Friday, January 09, 2009

Do you have a burning Q for Dr M?

Che Det on Blog@1, 10.30 pm, TV1. Finally, the Blog programe, which RTM started after the March elections and which has featured Kadir Jasin, Big Dog, Raja Petra Kamarudin, Ron, Nuraina Samad and many other bloggers, will feature Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the blogging statesman with over 10 million unique visitors.

Blogger Ahmad Talib will be firing the questions tonight and has invited you to let him ask Dr M a question for you.

One of his commenters has asked if Muhyiddin vs Ali Rustam for the Umno deputy presidency this March is yet another proxy match. Intersting, since Pak Lah has called Mahathir "irrelevant" to the KT by-election.


  1. Pak Lah called Mahathir "irrelevant"??

    Hehehe... ada juga sense of humour Bodolah tu ye!!

    Jangan amik hati lah dengan Badawi tu. Dia bukan sedar sangat ngan apa dia cakap..

  2. Dear Rocky,

    The question is not weather people have burning questions for Dr. M but rather Dr. M's answer that is going to burn someone or somebody.

    As we all know Dr. M is an unforgiving person. You fire away at him, even if it is only a question, be prepared to get a blunt and in your face answer.

    Any wonder now why his blog caught up 10 million visits in just a mere 7 months (plus minus lah)?

  3. Anonymous2:31 pm


    1. Even if millions of Malaysia don't like Mahathir, but deep in their heart thanks him for what he has done for us Malaysian. Otherwise we still 20 years behind. Nobody is perfect bro, as long you try your best.

    2. As for Dollah, he is more relevant to be A Bendahara of Penang during the East India Company era.

    Ikut aje semua cakap orang putih macam lembu dan tak berani langsung nak melawan.

  4. ya, mari kita saksikan bersama-sama

  5. The question to the Great Tun,

    Why some bloggers especially chinese (not all) so hate to you where as they are so worshipped to Lee Kuan Yew. Everything that you do to this holy land Malaysia is disaster and what happen to Singapore when LKY family treated their ppl like robot is the success.

  6. Pak Dol is more irrelavant, as when he starts his speech ppl either got sleepy or get lost.

  7. Anonymous4:34 pm

    So, Dr M - just why did u decide to put the KLIA at Sepang? Looks like AirAsia is unearthing a big can of worms at KLIA!

  8. the Q to Tun ..why did he pick up AAB knowing from way back in the early day AAB wasn't the most capable Umno leader..?

  9. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Pasti RTM1 akan mencapai rating tertinggi untuk tahun 2009 bagi kategori ehwal semasa.

  10. Anonymous5:07 pm


    bagi kat TDM soalan power dan kita tengok macamana powernya TDM jawab balik.

    Bagi Dollah belajar camana nak jadi PM sebab dia pun tinggal beberapa hari aje lagi nak pencen, tapi masih fail lagi. Harap sangat kat KJ, tunggang langgang Malaysia.

    Malam ni kempen BN kat KT kosong le jawabnye.

    Betul kata cucu tak saman, Dollah ni layak jadi menteri nikah khawin aje macam dalam cerita "musang berjanggut"

  11. Anonymous5:49 pm

    listen and learn...

  12. Anonymous5:49 pm

    I have no questions for this great man who steered this nation to progress, despite the dislikes of many others.

    He is one determined character and is known to work hands to ensure its success and does not care to hoots about the silly brick brats and their destructive attitudes.

    Keep on going, Dr. M. Don't even bother to entertain those without ambition or vision.

    All the best.


  13. Anonymous6:17 pm

    banyak hati hati yang busuk di sini kutuk Pak Lah..

    tulis bodolah ...dll


    siapa reti tulis reti tanggung sendirilah...

    sebab dosa tu kena minta maaf dgn tuan dia.

    samada siapa dia asal saja agama islam...

    Mahathir nak cari populariti sahaja sekarang...

    nak popular tak leh sokong..kena lawan..

    eh you pun tak nak buat blog kutuk ke?

    believe me Pak Lah hanya 'kambing hitam' sahaja..

    skrg mahathir berjaya kambus 22 tahun dia buat onar..

    dengan alih perhatian semua kpd Pak Lah.

    tengok memang berjaya taktik dia..

    ramai dah tak kutuk mahathir..

    termasuk pas pkr..

    itu point dia..ada paham ka????

  14. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Better not ask him too many fiery questions, his poor heart may not take it, he may just drop dead!
    Think of his balls carrying 'machai'.

    mamak jr

  15. Kasihan paklah kerana tidak mempunyai kata kata yang lebih hebat untuk membalas balik kenyataan Tun - emosi terlalu menguasainya apabila nama Mahathir disebut di hadapannya - mati akai kot - badi.

    Penasihat2 Paklah patut beri kursus kepada Paklah bagaimana mahu menjawab bidasan2 Mahathir tetapi apakan daya, masa pun dah suntuk, March sudah menanti !!!!

    Kebiasaan Pegawai2 Kerajaan sebelum pencen mereka akan santai atau habiskan cuti akhir tahun tetapi tidak kepada Paklah yang masih sebok untuk melawat sana dan sini. Agak aneh untuk tunjukkan 'rajin' ketika khidmatnya sudah tidak diperlukan lagi.

  16. Maha Firaun on line today...............will be talking cock as usual

  17. Badawi..full of rubbish

    Can't wait to see my idol tonight...This is class

  18. mahathir means great warrior in sanskrit as such our ex PM is a fighter... even if he is left stranded alone ..he still fights his way out . We let him rule the country for 22 years and now we are saying some bad things about him... no fair play . he has his ups and downs in life too. take the best from him - and give him due respect.

  19. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Tun Dr M is like Margaret Thatcher, expired long time.

  20. yes pls follow his advice and quit your job if u r working in McDonalds, Starbuck, Microsoft, Intel, JNJ, P&G, Mas (since they r using Boeing), cisco, and show that u support palestine....

  21. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Jam 10.30 malam ini saya yakin dan percaya lebih satu juta penonton akan menyaksikan TV1. Sebabnya 10% daripada 11 juta yang melayari Blog Tun akan menyaksikannya.


  22. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Please ask Tun why the toll agreements are one sided?

  23. Anonymous9:32 pm

    One question:

    "You've asked Malaysians to boycott US made products, and quit their jobs if they work in US companies. But why is your website based in Scottsdale, USA?"

  24. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Boycott US products, can work?

    If you really boycott, instantly you are paralysed in the cyber world by the following US or US related products:-

    Internet Explorer
    Mozilla Firefoz
    (which means you cannot even go on the internet!!!:):):))

    McCintosh, notebook & Ipod, I-phone - KJ got one:))
    HP, Dell etc
    IBM hardware and software

    Miscrosoft products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
    The chips that most PC and laptop runs ie. Intel or AMD

    Your blogging tools: - of Google)

    The emails account of Yahoo, Google, Hotmail

    The MSN Messenger (originally ICQ which was developed by Israelis)

    Acrobat for all the PDF files:)))

    Oracle (database)

    Most of the government department IT and office requirememt runs on the above US IT products.

    Imigration, JPJ, Custom, PDRM , BPR, and all government department take a 5 years holidays which waiting for replacememt:))) hooray !!!! Dapat cuti 5 tahun:)))

    What about all the plane we catch for domestic or international flights (most USA made eg Boeing, McDonell) except for Airbus. Means cannot fly also ah:)) Pakai sampan to Los Angeles or New York:))

    What about Just Do It- Nike:)) not easy not to pakai.

    Disney & Cartoon Network, can boycott or not? Your kids will kill you:)))))

    What about all the military and defence equipment and vehicles, F16 jets, M16 guns

    Not easy unless we want to be hyprocrite:))

    Not easy lah:))

  25. Anonymous7:58 am

    (fury9) : quit...quit...QUIT our jobs
    horray...hooray...HOORAY ! ...hahaha...hahaha...HAHAHA.!!!
    heheh...hehehe...HEHEHE !!!

  26. Anonymous9:45 am

    Pak Lah's legacy is to marry again

  27. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Pak Lah orang tua gatal and miang.

    He targeted( simpan steam ) Jeanne for a long time.Hopeless PM who doesn't know what has gone wrong with the country.

    He even commented that Malaysia is not in a recession like the USA?
    And the economy is still running smoothly. How much stupidity can he get?

    Pak Lah your anak cucu will not acknowledge you as their descendants if you continue your stupidities anymore. Stop it lah. Who would want to listen to an out going PM? a weak one?

  28. Anonymous5:44 pm

    (fury9) : boikot AS = boikot MAS lah !