Saturday, March 14, 2009

Singh is Immune?

"Answer me, you murderer!" They are tabling a motion in Parliament this Monday to suspend Gobind Singh for a year for accusing Najib Razak of murder.

Lim Kit Siang has condemned the move here but I'm not sure Gobind will get a lot of sympathy from the people if gets the suspension. We have condemned MPs for making stupid remarks in the Dewan before; we called for their blood and we likened them to monkeys, dogs and pigs.

Gobind reportedly told reporters that as MP he enjoys parliamentary immunity. I wonder if such immunity is without restrictions. Can an MP call another MP Babi, a sodomite, a lesbian, a gay, etc and get away with it? Maybe he can.

A prominent lawyer, however, thinks that the one-year suspension that Gobind may face from this Monday may be the least of his troubles. Read Imunity ahli Parlimen ada sekatan.


Anonymous said...

Bloody pariah!. At one time they fight to abolish the sultans & King immunity and at the same time they very much enjoying parliament immunity.


Unknown said...

bro, how this BAI fella can become a lawyer eh?




Pasquale said...

Although many BN MPs may still believe Anwar Ibrahim is a sodomite but out of parliamentary decorum and protocol nobody has called him "Hey you kaki bontot I am not finished and answer my question!". Why we are well brought up as Malays, I have always respect Malaysians of the Punjabi or Sikh origin they have been a great picture of a solid and outstanding minority group. But I cannot say the same of Govind Deo Singh and his father Karpal Singh and I can never look at the Sikh community the same again after one of its prominent it member accused a future Prime Minister a murderer, without proof, and in the most despicable tone of voice. Suspended him for one year is too lenient. I think someone ought to teach him a lesson in civility!

Anonymous said...

why cant these people stop it with this altantuya-najib murder accusation? Accusing someone of murder is really serious business. Islam have a word for it, FITNAH! if one have credible proof, by all means, go all the way and prosecute. if not, just shut your yap! and do what you're suppose to do in the parliment. i'm not supporting Najib but this murder accusations are really getting old. Does the opposition got any better issues to raise??

Anonymous said...

I like Sikh blood and virgin

malayamuda said...

if Singh gets suspended he may want to challenge the speakers decision in court, since the precedence has been set by BN in Perak...

Singh is not immune and neither is the speaker

Anonymous said...

Ah Long said,
As an MP, i personally felt that they must conduct themselves wisely. I did not agree with YB Gobind outburst with Dato Seri Najib. MP should debate on the topic of the day and shouldn't sway away into other things.
Immunities as an MP should be respected by the MP itself and should not be abused by misbehaved and rude remarks.
If ones shouted like YB Gobind in the public i strongly believed at least he be home with a bleeding nose.
Still wondering why all the opposition veterans like Nik Aziz; Karpal Singh; Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang still want to hang in their post. Or till death only by God they will retired. Tun Mahathir has been enjoying his retirement for almost 6 years already.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are limitations to immunity. But 1 year? That's a trifle below the belt.

On further note, I would have preferred if the DPM had challenged Singh to repeat his allegations in court. That would've been something else, wouldn't it?

Amir Hafizi said...

I have a sinking feeling about this.

Oh well. What to do?

Anonymous said...

Rocky's not doing us a favor with this posting. Gobind maybe smirking now that rocky has given him prominence twice in the last 2 weeks.
Just delete this posting and ignore that arrogant infantile egomaniac altogether.

Anonymous said...


hit your G-spot. Must be damn good for you, aint it rocky. aint he tainted and why hide Musa? Coz he is gonna lead to the real killer?

and Baginda is off to a new life in London while her father and kid are left to cry over the death of a young lady. Is that JUSTICE, Rocky?

And it must be music to your ear when she said its God's will that her husband assumes the throne.

Rocky, Man proposes but God disposes. SLeep well, Rocky.

lanaibeach said...

Decorum and civilized manners
Our MP should remember
They aren't living in the caves
Of bygone era

In the August House
All members should behave
Arguing in gentleman etiquette
Show your skills not the brute gimmicks
Getting unwanted publicity shouldn't be the norm
It is sad really if our Member of Parliament misbehave
Using uncouth words and false accusations

No doubt one can speak or debate freely
Yet decorum in the August House must maintain
These MP aren't uneducated got elected
So they must show the role models expected from them

Yet in many times we can remember
Many MP misbehave calling names
Words of low class mentality
Is this way our MP got into it?

Now another Singh got into it
Branding sentence when evidence hasn't found
it is best to wait find out details
Crimes can't hide; it will suffice in time
The guilty party can't escape
Something will come out
Only time will tell

No doubt it is a hot topic
Years ago trial on
The main suspects aren't call
One PI gone for long holidays
Leaving trail of unanswered questions
Only time will tell us the story
As it will eventually

noksokmo said...

For the 1st time, i think, i like what BN try to do to the PR's MP.

Anonymous said...

Both father and son probably think that they are in a Bollywood movie !

Bloody clowns !

Donplaypuks® said...

I think Gobind showed his inexperience and lost the plot.

You'd think that with an icon father, Gobind and DAP would have strategised better instead of showing up themselves as rank amateurs.

Sad to say, Gobind brought this upon himself and of course politics being what it is in M'sia, UMNO/BN will try and capitalise on such silly mistakes and take him to the cleaners!

Anonymous said...

Singh is not Immune but Najib is.


Anonymous said...

Let's not do anything unethical to stop it. It is his turn," Rosmah said. If "God says it is his turn, it is his turn," Rosmah added.

Since God said so, we have to accept it and Najib should be Immune.


Anonymous said...

Rocky Bro.

what a nice link by rerouting to a website of MSM of Ketuanan Melayu. Now why dont just your blog become part of that MSM online version? a great idea huh??

- Dicko

Anonymous said...

Haha... This shows Gobind is dumb enough to believe in RPK.

Unknown said...

If you are not murderer, why shall you scare to come forward to the court as a witness?

Rocky, don't try to fool people by divert the attention from the murder case into the issue of immunity!

These 2 things can make a big difference!

You fool!

Anonymous said...

Whether Parliamentary immunity covers what the MP said was disputable.
He had made a point, it is up to Najib to come clean!
Why be afraid to debate on the issue, why allow the public to speculate..there are sufficient evidences that he was somehow linked with Altantuya. If he was from the opposition, the police will be working overtime to lay charges.
To be a leader it is not solely based on ability, it also, comes with responsibility.

eddy said...

Bro, one year suspension from Parlimen is being too kind for this ill mannered riff raff, he should be suspended indefinitely for the whole duration until Parlimen is dissolved to make way for the next general election.

Add to that Gobind should also be charged for sedition for uttering those infamous words at the Deputy Prime Minister. Parliamentary immunity must have its limits NO ONE should be above the Law.Gobind who is a qualified lawyer should go to jail for his reckless action.

Melayu Sejati said...


1. Mari kita bandingkan kes Kugan dan kes Gobin.

2. Dalam kes Kugan.."Penjenayah dijulang dan Polis dipersalahkan".

3. Dalam kes Altantuya.."Pembela dihukum dan Penjenayah dijulang".

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes...

Liverpool 4 Manchester United 1.

This is better than politic.


Mohd Isa Bin Musa said...

Pada satu ketika dulu kita cuma dengar sekali sekala perkataan "immunity" digunakan hanya untuk Sultan dan Agong. Sekarang ni sudah banyak orang bukan melayu yang nak jadi Sultan dan Agong.

Maruah bangsa Melayu sedang dikikis hari demi hari bermula dengan orang Melayu sendiri yang sudah berani berkata kepada Sultan "Patek ingin menderhaka".

Kemudian Sultan dihina dengan ancaman untuk diheret kemahkamah. Yang terbaru ialah TPM difitnah sebagai "pembunuh" dalam Parlimen.

Saya amat hairan bagaimana ramai orang-orang melayu beragama Islam sanggup terima "fitnah" ini tanpa berfikir. Bukankah agama mereka mengajar mereka:

About Lies:

"Those who produced a big lie are an evil band among you: Do not think it is bad for you, for it is actually good for you, because each person is responsible for the sins he commits. And anyone among them who bears the greater share thereof has deserved a terrible retribution. When you heard it, the believing men and women should have trusted themselves as righteous people and should have said, "This is a terrible lie". The accusers should have produced four itnesses thereof. Since they failed to produce the witnesses, then in the sight of God, they are LIARs". (24:11-14)

Adakah orang-orang Malayu mahu bersubahat dengan mereka yang suka membuat fitnah?

"You reiterated the accusation with your tongues, thus uttering with your mounth what you did not know for sure. You also though it was a simple matter, when it is a gross offence in the sight of God". (24:15)

Mungkin dihari kebangkitan kelak orang-orang malayu yang percaya kepada "fitnah" ini akan bekata kepada Tuhan mereka:-

"Ya Allah - Kami tak tahu - Raja Petra Kamaruddin yang beritahu kami tentang perkara ini."

Anonymous said...

Kalau aku kat dlm parlimen, aku selamba je kata si gobind ni anak haram.. Tak pernah nak lwt kawasan,
punya le lama aku mintak nak jumpa pasal masalah flat aku ni (puchong jaya). Atk pernahnya free.
Punyala byk tol aku nak kena kautim sblm dapat tarikh nak jumpa. Bila sampai tarikh, dia dengan selamba dol
kata dia bz.

Apa ko ingat ko ada immuniti? Kita tunggu 2013 la singh!

Tgk apa immnunit ko ada nanti.


Anonymous said...

who do u mean we?

Anonymous said...

what if he really is a murderer??

so is singh telling the truth?

pak janggut

Anonymous said...

Either he's stupid,drunk or he's already sick of coming to parliament.

He may be a good lawyer but politician? hmmm
A good politician will not behaved like a gangster...he should never be like his father.

Learn from Anwar, who knows how to move people and also fool people at the same time. And that I think I have to give Anwar credit for being a political survivor.

The singh junior know deep down that he is a one time "wonder". It's now or never kind of stupid comment.He just cannot refrain the strong urge to attack Najib.

What is an MP pay to a rich lawyer like him? He will never miss parliament sitting cos' he's not really a "politician" in the first place. Good luck to him.

Anonymous said...

Singh is king.
Sadly the truth will not prevail in this country and back sliding opportunist bloggers like you will try to corrupt the feeble minds of readers in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Saya suka bila membaca bahawa Najib hanya diam sahaja bila Si Bodoh itu mengeluarkan kata-kata bangang seperti itu. Dalam sesetengah keadaan diam itu lebih baik. Saya bayangkan jika Najib bertukar marah juga ketika itu, maka itu bukan petanda pemimpin yang baik untuk jadi PM dan memimpin 27 juta manusia.

Sayang sekali, Parlimen kita bukanlah Parlimen 1st class, bila kita dapat melihat YB berdebat menggunakan ayat-ayat yang baik, dipenuhi dengan fakta, logik, dan bahasa yang indah? Kalau dapat sama dengan debat Sekolah Menengah pun sudah baik. Malang lagi, ada yang tidak fasih berbahasa Kebangsaan, seperti dengar cina jual ikan rasanya.

- Koku

Anonymous said...

Gobind kena hysteria, lame sangat main dengan budak hindraf....

The manner in which he/his dad was defending Hindraf, I think he represents the Tamil community more than the Sikh community.

and btw pasquale, since when the actions of 1 individual represents the attitude of 1 community? KJ did lots of dirty and bad stuff, but still, my view of the mamak community didn't change.

and Gobind is not a representative of the Sikh community, and the Sikh community never thought him as one. He's more of a Hindraf boy, if you see his speeches at Hindraf gatherings last year, you might fall into tears.

and btw, as it was with Mahathir, Abdullah, and soon Najib, the Sikh community will continuously support the establishment in power.... they don't play politics.

Anonymous said...



No prizes for guessing why you're not a lawyer.

"Let's not do anything unethical to stop it. It is his turn," Rosmah said. "If God says it is his turn, it is his turn," Rosmah added.

And we get outraged over Christians usage of God's name.


Republican Reds said...

I believe if Najib has nothng to hide then by all means sue RPK and reveal everything in court or media(not the government media of course,I dont know,AL-Jazera maybe)and then we can say he is of the hook and truly innocent.There are several unanswered question such as who authorize the two policemen to kill the poor lady,it can't be Razak Baginda as he has no authority in the government hierchacy,where as the two policeman have no motive to kill altantuya as as claimed by her father the altantuya only knows Razak in Malaysia.There are many allegation that are raised by variuos quarters but none are answered.The C4 bomb belonging to the defence ministry which was claimed to be the bomb that was used to kill altantuya,how that bomb reached into the hands of the police men as the police force should not have such weapons only the army does,remember Najib was then the defence minister so by righrt he should answer that question.I'm against accusing people and I believe Najib is innocent until proven guilty but by all means Najib must prove that he is infact innocent.

Anonymous said...

There is no point arguing....even if solid evidence like dna, witness, etc.... all will not be counted.....

Unknown said...

tsk tsk. why the highlight of "singh"? Why not put "Opposition"?Your headline just smacks of racism man. He's an MP first an foremost, not a Singh. Dont forget that. As to the others, Najib's silence tells a story on its it. Silence is acquiescence.

And about the YDPA and Sultans, no disrespect, but we live in a constitutional monarch era now. Everyone is bound by the constitution, and its not as if we mean to insult the sultans. Its just some quarters who wilfully misinterpret certain quarters for political mileage.

Its Gobind, not Singh.

ChengHo said...

Karpal and Deo will not survive in New Delhi real politic
They take advantage of Malay weaknesses and leniency imagine if the Singh's in the Fed government and form the majority?
1 yr suspension is too lenience...

monsterball said...

Parpu Kari is an idiot trying to be too smart!
Parliament sittings are by law makers.
That is the best place for Opposition to confront Najib.
Gobind is very brave and a straight forward...sincere hot headed his father. He is saying exactly what Malaysians elected him for...accusing Najib to get a response.
But Gobind is surrounded by Najib's balls corrupted gang...and is punished so harshly clear...UMNO do have double standards in everything.
Gobind and many DAP politicians are not disappointing voters with their attitudes.They are speaking on behalf of majority Malaysians. Just watch them grow from strength to strength and it is time for an idiot like Parpu Kari to wake up....stop being a pro UMNO man and think of Malaysians Malaysia.
However I doubt a racialist like him...fully programmed to be a robot...with a pea brain will ever change.
The way Parpu Kari can see how low class he is.

monsterball said...

Someone should teach Pasquale to stop carrying balls of UMNO and stop dreaming of....M's daughter.
She is married happily with you hear??
This idiot thinks he is so civilized....that we must keep quiet and let UMNO keep bullying us?
What an idiot he is!!

Anonymous said...


The PM-in-waiting may not have had a hand in Altantuya's murder, but he surely had a hand in the cover-up of Razak Baginda's role in this mess.

The police have been subverted, and so have the courts, the immigration dept and the AG's Chambers. All for the close "advisor" to Najib. Who could have pulled the strings if not Najib ?

To me, Najib is clearly guilty of subverting the cause of justice.


Anonymous said...

When Anwar was charged for sodomy case, the response from Pakatan were in these key words:-"political conspiracy", "abuse of power", "tainted judicairy", "corrupted police", "kezaliman", "kekejaman"

Pakatan "champions" for press freedom, "believes" in inoccent until proven guilty.

Yet without any proof, Pakatan been calling and terang terang boradcasting in blogshpere, Parliament that Najib as "murderer", "involved in killing of Altantuya". And this is Semua OK as far as Pakatan is concerned.

This the what perception that we are lead to believe in reformasi world. Is that what Pakatan , Anwar, Kit Siang, Hadi Awang want us Rakyat to subscribe the above double standard mindset. Is that what reformasi is about.

When newspaper do not give favorable treatment recently, Lim Guan Eng started to take action to isolate and pratice selective media engagement. When journalist was arrested under ISA, LGE shout for press freedom and curtaling democracy.

See the forked tongue of LGE!!

When you try to post comment to enquire specific question that may not be favorable of Anwar Ibrahim in the Pro-Pakatan bloggers, you will be slammed or comments not allowed to be published. And yet, these bloggers masked themselve to "champion" for transparency and press freedom.

Anonymous said...

If the constitution or the law of the country says that anybody can say anything he/she likes in parliament,no matter in whatever form,and to whoever he/she addresses it to,then I have to approach the bench and say that I rest my case, or I may request the matter to be discussed in chambers!

If Go Bin Deo feels that he is right and the receiver accepts it as just a simple remark, then it is not necessary for the viewers and listeners to waste time.

Putting parliamentary immunity aside, if the receiver of such slanderous accusation feels that he/she has to clear the doubt,he or she can always demand the accuser to make his/her accusation outside parliament. The next step is for the receiver to sue the accuser. Follow what LKY and LHL do to people who make blind accusations against them,then the others would learn.

(unqualified lawyer)

Anonymous said...

1. Najib should just take the stand in court to clear his name. Rosmah should just jaga mulut and don't talk so much. Maklumlah tak popular dengan rakyat. Cakap banyak, salah pun banyak.
2. To Pasquale, banyak menteri-menteri, datuk-datuk dan sidekicks yang suka main buntut lelaki, bukan Anwar sahaja. Jangan double standard sangat. You think all Holy man in UMNO? Yang raba punggung waitress tu masih menteri.
3. Oh and Gutter Uncensored blog ada pictures of Nasri with a SYT on top of him. Do check it out!

Old Fart said...

Gobind forgot. For a moment there he thought he was an UMNO member.

After all they can say and do just about anything, in and out of parliament....and that includes threatening people in wheel chairs as well as blatant incitement and yet they get away with it.

Wow, how nice to be an UMNO member!

Anonymous said...

What nexts? Remove Parliamentarians' immunities.

You have issues with Gobind. Sue him in court lah! Kit Siang, got a point. He kenna suspended. He still need to be suspended again
Hmm....nobody is asking why BN speakers got power. Pakatan speakers......

If Malaysians especially UMNO so love the sultans why Sultan Bolkiah's father NEVER SET FOOT IN MALAYSIA?

I fully agree LKY's act of banning Nuirana 's daddy into entering Singapore.....Happy!

No offence!

Anonymous said...

If you think The Singh is too much, wait till you read the so-called 'First Lady' to-be said that God told her that it is her husband's turn to be PM. So don't do anything unethical to sabotage it. Eh Abang Rocky, how come you don't make that your headline? Hentam her la. This is our First Lady material ah? Memalukan sahaja.

And abang Rocky, apa pasal itu Immigration padam nama Altantuya masuk Malaysia selepas dia dibunuh? Powerful- nya the two policemen that killed her. Can direct the Immigration to do that? Out of so many people, they must delete the one that got murdered? Ini kerja orang dalam. You mean you and I can direct the Immigration to do that? Habis? Lepas itu kerajaan ambil dia punya own sweet time untuk selesai kes/masalah ini. Patutlah Najib asyik jadi sasaran umum sebagai pembunuh. Lepas itu tak nak pulak pergi makhamah jadi saksi untuk membersihkan nama baik dia. C4 itu senang dapat ya? Boleh beli kat kedai?

Stimulus RM60billion itu pun satu. Apa manfaatnya? Kena jadi ahli UMNO, kenal menteri menteri, baru boleh terima faedah stimulus itu? Bagan betul. Nak jadi PM, tapi tak tahu macam mana nak tolong stimulate ekonomi. Tolong baca blog Ku Li. Itu yang saya kata prihatin. Suruhlah Rosmah tu pergi la ke Rumah Nur Salam. Jangan asyik shopping sahaja. Kan nak jadi First Lady?


Anonymous said...

Rocky, I observe of late, you have become a racist (influenced by UMNO?), a flag carrier for UMNO great design for perpetual power and a shit stirrer. Only in Malaysia, one get such comic scenes, mostly from the BN Borneo hutan MPs.
Immunity means immunity, no ifs and no buts!
Perhaps, you should hint to your UMNO kampung bloggers, the rules should apply fairly...Mr Speaker, what say you?

stick it up

Anonymous said...


What voters want is an efficient and reliable opposition in our parliament to check on abuse of power by the government in charge.

But what we get is samsengh.....

this is not our culture.

Anonymous said...

Why don't more of the so called PR opposition MP's start calling Najib or any of the BN MP with names?

Why must GoBind Singh be the only one? come on PR MP pls do what you're supposed to do.

Don't stop by calling BN MP "murderer",go on and call them,"motherfuckers","whores",
"thieves" and whatever you want to call them? And see what will happen to you.

You have accused the BN for being unfit to govern among many things but you are going the same direction as BN.

Right now the rakyat who voted you in are very worried about the economy and the rising cost of living. Pls address those relevant issues. I for one am not interested whether Anwar did screw Saiful's ass or Najib did murder Altantuya.

When people are out of job the only thing that matter is how to feed the family. So I hope politicians on both side should focus more on helping solve the problems we are facing.

Believe me majority of the rakyat have already lost the plot! Get back to work and serve the rakyat pls.

Anonymous said...


1. I think it's high time that this high and mighty DAP be made to taste it's own medicine;

2. What it's Perak Speaker did to the BN rep, the BN should use to teach the Puchong MP that The Dewan is not a bar past midnight when most patrons are drunk.

3. I think the DAP has lost is credibility and sense of purpose since being satanized by Anwar Ibrahim.



Sdr Rocky's Bru,

1. Too harsh to banish any MP for a year;

2. It'll only make a hero of him;

3. Maybe that's what he wants. He craves being treated like a hero;

4. Maybe he also wants to be expelled so that he is free to pursue his other economic activities;

5. I hope the BN MPs out-debate or, if they cab't, just out-shout him!

6. It's sad that there's no longer the dignity in our Parliament;

7. So much for freedom, reformasi, democracy and maturity...HUMBUG!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:51AM;

Why should Najib take the stand in court when he has not been charged with anything or he has not been called to testify for others?

Mahmood 10:13AM;

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Anonymous said...

Common so the YB is a bit too much.
But enough already our country is slowly being dragged thru' the mud and it seems over and over again internationally but our leader couldn't bother to take legal action to correct it.
So why speaker and others are so bothered?

Anonymous said...

ini singh byk sial lah

cekodokmasin said...

Salam tuan,
Beban untuk membuktikan kes terletak pada penuduh dan bukan pada dituduh.

Anonymous said...

If Anwar was sent to jail for perverting the cause of justice (through requesting the Police to take it easy on investigations relating to sodomy charges), why shouldn't Najib be hauled up for perverting the cause of justice in the Altantuya murder ?

You think Razak Baginda didn't call Najib for help ? You think that the UTK acted on their own free will without direction from the top ? You think immigration records can be easily erased ?

Najib is a major suspect in the perversion of justice - and he will forever be that in the minds of fair-minded Malaysians.


Anonymous said...


In India with caste system for 1000 of years, your forefathers CABUT...

In China with the Internal Wars and then the Communism, your forefathers CABUT...


Sama sejenis pun tatak tahan!! Normally birds of the same feathers flock together, so do animals, they stick together to protect and provide for their own species???

In Malaysia TOO these anak/cucu/cicit olosa feel being BULLIED?


Something must be wrong with YOU.. not others.. Look into the mirror and reflect.. maybe its time to MOVE on to greener pastures.


monsterball said...

Yes yes yes...First Lady in waiting is the first lady to announce hubby is destined to be PM...approved by Allah.
Therefore...let no Malaysians disagree what Allah have approved!!
If so...why worry. What's the fuss all about?
Hubby also used Allah to protect him from Mongolia voodoos.
Parpu Kari..and UMNO ball carriers simply loves Najib too keep both eyes closed to the truths....that Najib is weird and one screw loose.

Anonymous said...

A bit too late to talk about this episode, but anyhow I share the general sentiment. Karpal's son has gone overboard and humiliated PM2B, and by extension the office of the Prime Minister by this accusation.

Anonymous said...


I guess you need to remove your Daulat Tuanku logo now as your idol already said the take over was illegal. Care to spin that in your next article?

selampit said...


You wrote;

"He had made a point, it is up to Najib to come clean!"

What are you, an advocate of anarchy and chaos? You do not make a point by ACCUSING a person of murder in the Parliament. What you make is a total arse of yourself, especially if you belong to the legal community.

"Najib has to come clean?" Like how? Like yielding to relentless pressure from jackasses such as yourself and admitting to the crime?

You wrote "Why be afraid to debate on the issue, why allow the public to speculate.."


The only debating allowed would be in the court room between the Prosecution and the Defense Counsels, with all evidence, exhibits, affidavits etc, acceptable to both parties duly submitted to the court.

"Why allow the public to speculate?" What do you want? That the public put on Judiciary robes, sit behind the bench, and say something like "DS Najib, the court of people's opinion find you guilty as charged, and hereby sentence you.."

You wrote; "there are sufficient evidences that he was somehow linked with Altantuya. If he was from the opposition, the police will be working overtime to lay charges."

What are you a Public Prosecutor? A criminologist? A CSI expert? Just how do you define 'sufficient evidence' anyway? "Based on the countless hearsay (slanders, rumors etc), all Pakatan Rakyat supporters AGREE that Najib ordered the hit on Altantuya, ergo NAJIB IS GUILTY.

You wrote "If he was from the opposition, the police will be working overtime to lay charges."

The crime scene, the alleged perpetrators and the weapon employed in this case were quickly identified by PDRM. The AG's chamber too responded swiftly by charging the accused before the court.

So what are bitching about?

Anonymous said...


Ini Rocky punya blog, dia nak cerita apa ke itu dia punya hal. Since you are so convinced with all the accusation, why don't you open your own blog, curahkan isi hati engkau, tengok berapa ramai orang nak baca. Engkau bagila cadangan macamana nak stimulate economi sebab engkau kan pandai & orang lain semuanya bangang2 belaka. Tak gitu?


Anonymous said...

Come on Najib, bring that Bai to Court and sue him for millions of dollars ......Do like LKY and Co, don't let him go just like that ....What he did to you is FITNAH ...Bai Singh tak sedar diri .....

Anonymous said...


who ordered that the imigration records be deleted?

why is Musa protected?

why are the accused being denied to cross examine Musa, the linkage to the murder? Is it because Musa is the chief security for the najib family?

why protect Musa when all evidence point to him as the key to unlock the mystery?

Because of the above, why blame those who think that najib is involved. A mere denial is not good enough. He needs to come clean by allowing Musa to be cross examined. Simple, isnt it?

Anonymous said...


think deeper. You think Najib will subvert justice for Baginda and in the process compromise his position as the PM-next in line?

If you think that the unseen hand of Najib is behind it, then its just more than subversion!

Unless Musa is allowed to be cross examined, the linkage of najib to the murder will remain, rightly or wrongly.

When special police officers are involved and immigration records are deleted and C4 are being used, then you can be sure someone very powerful or has access to the power centre is involved.

One more intriguing factor. Why use C4? is it because to remove evidence that she is pregnant and is carrying the assassin's baby.

Anonymous said...

the world of phakatan,

60 year old man raping a twenty something man? you must be out of your mind to believe that.

saiful darling insisted he was raped. but the prosecution think, unlss the Irrelevant One is the judge, there will be no case. No wonder, its now consensual sex.

saiful was still a virgin before he went into the govt hospital. You know what can happen there. Ask kugan family? How about Sujatha?

Whats next, UMNO?

Anonymous said...

Day by day we can see the the real face of PR, but their fanatic supporters cannot see the truth. I wonder what the country will become if they rule Malaysia.

I remember when the country had been shock by the Statutory Declaration made by RPK and that Indian guy (forgot his name) as if Statutory Declaration is the truth. Any people who have been involved with Statutory Declaration know that you can type anything under the sun and go to the oath office and pay the guy RM2-RM5, voila, you have Statutory Declaration. They know that people nowadays are not stupid, however, they are smarter than the masses, because they know even if people are not stupid, people also not knowing all the details. How many people know that you can made Statutory Declaration so easily for example.

And that is what they do in Perak, how many people actually read constitution? They play with the details that the masses don't know.


Tun Adam Malik said...

There may be some truth in the Altantuya case. However, I am still puzzled on why some of our MPs behaving like monkeys in the parliament.

This is the problem when we have too many unlearned and unpolished people becoming the MPs.

Probably, this is how they behave in court when they are representing their clients.

Too bad this YB Gobind Deo is giving lawyers a bad image.

No wonder some people say if you meet a murderer and a lawyer, you kill the lawyer first.

Anonymous said...

Anwar charged for screwing the back of some boy and none of you pakatan rakyat supporter make a fuss about it.

Did any of the BN MP play up this 'banana in the back' issue in the parliament with their immunity in hand?

What? Anwar not guilty? Has it proven yet? Oh ya, the court is corrupted. How can we trust Malaysian court? Then who should we trust? USA's court? The last time I checked, they destroyed 2 countries because their 2 towers got hit. How about Singapore? Oh ya, I think they are more democratic than us. The opposition MP only allowed to talk in gardens and parks.

Wonder what will satisfy you all?

Anonymous said...

To those Anon's who really believe that Najib killed Altantuya....


Go to police station,give your name, give IC and all your RPK type of evidence on why you believe Najib killed Altantuya.

Be PROACTIVE! Do not hope for Najib to sue Go-Bind Die-O, or other people to confess, YOU personally go-lah MAKE A POLICE REPORT.

And if your excuse is you don't trust the police, then why would you want to trust the cyber community to believe your rant either?

This waiting for someone else to take action was the REASON PR lost Perak.

Be Proactive, Stand Up and be counted and go to the police station and PERSONALLY MAKE THAT REPORT.

If not, please feel free to conjure some excuse for not doing so and continue to limply rant that you believe Najib is the murderer and expect the world to believe YOU.

Anonymous said...

Parpukari never look at other facts and based on what he hears and knows from unrealiable ass and blind supporters. I guess u got paid also eh! LOL.. how much eh? 2.5 or 5?


Anonymous said...

bro Rocky and the rest of the commentators here,

he himself DOES NOT HAVE THE BALLS to repeat what he said outside of the dewan.

less to make a police report on it.

so, why some people still believe in him and voted for him is just beyond any rational person comprehension. he is a disgrace to the legal profession.

i hope a very stern disciplinary action taken and ban him indefinitely from being near the parliament area.

he thinks he is the sivaji of the indian bollywood in th dewan - ptui!


Anonymous said...


We cant subscribe to childish behaviorlah. MP need to learn how to behavelah. If not we need to come up with the act "Compulsory Ethics Course for MP's".

Anonymous said...

so far pakatan rakyat mps have displayed less than classy politics in parliament, if you go by the subjects they raise, their arguments during debate and especially the name calling and accusations.

is this the quality of mps we wish to see in parliament and ruling the country?

gobind may be a good lawyer, his father may be one of the most respected lawyers in the country, but his so-called courage and gung-ho approaches in parliament has been a complete and utter disgrace.

calling someone a murderer is a very serious allegation. hiding behind the parliamentary immunity in doing so is even more disgraceful, while refusing to repeat the alleagation outside of parliament just goes to show what a cowardly person gobind is and how baseless his accusations are. if he thinks antics such as this will earn him points by the people, he is grossly mistaken and disillusioned.

i thought bn mps in parliament have been a big let down in the past, but now I can clearly see that pakatan mps are even more lowly and pathetic.

if there is a law on parliamentary immunity - why should there be one in the first place? - then this should reviewed given the fact that mps are letting their tounges instead of their brains rule their thoughts, opinions and views.

gobind - if indeed this was what had happened in parliament, u really have no class.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.01AM said...
If Malaysians especially UMNO so love the sultans why Sultan Bolkiah's father NEVER SET FOOT IN MALAYSIA?



Pengiran Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien studied at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar in Perak, Malaya from 1932 to 1936.

Anonymous said...

Name-calling in the Parliament is unbecoming of MPs regardless of whether the name is babi, keling, bocor, pembunuh, peliwat or whatever.

monsterball said...

hi..."don't be small balls" writer...we have first and foremost...our elected parliamentarians...speaking on behalf of all Malaysians....concerning the Mongolian murder case.
That's enough and we wait for the final result....ankan datang..bulum sampai lagi..tungu tungu.
Don't show your stupid logic with your idiotic message.

Anonymous said...

Like his father, he needed the publicities. Like his father, getting suspension for a year will be just nice so that he can go to court and at the same time get all the pulicities.

Parliamentary immunities are there to ensure freedom of speech but it should not be abused like what the Singh did. In making such a serious allegations against DPM, the Singh should be daring enough to repeat it outside Parliament.

I was surprised to learn that when he was asked by the press to repeat it outside Parliament, he told them that he will only made it in Parliament because he got immunity.

1 year suspension is too short and will not deter MPs from abusing Parliamentary immunities.

Ah Long

Unknown said...










Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Rocky, why there's conspicous absence in MSM and your blog on TDM's remark about Perak's power grab being unconstitutional? Boska

Anonymous said...

"Answer me, you pariah!"

Gobind is very bloody idiot just like his father, karpal.damn!i hate dis arsehole


Anonymous said...

Time to define freedom. It's getting out of hand and used for bullies to garner gutter support.

While it is perfect in a kingdom of fools, it is not applicable in civil society.

Elected representatives should review their positions and roles for the benefit of the constituents and not be busy bodies as a distraction for their shortcomings.

The Puchong MP should focus on how to make Puchong a better place to live in. Plant more raintrees by the roadside, landscape the township, solve traffic jams, check blocked drains and other daily public woes before shooting others.

Focus on your job, my friend, to improve your gangster image.


Anonymous said...

If the french guy really proved that najib is the murderer can gobindh be freed ?

3 lup SINGH

Anonymous said...

All the accusation on DS Najib were done without a single evidence to link him to the murder case. If there is a slight evidence available, Anwar and Singh had already announce it to the CNN as world class headline breaking news.

Accept the fact you PR fools.

All these fears of Najib becoming the next Malaysian Prime Minister actually came from Singaporean - Yep, they're the one who are really scared if Najib is the PM.

Tough luck guys, he WILL be our PM.

monsterball said...

Vinesh...That idiot Parpu Kari tell us to get lost from Malaysia...sums up some of the UMNO monkies mentalities.
Parpu Kari..thinks he is sooooooo smart too!!

Anonymous said...

Gobind is just a small issue but Najib is a big issue! i don't see many Umno leaders and any BN leaders trying to defend Najib of the allegations.


Anonymous said...

Let's be clear. I don't agree with Gobind calling Najib a murderer. I would agree if Gobind had shouted "Supporter of a murderer" or "Perverter of Justice". That's what Najib is.

And for those BN supporters who can't argue intelligently and can only call upon others to quit the country, let me also say "go play with yourselves".


Anonymous said...

i think it was very very unbecoming of gobind to call najib a murderer.

i will say the same if someone calls anwar a sodomist!

even if it is in Parliament.

sure, they all can get away with parliamentary immunity but what does it tells us of the MP.

Gobind is so convinced najib is a murderer or he is "killing" najib in the august house?

bad bad bad boy.

Anonymous said...

IN BOLEHLAND ANYTHING GOES!There is no smoke without fire.
Our Lion Junior knew what he was doing when he uttered those words.
Go to the street, and you will know that Mr.PM in waiting has alot of Baggage to drag along.Its only those umno goons who still think everything is fine.
Dont forget its bolehland here!


Anonymous said...

Tak RASA MALU ker!! See, the quality of us the silent “RAKYAT” the likes of Nik Normadiha Nik Mohamad Kamal that you are supposed to be representing.

Hai ADUN2 dan MP2 semua. Setahun bercakar dan bertikam lidah while you zoom about in your free Perdanas/Camrys/Lexus and with your big fat ALLOWANCES, see what this little girl is doing in a small corner of her house during that ONE YEAR?

And to the Amoy tua Teresa, she had to depend on your “DOG FOOD” to survive! TAK MALU, dapat makan free pun membebel!! Go and meet her and learn about kesyukuran. Looo rasa mayak cerdik sangat ker, SPM dapat aper?

And Amoy tua E Wong, you better not get near her, nanti polluted otak with your “TAK MALU DENGAN FREE SEX” behaviours. Go and meet her and learn on Morality. Loo rasa mayak cerdik sangat ker, SPM dapat aper?

And this Godfather fellow,
Intelligent sangat ker awak tu?MCE/ SPM dapat aper?

Tak ker BODOH nak biar Ular masuk rumah, bertelor dan bersarang, patuk dan baham keluarga kamu semua?

If you are scared of killing it yourself, cepat2 call Jabatan Bomba. They can donate it to the Zoo or sell it to the Chinamen restaurants.

Tapi Awas, don’t call MatSalleh, silap2 they let the Ular live but kill you instead!! hehehe


mohd ali ismail said...

I thought we Malasians are the sensitive and the caring lots.Gobind must have been frustrated that Najib should protect and help free Razak Baginda from prosecution on Althantuyas murder case.Gobind is showing what a true Malasians should react when a case of this magnitude happens especially when our country's image and integrity worldwide is questionable and at risk.As Najib took a very negative attitude on this matter and Gobind wants to have his feelings felt,thus ,calling the DPM a murderer,knowing fully well he is immune to legal implications.

Anonymous said...

Judging from Parpu Kari comments.. U better grow up young boy, u got a lot to learn and being selfish will just lead you down the drain. Stop your childish and give constructive comments. anyways.. how come ur blog is not named Sambal Belacan eh? Why.. u can eat parpu only ah? No wonder a lot of shit coming from your Baxxside.

Anonymous said...

Monyet INSAF:

Jangan cakap banyak tapi hanya ade Gred 2 atau Gred 3 untuk SPM. Ape kamu ade, aku ade lagi banyak, termasuk common sense.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky,

This Singh is King. Or Prince. At least thats what he and 'they' feel.

To me, its just a smear campaign by this childish singh. Hitting 'below belt'. Anwar's strong points. Hoo haa here and hoo haa there with nothing to prove.

Malaysians are wasting our precious times with these idiots the Singhs, Anwar and their likes.

e n g said...

to those anon suggest to kick them back to their orig coutnry / strip their citizenship, i would advise to think twice

if UK is doing this, a lot of pakistan muslim will be kicked out of the UK for protesting the stationing of brit army in Afg.

you are not living only in malaysia... there's a world out there

Unknown said...






Anonymous said...

The action on Gobind would punish the voters of Puchong more than him - ie. without Parliamentary representative for a year!

If Najib is innocent he has nothing to fear. Whichever way Najib has facts to help solve the murder of Altantuya. He could explain how or who is involved in the immigration record being deleted. Why and how Bala is being "removed" from public? There are many questions which Najib can answer.

We all know the case involved Baginda, the Submarine contract, commissions and Ministry of defence. Hence Najib is a party to this case. Why is he not helping to solve this case? The answer is obvious if he is guilty in some way.

Therefore Gobind's involvement in Parliament on this issue on behalf of rakyat is correct. Who wants a murder suspect/accomplice as the next PM? Najib should clear his name in Court!

I call on Najib to resign not because I hate him but I love Malaysia more.

[Another Anak Malaysia]

Anonymous said...

Dear Monsterball,
Please go back frm where u came from.... Gobind Singh's Ass

Anonymous said...

Inside Parliment the Crazy Singh family says they're immune from the law...
Outside they're immune form ppl calling them the crazy Singh Family, really, ask the ppl around Penang and most of Malaysia. Big Singh and Little Singh are Kings, King of the most crappiest non sensical parlimentarian in Malaysia's history. They've set a bench mark to be the Shitty Singh family.

Anonymous said...


Alamak!! Sense awak common saja ker, not exceptional?

This nation needs those with exceptional sense, like mine..


Anonymous said...

There may be a world out there, but at the end of the day you know the real deal is here right. So the question still remains- you want to be here yet you refuse to integrate and even humiliate the Malays at every opportunity you get. Argue intelligently with this kind is what the mat salleh calls an oxymoron. Its a gross insult to any intelligence! C'mon la, who you're fooling, the Mat Sallehs we know are not particularly happy about u guys mushrooming in their corner and are scrambling to close their floodgates to this parasites and opportunists races. Name it however which way you want but if you refuse to integrate and respect the culture and language of this land,after generations of living here - you can only be classified as this.


Anonymous said...

Ask an honest question. Besides Gobind how many people out there think the DPM is a murderer? Public don't need proof as it is all perception. And we all know Najib has done nothing to clear the perception. In fact he is running away each time he is faced with a question?

One way or another he has to do that if he wants to win Malaysians. The Malaysians I'm referring here are mostly young and they would be around for a long time.

Anonymous said...

sure, there is no clear evidence but there are doubts of his innocence. but, why subvert evidence? why change the whole prosecution team and the judge at the last hour? why immigration recordsare recorded? why was he comunicating with baginda's lawyers to give assurance.

there's a lot for Najib to answer. is this the real reason that Nazri didnt even has the guts to refer to the privilege committee?

isnt the same BN who accussed Nizar of contravening rules by not referring the suspension of Zambry to the privilege committee? I guess you all sycophants of UMNO wouldnt want to see how laws are applied by Najib, aint it?

Let me put it this way. the more you UMNO tries to protect Najib, the more will think he is guilty of the murder of the mongolian.

Anonymous said...


you are absolutely right.

try putting up a poster of the mongolian girl nad before you know it, the police will knock on your door? why? has she gotta something to do with Najib? if there is none, why bother?

the more they try to cover-up for najib, the more i doubt his innocence.

all i wanna say is that Najib, pls come clean for the sake of the country. You cant be the PM with such doubts hanging over your head. Let Musa and you testify and once and for all erase the doubt in the mind of the people, outside of UMNO and its sycophants. Neutrals will give their undivided support to you if such doubts are removed. Until then, you probably have to rule using brute police force to quell dissent and doubts about you.

Anonymous said...

INSAF: What you guys and Najib want is SENS, an exceptional lot of it, not SENSE. Carry on stealing.


Anonymous said...


High time anak dan bapa start wearing the RUGBY balls on their heads again.

Baru menang empat Negeri, gok gitu takbur bonau semacam!



e n g said...

While you can say that certain race refuse to integrate etc but you should look at yourself too if you are integrated into Malaysia - the country consists of these many diff race /culture. Are you being acceptance OR are you imposing the 'standard' - 'you should do this / that etc etc'

Malaysian Chinese are so different from the China Chinese and the Indians are also different from those in India. Without them you don't have the Malaysia you have today.

Anonymous said...

If Najib is the real murderer, you people shall be really afraid because this murderer WILL be the next PM. This PM can trace you and can destroyed you just like the way that you describe how ruthless he is.

I suggest you people keep on shouting at him in the net until somebody grab you from behind and you'll be unheard forever.

DukeOfUMNO said...

Bodo tahap dewa...Si Goblin tu tuduh Najib bunuh org...sedangkan najib dah nafikan berkali2 dan dia dah bermubahalah...dekat court pun nama dia tak sangkut, tang mana asa yg mengatakan bahawa Najib ni bunuh orang?

Let's say...(contoh sahaja...)

Aku tuduh Karpal dan Goblin ada scandal sex ngan Eli Wong...dan aku consistently tuduh depa bertalu2 hatta dalam parlimen pun...Karpal, Goblin dan Eli pun menafikan berkali2...siap buat SD lagi...then, aku still tuduh depa ada dok buat threesome...adakah itu membuatkan pertuduhan aku tu benar? dah tentu aku kena sepak dari parlimen...

hehehhe...itu pun tak buleh nak pikiaq ka? Taksub sangat dgn sokongan kpd PR, sampai takleh nak bezakan antara haq dan batil?

Anonymous said...

hey--that day i saw dat gobind fella running round the Parliament compound singing . He was running from tree to tree, popping his head fro the sides of the tree and doing a tarzan call. The i saw his father did a willie --ooppss wheelie on the wheel chair. Isn't that dangerous? I mean he might hit that old man crawling on the grass ( some people say he is Mr.Monsterball) and he had something sticking out his ass--- looks like a piece of stick to me !

My oh my....Exciting things happen at the parliament ya !


Anonymous said...

Kalau najib saman, dan dia menang, nanti PR cakap hakim dah kena rasuah and etc etc etc, lost faith in judicial system and bla bla bla.

Bila pulak court decide in favor of them, diam je takde pulak cakap bukan bukan.

Nak cerita pasal double standard PR ni banyak sangat, dah naik boring. Ape ape pun semua salah UMNO/BN. Sebab PR tu maksum, tak penah buat salah.

Goblok Singh

Anonymous said...

Dapat elaun puluhan ribu konon to represent the Rakyat?

Hoi, apasal Aney/Aci estet2 mai jumpa saya minta tolong isi borang2.. Lu no time for these poor folks?

Aku tak payah jadi ADUN/MP sekadar jual goreng pisang kat bus stop pun boleh bagi FREE service kat yang memerlukan..

Cikodok panas

imsunnysideup said...
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Anonymous said...

Wah father and son can karaoke now. They both can go singhing and dancing.

chachacha-dungdung- chachacha-

chaching sing.

Anonymous said...

This benggali singh should stop singing like this.....think he is a great bollywood singer or what your real job la bai, help the people that voted for you ....why are you acting like a real monkey in parliament?? padan muka lu !!!