Friday, March 13, 2009

A non-Malay Prime Minister, did you say?

Mukhriz on why it can happen, but won't (just yet). The Nut Graph interview with Mukhriz Mahathir, who is hoping to be elected as Umno Youth leader later this month, contains some hidden gems, such as this one:

"But how is that going to happen when we have problems with different school systems going their own separate ways, in different languages, different cultures, and then expect them to integrate when they get into university? By then it's far too late already.

"You can't expect people to unite once they've passed their impressionable years in primary and secondary schools, and then complain about, "Oh, when is the time when non-Malays can become the prime minister?" I think that's too much to ask if you still want to defend the vernacular schools."

Go read the entire interview Malay Dominance and Rights here. It's the second of a 3-parter. Compare Mukhriz's take with what Lee Hsien Loong said in Singapura belum bersedia .. here.


  1. Dear Rocky,

    Another interesting & controversial topic brought by Mukhriz after his remark of 'the abolish of vernacular schools'.

    11 days left before THE DAY in PWTC & I'm expecting more talks & issues by the top post candidates.

    What say you?

  2. Anonymous6:16 pm

    mukriz chose his words carefully and appeared to be more wise and tactful than the brash khairi and khir toyo. i guess umno needs this kind of leader in this period of 'unity governments' and 'new leadership'. what he said made sense especially concerning the NEP and also the education system.


  3. Anonymous6:24 pm



  4. Wonder if the Malays may have to wonder themselves if they have been had by their own leaders/PMs eh!!

    What is the assumption there that they will be secure if their PM was Malay anyway?

    Or what is the assumption there if their PM was not a Malay?

  5. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Well said Mukhriz ... 100% agree with you. If I'm an UMNO Youth delegate I will definitely vote for you. But too bad I'm partyless ....

    Some people are fighting for Malaysian Malaysia but still insist in speaking and writing using the national language of People's Republic of China and official state language of Tamil Nadu. Please be real ... you are in Malaysia, you are not in China ... you are not in Tamil Nadu. If you want Malaysian Malaysia you must be Malaysian wholeheartedly!!

    Not just your body Malaysian but also your mind and soul. Something like the old generation of Baba & Nyonya ... and some of the younger Baba & Nyonya too.

    Then ... only then ...we can talk about non-Malay as PM.


  6. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Syabas Dato' Mukhriz. All non-Malay menteris, do your homework. Stop piggy-backing.

  7. got to agree with on this one, only by intergration of children at a very early age can we really get a real bangsa malaysia but to that to happen you must also have a real multiracial team of teachersointment of educators at all level must be based on meritrocracy

  8. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Very soon Thaman Shamunaragam would become PM. Trust me!


  9. Anonymous8:52 pm

    I believe in one school system if any chinks or hindks want a try for PM. PERIOD.




  11. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Mr Bru,

    A Malaysian Chinese who professes the religion of Islam, speaks Malay and practices Malay culture can become PM.

    Am I right?

    Son of a goldsmith

  12. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Yes, maybe one day...when the Ketuanan UMNO Melayu decide to come down from their high horses. No need to be PM, just have equal opportunities for all other races...that is what it means by Malaysia for Malaysians.
    We still have idiots, who think using another foreign language is unpatriotic. To these shallow upstuds... have a life!

  13. Anonymous9:31 pm

    The non-Malays in Malaysia are indeed a lucky bunch.
    Unlike the Malays in Sngapore.
    Hsuen loong has said as the island population is Chinese majority, no other race can ever become PM.
    Thanks to the Malays for always being perfect gentlemen.

  14. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Siap hang rocky. Sure kena marah punya. Maklum je lah.


  15. Well said. We are Malaysian and the one thing that can unite us is if we all speak erm... Malaysian in the public sphere. We will of course continue to speak Jawa, Banjar, Mandailing, Boyan, Kampar, Minang, Parit in our private spheres.

  16. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Mukhriz is right about one thing in his interview, i.e. the standard of education at national schools does leave much to be desired.

    That's the problem, really. If the national school system provided great educational opportunities right up to university, most parents would undoubtedly want their children studying in national schools.

    However, right now the national school system provides a questionable education, with the added assurance to non-Malays that you will be discriminated on based on race anyway in entrance to local universities, or qualification for scholarships.

    Why would anyone who has alternative options subject their children to that?

    If Mukhriz is really as pro-integration as he is, then he should also support a total-non-race based system, including the opening of all universities to people of every race, without quota and based solely on meritocracy.

    Until the government removes racial (or racist, if you please) education policies, they really have no ground to stand on as far as integration in schools is concerned.


    p.s. Plus, previous education ministers such as Najib showed just how little faith they have in our national schooling system too - by sending their own kids to international schools.

  17. Anonymous10:12 pm

    i actually do agree with what Mukriz says there. I maybe Malaysian Chinese...but i grew up and studied in national school with Malay being the medium and to be honest..i don't really care not having Chinese School or Tamil school. The fact is, we're in Malaysia..and not China or Tamil why would we need a langugage that does not belong to Malaysia?Malay is the national language of our nation and thus being a Malaysian we have to master that language. Im not saying we shall ignore other languages but Malay has gotta be our 1st language followed by English and so on.

  18. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Whoever is a PM is a non-issue as long as he really cares - not rhetorics only- for the country ,for ALL the rakyat and must answer to God. Mukhriz does possess some good qualities to be a great statesman someday unlike the other 2 who 1 is a great businessman,and the other the greatest actor on earth(man,this guy should be in hollywood!)

    Cina Apek

  19. I support Mukriz , Malaysia finaly have a future with this kind of leader BUT the chinese and the tamil should become truly malaysian ,listening to Karpal,Deo and some other PR's ,they do need a lesson how to speak a proper bahasa melayu the national language..

  20. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Much as I view Rocky as a closet racialist, and many readers in this blog racialist, yet objectively speaking, Mukhriz's thoughts on the matter of vernacular education is a good point.

    I too have wondered why so much separateness and division amongst Malaysians; each living in their own world and compartments. As I recall from one Sociology text at university : "Language is the construction of our reality".

    In other words, we are limited by our language of how we see the world and its problems. Corollary-wise, the more developed a language, the more we are developed in our thinking and understanding of the world and its myriad problems.

    Which therefore leads one to conclude inter alia,and ethnic pride aside, the English language is the most developed language with more than 2 millions words and concepts, and presents the quickest way to enable Malaysians to evolve to reach a higher state of knowledge and wisdom.

    In saying this, it doesn't mean we dispense of our vernacular language just like that. Language is taught at home, social environment, and should be available as a compulsory subject together English is ALL, assuming there is only Nationaltype, schools.

  21. Anonymous11:17 pm

    I'm referring to comment by Vish

    Some people are still suspicious about getting equality in public schools. Why not give it benefit of doubt? If you start being scared of things, nothing will move.

    Of course, when something is new (like the unified education system), it calls for improvisation. Nothing is perfect, anyway.

    Politicians from both camps must do away with their rhetorics.

  22. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Now Mukhriz, don't slip up and tumble over with unneeded diatribe in the next one week or so before the big day, ok man.

    On the strength of this statement alone you have drawn a large chunk of votes to your side.

    So, remember, don't rant and rave needlessly until all the votes have been accounted for, ok.

    Keep saying all these sensible stuff and you will be on your way to VP post in another three years.

    By then, you are only a hair's breath away from your father's last highest post in the party.



  23. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Barackah said...
    Thanks to the Malays for always being perfect gentlemen.
    Yes, I fuly agreed. Malays are only only being gentlemen, they are lovely people.
    I cannot say the same for the UMNO 'malays' who are liars, scumbags, crooks, thieves and what not. They are the ones that screwed the malays and twisted their thinking.

    Admiral Chengho, no matter how hard you try to lick UMNO balls, a Eunuch is not circumcision is possible on you lah.


  24. Anonymous12:01 am

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  25. Anonymous12:05 am

    Mukhriz is playing to the gallery. Malaysia is not yet ready for a non Malay PM, that is a fact. His remark on abolishing of vernacular schools is uncall for.My question is what are his cures for our Malaysian education system? Intergration I belief could be achieve when each and every Malaysian has equal opportunities.
    Non Malays, in Bolehland can only look forward to the private sector for a career or to make a living. The civil,and public sector, plus the police and armed forces is practically filled by Malays or bumiputras.
    It is a necessity for non Malays to learn an extra language to compete in the only sector open to them, ie the private sector.
    Is Mukhriz willing to dismantle the present system ?
    From my point of view, Mukhriz is demanding the nons to give up their only advantage without so much as offering some relief in return.

  26. Anonymous12:12 am

    Mukhriz is a hypocrite. The continued NEP is meant to enrich UMNO cronies. Just look at those corruption cases reported against UMNO honchos which are gathering dust in the MACC store room.
    Good luck to you Mukhriz at PWTC at the end of this month. I personally feel you are the best person to head UMNO Youth over the brainless Khairy or the corrupted Toyol ... Wali Kota

  27. Anonymous12:24 am

    I don't understand why all of you only know how to take the easy way out by saying, I support a one national school system or abolish all vernacular schools but refuses to acknowledge the horrible and deteriorating standards in our national schools and also the various problems plaguing our current national schools. Improve on our existing national schools and the Chinese and Indians will send their kids to national schools if it is better than the vernacular schools!

    Btw, I'm a product of our national school system, don't get me started with the endless problems facing the national schools although no doubt we have the extra privilege of mixing around with other races. The politicians themselves know how bad is the standard of education in our national schools today, if not why do you think they send their children to private schools or international schools? Open your eyes la, don't just ikut saja just because certain ppl says abolish the vernacular schools you think it is a smart move you support aje. I think i have mentioned many times that Syed Akbar Ali is the only political blogger around who has done his homework, discussed this matter in detail and hit the bull's eye. Please go to his blog and look for the national school entry. PLEASE!

  28. Anonymous12:30 am

    "I admit there is an issue there. And I'm all for improving our national schools. But the excuse that I hear being used as an argument against my idea is that they want to defend their right to teach in their respective languages and to maintain their cultures."

    That is the opinion of the old chauvinist Chinese educators and doesn't represent the Chinese community as a whole.

    I say improve the national schools, raise the standards and what-nots. Parents want the best for their children, they will send their children to the national schools if it is better than the vernacular schools. Then let the vernacular schools disappear by itself due to lack of enrollment, simple as that. Unfortunately, nobody has the political will to do it?!!!

  29. Anonymous12:48 am

    can but hardly been happened. cause malay still control most of the consti. if PKR and umno continue to fight, then it will be happen like PERAK. I still don't understand why UMNO cannot accept AI especially Mukhriz!! In the end, we the malay continue to lost all of our power - economic and political power.


  30. Well, a half-Indian has already made it as a PM, so, a full Indian or Chinese becoming a PM someday this century is not all that far fetched, is it?

    Especially if you can manipulate 2/3 majority in Parliament and change the Constitutional definition of who is a Malay or Bumiputra!!??

    Btw, which local school and University did Mukhriz graduate from to show his confidence in our local schools, universities and system of education?

  31. Anonymous12:57 am

    For once I find the comments (so far)so interesting. I fully support Mukriz and I think I wish to nickname him as the sharp shooter. As for me I also support the idea of having just ONE national school and English made the second language. Unity needs to start from childhood so that all races do not feel segregated.

  32. Patut la ko suruh aku tengok.

    Dude really hit the spot!

    I say tight race between him and Khir Toyo.

  33. Anonymous1:13 am

    Yeah...that's the reason why i admire his thoughtful leadership style and the quality of his advise.

    LONG LIVE MUKHRIZ!!!we really need someone like you. You are the true leader for our generation!!!


  34. Anonymous1:29 am

    All these fellas bitching & whining about vernacular schools forgot one thing... 30-odd years ago, these schools were on the verge of extinction with low enrollments. Then the government blundered with the educational system that caused Chinese & Indian parents to send their kids to vernac schools instead.

    Thanks to the switch from English to BM, and the subsequent decline of standards in National schools, the vernacs were given a new breath of life... thanks to, ironically... the BN government.

    So if Mukhriz wants to end the vernac schools, just improve the standards in the National schools and parents will be sending their kids there.

    ~ BrightEyes
    (product of National school)

  35. Anonymous1:45 am

    Mirror mirror on the wall....

    Who can be the PM of Malaysia..?Mukhriz already told you all...

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  36. Anonymous2:52 am

    Anonymous said...
    Barackah said...
    Thanks to the Malays for always being perfect gentlemen.
    Yes, I fuly agreed. Malays are only only being gentlemen, they are lovely people.
    I cannot say the same for the UMNO 'malays' who are liars, scumbags, crooks, thieves and what not. They are the ones that screwed the malays and twisted their thinking.

    Admiral Chengho, no matter how hard you try to lick UMNO balls, a Eunuch is not circumcision is possible on you lah.


    11:25 PM

    It's suprising how shallow people can be. When somebody praises someone who happens to be the enemy of a certain people, then that certain people would accuse that somebody of licking that someone's ass.

  37. Anonymous3:03 am


    The shortcomings (and racial/racist policies) of our education system are well known - did you study in a national school? I did, and scarcely 8 years ago at that.

    Do you ride a horse that you know is lame, or do you treat the horse first before you ride it?

    Extending that logic: Trying to say 'give it a go first', is silly. The onus should definitely be on the government to improve and make changes to the system so that it is truly a tool of integration rather than its current form as a tool of segregation.

    And note, Mukhriz has, for all his rhetoric about a unified education system, said nothing about the racial lines on which a lot of our education policies are based.

    Until he does - why would you be inclined to think that he is in any way serious about integration?


  38. Anonymous5:15 am

    Nothing new here.

    The Majority Malays have chosen the non-Malays as leaders since independence, either in general elections, associations or NGO. Now, anyone can named Malay leaders chosen by majority Chinese or Indians? Anyone? Even an association where artists-malay, composers-malay, writers-malay .... drumroll..... lead by ...Indian...

    Regarding national schools produce bad results. where did u guys get that statistics? Show me.

    Sigh.. Plain lazy and kakaktua comments.


  39. This is the son of Mahathir and he has his own style to say nice things to please Malaysians..especially the Chinese...which his father hurt most in all his 22 PM.
    He is trying to be opposite to his father...putting out he is a non racialist. What a joke for an UMNO man to talk so nice to Malaysian Chinese.
    Father more logical....saying any one can be PM...from the party that win most seats.
    In that need for Muhriz Mahathir to tell us grandfather stories.
    When PR replaces UMNO..things will be more logical and sensible....cutting out all this bullshits...crabs...on going for years. Always started by UMNO..on and on..defending UMNO ..never for country.
    Do we elect a government to keep talking politics or work for Malaysians??

  40. Anonymous6:53 am

    You guys read TOO much into what MukhriZ has to say. He can always SAY SAY SAY.

    But would he DO DO DO when he is on the throne.

    I can also cakap.

    can a non malay become a PM.
    i would say, categorically, not. 100% not within the next 50 years.


  41. We are still living
    On race base mentality
    Speaking of Malaysians
    You don't find it here

    You still hear
    The race issue
    After living here for decades
    Sacrifices, lives, time and efforts
    We don't come near
    The race base political parties
    Telling all every day

    Schools the foundation
    Yet the integration divided
    Teaching the young pupils
    About each race not Malaysians

    Only sparks glow
    On the multiracial parties
    Then we see the rhetoric fever
    It is still hinged on race
    Though in Malaysian outlook

    Most of us
    We will not see it happen
    In our lives here
    The current trends
    Locked on 3R issues

    Non-Malay for Prime Minister
    A hope to the future
    Now we wish it happens
    At this rate it will be 22nd century

  42. Anonymous10:34 am

    for those who are championing Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia, just wanna ask you guys, how many of your Computer OS is in Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia? well i see you guys are doing pretty ok, replying to the blogs on an English version of the OS.

    A Non-Malay/Non-Islam PM in Malaysia..... well i don't think so in the distant too soon, probably in the next century, when our great-grand kid learn our mistake.

    If all the VVIP's sent their children to national school, then i will send my children there too, if not then we better just leave it as it is for now or until some smart-aleck come out with a wonderful plan

  43. Anonymous10:43 am

    It is the NEP and Umno's racist agenda that divides the people not the vernacular schools system.

    Umno has never wanted to see Malays united with Non-Malays.


  44. Destiny! Rosmah Mansor is a fan of Nostradamus?
    (Takdir! Rosmah Mansor peminat Nostradamus?)

  45. Anonymous11:36 am

    His statement show this young ciku is brainless. Why should you blame vernacular schools, what about the present policy to have BUMIPUTERA and NON-BUMIPUTERA? Isnt it more dividing? He is just to get some politic gain from his statement. those who still think present policy can bring malaysia to survive, better pray harder.

  46. Anonymous11:42 am

    you can never trust these politicians. see how they have turned the good old umno into a mafia party. everything now is done in the name of money, and self aggrandizement oftentimes with veiled threats thrown in.
    the judiciary too has been flushed down the toilet in this attempt to enrich oneself. umno's soul is long lost and dead. it is really a shame.

    ghost of onn jaafar.

  47. Anonymous11:48 am


    You did the Save the Palestinians drive.

    Now do a Save the Sri Lankans drive.

    2800 Sri Lankans died in a similar conflict as that in Palestine. 7000 seriously wounded.

    UN has now declared that it is a a serious massacre and crisis exceeding in atrocity to the Gaza attack.

    Rocky bro,

    Are you going to suggest a similar online campaign like for the Gaza one?

    Why so quiet on this bro?

  48. Dear Reader,

    Is being a Malay = racist/racialist?

    If so, then call me a racist/racialist. I won't want to be known as a closet racialist/racist simply because I am not a closet Malay!

    Nonetheless, I absolutely agree with your point about English, and why our pursuit to master this language does not have to be/will not be at the expense of our own mother tongue.

    Bright Eyes,

    Spot on. The govt only needs to improve national schools to render vern schools irrelevant.

    I've been wondering if it's not better to integrate the vern schools with national schools. This involves importing the vern school teachers to national schools as well.

    Thank you.

  49. We already have Non-Malay prime Minister who rule4d the country for more than two decades. The longest prime minister we ever had. also decade before AQmerican elected Barrack Obama as president of united States. He is similar to obama in many respects. He had immigran father and native mother ( err.. Obama has white mother not native, is other previous prime ministers also had spoonful of siamese blood, turkish blood and aloso need to mention bugis blood.

  50. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Its only natural that whatever topic,political,business or anything for that matter which appears in the blog or newspapers, there will be FOR,AGAINST OR NEUTRAL groups.

    I have lost track the number of EDUCATION MINISTERS since independence to run the ministry.Anybody can tell us off hand? I also have lost track the number of changes being done to the education system or anything associated with education particularly in terms of syllabus,
    school uniforms,scholarships criteria,fees,term breaks etc etc. I think this is the root of the problem because ( again it invloves the human factor)one would always want to be seen to be effective and becoming more popular by making changes to the system.

    Rightly or wrongly not all changes lead to positive results;some changes have caused disasters. This can happen anywhere,in any government ministry or in the private sectors.

    I was told by my late parent some time ago that government servants were not allowed to be active in politics. Lately I was told that headmasters could go missing because of some VIPs coming around his area. I wonder whether this old rule is still applicable.

    There is NO perfect and foul proof system in any organisation. However
    I would like to give some of my views :-
    1.Dont change just for the sake of making changes.
    2.Fine tune the system and dont treat education like a car industry where models can change so rapidly to win the market.
    3.If rural children are weak,for an example in English or Maths, go all out to help them by any means instead of changing the system.

    1.There are now schools and health clinics even in the remote areas.
    2.Almost every road to villages are now metal. I hardly see laterite roads these days.

    (truly Malaysian)

  51. Anonymous2:30 pm

    he is moving in the right step if he thinks a leader must be for all Malaysians. The Malays will always have their place if we are responsible.

    I have written about this in my blog

    Shaik Rizal

  52. To be honest, I don't see it a problem having a non-malay as a Prime Minister.

    Malays bangsa yang suka memberi. They like moderate/simple life and not just about money. Dapat rm1k sebulan pun mereka dah bersyukur. So I don't think a non-malay PM would be an issue to them.

    Monsterball, you are typical chinaman ungrateful-moron bastards who most of your statements about UMNO are cliche such as racist, rasuah and whatnot. No substance whatsoever.

    Can I call DAP a whinger party? or chinaman as a whole?

    All in all, you forgot that you have been living under Malaysia which is govern by these so-called UMNO rasuah shaite since the past 50 years. Malaysia, if no the best, is the most developed country in Asia.

    Learn the feeling to show at least a teeny-weeney gratitude to your Government, at least some credit maybe, human is not perfect. Let's build a great Malaysia for better tomorrow.

  53. Rocky is not a closet racialist but an open minder racialist with genuine respect for other races and can be so flexible and stubborn too...making him a true Malaysian.
    Being grateful to anyone in UMNO helping him to start life in Malaysia...long ago..and eternally feeling a quality...much to be admired.
    After 52 years of race and religion dirty politics by is quite natural to talk like a racialist...but actually not so.
    Only those that are active in politics in UMNO and BN are all racialists for personal benefits.
    What do ordinary Malaysians benefit from being racialists?
    But some like Zorro can sell himself to the highest bidder..feeling no guilt to play out his friends for personal benefits.
    Will Rocky be like that?The answer is NO!!

  54. Anonymous3:45 pm

    What mukriz said is the whole truth. Once and for all if the non-malays strongly feels that they wanted a malaysian malaysia just look into their inner selfs and truthfully answer the question posed. Simple.

    Gajah Berang Old Boy

  55. Anonymous3:49 pm

    We get problems due to language misunderstandings. And shame on those who try so hard to claim themselves as a Malaysian, over 50yrs? Something is so wrong

    Like the TWO BOYS’ EGG INCIDENT. Pronunciation mayak lali meaning totally OUT…

    Another example…
    gua anjing punya anak… could be

    1. my dog’s puppy or
    2. your father is a dog!
    $$$$$$$ SUE lagi!

    If we have this kind as our leaders,PARAH… PARAH…


  56. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Agree with brighteyes. No need to abolish vern schools, just let it die a natural death by raising the standards in national schools, with emphasis on the mastery of malay and english language.

    Parents will soon realise that there are better job opportunities for those who speak english and malay well.

    Within 10 years, enrolment in vern schools will drop so badly, they'll have to close down. That's what happened in S'pore.


  57. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Lucid, objective thinker.

    Can't think of anyone who has been more open and transparent about his own thinking (among the current contenders, that is).

    The way he cuts through the racial politics impressive. 'We cannot do away with our ethnic identities, but that doesn't mean that we must lose our humanity in the process.'

    Objectivity comes from a deep respect for the people and he has got it.


  58. Anonymous4:25 pm

    >>Spot on. The govt only needs to improve national schools to render vern schools irrelevant. <<<

    All of the umno-ites and BN member$ children seem to be educated overseas - they must think local education sux


  59. Not a fan of MM. But strongly agree with what he has to say. If you cant even be Malaysian, how are you going be be our leader?

  60. Oh ya, i forgot.. didnt we already have a non Malay , but Malaysian in spirit PM for 22 years?

  61. Anonymous6:14 pm

    bullshit as usual if non malay party got the majority like in perak last general elction,they must appointed a malay to be prime minister,if a chinese wnted to be the prime minister ,firt he must be a muslim then convert himself into malay and get approval to change his race from chinese to malay!!!! that can only be done during british colonial time like what mukriz grandfather mohammad kutty the indian muslim convert into malay by writing his race as malay when applying for IC. the reason for non malay not allowed to become prime minister is because of fear factor that malay is stupid and might be swallowed by other races who is far more advanced!!!!that is the mindset of UMNO before independent times on the advice of some british adviser who had their own agenda at that time....let's get real this kind of reason had been making malays in malysia look like motherfuckers when going to overseas,malay nowadays are being cheated and swallowed by UMNO itself,so called champion of malays which is not pure malay like mahathir had been playing malays backside and blame it on the jews!!!!look at rahim thamby chik case of having sex with a underage malay girl,who the hell in umno dare to to condemn this fucker thamby???? UMNO is just a malay party cheating own malay and blam it on other racves,wake up malaysians this is 21st century we no need to scared of umno bullshit,let this umno become histore umno no more!

    Anti Ultra Malay Nazi Organization

  62. Anonymous6:17 pm

    For Anon. 11.36 am,

    Hey Ball-less Anon, don't call people brainless ciku or any other derogatory names. He has a name, use it elegantly, you skunk!

    If you don't want to be known as a NON BUMIPUTERA in future, then show your TRUE Malaysian spirit, not the Tonkang Cina or Tamil Nadu type of spirit.

    Show your willingness to be integrated/assimilated with the majority. How come you guys go for segregation instead of integration/assimilation???? Why can't you let your children play together with other races from young???? then, when they grow up, hopefully they can become a real Malaysian, speaking the National Language with ease and finesse and with a spirit to match......after that, then you can demand to be treated like a BUMIPUTERA....if not, it is better to pack your bags and go to wherever you want to go where the grass is greener for you.....We aren't going to miss you, for sure.

  63. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Kudos to Mukhriz for saying what should be said. Yes, this is a controversial issue indeed, hopefully the detractors of National Schools for ALL would sit up again and think for the future of the country and its citizens. There should not be any segregation amongst the races, so, the first step to start is to let the children from all races to study together. Malay and English should be prominent in the curriculum, not forgetting the Mother Tongues of the children which could be learned at the same time ....

    The National Schools should be revamped and 'recharged' so that the Chinese and Indians would want to send their children willingly to these schools.

  64. Anonymous6:44 pm

    iF u ask most Malays in singapore about their fate compare to the Malays in Malaysia, they would certainly tell you one thing - They are much better off than their abang & kakak in Msia generally

  65. Anonymous8:13 pm

    National school is not as bad as made out by some people. If national school is so bad how come there were more and more Malay students scoring straight A's in UPSR,PMR & SPM ? These students didn't study in vernacular schools !!

    What about those Malay professionals and businessmen who are successful and doing well in life? Almost all of them studied in national schools !!

    I don't deny that national schools is not 100% perfect and need improvement but the same goes to vernacular schools. If national schools produced 'mat rempit' and 'kaki ragut', vernacular schools churned out 'ah long' and hard core criminals.

    The point is every Malaysian schools got their fair shares of problem and vernacular schools cannot claimed that they are the best. Just because teachers give more homeworks doesn't mean vernaculars schools are better.






  67. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Salute to the majority of the Chinese and Indian origin of this country because they understand how to operate , combined and made a concerted hatred effort towards the bumiputra of this country.

    Something like osama bin laden communicate with his Taliban follower through telephatic understanding.

    From a profession of lecturer, journalist, lawyers, bankers and others they combined their effort to pushed an agenda of racist, bribery, create instability solely for economic reason and to preserve their chauvinist race.

    Majority of you are the mother of liars, love profanities word, create chaos, polluted the environment, made wealth through cheating not (as thought) hardwork and then ever willing bribe the Tuan Tanah , the ancestor of benggali and singh soldier were paid to hunt and kill maharajalela, tok janggut etc, and now trying to mess around with my religion ?

    you expect the Tuan tanah of this land to learn from you ? forget what you and your corrupted ancestor had done ?

    A so called 3000 years of barbarian culture and you called yourself a civilised community ?

    We the majority say.... bring together your money and get the hell out of (or migrate if you wish) my country.

    I wish all my brother and sister on this bless and beloved country (except prophet Luth follower) to unite and defend against the munafiq.


  68. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Why even care or even think about it- just close all the tongkang and pariah schools - they dont like it they can fucking well get lost. Good Riddance to all these group of ingrate and arrogant lot. Please just go la. One school system or nada!

    Syabas Mukhriz!


    Saya sokong penuh Dato' Mukhriz sebagai Petua Pemuda UMNO. Bukan kerana dia anak Mahathir. Hatta dia anak mantan PM sekalipun, ayahnya sudah tidak ada kuasa lagi. Budak-budak tingkat 4 lagi terrer dari ayah Mukhriz.

    Saya sokong Mukhriz kerana dia seorang berwawasan dan memandang jauh ke hadapan. Mukhriz juga seorang realis dan pragmatis yang mementingkan pendekatan praktikal tanpa dicemari unsur-unsur ultra-liberalisme.

    Mukhriz adalah suara Melayu generasi baru.

    Yang penting sekali sekurangnya berusaha menonjolkan imej bersih dalam UMNO.

  70. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Dear wandererAUS,

    1)How in hell would I differentiate a Malaysian Chinese and a Mainland Chinese if both do not speak Bahasa Malaysia? Should the govt give equal opportunities to both then?
    2)Based on your definition of 'equality', should we then introduce the national anthem in Cantonese, Mandarin and Tamil? So that everyone can speak whichever languages and still be 'patriotic'?

    And believe me, I've met non-Malays who cannot sing the national anthem. Equality my ass!

    If Obama speaks his native language, would he be elected president of the US?

    My late father's pure blood Javanese. In primary school if he speaks ONE word of the Javanese language he'll get it from the teacher. Now I teach at a private university with a Chinese as president but main language of communication is English. Not only can I do nothing to the students who speak Cantonese in class, the Chinese lecturers speak Cantonese freely! Is that fair?

    If your argument is 'you can always learn the language', well, can't the non-Malays learn the NATIONAL language to sing the NATIONAL anthem? And give me some statistics on how many Chinese schools the DAP or MCA plan to open in Malay-majority residential areas (especially rural ones) so that everyone'll have EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to learn Cantonese or Mandarin.


  71. Anonymous12:09 am

    Dear Anti Ultra Malay Nazi Organization,

    "that is the mindset of UMNO before independent times on the advice of some british adviser who had their own agenda at that time....let's get real this kind of reason had been making malays in malysia look like motherfuckers when going to overseas,malay nowadays are being cheated and swallowed by UMNO itself,so called champion of malays which is not pure malay like mahathir had been playing malays backside and blame it on the jews!!!!"

    Hallo Brother, the constitution is made up by discussion by ALL RACES that managed to win in the 1st GE, not only UMNO. In order to get the independance from British, there some requirements made by the British to be fulfilled. It is not UMNO made all the decision. Which part of the constitution made up before independance that shows you that ONLY UMNO in the discussion without other parties in it?

    Do you study history well or you sleep during history class?

    Your comments sounds more kind of hatred rather than rationale. I do not know what your race is, but if you wanna play race card, this certainly will not lead any psoitive way towards Bangsa Malaysia, as then one day, you' argue on the bangsa of any leader that you hate and dislike.

    If your play role is like this, I certainly be happy to be opposition when you are one of the leaders as I'll complain on what ever you do, even though, actually it is good for the people. I'll find every little dirt, even in your snow white lawn. Haha!

  72. Parpu Kari...My great great grand father came from you are right...I have Chinaman look and cultured and developed...while you are still a monkey searching for your root.
    This idiot Parpu kari is a young fut or purposely forgot the quarrels between Mahathir and Razaleigh for months...making banks recall all loans.....and Malaysian Chinese suffered the most.
    Besides majority Malaysian Chinese hates Mahathir...Muslims grew in large numbers year by year hating him....dividing be a Dictator.
    Go play with your marbles and stop trying to be too smart.

  73. WOW!!!Parpu Kari have the best brain.
    He only knows how to judge commentators...picked me and insult...showing how smart he is....only to make a fool of himself...knowing nothing about Malaysian history.
    Poor chap is be a robot..."yes man" to his boss.
    A real DONKEY KONG..he is.

  74. UMNO would have lost a GE under Mahathir..if he did not retire.
    DAP would not have won Penang had the old DAP guys retired.
    Does that Anon understand this?

  75. When you cannot beat them..agree with them seems to be Mukhriz present political prove he is for all Malaysians.
    UMNO guys for all MALAYSIANS???
    And those who think so great about infact telling Malaysians to keep supporting "UMNO FOREVER".
    You think UMNO is Batman ar?
    What idiots these UMNO supporters are.
    Siapa rasa monsterball tarok....rasa bola sakit...hahahahahahaha

  76. Chengho is trying to be MCA candidate for next GE.
    Goodluck to this childish racialist.

  77. Sg will have Non Chinese PM earlier compare to Msia bcos currently they already have Indian President, Malay Parliament Speaker,Indian Deputy Prime Minister (occasionaly become Acting PM) & Indian Finance Minister& Law Minister.

    Mukhriz/Rocky, tell me when will Msia have Non Malay deputy PM/Acting PM, MB, Finance Minister, Law minister etc 1st before talking cock about non Malay PM to ramp up support for your Umno erection(election)

  78. Anonymous10:24 am

    Aiya Rock,

    When Mukhriz start giving some ideas how to integrate Malaysians, most of these people start to say do this and that first.

    Why dont you guys do what he suggest first instead???

    Maybe its only me, but by my observation 'these people' only know how to complain but do zilch!

  79. Anonymous11:52 am

    The PM of Malaysia should be someone who does not clean his shit with toilet paper!
    he..he..what say you Monsterball!

  80. Derek :
    "Sg will have Non Chinese PM earlier compare to Msia bcos currently they already have Indian President, Malay Parliament Speaker,Indian Deputy Prime Minister (occasionaly become Acting PM) & Indian Finance Minister& Law Minister.

    Mukhriz/Rocky, tell me when will Msia have Non Malay deputy PM/Acting PM, MB, Finance Minister, Law minister etc 1st before talking cock about non Malay PM to ramp up support for your Umno erection(election)."


    We only talk, no action.

  81. Anonymous1:52 pm

    hallo brother Fast,
    who told u the history we learned are accurate and the truth???????Bangsa malaysia is only for those who must support it because their parents are alredy from rojak race,heard umno talking about inter marriage???see what will happen if other race want to married malay girls?who raise the idea first if i am not mistaken its the half malay half pariah sheikh kadirfadzir ,isnt it???we no need bangsa malaysia to be treated fair and equallylah brother fast and i am not racist and not planning to pretend to say that inter marriages is very very good just for the sake of those who their parents are horny and drunkard and at the end divorce each other.u should check and investigate the real truth firstlah mr fast,not just learnig history blindly written by one side only,did u know ahh mr fast that sabah and sarawak suppose to join brunei and not peninsular malaya but the british adviser was so scare that sarawakian might support communist ,did u know that untold fact which only sultan brunei's father knows today why brunei was never forced to join but sarawak and sabah must join peninsular malaya.referendum at that time is bullshit ,the ballot box had been tampered,sarawak and sabah should be independent from peninsular malaya in the first place.

    Anti Ultra Malay Nazi

  82. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Hey MonsterBall,

    You're saying 'UMNO for all Malaysians?', I'm saying, 'DAP for all Malaysians?', oh, MonsterBall, I know for sure if DAP is in power, Malaysia will not be known as MALAYsia but CINAasia ...we're not blind as to what they did in Perak ...Btw why are you so damn rude?

    Are you also the MonsterBall that goes round BADMOUTHING Malaysia, its government, the Malays/Islam in Hey Folks, now you all know what a scumbag this guy really is....talking like real here, at the same time, going round telling all kinds of lies about his country, I wonder if he is even a Malaysian .....

  83. Anonymous10:26 pm

    so anti, which history lesson is true? Your version haa? So clever...

    by your comments, i sense you prefer Sabah and Sarawak to be communists? No wonder RPK glorify Chin Peng..haha

    macam ni la bro i said..i'll be your opposition..say what you want best for your country, and i'll sure find dirt on your lawn one..

    so, what's your ideal country like?

  84. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Hey Anti Ultra Malay Nazi,

    Why are you calling people "pariah"?
    Are you a Bast*a*d then?


  85. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Anon 11.52 am, HGJ.

    Let me add, if you don't mind, the PM of Malaysia should not be someone with slit eyes, pale, ghostly skin and who eats babi like there's no tomorrow....

    John Doe 1234

  86. Anonymous12:09 am

    Dear Fellow Malaysians,
    We are already having so many problems in our hand...still remain
    unsolved such as Corruption,
    Non Performing GLCs,Drug Abuse, Mat Rempit,Gangsterism in schools,Education,Teenage sex,
    Politics,high costs of living etc AND WE ARE NOW DEBATING WHETHER A NON MALAY CAN BECOME OUR PM.

    For goodness sake let us put our effort and energy together to address and solve these problems
    first....then and only then we can discuss and decide our future PM.

    Political differences and conflicting ideology will still exist,no matter what, even among politicians within the same party.
    The Bangi lunch with Anwar and Pak Lah now becomes a topic for discussion and speculation..sigh !

    Who can tell me there are no factions within UMNO,within MCA,within Gerakan,within MIC and within PKR? Mud slinging is now a hobby between the opposition and the elected government.Fortunately not every elected representative from either party goes into the ring for a fist fight !Fortunately also, seats in parliament are not made of plastic !!!
    Some are trying so hard to champion something while our economy is bleeding and our people get more and more confused.

    Elected representatives are supposed to lead us to achieve greater heights. The quarrels and language used during debates inside and outside parliament to some extent have created doubts among voters whether they have made the right choice.


  87. Anonymous7:08 am

    Anon 6.44,

    who told you that the Singapore Malays are better off than the Malaysian Malays?

    - your grandfather izzit?!

  88. Anonymous10:44 am


    "Sg will have Non Chinese PM earlier compare to Msia bcos currently they already have Indian President, Malay Parliament Speaker,Indian Deputy Prime Minister (occasionaly become Acting PM) & Indian Finance Minister& Law Minister.

    Mukhriz/Rocky, tell me when will Msia have Non Malay deputy PM/Acting PM, MB, Finance Minister, Law minister etc 1st before talking cock about non Malay PM to ramp up support for your Umno erection(election)"

    My answer/question would be: When there exist ONE Chinese MP who would actually be pro-national schools and oppose racial-based education because anything racial-based would be racist, no? S/he would be the first to hold any such post you suggest.

    You should hear comments from my Indian friends who have spouses working in Sg how racist/racially biased the Singaporean system is.

    Similarities over here and there would be that much privilege is given to the colour yellow. Over here to the royalty, over there to those who possess the skin.


  89. Anonymous11:44 am

    look at abdullah- malay, muslim, but did he make the lives of malays any better? to me, he made m'sia worse for EVERYONE. so, do we still want to choose PMs based on race & religion, or based on ability?

  90. Raj

    Talk about racial discrimination? Please read this Malaysian doctor story:

  91. Anonymous3:00 pm

    I think the debate on when a Non Malay can be the PM of Malaysia should stop. I am not saying it is impossible BUT lets face it, we all have a long way to go...This is REALITY. Settle/solve the problems in hand right now as commented by SAD.

    Ask ourselves these reality questions (check list)and be honest with our answers :-

    1.Do all Malaysians speak the National Language fluently and write proficiently?
    YES or NO
    2.In Indonesia one wouldnt know whether he or she is an Indonesian Chinese or Indonesian Indian unless one sees his or her face because they speak like any WNI.
    Do we see either one of them becoming the Indonesian President?
    YES or NO
    3.Majority of Malaysian population is Malay and Islam is their religion which is also the 'ugama resmi.'
    Do you think the majority will just give way?
    YES or NO

    4.Assuming that majority of Malaysian Chinese is Hokkian and majority of Malaysian Indians are ordinary Tamils.
    Will either one of the minority ethnic group agree to have either one of them as the PM ?
    YES or NO

    5.Can all of us sing, fully understand and accept the true spirit of the National Anthem ?
    YES or NO

    6.Can we do away with Malays championing the Malays,Chinese championing the Chinese and Indians championing Indians ?
    YES or NO

    7.Can we have a leader (regardless of ethnic origin)who is 100% fair,100% transparent and 100% unbias ?
    YES or NO

    (MORE SAD)

  92. Anonymous4:43 pm

    hey merrataik,this indian buffslo fool who become malay is a brahmin izzit?why? u r his crnny saudara kah? another pariah bastard sucker fella good for nothin in malaysia better fuck off back to india or died here in police lockup bcause very kurang ajar

  93. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Hey Stupid malay sians

    CINA PM?? Cannot lah, melayu donkey inbreed aka warrior 231 (soldier turn farmer - so as to create more inbreeds - bulit like a pugilist, will jack himself to death


  94. People with the right mind will agree with Mukhriz.

    Look around your neighbours!

    Thailand and Indonesia especially. Where do Chinese or Indian could enrol their children except to the national schools?

    All non-Malays should be gratefully to the present education structures rather than asking more rubbish demands!

    I am a Moslem converted from Catholic Indonesian really appreciate our National Indonesian education systems whereby I am a fluent Bahasa Indonesia speaker. I am very happy and proud with that!

  95. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Anon 4.43 pm,
    why are you panicking? I see that you're sweaty too ...having a heart attack or something? you're talking like someone who just came out from Tg Rambutan ....sikit kena jolok sudah macam nak pengsan or maybe you've got the wrong arrow !!! podddaahhhh!!

  96. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Anon 4.43 pm,
    why are you panicking? I see that you're sweaty too ...having a heart attack or something? you're talking like someone who just came out from Tg Rambutan ....sikit kena jolok sudah macam nak pengsan or maybe you've got the wrong arrow !!! podddaahhhh!!

  97. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Thank you Patrick for your comment.
    It is short but carries a clear message what integration really means in a country like ours. I used to be a frequent traveller to Indonesia and therefore I know exactly what you are trying to describe about National Schools.

    Well fellow Malaysians, can we all follow this good example to start with before talking about a Non Malay becoming PM of Malaysia ???

    (Truly Malaysian)

  98. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Hello (HAHA-5.02pm)

    I wonder whether 'malay sians' is a typing error or it is a subtle way to say that malays are stupid.
    To me its simple. Since you feel we (malay sians or Malaysians) are stupid,and you cant bear to live with people who are stupid,IT WOULD BE BETTER FOR A CLEVER PERSON LIKE YOU TO GET LOST

    "A wise man's mouth is in his heart.A fool's heart is at his mouth"


  99. Anonymous12:07 am

    Agree with Patrick.

    Be greatful and do your part to build this country called Malaysia.

    But, Patrick, I bet these people who demanding this and that are the first people who going to migrate to other country when they find a better oppurtunity for them.

  100. Anonymous4:12 am

    What? You're joking right?

    Baru jadi ADUN, Amoy dah duk berkangkang dengan laki orang dan segala jantan yang ada!

    Phew...Semua jantan kena londeh seluak kalau CINA Amoy jadi PM..

    Karut kamu semua ni.


  101. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Frustrated Malaysian,

    What you are saying is that a Malay PM is no good, so, if you want a Chinese PM, then go to Singapore, China or Taiwan lah moron, for Indian PM, go to India lah stooooopiddddeee! Here is MALAYsia ...

  102. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Kudos to you Patrick.

    If only the aliens in Malaysia adhere to your thinking and being rational (instead of asking and demanding this and that), we would not have this problem of trying to forge a real Malaysian identity ....If only these aliens know how fortunate they are to be in Malaysia.......Indonesia is lucky to have people like you, Patrick.

    May God Bless You.


  103. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Vish said 'And note, Mukhriz has, for all his rhetoric about a unified education system, said nothing about the racial lines on which a lot of our education policies are based.

    Until he does - why would you be inclined to think that he is in any way serious about integration?


    To propagate equal opportunity for all Malaysian students at this juncture is equivalent to a political suicide. Let's give moderate young UMNO politicians like Mukhriz the chance to influence the thinking of the leadership first. The key word here is 'moderate' Give them 3 - 5 years to learn, after which some will eventually climb up the political ladder and become Ministers who decide the course of the nation. By then the first generation of the one-school system if implemented would have entered the secondary school. Who knows by then it is no longer suicidal (in UMNO politic) to talk about meritocracy as far as public university is concerned.

    Mukhriz did talk about improving the national school and about over Islamisation of it. Other than TDM, have you heard any other Malay leaders admitting to the latter?


  104. Anonymous8:28 pm

    My cows are all dead so do not give me that bull-s....! Ramalx

  105. Anonymous2:04 pm

    I hope Sdr Mukhriz continues to fight the good fight.
    For so long, I feel jaded about UMNO. If there's any hint of nostalgia, it is attributed to my father's unwavering loyalty to it. Today I realise that there are at least 232 reasons not to give up on UMNO.
    I want to believe that UMNO is not just a bunch of career politicians. Given half the chance, the Opposition trinity of political convenience - would ultimately play the same game - so we're @*#&()! either way.

    - Political drama-fatigued