan repot prk pun kalah. Nak tonjol diri setaraf Special Bunch tapi macam jam rolex jual kat Jalan Petaling... ka ka ka kah...

    oii boss, tiga roleks berapa? ka ka ka kah...

  77. Laser Blade9:18 pm

    Kudos to Wira, DontPlayPundekTeacher, Anti Whatever ......good write ups guys ...or gals ....well done, keep it up, well done, keep it up ......Promotion expected ...

    Thumbs down to Khun Pana aka johanssm (what a jerk!), wanna be a real Malaysian? start by putting the poor flag correctly first.......

    ps .....Wira, tulis banyak banyak lagi ...

  78. Jed Not-So-Young10:56 pm

    Thank You DontPlayPundekTeacher. I connected to that link with the picture and it seems that there are lot more pictures just like that one. It's all under the title "Only in China."

    It's unbelievable! I had always been wondering, that whenever I see their kind here double, triple parking without any regards on the law, whenever they just overtake you even at tight corners, whenever they just .... display these biadap attitudes, I had been wondering WHERE did these people get these attitudes from.

    From these pics I now know the answer to these: it's ingrained, almost etched inside their DNA.

    AND now they are here to dirty these soils. I curse the malay politicians of old who signed their citizenship less than 100 years ago.

  79. whether you like her or not one fact is clear: Jed has balls...and i'm saying that with utmost repect...i wish she continues her least to show that she does not succumb to repression...

    anyway, i wish you all the best Jed!

  80. Anon 10:55AM11:25 pm

    DOntplaypundek said:

    " So, according to your Dalits and Princes classification, who were these peopel:

    1. Dr.M's father & grandfather
    2. Dato Zambry's father
    3. Munshi Abdullah's mother
    4. Chandra Muzzafar's grandfather
    5. Mohd Nor Yapkop's grandfather
    8. The 1st 8 Sultans of Kedah

    No lah. I had really MEANT:

    1. Karpal SIngh
    2. Gobind Singh
    3. SivaKumar
    4. UthayaKumar
    5. Sivarasa
    6. You yourself

    Jed Yoong, you said go where? Please do so, by all means. Oh yes by the way, perhaps as a next move you'd want to sell these instead?

  81. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Jenggg 3x...(kat mana2 bila aku kutuk geng racist sebelah sana mesti makhluk2 melayu pariah mcm ni dtg to the rescue..byk betul ultra chingkies & hindraf punya anjing ni..)

    I now hereby present to stage to all for display an endengered mutated species called the melayu pariah..he is a cross breed between melayu, anjing, babi & lembu..

    -- behold in front of you a melayu pariah...! Jenggg3x..

    hey..tell u what..your pariah soul doesn't even worth a shit to bargain for even an immitation rolex..

    Go on wank your cock in front of Lady J..typical melayu pariah bodoh..memalukan bangsa sendiri..

    yo! pariah.. kenapa bila ko nak hentam melayu lain dek kerana menjilat jubur cina bukit & hindu tak pernah ada sesuatu yg intelektual pun keluar dari otak zombi fuckatan mcm ko ni hah? hahahaha.. cermin lah diri sikit. bodoh!

    yang ko nak bela diaorg sgt tu apasal..? diaorg kutuk bangsa ko bagai nak rak..ko masih lg syok hisap batang, jilat punggung & tadah jubur utk mereka lagi..?

    memang dasar melayu pariah ko ni.. ptuih! aku ingatlah kalo mak bapak ko tahu ko perangai jadi pariah bila besar mcm ni.. kecik2 lagi dia dah bagi mampos sampah bangsa mcm ko..balik kampung nanti pegi cakap kat mak bapak ko yg skrg ko adalah pencacai cina & hindu ..die hard fan..ok ? hehehe..

    hidup bangsa(t) malaysia..hahaha


    :D muhahahaha..
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  82. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Dear Jed Yoong,

    Good Riddance the biggest Racist of all!!!! Who thinks she owns the world! Hope to never see or hear frm you again. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!

    Jed Bye Bye

  83. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Ha!! She's still reading the thread. C'mon write some more rotten things about JED YOONG THE BIGGEST RACIST IN THE UNIVERSE!!! What a loser. I bet the law she's goona learn is "the law of the jungle and how to be a better racist bastard.

    Jed Jed Go Away and don't come back anyday!

  84. If I can cause death of blogs one said..and the one and only one banned by RPK...I must be something special ...correct?
    But that's not true at all.
    Those idiots have also chosen me as their favorite punching bag...for years.
    It's not God's will.
    It's a mission accomplished.....hahahahahahahaha

  85. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Jed, Jed,

    Anatawa eki maz ka?
    Lu ki ta lok?
    Where to beb?
    Nak kemana dek?

    Why think British? Should think of going back to Mainland China, sure accept wan la?

    Blog and bring in your reforms to your heart's content!

    Why go and pollute other places?

    And by the way, don't forget to take along even your cats with you.



  86. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Monsterball brother Mao,

    Ini negala mayak bagusshh

    Mau cali makan apa pun boleh

    Wang keretas hali hali jual pun mayak boleh bikin untung, ata betut ka?

    Lu tamau bikin kasi semua olang tatak hapi.

    Sifu sini mali dulu, mayak susah,

    Kasi cali tin, pakai dulang hayun2,
    tatak timah gua pegi keleja pecah batu bikin jalan,

    Gua keleja, bancuh itu simen,
    Gua keleja angkut itu bata bikin lumah,

    Gua keleja potong getah
    Gua keleja tanam sayur

    Gua keleja lestoran potong babi

    Gua keleja sekalang atuk itu tiles kasi lantai cantik2

    sekalang Sifu sulah mayak tua..
    Sifu mayak hapi, ini negala, apa saja keleja, Sifu mau bikin, boleh..

    Lu apa tau.. lu mayak senang tepi jalan jual itu CD halam saja?

    Sikalang Sifu tua, mau hapi hapi, mau semua olang hapi macam semua olang Melayu disini, hapi selalu..

    Pai pai


  87. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Wira, anti-whatever,Merramas Dontplaypundekteacher,,

    You are my blood brothers, i salute you all and am sure you will be with me on the day of reckoning when we clean this tanah tercinta, this tanah tumpah darah kita of this mess, the colonial bastards left us which our forefathers unwittingly accepted despite their brethren being massacred 12 years back in 1945.

    Let me be clear to these scum Chingkies and Hindulens, once and for all: YOU ARE PENDATANGS! PERIOD.NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO CHANGE THAT FACT!

    1.History will show that you never ever had a permanent settlement here vast enough to call your permanent home. The vaults of this beautiful land will revebrate with the echoes that whatever puny attempts you made to get a foothold never amounted to nothing, swallowed up by the jungle, vanquished by the natives, deserted by your cowardly ancestors. Bujangs,your Ganga Negaras, your Kadarams were nothing more than fata morganas on a harsh reality, the fleeting smell of passing fart wafting through the landscape of Tanah Melayu history.

    2. History will show that when some of you bastards were left marooned here to accompany your "whore" Hang Li assimilated yourself, for the want of women to procreate, as the first sediments of the Peranakan community the same modus operandi you perfected in Penang and Singapore. How come it waas ok then but never ok now?

    3. History will show that after the Batavia riots of 1740 in Jawa, you converted en masse to preserve your lanchiaus and only returned to your fucking heritage when the Brits and Dutch conspired to lend you their protection. Cowards who ill play the chameleon to suit the everchanging landscape!

    4. History will show over and over again that you were mere itinerant sojourners who awaited the monsoons to return to your lands with booty after pillaging the locals with your tricks and con-talk. It will show that you constituted no more than 5%* of the population by circa 1830 with the vast majority brought in as the arselickers of the Brits and the Dutch before them. No demographist worth his salt, is ever gonna propose that you were part of the local community based on that figure and the census recordsEven, historians from your own kind admit as much.. that malaya was the only country where a nation (of malays) turned itself into a community.I weep when I read this for the sacrifice we made is today rewarded with barbs against my race, vile remarks against my religion, insults against my revered royalty, taunts agaisnt my language and each tear that falls steels me to the fact that all this will be AVENGED, that todays' humiliations are the scimatars nay the swords of tomorrows' vengeance!!

    *I have the data and the dont play2..mafucking cocksucking, arselicking, pa buggering scum!


    History will prove that in association with the local ancestors of contemporary Malay pariahs, men like Tengku Kudin, Raja Mahadi, Raja Abdullah, Long Jaafar, Ngah Ibrahim et connived to rob us of our native rights over the land and rape Tanah Melayu bone dry to fete your Sun Yat Sens, Chiang Kai Sheks, Mao tse tungs, Subhas Chandra Bose, Tilaks, Gokhale, Gandhis etc.

    Yeah..history will never lie for documents in my possession,books in my collection. articles in my accumulation will NAIL YOUR LIES TILL KINGDOM COME! No they are not scribblings by locals but the records of the Gwai Loh, the notes and observations of Chingkie-lovvas, the notations of Hindulens and Chingkies themselves, all verified as facts.

    I wrote up there you WERE NEVER COLONISED; DiJAJAH! instead you were willing accessories to the fact, sycophants of the Brits, the arselickers and cocksuckers of yore (A PLACE NOW OCCUPIED BY cHINGKIE LOVVAING mALAY pARIAH LIKE JENGx3,) and when the Brit played you out, your fait accompli was sealed: either return home to the lap of Mao or tail between legs beg for a permanent home here (which to our eternal regret, our effeminate founding father granted)and beg you did!

    Hence you have no right to bleat about your contributions to this country for you were here to be exploited by the brits and to exploit the locals at your OWN VOLITION.You were no different than the Hongkies who were compelled to accept Tongsan lordship post 1997, the illegal Indons and suluks you mock today and other similar sojourners trapped in a land that does not want them yet have no heart to dump them into the sea like garbage.Yet you still cant see the nobility of us Melayu..not surprising for your forefathers were the dregs of your society and the genes of a dog, a cow or a pig will be forever be embedded in your blood.

    We, malays fought...from Mahmud to Raja Haji, from Dol Said to Mat Kilau, from Maharaja Lela to Tok Janggut, from Mat Salleh to Rahman Limbong, from Rentap to Datuk Bahaman, WE FOUGHT, RESISTED AND NEVER GAVE IN.. thats why the Brits could never ever hope to get us to work their mines, tap their rubber,tar their roads, lay their railways, suck their cocks, lick their arse FOR WE MEALYU HAD MARUAH AND WE BORE IN OUR HEARTS THAT THIS WAS,HAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE OUR LAND. KAMI RELA DIJAJAH DARI MENGGADAI MARUAH!WAHAI BANGSAT CINA DAN HINDULEN

    Can you now, bastard chingkie and hindulen say with a straightface that you were colonised. Can you with a poker mien roll off the names of Chingkie heroes and hindulen scum who fought and resisted the colonialist.

    Yea.. Chin Peng would be your smug arse! CP was nothing more than a Brit agent turned traitor when the Brits played him out. A Mao-worshipping, Chingkie supremacist dedicated to creating a miniature China in the Nanyang.

    I argue that any new framework of a Malaysian history be made understand this historical fact : the pendatangs are precisely that PENDATANGS!: migrants in search of a better life and prepared to be subjugated by their white masters to achieve their kiasu needs.

    Anyone here dare argue otherwise, step forward for I am ready with the scabbard of history in hand to smote you down AND THRUST THE RAPIER OF TRUTH INTO YOUR PERFIDIOUS HEART.

    Need i say more, bastard Chingkie, Hindulens and their cockless Malay lovvas?

    Warrior 231

  88. Yessssss! Gone for good I hope..

  89. Anonymous12:28 am

    Let me be clear to these scum Chingkies and Hindulens, once and for all: YOU ARE PENDATANGS! PERIOD.NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO CHANGE THAT FACT!
    aiyoh, cannot say like that.

    ***The earliest evidence of a human ancestor in Asia appears to be the 1.8-million-year-old cranium found in Mojokerto, Indonesia.***

    That makes he, she, you and I are PENDATANGS wor.

    "The Chinese, were DAMN scared of Chairman Mao, and the ongoing communist system.. so they cannot take the heat.. they left. FULLSTOP."
    Acjualli hor, Chinese history dated way longer than Mao's era. You were not born then! Maybe it's about time you start going to the library. Nope, don't use the net. You need pics from books to visualize them. Nets won't give u that 'feel'.

    ..and you blah..
    Your ancestors came here by force, ar?? By who?!? Tell us pls!!

    ..and you blah..blah..blah..

    .blah and summore blahs...

    "Anyone here dare argue otherwise, step forward for I am ready with the scabbard of history in hand to smote you down AND THRUST THE RAPIER OF TRUTH INTO YOUR PERFIDIOUS HEART."

    I DARE you! You don't simply read and memorised History of this country alone. History is History! First, look up for informations how PENDATANGS like he, she, you and I came into this country.

    "Need i say more, bastard Chingkie, Hindulens and their cockless Malay lovvas?"
    Only Chingkie?!? Hindulens?? Or that whatever Malay lovvas??!!?? That showed how much is a historian you are. Shame on you! Go back to Standard 1!

  90. Anonymous12:39 am

    Jedi Toong Eli tek mei mei,

    Ni yau wa chiang se mok huak?
    Hua yi? kwang tong? Khek? Kung fu? pasak huak? Intuk huak? jekpen huak?

    Thong thong, wai hoi min pai.

    But when in Australia or United Kingdom (masa nak pi baca bobe British Law nanti), please dont go asking those people to go against their Queen, OK?


  91. Anonymous1:27 am

    "It's a fact that most Malays are only fluent in Malay unlike other cultural groups.."

    She said MOST Malays and not ALL Malays.

    What's the fuss about? Unless you are one. Can't blame you for being defensive about yourself though.

  92. DontPlayPundek10:42 am

    Warrior 231,

    Thank You for the history lesson. Now let's have some global-business enterpreneurship lesson pulak, courtesy of the hardworking Chinese populace.

    Sigh .. perhaps Jed Yoong may want to spend her entire enterpeneurial venture there....

  93. Nzain2:51 pm

    Anon 12:28 AM

    "Go back to Standard 1!"

    That's the best of your argument against Warrior's dare? That's the best you can come up with?!! LOL.
    Sheesh. Pathetic betul.

    I wait with bated breath for Warrior's reply....

  94. Anonymous4:15 pm

    I dulu baca manyak sejarah, tulisan babi putih ada, tulisan sejarahwan Malaysia ada, lapi tulisan petani Yunnan ni kali pertama. Sampai sekalang balu I tahu sejarah petani Yunnan sangat pundek, bukan, I mean pendek, 500 tahun saja.



  95. Poor Jed.I suppose when they come after your family, trhen you'll think again.

    Fight on, woman!

    Not all of us agreed with Jed or her writings, but I abhor scare tactics by our Big Brother cops.

    They must have threatened her, what else. Soon it will be us.

    Oops. sorry, it might probably be me. But not you Rocks. They won't touch you now, would they?

  96. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Jed Yoong said...
    "Actually, it is Dr Mahathir and UMNO who consistently bantai your Kings. I am afraid I as a Chinese have many places to go but a Malay.....Good luck to you...Maybe you can go to Indon...."

    Why do we have to go elsewhere, Jed?

    Your statement have just proved that all the Chinese ever wanted is to conquer or be superior - typical kiasu attitude. Finally, you spoke the secret agenda of all the Chinese.

    This is why the Malays can't give in too much to you. How can we accept you as true Malaysians when you have always have this thought and attitude?

    Jed, remember this:



  97. Anonymous7:22 pm

    No worries Jed, MANY MANY MORE of your kind here cant even speak English properly let alone speak the local language even after all the chest thumping and hair-pulling fits claiming they are from this land. So whats the fuss?

  98. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Dei Swine Anon 12.28am

    You are nothing more than a pipsqueak swine runt down with swine flu, hence the blah,blah, awws and other sick pig moans and doggie yelps.

    2.Bastard...u talked about the first man in these parts on Mojokreto which says a lot of your pet uncle's theory that China is the Middle Kingdom:

    "Some Chinese paleoanthropologists have asserted in the past that the modern Chinese (and possibly other ethnic groups) are descendants of Peking Man. However, modern genetic research does not support this hypothesis. A recent study undertaken by Chinese geneticist Jin Li showed that the genetic diversity of modern Chinese people is well within the whole world population. This shows that there could not have been any inter-breeding between modern human immigrants to East Asia and Homo erectus, such as Peking Man, and affirms that the Chinese are descended from Africa, like all other modern humans, in accordance with the Recent single-origin hypothesis.[9][10][11] However, some paleontologists still see continuity in skeletal remains."


    poor sod, u chingkies..tried so desperately to appropriate the peking skulls as one of their own(their common ancestor) and ended up with swine shit on their faces.

    The chingkie pig is a hardcore liar who will leave no stone unturned to ensure that only his/her bastardised version of history will prevail.

    Proof No 1:

    Proof No 2 affirming no 1:

    The Chingkie bastards' scum reaction when confronted with facts:

    This is just for starters Mr Swine Anon 12.28am. There is plenty in store if you want to play this game. Things like your swineherd's ethnic cleansing of natives, minorities etc. how you erase facts and distort evidence to suit your agenda, how you claim suzerainty by devious means, how you wipe out cultures and subjugate natives...on and will roll like an interminable matinee over cybersphere if you care to keep up, Gwailoh arselicking, dickmouthing, cock shafting, cum guzzling, shit munching, urine drinking chingkie swine and i leave you with these:

    You never deny you tagged here on the Brits coat tails voluntarily, you insurrection failures, bastards (yeah....your migration to these parts surged after the failed Taiping rebellion in the 1850s or thereabouts). now care to tell me why the Whites didnt take you along with them once the party was over. Why dump u on us? Why didnt u run back home?

    Dont talk crap about us coming here by force. Kita ada maruah, nusantara milik kita dari permulaan zaman..take a slow boat from Yala right down to Mindanao, the Celebes (Sulawesi, up to Palau and beyond and see for yourself what it means to be a Malay. No slit eyed weirdos, no pork gorging swine amongst the Muslim halves, no disembowelled dragons or weird lions prancing about, no one eating their food wth sticks, no deafening cymbals, no tied-up foot,no chicken scratchings for a written script, no boisterous ching chong talk....the list goes on, bastard.

    You are an interloper, swine. A PENDATANG, AN OUTSIDER. Accept the reality with dignity or suffer the indignity of having it shoved up ur arse by a pointed, curvaceous dagger.....

    Warrior 231

  99. Galadriel says:

    Soon it will be us.

    Oops. sorry, it might probably be me. But not you Rocks. They won't touch you now, would they?


    Galadriel, Galadriel ...

    Why do you think that they would threaten or touch you?

    Have you done something bad?

    You shook their trees?

    If you touch them, my dear Galadriel, they will possibly touch you.

    RPK's supporters and hangers-on are not going to get into trouble; RPK is.

    You supported me against NSTP suit and when we said we were going to bring down the Abdullah Administration. Did they threaten you, touch you?

    You have to do more do attract their attention, Galadriel.

  100. Anonymous9:42 pm


    Saya nak bagi nasihat kat mereka yang dah mudah lupa ni, tapi dalam BM kut tak faham.

    Si JY tu nak merantau belajar, so kena bagi sikit bekalan supaya dia belajar hormat kat orang dinegara asing nanti.

    Leng Moi Jed Yong Eli tek mei mei,

    Ni Cik Piek kwok tuk su.
    Be sai banyak2 kong.
    Lu tiam tiam tuk su.
    Malaisiya tek passpot puk yaw kasi hilang OK?

    Anon 12.28am

    Puk yau chaw chaw, Warrior chiang sek toi tek (right)!

    Lu besai ane kuan kong!

    Wa men malairen hen si huan (amat bangga) wa men tek ren.

    Ni sek semok ren? Wei semok ni puk si huan chiang ni Chong kwok lai? Chong kwok puk haw mar? Haiyaa..

    Man man puk yau chaw

    Pai Pai


  101. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Man,what a f**kng ugly language! Jed, minta maaf this one I can do without. Solly ah.


  102. John Doe 12341:33 am

    Anon 1.27 AM,

    Here's another obnoxious so called Malaysian ...Whether it is MOST or ALL, the aim is to INSULT/DEGRADE the Malays .....

    As a hindsight, how about this.......Most Chinks are dirty assholes, big liars, ugly, with a fooking culture to match and their God is known as MONEY MONEY compared to people of other race/culture, except of course with the Jews, here you guys are more than compatible .....Haven't you heard that your kind is known as the Yellow Slit-Eyes Jews?

    ps ......for Merramass

  103. Anonymous2:26 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. Anonymous3:36 am

    Tempolaly fleeadom is not good leh ...100% fleadom is good one ....aiyah ..Jed, after your studies, pls don't come back to M'sia leh ..vely bad for you fleeadom ...


  105. Anonymous2:23 pm


    Sebenarnya aku tulis campur aduk Bahasa kat dia, entah2 dia sendiri tak faham.

    Mandarin ada, Hokkien ada, khek ada, Cantonese ada, bahasa Cina Pasar pun ada, BM ada dan BI pun ada.

    Kalau aku bantai kat dia Bahasa kunu orang2 tua Tongsan, mau dia pengsan nanti. Sebenda dia tak akan faham!

    Cina kat Malaysia sesama mereka sendiri tak mudah berkomunikasi kiranya tak pi SJKC.

    Hokkien Penang dengan Hokkien Selangor macam orang KL cakap dengan Kelante’.

    Apatah lagi yang berbahasa Cantonese. Sesama mereka yang tak sekolah, main angguk2 saja.

    Malaysian Mandarin?. Masa aku sampai Beijing dulu, jenuh kena pedo’, denggung dan tune berbeza took me awhile to smoothen according to their pelat.

    And my room mate was a Chinese from Indonesia. We communicate more in BM and Bahasa Indonesia. (by the way, he learnt Mandarin informally from his parents at HOME saja).

    But the BEST PART IS THIS.

    Buat muka bodoh, be like what JY potrays us to be, BUTA BAHASA .

    BUAT muka tak faham Bahasa mereka.. Dari situ kita dapat tahu apa sebenar yang keluar dari mulut mereka, isi perut sebenar mereka yang konononya mengaku diri sebagai Rakyat Malaysia.



  106. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Hartal claims that Non-Partisan = JY.


  107. Anonymous7:45 am

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  108. Anonymous5:25 am

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  110. Anonymous10:06 am

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  111. Anonymous12:48 am

    To DonPlayPunks,

    Sultan Malaka Parameswara is Hindu, but not Indian, please study more, there is a difference in two. Hindu is religion, and India is a name used by Europe/British to call what is "India" today, before that India was not called as India. People in Bali are Hindu, are they Indian? Don't show you fail of history here. Just because you are immigrant, don't make up history based on your own liking.