Thursday, March 12, 2009

8 bloggers may be charged for insulting Sultan Perak

The Malaysiankini story says 6 bloggers to be charged tomorrow. The Star's sms alert says two more could be charged on Sunday. All for allegedly posting comments deemed to be insulting to the Sultan of Perak.

This is news to me as I thought the cybercops were investigating only Jed Yoong [here] and this blog h e r e [Bukit Aman took my statement again on Tuesday, 10 March, here]. I was on the phone with Jed just now. She was taken aback by the news but otherwise alright.
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  2. Anonymous8:34 pm

    All this while I thought Jed was a man. I only came to realize it now that you've mentioned 'she'. Pardon my ignorance

  3. Anonymous8:43 pm

    This action would drive the criticism underground and louder in nature. And it may implode with more severe consequences. You cannot imprison the human mind and on-going state of affairs. The only redress is to examine the root cause of the discontent and ask yourself why it has to come to this?

  4. Anonymous9:38 pm

    if they made a mistake, then they must suffer. but are they really insult sultan perak. again i find it is funny - what happen to the terengganu case? they also insult DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda, not action????


  5. Man, this is bad! Bad!

    Huuuh. Oh well. And I wonder why the politicians didn't get charged.

  6. Anonymous10:36 pm

    its an incongruous decision, bro. it shows more flaws to the existing law and provisions.

    being abrasive does not mean the bloggers are showing their upsurging detest towards the king.

    there are times we need to consider matters with our stable mind, NOT with our raging heart!

  7. Anonymous10:37 pm


    let's start a fund to assist these bloggers in legal fees...!!


  8. Anonymous10:42 pm

    All bloggers who made false allegations should be fine and jailed as well!

    Posting Photoshoped pictures of leaders that they chose to hate or they dont like, should also be fine and jailed.

    We need a better Malaysia, the blogsphere has in recent months been adulterated with lies and false allegations without any substantive evidence.

    It is also unfortunate that many who seek to reform, better governance, accountability and integrity has fallen into the trap of this cult of blind support.

    Wake up Malaysia and seek the truth on what you read on blogs and use your wisdom to make your own decision. Blind support or following at your own peril!

  9. Anonymous10:42 pm

    I am amused, how the laws work in Malaysia. If I recalled, not too distance ago, UMNO members put up banners calling the Sultan of Trengganu "BINATAG ROYAL", why was it no action was taken against these culprits...ooops! I forgot, UMNO is above the law.
    I do not condone to vulgarity but, all these insults hurled at sultan Azlan Shah was very much his own making.
    I am very sure, we will find UMNO bloggers will be up in arms to abuse and condemn the offenders here...not surprisingly, the abusers were the same UMNO goons, who abused the Royalties, when Mamak Tun was clipping the wings off the flying Rajas.
    What a wonderful Malaysia!

  10. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    berani buat berani tanggong lah jangan minta belas kesihan dari orang jawab kat mahkamah

    Orang Felda Sg Beharang

  11. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Nine states have Royalty...its very risky to say anything demeaning about the royalty. So, better play safe and keep quite. But how come no action taken when UMNO followers insulted the royal heads in Perlis and Terengganu last year?

    Sri Hartamas

  12. Anonymous11:03 pm

    I am surprised that the powers-that-be has been so 'responsive' in dealing with the Perak incident , indeed what had happened to the Trengganu incident which had happened more than a year ago ??!

  13. Anonymous11:10 pm

    To hell with it. Remember French revolution! King Charles I or even China Emperor.
    Perhaps, it's a good thing. It'd spell the end of status quo. Honestly, Queen of England knows this. She played her roles absolutely well.
    However, kinda sad for Perak Sultan. As for this Perak constituition's crisis, as it's accorded in the constuition, Sultan can be sued. Don't care if his blood is blue

  14. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Sri hartamas,
    Simply because they are UMNO. I can bet with all my hairs in my body. Nothing will happen to them

  15. Anonymous11:17 pm

    but hey when ppl stood in Terengganu holding up signs n banners that insult the Agong, they were let off easily.



  16. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Anon 11.10
    Is sultan azlan's blood BLUE?
    A sultan is just a title, he's still a human being? not below or above us!

  17. Anonymous11:53 pm

    About the UMNO case, maybe because opposition so stupid they forgot to lodge a complain! Anyway, serve them right, you want to do revolution here? Yay, we will revolutionise, by killing you first! Long live the King.

    Its not you against the Sultan, its you against Us. Long live the King.


  18. Serve them right....even though quite late it's about time...what about Karpal and son?

  19. Anonymous12:35 am

    Mr. wandererAUS,

    We have been following your write up for quite a while. Mind your words. We know who you are. Dont you try to insult our sultans. You are not very clever with your words. Dont push your luck too far. And pse dont tell us that we have never warn you.

  20. Anonymous12:41 am


    Selalunya yang ke depan dulu, berdemo, kena bom asap, kena tembak air, kena kejor polis, berguling atas jalan ialah orang kita. Depa cuma tunggu kat depan gate je nak bagi memorandum

    Orang depa duduk kat rumah besor yang ada aircond, senang lenang, kereta besor.
    Depa cuma tekan mouse, cucuk dari belakang suruh orang kita buat huru hara dan menderhaka kat sultan sendiri.

    Bila dapat peluang, depa sapu dulu.
    Janji harta benda dan famili depa tak kena kacau.

    Kalu kat Perak depa suruh Nizar dan Sivarasa hulur kepala kat depan, depa cuma support dari belakang, keluor duit bayar peguam aje,
    berjuang juga kunun.

    Kalao website Sultan pun depa cucuk orang kita suruh maki hamun, dah tiba time dah sebelum terlambat.

    omputih kata baling batu, sembunyi tangan.

  21. Anonymous12:42 am

    It's about time we use the same method as Emperor Lee down south.

    Unless and until people show respect to the King, there is no easy way to teach them not to go too far.

    By the way Emperor Lee is not a real King.It is time for the King to flex their muscles.Only those who intend to kurang ajar will be affected.

    Majority rakyats will welcome any punishments meted against the kurang ajars and the biadaps with open arms. Bring it on!


  22. Anonymous12:46 am

    Bru...not bloggers, but people who left comments on the Perak Sultan's guest book on HRH's website.
    You have to admit, there were some which were not just insulting but threatening as well. And, of all the hundreds, if not thousands, of comments, only six/eight to be charged. I'm thinking these are only the ones which were really bad.
    Then again, it could just be a start of many being charged.

  23. Anonymous12:56 am


    I see that most politic bloggers in Malaysia is nothing more than the cheap "wartawan hiburan".

    Try to make themselves to be as popular as the artist with their over sensation gossip.

    Grow up bloggers or else find yourself a real job

  24. Anonymous2:19 am

    Freedom of Speech abounds in Malaysia.
    The problem seems to be there is no freedom after speech.






  27. Anonymous2:43 am

    The Anonymous commentators sound so shaky,,,are you damned Bangsat Malaysia racists shitting in your pants?? Helen, go change your RM1.50 underwear Yuck!

    Start a fund here? Ya, Ya!... we can visit them in prison, take turns. The money,,we will buy toothpaste, Maggi Mi at the Penjara store and give to them. And also Minyak Angin,,,their arseholes will ache when they kena sodomized in prison.

    THANK YOU to the government for finally taking action against the Bangsat Malaysia. Give these bastards who insulted Sultan Azlan what they deserve!!

  28. I seriously think Jed Yoong loves to be arrested and go to jail.
    Freedom of speeches are twisted by adding salt to the wounds of Elizabeth Wong by Jed Yoong is simply low class.
    Tian Chua love to be arrested and did all his stunts at the streets......but is trully a freedom fighter.
    Jed Yoong is trying her stunts in blogging......trying so hard to get attention..just as few others are doing....all for the purposes to be noticed...get sponsorship or yearmark to stand for 13th election.
    Jeff Ooi and Elizabeth Wong are the only two bloggers...succeeded in 12th. Poor Eli thanks to Jed adding salt to her wou8nds..for her private love failed life...actually nothing to do with her political life.
    Jed can never get a ticket to stand for election.
    PR will keep miles away from her.
    Maybe she should start hero worship MCA...which is exactly what she is doing..right now.

  29. "Anonymous said...

    Mr. wandererAUS,

    We have been following your write up for quite a while. Mind your words. We know who you are. Dont you try to insult our sultans. You are not very clever with your words. Dont push your luck too far. And pse dont tell us that we have never warn you."

    What did wandererAUS say that was insulting?

  30. Anonymous4:45 am

    If anyone defaces someone else's website, then that should be considered a malicious act on the website owner's property. I would call that a criminal act.

    If someone makes false accusations, then that could also be deemed unlawful.

    But if someone voices an opinion, is that unlawful ? Some people have voiced an opinion that HRH Sultan Azlan had erred and suggested some avenues to correct it. Is that wrong in law to point it out ? I recall the story of the Emperor's New Clothes. Do we all become yes-men/women if something is painfully incorrect ?

  31. Anonymous6:27 am

    A sentence well served

    Only one qustion- Why the party who instigate all these unruly events escape unscath?

    I wonder why those who influence NIZAR to file a petition suit at High Court Kuala Lumpur is not charged

    I wonder why those plan the riot at Masjid Ubudiah escape without being charged

    I wonder why those people who earn government pay checks at Palace Of Justice fail to act fast and let the Perak crisis boil to dangerous point? As pointd out by Datuk Seri Rais Yatim, the issue is simple and can be easily resolved. The Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri is clears and the Perak Sultan acts correctly. The amendment to Perlembagaan in 1993 does not curtail the Sultan's power at least in 4 states and that include Perak.

    One can be PAS party sympathiser but one has to be neutral when excuting job. Buatlah kerja dengan penuh amanah dan anggap inya sebagai ibadah.

  32. Anonymous 8.43

    It works damned fine in Singapore. When it implodes, it will implode right in your face when things get rough and you will lose all your liberty and wealth when there is blood in the streets.

    People like you have been given your rights and liberty but you have abused it to the limit because you are like monkeys suddenly taken out of the jungle not knowing how to handle it.

    The root cause is always because it doesn't go your way. Just because you don't get your way doesn't mean it's not right.

    We will begin to follow the Singapore style of Govt soon. It will serve you right for not embracing the transpency and liberties given to you by the govt properly.

  33. Anonymous8:00 am

    Do respectful things, and respect will pour in automatically. If one needs to demand for or even force respect, one probably doesn't deserve it, and all you'll get is faked respect, out of fear. Is the latter what our Sultans are asking for?

  34. Charging the commenter will helps ?
    Will it 'restores" respect ?
    Damages to both side is really a winning situation ?
    But, whats the outcome of the ' Natang case ?
    And some of the bn ministers said Agong /Sultan Mizan was acting unconstitutionally.

    Enlighten us please.

  35. 'Man, this is bad! Bad!

    Huuuh. Oh well. And I wonder why the politicians didn't get charged.'

    Politician are smart they do it in Parliment. Immunity brother! When they are in 'Parliment' they are king!

  36. bila bloggers tulis sikit kena tahan, tapi bila karpal insulted sultan over national tv tak kena apa-apa pun...
    masalahnya sekarang ialah pihak polis ynag gagal bertindak walaupun peruntukan undang-undang sedia ada, maka akan sewenang-wenangnya lah undang-undang dilanggar

  37. double standard apply here as always. dulu kini san selamanya.

  38. That should be done earlier..

    Serve them right!!! U can differ with royal decision but not condemn and insult them in the public especially Malaysiakini. The website that biased to DAP and PR. Hey!! Malaysiakini like to insult sultan, Malay and Islam why dont charge them too.

  39. Anonymous8:52 am

    You have a guest book.

    Your guests were encouraged to write freely what they thought, because you want to gauge their sentiments

    Some nasty remarks were wrote, and you feel insulted.

    Now, you want to throw the law books on your so called nasty guests ??

    Geeesse.....are we living in the 21st century or we are in a time warped, throwing us back to the 15th century ?

  40. Interesting to see how MCMC performing???

  41. Anonymous8:55 am

    This is the result of sudden freedom. It becomes like a child in a toy shop.

    People tend to abuse the freedom to a stage where 'we can do anything we like' or we demonstrate and cause a ruckus.

    These are the culprits who misinterpret rules and regulations, taking advantage of weaker minds by stirring up shit.

    Democracy has its limits. So does freedom. It does not mean that democracy allows one to fornicate in public or to commit suicide. Neither does it give one the right to destroy careers of others.

    In brief, do things reasonably and logically. Don't expect dignitaries to take things sitting down. When a tiger is pushed to the wall, it will naturally pounce back.

    Democracy can be defined as:"Do whatever you wish, but do not offend others".

    Think about it.


  42. The sultan never bothered to speak to the people, I think he failing in his duty. So the people spoke.. But what did the Sultan do? complain to the police. So much as a Sultan…..

  43. Wonder why it took us only now to do this.
    Singapore had done this long ago, charging bloggers and internet users for writing against the government.
    Now lets see if the 'mistake' by an MSM editor in your last posting will be investigated.
    His misrepresentation of the Perlis ruler's speach can lead to a simillar situation.


  44. Anonymous9:28 am


    Aren't you the one supporting the Sultan of Perak by promoting the Daulat Tuanku with the perak flag?

    Reporting on others doing the Derhaka does not mean you insulting the sultan.

    As for Jed Yoong, padan muka. She used to write an insulting article that is an outright insult on Islam.

    Remember she describe you as Nazi?

    Yet you are still nice to her.

  45. Anonymous9:53 am

    There must be a limit to blogging freedom.This action is long overdue.

    However,the police must not pick and choose.Get all of them or let all of them go.

    Sometimes in trying to to correct a wrong,we must not do another wrong.

    The rakyat can accept a 'strong enforcement' of the law but have enough of the selective prosecution.

  46. Anonymous10:19 am

    Its about time. Many bloggers are out of bound. Spreading lies and incite hate at their on will without any inkling on the consequences to the country. These people behave like they dont know about our perlembagaan and history of the country. Everything that can be twisted will be twisted, any history that not inline with their view will be challenge. (Chin Peng is a freedom fighter??? what an insult to out armed forces).
    Pls blog with responsibility and accountability...if not, then you guys are no diff the the very person/organisation that you despise.
    I just hope the authority will execute it fairly and without fear.

  47. Anonymous10:26 am


    its time we stop being too accommodating with these species. they are good at creating chaos with their kind of interpretation of the laws and constitution to their likings.

    their twisted tongues and wealth are used as fine weapons to go against the community that gave them the opportunities to stay here.

    if these species think that they are not welcome here, please by all means go to any country of their choice - nobody cares to stop them.

    no more - enough is enough.

    we must learn from LKY of down south on how he oppress and suppress species of these kind. you fight - you get bankrupted - some to death. LOL.

    that bloody lawyer sinking singh should be taught the lesson first - then only he will know why singhs should be turbanized.


  48. Rock,

    AUK AUK..there are rumours that Rocky Bru and gang are planning a vicious anti Khairy attack. Maybe there are, maybe there aren't, but one thing is forsure.



  49. Anonymous10:56 am

    What or how do you classify as insulting the Sultan? You mean to say that Sultan can do no wrong? I always thought that only GOD can do no wrong. Hmmm.. how strange!

    We are now harassed and batterred into accepting that Sultans are GOD... how moronic is that!? Sultan is not and never will be GOD, so, therefore can make mistakes and must be corrected!

    For those who has posted comments in support of such action, it is very clear that you people are blind to what is right and wrong. You people perhaps have no integrity except to balls carry whoever/whatever who has a title or happens to be borned into some funky family. SHAME ON YOU!!

    If people, Sultans and Sultanas (raisins??) and Ministers and politicians included, cannot take criticism in any form, than please, don't open that big gap of theirs!! SHUT THE FCUK UP. The world is constantly changing and the old rule of respect without having to earn it is long gone. Poof! Flew out of the window and sank into the deepest ocean! I say it before and will say it again.. RESPECT HAVE TO BE EARNED! TO EARN IT, YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT NOT JUST IN THE EYES OF THE LAW BUT IN THE HEART OF THE PEOPLE AND YOURSELF!!

    As for actions taken against people who criticise/"insulting" the Sultan, oh! please!! what about those goonies who had demostrated with bit banners and posters when the AGUNG aka Sultan of Terengganu refuse to accept Badawi's choice of MB?? What about the many response by the many ministers pertaining to this matter? I remember the PM is one of them. So, is there 2 sets of rules here? So, there is immunity if you are from UMNO? If so, where is the integrity!?

    Sultan of Perak has erred in his decision in Perak! Sultan of Perak has forgo the rights and feelings of his people (majority) in favour for what he thinks or feels or wants. Why in God's name he did that? I really dont know and frankly, I dont give a damn.. but the fact remains..IT IS WRONG! AND HE AND HIS SON HAS LOST MY RESPECT.

    I dont respect people with no integrity, I dont respect people who are obnoxiously rude, I dont respect people who uses their position to demand ANYTHING, I dont respect people who cannot understand the basic principle of demoncracy, I dont respect people who are deaf and blind to all sorts of double standards, I dont respect people who are lazy and depend on their status/color of skin/gender to get by in life, I dont respect people who cheats and steal especially from the poor!!

  50. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Tahniah akhirnya tindakan diambil. Sepatutnya dah lama, tunggu apa pun tak taula... sampai negara porak peranda lebih teruk kot.

  51. Anonymous12:45 pm

    To carmanio, how bout starting a fund to rid of of you!

    reformasi!!! yourself.

  52. Anonymous1:06 pm

    10:37 PM

    No way am I going to part with my hard earned money to pay for their legal fees. No way. Kerana mulut badan binasa.

    Makan puas2 sebelum masuk jail, nanti complain pulak dapat boiled eggs saje.

  53. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Thailand has some of the strictest lese-majeste laws in the world.

    People have been prosecuted under these laws.

    Yet recently there was a conference in Bangkok that openly called for the Thai lese-majeste laws to be reviewed and amended so that people could not use the name of the Thai King to go after their critics.

    Nobody protested in Bangkok against this conference. No one disrupted the conference by invading the conference premises and threatening the invited speakers and guests.

    See the difference between Thailand and Malaysia?

  54. Anonymous2:18 pm



    Barisan National sekarang mesti koyak....

  55. Haha!

    Berani buat, berani tanggung lah!
    Kebebasan bersuara bukanlah hak untuk menunjukkan kebodohan!

    Perkara2 seperti inilah yang membuatkan kebebasan bersuara suatu keburukan kepada pembangunan masyarakat.

    Semoga Polis lebih tegas dan mengadaptasi cara KGB (Komitjet Gosudarstvjennoj Bjezopasnosti) di dalam menyelesaikan kes ini.

    Tiada kompromi kepada kebodohan!

  56. Anonymous3:52 pm



  57. Anonymous4:00 pm


    I suggest you migrate to US and apply for a job with Hugh Hefner. He desperately need your services now, to help salvage his Mansion.

    And Skillcannon, today Friday 13th,1066 = 13 meh, you ni memanga Born Loser!! Asyik rajin melopong Affairs of our Neighbours, Singapore dah declare recession lor...

    Cuba pi cari makan kat sana and enjoy yourself there!!


  58. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Poor Rocky, I pity you Sir as you have to endure some pathetic species of the Fifth kind. One of them is that specimen who calls itself 'Bunnies'.

    Hey Bunnies, first of all, are you a Playboy mate? No wonder, as I find you really a low class retarded specimen, full of nothing but HATRED for anything Malay/Islam. Hey, I DOUBLE HATE you.

    If you want me to like you, then you have to show RESPECT to MALAYsia, to its Constitution, its RUKUN NEGARA, its Sultans and WHATEVER constitutes in the Perlembagaan Negara Malaysia yang Berdaulat. Damn, as you said Respect has to be earned, SHOW RESPECT yourself to others before YOU get respect. Bloody Fool. Be careful of what you say Bunnie Hopper, we are watching you....

    Btw, it's high time that Malaysia impose VERY STRICT laws against any TRAITORS of the country. Follow SINGAPORE style....I say YES....Thank you Uncle LKY...We'll follow your steps in governing Malaysia.....See Singapore is so quiet and peaceful, not like ungrateful pendatangs are just too much...give one inch, you demand 100 inches ....Go take a life ALL of you ...and never come back to Malaysia, Tanah Air Ku Yang Tercinta.

  59. Da Real Deal,

    I understand your frustrations towards arguments like Sdr Bujai's but let's leave ma & abah out.

    WandererAUS, you wrote "I do not condone to vulgarity but, all these insults hurled at sultan Azlan Shah was very much his own making." ----------------

    You said you don't condone vulgarity, so let's not provide excuses for vulgarity. Once you do, there is no end.

    And PolitikAnjing who wrote: [AUK AUK..there are rumours that Rocky Bru and gang are planning a vicious anti Khairy attack. Maybe there are, maybe there aren't, but one thing is forsure.]

    Vicious attack on Khairy? Iye ke? How much?


  60. Anonymous5:09 pm

    I wonder why Sultan Azlan never utter a word on the current crisis in Perak. As a sultan of the state , he should try to solve this matter and not let it got rotten.

  61. Anonymous5:15 pm



  62. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Guess WHO did LKY targeted when he introduced laws like:

    NO SPITTING,NO CHEWING GUM,FLUSH TOILET AFTER USE,NO NOISE AFTER 11PM DURING 7th MONTH FESTIVAL ...etc...?? the majority race of the population! And why?

    "It is the only way to deal with a CHINESE majority....tight fisted!" {LKY}

    Compare that with Malaysia...the non-bumi can consider themselves "lucky" to be given freedom to insult anything malay.
    But anything has its limit and I think it is about time that action are taken for those who went overboard.

  63. Anonymous5:44 pm


    If you think there's a difference between MALAYsia and Thailand, and it is better in Thailand, then go to Thailand and become the citizen of Thailand, better still, go back to wherever your ancestors came from, why still stay here ?? We don't want smelly and ungrateful skunks like you in our Tanah Air Tercinta.....Poddaahhh !!!!

  64. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Purple Haze said:
    "But if someone voices an opinion, is that unlawful ? Some people have voiced an opinion that HRH Sultan Azlan had erred and suggested some avenues to correct it. Is that wrong in law to point it out ?"

    No purple haze. It is not wrong to voice your opinion & not agreeable with Sultan Azlan's decision, as many does. Same thing as you may not agree with all your parent's actions & decisions, and sometimes you do feel how clueless they are. But when you do so... when you have different opinion than them, you do it with ADAB. And when you forego the ADAB, you become BIADAP and you can be called KURANG AJAR. And in this beloved country of ours, when you BIADAP to the Sultan to the point that he feels insulted, you have committed a crime against the law. And i don't think you want to break the law, as i understand you people are the GREAT champion of the Rule of Law.

    and Bunnies said:

    well said!! but, how do you gauge "BUT IN THE HEART OF THE PEOPLE AND YOURSELF"? Let first look at "the heart of the people" which people are you talking about? Are they the whole Perakians? or the so called pakatan's supporters? How do you know what the sultan did was not in accordance with whats in "the heart of the majority of people"? ok..ok..i know you want to suggest another round of state's election... but before we get down to that, you also suggested that respect can be earned when you do what is right in your heart. And how arrogant of you to imply that the sultan's decision is not based on his conscience. What, suddenly you become god now... knowing exactly what's in other people's heart?

    I don't know exactly what's in your heart, but allow me to rephrase you statement above as i understand it.


    Finally, i find it rather stupid, when people use the Terengganu's 'Natang' incident to justify their KEBIADAPAN now, and saying that UMNO (for the record...before sept 08, i hate this word as much as how the MT people hate it now) is hypocrite for being DERHAKA before, and now accusing PR as Derhaka.

    1) As I recalled, a fraction of Idris Jusoh's hardcore supporters (which are UMNO members) were against Sultan's decision to appoint Ahmad Said (also from UMNO) as MB. There were also UMNO people who supported the sultan's decision, especially those who hate Paklah's leadership (and I believe majority of UMNO do), and they certainly were never party to this 'natang' people. Than, how PR lump this tiny fraction of Idris Jusoh's hardcore supporters action as UMNO's penderhakaan is really beyond me.

    2) When this 'natang' incident happened, I remember, lots of blogs, including 'anti-paklah-pro- umno' and pro pakatan bloggers and commenters condemned this and vilified those perderhakas. But very funny now, the very same pro-pakatan bloggers who scream DERHAKA to the terengganu's mangkuks, now doing the same thing as what the 'natang' people did, with the excuse: "they did first what...?, if they can do it, why can't we?" hmmm... talk about hypocrisy...

  65. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Hope fully after this the BASTARDS who insult the Sultan of Terengganu will be put in jail.

  66. Bro Rocky,

    Seeloknya perkataan atau ayat-ayat yang ditulis oleh mereka yang dihadapkan ke mahkamah di siarkan di dalam akhbar tempatan. Tidak semua orang tahu betapa teruknya perkataan yang digunakan oleh mereka kecuali kita yang melayari laman web dan blog, khususnya "buku pelawat" DYMM Sultan Perak.

    Sesiapa pun boleh marah dan menyuarakan pandangan di dalam negara demokrasi. Namun perlulah melalui saluran yang betul dan perkataan yang sesuai/sopan.

    Sekiranya menggunakan perkataan menghina dan mengancam, mereka perlulah bersedia untuk berhadapan dengan undang-undang.

  67. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Those of you who don't share the same skin colour. culture or religious belief with the royal households have many choices, stay hear be a loyal subject or pack your bags and migrate to wherever your allegience belongs, be it in worldly wealth or culture. People like me have limited choices, we don't wish to a migrant elsewhere.

  68. Rocky,

    Just proving that there is a limit to freedom of expression. As you are willing to censor valgarity, you should also censor stupid and irrational comments that are way, way too prejudiced that it insults one's intelligence to the point of being valgur in itself.

  69. Anonymous9:10 pm


    We have to put thse irresponsible blogers where they actually belong- behinds bars

    I do hope that Malaysia can return to peaceful and tranquil nation that I grew up to admire.

  70. Anonymous12:41 am


    I suppose migration is the best solution, if this country is all about blind respect as some goonies in here have dictated. Perhaps again, that's why plenty of smart ones are leaving or have left this country for some where else that has learnt the essence of RESPECT. Brain Drain is quite a big issue in Malaysia is it not? If not, than what's with all the many lucrative programmes to entice ex-Malaysians to come back!? Hmm...

    My Dear Merramas... To begin with, did I ever say anything about race or religion? If you think I did, that's because you are a racist! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!! This world has got no place for people like you.

    To discriminate and start a triad of name calling based on a person's occcupation is very shallow. I am sure you have heard of stories of how a prostitute has a place in GOD's kingdom? I dont know about you, since you are THAT shallow.. but I sure understand that such discrimination is not right.

    As for you liking me.. err.. I really dont care for it and I only care to have respect from people who understand and appreciate the essence of respect. You, unfortunately, dont fall in that category.

    Respect for Malaysia? I used to have when the country had a great leader who could lead and clever enough to march all of us forward. Yes, I was willing to accept and forgive the mistakes this great leader might have made along the way for, he is human afterall.

    As for now, well, a rather flippy floppy hipperty, sleepity PM who is about to leave and a scandalous PM in waiting?? COME ON!! YOU GOTTA BE BLINKING BONKERS TO EXPECT ME TO RESPECT THEM! You may be able to respect blindly selectively, I can't! Blanket cannot. I am not selective in my respect.

    By the way, your little warning "Be careful of what you say Bunnie Hopper, we are watching you...." is a threat! It's call criminal intimidation and is a criminal offence. You can go jail for a long time but since you are such a eejit (idiot in Irish) I suppose you cannot understand such things! Perhaps your "WE" means you are from a power gang? Intimidating me!? Wahahahaha!! BRING IT ON!!

    My Dear Emzee.. If you read carefully, I did say MAJORITY of the people in Perak. I dont know about you but I did read that the Sultan of Perak was blasted to Lucifer's HQ and back via his official website when he made his famous decision. It was so bad that the website was taken off till now!! It cant be praise and encouragement comments right? The Sultan was reported to be pissing mad about it..sigh, such a loser. So you tell me, is this majority or what?!

    I am sure you have read how people come out to support and witness the tree demoncracy act?? Enough people to move BN to criticise must be a big big crowd.

    I may not be living in Perak (thank God for that!!) but I do have plenty of friends there and they are all not happy with their Sultan.

    Last but not least, if the majority of Perak people are for BN, I am sure a re-election wont be a problem for that fame hungry, publicity crazy party. So, why all the effort to deter a re-election? Scared what? Scared they will lose their pants off and we all get to see these buggers actually have no bolas!? OOOOO.....

    I never said that the Sultan's decision is not based on his conscience, whatever it might be. Please re-read what I wrote!!

    Ok guys, I gotta go sassy my bunny ass to earn some mega bucks to contribute to our scandalous PM in waiting latest stimulus package of RM60billion!! Some of us do work and contribute.

  71. Anonymous1:18 am

    FINALLY the government taking action...BUT what about KAPAL SINKING???


  72. Anonymous7:48 am


    I agree with you that you can voice your opinion dengan ADAB and yes, I do advocate the rule of Law.

    And I did mention that there are instances where actions can be construed as unlawful and action should be taken against such perpetrators.

    However,in Malaysia, one must be quite blind to see that there is selective prosecution going on.

    Case in point is the Judicial Commissioner who insisted that the Perak Speaker of the Assembly had to appoint the State Legal Adviser as his legal representative. He has made a major error in judgement and the (higher) Federal Court has overturned his very evident mistake.

    In this case, there is recourse through the higher courts.

    But one must wonder why he met with the lawyers in chambers in the first place on issues of such gravity. How to bagi ADAB to the judge when he makes his decision in private chambers out of the public eye and worse still, in error ?

    With due respect to HRH Sultan Azlan (and I do know this royal family personally, hence I really do have high regard for HRH), the lack of transparency for the rational of his decision is strange, given his tenure as CJ and the subsequent silence is deafening especially when his subjects are unhappy.

    You could argue that the Sultan does not have to give any reasons for his decisions - I will go along with that, but it doesn't help the rakyat to continue to respect him.

    In the administration of the previous Prime Minister, the institution of the Monarchy was rocked when the immunity of the Rulers from certain legal actions was removed. I thought the actions of the PM then was BIADAP but he had built up a case for it and as the BN had more than 2/3 majority, the motion was passed.

    That was a watershed as it marked the point where it was established that power is with the Rakyat and the Sultans are not above the law.

    And Emzee, please note, that I have not mentioned anything of a racial nature nor used vulgar words or cursed and sweared at anyone or his/her family. I have not asked anyone to leave the country, donate money, threatened to kill anyone, etc, etc.

    I hope that I have been respectful to you in putting forth my opinion.

  73. I think it is one thing to have an opinions and voices it out, but it is totally different thing to insult others. To use the freedom of speech as a cover for insult is totally wrong.

  74. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Hey Bunnie Hopper,

    Don’t think that all Malay/Malaysian cannot read/write English and cannot read between the lines of what you had written. Come on Bunnie, you hate Malay/Muslims, there is no need to write in detail, we are not stooooopide, you know. When you condemn / insult the Malay Establishment, the Malay Sultans, who are you condemning? Tell me!! I know it is COOL for you Pakatan people to condemn anything Malay and think that you gonna get away with it. No way Bunnie, you get what you sow, a tit for a tat, if you are not ‘shallow’, then you should know that even before you write your poison comment in Rocky’s blog. Eh, don’t tell me, you think only Rocky who is going to read your comment?

    My dear Bunnie Hopper, the “WE” is actually the cyber users, who come to Rocky’s blog, can be anyone from BN, PR or the Martians, see even that simple logic you don’t know. What a stupid Bunnie you are!! I can see that you are panicking too. Don’t ever think that whatever you wrote is being applauded by all Malaysians. That’s gonna be your unreachable utopia....

    If you have a little bit of intelligence, you should know the outcome and would be more respectful towards the masses. In Malay, we call it ADAB, KESOPANAN dan JANGAN BIADAP.

    Hey Bunnie, if you can’t take criticisms, you should, I quote here from you, “SHUT THE FCUK OFF”. See, how you feel now....Don’t get too carried away with what you want to write. Every action has a reaction.

    You don’t want to get insulted, then, don’t insult others. You understand that simple rule I hope.

    Integrity? If people like you have any integrity left, you guys won’t even mention about Trengganu. Anyway, I won’t go into detail as someone had already done so.

    You and your likes are not happy as MALAYsia is ruled by the Malay Establishment. You’ll only be happy if the country is ruled by your kind. Btw, that Malaysian Malaysia concept is a sham.

    Racist? It takes one to know one. I don’t give a damn if I don’t have a place in this world, not with people like you who have venoms and poisons coming out from your being, isshhh ........selisih malaikat 44......

    Ahha, now you’re being defensive, you’re having this holier than thou attitude to justify your action. ..

    Good to know that you have respect for the great Malaysian leader of ALL time, I do too, but just because his successor is a slumber and a flip flopper, you put everyone in the same basket.

    As a Malaysian, you should be more susceptible to the feelings of others. You can venge your anger by writing but not to the extent of using words that can offend a spectrum of the Malaysian society. Frankly, Malaysia is too nice to people like you. Do that in Singapore, you’ll see what you get.

    In freedom of expression, we have the right to disagree and we have the right to agree not to use words that can disgrace the other party (or this right to disagree is applicable only to PR masses?). Simple as that, if not, then don’t blame anyone but yourself for the repercussions that follow.

    I rest my case.

  75. Anonymous12:38 am

    Well Bunnies

    HRH the Sultan had to make a call on something momentous and he did so with ,I am definitely sure, reference to all available sources of law. And I am sure at the back of his mind, being human as us mortals are, he would have known his decision WOULD result in some party being aggrieved, a point well noted by the eminent Indian jurist, Nanabhoy Palkhivala here:

    "E. After all, the advice of the Council of Ministers is presumed to represent the majority view in Parliament. Therefore, if the President is satisfied that the majority opinion in the Lok Sabha is against dissolution, it is a factor he must take into account before deciding to follow the advice of a Council of Ministers who happen to be members of a minority party.

    According to Mr. Palkhivala, the contrary view- viz.., that the President can in no case refuse to follow the advice to dissolve the Lok Sabha- would result in unacceptable consequences, of which he has pointed out firstly, if a vote of no-confidence is scheduled to be moved against the Government soon, the democratic process could be effectively frustrated by the Council of Ministers advising the President to dissolve the House immediately and secondly, in the same Lok Sabha a new Government can never be formed in cases where the existing Government which has lost the confidence of the House advises the President to dissolve it. This would defeat the implicit scheme of the Constitution which envisages the possibility of two or more governments during the tenure of the same Lok Sabha.”

    9. Under the circumstances, it is stated that, the President of India has under the Constitution the duty to exercise his stabilising influence whenever the ship of the State is rocking. That explains the need for always having a man in Rashtrapati Bhawan who is impartial, sober and who has the overall decision which is just and entails least complications although many political parties are going to find fault with it.

    so Bunnies you deemed HRH's decision as something unpalatable and inimical to your cause so much so that compelled you to blurt this out: "IT IS WRONG! AND HE AND HIS SON HAS LOST MY RESPECT."


    No wonder your susbsequent repartee targetted only Tongkang and Merramas for Emzee had hit bull's eye and exposed you for who you are. U c Bunnies this is how your kind argue when things dont go their way....rant away like rationally challenged men and women with nary a thought to logic and facts. I have come to realise it is a pointless exercise engaging your folk as your lobotomised intellect aint gonna "regrow" itself as you grope about blindly like unsatiated clients and unorgamised whores in your mental bordellos of perveted logic and inverted reasoning.

    Merramas, Tongkang = best to leave these cretins to drown with their "labus" as i am sure HRH would have had the same thoughts that Terry Venables had when he penned this:

    "Why worry what others think of you?
    You are never going to please all of the people all of the time.

    Football is about opinions. It’s why we all love it so much.

    You cannot just demand of people in any walk of life: Give me respect.
    It just does not work like that.

    Respect is flattering, gratifying and honorable, but it is not the be all and end all. Particularly if you are a football manager.

    You have to accept that, no matter what you achieve in the game and how great you think you are, some people will respect you. And some won’t.

    You cannot make people like you — and you cannot make people respect you.

    rest my case.

    Unknown Soldier

  76. Anonymous12:52 am

    Dear Bunnies & Friends.I have read most of the comments at this Rockybru and at almost every topic and now I would like to touch on the major issues.
    1.LANGUAGE : I think we need to polish our language.The Malay phrase,"Bahasa menunjukkan Bangsa"
    is appropriate to be mentioned here.It is not our Asian culture, Malaysia in particular to use the
    4 letter word or use the word bastard when we address anybody. This is NOT Hollywood ! This is NOT America!This is Malaysia !
    "It is not what you say.It is how you say."

    2.MIGRATION : Except for the rich and famous,where can an average Malay which makes the BIGGEST POPULATION in this country migrate to ??? It may be easier for non Malays especially Chinese to migrate but then again, there are also poor Chinese or Indians no better than an average Malay.I dont think these average people have given any thought of migrating though they still have their roots in their ancesters homeland. My view is simple.If anybody wants to migrate,go ahead, nobody stops you. Stop blaming anybody.



  77. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Tongkang, Merramass etc

    Care to speculate what happened to King Gyanendra of Nepal? He was King of Nepal till 2008. In 2008, the Nepalese monarchy was abolished.

    Why did this happen to him? Because the Nepalese people simply got fed up of him and the royal family and their excesses and abuses of power. The reasons for his fall are well documented.

    The crowned Kings and Queens of Europe are noted for their non-interference in political matters. In the UK and Europe, the elected Parliaments are supreme.

    The Kings of Jordan and Morocco have recognised the political realities in their countries and tempered their attitudes and behaviour accordingly.

    In the Middle East, the Emirs, Sheikhs, Sultans and Kings are feeling the twin winds of democracy and militant Islam.

    In Asia, the Japanese Emperor is conspicuous by his absence from the political scene. The much-revered King of Thailand has to contend with disenchantment with the monarchy amongst certain sections of the Thai population. The Sultan of Brunei, although an absolute monarch, has thus far shown far more interest in co-operating with secular Singapore than with a fellow Islamic country like Malaysia.

    The royal houses of the world have realised that the days of blank cheques and absolute power are long gone. The political realities of elected democracies have shown which way the winds are blowing and how the balance of power is shifting.

    On an unrelated note, I am perfectly capable of earning a living anywhere in the world. That may be c**p in your a**, but, hey, such are the benefits of globalisation. Oh, I forgot - perspicacious individuals like Tongkang and Merramass don't believe in globalisation; they labour under the impression that Malaysia is the ultimate in terms of opportunity and living standards, and that Malaysians should be humbly grateful for this. Talk about hubris!

  78. Anonymous11:40 pm


    - the constitutional monarchy system in Malaysia is going to stay put, don't waste your time writing about the system of other countries......if you're not happy Mr., then I suggest that you seek greener pastures somewhere...leave the Malaysian Sultans alone !!!

    you said,

    "I am perfectly capable of earning a living anywhere in the world. That may be c**p in your a**, but, hey, such are the benefits of globalisation. Oh, I forgot - perspicacious individuals like Tongkang and Merramass don't believe in globalisation; they labour under the.......blah blah"

    - the arrogance in you says that only YOU can earn money anywhere in the world...only YOU know about globalisation....ha ha..if only YOU know, if only YOU know Mr....guess what little toes are laughing louder than your own vicious, ignoramus laughter ...oh, do get a life Skilgannon !!!! WTF..

  79. Anonymous12:52 am

    i) suing the sultan is not suing the malays. re stanchart vs negri ruler.

    ii) respect for sultans is not equal to respect for malays or ketuanan melayu.

    iii) sultans for all malaysians; not just malays.

    i hentam umno (the political party). i got no beef with malays (the people) generally.


  80. How does one define "insult" or are we mixing it up with "disagreement"?

    The basis of the "insult" is disagreement.

    An educated person may say it politely whereas a not so educated may use some profanities or sound rude.

    Another point is, we are all different in that I may take it lightly whereas another may be so "piss off" by the incident.

    So, is it an insult that I don't agree with you?

  81. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Oooh, Merramass

    Got your knickers in a twist, did we?

    Anyway, to continue the lesson in history (which, given the current Malaysian history syllabus, is sadly lacking), I draw your attention to the following regarding monarchies:

    > the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 which resulted in King Farouk I being overthrown by a group of army officers. This eventually resulted in the rise to power of a certain Gamel Abdul Nasser.

    > the Ottoman Empire that ruled Turkey from 1299 till 1923 was succeeded by the Republic of Turkey in October 1923, when Mustapha Kemal Ataturk became Turkey's first President. He laid the foundations for the staunchly secular country that Turkey has since become.

    > Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, was deposed in the Iranian Revolution of 1979; this marked the end of the reign of the Pahlavi Dynasty.

    > closer to home, Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, who is the 10th Sultan of Yogyakarta, was elected Governor of the Yogyakarta Special Region - a political post that he still holds and which he has parlayed into a significant position in mainstream Indonesian politics.

    In the first three cases, there is no longing on the part of Egyptians, Turks and Iranians for the return of their respective monarchies. They have all transformed into republics and, with the possible exception of Iran, into active democracies. And they are all Islamic-majority countries.

    In the case of Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, he has realised that any political ambitions he has can only be realised through the democratic process, i.e. by contesting in elections.

    Ok, so much for the history lesson. You can draw your own conclusions, as I am sure that Pak Rocky, Tok Scribe and the other illustrious people who post in this blog, can.

    Coming to your point about globalisation, pray tell just what it is that I should know? From my perspective, globalisation has served me reasonably well. I may be far from the league of Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, or even our Malaysian billionaires, but I believe that globalisation is a process that cannot be halted.

    I have had the benefit of an education (an all-English one in pre- and post-Independence Malaysia, as well as in overseas universities) that has benefitted me reasonably well. And I believe that my kids and grandchildren will be able to live and work anywhere in the world, as long as they have the right education and skills.

    You, and others with your mindset, can choose to opt out of globalistion and it's risks and consequences. That is your right. But don't deny other Malaysians who wish to get on the globalisation bandwagon.

    Incidentally, I note that the Deputy PM has highlighted the fact that Malaysia needs to be more competitive in order to attract foreign investments. If that is not part and parcel of globalisation, then what is it? Pragmatism?

  82. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I have to say this about N H Chan's "judgement" on HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak.
    1)Chan had quoted Coke saying that "the King hath no prerogative, but that which the land allows him" to conclude that it was unconstitutional for HRH Sultan to order Nizar to resign.
    For everyone's information the so-called celebrated jurist Sir
    Edward Coke (pronounced Cook)was a known anti-royalist.When he was Chief Justice in England in 1616 he refused to allow the King to give his opinion on a case and instead bull-dozed his decision.He was such a trouble-maker to the crown that he was imprisoned.Coke was famous for interpreting the Magna Carta against Parliament and the King.
    Chan had referred to this man to support his argument.
    As an independent country we have our own history and tradition to fall back on to in cases of this nature.Why should we rely on the history of a foreign land!It is not the right thing to do.
    Our Parliamentary Democracy is not identical with that of Westminster. I wish Ministers would stop saying that it is.
    Our King does not have to knock at Parliament's door to gain entry like the British mornach has to,hence the supremacy of the British Parliament.
    Our Malay Ruler is Sovereign and has been recognised as such since 1874.Our King and Sultans do not knock doors and wait for permission to be invited in.They simply walk in.This is our tradition.

    2)In his paragraph on "But then what did the Sultan do that was wrong?" Chan said somewhere in the middle of the para.that "The Perak Constitution does not constrain the Sultan to consult anyone or to follow his advice - therefore it was unnecessary for Najib to
    see him" seemed contradictory. If HRH the Sultan is not constrained to consult anyone what is wrong in HRH consulting with YAB Datuk Seri Najib.

  83. Anonymous10:41 pm


    King gyanendra of nepal murdered his own king before usurping the throne a few years before that.
    U should know that.
    Anyway, why are u giving examples of other countries' monarchyu?

    Malaysia is your country and along with it, comes the monarchy. Respect it please. Show some humility and respect.
    Not this pompous person who thinks malaysia owes him something.

    For once, instead of writing patronising comments about your very own Sultans and King, you should show the people here ways of upholding this Malaysian monarchy institution


  84. Anonymous12:06 am

    Taking consideration with our political leaders and political personnels along with political supporters, do you think they are "matured" enough to lead the country without the monarchs? Ketuk-ketuk meja, guna bahasa yang tidak mencerminkan kebijaksanaan, caci maki, cabar mencabar and all the stunts and antics in and out of parliament - are those the signs that we don't need any monarchs? Nak respek undang-undang biasa yang tidak berkaitan Agong, Sultan dan Raja pun payah.

    Or you want the people and world to see a Taiwanese look a like Parliament here in Malaysia?

    History do tell us something for us to learn, and thru history, we are being told in a way there's no absolute way of how a country should be run.

  85. Anonymous9:04 am

    hey skillmoron..

    you peanut brain still didn't get it, do ya..did it?

    all your global examples about how people overthrown their monarchy system only materialized IF it was done by the MAJORITY..

    Tell you what asshole..the majority here in Malaysia are still with their king..and its a fact.

    If you still didn't get it & still wanna be in typical state of denial mode.. my advice.. go perform self-fellatio or just go to hell and eat shit... what a moron....

    You already travel along the equator line so fast and yet your stupid brain still fail to realized that you are nowhere inch far from the original point u r standing... typical tongkang brain damn smart eh?..hahah..

    that's probably why ultra-tongkang & ultra-pariah still end up being bullied by the so called stupid who are the worst of brain quality among all, hah?..yes, it's u.. huhuhu.. so pathetic..

    like i used to say...plenty more of these type of idiot brain way of thinking from where this moron get his early education from..

    :D muhahahahaha.....

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  86. Anonymous9:15 am


    As you stated, the Egyptians, the Turks and the Iranians had changed their political system – from having a monarchy system, to a ‘democratic’ system. Let me enlighten you further. The Egyptians have no King but its ‘democratic’ system had been hijacked a long time ago. Egypt is controlled by a Dictator. Don’t tell me you don’t know that. The Turkish Republic is actually controlled by its Military, not Erdogan. Why do you think the Americans want to attack Iran? One of the reasons is to reinstall the ex-Shah’s son, Reza Pahlavi, who is an exile in the USA. What I am saying is no political system is perfect, regardless if the country is a Muslim country or not. If you’re what you’re saying, the highly educated Skilgannon, then you should know this fact.

    And, Malaysia, having a Malay majority, will not change into a Republic anytime soon. With the Malays, it comes with the Malay culture, the Islamic religion, the Malay Sultans and the Rukun Negara. Take it or leave it, Skilgannon. I bet you that if the Sultans were to grant whatever wish that you PR people want, then, I don’t think this talk about Malaysia being changed into a Republic would arise. Skilgannon, if you’re really a true Malaysian, you should uphold the tenets of the Rukun Negara and not being so bitter about everything in Malaysia. Having said that, why are you comparing the Indonesian system with the Malaysian system?. Sultan H. Buwono X is not a 'monarch' anymore as Indonesia is a Republic, so there is no basis of your bitterness towards the constitutional monarchy system in Malaysia. Are you saying that the Malay Sultans can be Sultans only if they are ‘elected’ or ‘voted’? Like kinda ‘Survivor’ thing? By the way, do you know what’s the meaning of monarchy?

    Be thankful that you live in Malaysia. Nobody stops your from making tons of money, from doing what you want if its within the law, practising your religion etc. The Malays are known to be very gentle, polite and understanding, but there is a limit to everything. As I said earlier, if you’re not happy, seek greener pastures where you can have peace and tranquility. I am sure you can afford it.

    Another thing, your high and mighty attitude as well as your condescending manner in writng do not impress me. By what logic did you use to say that I’m against globalisation? Or Malaysia is not globalised enough? Globalisation in general is good, but there is a limit to whole scale globalisation as some countries think that their sovereignty is being hijacked by big corporations (and big organisations like IMF, World Bank etc). That is why you find calls for Anti globalisation, just like here in Europe. More and more companies/factories are closing up as they prefer to be relocated somewhere else where they can operate cheaply. Who will suffer? Yes, the ordinary European citizens will suffer .......but, on the other hand, countries like Malaysia will have to compete with other developing countries for these foreign investments......Pragmatism? That is for qualified economists to answer ...

  87. Anonymous5:30 pm


    re my last comment to you, on the
    8th line from the bottom, it shud be read as "closing down" .....sori.

  88. Anonymous5:33 pm


    You still don't get it, do you?

    Let me elaborate on the examples I used in my earlier post:

    > The late King Farouk I of Egypt was no "Johnny-come-lately". He was the 10th ruler in the Muhammad Ali Dynasty. This dynasty was the ruling dynasty of Egypt and Sudan from the 19th to the mid-20th century. King Farouk I was overthrown in the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, which began with a military coup d'etat led by a group of young army officers. Note that it was not at first a popular uprising against the King. The objective of the coup was to abolish the monarchy in Egypt and establish a republic. All these are historical facts.

    > the Ottoman Empire that ruled Turkey (and several other territories too) lasted from 1299 till 1923. In the aftermath of World War I, the Empire was replaced by the Republic of Turkey - this was in October 1923. Turkey is a democratic, secular and constitutional republic that was established under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the architect of the Turkish Republic. In this case, again, there was no popular move against the Ottoman Empire. It's demise can be attributed in main to the fallout from World War I.

    > in the case of Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was the 2nd and last monarch of the House of Pahlavi and the last Shah of the Iranian monarchy. The Iranian monarchy was established in 1501 after the Safavid Dynasty came to power. Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was overthrown by the Iranian Revolution of 1979 - a revolution that was led by the late Ayatollah Khomeini. In this case, at least, there was some degree of popular backing for the Revolution, due, perhaps to the perception that the Shah was heading a brutal and corrupt government that clamped down on Islamic clerics.

    > Sultan Hamengku Buwono X is currently BOTH the monarch of the Yogyakarta Sultanate and the elected governor of the Yogyakarta Special Region (note the words "elected governor"). His royal house was founded by Sultan Hamengku Buwono I who became the 1st Sultan of Yogyakarta under the Giyanti Treaty of 1755. To reiterate the point - HRH Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X is still very much a monarch and is recognised by the people of Yogyakarta and the Indonesian government as such. But he is also an ELECTED governor of the Yogyakarta Special Region, which is a political appointment. Indonesians apparently do not see any contradiction in this. It is understood (though I may be wrong here) that the Sultan is also an influential member of Golkar - one of the biggest political parties in Indonesia.

    The point I am making is that in the cases of Egypt, Turkey and Iran, their monarchies were well-established institutions, with roots going back hundreds of years. Yet they were all replaced, for various reasons, by democratic republican governments (or, in the case of Iran, a democracy that is a front for an Islamic theocracy).

    Globalisation (no matter how much you may decry the concept), the free flow of information and the pervasiveness of the Internet will ultimately determine the "winners" and "losers" after the current global financial and economic crisis has run it's course.

    Will Malaysia, and all it's institutions, be able to compete effectively after the crisis is over? Clowns (and I use the word advisedly) like "anti hindraf and ultra chingkies" - with whom I have crossed swords in other threads - can emote with racist statements about "Tongkangland" and the like, but it is the likes of Tongkangland, Hindustan, Cossacksland and Nipponstan that will determine how this region (of which Malaysia is a small part) will progress and prosper. In other words, they, together with Uncle Sam, will call the shots. The rest of us will either march in step or fall by the wayside.

    As a postscript on an entirely unrelated issue, I note that the Amir of Qatar is currently playing host to the President of Singapore and that the Amir has praised the excellent state of Qatar-Singapore relations. Similar sentiments on Oman-Singapore relations were expressed by the Sultan of Oman when the Singapore President visited him prior to Qatar.

    I note also that the Saudi Arabian government has sent a large number of "King Abdullah scholars" for graduate and post-graduate courses at Singapore's public universities.

    So, at least, the monarchies in the Gulf Cooperation Council and in Saudi Arabia are comfortable dealing with a secular republican Singapore in the fields of trade, investments, education and healthcare. Interesting, isn't it?

    Back to point - yup, I am comfortable with globalisation. I am comfortable with my fluency in English. I am comfortable with the all-English education that I received. And if I can use all of these to make a living, no matter how humble, anywhere I choose, why not?

  89. Anonymous10:31 pm

    reading the spat between skilgannon and merramas, i see both have deviated from the original article.

    this article is about how people had insulted the monarchy directly. A crime punishable by the existing laws.

    skilgannon cannot say the law is wrong as the action by these people were very insulting to say the least.

    to say otherwise will only give credence for their rude behaviour.

    on that note, I would have to say - there are other nobler and less rude ways to say grievances against the monarchy. We are Asians. We have our set values different from the West.

    We are not like the brash Arabs (pardon for my choice of words) or the crude Europeans.

    Their own untampered behaviour led to the fall of their own monarchies.

    It is of no wonder that the very polite Japanese still have their Monarch for the past two thousand years.

    We condone neither cruel monarchs nor do we condone brutal and dismissive insults to our monarchy.

    All these history lessons provided by skilgannon are good for our own reflection. We should cherish what we have. We should not entice our people to revolt just because the Sultan of Perak used his own judgment to make a decision. A judgment which, in my opinion is in accordance to the state constitution.

    we should not prolong these spats as both will have their own views. I believe it is time to agree to disagree. One, trying his best to defend a Malaysian Institution while the other trying very hard to justify how unfair monarchs are not exempted from being judged.

    All these talk about globalisation has got nothing to do with the crux of this issue. Japan did well economically with its monarch intact and mind you all, their monarchs have more power than our own Constitutional Monarch. The late Emperor Hirohito effectively led Japan out of the doldrums after the WWII to become the 2nd largest economy in the world.

    having said that, this show to prove that both sides of the arguments can be right.

    I bid all of you good day and lets move on to the bigger issue - finding ways to cushion the effect of recession in Malaysia.



  90. Anonymous10:38 pm


    What exactly do you have in mind? Why are you so angry just because I don't agree with you at some points of your arguments? One has the right to agree to disagree ....

    I know about the history of those monarchies that you mentioned, having studied it (the history of modern day monarchs) as a secondary subject in school, but still, Malaysia will not adhere to the whims of certain spectrum of its people just like that need a revolution to change the basis of the Malaysian Constitution. Are you planning to have a Revolution in M'sia, Skilgannon? but I warn you, it is a no go as the majority, that is the Malays still believe in their Sultans. In fact, they protect each other. If you insist, then there is going to be a bloodbath in this beautiful country that what you want Skilgannon?

    Malaysia is a member of the OIC. She has good relations with other Muslim countries ...why are you dragging Singapore into this?

    Why are you rambling about globalisation again? Malaysia is not a Third World African country. It had developed tremendously, thanks to a faraway vision of a certain statesman when he was in power.

    I can see that you are one unhappy person despite what you have achieved. It is no good for your health if you have too much ill feelings. I suggest a remedy for you, pack your bags and leave this beloved country for good.....I'm sure you'll be happier...

    With that, I rest my case.

  91. Anonymous5:53 pm


    I see that we are approaching this topic from diametrically opposing poles or viewpoints. Therefore, let's agree to disagree.

    The examples that I raised - of Egypt, Turkey and Iran - are to show that there are historical precedents for monarchies to be abolished. Granted that there were unique circumstances in each of these countries, but the precedents have been established.

    I note also that the most powerful person in the world - yes, I am referring to the US President - can be impeached and removed from office by the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. The grounds on which an incumbent US President can be impeached include treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanours (as specified in Article Two of the US Constitution). The US system is built on checks and balances between the 3 arms of the Presidency, the legislature and the judiciary.

    I am also of the opinion that respect for a person cannot be demanded; it has to be earned. Note that I said "respect for a person" and not "respect for an institution". Which means, for example, that I respect the institution that is the Prime Minister, but I need not necessarily respect the person who happens to be occupying, at any particular point in time, the post created by that institution. Or that I respect the institution that is the US Presidency, but I need not necessarily respect Bill Clinton, George Bush, Jr. or Barack Obama. The logic is a tad convoluted, but I hope that I have made my point.

    I brought up the example of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X to prove the point that a person can both be a monarch of a Sultanate and an elected official responsible for the government of a province or region. Of course, this is in Indonesia - and what is acceptable there may not be acceptable in Malaysia.

    I did note that the relations between Singapore and the Gulf states were an "entirely unrelated issue". The point I was trying to make is that the Sultanates and Emirates in the Gulf states are quite comfortable in dealing with a secular Singapore in diverse matters - to the point that there is an FTA (Free Trade Agreement) between the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council and Singapore). But you are quite right - this is an unrelated issue, and I apologise for raising it in this particular thread.

    As for the issue of globalisation, I have stated my views and you have stated yours.

    Let's leave at that, shall we?

  92. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Whatever. Self proclaimed royalty is trying to force the people of the country to respect them. Arresting a few bloggers will not solve their irrelevance. Respect needs to be earned. Any Sultan that doesn't earn the respect of the people automatically becomes a tyrant. Nothing more, nothing less.