Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The most dangerous airport in the world?

No, not KLIA. Airports are made to be safe, very safe. That's why you have the most sophisticated CCTVs at airports, and metal detectors, roaming K9 squads, uniformed and undercover security personnel, traffic cops, VVIP bodyguards, other uniformed people (immigration, customs, pilots), etc etc. In some airports, you have soldiers guarding the parameters.

Why? Simply because an airport is a high-security zone. Airport security officers are dealing daily with potential terrorists, hijackers, bombers, etc.

KLIA had a relatively good record where security is concerned but blogger-journo Ahmad A. Talib discovered upon returning from Gaza the other day that touts and cheating cabbies may not be our only worries. A group of Peruvian crooks have been going about robbing arriving passengers, he found out later. This was after his Vaio, which survived 9 days of the war in Gaza, was nicked from right under his nose.

But what really pissed Ahmad off is finding out that the CCTV wasn't working ...!

Read his experience in CCTV at KLIA: Is that the cartoon network?


  1. Anonymous11:44 am

    Hey, this is Malaysia we are talking about. In Malaysia as everyone should know by now, it's BOLEH for everything and everyone under the Malaysian sun. So what else is new?

  2. Anonymous12:03 pm

    That is why we should let SIME - Air Asia proceed with their LCCT at Labu. MAHB don't seems to be able to get things in place. The current LCCT is getting from bad to worse!!!!

  3. Anonymous12:26 pm


    The security in KLIA are sucks therefore I don't condone using KLIA for your needs. Please use Bayan Lepas or Senai Airport or Subang Airport for your needs.

  4. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Nasib baik ada KLIA buat pelancung haram cari makan ihsan daripada kerajaan aman selamat dan makmur.


  5. Anonymous1:32 pm

    if MAHB cannot catch the taxi touts..which is so easily identifiable..what chance will they catch anyone?

  6. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Why are you bloggers forever posting items that are posted in other blogs and linking each others blogs. Nothing new and original? Run out of your own stock? Kehabisan modal?

    Blog Merosot

  7. Anonymous1:39 pm


    Dig deeper. Good to find out who supplied the CCTV's (if that's the problem) or who does maintenance for the CCTV's (if upkeep's the problem).
    With MAHB being a GLC, you might uncover some croyism/nepotism in the supply/installation/maintenance of the CCTV's.

    Anyway, things have been falling apart in this country. Possibly because the vendors and contractors who supply/install/maintain things aren't experts in the field but mere frontmen or relatives of someone
    and probably got the contract not for their skills but for their connections.

    Good exposé Bru! Keep it up.

    PS: sent you a message on BB Messenger few days back tak jawab pun. Busy ke?

  8. Not to worry. Come 2010 it will be the turn of the KLIA's head honcho to receive the coveted CEO of the year award. An award which's claim to importance is limited only to the fact that it's peddled among the next-in-line among the cozy fraternity of the nation's hall-of-famer pirates. Beyond that it has nada value. Smirking Khaleb's turn it was this year. Keep your pals in the media, industry, government, etc, happy and your turn will come up. Never mind if you screwed up big time or squeezed the raakyat where it hurts most.

    Its like the Illuminati or some fraternal order of the sacred golden elks where everything is divvied among the select few, the so called elite, when in actuality these awards are given on a mutual back-scratching basis. The syok-sendiri syndrome of corporate organisms' orgasms.

    When KLIA was first opened, you couldn't even wait for passengers within 2000 feet of the terminal without some copper coming along and shooing you away. And there was always a whole platoon of them keeping an eye on the empty lanes for recalcitrant drivers when they could have been more useful in traffic-choked KL. Such was our pride in that national ICON, a symbol of third world bolehability.

    Today, the airport is no different from any housing estate when it comes to indiscriminate parking. And we have to contend with touts, tricksters, non-functioning facilities - the whole shebang. Not to mention the peddlers who clutter the lanes and corridors within the building giving an early whiff of what tourists can expect when they venture out to Petaling Street.

    Losses, whether of a Vaio to thieves or the nation's credibility in lauding bankrupt CEO's, are debilitating. But unlike the former, the slope to regaining credibility and honor, as many turd world countries have found, may be a tad more steep and slippery.

  9. Anonymous1:58 pm

    I sent my daughter off at the Senai airport on 1st Feb 2009 after the CNY holidays. She had some check in luggage and dutifully we put the luggage through the X ray machine prior to checking it in. But the security officer who is supposed to be watching the monitor screen was happily reading a newspaper and half the paper was covering the screen!!!! Our airport security is a joke. For any terrorist intending to carry out any acts of terror with or on a plane, Malaysia is the best place to do it.


  10. How can, Rocky? It has been voted the best airport in the world, hasn't it?

  11. Anonymous2:36 pm

    The Star
    12 April 2008

    Certain CCTVs at KLIA have no recording feature

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Transport Ministry has clarified that CCTVs installed all over the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) are monitored and taken care of by Malaysia Airports Berhad (MAB).
    Saying that he would pay special attention to the issue, Minister Ong Tee Keat also pointed out that not all the CCTVs at the airport were equipped with recording facilities.
    "The cameras in the security risk areas inside the airport are for surveillance and also records what it sees continuously.
    "However, the cameras meant for non-security risk areas, such as public areas outside the airport where the shootout took place, are only for surveillance and do not record anything."

    Ong was responding to allegations that the CCTVs in the area where a shootout and RM3.5mil heist took place on Wednesday were not operational.
    When asked if it would be more difficult to identify the perpetrators because the cameras were not able to record anything, Ong said it would be too premature to say such things.
    "For now, we leave the investigations to the police. MAB will also work very closely with the police."

    Ong also urged all parties involved to work together to improve the security situation, saying that this would be more productive than pointing fingers at each other.

    "My ministry is in the midst of meeting every agency where there are
    areas of overlapping responsibilities so that we can learn from each
    other and improve," he said Friday.

  12. Anonymous2:50 pm


    if you're a seasoned travellers, these crooks operated everywhere ie international airports, station, hotel lobby etc as soon as they smell any opportunities. ie when you're in group or families when things got a bit haywire when you're about to check in or just arrive.

    and they are kind of very licik.

    So make sure take good care of your belonging when you travel.

    So travel light bro

  13. As far as CCTV is concerned, there is no cameraman behind it nor has it got zoom capabilities and most of all the intelligence to spot an abnormal situation and focus its recording on it.

    Depending on the angle and the distance, sometimes camera get lucky, sometimes its the perpetrator.

    All that trouble just to knick a lappy? Just came back from trip to Gaza huh?

    Anyone has any idea where Mossad's office in KL is?

  14. Anonymous3:39 pm


    more tips to avoid :

    1. Hold all your lugagge when somebody you don't know asked you question in foreign language

    2. Avoid crowded places if you have to wait for something or somebody

    3. Keep your valuable in a travel body pack or knapsack

    4. Minimize your waiting time in public places ie if you're waiting for friends or driver or to check in or just check out from hotel.

    5. It's better jut to wait in your room and let the driver to arrive
    first rather then waiting at the lobby

    6. If you travel with kids, give extra care on your luggage as well.

    PS Even if the CCTV is working, these pro crooks knows how to avoid them.

  15. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Well, even Heathrow my brother lost his briefcase kept right beside him. He was to continue journey to Brazil for a meeting but was left stranded with all necessary documents gone.

    Another friend and wife, was left stranded, entire baggage SNATCHED while waiting for the airport taxi in Manila. Left standing sehelai sepinggang!!

    It happens everywhere, so must be extra careful wherever you are. Jangan melopong sangat...

    Airports, hotels... even in the comfort of your own home...


  16. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Frankly I'm not surprise at all. If you can get rob in your own home presumably the safest place of all what hope can you expect in a busy place like KLIA?

    The victim must have been eye-balling the pretty lady and thus picked by the team of crooks operating there.
    Off course the victim will deny it. Next time don't get distracted by Peruvian beauty...hehe...hehe..

  17. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Manitenance culture is non existance here.
    Keep on spending more budget on capex.Any officials spend more on opex to ensure long usage of and hardware or system deployed will be lowered their KPI and treated as wasting money.
    I have no idea how GLC or goverment does their accounting here.
    We need more exposure of such reporting of inefficiency on how the run things

    Adam B

  18. We can find pictures of VIPs having sex but we can't get pictures of criminals. Not only the airport is not safe but the whole country.

  19. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Rocky, can do us all a favour please, tell us something new..we all already know about how inefficient things are in this country.

    If they can't even solve one small problem like eradicating the touts in KLIA since 1998, nothing surprise us.

    We are good at claiming KLIA as world class status, yes maybe the structure of the airport but definately not the people working there.

    BTW, can do us another favour. Can you place some charity organisation or those who need help logo instead of the daulat tuanku logo. I bet by now all of us have already made up our minds about HRH. Thks.


  20. Anonymous5:35 pm


    Bekas peguam UMNO yang kini menjadi Ketua Hakim Negara tergugat!

    Karpal Singh mendedahkan bukti Zaki mengamalkan rasuah!!!!

    Kenapa Rocky Bru tak laporkan berita ni pulak??

    GEMPAK GEMPAK! Baca, jangan tak baca, eksklusif, di sini!!

  21. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Seems like KLIA is too big for us to manage with any form of competency.

    - tommyt

  22. Anonymous5:39 pm

    It's partly the fault of the victim by not looking after his own valuables.

    Bag snatching is an international event, in which Jakarta, Mumbai, New York and many others are leading the way. KLIA is no exception.

    KLIA needs the good old fashioned detectives to take control and create a sense of fear to would be thieves.

    Petaling Street is another hot spot for snatch thieves but the traders will gang up and whack the thief good. It delivers one message. Don't mess around this place.

    Perhaps the PKR thugs should be employed at KLIA with their experience in street justice?


  23. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Go check this fact klia has 1200 or more cameras with a handful of agencies monitoring them but you this is bolehland,SEMUA PUN BOLEH.


  24. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Naah, KLIA is the most friendly and safest international airport for the Malaysian. No doubt about it.
    Anyway stupid people deserved to be ripped off. People could snatch much cheaper things at Chow Kit Rd if you're not being carefull.
    Simply being a "somebody" does not excludes you from being victim in this REAL world.
    So wake up and stop being cry babies and blaming others. Recently a lots of people are blaming others for their own stupid mistakes.
    If you still not satisfied then blame it on Pak Lah or Najib or Mahathir. Simply stop being careless.

  25. Anonymous6:27 pm

    sy ingin menjelaskan serba sedikit berkenaan cctv di klia..ya,setuju bahawa sistem cctv di klia sudah agak lama dan perlu diperbarui.apa yg saya diberitahu keadaan sistem yg lama itu turut memberi kesukaran pada kakitangan utk menggunakannya.dan memang pn pihak pengurusan MAHB setahu saya sedang mengusahakan implimentasi sistem baru dan pastinya ia akan mengambil masa yg lama.cuma sy sudah lupa tarikh sistem batu tersebut dijangkan akan mula beroperasi.
    berkenaan dengan masalah blogger tersebut saya berharap sesiapa yg kehilangan barang jgn terlalu mengharapkan imej cctv.klia meliputi kawasan yg sgt luas,tk mungkin cctv tersebut dn merakan setiap detik dan aksi yg berlaku di sana.masalahnya,ia juga turut digunakan utk memantau pergerakan penumpang..pergerakan vip/vvip..survey..difokus/hala pada kawasan2 kritikal dan macam2 kegunaaan lagi..


  26. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Mana ada CCTV,,,itu semua dummy,,!!!

    Malaysia ni kan PEROMPAK,,PENIPU,,mana ada rakyar hidup bersenang lenang,,

    Hidup merana di negara sendiri,,,baik kita jadi macan SOMALIAN,,,

    The stupid Goverment with their STIMULUS PACKAGE,,,BUDGET AFTER BUDGET and now MINI BUDGET,,,FUCK the budget,,,rakyat tak juga mengecap kemewahan,,!!!!

    HELL with the PEMERENTAH,,,!!!

  27. Anonymous6:36 pm

    I am a regular user of KLIA, ERL and KL Sentral.

    ERL is OK

    But KLIA and Sentral is crap to the max.

    Don't get me started talking about how rude the taxi drivers are - in KLIA and in KL Sentral (if you can get one) paying more through NO value added counter. (someone is collecting money for nothing!)

    Cabbies don't even touch your luggage. They just point their fingers to the boot of their cars.

    Welcome to Malaysia Truly Asia!


  28. Low resolution CCTVs in Malaysia's main gateway?

    This is a good news indeed, not only for foreign con artists, but for drug cartels, terrorists and human traffickers.

    "Hey, that looks like the girl who went missing recently. No! It's just a Barbie doll. No, that's a midget in a dress..."

    What the duck do they use anyway? RM20 web-cams that were on sale at Low Yat?

    Someone should alert the relevant authority concerning this flaw. This is a serious matter that concerns our national security.

    All security aspects and features at KLIA should be inspected; such as security scanning machines, fire alert/extinguishing instruments, emergency exits, domestic communication system, security personnel equipments etc.

    If you can not feel safe at the very door to your house, then I honestly don't know where you can.

  29. Anonymous7:10 pm

    everybody also spends time politicking what..what where have time to do other things?

    Ghost of Onn Jaafar

  30. Anonymous7:15 pm

    MAHB is responsible but to-date, just wasting time again as per normal.
    Lets highlight more of these issues and pray that MAHB will react this time round.

    Bila Lagi.

  31. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Cencalok Campur Aiskrim Cornetto,

    Kan ke Tok Guru dah kata Karpal Singh ni dah tua dan nyanyok ... apasal nak dengar cakap dia lagi? Lu betullah cencalok!

  32. CCTV and all the security system in KLIA is a cheap system do not follow the international standard , good thing never come cheap , you pay peanut you can monkey. What you need is called INTELLIGENT CCTV not imbi plaza taiwanese or chinese consumer cctv .
    The Authority have to fire the Chairman and CEO of MAB and shake out the organisation to get the best people for the job.
    If the maintaince and the operation was outsourcing to a fellow GLC definitely you will get this kind of substandard , do you expect them to collect what was due from Tony AA?

  33. Asalamualaikum. Tumpang lalu Rocky. Hari ini baru kami dapat kekuatan untuk menyatakan rasa terima kasih kami di blog anda. Thank you for coming over and informing the others. We were touched by the words and doa from all our friends. Janice from Perth, Eugene, Kamal Samad, Tok Mat, Aishah, Marina from Doha, Kak Teh, Nobisha, Rizal Hashim, Noraina Samad, Tony G,McBudu, Shamsul Yunos, KH Lim, Lazarus Rokk, Pak Wan, Shila, Fauziah, Izham, Dergaq, Izan, Hasnah, Dato Yong, Sri Diah, and sesemua yang memberi ucapan di blog rocky. Also to those yang datang ke rumah, hospital, Masjid, dan tanah perkuburan. From Hafifi and Azlin.

    I am also starting my own blog, Will write more there and share my experience dan luahan hati ibu untuk Hafiz.

  34. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Every time something happened, the excuse had always been the CCTV dont work.

    The real reason, KLIA CCTV dont record anything. The recording is only activated when the operator want to record. That is when something had already happened.

    So what deterrence? what security?

  35. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Nak berita hot? Komen menajam setajam gigi rimau Siberia?

    Nak komentar bijak dan analysis yang mendalam?

    Senang saja, saudara saudari. Jangan bukak blog bekas tukang pelapor yang lapor cerita lapok lagi tak berpendapat sendiri yang berasas.

    Bacalah Tukar Tiub: Blog 'PaNaS meNgeLegaK'.

    Kalau takut pedih panas, jangan bukak. Baca kalau berani kat FRU. Kalau takut FRU baca sajalah Rocky's Bru.

  36. Anonymous9:33 pm

    The police should also question blogger Hard T for publishing the picture

    Thank you

  37. Anonymous10:25 pm


    check toilet KLIA kat parking lowering ground.

    dah berhantu tempat tu. pegi lah check kalau tak pecaya..

    the best toilet ever at the best airpot..

    ada empat lima beg kosong. tak tau sapa punya. entah-entah beg orang yang kena curi dan dibuang kat toilet tu..

    kalau toilet pun klia tak boleh jaga ini pula nak pasang CCTV.

    Eh.. tak boleh kutuk KLIA. Kalau kutuk dia kata blogger tak bertanggungjawab. mentaliti pengurusan KLIA sama dengan mentaliti orang Umno. asyik salah orang lain saja.

    kita undi pembangkang pun salah. jadi rakyat malaysia kena undi Umno saja. kalau undi pembangkang tak kaya dan di label pengkhianat bangsa.


  38. Anonymous2:29 am

    hi eve

    happy birthday again..

    plse don't tell anyone what i gave you for your birthday...

    lee ah chai..

  39. Anonymous2:42 am

    Kut dia bribe staff dia bagi sorang satu cornetto kut?

    Anak anak aku pun sama jer. Kalo nak minta mereka tolong basuh kereta sama sama, aku bribe dulu, "lepas ni kita semua pi makan ais krim".

    Mujur Karpal tak suruh orang tape. Kalo tidak aku pun kena hukum kut?


  40. Anonymous6:37 am

    "touts and cheating cabbies may not be our only worries."


    If touts and cheating cabbies can operate so freely under the nose of uniformed police and airport security personnel, one cannot say much for the the Airport Administration (if there is one) can we?

    - Yawn, yawn.

  41. Anonymous7:31 am

    Don't hear about Conspiracy Theories.

    Everything about Mossad operation,they will say conspiracy.Maybe you as blogger has much picture or data of destruction and war crime of Israel.Is it coincidence?
    I think not.
    It's time for Malaysia police and armed force to sit together and monitoring clandestine operation of 'that' country.

  42. Anonymous8:03 am

    Typical Malaysian scenario. We boast of having the latest high tech gadgets, the biggest this and the longest that. Then what happened? We are let down by nincompoops management and employees whose job specification seems to be "work as little as you can". The whole problem lies with one single race monopolizing the work space instead of having a good racial mix workforce.

  43. Anonymous8:20 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  44. Anonymous9:13 am

    I also setuju dengan Shemeq.
    Saya juga sering menilai begitu bila menggunakan taxi bukan saja di KLIA tetapi juga di sekitar KL.My friend London baru turun Kapal Terbang belum lagi sempat nak kenal KL dah kena tipu dan terkejut dengan sikap tidak beretika mereka.

    Why all the driver taxi like that.


  45. Anonymous10:30 am

    Dear Rocky,

    The MABH's CEO will win the 2009 CEO OF THE YEAR AWARD. Congratulations. Congratulations and Congratulations in advanced.

    Rosli Dhobi.

  46. Eh mana pulak.. camera semua betul la bukan dummy..
    Monitor screen dalam security control room tu semua dah di buat tengok internet laa...
    camera fokus ape pon takde orang tau...
    Semua nak baca blog..
    ...terutama nya.. rocky's bru..

    ...hehehehe..jangan mareh...

  47. Like you Rocky, Ahmad Talib should have been more careful and defensive when it comes to personal security, we should stop blaming Peruvians or Africans for our personal woe. I even took my pack sack with my lap top in a public toilet if I have to!
    Remember the whole freaking crazy world nowadays does not owe us a good security we have to do it ourselves!

  48. Anonymous12:05 pm

    As earth shattering as finding out that CCTV cameras at KLIA aren't fully operational, tis' perhaps rather more interesting (and perhaps instructive) to note that this supposedly "sopo" blog is deafeningly silent on the following current events/issues:

    (i) Umno Youth organised and illegal gathering and march to Mr. Karpal Singh's offices in Pudu;

    (ii) Mr. Karpal Singh has carried out his threat to play the audio recording of CJ Tan Sri Zaki Azmi alleged adminition of "bribery";

    (iii) Bukit Lanjan ADUN and Selangor State EXCO Elizabeth Wong has been the victim of such a gross invasion and violation of her human and democratic right to personal privacy;

    (iv) The Federal Court is hearing the government's appeal against a lower court's decision to free Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra b. Raja Kamaruddin from his ISA detention;

    (v) That the speaker of the Perak Assembly has suspended the 'latest' Mentri Besar of Perak and six other assemblymen for periods of 18 and 12 months respectively;

    (vi) That whilst there is much 'brahouha' about 'respecting' the directives and "titahs" of Sultans and Kings and how "biadap" anyone is for questioning a monarch's exercise of his constitutional powers, there is no corresponding discussion on what/who was responsible for the ultimate removal of the Sultan's immunity from prosecution; and,

    (vii) And in line with point (iv) above, there has also been no discussion of one Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir being photographed with someone in the background wearing a red t-shirt with the slogan "Kekalkan ISA" clearly emblazoned across his torso.

    Of all the issues above, it is particularly disappointing that a purportedly anti-ISA blogger, who has previously written on an ISA detainee not being able to visit his dying child before she took her last breath; chooses to be defeaningly silent (perhaps inspired by the 'elegant silence' of one soon to be ex-PM) on this particular matter now.

    Also, I thought the policy on this blog was that if you were going to write "anonymously", you had to use your name or a nickname in order to have your comment published - a quick scan through the comments section no longer reflects this rule.

    Times change, people change too I guess.

    Jarred Maxwell

  49. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Hi Anonymous 8:20 am

    "Have you (and Killer) no sense of decency, Sir?"

    What you and Killer have
    written/posted is equivalent to
    what rapists do i.e. blame the victim using such arguments such as -
    "she deserved it because she was dressed like a ....." or "she deserved it because she is a s..."

    Shame on the two of you for kicking Ms Wong when she is down.

    Saudara Rocky, I am surprised you would post such a mean article that is not even related to KLIA security in any way. (Other than this lapse, you have been doing good work and highly valuable public service through your blog).

    Phua Kai Lit

  50. Dear Rocky,
    Please immediately remove the comment "Real Story of Elizabeth Wong's Nude Pic Scandal
    written by Killer, February 18, 2009". As you are aware it contain serious false allegation and vicious defamation against me. I have no qualm to take legal action (though we are buddy).

    Tian Chua

  51. Thank you, Phua Kai Lit. That was sloppy of me.

    As for you Tian, you may still sue me if you like (even though we are buddies).

  52. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    These people, so fond of SUE... tak habis habis, apa macam punya pemimpin!

    Kalau Hitler datang serang mereka, nah, Hitler pun mereka nak SUE, belum sempat cakap, Hitler steamroll depa sepuasnya.

    Karut ler depa ni, macam takder kerja nampaknya...


  53. Anonymous12:02 am

    come on rocky, it is not just the airport cctv.. i can name some other places. I work in construction before, I know how these people think. that's why i quit working in the industry as I cannot make any change to the system.

    in malaysia, the trick of the seller sometimes is to put a mock cctv just to scare criminal away. sometimes the cctv installed is just for the sake of existence. whether it works to nab criminals or not, no care one...tak apa maaa

    This is only OK if nothing happens. no one would realize the lack of quality, or the non existence of the complete part, when something happens..... baru nak do something. tak proactive and tak professional langsung.mainenance? jgn harap la...

  54. Anonymous12:04 am

    "KLIA had a relatively good record where security is concerned"

    Dear Brother Rookie;

    Yes your are right .In fact KLIA holds the SAFEST record in terms of natural Disaster (like typhoon, flood , earthquake and etc) unlike big airports in other region. And that's about it.

  55. Anonymous12:27 am

    Anon 10.25

    Janganlah komplen pasal toilet. Janganlah mengharap sangat. kalau airpot pun MAB tak boleh jaga sehingga ada orang boleh bolos masuk macam osama tahun lepas dan penyamun berkeliaran, apalah toilet airport.

  56. Mr Tian Chua, of 'Tian Chua SMASH!' fame.

    How about asking GutterUncensored to remove some really malicious and libelious comments about you and ms Wong.

    Those comments allege some really baaaaaad things.

    Maybe the same as the ones killer posted here, though I was not able to read them in time. or

    They might be subject to a tyrannical and evil concept - American freedom of speech - but I guess you can always sue them.

    Americans have more money anyway.