Monday, February 16, 2009

Agong's Titah

Smooth Transition, please. I've just read YB Jeff Ooi's posting from Parliament entitled Abdullah's fate sealed.

Abdullah's fate sealed


Rocky's Bru, and for that matter Najib's boys who hinted at an unprecedented Vote of Confidence in Abdullah Badawi in the Parliament to enable him carry on as the PM post-M arch, is dashed.

The Agong recorded his thanks to Abdullah for his service in his Royal Address at the Parliament today. The Agong also wished for a smooth leadership transition in March.

Also, blogs and bloggers were mentioned for their perceived negativity in the Royal Address. I may have pioneered socio-political blogging, but just don't blame me for the government's inability to handle the phenomenon of blogs in this digital age.

It does look like I'd be proven wrong in my blogpost here.

I hope that will the case.

Read the Agong's titah here and here.


  1. hmmmm habislah sultan mizan akan dimaki hamun puak fuckatan riot/pakatan ranjang lepas ni

    sultan azlan tak ikut kehendak fuckatan riot = sultan zalim

    mufti harussani tak memihak fuckatan riot = mufti setan

    itulah yang dinamakan ketuanan fuckatan riot hahahahaha

  2. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Najib's boys ?

    Now I see why a sudden change in your blog, Rocky.

  3. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Checkmate? King's gambit?

    Perhaps, what you propound could be true, if not for the DYMM Agong's speech.

    Daulat Tuanku Mizan!
    (p/s Alumni of Sek Rendah Sultan Sulaiman 1, Kuala Trengganu!)

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

  4. Pak Lah will definitely stepped down on March 31.A relatively decent man, he will be remembered as the PM who did give some space for people to have their say....even though he was not able to carry out any meaningful reforms.Perhaps, reformation is not the right term to use.Civil servants and pensioners have benefited from his short stay in office.Ask any of them, and you will know what I mean.Good bye Pak Lah, and take good care of Jeane.There are many people out there who are sympathetic to you but are powerless to do anything.You should have obtained feedbacks from the peoples much much earlier and not depend so much on your son-in-law and his gang!Happy retirement!

  5. hehe .. sekali lagi P.R kecewa ..

  6. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I was aghast to read Jeff Ooi's tasteless comments on Deputy PM's wife. What has become of our Members of Parlaiment? It is tragic that they aren't able to leave aside their personal feelings when voicing their views. Did we really really vote for these people?

    Eugene Kok

  7. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Will Pakatan now say this?

    "Elizabeth's ex-boyfriend was planted by Najib"

    Pakatan did say "Saiful was planted by Najib"


  8. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    That's why Anwar missed flight in Doha since Pak Lah fate already sealed.Then come Elizabeth Wong's as a news of the day..

  9. Anonymous6:47 pm

    "Loyar Buruks" who still question the discretion of HRH the Sultan of Perak in not dissolving the Perak State Assembly should take some time to peruse on the observations of Justice Nani A Palkhivala from section 6 onwards of this legal article accessible here at: in addition to the earlier arguments i have put forth under previous posts on the issue.

    It should be pertinent that much of our case law and parlimentary conventions are derived from India as once noted by His Lordship Allahyarham Tun Suffian.

    The issue in Perak arose because of poor case law referencing, wrong application of legal principles and emotions being whipped up by certain irresponsible parties. What was merely a simple question of constitutional law (that could have been addressed and answered without recourse to the courts) was twisted adroitly into issues of constitutional proprietary, moral and ethical conundrums by a bunch of born losers who could not even coral 3 of their own to remain steadfast to their struggle.Speaks volumes of their capacity to affect a united front!!

    In the end, one suspects that the remedy to be sought in the courts is merely to obtain a ruling that would eventually "help" Delusional Paradise inhabitants make a stab for power at the Federal level.

    Warrior 231

  10. Anonymous6:48 pm



    But every good citizen in this country wants Badawi to leave.

    We must thank the Agong for his pre-emptive thank you. Daulat Tuanku. Although the exact date of Badawi's departing is not known yet, but that is a minor detail.

    What happens if by some fluke shot Badawi still remains in office? Anything can happen between now and then.

    So far, with only about a month left, none of the Govt Depts are hosting any farewell dinners for Badawi. I think semua takut. What if his departure tak jadi?

    "Let me register my appreciation to the Prime Minister for his leadership and contributions especially in the areas of democratisation, accountability, integrity, anti-corruption, judicial reinforcement, and Islam Hadhari.

    "I hope the leadership transition will be smooth to enable the country's development agenda to continue unhindered," he said.

    Or alternatively none of them wants to host a farewell party for the most disliked PM this country has seen yet. Badawi may become the first PM in history never to have been given a farewell dinner, despite a "smooth transition of power".

    Bro, here is a thought. What if someone organises a farewell dinner for Badawi but no one turns up? I dont think Badawi will even notice it. Where is Michelle?

  11. Not only towards UMNO, but the palace's incursion into mainstream politics is gettina a backlash from the people. Maybe that is the reason of the note by Agong. But i guess it is just another speechwriter's imagination. hehe

  12. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Let's give Najib a chance and benefit of the doubt. He has yet to prove his worthiness but the resistant groups have already painted the picture bad.

    Let him do his job without distractions and if he does not do it well, give him the boot at the next election, not now.

    The more he is pushed, the more he will retaliate. It's only natural.

    So, let's welcome the smooth transition, for the betterment of all.


  13. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Oops Rocky are you shifting office to 4th FL soon? Hope when the time comes you can help to get some AP for me?

  14. The time have come for the government to give a karate chop whenever necessary...
    Jeff Ooi getting frustrated whe he saw Eliza naked photo???

  15. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Rocky I may have at times have some disagreement with your reporting and when you neglect to mirco research on economics,GLC etc nowadays and focusing everyone-know-stories .

    But last paragraph on this posting admiting you are wrong with your 'guess' that Pak Lah remains does shows you have the balls.It is hard to find people who own up to their mistakes these days,e it normal people,bloggers,media and of course politicians. Obama did well with fellow American when he admit he screwed up in the open.Dream such traits to be treated as honorable here but shall not abused

    Thank you

    Adam B

  16. Anonymous10:53 pm

    So, I read jeffooi that u refer. He wrote: "As a single, she is entitled to her privacy and she commits no adultery."

    Hmmmmm is jeffooi her bf in the room? Unless he is, how can he be so sure she didnt commits adultery? Jeffooi perform medical exam on her vagina? LOL. OH OK! Coz she from PR. So anything bad must have come from UMNO huh? Hahahahaha

    Azmin the PR comment is just hillarious ++disturbing. Elizabeth Wong is a single, Chua Soi Lek is a married man. So, Elizabeth can kongkek anyone cause she single!! Hmmm Wonder if Azmin the PR has no guilt kongkeking when he single. Muahahahahaha


  17. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Yes SMOOTH transition pls DO NOT ROCK ze boat.

    We royals don't want our powers to be further eroded by the PM of the day.

    Chet Det is da man.
    He's got bola. No else could have clip the wings of the royals like he did.

    ... reprint Dr Mahathir's historic 1993 speech below in its entirety.

    Mr. Speaker Sir,

    I request to propose that is a Bill named “An Act to amend the Constitution” to be read for the second time. Speaker Sir, allow me to introduce and comment on the Act that I mentioned above

    2. When the country demanded independence, the country's leaders, who received a huge victory and united support in the 1955 General Election, decided that our country would be administered via Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy.

    3. This system was chosen because when the Malay states were administered via the feudal system with power vested in the hands of the Rajas, the Malay states were weak and its administration was in chaos. The states could not establish peace and enforce laws. As a negative result, the states were forced to put themselves under the influence of foreign powers like China, Siam and the West. Finally, all the Malay states were conquered by the British and ruled as a British colony via agreements between the Rajas that administered with the British Government.

    4. After the Second World War, the Malay Rajas hoped that when the British administered again, their positions as Rajas, under the advice of the British officials, would be reinstated. The Malay states would be ruled by the British although not like Singapore, Penang and Malacca, where the British had full power.

    5. For the majority of the Malay people in the Peninsular states, they were ready to accept a rule in which the Malayness of the Malay states was recognized by the British, although the administration was almost completely controlled by the British. Yet, there were opinions among some Malays that the Malay states should be completely freed from British colonial rule.

    6. Malays only realized that they might be marginalized and be made beggars in their own states when the Malay Rajas bowed to MacMichael's threats and signed a new agreement with the British to return the Malay states directly to the British to be ruled as British colonies like Singapore, Penang and Malacca.

    7. Because the Rajas so easily handed over Singapore, Penang and Pangkor to the colonialists and then the Malay states, the People (“rakyat”) could no longer accept a system that only gives power to the Rajas and the People are not given any role in the country's politics. Also, after World War 2, absolute monarchies decayed throughout the world. Everywhere, absolute monarchies were abolished. Where it was maintained, the powers of the Rajas were limited by the Constitution, or the country's basic law. Hence, when the Federated Malay States demanded for independence, the leaders of the People studied administrative systems while taking into account of the history of the Malay States and other administrative systems.


  18. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi adalah seorang insan yang gilang , gemilang dan terbilang.Beliau akan berada pada kedudukkan yang setaraf dengan mantan perdana menteri yang terdahulu seperti Tun Dr Mahathir , Tun Hussein Onn , Tun Abdul Razak dan Tuanku Abdul Rahman , dimana duduk sama rendah dan berdiri sama tinggi

  19. Anonymous11:13 pm

    ko jangan main-main.. sikit lagi Rocky jadi la Chip Editor NST... hahaha..

    Si Kamilullah dah kes ko pon sure buang kes lah.
    Berapa banyak lagi yang si Najib to offer ko Rocky?

  20. Anonymous11:18 pm

    hallo rocky, this is off topic, but it is the topic that stole the limelight. about the nude photo of the pkr adun...i have yet to see any of the pics, but by the hearsay, the issue is really no big deal la.. she was reported to have slept naked and someone photographes her in some sexy sleeping positions.. so what? is it wrong to sleep naked? the issue should be about who the heck took the pictures in her bedroom? Her ex? ok, so we know the guy, we catch him la. why ask him to quit her post. this is nothing to do with her work quality. and moral? does the picture says anything about her making love to someone etc etc.. if not, then, the man who slipped into her room should be caught for invasion of privacy.

    sleepy eye

  21. Anonymous11:19 pm

    We are not sorry to see Badawi leaving but we will be sorry when the Najis takes over. It will be from the frying pan into the fire. Until and unless UMNO/BN is voted out Malaysia will forever be plagued by corruption and good for nothing politicians.
    Disgusted Malaysian

  22. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I hope you are going to be blogging on the Elizabeth Wong issue. I'm not a PR supporter, just an ordinary member of the public. But on this, I stand behind Eli. My response comes as a woman and a mother. She is victim of the most lowly act of betrayal. Let's give and show her our support.
    I do hope BN leaders, particularly Umno leaders, will not be so stupid as to make political mileage of this. Be warned: You do, and you will lose more support from decent people.
    I read that Khir Toyo is already flexing his muscles on this. One can only sigh... that's why he is a former Mentri Besar.
    And PKR response so far is hardly any better. A police report had only just been made and already we have PKR people blaming Umno.
    Can't this country rise above partisan politics? Can't we come together condemning this vile act? They already are so busy pointing fingers, that they forgot to condemn the real criminal: The man who took the pictures and circulated them.
    Mrs PJ

  23. Rocky,

    With the sources available to you, you should be able to answer this question easily.

    DYMM's address is usually written for him by the PM's office as is the norm in a constitutional monarchy.

    It would help me greatly to understand the meaning behind the words if I knew who actually wrote it.

    The outgoing PM's speech writer or the soon-to-be PM's speechwriter?

  24. Anonymous1:42 am

    Kalau ex-boyfriend pun, asasnya, apahal seorang bukan suami "have such free access" into your private home, and her BEDROOM?? BEKHALWAT ker?

    And in charge of Tourism? BAHAYA tu!


  25. Anonymous1:57 am

    Pursuant to what i wrote earlier, the last of my views on the issue:

    “D. If a party or group of parties comes together and satisfies the president that a stable Government can be formed without the present Lok Sabha being dissolved it would not only be the President’s right but the president’s duty to allow such a Government to be formed All over the world, it has been proved that a coalition or national government IS not an unmitigated disaster.

    E. After all, the advice of the Council of Ministers is presumed to represent the majority view in Parliament. Therefore, if the President is satisfied that the majority opinion in the Lok Sabha is against dissolution, it is a factor he must take into account before deciding to follow the advice of a Council of Ministers who happen to be members of a minority party.

    According to Mr. Palkhivala, the contrary view- viz.., that the President can in no case refuse to follow the advice to dissolve the Lok Sabha- would result in unacceptable consequences, of which he has pointed out firstly, if a vote of no-confidence is scheduled to be moved against the Government soon, the democratic process could be effectively frustrated by the Council of Ministers advising the President to dissolve the House immediately and secondly, in the same Lok Sabha a new Government can never be formed in cases where the existing Government which has lost the confidence of the House advises the President to dissolve it. This would defeat the implicit scheme of the Constitution which envisages the possibility of two or more governments during the tenure of the same Lok Sabha.”

    9. Under the circumstances, it is stated that, the President of India has under the Constitution the duty to exercise his stabilising influence whenever the ship of the State is rocking. That explains the need for always having a man in Rashtrapati Bhawan who is impartial, sober and who has the overall decision which is just and entails least complications although many political parties are going to find fault with it.

    My comment: As intimated earlier, please read from section 6 onwards and A, B, C (here at : of this eminent jurist’s ( arguments, especially those that pertain to the nature of the constitution before you arrive at these clinching arguments above. Now, tell me how far different is this from what his HRH effected last week. How telling isn’t it, them last few lines above.!!!

    Warrior 231

  26. Anonymous3:37 am

    Good riddance! What a fantastic news. His Royal Highness has done the greatest deed for the nation.

    But the SIL, Kalimullah, Tony Fernandez and gang will not give up. I am sure that they will try their best to keep the Sleepy Head in power so that they can carry on to do what they have been doing all these while - raping the country economy.

    Thank you, Agung, We all love You.

    Ah Long

  27. So here comes the seal Rocky! This time the seal is addressed to you and it’s from one of the most pioneer and responsible blogger, YB Jeff Ooi. With this recognition you must have been very proud to be called Najib's boys. What an achievement!!!

  28. Anonymous5:03 am

    i'd love to see KJ face during Agong speech. Anyone got a photo of KJ ?? poor s.o.b

  29. It is hard to be sure that abdullah wont do a turn around.
    He is a wishy washy PM for the past years.

    As for the Agong to say mention bloggers.I say it is a good thing .
    This just mean that our Agong actually surfs the net and read blogs. And who knows? he might commented in some .

    Let us take his note on a brighter side. We can attack the gov . or any gov. back with facts .

  30. Anonymous5:34 am

    >>Kalau ex-boyfriend pun, asasnya, apahal seorang bukan suami "have such free access" into your private home, and her BEDROOM?? BEKHALWAT ker?

    And in charge of Tourism? BAHAYA tu!


    Pak Lebai,
    Berkhalwat? for non moslem?
    Bahaya tu.

    Pak Janggut




  32. Anonymous6:15 am

    Wa cina pun pun lu mau charge khakawat- then have pasukan pengcegah khalawat for cina la kah kah kah wa mau apply

  33. Anonymous6:18 am

    Dear Rocky,
    For us Sarawakians, one thing that Paklah fails to do for us is to remove the chief Minister Taib Mahmud. You know why we hate Taib Mahmud so much like the people of selangor hate Khir Toyo, Trengganus and even its Sultan hates Idris Jusoh and Perlis and its king hates Shahidan Kassim.

    Rosli Dhoby.

  34. Anonymous8:38 am

    So Bro...

    now time for you to spark more bottles of champagne into the air again! You can celebrate all night long as your road as next media head-huncho under Najib's regime is your call already. Dont forget to invite me for your next party in Bangsar.

    - Dicko






  36. Anonymous9:26 am

    Eli W better serve the rakyat via massage & spa house or pole dance bar & make her tagline as "now every rakyat can *tut* "... that is a truly rakyat serving MP...haha..

    Then only i will say.. "Hidup ketuanan fuckatan rakyat"...! 3x

    Anyway, the stooges in Fuckatan Riot who want Pak Lah to remain can go bang their own balls now..sad ending..Agong is the boss who appointed the PM as per Perlembagaan, sad to say Pak Lah cannot command the majority of MP seats in Parliment to be the choosen one unless he is with the Fuckatan Riot.
    (Hey, wait.. what will Anwar say then? "Off my butt you old dozer!?" muhahaha..)

    Agong already gave a 'no u-turn' signals to Pak Lah..

    Fuckatan is pathetic..

    Muhahahahahahaha... :D

    (p/s: EW is anytime better than least i won't puke.. huhuhu..keep it coming darling Eli..luv ya..haha.)

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  37. Anonymous9:27 am


    Putting aside Titah Agung, I still think you are not way off the mark.

    Just ask the five gentlemen who dropped by Seri Perdana for dinner the night Pak Lah announced to step down.

    What do you think the discussion was all about among Sahabats at Lanai Kijang sometimes during recent Syawal?

    - Friends4Transition -

  38. Anonymous10:04 am


    It's very clear now that not only us the voters want Dollah to leave, but The King also want him to leave smoothly by 31st Mac.

    No turning back please as we have enough of circus in town.

    BTW Anwar was absent from parliament yesterday just because he missed his flight? or his boat.

    I tought he mentioned in his blog that he's meeting top guns in Doha. Knowing the Arabs, they can delay the flight if you are A VVIP and is meeting them in Doha

    Another Anwar's lame excuse to being derhaka.

  39. Rocky!

    Just because Jeff Ooi said it you are under stress for nothing!
    Consider this: The King will and can say it, but this does not mean Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim will heed and now cannot call for vote of confidence for Pak Lah to stay on?! This guy is desperate, so totally desperate to be the Prime Minister that is is so sad that he wil do it even at the cost of splitting the Melayus and Malaysians!
    You must remember when Anwar was the DPM he was the only one who did not give proper respect to Raja Azlan Shah at Istana Kuala Kangsar, when every one else at least lower their heads and motion to kiss the hand of the sultan, but this Anwar did nothing of sort but to just offer his hand to shake Azlan Shah's hand!
    Anwar has total disdain towards the royalty, period!

  40. Anonymous10:50 am


    It seem funny that while there some top leaders in PR desperately want Dollah to stay, there other leaders in PR wanted Dollah to leave.

    BTW the atas pagar voters ( which represent the majority of voters) wanted Dollah to leave.

  41. Anonymous10:57 am


    dari satu gambar boleh kita buat lebih dr 100 andaian, tak macam SD yg PKR promote tu.

    mula2 bkt gantang, bkt selambau.....skrg bkt lanjan


  42. Anonymous11:33 am

    What now PR?....the King made an "unwise" speech highlighting the smooth transition of power that Pak Lah has to make??

    Anwar is peeing in his pant.The closest he got to being a PM is through his dreams. He can now kiss and say goodbye to Putra Jaya and be contented being an MP. It's better than Sungei Buloh! hehe..hehe..


  43. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Aku harap bila Najib jadi PM nanti, boleh la aku masuk Kasino kat genting dan minum arak kat kedai tepi jalan.

    Nanti bila masuk neraka aku jawab pemimpin aku kata okay.

    God bless Najib.

  44. Anonymous4:46 am

    Salam Bro. Rocky,
    Interesting must-read posting by M Bakri Musa - "SULTANS MUST READ THEIR SUBJECTS WELL":

  45. Anonymous8:30 am

    Anugerah skrin politik January 1, 2008 Posted by elizabethwong. – On Dr Chua MCA.

    Amboi, bila kinak olang lain, cekap, dan cepat lu kasi masuk dalam blog. Nah, sikalang balu macuk catu taun, menitis air mata sebak kenangkan nasib diri sendiri.

    So, sekalang YBellomat CikWong.. What Anugerah are you giving for yourself now?

    Kena pandai jaga KEHORMATAN diri cendili, balu selang olang kasi panggik lu Yang Bellomat…

    Nanti anak saya cakap apahal panggil lu yang Bellomat tapi lu sendili titak tahu apa itu Holomat?


  46. Anonymous10:15 am

    ADAM B Said:"
    But last paragraph on this posting admiting you are wrong with your 'guess' that Pak Lah remains does shows you have the balls.It is hard to find people who own up to their mistakes these days,

    Adam, You know why?
    Because Mahatir is Najib's man and Rocky is Mahatir's man. simple!! Anyway, I still prefer Pak Lah as my PM.


  47. I lurve this part where Yang Berpungkok Jeff Ooi says:
    "Also, blogs and bloggers were mentioned for their perceived negativity in the Royal Address. I may have pioneered socio-political blogging, but just don't blame me for the government's inability to handle the phenomenon of blogs in this digital age."

    Ooooh gotta love that slick masyuk bakul sendiri angkat trick. So smoooooth! Tak tau malu kah?