Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brother in Arms, Brother-in-Law

I wrote about Pak Lah's Midnight Regulations back in January, about the time a small band of us bloggers were campaigning against the takeover of IJN and later the Labu airport.

Yesterday I read this on Bernama. If I'm not mistaken, the company MTU Services Sdn Bhd belongs to one Datuk Muhd Fathil Ambak. And last time I checked, he was the PM's brother-in-law.


  1. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Anwar Ibrahim not complaining for this?

    Kit Siang and the Penang CAT LGE, where are you?

  2. Anonymous10:14 pm

    last kopek la sebelum tutup kedai. fathil ambak ni bapak the equestrian siblings tu kan? The Q this and that.



  4. Anonymous10:30 pm


    Golden handshake before retirement end March 09 kot !

  5. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Lagi satu mid night regulation yang akan hantar UMNO ke Muzium Negara !!! Tak habis habis nak menyusahkan Melayu aje orang tua ni!


  6. BRO,

    WHAT ELSE IS NEW.........



  7. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Biasa lah politics bn dan umno, apa lagi.

    Ghost of Onn Jaafar

  8. In Telekom Malaysia too PakLah brother inlaw tan sri radzi mansor is there as the Chairman for last 5 yrs to ensure nepotism and cronyism to Family
    Investigate the big fat contract given to big international company who is behind this company who is the local agent and partner
    t s is aiming to roll out HSBB with a budget of 11 billion and MUX Broadcasting Infra for 1 billion to a few more foreign principal what is for local

  9. Anonymous11:14 pm

    60% of Navy propulsion depends on MTU engine. Spare part is direct nego contract. Vendor fixed the price even though the price list look like from MTU Germany. Subhan ex-Mindef's KSU. This business with Ambak family way back to early 70s. No room for questioning, user just order, no matter the price appropriate or obvious. No doubt MTU the best high speed marine engine but the price?

  10. Anonymous11:15 pm

    He's got less than 50 days now, so better buck up and reorganize crony's wealth and squeeze the rakyat dry. That's the PM qualities that this country had.

  11. Anonymous11:21 pm


    you know what but i dont think you will want to admit. i dont give a damn what others say about you and I have never waver in my support for you against NST Pee.

    Badawi is just following your master. why just whack him? whack the whole corrupt system.

    Rocky, what about tongkah? konsortium logistik? kenchana? opcom? and many private companies which have been benefiting from same cronyism. whats the commonality? they belong to Mahatir's sons!

    Its not Badawi or Mahatir. Its the system, Rocky. Go after it and this country will be a better one for your kids and mine. Otherwise, its Najib and Rosmah turn.


  12. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Salam Bro. Rocky,
    Thanks for highlighting this... wonder whether pak lah's "brief" stint as the defense minister has anything to do with this? Or is this part of "sorong papan, tarik papan" between pak lah and najib... you become finance minister n I become defence minister... sickening, isn't it?

  13. Anonymous11:43 pm

    It never ends does it....every Malaysian must personally look into taking the country back....

    NO to Mahathirism

  14. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Rock, I dont know if this is related to your topic but does it mean the pakej rangsangan hanya merangsang pihak tertentu? If BN or BA wants to shure win next general election, do these:
    1. salary cut of the ministers
    2. plan a good pakej rangsangan that give momentum to economic activities for the rakyat, not for a few hundred contractors only- how, dont ask me. you guys are paid to think for the rakyat.
    3. start looking for the hard core poor, dont wait for them to come out on tv ; the execution must be perfect. dont just talk cock on tv. and running a corporate is not the same as running a state .
    4. BA wins becoz BN has been snobbish, perasan besar, expects to be revered when they are become wakil rakyats , minister etc.. if BN wants to win change this. Otherwise dont complain next time you lose another state.
    5. To both party, think about the nation, dont be selfish. How much money can you bring to your next world? rm1 billlion?

  15. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Subhan Jasmon used to be Sec Gen of Mindef and Secretary of Govt Procurement Div of MOF. So he's well versed with govt contract matters. Wan Mohd Zain is a Kelantanese & very close to Mustapha Mohd. He's also an ex Army officer. He made history of sort when he contested in Kelantan during 2004 GE & lost by 1 vote!

    frm: tolong cakap sahaja

  16. Anonymous12:00 am

    SMAS..Sykt Mahmood Ambak and Sons?

    They have been supplying services to mindef for so many though it is a life time contract.

    So what else is new?

  17. Anonymous12:18 am

    brother rocky,

    wanna join me as a parther to do some tent renting biz?
    RM6.0 million per bye election, not bad ah.

    sure you get the jalan. I get the tents ok, no?


  18. Anonymous12:23 am

    perompak negara..

  19. Anonymous12:25 am

    Never mind. Many people still supporting their(BrumNo)act/ass.

    321, BOOM!

  20. Anonymous12:25 am

    is this a dilemma for UMNO? or generally for Barisan Nasional?

    or simply it is the last of the nails to the coffins?

    whatever it is, the opposition will be having added ammunition. and not so distance future look bleaks for UMNO and BN where fireworks are expected at those coming pilihanraya kecils.

    now everything make sense? is it too simple of a co-incident that he switched to Defense, and then just a month plus to go before retirement, suddenly Defense need to spend half billion on something?

    tepok dahi la Yang Berhormat.

  21. Rocky

    Kudos. This is the sort of thing we want you to expose.

    The Navy does not need M'sian intermediaries to purchase spare parts and carry out maintenancce works etc,

    All this can be done by the Navy directly on G-to-G basis and save millions/billions in commissions to strange new upstart M'sian companies with little or no track record.

    Was there an open tender to compare prices? Remember Razak Baginda's Perimekar was paid $500 million for so called facilitation and maintenance contracts for Scorpene jets and/or Sukhoi Jets where no evidence of their prvious experience has been tendered!!

    Is the ACA investigating and how much more sodomy can M'sia take?

  22. Anonymous12:35 am

    It's a never ending story for all the Barisan goons. Greed and corruption now becoming more bolder with each passing day. No wonder the rakyat in Perak is bent on their grievances with the Barisan. Grab and grab em all. That's Barisan philosophy which was cultured since the days of Mahathir.

  23. Anonymous1:16 am

    this is unacceptable. that's a lot of millions we're talking about. duit siapa? bukan duit rakyat?

    very very unjust. blatant conflict of interest.

    in some countries, you can be jailed for this.

    Oi, Pak lah....tak ada segan silu, ke? duit rakyat-lah Pak Lah....

  24. Anonymous1:39 am

    If you're in his place... Will you do something different that that?? Of course not...

    Not for sure if you're agree with what Im saying...

    Once you got the power, things change...

    All of your relatives will lobby for something, you cant say cant easily...

    What every its, UMNO sucks... I accept that..

  25. Anonymous2:28 am

    Ala pakatan rakyat dan pemimpin mereka yg bangang ni.
    For sure mereka takkan usik sikit pun pak lah ni. Kan ke PM kita ni
    Dah jadik pet kesayangan dsai semua. Inilah dia PM yg si Hadi Awang dok
    Sibuk suruh teruskan berkuasa. Depa semua ni dah ampunkan dosa pak lah pasai
    Scomi, oil for food, ecm avenue scandal semua tu.
    Hypokrit semua. Pak lah buat takpa. Pakatan tak kisah punya. Ini semua salah mahathir. Bukan salah
    Pak lah. Biarla pak lah dan keluarga sapu semua. Pakatan bangang halalkan semua. Tak caya tanya
    Kit siang dan hadi awang. Senyap aja depa.

    ++mata bulat++

  26. Anonymous6:50 am

    The present PM, if he was at all concerned with his legacy, HAS to put a stop to all this cronyism in the twilight of his career as PM.

    Otherwise, forever be sentenced as the most incompetent PM of Malaysia in its history.

    Well, what the heck,don't think he even reads blogs..and to expect the 4th floor to show him this is well nigh impossible.

  27. Anonymous7:35 am

    What the hell is going on - Subhan Jasmon former KSU MINDEF, present MINDEF KSU Abu Bakar the guy who fumble the Eurocopter deal.
    Investigate these two characters.
    Another daylight robbery, using "brother in arms, brother - in - law" but also "former KSU, present KSU" strategic alliance modus operandi.
    Pak Lah and Najib of the same kind???!!!!!!

  28. Anonymous7:56 am

    alah biasa le bro. kalau kita Jadi PM pun sure kita bagi ahli keluarga kita projek dulu, siapa lah nak tolong keluarga kalau tidak kita.

  29. Anonymous8:08 am

    I would like to add a new way to refer to malaysian politicians....
    Politik Syok Sendiri....
    Lets all call them PSS for short...
    Its like these guys live in their own universe or something...
    Hope this term becomes popular when we heckle politicians


  30. Anonymous8:16 am

    I know from A to Z, worked with one, ooooo makan ke cucu cicit tak habis. Just a RM2 company will do. hehehe, modal atas angin dan air liuk percik sana sini.

    But you will see each of them going for 3xyears age difference, their 2nd and 3rd WIVES ACQUIRED getting the full payments from these DURIAN RUNTUH!!.

    Tapi, wallooo, staff nak rasa 1bulan Bonus, NO WAY.

    So, kalo tengok yang berkepit isteri rupa macam cucu, hah.. ni ler golongan tersebut!


  31. Soem stupid blogger said he is the best PM that Malaysia has.

    What my foot?????

    No economy strategy, only popular thing he showed is face.

    Lastly MengKAYAkan Family n Kroni jer...

  32. Is this not corruption/abuse of power?
    This useless PM who has raped this country for the last 5 years should be put in jail. He's a bloody disgrace to the Malays and Malaysia.
    It's because of idiots like this outsiders brand Malays as 'lame and lazy'.
    I wonder what else this fool wants to sell before being kicked out on the eve of April Fools Day.
    He has sold his soul to Singapore, Australia and the US, is there anything left of him to sell?
    I'm waiting to see him on the 1st of April, 2009.

    p/s Its a pity that we havent started throwing shoes at traitors in this country.

  33. Nothing new lah. If do not korek now tak ada chance lah later.

    This is the Umno way. Korek korek korek.

  34. Anonymous9:04 am

    Come on la..

    If you still think the politicians in power will take care of you.

    Everybody is hoping for better life after retirement.

  35. Anonymous9:12 am

    That is why there is a great race to get to the top.

    Don't tell me the race to the top is not about money and power.

    If Lim Kit Siang gets there, who do you think will benefit? Surely not Ibrahim Ali's proxy.

    If Anwar Ibrahim gets there, who will get the contracts? Surely not a member of MCA will get to smell it.

    If Nik Aziz gets to the top? Nobody gets anything because there will be no projects.

    It comes to a catch 22 situation.

    Let's take a look at a simple example.... the mamak nasi kandar shop. Who does the purchasing and the bookeeping? Obviously the members of his trusted team, not the son of Ah Seng the neighbouring kopitiam, right?

    So, that is exactly why it is such a great race to the top.


  36. Anonymous9:21 am

    Something else I noticed lately.

    There is a surge in speed traps on roads with 80 kmh limits. Must be 'pretty dangerous' to be driving at 90 kmh on these roads huh? Or is it a legal way to increase revenue for the Government?


  37. Anonymous9:32 am

    Inilah dia, lakonan hidup,
    Dipentas dunia, insan berpura,
    Tipu dan daya, mencapai maksud
    Budi dan harta, dikandung noda.....

  38. Anonymous9:41 am

    Pak Lah will be over, the worst of Najib has not begun. Rocky, please help to save Malaysia from Evil forces.


  39. Anonymous10:03 am

    Ala Rocky
    Dia layak dia dapat.
    Kalau you layak youpun dapat.
    Janganlah nak cari salah Dolah je.

  40. Anonymous10:04 am


    As long as they are "in-laws" and nout outside the laws, to Pak Lah and KJ, it's a legal deal.

    One thing for sure Anwar won't chase Pak Lah on this matter as KJ have help him to be released from Sg Buloh.

  41. Anonymous10:08 am


    Can you confirm on the rumours that Badawi is not quitting his post as PM ?

  42. Anonymous10:24 am

    Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and certain UMNO leaders has turned the whole country to be a mess. I am ashamed to have PM with the qualities he has.

    Rakyat harus menentukan hala tuju sebenar Malaysia.

    From Star :

    Bar: Go back to the people

    KUALA LUMPUR: The legal wrangle in Perak is best settled by going back to the people for an effective and definitive solution, said Bar Council president Datuk S.Ambiga.

    “There is a reality on the ground that we must face. While we wrestle with these constitutional and legal issues, the legal actions are not the first and are unlikely to be the last.

    “This does not provide an effective and definitive solution,” said Ambiga in a press statement.

    The Bar urged all parties to seriously consider doing so, not only in the interest of Perak folks, but also in the interest of stability and the nation.

  43. The sun never sets
    For the ruling elites
    Every day is money
    Lottery winners everywhere

    Crony here in law there
    All wrap up nicely in the money bag
    Fly off into the sky
    Smiling devilishly to the banks

    Let the ruling elites do
    Give them the hanging
    They know it is near
    God moves
    The big nail coming down soon

    Bee Anne and Harm Noh
    The twin pillars standing tall
    The sun and moon stealing peoples’ souls
    It will not be long
    When the bottom falls out soon

    The world of web
    They can’t hide it any more
    The hammering nails targeting it
    The crooks will pay
    The short term gains
    For eternal misery

  44. Anonymous11:14 am

    Bro Rocky,
    SMAS Travel suddenly became top Travel Agency once the ole man became PM! When he travels, all other government officers accompanying him have to buy thru the same company too! Tak percaya, tanya MAS.

  45. Anonymous11:25 am


    You know my stand against PM 'Flip-Flop' Abdullah on many things, which include scanals involving his family. However, I would like to share my thoughts on this posting, based on my understanding.

    Dato' Fathil Ambak via MTU Services has been an exclusive MTU agents for sales and maintenance for many years, long before PM 'Flip-Flip' Abdullah was even the Deputy Prime Minister. If I am not mistaken, it goes more than 20 years ago.

    MTU Services already have their maintenance facility in Lumut for a long time. The two F2000 Lekir Class FFG frigates (now the capital ships of the RMN), constructed by BAe Systems (Yarrow Yard, Scotland) which were made operational late 1999 runs on MTU engines (which is a Mercedes Benz derivative and is regarded one of the best / top-of-the-line diesel engines for warships). Infact, when a merchant ship (especially luxury oceanliners) is using MTU engines (note, usually large ships use more than one engine), its reflected on the company's philosophy is employing good equipments.

    From their track record, MTU and MTU Services have been servicing RMN well. Personally, I have no doubt of MTU Services being awarded for contracts based on their own merits and products supplied. The brand is also good.

    However, I can't comment on the RM 537 M contract sum. This is because I have no info on the products and services included in this.

    Maybe bloggers could dig up more details of this contract sum and we all can give better comments and thoughts on this.

  46. Anonymous11:31 am

    No wonder he and Najib swap portfolio. Groan!!! what shit is this country coming to?!

    Screwed rakyat

  47. Anonymous11:40 am


    The F2000 FFG is the Lekiu Class (not Lekir). They are F 29 KD Jebat and F 30 KD Lekiu.

    The Lekir is actually the FS 1500 Kasturi Class frigates, constructed by Blohm & Voss Germany. They are F 25 KD Kasturi and F 26 KD Lekir.

    Both of these frigate classes used MTU engines.

  48. Anonymous11:56 am

    Salam bro

    he wants everything...where he cay lay his fingers. I must say that prostitutes deserve more respect than our so called leader/s bcoz they are ever willing to sacrifice their bodies to earn a living without depriving others the opportunities to prove who are more qualified. The rule 'whom you know' prevails

  49. Anonymous11:57 am

    semak jugak nama MB N9 pun ada as a director or shareholder..

  50. Anonymous12:05 pm

    to anti belit

    the reason anwar is not making noise is because the other director is Fuad ali.he is a well known anwar's front man.

    See in malaysia,money talks.foes can be friends.

  51. Anonymous12:27 pm

    In the early 80's SMAS also own the first malay owned snooker parlour in TTDI and MAAN's cafe a 'bar korek' in SJ.
    The Ambak ladies were first Malays to sport blonded hairdo and driving around porcshe carrera.

    Dax Xenos

  52. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Beban Negara(BN) is too expensive for the people to vote/choose. We cannot afford anymore.

  53. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Brother Rocky,

    Life goes on for these BN leaders. Rape, plunder and destroy our beautiful country.

    Bloody bastards, may they burn in hell for looting us Malaysians.

    Let the leaders remember that they can cover up and withstand everything by using the government instituions they are controlling BUT the people's curses will hit them very hard. That goes to us too.


  54. Anonymous12:36 pm

    The key question:

    How low life really can these bastards people be other than just to quench their thirst for power? Malaysian society nowdays are so polluted by this low life retards mutated homo sapiens new species called the homo fuckatans..

    These Homo Fuckatan think that their brains are so advance compared to any living Homo fact their brain are more retard than those of the Suidae family..

    Hoi tak suka curi, tapi lu sokong pencuri, serupa sama itu babi sondol jugak lah..2x5.. 5x2.. 10x1.. sama ma.. bodo..cakap org manyak pandai..

    Pak Lah.. the Saint..? what a joke..!

    muhahahahha :D

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  55. Anonymous12:38 pm

    ini namanya PENDERHAKA wang rakyat sambil menuduh orang lain MENDERHAKA kepada raja.

    orang miskin.

  56. Anonymous12:59 pm


    Kalau macam ini how are we going to fight for BN? Macam ini makin susah lah Bro. The Pakatan tak boleh pakai but do we have the time left and the energy to get rid of all this type of crap from UMNO and BN?

    Here we are eating dried grass, fighting for them and these folks are raking millions, riding horses and living off our sweat and toil. They dont give a hoot about you, me or Muniandy bro.

  57. Anonymous1:07 pm

    I wonder why the PR are so bloody silent about this. They used to champion all corruptions and wrong doings of the government, but when it comes to badawi shaky act, they seems to be silence?

  58. So what is the difference between this and the deals for the submarines signed with Razak Baginda's company and many others during the previous defense minister's term of office?

  59. its good

    you should give contarcts to people that you trust. and who do you trust more than your own family

    like godfather

    its not personal.. its business

  60. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Why I never see the mainstream media reporting about this ?

    PDRM Volvo S80 looks good.

    Sabah government Volvo S80

    Macam ni baru bergaya....

  61. Anonymous2:33 pm

    some of my friends are about to lose their jobs, some have already lost theirs and some may be loosing the very roof their families are living under.......and the merry band of theives continue with their looting. More of the same with the next change of "leadership". Can malaysia survive this?

  62. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Tanda2 awal yg BN akan kecundang di Bkt Gantang dan Bkt Selambau. But then who cares?

  63. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Another spin by Malaysian Insider?

    Ong Tee Keat more powderful than Najib?:)))) Or OTK joins midnite regulation party:))

    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 20 — The proposal for a new low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) in Labu, Negri Sembilan, is still under discussion between the government and related parties, Economic Planning Unit director-general Tan Sri Dr Sulaiman Mahbob said.

    Recently, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said a final decision has not been made on whether to proceed with or scrap the proposal to build the LCCT in Labu.

  64. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Worth investigating the vessel maintenance contract between MTU and MMEA,worth about RM300 mil. Lot of funny story in there. Another RM 250 mil is on the pipeline b4 Pak Lah going out. -Captain16

  65. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Alamak lu orang semua kecoh laa, bukan banyak sangat berapa million ja. Kalau share ramai-ramai berapa ja seorang dapat. Kalau lu orang nak kaya dapat projek macam nie masuk la umno, bayar registration RM2 yearly RM1.

  66. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Dear Rocky.

    Suprise? suprise?For you imfo Fadzil Ambak have been in this business for almost 20 years.Nothing to do with Pak Lah his brother in Law.

    I remember in 1988,When Pak Lah Team B lost the contest to Mahathir Team A, Farid Ariffin was the deputy minister of Finance,He was trying to block some of the contract in Mindef to be given to Fadzil Ambak,but not succesful.

    He control exclusive agengy with MTU,Mindef need his product.Remember he even manage to bring the MTU service centre in Singapore to Lumut to service all the Navy Boats.

    I know Fadzil and not fair to refer his success in business to Pak Lah.

  67. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Ala kalau Nik Aziz ke Anwar Brahim ke or Lim Kit Siang ke kalu ada power PM..pasti bagi kat sedara mara depa juga. Manusia tetap manusia. Selagi duit jadi hamba dunia.

  68. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Itu baru kecik jer Bhai.... orang lain amik lagi banyak...

    Biarlah suku-sakat Pak Lah amik skit semasa Pak Lah ada kuasa...

    hehehe... kat akhirat nanti depa pandai-pandailah cover.... hehehe

  69. Anonymous5:38 pm

    alamak korang ni kepoh sangat apa ke hal...kalau pun bagi korang buat projek tu, mampu ke korang buat. Cmon la rocky. kalau org kita dapat projek , just because some are not deserving lots, orang yg memang berbakat dan mempunyai kemampuan melakukannya should be given more projects. if the government give to some tom, dick and harry, lu org marah juga sebab as long as it wasnt your name on the contract, korang akan mengutuk manjang kat blog2 sebegini. unless they cannot perform, lu org boleh la kritik. ni tidak, always on the top gear to kasi belasah kaw kaw punya.


  70. Anonymous6:08 pm

    I guess grab while you still can. defence ministry is where the money is not so much where the power is unlike indonesia where the defence minister is a real important position. In malaysia, the power is with the police no the military. but military got money to spend to help make the country safe.

  71. Anonymous6:29 pm

    this case never surprise me, air force and army maintain contract will sign very soon.....but!...i'm sure we will see headlines '3 kapal tudm tidak berfungsi....alasan, maintain bla bla bla tak masuk dlm kontrak.....

    what a waste?

  72. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Hai yang dah kenyang tu, tak leh bawa ke kubur..

    Anak cucu yang sedia maalum Pusaka hasil dari duit ehem ehem tu, bersedekahlah demi untuk menebus DOSA si dia yang telah terlambat untuk bertaubat.

    Yang berkat sekali, buka banyak rumah kebajikan, anak yatim, orang tua2, OKU dsabagainya.

    Biar jual goreng pisang tepi jalan, asalkan duit HALAL...


  73. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Eat me!


  74. Salam,

    The best part of the MTU engine's in RMN are.. " Engine"s cost Cheaper then other Maker of Marine Engine's in same engine capacity!. But the "Spare Parts" Cost will kill You" look at this angle.. briliant idea to take care of the part's rather then the engine..RMN have case of repair a dummy frigate KD Rahmat for than 10years with cost of RM ...??MIllion can easily builts two of the same class frigate???.Now every where people like to have mistery Gift after buy something.So what..?.

  75. Bro,

    Tak payah bising2 lah BPR ke SPRM ke SPR ke SPM apa2 lah tak payah report2 .. hilang masa saja .. Tapi kalu depa orang PKR DAP atau PAS hang repot pukol 10am pukul 11am dah siap ada bukti kukuh..

    Kenapa? sebab SPRM pun check dulu no siri pada kertas undi...cara forensik SPRM ... canggih betul lah ...

    2x5 5x2 ingatkan berubah .. poodahhh..

  76. Anonymous9:54 pm

    In the meantime, it looks like Anwar is pratising "My Way" song.:))

    Curtain slowly closing on Anwar, Pas should seek a backstage exit.

    ".....His PR coalition lost the Perak state Government...."

    ".....Anwar left the scene immediately for a conference in Qatar after announcing PR will not sue the Sultan....."

    "....It seemed behind the public eyes is an internal PKR problem looming. Words in the canteen hall of Parliament are that of a conspiracy by Azmin Ali to takeover the Selangor Menteri Besar post from Khalid Ibrahim....."

    "....Eli Wong, as told by one source, is a collateral damage in Azmin’s attempt to embarrass Khalid...."

    ".....Did Anwar require that extra time from Eli Wong to handle this delicate situation between his blue-eye boy Azmin and financial supporter Khalid? Anwar’s office is at Khalid’s old PJ Section 6 bungalow...."

    "...Another twist to the Eli Wong affair is Tian Chua who release an outburst at an Agendadaily reporter should they seek to ask about his relation with Eli Wong...."

    "..As one SMS from one Chinese PKR member reads, Tian Chua recently broke off from his Hong Kong fiance, Mable Au, an activist with the Asian Women Committee based in Bangkok..."

    "...To salvage the present situation, Anwar put up a drama in Parliament on Wednesday claiming one PKR Assemblymen Lim had worked with ACA to nab on former Kedah MB, Mahadzir Khalid attempting to offer bribe to defect..."

  77. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Sdr Rocky Bru.

    Your bro Dato Johan will be new chairman of Media Prime.What do you think?

  78. Tahniah Saudara Rocky, satu lagi kejayaan anda membuat orang bertambah benci pada Pak Lah.

    Saya tak tahu apa dosa Pak Lah pada Saudara tetapi saya harap Saudara betul pada kali ini.

    Apa yang saya tahu, in laws Pak Lah memang telah lama kaya raya walaupun sebelum dia jadi PM.

    Mungkin kontrak itu baik diberi sahaja pada Saudara, baru aman dan Pak Lah yang tak berapa lama lagi akan berhenti itu boleh berhenti dengan tenang. Tapi kita bimbang saudara tak terlarat pula nak memikulnya.

    Saya pun tak sabar untuk Najib ambil alih jadi PM. Saya harap Najib akan berbuat sesuatu perubahan terutamanya pada fitnah fitnah yang menjadi jadi di Malaysia sekarang.

  79. After some time I see some good stuffs coming from you. How did you get this out?

    Don't tell me Najib provided you with such classified information so that Abdullah won't even stand a chance to prolong in his position?

  80. Anonymous12:06 am

    I really hate this kind of story.

    1) Adakah semua orang akan berpuas hati hanya kalau sedara-mara politician jadi peminta sedekah, kerja kebun dan jadi nelayan?

    2) Tak boleh ker mereka pun hidup dengan selesa, senang dan berbahagia?

    3) Adakah rocky pasti mereka ni menang tender kerana taktik kotor?

    4) Macammana pula kalau sebenarnya mereka memang LAYAK untuk berjaya/menang tender tu?

    Next time rocky, for your future article, the article must showing proof orang2 yg menang tender kerana main "taktik kotor". Bukan setakat artikel yg invite blogger bodoh buat kesimpulan bodoh dan menyebarkan/memutar-belitkan isu sebegini kemudiannya.

    Kalau setakat cerita mereka menang tender sahaja, itu tidak patut jadi bahan cerita. Aku paham la this is your blog, so up to brader rocky punya suka nak keluar cerita apa, tapi brader rocky patut ada sikit responsibility memilih bahan cerita.

    yg benar
    org jauh.

  81. Anonymous1:33 am

    Kan Nik Aziz kata dalam ada kroni, ok la tu, pakai nasihat tok guru.


  82. Anonymous5:51 am

    Komen sikit bro..

    Thursday February 19, 2009
    Sabah government to replace Perdana cars with Volvos

    KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah government is replacing part of its Proton Perdana official cars with Volvo cars because they will be cheaper to maintain.

    Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman said the Volvo cars, to be acquired by state government-linked Angkatan Hebat Sdn Bhd, would be used by the 12 ministers and 16 assistant ministers.

    “Senior civil servants, including the permanent secretaries in the various ministries, will continue to use the Proton Perdana cars,” Musa said after the Cabinet meeting yesterday.

    On another note, Musa said state officials would highlight to their Health Ministry counterparts of the existing congestion at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here.

    ”We hope the Health Minister can resolve this matter as soon as possible,” he said.

  83. Anonymous10:18 am

    NAJIB is much more corrupted and evil than Pak Lah! at least Pak Lah is still a Human.

    Pak Lah was respected as a Mr Clean, Mr Nice, Mr Free, Mr Gentleman, Mr Democracy and Mr Fair when he was first became the PM and was loved by all Malaysians but Najib is just the opposite.


  84. Anonymous10:50 am


    mtu sdn bhd is not some entereprise run by malays ok. please give some respect to malay companies and entreprenuer before you make some damaging comments.

    hafidzah salam

  85. Anonymous11:33 am

    What do you expect from
    Unlimited Money Nabbing Organization?
    Unethical Money Nabbimg Organization?

  86. Anonymous11:55 am


    how about the keris waving educational minister?

    do you know you are a contributor to his coffers with your smoking? dah, his family now owns the sole monopoly to print security stickers.

    dah, motorists who uses the highway is also a contributor. his family is a major shareholder of the tolled highways.

    What about the family members of Mahatir? Contracts from Petronas, Telekoms and....Tongkah went kaput even with medical concessionaire..

    Well, the KJ and Badawi deals are all evident to see.

    what about Najib? Better not even write. No, his family has no deals with the Government. Hope no more dead bodies from NS, thats all.

    There's one commonality in all of these blood sucking deals. They all belong to those linked to high places in UMNO.


    Meantime, the poorest people are the Malays in Kelantan and Terengganu (Hey, dont even include the bumis in East Malaysia).

    Its sad, isnt it, Rocky while you blasted one segment of the corrupt UMNO elites to support the other equally ones. Shouldnt you blast all of them in the same vein.


  87. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Anonymous berkata: "Adakah semua orang akan berpuas hati hanya kalau sedara-mara politician jadi peminta sedekah, kerja kebun dan jadi nelayan?"

    Jawapan saya: Apa salah jadi pekebun atau nelayan? Adakah keji kerja begitu, padahal merekalah yang memberi kita makanan?

    Satu lagi, kalau saudara-mara orang politik nak projek, suruh diorang bertanding secara tender terbuka TANPA sebarang kelebihan/advantage melalui kuasa politik atau melalui 'kabel' kerana saudara dia orang politk besar, atau sebab dia kenal rapat kroni besar dan oleh itu mempunyai kelebihan yang melampau.

    Kita tidak harus menggalakan korupsi atau menerima korupsi dengan alasan kononnya "ala, takpe la, orang politik ni banyak memberi sumbangan, takpe la kalau dia cedok wang rakyat sejuta dua".

    Ini satu atitud yang berdosa, salah dari apa-apa segi juga. Ianya satu jenayah.

    Public service atau perkhidmatan awam yang diberi oleh perdana menteri sampai ke kakitangan kerajaan biasa semuanya adalah tugas yang dilakukan DEMI rakyat, untuk rakyat, dan oleh itu harus dilakukan tanpa kepentingan peribadi. Kepentingan yang harus diutamakan ialah kepentingan rakyat.

    Kalau nak kepentingan peribadi nak jadi jutawan kaya raya, JANGAN MASUK POLITIK. Masuk bisnes kalau berani. Kalau tak, tanam sayur di kebun dan bersumbanglah begitu untuk menjamin pemakanan rakyat kita.

  88. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Pak Lah is the anchor. Toss him overboard !!

    - Capt Jack Pipit

  89. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Org jauh,

    Memang you benar2 orang JAUH.

    Balik mai duk dekat2 sikit baru boleh fasih mengenai TENDER system yang sedia ada.

    I can give minute details of how it is being done, tapi , to hell with these people, tak pasal kerana mereka, aku kena masuk lokap…


  90. Anonymous2:47 pm


    This Tan Sri Subhan Jasmon is he the same person who was MINDEF Sec. Gen. until a few years ago?

    Navy Diver

  91. Anonymous4:26 pm

    anon 9.21am

    that is for some cops to make more money.

    they are having a field day in bukit kiara. just passed by and many cars stopped by the roadside to be summoned. but, lets see whats the report on the summons issued from the cops, dah dah.

    ha2, another Malaysia Boleh story.

  92. Anonymous4:53 pm


    Good expose but I guess after March I can't look forward to this type of expose anymore. Najib, takdak this type of skeleton, kan? and apa kan lagi Mahathir, lagi la clean, right or not, brother?

  93. Anonymous1:38 am

    Ya orang dalam, aku memang orang jauh, tapi baru la ni jadi orang jauh, sebelum ni jadi orang dekat.

    sistem open tender dan direct award both ada pro and con la brader. Kau pikir ko sorang aje yg ada ilmu pengetahuan ker?

    1) Berbalik kepada awarded business ni kepada orang melayu, sedarke kamu apa objektif DEB?

    2) Sedarke kamu juga apa akan jadi kalau award kontrak camni (esp ketenteraan) pada any john and mary?

    Pada aku tak salah la sedara-mara politician ni bukak bisnes. Apatah lagi kalau mereka ni memang ada kebolehan dalam bisnes. Tambahan pula kalau mereka orang melayu, kalau tak dibantu orang melayu, sapa lagi nak bantu mereka? Nak harapkan kerajaan melayu ni je la.. Kau ni pun tahu bercakap aje, tapi apa usaha ko ke arah membangunkan orang melayu? oopppss.. mungkin ko ni jenis pedengki melayu lain maju, apatah lagi ko sendiri jenis takde motivation untuk maju. Ko ni jenis cerita macam ketam dalam bakul.

    Kalau ketam lain tarik balik masuk bakul ketam yg nak melepaskan diri; itu ketam melayu. Kalau ketam lain yg bantu ketam lain untuk melepaskan diri dari bakul, itu ketam cina. Pendek cerita, orang melayu ni tak habis-habis pedengki. Jangan orang melayu lain maju, biar bangsa lain senang. Bangsa sendiri kena sama2 susah.

    Orang melayu yg berjaya dalam bisnes ni pun (walaupun terpalit sikit2 kronism dan nepotism pada bisnes mereka), mereka jugak le yg bagi peluang pekerjaan pada orang melayu lain. Mereka jugakla yang bayar zakat yg banyak untuk orang melayu islam miskin. Ko tahu ke apa chain reaction dari mereka ni?
    Satu peluang pekerjaan pada seorang melayu, in return adalah sumber kewangan pada keluarga melayu islam. Gunanya untuk makan, pelajaran dan masa depan keluarga mereka. Kalau sorang bread winner ni ada satu bini dan 5 anak, bayangkan kalau ada 500 bread winner.. Bayangkan kalau ada sejuta pekerja melayu dalam bisnes orang melayu. Berapa ramai melayu lain akan benefit dari bisnes orang melayu ni?

    Berbalik kepada komen asal aku, tak salah pekerjaan sebagai nelayan, tukang kebun ke apa. Tapi kalau ada sedara mereka (politician) ni ada kebolehan berniaga, apa salahnya berniaga.

    Andainya aku di masa akan datang nak jadi ahli politik, adakah perlu aku suruh pakcik aku yg tengah kaya kerana pandai bisnes, tutup bisnes dia, buang semua pekerja dia? hanya kerana aku nak jadi politician. ATAU, adakah aku kena warning semua sedara-mara aku supaya mereka hidup sederhana, lagi bagus kalau merempat disebabkan aku nak jadi ahli politik. Come on la brader, common sense la..

    Korang ni pedengki tak habis-habis. Aku paham la, bukannya aku tak tahu, ramai penyokong pembangkang sekarang ni, bukannya sokong pembangkang kerana idealogi. Tapi kerana mereka kecewa kerana UMNO tak bagi mereka kaya. Usaha malas, tapi nak kaya. Typical malay. Jadi jalan paling mudah, adalah dengan penyokong pembangkang. Takpela pembangkang nak hapuskan DEB pun, asalkan hati korang senang. ptui..

    Berbalik pada komen pasal artikel ni, aku menyokong penuh kalau rocky mendedahkan salah laku, rasuah atau apa la yg salah, bukan setakat nak bercerita sedara si polan ni menang. Kerana ia pasti invite critism bodoh, apatah lagi dari orang macam kamu.

    yg benar
    orang jauh

  94. Anonymous3:09 am

    Whatever it is, all comments are based on your own perception and hear say.

    We are not in their shoe, we are not in the situation to talk about it and we are also not in the position to discuss about it.

    Only Allah knows, Akhirat is the only JUSTICE where u can get.

    By all means, u can't get justice anywhere in the world. So, what is the purpose of PKR?

    Justice for the sake of Anwar & Family .....

  95. Pak Lah banyak jasa kepada negara Malaysia ni,

    biarlah dia terus memahatkan jasanya lagi, Pak Lah dulu pun belajar agama,keturunan latar belakang agama ,takkan dia nak buat benda yang membelakangkan agama & keturunan , hang semua ingat Pak Lah dah tak percaya Tuhan lagi ka? Percayalah Pak Lah sentiasa ingat Allah dalam semua tindakan dia , dia tahu dia pemimpin yang akan disoal akhirat nanti ...

    Takkan kita nak buat lupa , betapa Pak Lah terlalu menyanjung tinggi Agama Islam ini hingga memperkenalkan Islam Hadhari di awal pemerintahan dia ...

  96. Anonymous8:38 pm


    Ai yoh yoh

    NO MATTER HOW MUCH they plunder
    In the end - the grubberment of the day will still have their throngs of supporters.

    Taking back the country? i don't think so.

    Sultan bolih, PM bolih, PDRM bolih, MB bolih, Toyo bolih, UMNO bolih...
    puk1 t1ang RAKYAT TAK BOLIH.

    Hj PAk Janggut

  97. Anonymous8:46 pm

    I really hate this kind of story.

    1) Adakah semua orang akan berpuas hati hanya kalau sedara-mara politician jadi peminta sedekah, kerja kebun dan jadi nelayan?

    2) Tak boleh ker mereka pun hidup dengan selesa, senang dan berbahagia?

    3) Adakah rocky pasti mereka ni menang tender kerana taktik kotor?

    4) Macammana pula kalau sebenarnya mereka memang LAYAK untuk berjaya/menang tender tu?

    with this kind of people in malaysia - bolih maju ke?

    Saya rasa TA BOLIH le..

    Pk Janggut

  98. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Org Jauh

    Tujuan dan Matlamat sama, cuma persepsi dan modus operandi ajer berlainan;

    Somali pirates operasi di Laut / Anu darat

    Somali kerana desperasi, kemiskinan / Anu angan kut kut orang lain cemburu, tamak haloba

    Somali guna Kapal laut / Anu - merc, bmw, Ferrari, perdana, camry

    Somali pakai t-shirt koyak/ Anu 3piece suit

    Somali Senjata AK47 assault rifles, RPG-7 rocket launchers and semi-automatic pistols such as the TT-30
    Anu – keturunan, kedudukan, pangkat, Air liuk, kongkek, auta

    Somali Terang terang / Anu senyap senyap

    Somali Hijack / Anu Cekop

    Somali Kena tembak mati / Anu dapat anugerah

    Bila kehabisan modal, akhirnya cucu cicit masa depan terpaksa mengikut jejak jadi lanun di perairan SELAT MELAKA….


    Orang dalam

  99. Rocky,

    This plunder, I believe, is no different from the other plunders made by all your other so-called BN leaders. Yet, despite your persistent harrassment of Pak Lah, I see little or no mentions of plunderings by the Mahafiraun and his sons, Najib, Mohidin, Rafidah, Ling Liong Sik, Chan Kong Choy, Samy Velu, Muhamad Taib, Taib Mahmud, Khir Toya, Ali Rustam, Khalil Yaakob and perhaps endless other names. Hence, I question your cotinued blind loyalty to them, unless you can clear their names.

  100. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Rocky, put it this way, kalau kerpal singh atau lim guan eng jadi PM, kau rasa dia nak bagi any ali, abu or hassan apa-apa kontrak sebesar ni tak?

    nak expose benda pun OK, tapi tengok2 la.. kalau terbukti ada unsur tak sihat, lu boleh panggil itu MACC..kalau tidak, baik tak payah kecoh la. they are able and didnt screw up so far. and they provide enough works for many bumis.

    again, it always depends on where you are, many people go against the government becoz of bad deliveryt system. banyak yg tak sampai ke org biasa, sometimkes it is the bureucracy..the government must do something to counter this, else, more frustrated people will turn away from BN

    But, if you have at least benefitted from a scholarship by the government, at least you should have some biasness to what has given you the opportunity for education and being able to see the world and be exposed to other system. Not necessarily emulate anything you have experienced e.g free speech yg tak berpekdah utk bangsa dan agama. understand what I am trying to say?


  101. Anonymous2:47 am


  102. Anonymous2:47 am


  103. Anonymous7:26 pm

    dang, one just cannot do business in malaysia. if your business is successful, people will always say you are a crony. Damn. I could find the cure for cancer tomorrow, built a business around it and people would say I bribed and cajoled MOH. Its my fucking product and service, I'll sell it at my price. cant accept it, find another.

    Good for you MTU. keep doing business. to the rest that cant do it. get a job and stick to it.

    -big jerk