Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Malaysia's CEO of the Year?

Che Khaleb!? I thought it was a joke, an early April Fool's joke. I have nothing personal against the Tenaga Nasional boss. We've never been introduced. But there are several reasons why I think he should not have won what will surely now be known as a "once-coveted award", and the latest reason being TNB's dismal performance, as in A monopoly's RM944 million loss.

But Business Times, a paper I once headed, decided that Che Khaleb's a deserving winner. So maybe he can now demand for his 100% pay increase.

Read Che Khaleb's Shining Leadership, according to BT.


  1. Anonymous8:05 pm

    He has no SHAME. Period!
    Habib RAK

  2. politicking the politics, reputation, religions etc are now omnipresent!

  3. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Sorry to go off topic Rocky. It's just that I am confused with the status of the following:
    1. Elected representative stated that they have not resign, speaker state that they have and will not be allowed in dewan rakyat.
    2. Elected representative announce resignation. Speaker's stand : not stated.

    I am not for or against any political party. I am geneously confused on what is correct any more.


  4. Dear Rocky,

    I have wondered about the award too.
    Like you I do not think he deserves it. Or could it be that there's a
    dearth of good business leaders in
    this country that it's a case of Hobson's choice.

  5. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Really to award it to someone who helms a monopoly and incurs a loss .... i feel like crying . God please save my country.

  6. Anonymous8:42 pm

    TNB huge losses,,,Tariff electric tinggi,,,Investors lari,,,,!!?????

    CEO of the year,,,my foot,,!!!!


  7. Anonymous8:53 pm


    He is indeed a BIG JOKE !!! Che Kalib is a joke wherever he goes ..KUB is one good example ..


  8. What has he done? I agree with dis disagreement

  9. Anonymous9:04 pm


    Khaled got the right award i.e. the CEO that made the most losses. It is not easy to made over RM900 million.

    If Air Asia can owe Airport Tax to the tune of RM140 million since 2002 until now and Tony Fernandez has been awarded the same title: the CEO of The Year. Tony deserves it because Air Asia can owe RM140 million of airport tax and the MAB or government dare not take actions and had to build new airport for him.

    The rule of the game is, one must perform as badly as possible to get the award.

    The award sucks!

    Ah Long

  10. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Rock, for once I have to agree with you on this. If this is CEO of the year, then make Izzadin CFO of the year as well. They did NOTHING to deserve this so called award. But that Malaysi for you!


  11. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Why are you angry rocky it only shows that you that there is no need for brains to be a ceo of the year. Too bad rocky mahafiraun wan't there too nominate you

  12. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Salam Bro. Rocky,
    Arrrgh! I couldn't believe it! The jokers in the selection committee must be "electrified" by che khalib/tnb or what?! LOL!!

  13. Anonymous9:22 pm

    In this country anybody can be CEO if you have the proper connections.

    Ghost of Onn Jaafar.

  14. What a joke of the year ?
    Any of MOF 2 t s Nor Yaakop boys doesn't deserved to be the CEO of the year , all of them in monopolised business no real competition except to improve their operational any loss making they will blame it to FOREX
    Look at Wahid with May bank now how he split Telekom becoming two entity , all over the world technology moving to converging he did the opposite ,both company TM and TMI suffered and bleeding then you have a chairman ts radzi who is a moron in business world

  15. BT should pick Hj Samuri - satay icon from Kajang. No protectionism, favours or direct aid from government, pure entrepreneurship ability.

    From a roadside shop to several outlets in the Klang Valley.

    Che Khalib, sebelum rugi mintak tariff baru. Bila rakyat bising dia cepat-cepat buat gempar nanti rugi. Bila kena paksa - tariff turun celah gigi pun tak lekat.

    Takda orang lain ka?

  16. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Khir Toyo suruh Elizabeth Wong letak jawatan tapi dalam Umno orang raba punggong boleh pula bertanding Naib Presiden

  17. Anonymous10:00 pm

    a reward given to the ceo who could make the biggest 'loss'...

    pretty sure these 'losses' are money syphon to 'you-know-who' bank accounts.

    and now you know why the garblement still retain & reward all those ceo who continue making 'losses'...

  18. Anonymous10:07 pm


    I like you also mau muntah. Maybe we have so many awards, awards here, awards there, anuggerahs here anuggerah there that we have no more deserving person to be given the award. In the end the award goes to THE BEST AMONG THE WORST - Che Katib.

    rosli dhobi.

  19. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. He is a friendly sort of chap. No problem with that;

    2. But on what criteria did the organisers judge a GLC manager for such an award?

    3. Isn't TNB a state-controlled and regulated monopoly? MONOPOLY!

    4. Even its rates are determined by the government.

    5. How can you award a GLC manager who makes profit based on government mandated rates hike at the expense of the consumers?

    6. How can the organisers awarded a GLC manager who makes profits from rates increase when there's so much idle generating capacity?
    (Want to blame the IPP again?)

    7. I think GLC managers should have the honour to reject such an award because they not gambling with their own monet. They are gambling with other people's money;

    8. Let the Government awards them woth the GLC version of Khidmat Cemerlang;

    9. I was told these GLC managers are also very well paid and rewarded with months of performance bonuses at the time when are struggling for survival.

    Thank you.

  20. Khalib CEO of the year? It is joke of the year. The value of this award is now almost nil.

  21. Anonymous10:31 pm

    wahid 2006 ceo of the year, 2008 maybank ceo...

    che khalib 2008 ceo of the year, 2009 petronas or khazanah ceo ????


  22. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Sudah kering kolam bakat MODAL INSAN lah .
    L O L .
    changkat lobak
    arjuna waspada.

  23. Anonymous10:36 pm

    ohhh.. come on...
    what is wrong with business time. Che Khaleb?

    Lain kali kasik kat Pak Lah la. Lagi la bagus.


  24. Anonymous10:41 pm


    Please try to get inside TNB to find out what CK had done. You will be amazed. Of course there are staff who will not get along with his wayd, but these are mainly "country club legacies" who has not realised that the world had moved on. I guess these are your moles?


  25. Anonymous10:42 pm


    He is your man, aint it? Viva UMNO. Cant find a straighter man in life.

    You know too bad, your favourite man HAMID came in second.


    Eli, too bad. You are immoral in the eyes of these two men.

  26. Anonymous10:53 pm


    You are right he has no corporate warrior trait. So he does NOT deserved the coveted Petronas CEO hot seat when Hassan Marican time is up.

    Nik Deraman
    Old Boy
    SMK Pak Bado, Pasir Puteh

  27. Anonymous11:17 pm

    The measurement is done using UMNO ruler which gone hey wire after 52 years of abusing.

  28. Anonymous11:20 pm


    Khalib is one of the worst performing CEO I have ever seen exist. He can come up with losses in a monopoly business. Can you imagine what happens if he was supposed to run a business with competitors? I saw him on tv this morning and I can name better alternatives who can be selected based on their performances. Business is about MAKING PROFITS and part of the challenges would be ,like he mentioned, act as the enabler for staff motivation. Does he really motivate anyone, I wonder. Plus, how is TNB measures in being customer-centric. How does this TNB's CEO get high scores in the eyes of the judges is anybody's guess.

    To me, one of Khalib's best "asset" is his ability to say yes and crawl to his immediate, no matter what the customers (that means, us, who are the real bosses of TNB) say.

    Is this the way we want our corporates to excel?

  29. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Well ,

    This kind of posting is refreshing .. away from political posting.Room to breath and start to talk economics here.

    Please do more review on IPP .

    Same time , can you write up about the monopoly of Astro . It sucks man living without option. I will never use Astro if I am still living in JB

    Thank you

    Adam B

  30. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Strange yet true.

    Sometimes I too often wonder.

    Even those like the KSN, with high salaries, allowances, benefits, NAK PENCEN, naikkan pangkat dulu so that the final salary is high, and to top it all up, awarded the highest of decorations, yet we see such pathetic performance of the civil servants, corruptions etc...

    And these people, (tailing behind them the wives and children and cucu cicit), go around with such arrogance, tapi sebenarnya, MUKA MUKA TAK MALU!! Semuanya dapat tapi tak sepadan dengan kerja yang di amanahkan hehehehe..


  31. Anonymous12:11 am

    This is a complete kop out. Malaysia is heading for an economic disaster the likes of which we have never seen before...and the government still does that head in the sand attitude and expects us to believe that this clown can be CEO of the year. This is a horrible Hollywood joke. But...silver lining again...orang kampong sudah tau mereka di tipu lagi....news of this nature will again backfire on the BN. Khaleb should just return to Balik Pulau or some place like that where he likely to do less damage…


  32. Anonymous12:12 am

    This is a complete kop out. Malaysia is heading for an economic disaster the likes of which we have never seen before...and the government still does that head in the sand attitude and expects us to believe that this clown can be CEO of the year. This is a horrible Hollywood joke. But...silver lining again...orang kampong sudah tau mereka di tipu lagi....news of this nature will again backfire on the BN. Khaleb should just return to Balik Pulau or some place like that where he likely to do less damage…

  33. Bro,

    When I heard the news over the radio on the way to work this morning, I thought somebody must be joking.

    I have met the man personally... quite a pleasant character, actually. But surely some other CEO in a more challenging industry can top CK?

    Yo, you guys at Business Times... are you serious?

  34. Anonymous12:39 am

    What do you expect from Business Times. Its headed by Mustafa Kamil, this is the guy who wrote that EPF going to take Land and General private maaaaaaa. The associate is Lokman Mansor.... well the guy hasnt broken a story in 15 years,a guy with no contacts, but very good at arse licking. They are assisted by Kang Siew Li, who together with Mustafa's secretary goes for all those freebie lunches. Yup she is the one who wrote that Century Logistics market capitalisation is inclusive of its warrants.... duhhh.
    Man & F

  35. Anonymous1:25 am

    Your silence on Elizabeth Wong's case is deafening.....why bro? Afraid to step on some friends' shoes? Or perhaps you think there is no point in defending the indefendable??

  36. If you must wear a black armband, wear it for Raja Petra.
    If you must blog, blog for Raja Petra.
    If you must weep, weep for Raja Petra.
    If you must pray, pray for Raja Petra.
    If you must fight, fight for Raja Petra, and if you love this nation, love her for Raja Petra.

  37. Anonymous2:56 am

    Kalo TNB syarikat milik Bapa dia ataupun milik keluarga dia, hah!! with the loss made.....

    ...Rumah kena lelong
    ...Kereta kena tarik
    ...Anak bini jalan kaki sana sini, nak bayar tambang bas pun tak cukup
    ...Anak UPSR kena turun padang tolong dia menjaja kueh dari rumah ke rumah
    ...Anak PMR, cerdik sikit, mamak restoran kasi kerja belakang basuh pinggan
    ...Anak SPM dapat kerja kat KFC
    ...Isteri kena bangun jam 2pagi, tanak nasi lemak, uli kueh mueh
    ...Dia sendiri... hari hari terpaksa sembunyi atas bumbung, orang asyik datang tak renti mintak hutang
    ...Mak Ayah kat kampung terpaksa jual kerbau lembu, lelong sawah..

    Uuuuiich... tak cukup nak menampong rugi RM944m sampai ke anak cucu..

    Nih, terbalik pula, dapat ANUGERAH?


  38. Anonymous6:37 am

    This is yet another bullshit award thingy like super brands, most value brands and what have you. These organisers really think Malaysians are a bunch of goons.
    You need to buy the award. I wonder how much CK paid for it?


  39. Everybody kisses arse in Asia except for RP myself and Mahathir. This feudal culture undermines our manhood void of principle and harbours on volunteer slavery.
    PKR only chooses experience politicians, what do you expect in an environment of experience politicians? Corruption self interest and lies. UMNO award those who are on the thrown, who are they? In Malaysia we give to the rich kiss their hands and honoured the already honoured.In this country, We honour the thieves the child molesters and the tuxido bank robbers. We promote the repeated violators and shower them with titles and bonuses. Anwar Gun Eng Lim Kit Siang Kak Wan Nik Aziz and Hadi won the election but the so call experience politicians "spongers" they revered are the creeps in the system who messed up PERAK and will be messing up everywhere. Lets choose our first-timers our youth and stop honouring old men and women who are cultured and imbued through our corrupt political climate. Lets stop honouring thieves and trust our youth. Let us not be rewarding leadership to tired harden politicians. Anwar Kak Wan Lim please visit the universities and NGO the social institutions where the workers are content and still holds sacred to their hearts the fear of being corrupted.

  40. Anonymous8:28 am

    Ada maksud tersembunyi ni.

    Now he's the best CEO in Malaysia, Che Khalid can take the helm of Petronas.

    Hassan Merican will step down soon and this award cement Che Khalid's chances of heading the money-making company.

    Seronoklah kuncu2 nya ... yg mungkin terlibat menangkan dia ?

  41. Anonymous8:50 am

    It's Buisness Times's buisness, so they will say.

    And Tamil Nessan may vote the Lotus Curry House boss as their CEO of the year, yeah why not?


  42. Anonymous9:25 am

    I don't know what criteria they use these days. I guess it must be like dishing out datukship; money, connection, apple polishing and commission.


  43. Anonymous9:46 am

    He is shiny indeed! Isn't he an apple polisher himself!

  44. Anonymous9:51 am

    Well, the way I look at it, BT can't find a better BUMIPUTERA to be coveted the title " BEST CEO 2008 ". There is just a dearth in talent, so afterall, the people in BT cannot be blaimed

    May be it is about time for some serious introspection, and how this country going to be lead.

  45. Anonymous10:05 am

    I just laughing with my colleague when we read about it this morning...hahaha. And you did make a posting in your blog. I think Mydin's CEO is more qualifed to be the CEO of the year (serious note)!!

  46. Anonymous10:12 am

    Dear Bro,

    Perhap profit is not part of the assessment for this award.
    Maybe DSCK got this award b'cause he manage to put the house in order. Look at the TNB accolades, the best one is AKIPM (Prime Minister's Industrial Quality Award) plus with ISO certification.
    Hopefully this award make him a better person with better judgement.
    (we have to be positive and pray for others to be positive too, bro)


  47. Too Much Bullshit Before Breakfast ...

  48. Anonymous10:30 am

    guys....stay focus. don't blame che khalib. blame business times for awarding him.

    ni sama la kes elizabeth wong. belasah la ex-boyfriend dia who took the shots. why tembak the BN folks?


  49. Dear Rocky,

    Wonder who the selection panels are? They are contributing to the already deterioriating image of leaders in this country.

  50. If Che Khaleb is the CEO of the year, is this his fault? Someone nominated him and the selection committee thinks he is the CEO of the year, then everyone start faulting Che Khaleb?

    Come on, the fault lies with 1) the person/organisation who nominated him and the selection committee who either has no ideal on the performances of the nominees or has taken instruction from higher up.

    Does the award carries any merit? Or is this meritocracy Malaysian style? Or does Business Times being taken seriously?

  51. Anonymous11:02 am

    Er...Peremba's CEO was awarded with this award too , I think 2 years ago....Where is he now and look at this company , hopeless....

    One thing for sure....having this award does not mean he helps making money for the company all the way.... one wrong turn, this award winner can bring the company down to drain.

    CEO AWARD?? Sound more like JOKER AWARD.

  52. Anonymous11:24 am

    looks like the Malays really have the special privileges to ruin this country. everything major company they helm seems to be failing. and this despite in the red, the boss is hailed the CEO of year. fortunately, there are still sarawak and sabah to give us all their oil and gas money to fail.

    ghost of onn jaafar

  53. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Dato Scribe,
    CK (Che Khalib) as he is known in TNB is unlikely to have a pleasant charather or a friendly and nice chap to reckon with.You might know him from the surface but in reality,he is too snorbish,bigheaded and sorry to say, very scynical.Not a type with a humble heart seeing people with respect attitude.I am attached with Petronas, and to tell you the truth our President is much more respectable and easy to be working with.Beza mcm langit dgn bumi.I have the opportunity in sitting together with the TNB management include CK, and our Tan Sri just sent his senior managements to have a 'chat'with this CK.he is not a par level to be 'entertain' by our Tan sri.And yes...as he is well known for the 'water drop' other people face,CK is very synical and only thinks he is smart and other people are wrongs.
    For those who knows him in the corporate world,i must say none will give a good statement on him.and for your info, CK is also not popular among TNB staffs.Pity on him.

  54. Anonymous12:57 pm

    CEO is...

    Cif Esekutif Opiser

    But in all GLC it is...


  55. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Najib Najib CEO of the world ...what u think Rocky...

  56. Anonymous1:54 pm


    Che Kaleb to become CEO of Petronas? God forbids. He has no international experience. TNB experience is Juara kampung only loh. Petronas will turns into Nigeria National Petroleum Co., if he were to run Petronas.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

    p.s see me in Bukit Gantang By- Election.

  57. Anonymous2:45 pm


    Here are Business Times other awards:

    Best Prime Minister in the World ever: Abdullah Badawi

    Best Newspaper in the World ever : New Straits Times

    Best Home Minister in the world ever : Syed Hamid Albar

    Best Political Party Ever : UMNO

    Best ever Political Party Vice Presidents In the world : UMNO after March 2009

    Best Election Results ever for UMNO : March 8 2008

    Best Looking First Lady in the world : The Dumpling Lady in Jeans

    Best Son In Law : Khairy Jamaluddin

    Best ever Porpoise Look Alike : Akiko Dai Ichi Nori

    Best Newspaper Managing Editor ever : Kalimullah Hassan

    Best TV Station ever : TV3

  58. Anonymous3:43 pm


    Hmmmm, MP/Adun dari lain lain Bukit, berhati2.. The OX is coming after you one by one...


  59. Anonymous4:00 pm

    "guys....stay focus. don't blame che khalib. blame business times for awarding him.

    ni sama la kes elizabeth wong. belasah la ex-boyfriend dia who took the shots. why tembak the BN folks?


    Iskandar, we have to belasah him becoz he tak malu accept the award. If i were him, and given the award, I will repsectfully and humbly say something like this:
    I dont deserve the accolades. I am just a paper shuffler.

    At least got some respect la from us.

    To some people who think he has done so much to tnb staff, pls remember, tnb staff is only a percentage of his client. the consumer ada about 25 million of us are not happy with his performance. And his losses are forgiven, why? tell me?

    Muak, bosan, muntah hijau.

  60. We all should now hero worship Altanthuya"s murderer then.

  61. "If you work hard and stay humble"

    Just one short sentence I extract from newspaper report on CK receiving the award.

    That is an advice he himself should listen to.

  62. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Masa kat KUB habis asset tanah dan reta KUB/orang Melayu dijualnyer..

    Bila jual aset dapatlah duit..
    Boleh tunjuk dalam Laporan tahunan KUB untung..
    cuba tengok ada banyak duittt...

    Tapi takpa.. KUB tu UMNO yang punya.. So dia tipu UMNOLah..


  63. Anonymous10:20 pm

    ini lah malaysia.

  64. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Dear Che Khalib,

    reading all the comments here, I feel it is unfair.

    Let me be the first one to Congratulate you. Good luck, all the best and keep on doing what you do best. May you win again.

    Congratulations again.

  65. Anonymous12:32 am


    Here are a few more candidates for Business Times awards.

    Best Airline in the world ever : Air Asia

    Best Power Company in the world : TNB

    Best Car Company in the world ever : Proton

    Best education system in the world ever : Malaysia

    Best Minister of Education in the world ever : Hishamuddin Hussein

    Best Menteri Besar ever : Muhammad X2 Taib

    Best Looking Beard in the world ever : Jamaluddin Jarjis

    Best Cigar Club ever in the world : Al Raba, Sentral.

    Best Member of Parliament in the world ever : Bung Mokhtar Kinabatangan

    Ada lagi. Next time saja lah.

  66. Anonymous2:03 am

    Now you know that Business Times is a shit business newspaper ... Wali Kota

  67. Anonymous10:09 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Memilih Che Kaleb sebagai CEO of the Year umpama memilih Najib sebagai DPM paling bersih.

    -Buzz Lightmoon-

  68. Anonymous5:11 pm

    I have to leave a comment here being an ex TNB employee.

    Rocky, you hit the nail on the head. It seems these group of CEOs under the wings of TS Mohd Nor Yacob who do not have any significant track record of their own are very good at window dressing being bean -counters.

    Look at TNB, I was told that the staff are fed up with Che Khalib because of his arrogance, disrespect for the staff and an obvious lack of technical understanding of the business.
    Only in Malaysia do you have an accountant with no technical experience running a highly technical organisation.

    Look at Wahid Omar, he managed to destroy the market capitalization of Telekom in the 3 years he was there. It is now one third the value when he first came in. Also know nuts about telecommunication. His prize, co-winning the CEO of the year award 2007. Now with Maybank. Also knows nuts about banking.

    And of course Amok in Khazanah. I wonder what is the performance of Khazanah now. TS Azman who has very little corporate experience has been going around claiming great performance of his investment decisions riding on the Stock market rally in 2007. But try assesing Khazanah's performance today and I m sure the losses in value run into billions of RM. Singapore's Temasek and GIC has lost 30% of its value prompting the resignation of it CEO. Khazanah apamacam?...It is a secret and no one , as usual, will take responsibility.....

    Mediocrity, lack of accountability,'Group Think" and hypocrisy is deeply engrained in our culture.

    Truth Seeker

  69. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Wow! Even after a bunch of screwups in TNB, this guy gets the award for CEO Of The Year.

    Possible Conclusions:

    1) They're trying to kiss ass
    2) Malaysia's business world has been performing badly this year... really badly.
    3) They're being sarcastic

  70. Anonymous12:30 am

    Let me tell you why CK was selected as CEO of d year. Recently Deloitte has been awarded by TNB 60miilions worth of contract to manage, develop and implement GIS in TNB.

    Please check out who was the head of jury for this award and then we will understand the situation.

  71. Anonymous2:28 pm


    Dont propagate lies. If you don't know know the fact don't talk. If you are a muslim, cepat2 bertaubat, tak fasal2 masuk neraka.


    Anonymous said...

    Let me tell you why CK was selected as CEO of d year. Recently Deloitte has been awarded by TNB 60miilions worth of contract to manage, develop and implement GIS in TNB.

    Please check out who was the head of jury for this award and then we will understand the situation.

    12:30 AM

  72. Anonymous2:58 am

    as far as i could remember, he looks stupid to me, he sounds really dumb when he speaks. how could he be the malaysian ceo of the year?

    i wonder who was dumb in picking him

  73. Anonymous3:19 pm

    i think he has done quite well compare with his predecessor. To get the CEO award, it is another matter.
    I like him though,and with this award perhaps he should lead another GLC like Petronas or CIMB with the same amount of salary he gets at TNB. Contrary to some,its not easy to lead large corporation like TNB,although its GLC.Its always easy to talk here folks,when you are there,then you know.


  74. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Anonymous said...

    as far as i could remember, he looks stupid to me, he sounds really dumb when he speaks. how could he be the malaysian ceo of the year?

    You don't sound as if you have ever met him.. no wonder you don't remember anything.. Btw, do you rember your mother's name.. ehem..

  75. Anonymous3:33 pm

    helo bros,think for a second n put your emotions aside.che khaled didn't do anything wrong to be voted ceo of the year....its the people at bt who voted him who aren't thinking right....right?? i guess bt dont have very bright people there, well our bru once headed bt......so u noe lah