Friday, January 09, 2009

Walk for Gaza at US Embassy in Malaysia

update: There's another rally in front of Masjid Negara after the Friday prayers. I was told the former PM, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, will be joining that one.

Event: "Save Palestine" peaceful rally
Date: Today, Jan 9
Time: 2 pm
Place: Gather behind Tabung Haji building in KL city, walk to US Embassy
Notes: Wear black, red or white if possible. No children, please.
For more details, and to share your views on how we can all help, go to new blog Save Palestine.
update, 11.40am: The KL rally is just part of a Global Wave of Protest [with thanks to Jeff Goh for the email].


  1. seriosly,we should echo the call of boycotting all US products to show them that the world hates war. and killing of children and the innocents is the most unpardonable sin

  2. Anonymous10:31 am

    You got to see this.....

  3. Mungkin boleh dimaafkan jika kita membeli peralatan yang canggih yang kita tidak ada kemampuan dan kepakaran untuk membuatnya dari negara Amerika, tetapi adalah keterlaluan kalau hendak menyediakan minuman (Coca-cola) dan menggorengkan ayam (Mc Donald) yang boleh kita lakukan sendiri itu pun kita menggunakan perkhidmatan syarikat Amerika.

  4. Anonymous10:46 am

    Trade all the commodities like oil in ringgit. Stop accepting US Dollar.

    Concerned Citizen

  5. Our McDonalds addict youngest daughter has now been tuned to settle for homemade Ramli burgers.
    This is also to answer to the 'buy Malaysian made' call by our information Minister.
    Daily MILO intake will be replaced by OVALTINE.
    Maggi crazy teenage children will now be eating Mamee with Mawi endorsement.
    And Abah will be missing his americano expresso from Starbucks.
    These are just very small sacrifices for the sufferings of the Gaza Palestinians.
    By the way Bru..the Tabung Haji masjid may be too small to cater for the big crowd.
    So other Muslim bros are advised to perform Jumaat prayers at nearby KLCC masjid and make a quick rush after that.
    Salam !!

  6. I rather walk to protest high the every electricity bills ..than for somebody else that we are all helpless.
    Some Malaysians keep walking for nothing. This is not the first we are so surprise on Israel/Palestine war.

  7. Anonymous10:57 am

    After 3 days of struggling .... It's a CEASEFIRE .... The Ceasefire Resolution at last has been adopted by UNSC half an hour ago with 14 yes with 1 abstains. .. and we know who. But whatever US supports "the context of resolution"

    The ceasefire should be durable to sustain peace in Gaza.

  8. there is similar gathering in penang today

    Time: 12 pm
    Location : infront Masjid Kapitan Keling, Penang

  9. Make sure you have a police permit or the police will "protect". Maybe not, Arab wannabe Malaysian cops might left you pass.

  10. Ceasefire without Israel and GAZA (HAMAS)representation?

    Meaning both factions are not recognised by UN?

    See what Israel, Palestinian President (of West Bank) and HAMAS (of Gaza) saying:

    Israel's government said Wednesday that it viewed the Egyptian-French proposal positively but STOPPED short of acceptance.

    Speaking in Madrid, Spain, Palestinian President (every one knows he DOES NOT represent the HAMAS govt in GAZA) Mahmoud Abbas called the Egyptian-French initiative "a positive element" in the peace process and said that "we support it."
    Abbas' Fatah faction, which controls the West Bank, has LITTLE SWAY in Gaza.

    In a possible sign Hamas was unwilling to compromise yet, a senior Hamas official in Syria, Mohammed Nazzal, told Syrian TV on Thursday that the group would NEVER surrender and vowed to fight house to house against Israeli troops in Gaza.

    Associated Press Writer – 19 mins ago

  11. According to Rocky Bru's own logic on communists as "terrorists". then HAMAS is also a "terrorist" orgasnisation and a "fifth column" of Iran. Israel forces, in this logic, is the British forces in Malaya.

  12. The respose is certain NOT Measured in comparison to those Children and Mothers who have Died from Suicide Bombers in IRAQ, Afgan, Genocide in Sudan, Somalia and even Bali.

    Tired of asking WHY anymore....because Malaysia have greater concern. Want to see mothers and children suffering?? I can show you all over Malaysia daily! Boycott UMNO-BN goods and product more Productive!!

  13. Yo Rocky,

    No kids allowed? I guess they must be busy having their own demo organised by the Edu minister himself.

    And it's kinda strange for you to mention ''no children, please' on this posting when the original blog site didn't touch on the issue.

    Ada skuter disebalik minibus ke, bro?

    Let's not diminish a noble effort with irrelevant matters.

  14. Allahu Akhbar...

    Boycott Starbuck becoz is a damn expensive..turn to kopi tongkat ali, kapal api or Oldtown White Coffee (my fav).

    Boycott stupid coke(kencing manis) cola n buy radix cola..

    Boycott Levis Jeans coz damn become more expensive change to other pants

    Boycott microsoft (i still love it unless u can become more advance techy than use Linux)

    Boycott Intel (change to AMD processor becoz it sound less Jewish)

    Dont eat meggi, there a lot of instant mee in the market like cintan, indomee,har mee, bagus mee...whatever mee we had.

    Dont drink milo drink ovaltine (sound less jewish too)

    Dont use colgate a lot of alternatif like mukmin toothpaste n watever...

    ahh...come on...a lot of alternative....

    If u r still addicted with US..turn to pirate more cheaper, improve quality n of coz they dont get anything.

  15. Ok Shar101,

    Own up! Whose child are you planning to take to the rally?


    Eh, you are going to the rally?!

  16. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Are u sure when can do this protest ?
    How about ISA ? My perception is all protest in Malaysia are frown upon by our Democratically elected government.
    I do not want to be put in jail under the threat of ISA for my own 'protection'


  17. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Wish I could join the rally. Got this piece of news rather late.

    But will be with you guys in spirit.

  18. Anonymous12:57 pm

    After all the children being killed in Palestine, you aresaying no children. If the children are not exposed to the issue of Palsetine, then how would we create a generation who believesin fighting for others. Come onelah Rocky, dont try to be CPO Selangor.

    A protest againts war is organised and participated by school children, high school children ( remember children from one school walked out when the war was started ) in Uk and US ( during the Iraq war), but Malaysian children cannot cause they are so vulnerable ke ?

  19. Blogger jonathan said...

    " Allahu Akhbar...
    If u r still addicted with US..turn to pirate more cheaper, improve quality n of coz they dont get anything."

    You sound like an typical cheap thieving Malaysian.. and your name sounds like Jewish too!! lol!!

    Blogger .com is American .. quit using it. Start using banana leaves for your blogs.

  20. Anonymous1:38 pm

    got permit ah? will KJ the monkey who barged into US embassy 2 yrs ago be there to show his digusting face? If yes, pls YOUTUBE it!!!

    If no permit pls tangkap oh Mr PDRM!

    Ah Groo

  21. Anonymous1:55 pm

    why the hell do you wanna save palestine when those idiots can observe a peace truce...and start firing into their neighbour's backyard.

    Want some peace? Those idiots should know their place!!!

  22. Mengapa negara-negara Arab tidak tolong Rakyat Gaza ? Mengapa Iran tidak menghatar askar-askarnya untuk hancur Israel ? Tidak berani ? Tidak beruapaya ? Malulah !

  23. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Please look at this article, statememt by Education Ministry to mobilise kids for protest


  24. Pak Haji menang betul ! Negara-negara munafiq Arab dan mulut besar Iran pengecut ! Meraka hanya omang-omang kosing shaja untuk mendapat publisiti ! Tiada langkah-langkah efektif untuk melawan bersama mujahid-mujahid HAMAS. Semua pemimpin-pemimpin Arab anjing lari Amerika-Zionis ! Allahuakhbar ! Allahuakhbar ! Allahuakhbar !

  25. Anonymous2:49 pm

    All these 'bising, bising demonstrations' will achieve ZERO result. They say, "NO guts, no glory" the same shouting crowd should go to Gaza and fight along side the Palestinians. Then, I will say, "You have balls!"
    Do get me wrong, I sympathize with the Palestinians. Killing innocent people, especially women and children is definitely wrong. Matter of fact, I would like to see those jews responsible be brought to the International Court of Justice as war criminals.
    Not point getting the almost senile mamak to lead the charge!

  26. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Iran sepatutnya boleh hancurkan Israel dengan senangnya sertamerta dengan peluru berpandu Shahab-III yang ia sudah ada, tetapu Shia Iran itu bikin tak serupa cakap ! Mungkin Iran mahu Israel bunuh semua orang-orang Sunni dulu baru is musnah Israel !

  27. Anonymous3:11 pm


    USA is also anti-semitic what.See loh the way they prosecuted and shamed Bernard Madoff, the pillar of jewish Philanthrophy. Dia punya salah sikit saja, bikin itu skim ponzi saja. Israel should nuke Washington D.C, for such indispisable behaviour.

    java jew

  28. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Dear Wanderer,

    at least that old almost senile mamak have done something ....


    eat chiok only?

    Wake up lor ... this is for the good cause .. we do not want to see any human being shot dead ... color / religion / country ....

    at least we can see that with this issue Malaysian should be at the almost same wavelength ...

    i doing my part now .... stop buying US goods ...


  29. Anonymous4:19 pm

    What's the point of walking? Just an empty show of bravado. If you have the guts, join the Palestinians in the real fight against Israelis. Be prepared to die for a cause. Dont just walk and then wolf down laksa, nasi kangkang, char koay teow, mee goreng. Malu lah Malaysians. Cakap saja. You shame me, idiots.

  30. The problem is not whether berani or not. To fight militarily is futile against a more powerful enemy. Iran and the rest of the arab countries are cautious not to make any military moves that would give an excuse for the zionists to attack and grab their oil rich lands as well. Perhaps this is a preplanned provocation by Israel to make the arabs join into the fight. It is the same tactic they used against gamal naser in the suez war which brought in the Heavyweights Brits and french. The the americans can use this as a pretext for american intervention to annihilate Iran and syria. Dont forget that the US already have their troops ready on the ground next to iran and the middle east. Its adifferent scenario from the 60s and 70s when the arabs were backed by the soviets militrarily. Now the soviet is kaput. To attack means committing suicide or to invite destruction of perhaps Iran and evan the holy sites knowing Israel has over 400 nukes. Cakap senang la. Tapi kalau feather weight mcm mana nak lawan heavy weight? Ini lah the aftermath of decades of tak invest in the proper defence & technology, tak build your economy. Duit berkati dok buat apa? Bagi sheiks pibejudi ngan konkek pompuan kat Las vegas? Sekarang dah kena penampar bertubi tubi tak leh buat apa.bengbols la jawabnya. Tak kan nak jadi suicide bombers saja? This should be a lesson and should never happen again. With the arab powers eliminated in the mid east and the USSR in ashes. A new world aorder will arise created by the judeo christian zionist masters. The rest of the world can just become their balaci la after that. Japan and germany will be their consumer electronics inventors, china their factory, mid east their energy supplier and the rest of us their slaves.

  31. Anonymous4:50 pm

    This Shar101 and wandererAUS fellas are trolls and devotees who inhabit another blog that operates in a separate universe dedicated to prevent the extinction of hindu sadhus and preserve their gargoyles for posterity. Also they are ardent conservationists dedicated to conserving historical artifacts like giant umbrellas, unwashed teapots and overturned boats while striving to protect "New Age religionists" from "persecution" in good ol' Canland.

    They are also so into taunting and running down others that they think that they are supreme beings who would rather let us Moslems die for their wanked up moment of epiphanous schaudenfreud. They are so smaaaaart that they love to tot aound prepubescent toddlers especially girls, to educate these little uns on the virtues of wasting candles and the joys of blocking traffic and pedestrians in the streets and alleys of Canland.Your guess, bro is good as mine, as to what befall these little uns after the candles are snuffed and darkness descends......... (can you imagine 2, 3 year tots learning anything as pithy as human rights!! so mesti ada pesta disebalik tabirlah kalau tidak apa guna mau bawa budak yang belum pandai basuh kencing!!). i am not saying anything but sendiri pikirlah..........

    These munafiks(if they call themselves Moslems) are so full of themselves that they wont raise a finger to help their suffering brethren (except when they court their votes) and will mock any effort, no matter how small, initiated by others. Then, they act as know-it- alls who think that there are no muslims amongst malaysians who dare to be Jihadis!!. Well they know everything, dont they? maybe NOT everything......

    Warrior 231

  32. If you watch sport channel it was sickening to see the Qatar tennis invitation tournament in the middle of Gaza massacre . We should demo to the embassy of Middle East country .

  33. Anonymous5:56 pm


    I think that we are barking at the wrong tree.

    We should do the "Walk for Gaza" at the Saudi Arabian Embassy, Egyptian Embassy and the UAE Embassy instead of at the US's.

    Let us tell them not to fold their arms and do nothing when their neighbouring Muslims brothers and children are being slaughtered by the Zionist.

    What kind of Islamic/Arabic brotherhood do they have? Cowards!

    Nabi Muhammad SAW sanggup berperang untuk menegakkan agama Islam, tetapi keturunan Baginda Rasulullah masa kini yang terdiri dari bangsa Arab jadi pengecut.

    Bodoh punya Arab.


  34. Anonymous5:57 pm

    If you compare to Bersih, Hindraf, anti-ISA, fuel hike and other protest and demonstrations, why is our government so double standard on this demonstrators in front of the US Embassy in Malaysia? How come there is no water cannon, arrestment, ISA and etc?

    I thought somebody clearly told us off that: "Street demonstrations are not part of Malaysian culture"

  35. Anonymous5:57 pm


    The following is what I sent to Datuk Wong Chun Wai's blog in response to his write up which raised doubts about boycotting US products. I do not know whether he would use it or not but I think it is also relevant to some of the comments appearing on your blog.
    Thank you -

    Dear Datuk,

    You raise doubts about calls to boycott US goods. On the surface it sounds like good counsel. But scratch it deeper, your argument is indeed shallow, without much thought and your conclusion merely reflecting your bigotry, very much like the bigotry you condemn.
    While you did not single out Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, your commenters seemed to adduce just that.
    There are those who took the opportunity to question the wisdom in such calls while others made use of it as a platform to condemn him outright.
    Since they had done that, I take this opportunity to use the platform to defend Dr Mahathir’s call which I think was timely, makes good sense and was made with the wisdom of a statesman.
    Firstly, going by all the photographs used by your newspaper and other mainstream media, the atrocities committed by the Tel Aviv regime could spark not merely anger but a rage even to the most passive human being.
    Such anger, if not expressed will smoulder and eventually erupt and when it does, rational thought and good sense will make way for reckless abandon, September 11, suicide bombings and terror attacks are definitely the by-products.
    Even if it does not reach such extremes, we have seen these rage being expressed destructively, leading to the burning of vehicles and violent attacks on those deemed to be going against the prevailing mood.
    The US open support for the Tel Aviv regime can only result in anger, rage and disgust towards America which would continue to mount and it is only a matter of time that these emotions would be expressed.
    As such, by calling for the boycott, the outlet for these expressions has been open and those who feel strongly against the US could channel their anger and frustration and not keep them pent up until it burst.
    No doubt that does not guarantee against some seeking violent expressions but at least, a channel to “let of steam” has been created.
    Secondly, Dr Mahathir called for a selective boycott and he used “Coca Cola” as an example.
    Reactions which appeared on your blog seemed to raise the issue about how does one boycott things like Microsoft, the Internet, Google, Facebook, among other things.
    Again, it is obvious that such responses must have come from idiots who only want to find reasons why it can’t be done and not what can be done.
    Selective boycott means as much as an attempt to hurt the US economy as a symbolic gesture of protest. For those who find it impossible to boycott any US goods for whatever reasons, the least they can do is not to chastise those who feel they could.
    Then there are those who seem to suffer the delusions of being thinkers by quoting trade balances and economic dependency on the US – that boycotting the US will not affect it but if the US decides to boycott Malaysia, Malaysia will suffer.
    What a pathetic argument from obviously shackled minds. Indeed, trading with the US has given Malaysia and Malaysians the wealth and comfort but the suggestion of the boycott is about a higher calling, about making sacrifices, first individually and ultimately, as a nation collectively.
    And there is no reason to dump or destroy whatever that had been bought for doing such thing will beat the whole purpose.
    By the way, since you are at that petty level of thought, probably you should read a news report in your newspaper today on page 36 with the Chennai dateline in which Samy Vellu accused Hindraf of urging the Indian Government to stop investments in Malaysia and refrain from buying palm oil.
    That is treason and probably you can take them on in your blog.
    But I have my doubt you or your ilk would. After all, you want to be popular and you would not want to take on Hindraf whose supporters are in large number in your publications.

    He who never trusts a journalist who pursues Datukships

  36. Anonymous5:59 pm

    No need for rallies lah. Just reduce dependence on Yankee products or Buy American last. A dent in their pockets may be the answer.

    Monsterball is quite right about electricity tariff concerns.

    And a silly Minister wants to emulate the PKR nonsense of involving children? Sheeh!


  37. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Note: Iran never invade other country, Hamas never invade other land, Hizbollah never invade his neighbour...Say it....that these peoples are terrorist...but they never invade other nation...But refresh your mind...and do be blind...Look your UNCLE SAM do in Iraq and Aghanistan? DId Israel occupied other countries????

    I think the people who hate Hamas, Hizbollah and Iran are really axis of satan and monster of the world!!!!!

  38. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Like to share some comments by littleonions in the international blog:

    "They have much more in common than in distinction, and they both have a religious tradition that comes from and honors a common source, the patriarch Abraham." This is and has always been the key. Those who advocate for total obliteration of the other are in fact calling for the murder of a brother. This is Isaac and Ishmael we are talking about. Arabs and Jews must realize their blood relationship and find a way to live in peace. Both sides have done their share of atrocities and it is time to stop. Those Muslims who do not believe in revenge and endless bloodletting must talk to their brothers in Israel about how they can find common ground. I am very dismayed by those extremists who say that one must destroy the other completely and the winner takes all. It will never happen and the sooner they get past that, the better."

    And I for sure subscribe to "It is possible to be pro-Palestine, pro-Israel and pro-peace all at the same time... " and hail to the ceasefire.

  39. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Palestine needs fighters, not champion walkers. If you want to be a champion walker, go to the Olympics. Bodoh.

  40. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I have a question.. product of US?? Internet product of US?? Why dont all of us ask HAMAS to stop their attacks against innocent israels. Majority of palestinians chose HAMAS to be their government. Let them face the brunt of HAMAS stupidity. Dont let Dr M champion the stupid cause. He himself guilty of so many things. Let us be more sensible.

  41. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Spread the word! :)

    AMAN PALESTIN (NGO Kemanusiaan) akan menganjurkan rapat umum ("rally") bertajuk RISE FOR GAZA / BANGKIT UNTUK GAZA bertempat di Stadium Malawati Shah Alam pada Sabtu,10 Januari 2009.

    Harapan agar muslimin/muslimat dapat hadir memberi sokongan seramai mungkin walaupun anak-anak kecil untuk menunjuk simpati. TV Al-Jazeera akan membuat liputan khas mengenai rally ini.
    Anda juga boleh membawa banner atau platcard kutukan untuk menunjukkan protes.
    Tolong sebarkan kepada semua rakan-rakan dan sahabat handai untuk datang bersama-sama.
    Sasaran peserta adalah seramai 20,000.

    Pihak Akademi Insan Moreclass Hidayah akan berkumpul di depan tempat letak kereta Pasaraya HERO (Seksyen 13) tepat jam 9.30pagi SABTU untuk sama-sama bergerak menuju ke Stadium Malawati untuk RALLY/RAPAT UMUM ini.
    Pihak Akademi Insan akan menyediakan banner/platcard untuk rapat umum ini. Sila hubungi pihak Akademi untuk maklumat lanjut atau layari laman web untuk maklumat lanjut.

    Sekian, Terima Kasih

  42. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Once again, Israel decides to react with aggression to Hamas... like using a cannon to kill a mosquito in your neighbor's garden.

    On the other hand, its amusing to see people call for boycotts for US & Israeli companies (one dude even tried to escalate this to include Singapore, for some reason), while their web blogs and sites are based in Israel. Unknowingly, they are using US made products in some form everytime they turn on their PC/laptop, pump petrol, etc.

    Dr.M asks us to quit our jobs if we work in US-based companies. Considering how bad our economy is now, where else will the masses get another job to put food on the table?

    Anyway, why does his website have its server in Arizona?

    Adoi, cakap tak srupa bikin!

  43. Rocky,

    Is warrior231 your new self-appointed gatekeeper on this blog, bro?

    Why don't you explain to him (her?) over teh tarik one of these days about our relationship prior to AllBlogs and thereafter.

    I've got bigger fishes to fry lah bro then to waste my time with a little virtual napoleon.
    Gaza thingy?

    Persuade the OIC and especially OPEC members to adopt the gold dinar.

    Get China and India on board as well.

    M. Chang have already written various strategies to financially cripple the neo-cons in the U.S. and in turn, bring Israel to their knees.

    Turn the battle away from the desert (and streets) into boardrooms instead.

    And TDM knows the game well enough but will the BN administration back him up as an emissary of world peace?

    *Strike now when the U.S. is inherently weak financially and in a leadership transition*

  44. Jika negara-negara Arab dan Iran tidak sudi berperang Zionis dan America dan mempertahankan rakyat Palestin, janganlah omong-omang besar rupa-rupanya rakyat Palestin mempunyai sandangan yang kuat. Jika tak berani atau tak sudi, diam-diam sajalah ! jangan bersandiwara seperti munafiq !

  45. Anonymous2:02 am

    You swagger about here like some puffedup Bush who would scram to them bunkers once some Grads come screaming in.

    Anyway, I am no gatekeeper of nobody cos the blogmaster is brave and tough enough to handle a dimwit pipsqueak like you. Me? normally, i dont waste my time engaging scums like you who have their schlongs implanted on their foreheads and prattle like some braindead neutered eunuchs. I just expose condescending charlatans like you.

    why not scram to them chambers to legislate more acts of parliaments..u know wherelah or are u off for some padaiyal(food offered to idols and partook later by them devotees) in your moment of tabula rasa in Rasa while your Moslem brethren get fried by thermobarics in the Strip.

    But then, come to think of it, ur ilk couldnt care less about these things knowing full well that the only Moslem worth courting is a live moslem registered in some infernal roll and about to cast a crossed paper into an empty box...right?

    Your suggestion is laughably pathetic!! enuff said..

    Warrior 231

  46. Anonymous3:42 am

    This KJ is a real bastard or a slime ball, you should not study in harvard us at all. Stupid mat harvard!

  47. Tsk, tsk, W231. Tak habih2 dengan perangai kebudakan bila kena teguran.

    You still don't get it, do you? Or you're being deliberately dense, as always.

    Rocky and I have been hanging tough on the local sopo scene for quite a while. Out there in real life, not just in blogosphere.

    He knows who I am. And I, him. Our respect for each other remain despite any differences in perspective and/or opinion.

    Trying earning some will ya coz cyberspace bravado just doesn't bleat my goat .

    Oh yeah.. one more thing.. can I call you 'revert' too.

  48. Anonymous8:10 am

    (fury9) : why sent the 6000 to KT !?
    Send them to HELP hamas lah ...@#$%^&*...!!

  49. Dr Rahmat..

    pity this Dr...

    pls read more to get a good picture of what is actually happening in Gaza.

    Dont fumble as if you are a 'penjual ubat', with due respect to them.

    Learn some arabic and browse in to HAMAS website, if you can, which I doubt.

    or no difference from reading a comment from ppl like you to that of the western/zionist controlled press reports!

  50. wondering what the parents could ever be thinking:

  51. Anonymous11:43 am

    tutup je US EMBASSY tu!


  52. Anonymous11:50 am

    go to www.inminds
    there more to boycot not just rally!


  53. Anonymous4:42 pm


    For starters, perangai kebudak2an was started by u child-scum, when u began that gatekeeper nonsense. You couldnt take the truth of what i wrote 4.50pm.

    U pass snide remarks like these:

    "And it's kinda strange for you to mention ''no children, please' on this posting when the original blog site didn't touch on the issue.Ada skuter disebalik minibus ke, bro?"

    and dial up friendship when exposed by what i wrote at 4.50. You are a forked tongue wimp n I doubt anyone will want to befriend the likes of you. Anyway, thats Rocky's personal business but he better remember u screwed him 2 times over with that gatekeeper for tegur keep it up ur arse as i will lebur u if you dare...

    Trapped like a blithering idiot, you come up with your ingenious proposal which is nothing short of laughable.No need to comment on asinine proposals coming from mumayiz kids!!

    One more thing, I am not some Revert Hindu like you and you know who. You seem to have a fixation with that guy whoever he is. Apparently, he bleated them goats and the both of u couldn't take it so like kids in pampers are wont to do, you swore to get even. Tangle with him for all i care but say a prayer that you dont ever cross my path..... enuff said!!.

    Now scram to KT or the wharf or Kerling for your monthly pooja and dont waste ur time of responding for i am beyond that shit especially with regards to scum like u... something else will do the talking..........

    Warrior 231

  54. Anonymous5:54 pm

    (fury9) : walk...walk...WALK! sigh !
    cycle better lah, faster ma ! make sure u get polis permit to cycle, tau !?

    it's true, they need fighters not walking campaign = so transfer the 6000 there from KT ! send 1 juta
    askar there ! ok ?
    no need to worry about KT on the 17th lah = the result sudah di-known
    oredi = viva PR !!

  55. "something else will do the talking"....

    Cat got your tongue, W231? But your rejoinders here ain't that hot either.

    Lemme see...

    a) My original comment was addressed to Rocky (12.21pm) and he quickly responded at 12.26pm which included an emoticon :-) which is universally recognised as a smile hence I didn't reply.

    b) Now, you came in at 4.50pm to 'expose' me to Rocky because you assumed that he didn't know me. Your vivid descriptions of me as a troll, what I like and where i go, were an integral part of your 'report' to Rocky.

    c) Therefore, am I not justified to ask Rocky "Is warrior231 your new self-appointed gatekeeper on this blog, bro?" followed with the suggestion for him to have a teh tarik session to enlighten you. Keyword : self-appointed.

    d) W231, Rocky the brave and tough blogmaster (your words, not mine) have crossed swords with little pipsqueak, dimwit me (again, your words) on innumerable face-to-face occasions therefore I can safely assume he thinks differently of me.

    d) So why am I trying to explain all this to you? Coz you still don't get it lah! Who's the blithering idiot, I wonder.

    Btw my ingenious proposal on the gold dinar option for world trade which you find laughable and pathetic was not original. It came from TDM himself. Are you saying he's also a dimwit pipsqueak, W231? Hmmmm.. some commentators here may agree with you though.

    Meanwhile, the call to boycott Zionist related products and services include some of the leading brand names in world trade. Q? Did the Zionists obtain all these businesses through military coercion or was it done in boardrooms?

    Think, if you can but please try to stay on the same page for further discussions.

    Your rhetorical sub-plots are beginning to get boooorrringgg.

    P.S. Jews are our brethren. Zionists aren't. Be discerning, folks.

  56. Orang-orang Islam telah ditipu dan dipergunakan oleh kuasa-kuasa besar Barat sebagai askar-askar upahan anti-konunis di zaman Perang Dingin. Sekarang, kuasa-kuasa besar barat boleh hentam bekas askar-askar upahan mereka dengan kuat-kuat tanpa check-and-balance.

  57. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Palestinian children are being killed and murder,if it happen in Malaysia,im sure nobody cares as we are not a united lots because of skin and religions of diffrent by birth....but when children life are at stake,if USA couldnt be bothered to stop the zionist,lets walk to say our voice to the USA,im sure Iran is watching with full of the right time and not to be trap in war before the blady Bush leaves office.

  58. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Fcuk the Malaysian jews lah!!!

  59. Anonymous2:19 am


    the equivocator model 09exz is switched on and running full throttle in ur brain, a condescending dimwit pipsqueak who is pretending to be some tough guy trolling the neighbourhood, teeth gnashing, bandana and all.

    Jump off your high horse, and be a MAN for a change. for starters admit that you were passing snide remarks:
    strange...u wrote. in your initial post and you followed that sarcasm with skuter .....minibus and topped it off with "lets not ..........irrelevant matters". now that was for some extra kicks, wasnt it?

    Why arent you brave enough to reproduce Rocky's response. any idiot can see the camarederie in that rejoinder despite it reeking with sarcasm especially the rhetorical Q at the end. Got your just desserts, so you clammed up till i exposed you for who u are to sock u for good measure!!

    that got your cow mooing while your shegoat scrambled up your arse. Switch on the equivocator and begin the word twist was your response. so trot out the gatekeeping remark just because i exposed the fraud and wimp that you really are.

    You conferred me the 'self apointed" adjective..i didnt ask for it and i sure know the blogmaster didnt solicit me to be one as he is big eough to take care of himslf! Get it numbskull.( and your estimation of him is redolent in the dismissive tone of the brave and tough remark i attributed him)

    you dont have to show off your friendship..its an open secret and i have been there to bloghouse and the wharf to get a whff of things and the personalities involved.. so dont treat me like some small boy...

    evade the kebudakan bit as it undresses you of your camisole to reveal your self in all your naked glory and throw in that old suggestion to get yourself off the hook. remember that bit came up much later way after your initial cheap shots. And finally when all else fails to deflect the spotlight, insert that thing about some "revert" who might have given you and your guruji a broken nose before...

    as you asked what do i think, about the whole thing? its simple : the Jews only submit when death is knocking at the door something Hitler, the romans, the pharoahs knew very well, only the threat of total annihilation will bring them to their knees and no economic boycott or oil embargo is gonna break the back of this bastard race. as for them yankees, they are not in the least bothered by other not trading in their dollars. fact of the matter is, most countries have a large portion of their reserves stashed in dollars and any move away from that denomnation is akin to economic harakiri. so the only option left is the military option and nothing else........

    Warrior 231

  60. Finally, the end game, eh W231.

    Wuz saving it for last and halleluyah, yer walked into it. Btw, you seem to have this infernal problem with linking URLs and C&P jobs. And get a new laptop lah. I hear BN is practically throwing it away at KT but without broadband availability, it's kinda wasted, isn't it.

    1) shar101 said...

    Yo Rocky,

    No kids allowed? I guess they must be busy having their own demo organised by the Edu minister himself.

    And it's kinda strange for you to mention ''no children, please' on this posting when the original blog site didn't touch on the issue.

    Ada skuter disebalik minibus ke, bro?

    Let's not diminish a noble effort with irrelevant matters.

    12:21 PM

    And for your further easy reference since yer too lazy to quick scroll up, here's Rocky/s reply –

    2) Rocky's Bru said...

    Ok Shar101,

    Own up! Whose child are you planning to take to the rally?


    Eh, you are going to the rally?!

    12:26 PM

    Yer still with me, W231?

    a) Rocky's posting was linked to another blog which had the original message on the rally. Nothing on that blog posting suggested "No children allowed" but in his own posting, Rocky ADDED that little extra bit. I knew it was meant to take a swipe at PR gatherings which had included youngsters as participants.

    b) Hence, my link to the NST report regarding the Education minister trying to mobilize school kids for a mega anti-Israel protest. This, in turn, made Rocky's moral-high-ground grandstanding look rather incongruent, doesn't it. And I doubt if he could admonish HH anyway.

    c) Rocky knew he was checkmated on the issue and like I've mentioned earlier, he included an emoticon :-) in his reply which should in fact look like a 'smiley' provided html tagging is turned on.

    d) We both understood the inferences made and recognized the stalemate. So I didn't reply. Faham tak?

    e) Snide remark? As far as I was concerned, my comment was addressed to Rocky, not you. What's your kambing then?

    f) Yang hang pi sibuk masuk campur komen orang lain tu apahal, bahalol. Habih bila dah kena tampal dengan nama 'self-appointed gatekeeper', nak melenting pulak. 'Conferred' konon. Pegidah!

    g) W231, we now know that you advocate the total annihilation of Jews as a people if they do not surrender or submit. To you, whether Jews are not Zionists is irrelevant. And to think, people like you wonder why muslims are demonized. Pandang diri sendiri lah woi! Baru tepuk dada, dah pun terkencet.

    h) Oh yeah, lastly, if you click on the following link submitted by 'q' at 11.06am, you'll find a photo of a kid suitably dressed for the occasion. Your kid, W231?

  61. Dear Shar101,

    You wrote:

    "b) Hence, my link to the NST report regarding the Education minister trying to mobilize school kids for a mega anti-Israel protest. This, in turn, made Rocky's moral-high-ground grandstanding look rather incongruent, doesn't it. And I doubt if he could admonish HH anyway."

    I could not admonish Hishamuddin? Why the hell not? What do they serve you at the Wharf, man?

    Check out Nuraina's posting on the subject at last Friday after 6pm.

    I commented about 8.30pm the same day. I'd like to think that I did more than admonish HH:

    "Blogger Rocky's Bru said...


    BIG NO, Hishammuddin bin Hussein. You educate the children, teach them history, tell them of the Israeli atrocities, show them the pictures of kids who have died in Gaza because the adults ducked up.

    BUT you don't get them to do your walking, talking, marching or pedaling. They are children, bro. We are supposed to stand in front of them and protect them, not hide behind them!

    Get all million people on the streets or in a stadium to protest. Leave the kids at home. Make sure someone's looking after them.

    8:50 PM"

  62. Dear Shar101 and Warrior 231,

    Thanks for the entertaining and most illuminating exchanges.

    Don't go away, but could I suggest a truce between the two of you as we await the Dewan Rakyat Special Sitting on Gaza?

    Thank you.

  63. Touche, bro. But, over at Ena's?

    Soooo... the "No children, please" inserted here was meant for a different crowd, eh bro?

    Haven't gone fishing for a bit, maklum lah, baru pindah plus home duties as usual.

    NPC hot or cold nowadays?

    Truce? I can live with that. Till after the special sitting then.

  64. Anonymous3:00 am

    Lil Boy Shar101

    you blinked, boy.That was part of my endgame. Cant take the psy-war, eh! Poor thing!! so you went ballistic with this gem as if you were possessed by some ancient Malay latuk,ha!ha!ha!:
    1.Yang hang pi sibuk masuk campur komen orang lain tu apahal, bahalol. Habih bila dah kena tampal dengan nama 'self-appointed gatekeeper', nak melenting pulak. 'Conferred' konon. Pegidah!

    boy oh boy, thanks for the laughs,kid for i can picture you in knots and perspiring sweats of frustration as you typed that gem.

    and idiot, you did NOT DENY that it was a snide cheapshot at Bru. after all,(f) in ur latest post is as good as any self-incriminating evidence admissable in any court of law..ask your esteemed wakil...

    Now,boy, i gonna release some fireants up ur arse through this repartee and watch you squirm even more. You gave, conferred, bestowed, bequethed whatever that gatekeeper appellation. Never mind, i will let that pass even though thru that statement, you were taking another jibe at Bru's inability to look out for himself hence the need for selfappointed gatekeepers and as if i was kempunan for the task- ( now all this is coming from your overwrought fucked up imagination, remember that!!)- killing 2 birds with a stone eh, scum. i suggest you do the kill your itchy balls instead!!

    You think u are too smart, boy. but thinking and reality are 2 different things,kid!. When this was posted at the PP, i did not say anything about your gatekeeping. Remember :

    "Suffice to say, twelve consecutive Sunday candlelight vigils in PJ (plus other prayer activities) have brought greater public awareness on the ISA issue for the above to transpire.Fight blatant injustices, the ISA being one prominent example, at home before you start getting involved in battles elsewhere on the globe.
    Honestly, what kind of ‘warrior’ are you, 231? Remember, wearing blinkers makes you an easy target for dotted lines too."

    so you come out smelling like a bunch of "bunga tahi ayams" thinking that no one is going to expose yor shenanigans elsewhere and when i did sans that evidence, all hell broke loose in your mashed potato brains..guess it went something like this: warrior? the chutzpah!!!......

    Next, you preen yourself that you checkmated Rocky when that was not the case as Bru pointed out and in the process delivered you the knockout blow.U see the fact that Rocky added that bit remark was simply a no-no for it was a direct hit at the bull's eye of truth.

    Y deny the fact when lil girls are pictured in parliamentary blogs.. oh i forgot you had to do the gatekeeping right, damage control!! so turn on the equivocator and adroitly turn it around against Rocky!!(now reply that i am gatekeeping here, am half expecting already, when i am just exposing your cheapshot) seething already???

    Hey, boy, whats with all that chess terms: checkmates and stalemates, you play the game at leisure on your Fakatan donated laptop or is just another show thingy to highlight that you are into something deep.... some Potemkin grandmaster!!. Keep mummy's lappy safe and sound lest i trace you to your shithole.....

    Now strange isnt it (to paraphrase your intellectual spittle), you conveniently gloss over the perangai kebudakan thingy and the 'revert' issue.Ah, i get it, the former will just confirm you are a drag queen flouncing in your bra and pantyhose for all and sundry. and "revert" let me guess, he/she/it? got u and wakil in such a bind that he/she/it? haunts your daylights and nighttimes...i will get to the roots of this soon, just to see what revert did to put you two in such consternation...maybe it must be in your wakil's blog or elsewhere in cyberspace! anyway, boy sleep tight and cuddle up to mamma real nice coz revert is still on the loose and you aint playng endgames with any dimwit when it coms to me...get it!. Now scram to momma!!

    g) W231, we now know that you advocate the total annihilation of Jews as a people if they do not surrender or submit. To you, whether Jews are not Zionists is irrelevant. And to think, people like you wonder why muslims are demonized. Pandang diri sendiri lah woi! Baru tepuk dada, dah pun terkencet.

    Ha!ha!ha! boy, the last part is selfreferential to u! but then what do i expect when this was posted elsehere: home before you start getting involved in battles elsewhere on the globe....

    No surprise there isnt it when the chef of Fakatan is dancing with Wolves and you Obamaised wankers have no choice but to repeat the mantra,a case of Master says..minions repeats..master shits...minion lick!!

    Unlike you, i make no bones of the fact that the Jew will only relent when faced with annihilation and humiliation. Its a historical fact and instead of ogling and salivating at little girls who probably are the next targets of th perverts of the Brave Candle Brigade, why not read up history, the Quran and the Hadith. but then i doubt you care as Rocky himself merely affirms through his sarcastic rejoinder:

    Eh, you are going to the rally?!

    concurs precisely with this:

    before you start getting involved in battles elsewhere on the globe

    dont you agree, boy?

    Rocky, like my pals in Hamas, i will never agree to a ceasefire with this "JEW". Thanks for the suggestion, anyway.

    Warrior 231

  65. Anonymous10:42 am

    correction rocky

    boy, regarding u and Bru, if its initially a checkmate how come it ended a stalemate.thats your take as it is obvious that Rocky trumped you,boy ;).This brings me to my next point, all that crap about you and Rocky crossing swords and you "holding up well" is just as in the above instance, a self-declared victory to salve your infantile ego,boy! :

    "d) W231, Rocky the brave and tough blogmaster (your words, not mine) have crossed swords with little pipsqueak, dimwit me (again, your words) on innumerable face-to-face occasions therefore I can safely assume he thinks differently of me."

    seems to me that your chidish desire for "victories" overwhelms your underdeveloped faculty for reason.Grow up,BOY, let that reason flower, see things more objectively and from a differen perspective . In short be a MAN*, cos the world aint gonna wait for you if you dont.

    MAN= takes responsibility for his actions. admits his indiscretions, apologiss and moves on..........

    BOY= intent on scoring points and triumphing. "Menegakkan benang yang basah" is the credo.

    Turn the postcript on me,boy(in your next repartee) i can visualise it already but I will sure be happy if you disappoint me just this once, boy....but then that would be asking for too much, wouldnt it?

    Warrior 231

  66. Yo Rocky,

    Where's my (1.00am?) rejoinder to your comments of 12.32am and 12.36am?

    It could have had a bearing on W231's response at 10.42am if he had read it with reference to your truce proposal i.e. if you had published it earlier.

    That rejoinder contain the following if I can recall all of it (and no, I didn't archive a copy coz I'm not usually suspicious in nature. Especially, not with you.. ahem!) -

    "Touche, bro. But, over at Ena's?

    Soooo.. the "No children, please" inserted on this posting was meant for a different crowd, eh bro?

    Haven't been fishing for a bit, maklum lah, baru pindah and home duties as usual.

    NPC hot or cold nowadays?

    Truce? I can live with that. Till after the special sitting then."

    So Rock, how now?

    Nonetheless, W231 doesn't seem too enthralled with your truce proposal hence.. all bets are off?


    P.S. Rocky, this is added on when previewing my draft above with reference to W231's comment of 10.42am and I noticed that you published my 12.53am rejoinder AFTER W231's reply of 10.42am was already published. Then, I also realised that there was another comment from him at 3.00 am. It got me thinking as to how W231 could reply to me (both 3.00am & 10.42am) when you have not published my 12.53am message on this thread. Yer either getting sloppy lah, bro or...... is there something more insidious at play here?

    Tapi tak pa lah, since W231 is obviously adamant to continue and prefer to ignore your call for a truce, let the games begin.


    To W231,

    You have absolutely no idea what I'm up to. Your anonymity intrigues me so I reckon that's a good place to start.


    (message timelined and submitted at 3.oopm on 12/01/09 at Rocky's Bru)

  67. Dear Shar101, you wrote:

    "P.S. Rocky, this is added on when previewing my draft above with reference to W231's comment of 10.42am and I noticed that you published my 12.53am rejoinder AFTER W231's reply of 10.42am was already published. Then, I also realised that there was another comment from him at 3.00 am. It got me thinking as to how W231 could reply to me (both 3.00am & 10.42am) when you have not published my 12.53am message on this thread. Yer either getting sloppy lah, bro or...... is there something more insidious at play here?"

    I believe Warrior 231 was responding to your "rocky-won't-admonish-HH" comment and my response to that comment.

    Me sloppy? Maybe. But what were you thinking when you wrote that curious line about "something more insidious"?
    Thank you.

  68. Hi Shar,

    boy oh boy... what's going on, bro?

    warrior 321 aside...what is really going on with you, bro?

    why the "sindiran: and "perli-an"?

    and about Rocky's posting in my blog -- most of my commentors are actually also Rocky's. Not-so-different crowd-lah, my good man.

    Aaaw...c'mon, Shar.

  69. Semua dok hentam one another while palestinian dok mati. Tak jadi apa pun. Why dont we find out who the illuminati of today are? These are the people who created and financed the origonal zionism masterplan, a prelude to the new world order. The rothchilds etc etc. Smoke em out!