Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Azmi's latest Despatch

"... inspired by Anwar". I am quite surprised that Azmi Anshar used this line in "The King's Tacit Message to Paktan - Respect Sultan Azlan's decision." The last time I said some people were inspired by Anwar, they took real great offence ...

By: Azmi Anshar
DEWAN RAKYAT Feb 16, 2009

In the confusing, sound-byte laden and boisterously outrageous aftermath of the Perak crisis of state governance, a pitiable circumstance has emerged - the feeble idea that you can cling on to your seat of power although you, in polite terms, have been instructed to vacate the position, or in harsh terms, have been sacked, no less by the Ruler of your state ...

So who got inspired by DSAI this time? Just click here to read MORE.


  1. Anonymous11:43 am

    Some people are blind, because they just don't want to see.


  2. Anonymous11:57 am


    These people are actually being confused by Anwar, not inspired by Anwar.

    Anwar's only inspiration is for him to become a PM, no matter which way.....

    Yet the PAS people supported Anwar like hell, as if they don't have capable peoples to lead their own stand. So what will happen to PAS leader like Hussam ?

    He he he.

  3. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Brother Rocky
    In a simple term they said “hey look here, are you sure you guys don’t know the rules, and that you have lost the game, its game over and please do start again. What a fuss about so called unfair rules or what aren't, both know the rules before game start, don’t they, please just follow them, dear”.
    Oh my, we should respect our King; he knows how to bestow love to among his subjects. What’d happen if the some crazy subjects go to war over it, surely Annuar and the gang would be guillotined or “sula” with bamboo sticks. We want peace, don’t we?

  4. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Bro, the following refers to your previous posting, if you don't mind:

    Sekarang UMNO buat-buat protect sultan konon, dulu masa buang immunity hanya Ku Li and a handful saja yang object - kalu ni bukan hypocrisy apa lagi?

    mat taib

  5. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Those inspired by DSAI are the true believers.
    Those who condone the action of C4 are the immoralists.
    Rocky, you take the cake...A shit stirrer!

  6. Anonymous1:07 pm

    To be fair, Azmi's piece was a pro-UMNO, pro Sultan's piece. While I disagree, all's still fair however in opinion making. I will gl along if Azmi can convince me, but unfortunately it does not. Nizar, in my mind, is still right is his actions.

  7. Anonymous1:38 pm

    The last time you said "inspired", you also added "or sponsored" by Anwar, implying as if these bloggers were under Anwar's payroll, which is where you were being very, very deceptive and deceitful, Rocky.

    Don't act like you only said "inspired" only, because the point of contention was your "sponsored" statement.

    Shame on you.

  8. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Bro. Rocky... you heart is so close to NST. Make no hate and just return to where you rightly belong right there at Jalan Riong.

    - Dicko

  9. Anonymous2:10 pm

    DON'T make me mad!!!
    ha... ha...ha.....
    'just like spitting in the air'

    daulat TUANKU.

    industri dlm tmn.

  10. OMG..
    what happen 2 my country now..??

  11. Anonymous2:36 pm

    a week before the 2+1 defection, there were credible & reliable talk about tabling the anti hopping law. Everyone in BN and some in PAS was saying its unethical, immoral,not fair to the constituents etc.
    The irony is Anwar talks loudly about it but didn't (?have the balls to)do it whereas Najib & BN initially was very much against it(heightened when Bota crossover) & yet, do it at the end of the day.
    I hope we can remind our kids that our ustaz used to say that if you think about doing a sin but did not do it, you are ok...but if you preach against it but do the despicable thing, only God will repay you(double?). What more if you are a leader.
    BN won the battle in Perak but lost the war(again) on morality and inadvertantly throw us back to 3rd world politics..

    Mr Partyless





  13. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Malaysia is one unique country in the world. Where else do you find a nation with one King and nine soveriegn rulers plus 4 governors. Those rulers have been in existence long before the formation of Malaya even. They ruled and administered their states under their own respective state constitutions. Most of the Sultans particularly Perak reigned under complete soveriegnty (daulat mutlak). Meaning at one time he could hire and fire. Sultan Idris Shah of Perak atteneded a security briefing at the Police HQ Ipoh a few days after May 13 1969. Among those present were the Seenivasagan brothers. The Sultan it seems remarked to SP Seenivasagam that there was a clause in the State constitution that empowered the Sultan to personally execute 2 of his citizens should they conduct activities against the person of the Sultan.
    The Sultans therefore are not mere figure heads. Apart from responsibilities they do have specific roles under their constitution.
    The events of late are adequate proof that the rulers are in a position to intervene should the situation demands. dzulman Shah Alam.

  14. Anonymous3:31 pm

    While we are fighting among ourselves the Pahang royal family got a big scoop out of najib's oil project in pekan... waaallaaauuu!!

    patek pacal yang HINA

  15. anon mat taib

    kalau nak bercakap soal hipokrit ternyata ku li adalah seorang manusia yang lebih hipokrit tambahan pula dia seorang ahli politik

    jangan lupa yang ku li itu pon berdarah raja jugak.dah tentu dia bermati2an mempertahankan immuniti raja sebab dia pon ada kepentingan diri jugak

    kalaulah ku li itu hanyalah seorang kuli bawahan adakah dia akan menentang imuniti berlebihan terhadap raja?

    jawapannya dah pasti YA!!

  16. Anonymous4:10 pm

    “…the people must respect the federal constitution. I expressed the hope that there will be no attempts to create laws that contravene it,” the King implored

    I cannot see how Azmi can read between the lines and assume it was a subtle message to Pakatan.

    Agong titah that people must respect constitutions then hopes that no attempt to create laws in contravention...

    The only way to create law is thru Parliament...in parliament only the majority can create law...who is the majority...BN ofcourse.!!

    I think it is a direct titah from Tuanku towards BN...

  17. ...He just didn’t make it happen and his power grab ploy remains an illusion of grandeur...
    Reading this from what Azmi wrote, reaffirms what I have always thought... DSAI is hypomanic.
    For all those who wants to know more just google 'hypomanic' or'hypomania'
    and tell me I am wrong.
    Medical practitioners and psychiatrists are most welcomed.

  18. Rocky,

    This is people's right for those who inspired by Anwar.

    You also can choose to inspire by someone.

    What's your problem on this?

    Keep on attack Anwar. What's wrong had he did to you?

    Shame on U!

  19. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Yes, Rocky, your heart is truly with the NST... It's time you go back to where you belong...

    Now, was Anwar an inspiration? If he was, then the new Perak government would collapse before it runs its course. If you consider Anwar your enemy, he is a dangerous person to be inspired by. He is a past master when it comes to the art of turning the political tables. He is an expert in the political jiu jitsu technique of attacking the enemy from an extremely low position.

    I've met Zambry before: nice Indian guy. Was once in Anwar's camp too, and got briefly arrested by the great Maha Mamak when he got worried about Mamak Anwar. I met him not long after his release. It's interesting to see how these Mamaks are trying to outwit each other! But we know who the greatest Mamak game player is, and who will win in the end. It's not Zambry, who is a mere pawn in this game. Before the end of the year, we will see interesting developments not only in Perak, but at the Federal level as well. Let's see!

  20. Anonymous6:00 pm


    you know you are pathetic.

    you take care, you coward.

    I believe, Rocky can take care of himself as he has always been doing.

    He's a big boy.

    And you sure as hell will be damn scare of (Rocky).


  21. For now PKR must have a leader and Anwar happen to be willing to take the lead and let him be.Once PKR is strong enough to govern the country then they will have to sort out who will be the most suitable candidate to be Prime Minister.If I have my way Tok Guru Nik Aziz will be my choice.

  22. muahahaha i see someone love my name and decided to use it.

    well if you love that name please speak like me muahahahaha

    dont try to bs with that name muahahaha

  23. Anonymous8:13 pm

    i think dsai is pretty influential.imagine asking ali rustam to give a talk in stanford,harvard,oxford,cambridge
    and yale..kah kah kah..

  24. Anwar was in Doha for a conference.

    According to Gulf Times "the sixth US-Islamic World Forum that began in Doha yesterday.
    A highly-distinguished panel comprising former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright, Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, US CentCom commander David Petraeus and Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih took part in the session ‘Common challenges: Addressing together emerging global issues’ – the theme of this year’s dialogue efforts."

    He was among friends!

    Anwar's just had his pet strategy of forming the government with the help of turncoats blow up in spectacular fashion in his face and he just can't face the prospect of meeting all his local friends at parliament house, not to mention the Agung who he knows has sized him up properly.

    It's incredible that he missed his flight. The conference organisers must have been mightily incompetent at making travel arrangements for their guest speakers. Did Albright miss her flight too?.

    Drop Anwar lah PAS.

  25. Anonymous10:15 pm


    even the 1st principle... belief in god.

    that alone we got problem... which god is the true & only.

    should change it to... kepercayaan kepada tuhan-tuhan, right? no?

  26. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Al Riot,

    Ku Li had been consistent in what he defended, but not UMNO - it flips and flops according to what serves it better at the particular time - that is hypocrisy, in case you don't know the meaning of the word...muahahahahaaa

    mat taib (boleh baca punya)

  27. Anonymous11:34 pm

    These British, 450yrs conquered by the Romans, later with Germanic tribes settlers from Europe, and finally established colonies the world over...

    And for them to arrive with this term "if you are confronted with a snake and the "anu anu", instantly kill the "anu anu" first!", they must have gone thru worse situations over the centuries!!

    And they termed Malays as lazy, probably because we were not like those comers who did nothing much but to jilat even their droppings.. hidup cara membodek??

    Hehawhehaw...See how those Hindraf goons wriggle their tongues to the point of asking the International community to BOYCOTT Malaysia, a country they claim to belong to??

    Did someone mention somewhere that Anwar have some blood of the "anu anu" too? President have the "jilat tahi" blood in her too? Oh what a fine combination.

    No wonder eversince the last election, Malaysians telah diputar belit secukup cukupnya!!


  28. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Im inspired by YAB Datuk Seri Anwar's ways and stand on everything. You think everybody is perfect eh? He has gone to prison for something he didnt do and fighting for rakyat stand on human rights. So tell me why are u discrediting him. Are you any better or par with him to pass or post such statement. BN has to go sooner or else coming next month,a C4 is going to blow my ass out of malaysia


  29. Anonymous5:53 am

    >>Anwar was in Doha for a conference. ...

    Yes JAAC. AT least he is not wheeling n dealing with the Israelis for arm contracts like some sh*t in UMNO


  30. Anonymous7:30 am


    Why need to wait for next election to blow out of Malaysia?

    Air Asia fares to everywhere is damn cheap. There are lots of agencies around to help you with all the formalities..You can also get to the nearest North and South by TRAIN, in one piece.

    Please take Anwar with you too.

    The greener pastures out there are looking for cows like you.

    TA TA.....


  31. He has gone to prison for something he didnt do.......

    hahahahaha dewa anwar tak pernah bagi rasuah ke? pemilihan UMNO 1993tu apa...sedekah?

    kau masa tahun 2000 dulu ada kat planet marikh ke? dewa anwar kena masuk jel pasal rasuah la

    kau ingat dia kena jel kes sodomi ke?

    dewa anwar tak buat konon...chitt poorahhh

  32. Centcom,

    You said..."Yes JAAC. AT least he is not wheeling n dealing with the Israelis for arm contracts like some sh*t in UMNO"

    No, he wasn't making any arms deal. He was just running down the country, something that's he's good at since '98. Odd that everything was OK with the country even a year prior to that.

    Care to name the Israeli company or the types of arms involved? I'll change my mind if the facts change.

  33. Anonymous5:37 pm

    SA. Vigneswaran, LLB(Hons) UK, CLP (Malaya)
    Chairman & Legal Consultant,
    Malaysian Indian Youth Development Foundation (MIYDF)
    From a façade to treason: What next?
    18th February 2009
    The Perak state assembly's special privileges committee’s decision to suspend Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir and all his six executive councilors is in contravention of the royal pronouncement and assaults the very web that binds our society together.
    I am baffled by the behaviour of Pakatan Rakyat leaders, who make bizarre unprecedented decisions that shows that the Speaker of State Assembly is above the constitutional monarch.
    The committee has totally disregarded the state and federal constitutions and the spirit of the Rukunegara in deciding to suspend the office of MB and 6 others.
    Pakatan’s modus operandi in bringing about the episode today is akin waging war against His Highness, the Sultan of Perak and a clearly defined act of treason.
    Despite the quagmire that Pakatan seems to have gotten itself into, Pakatan is displaying new development of procedural democracy in an appalling manner.
    Aren’t Malaysians shocked at the behaviour of Pakatan Rakyat, which won’t allow its members to hop but will welcome other hoppers into its fold.

    I view this unethical decision by Pakatan to resurrect in Perak with grave concern and utter disgust.
    I am alarmed why Pakatan Rakyat could not wait for the decision by the court in their much-publicised constitutional suit which was filed last week. This fact only strengthens the theory that their suit is a ploy to incite sentiments and public sympathy. The façade has now turned into reality.
    Pakatan has violated the sacred oath of allegiance towards Perak state and Malaysia and the sovereign and as such should swiftly face the full extent of the law.
    If this unethical and demeaning conduct goes unchecked, Malaysia will head towards political chaos that none wish for.