Thursday, January 08, 2009

What's DSAI saying?

"The leadership is busy collecting wealth. While Israel is punishing the Palestinian people for choosing Hamas, it is no different from Umno punishing Malaysians for choosing the Pakatan Rakyat." - Anwar Ibrahim
Amir Muhammad is right: Malaysian politicians say the darndest thing.

This one [read here for the full article] by DSAI is just so Umno-ish. But then Anwar is a product of Umno. He was with Umno when the party was at its best and he was also there when Umno was at its worst. Anwar had a hand in making Umno what it is today. Remember the Wawasan Team? He was in the same bed with the likes of Muhammad Muhammad Taib and Rahim Thamby Chik! Were they not "busy collecting wealth?" back then? Wasn't Anwar's Umno punishing the people of Kelantan for electing PAS back then, which is why the state is still one of the poorest in the country till today?

I don't care if our politicians give low blows or if they share the same bed, but I wish they'd be more sensitive and sensible at all times. If we aren't helping the Palestinians then at least don't trivialize Israeli's crimes against humanity by comparing them with Umno or, for that matter, with PKR, DAP, PAS, All-Blogs, Barisan Rakyat bloggers, etc.

Btw, reading the pro-Pakatan blogs yesterday one can easily see that they are very organized. They are setting the agenda in Kuala Terengganu with blog postings and online news coverage that are coordinated in terms of timing and theme. Yesterday, for example, they focused on the Chinese voters. The Chinese in the constituency make up only 11 per cent of the voters, but Lim Kit Siang hails them as the "kingmakers" who will decide who wins the Jan 17 by-election. Indeed, they could be!

Picture above is of the PAS candidate Wahid Endut rubbing shoulders and locking limbs with a couple of kingmakers, according to a pro-Pakatan blogger.

On Gaza, this morning blogger Mafiaso mailed me this logo and invites all to place it on their blogs as a sign of support for the move to boycott US goods over Washington's support of Israeli's atrocities against the Palestinians.


  1. Amir Muhammad is right: Malaysian politicians say the darndest thing.

    so brader Rocky,

    when only when DSAI said the darnest that caught your ear and eyes? right?

  2. thanks alot bro rockybru!!! hope we can change something from this

  3. Mr Clean,

    Amir Muhammad's books quote a lot of other politicians, not just DSAI, saying some of the darndest things. This blog has also caught many politicians who are not DSAI who've said some stoopid things.

    But on Israel's on-going atrocities in Gaza, no one's come near this statement by brother Anwar.

    If one catches you ear and eyes, let me know and I'll do another posting.

    Thank you.

  4. Bro, these political animal called DSAI would do anything to remain alive. At the moment this political animal is fighting for its very survival, so it'll even sell its mother!

    Good Luck to all those naive Malaysians who think DSAI is their god-sent saviour.

  5. Anonymous1:55 pm

    yes,the pro-pakatan blogger are indeed very organized and attached to one another.they make the most trivial thing into something such as the one Lim Kit Siang said where Chinese is the "kingpower" in KT by-election.

    they also published photos of UMNO supporters when the UMNO supporters aint at their best.well,i guess that's a win-win situation when our national tv's air their coverage mostly on BN side and bloggers mostly on PR side.

    about Anwar,i dont really trust this guy.he used to bash PAS and now he's supporting PAS ironic.collecting wealth?i'm sure Anwar was also collecting wealth back when he was in UMNO. :)

  6. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    DSAI owed his Political Ninth live to the Jewish Lobby in the US. So is Pok Nik. His son name was cleared from US Patriot Act list of terrorist with the help of DSAI.With the help of Jewish lobby DSAI able to clear the Pok Nik's son name. Remember Pok Nik son was once detained by Malaysian Authority. He was accused by the CIA for attending Taliban Training Camp while studying in Pakistan.Of course lah DSAI will get upset if Malaysians cursed Israel, his saviour. DSAI even managed to coaxed PAS to shut their mouths from condemning the current Israel atrocities upon citizen of Gaza.

    YB Hisham Gemuk

    P.S I allowed BN to use this story for their KT Parliment By-Election Campaign.

  7. Anonymous2:45 pm

    gee are the barisan rakyat bloggers being paid/funded by Anwar/PKR/their proxies?
    like you said in that Star interview?

    "Bernard Khoo (blog name Zorro Unmasked), Harris and Raja Petra Kamarud­din (Malaysia Today) were all either “inspired or sponsored by Anwar”, said Rocky."

    And to think Din and Zorro kicked up such a big fuss over morality....

  8. Thanks Rocky! Vol 2 is indeed on the way. Heh.

  9. If DSAI were to be still in UMNO,he would still be the old DSAI,but now he is otherwise,so please give PR a chance.

    As a chinese,i really dont mind voting for PAS,at least i can see tok gurul Nik Aziz is down to earth,but i can see any Nik Aziz likes in UMNO

  10. Anonymous3:07 pm

    DSAI Collecting wealth, well he has tones of them in Dubai now.

    I still remember those 'Wawasan Team'days where I used to work in an exclusive hotel.

    I used to carry heavy suitcases from cars (of DSAI and some others) at hotel lobby to special meeting rooms thinking it was important documents as it exchanged hands at the end.

    I was a naive teenager then, now I know what it was.

  11. Anonymous3:20 pm

    jangan lupa anwar jugak merupakan sahabat karib kepada pendokong zionis laknatullah seperti paul wolfowitz

    budak2 muda baru kenal politik boleh la kau kelentong brother anwar bin ibrahim (BABI)oiii....


  12. Anonymous3:26 pm

    WTF is this swine comparing UMNO to the Gaza disaster ?

    If you can't give your sympathy, at least give your respect respect .

    phuck u dsai !


  13. How could it be effective to boycott all American products? Even the Microsoft Windows that we are using now is American! How about MAS & AirAsia grounding all the Boeing Jet planes?
    Btw, Malysia is a very small market for the American products while we export a lot more to the US. Then how about shutting down all the American electonic firm here?
    I may not like the Israeli killing of civilians or the American support for the Israelis, but I do like Starbuck coffee (Jewish) and Microsoft Windows (American) product.

  14. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Rocky and readers,

    For your information, the "kingmaker" term as applied by Lim Kit Siang to a decisive group of voters who can be rallied to vote as a single bloc and affect outcomes where the margin of majority in the past has been observed to be smaller than the size of collective votes of this bloc, is valid.

    So to those who ridicule Lim Kit Siang's labelling of the Chinese voters as potential kingmakers -- this includes you, Rocky -- are either naive, prejudiced, or are trying to raise the spectre of racism that UMNO has so often used so well (iaitu strategi menakutkan golongan Melayu dengan menggunakan propaganda lapuk dan dusta untuk menggambarkan seolah-olah orang Cina nak cuba "mengambil kuasa").

    Oleh demikian, Rocky, cukuplah merepek tu. Kalau tak faham istilah "kingmakers" tu, pegilah baca-baca skit dulu sebelum bagi komen. Misalnya baca pasal parti politik New Zealand First di New Zealand yang berjaya menjadi "kingmaker" pada 1996 di antara dua parti politik terbesar di New Zealand walaupun ianya parti yang kecil.

  15. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Pray do tell us how to boycott made-in-USA products?

    Do Coca-Cola bottled in Malaysia, HP computers assembled in China with Intel chips made in Penang, Microsoft software used to send this comment and anything that carry a US brand qualify under this category?

    What happens if US consumers decide to boycott made-in-Malaysia products in retaliation? Do you have any plans to support the Malaysian economy?

    Yes, do pray tell us.


  16. Anonymous3:49 pm


    Do you remember who coined the nick "Anwar Al-Juburi"?

    Yupp... it's Mat Sabu of PAS.

    Now look who is licking the Al-Juburi's arse.

  17. very interesting article bro

    anyway, may u exchange link?
    my blog:

  18. Anwar can never deny the fact that he's a product of matter what he says regarding UMNO,the truth remains that he used to be with UMNO in high and low.

    so i see Anwar as no more than an excellent opportunitist.he says and do the things that can benefit him well.he has no shame to work with the party that he used to mock around.

    and so now he make fun of the party that used to be his home and shelter.

  19. Dear Bro Rocky,

    I have added the picture in my blog...

    Boycott America and Anwar as well....

  20. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Coming to a year these 5states under PR.High time they start bringging in exceptional results. Or at least ON par with the performances of the last BN people.

    Common everyone, what we really wanted was to see changes and NEW FRESH INPUTS for the benefit of all.


  21. Anonymous4:28 pm

    I dunno why Malaysians, esp the Muslims are supporting the Hamas so much and condemning Israel.

    Is it just purely having the same religion? Or is it that Malaysians (esp Muslims) think that Hamas is the "good fler" and right to continue firing rockets to the Israeli?

    Please think carefully before you guys make comment. And please listen to both sides (Hamas and Israelis) before judging who's right and wrong.

    Simply condemning Israel, just becoz the Hamas are Muslims, will just reflect further the stupidity of Malaysians (esp Muslims)!


  22. Anonymous4:30 pm

    mr/ms clean: hmmm, cari peluang nak kenakan brother Rocky.

    anyway, bro..

    sounds like a very desperate Anwar. Maybe I'm wrong. That is Anwar. giving low blows.

    We still cannot see Anwar for what he really is, eh?

  23. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Ok,Lets start boycott of US by bringing back all our students there. Drag them from their homes, I am sure we will have to -- said Yoda.
    Then, lets start one week no Coke drinking campaign, but then again, we bottle and can it here, many innocent blue-collar workers in malaysia will be retrenched ..mmm
    And UMNO will get another beating if they start campaign to stop people from eating US fast food like KFC... cos the majority, if not all workers at KFC outlets in Malaysia are from one race.
    This is akin 'bakar kelambu kerana se-ekor nyamok bruder bru....

  24. To have an alternative government is a must for the real democracy to flourish in Malaysia.

    But having Anwar to lead that alternative movement is a move backward.

    Anwar was one of the Corrupt King while in UMNO.

    Who can honestly forget the way he was ‘Santa Clausing’ with the PINK FORMS in Sabah when he was going against Tun Ghafar?

    Remember the weak Anwar claiming to be poisoned? Also remember the vibrant Anwar the next day when it was proofed that the urine sample was of one Indian guy, not his?!!!

    He is a grand clown!!! His main coolies is RPK.

    I am against the current government; I even vote against them.

    But Anwar is not the answer to our dream.

    If only we can be honest to ourselves.

  25. Anonymous5:06 pm

    ( fury9) : why...why...WHY did the foolish hamas provoke the enemy in the 1st place ah !?!?

  26. Anonymous5:11 pm

    (fury9) : btw : i met an alien petrol
    worker who paid rm20k to the agency to work here for 3 years for rm700/=
    per month !! dun they learn maths ??

  27. Rocky,

    You're right then. None of us should ever put a similarity between UMNO led BN and Jewish.

    There is a different between Israel and UMNO led BN. [b]The Israeli Lakhnatullah killed thousand of Palestinian in fast motion, but UMNO led BN just kill us rakyat in very slow motion which is leaving more pain to be suffered.

    What happen with you bro??

  28. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Bro actually i terkonpius sikit la... sekarang ni siapa yg memerintah?? BN ke PR?? Siapa yg jadi ISRAEL sebenarnya yg menindas HAMAS (pemerintah)??

    Betul ke ANwar Ibrahim ni?? Kenapa yg dia pi sembang dgn negara ARAB tapi tak MAKI Amerika??

    BEranikah ANWAR buat statement membantah tindakan AMERIKA dan mengajak seluruh umat ISLAM di MALAYSIA dan DUNIA menentang ISRAEL dan AMERIKA kerana AMERIKA yg membekalkan semua SENJATA kepada ISRAEL??

    NAmpak sangat ANWAR hanya berani berkokok di depan rakyat sahaja..dan dia tak akan beranai kerana PUAK-PUAK YAHUDI AMERIKA lah yg membekalkan SUMBER utk perjuangan peribadi dia.

  29. By the way peacekeeper motherfucker, If our country has been invaded by foreign, can I launch an RPG to their camp?

    or just do C4 to monggolian?

  30. Anonymous5:25 pm

    BOIKOT produk yg DIBUAT DI AMERIKA bermakna JANGAN BELI BARANG YG DI IMPORT DARIPADA AMERIKA.. Yg hanya DI PASANG di MAlaysia pun jangan.. jikalau hanya sekadar pakai nama sahaja dan bayar royalti boleh la kurangkan..

    Jgn kata tidak boleh lakukan kerana bukan semua barang keperluan adalah daripada AMERIKA..

  31. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Dear Peace Keeper,

    I am condemning the killing of innocent children, unless youre saying that they're terrorist too, because 'a third of the 689 Palestinians killed in Israel's Gaza offensive are children ( And all this for what? Ehud Barak? Popularity contest? (, For me condeming the killing of chidren and civilian have nothing to do with my religion whatsoever.


  32. Anonymous5:33 pm

    if boycott made in US, dont go to McD, dont use Intel dont dont, where it come back to our assembly line here in Penang, Jb etc. more and more people will lost their jobs and we all happy. Will we.

  33. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Haloo, there are more depressing-grave-concern issue of constructing new LCCT Labu next month (which is only 50km away from existing KLIA) by the Sime Goons and The Gang, THAN DSAI..

    Come on la Bro..


  34. we realistically have 2 mo#@%fu*$%&s to choose from.

    najib of BN and anwar of PR. taking things as a whole who is the lesser of two as@ ho#@?

    personally i only like to choose a leader from PAS but you fuckers are too stupid to to even think that PAS is the real alternative. so there....well may be in 50 years time...

  35. Anonymous5:46 pm

    there are leaders who know how to talk & some leaders who dont. whos the better leader? the one who can talk or the one who dont? cakap mcm ribut kerja mcm siput.. choose wisely.. a good leader always give results altho he dont talk much.. bazir air liur je..

    boycotting will give a big effect towards our own economy.. its a chain reaction.. if we dont buy coke whos going to pay the workers of the coke factory? most of the products in the market currently associated with america. wat can we do?

  36. Rocky,
    Not all USA products form alliance with Israel. Please visit this website, it could be helpful

  37. Anonymous5:48 pm

    The analogy seems OK. What's the fuss?

    It's a quote, one must read the contents in full but to those who think a seasoned politician like DSAI selling out the muslim cause, one is really really a nut case.

  38. You have asked, "don't trivialize Israeli's crimes against humanity by comparing them with Umno"!

    But if you look back at the excuses or "reasons" they give for using water canons, tear-gas and FRU's muscles and batons" on a crowd wanting to pass a memorandum to their king, or when a few children wanted to walk to Parliament House to give flowers to the Prime Minister, you will see that in context those reasons given are the very same ones Israel uses for the mismatched response to Palestinian rockets.

    Its funny how we dismiss and condemn Israel's responses as well as the excuses or reasons they give for their actions just as you might dismiss or condemn the UMNO led BN government's response to peace loving Malaysians.

    I believe you do expect responses, but what exactly is it that will make you content?

  39. Anonymous6:16 pm

    mahathir muhammud,

    oleh yang demikian, jangan lah nak kutuk saudara Rocky. Saudara Rocky tak nampak tak faham istilah kingmaker. It is as it is.

    saya rasa mahathir (amboi amboi...tak malu nak guna nama mahathir...pooddaaah), sah kamu ni memang lah konco-konco penyokong Anwar.

    Rocky....way to go!

    You're smokin' 'em out, aint ya?

    Doin' a damn good job, I say!

  40. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Secara realistik nya memang sukar untuk memboikot produk US kebergantungan kita terhadap produk2 mereka masih meluas dan tiada alternatif yang setara...
    Tapi apa salahnya kita memboikot produk2 yang langsung tidak menjejaskan kehidupan kita jika tidak menggunakannya...
    Adakah dengan tidak minum coca cola atau lepak di starbucks misalnya akan memberikan kesan langsung terhadap kualiti hidup seharian kita?
    Ini soal praktikal...kita buat mana yg praktikal...
    boikot bg saya adalah suara juga...umpama kuasa undi...msg yang hendak disampaikan itu lebih penting..simbol kesatuan dan kuasa yg sebenarnya mmg ada pada kita..apa lagi cara yg kita ada.harapkan pemimpin negara2 tangan mereka terikat.
    apabila seseorang itu terlalu berkuasa kecendurangan utk berlaku salah guna itu tinggi.maka kita perlu goncang kan sedikit kuasa tersebut utk memberi kesedaran.saya percaya ini kita boleh lakukan jika ada penyatuan..
    bukankah pada 8mac lepas anda semua telah berjaya lakukan apa yg sebelum ini dianggpa mustahil?


  41. Anonymous6:22 pm

    to peacekeeper 4.28pm

    Before you pass judgement--study the history of Israel first.... Don't you have any knowledge at all ??????

    Don't be so gullible.....

    pezzled malaysian

  42. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Why are you not with RPK, Haris Ibrahim and Zorro in KT to blog - unless you are now with MSM. Is the post of NST ed-in-chief previously held by Kalimullah now being reserved for you to take up when Najib becomes PM in Mar?

  43. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Politicians are like snakes. Perhaps even worse, snakes with two heads.

    Anwar is a good example. He is an exceptional opportunist and will ride on anybody's back.

    The way he manipulates other snakes like Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh really makes one spew.

    He really holds them by the bollocks without them knowing.

    But the reality of things must be seen. PR is determined to take over the country so that they could sit on the wealth by themselves. Period.

    I sometimes wonder where the PR guys get their money to splurge on their endless campaigns. Why aren't the Taxmen visiting their doors?

    The KT by elections is a local issue to address the needs of that constituency and nothing to do with Israel or Palestinian causes, but the way the politicians manipulate things, the blind followers simply follow.

    It is akin to a medicine man at the pasar malam. He turns on the loud speaker, carries a useless product,chants a few religious phrases and the crowd gets bigger and bigger.

    This medicine man has mellowed roaring tigers such as Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh,Mat Sabu and is now trying to pacify Nik Aziz.

    Nik Aziz is a tough nut to crack but Anwar is still trying.


  44. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Bro, Anwar is dangerous to every race in Malaysia. He has no qualms about saying ANYTHING that suits his personal agenda i.e to become PM and gather material wealth to the max before he dies.

    In front of PAS supporters, he will support Hudud laws. In front of Chinese and Indians, he will promise temples at every nook and corner of Malaysia. When cornered, he will say, "I was misquoted."

    Be aware of this Anwar. I know because I've seen his modus operandi in full swing when he was the DPM then. To young Malaysians, leave him alone so that he can self- destruct himself.

  45. Anonymous7:25 pm

    baha lol ... you only see things from your perspective.. and indeed you guys are blinded. low blows? wtf r u guys talking if that indeed is true as compared to stoopid distorted news on hudud, creating amazing unbelievable stories via saiful? what do you make of that?
    DSAI has long left the corrupted goons.. and he has shown that he indeed wants to change what is bad in the country.. even Pak Lah wanted to change but he was denied by all the goons in UMNO... and from what we can see he has no balls to complete the change he wants... if u guys keep talking about the past. hey.. i'm sure in the past u guys also have quite a load of rubbish..but hey that's why ALlah loves ppl who repented and vowed not to make the same mistake.. otherwise we also would not have a need for all those prison, rehabs and others as we might as well shoot them to death....


  46. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Whether kingmaker or queenmaker no big deal lah, chinese are not so stupid. Raja sehari je aft election kena called Penumpang, balik tiong hua whatever by the Umnoputra.

    Hiya politikus oh politikus, rakyat are all sick and tired of all the cheap talk, not fool anymore.

    Even MCA kena throw out and support PAS all the way no matter what hudud propagandas whatsoever. Better hudud than kena call penumpang ... wake up putra-putri!

  47. Anonymous7:33 pm

    `HOw about boyoctting petroluem products from Middle East too? So don't drive or use cars for 1 week, boleh? Shitheads. None of the Middle East nations are doing anything to support the Palestines too? Egypt, a neightbour to Gaza is not even opening its border to the refugees in Gaza. Talk cock lah all of you!

    Mister Angry

  48. Yeah, some politicians do the darndest thing as well, eh Rocky?

    Like paying the disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff for an audience with the head honcho himself George W. Bush. For a couple of millions, he got a nice picture them both though. Must show he is not in the same boat as Mugabe right?

    Oh, and he said it didn't involve the rakyat's money at all. Ooops, that means he is saying the darndest thing as well.

    I wanted to post about his call to boycott American commercial interests but I am sensing it is moot now.















  50. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Rocky, if you were to pick the politician that takes the cake for saying the darnedest thing, let me suggest to you.
    The ONE an ONLY, Botak Syed Albar Hamid, the Home Minister. Recall some his quotes and let us have a good laugh or value his statements.

  51. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Bro, check this out CNN kata Israel broke the truce first bukan Hamas.

  52. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Hamas and Israel so deserve each other.


  53. Anonymous9:51 pm

    boycott us product... can do ke?

    if that mamak kutty using microsoft windows os...

    grt him to uninstall it or tell him to stop blogging... talk kok!

  54. Anonymous10:06 pm

    "Btw, reading the pro-Pakatan blogs yesterday one can easily see that they are very organized."

    Indeed Rocky, they have been travelling together and staying at the same place. What is the issue here exactly?
    Btw, they call themselves the Barisan Rakyat bloggers, referring to the Deklarasi Rakyat signed last February in Bloghouse. You attended the signing if I am not mistaken.
    I believe they will remind the signatories of their commitment once the buy-election is finished. I guess we'll then see why they are Barisan Rakyat and not Pakatan Rakyat bloggers.

  55. Wrong Analogy!Israel cannot be equated with UMNO, neither can Hammas be equated with Pakatan.
    However, the irrelevant chap who calls for a boycott of American goods, is a real hypocrite!

  56. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Fucking morons! We realise on America for our exports. You think US will give a fuck?! Our economy is in deep shit already and yet we want to behave like an asshole. I wonder if Dr. M asked Malaysians to eat shit, would they? And shut the fuck up Dr. M, you should tell your Hamas bro to stop killing and sacraficing innocents in the name of God.


  57. Anonymous10:28 pm

    i know of this lending division head in the bank. one major account (rm180million) just went bad and the bank has to make a substantial provision. Management was freaking upset and ask for an explanation.
    well, the division head gave the ultimate reason. THis account was brought in by the previous head so I cant be responsible for it.
    Managemnt let fly. Freaking hell, you have been managing your division for the past 6 years and you are saying its your previous head's responsibility? Please go somewhere else. He was sacked!
    This is a REAL INCIDENT.
    So easy to blame Anwar for what UMNO is today isnt it? Shit, he has left more than 1 decade ago and after suffering more than 6 years in jail for defying a tyrant, you still blame him Rocky for the state of affiars in UMNO today? Come on, be REal Rocky.

    Bangsa Malaysia

  58. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Aha Rocky;

    That pied piper from Permatang Pauh; he know how to play the right music at the right time. Unfortunately most of us tend to believe in this chameleon-like character, an hypocrite of the highest order.

    Can anyone recall any of his good deeds when he was at his peak while he was in UMNO?

    Believe in him is like dancing to the music of the pied-pier and eventually led us to doom.

  59. Anonymous11:20 pm

    There is no justification in killing children and helpless women.

    I am not married. But I have tonnes of nephews and nieces and young cousins.

    They don't know anything about race/religion or even territorial disputes.

    It's not about religion Mr. Peacekeeper. It's about being human.

    Sedangkan Sang Belang kan tahu berkasihan
    Sedangkan Sang Burung kan tahu sikap menyayang..

    Ini kan kita.. human beings.. berotak dan berakal.

    Both Hamas and the Zionists are fools.. and May they live with their Decision for the rest of their lives until they meet their Maker.

    God .. Please stop the war.
    God .. Please open the hearts of the zionists and the hamas leaders
    God .. Please protect the children and the innocent.

    -A sick and tired muslim-=

  60. Anonymous11:25 pm

    To anon 6:26 PM

    "Bro Rocky,

    Why are you not with RPK, Haris Ibrahim and Zorro in KT to blog - unless you are now with MSM.."

    Used to follow and trust the blogs of RPK, Haris and Zorro but not anymore. These 3 fella macam kena trance, suffering from cult syndrome. They think Anwar is saint. They think Anwar can fly. I can bet, if Anwar tell them shit taste like strawberry, these idiot will slurp up shit.

    These 3 idiots keep saying they are blogging for a good cause for the Rakyat, konon nya:). But when you really examine their content, hahaha dongeng betul.

    Just looks at their complete silence on the recent IJN issue, Anwar's silence on Hudud, Zaid Ibrahim tangoing with Bar Council, "Corruption" on ex-gratia paymemt to judges, Tun Salleh recent outbusrt and long outstanding issue by wonder Kulim MP on his outburst at Bar Council forum.

    Telling lie and not telling or silence on truth is same sin.!!!!

    One thing for sure, Anwar can lie well! That is why Parti Kelentong Rakyat is his party. No wonder his followers including the above 3 bloggers, cakap berbelit-belit.

  61. The KT by-election angle you decided to cover is the role and influence of the internet in the information war. That makes sense since you have been a blogger for so long.

    Maybe you might want to contrast your report on the internet wars with a similar take on the MSM during this by-election. This would be right up your alley too.

    Publishing nonsense is not the exclusive domain of the internet, you know.....

  62. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Actually UMNO is more like PLO, very corrupted. PAS is like Hamas, stepping on lion's tail. The Lion is of course "The Lion of Jelutong" Mr Karpal Singh. Anwar is like Nicolas Sarkozy, is non of his business. Pak Lah is like George Bush, getting out of office. Tun Dr M is like Margaret Thatcher, expired long time.

  63. Anonymous11:47 pm

    @floodgate: in war, there is already no humanity; otherwise, there is no war. Are u trying to tell me that those adults killed in Sept 11 by the Muslims are "alrite" because they are "not civilian", "not children"?? Are they not lives too? During that time, did Malaysian (esp Muslims) boycott everything coming from Iraq?

    What if this war was between Iraq and Iran; or btw Palestine and Egypt (all Muslims) - would Malaysia even give a damn about it? NO, of coz!

    Its becoz this war is btw the most-hated-by-Muslim Israel and Palestine (Muslims)! Thats why u see the excessive reaction!

    C'mon, be realistic, every life is precious. I dont agree with this war, but I am NOT lopsided as in saying Israel is wrong!

    Afterall, u cant clap with one hand; this war is btw the two countries. And with that, the two ARE WRONG!!! And cease fire must be called upon immediately!

    Peace Keeper

  64. Anonymous12:11 am

    to peacekeeper 11.47pm

    Before you pass judgement--study the history of Israel first.... Don't you have any knowledge at all ??????

    Don't be so gullible.....

    please ---go and study history --then comment.

    pezzled malaysian

    ps. i'm non-muslim.

  65. Najib: Only superpowers can solve Palestine problem.

    Will boycott work?

    IF every Malaysian unites to boycott, might as well sever diplomatic tie with US.

  66. laaa...ada jugak pukimak macam si peacekeeper kat malaysia ni.

  67. Anonymous12:38 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Anwar never said it. You can check yourself. 3 part video on the ceramah at KT, 06 January 2009

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Don't be so fast throwing the proverbial stone at people, alright?

  68. Anonymous1:10 am

    I don’t agree hudud law should be confine to Malaysian muslim only.

    I do agree hudud law should apply to all Malaysian citizen irrespective of race & religion.

    I don’t agree using profanities word

    Those who spread lie, cheater (income tax for example) should maim their tongue.

    Those who polluted the environment should be whip 100 x.

    Those who betray this country should be stone to death.

    Those who wish to migrate to other country, we will prepare you a tongkang with one way engine mode and no U turn.

  69. Anonymous4:29 am

    Whatever or whoever the real Annuar Ibrahim is quite immaterial to me. I voted for Pakatan Rakyat on 08/03/08. Right now I am very happy that the completely corrupted UMNO is now on its deathbed ... Wali Kota

  70. Anonymous8:15 am

    Saya sokong saudara Syah di atas.

    Bila masa Anwar cakap gitu, Rocky? Bagilah sumber. Jangan main tulis jer. Kalau kau ni journalist yg baik (konnonnya), kena bagi maklumat lengkap pasal sumber. Paham?

  71. Anonymous8:25 am

    Aku rasa memang dah jelas:

    Rocky ni memang bukan pihak Barisan Rakyat. Tak perlu pun kita sokong Anwar Ibrahim sebagai seorang individu, apa yang penting adalah semangat untuk memberi balik hak dan maruah kembali kepada rakyat biasa dan negara. Ini dia semangat di sebalik sokongan yang diberi oleh rakyat kepada Pakatan Rakyat.

    Bagi mereka yang masing terpinga-pinga keliru kenapa Rocky tidak bersama blogger lain dalam isu menyokong hak rakyat di bawah banner Barisan Rakyat... memang jelas lah... Rocky ni kita tau sekarang di sebelah mana... dia kan penyokong besar Dr. Mahathir dan Mukhriz Mahathir... maka Rocky ni secara senyap-senyap sokong UMNO, bukan Pakatan Rakyat.

    Rocky, Rocky... aku kesian awak... dulu ku respek awak bila kau tidak memihak kepada sesiapa tapi bersuara mempertahankan hak dan keadilan rakyat.

  72. Anonymous8:41 am

    Just nasty words from a bitter homosexual.

  73. Anonymous9:04 am

    Tumpang lalu, bro Rocky.

    Kepada para pembaca sekalian,

    Sila baca dan sekiranya setuju dengan kandungannya, isikan nama di petisyen ini demi demokrasi negara tersayang kita, Malaysia.

    Petisyen ini berkaitan kelayakan dan etika di sebalik Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

    Saya harap para pembaca dapat meluaskan pandangan dan pemahaman anda mengenai pemimpin-pemimpin kita agar kita dapat membuat keputusan terbaik mengenai halatuju dan aspirasi kita sebagai bangsa dan rakyat Malaysia.

    Terima kasih.

    Petisyen dan isi kandungannya (argument mengapa Dato' Seri Najib kurang layak jadi Perdana Menteri) boleh didapati di sini:

  74. Anonymous9:18 am

    Salam bro,

    Anwar was with Umno & was very proud with it once, well... people always forgot...

    Anwar shouldn't say that. No way Umno is like Israel. Anwar is the one who is very 'kamcing' with US!

    Let's boycott US & Israel!!!

  75. Syah wrote:

    "Anwar never said it. You can check yourself. 3 part video on the ceramah at KT, 06 January 2009 .. Don't be so fast throwing the proverbial stone at people, alright?"

    And then Cikgu Manissssssssss echoed:

    "Saya sokong saudara Syah di atas.
    Bila masa Anwar cakap gitu, Rocky? Bagilah sumber. Jangan main tulis jer. Kalau kau ni journalist yg baik (konnonnya), kena bagi maklumat lengkap pasal sumber. Paham?"

    Syah and Cikgu Manissssssssss, I suggest you go to Pak Sheih's blog. He (or his blog administrator) has republished the Malaysian Insider report quoting him on the Israel=Umno statement. If DSAI didn't say it, he would have denied the story on his blog.

    And to Dr Mahathir Muhammud:

    I rejected your earlier comment because you used Dr Mahathir Muhammad when you are clearly not (I could easily tell by the quality of your writing).

    Now, you wrote just now:

    "So to those who ridicule Lim Kit Siang's labelling of the Chinese voters as potential kingmakers -- this includes you, Rocky -- are either naive, prejudiced, or are trying to raise the spectre of racism that UMNO has so often used so well (iaitu strategi menakutkan golongan Melayu dengan menggunakan propaganda lapuk dan dusta untuk menggambarkan seolah-olah orang Cina nak cuba "mengambil kuasa")."

    Please read my posting with care Muhammud, especially the last line:

    "The Chinese in the constituency make up only 11 per cent of the voters, but Lim Kit Siang hails them as the "kingmakers" who will decide who wins the Jan 17 by-election. Indeed, they could be!"

  76. Anonymous9:35 am

    Releks Rocky depa yg komen tu kadang2 tak baca habis dah melalut melatah macam anjing terkejut beruk (betul ke aku tulis ni)...

    Teruatama yg bernama Syah dan Cikgu MAnissssssss

  77. Dear Old Fart,

    If you detest the blatant use of force (water canon, tear gas and FRU batons) by our police force, we should be holding hands in opposing the cruelty of the Israeli regime instead of trying to justify DSAI's faux pas of equating Israeli atrocities with his former party.

  78. Anonymous9:50 am


    MUAH! HA! HA!




  79. Anonymous10:48 am


    wow..rocky's presence or absence in KT seems to be an issue with obviously PKR supporters.

    now...why should Rocky be with Haris and Zorro and the Barisan Rakyat bloggers?

    He has never been a supporter of PKR. neither an Umno supporter. Not DAP, not PAS.

    He has friends in all the political parties.

    He is a journalist.

    But can you imagine, Rocky. If you were in KT now, they'd say you're an Umno blogger.

    Duck these duckers, man.

    Rocky bro, you really got them all incensed, huh? Therefore you can see the knives are getting sharper and sharper.

    Din Merican and the likes of him will continue to discredit and demonize you, bro.

    as for NST's top editorial guys seem to know more than does Rocky.

    Rocky bro...they just can't get enough of you...

  80. Anonymous11:13 am

    Good Read..

  81. Anonymous11:45 am

    Nowdays, most of the USA product are sourced to be made in 3rd world country or other parts of the world..

    I do not find it difficult to go with the boycotting..not so much in the list anymore, huh.. The only things still remain with them are financial & insurance not to mention NBA, American football, baseball , Detroit & sex entertainment.. hahaha...

    p/s: some boxminded idiot still cannot see that & forever will glorify USA..
    Go Obama..Go Bummerr.. Go Bomber! hohohoho...
    Windows worshipper? Better opt for other OS or just go back to green screen applications - no virus! no spyware! no nonsense!

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  82. I see few american worshippers think that Malaysia cannot survive if US boycott us. I dont know that Cuba, Iran, Venezuela are sufferred becoz american dont like them. Previously china n vietnam can survive even US sactioned them.

    Well of coz, I will say that we like US product for e.g. Levis jeans n MC D although prosperity burger is suck. But well even though u say that we need microsoft if ur intelligent enough u can choose using linux or AMD processor. But I will say that not all american supports Jew for e.g. Mel Gibson.

    But depends on the US economy is damn fool and too risky, becoz if we export our goods there. There is a possibility that US will not pay back to us becoz they are in the turmoil especially their liquidity. So to malaysia better we exploit other markets and start to be friendly with other big countries.

    To DSAI, oh I didnt know that Your best pal Paul Wolfshit is not a jew.

  83. Anonymous12:13 pm

    "Syah and Cikgu Manissssssssss, I suggest you go to Pak Sheih's blog. He (or his blog administrator) has republished the Malaysian Insider report quoting him on the Israel=Umno statement. If DSAI didn't say it, he would have denied the story on his blog."

    Dear Rocky,

    What's funny is that Anwar's supposed statement is only reported in the MalaysianInsider. No one else carried the story. Of course, now they're carrying the comments people make on Anwar's supposed statement.

    Just because Anwar didn't deny it, doesn't mean he said it, right? Well if it makes you happy, YB Tian Chua has denied it:

    Anyways, you might not be able to stand listening to Anwar for about 30 minutes, but in the interst of fairness, I urge you to do so. I have provided the links earlier.

  84. ...........AL - JUBURI............

  85. Mahathir Mohammad,

    You referred to New Zealand First.

    It may be true of them and their influence in 1996 and for about a decade after.

    At the latest elections on 8 November 2008, their Winston Peters, the face of New Zealand first got retired by the people permanently.

    Not only did he not get elected by his constituents for an electorate seat, the New Zealand system of proportional representation which would have given their leader, Winston Peters, a second shot at the pie, assuming he was placed on top of the list of his party's list nominees, the entire New Zealand population also denied him and his party a List seat. His party only got 4.07% of the votes. Entitlement to a list seat is only available if the party gets over 5% of the party votes. Any party whose candidate wins an electorate seat will be entitled to additional list seats if the party also gets more than 3% of the party votes.

    Today, New Zealand First is gone. And just before the elections their leader Winston Peters was also shamed into being got rid off as Foreign Minister.

    And oh, by the way, on his official visit to Malaysia a couple of years ago, he went back home seriously ill from an apparent mosquito bite that he got here. You never take care of him properly ah?

  86. Dear Rocky,

    I have yet to see any criticism of the disproportionate use of force by our UMNO led BN government on Malaysian protesters of Malaysian issues.

    The hypocrisy of the Malaysian protest at the international level over Israeli aggression rings hollow and an embarrassment to the people of Malaysia mostly because we seem to be able to see the mole in someone else's eyes but not the mole in our own.

  87. Anonymous2:01 pm

    forget about all those boycott-US-products nonsense.

    It has never worked in the past, and it will never in the future. Get real people!! stop living in la-la land, and think the world revolves around us!! Want that to happen??...become a world superpower :)...apart from that, don't waste time in the little things...

  88. It's the boycott season again huh ...

    As far as I know, the US has been a key supporter of Israel for so many many years. During this time countless Palestinians have been maimed , killed , scarred etc. If people are serious about boycott, the US would have got the message by now. Hangat hangat tahi ayam lah. Boycott cola now, then after 1 month your little son mintak kola ayah you buy again ...

    Anyway, is boycott a good idea? it just makes life more difficult ... everything you want to trace whether it has US ties, pretty soon, you might as well decide to run to a cave and live in isolation because the US is such a powerful economy that it is nearly impossible not to buy something from it (except if you live in a cave of course)

    The major players like Saudis ... the ones who really hold the thing that US crave - oil , they should be the one pressuring the US with oil. However, for some unknown reason, they always keep quiet, while people in a weak country like Malaysia, want to play taikor and solve the Palestine problem. Hey the taikor is Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and they are keeping quiet, so how to solve this problem?

  89. Anonymous4:09 pm


    Malaysian already did terrible thingy than boycotte.. malaysia boleh with everything can do as long as got profit did it by making and buy a million copies of pirate cd, vcd, computer software and etc.

    Thanks for them.

  90. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Dalam Pakatan Rakyat, pemimpin DAP yang menyokong DSAI cuma seorang sahaja iaitu Lim Kit Siang. Sokongan dia pun sebenarnya tidak ikhlas... ada udang disebalik batu. Pemimpin2 muda DAP seperti Lim Guan Eng dan YB baru Jeff Ooi memang lebih paham siapa DSAI ini. Itulah sebabnya mereka tidak menonjol sokongan kepada DSAI.

    Bro Rocky, Jeff being your close buddy must have confide with you about his feelings about DSAI. Care to share it with us?

  91. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Hei guys try to understand this..

    Berikut disiarkan petikan dari blog Anwar Ibrahim pertanyaan seorang pembaca mengenai penglibatan Anwar dalam 'Annapolis Summit '

    Munirah Hayati menanyakan: Saya berpendapat, selain dari sejarah keganasan Zionis yg sudah berzaman, mutakhir ini US & Israel merasa terancam kerana Hamas menjadi pilihan rakyat melalui pilihanraya di palestin pada 2006 @ 2007 kalau saya tidak silap. US tidak mengiktiraf Hamas kerana katanya Hamas adalah pertubuhan ‘teroris’

    Now, based on history any reasonable and fair-minded person will realise, when they look beyond the propaganda line - the Zionists are a much much bigger ‘terrorist’ than Hamas, which is a small, very powerless group of people fighting for their own ‘right of return’ & ‘liberation of Al-Aqsa’

    You, Anwar Ibrahim - has been part of the Annapolis Summit in November 2007 - clearly in support of America and their denouncement of Hamas. I wish i can understand why you decided to be part of that. News report from AlJazeera now link the current offensive (i call it genocide & massacre by terrorist Zionist) as a result of careful planning and years of “peaceful negotiation” by US and other countries in summits that are not attended by the legitimate government of the people of Palestine. I pray to Allah every hands that go into the planning of the current massacre will justly be cursed in this life & the next wassalam —–


    Saudari Munirah, Saya kurang pasti siapa yang sasau menyebar dakyah sebegini dengan dendam kesumat sademikian. Mungkin hasil latihan fitnah BTN! Secara konsisten saya menggesa pengiktirafan ke atas HAMAS dan menegur pimpinan UMNO-BN kerana mengenepikan wakil HAMAS di Kuala Lumpur. Saya tidak pernah menyentuh apa lagi mendukung Annapolis Summit.


    Kenapa Anwar ingin menyalahkan orang lain atau pun BTN tentang tindakkannya menandatangani perjanjian tersebut. Adakah hebat sangat BTN sehingga boleh mempengaruhi akhbar di luar negara untuk menyiarkan berita tersebut. Adakah Anwar sudah tersilap langkah hingga ingin menyalahkan orang lain.

    STEVEN CLEMONS dalam The Washington Note mengesahkan ANWAR IBRAHIM, bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia turut sama menandatangani surat 'sokongan' deklarasi "Annapolis Summit" kepada Presiden George W. Bush dan Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, pada 10 October 2007. ANWAR IBRAHIM dilaporkan telah menandatangani surat 'sokongan' deklarasi itu sebaris dengan JOHN McLAUGHLIN, bekas Timbalan Pengarah CIA; SHLOMO BEN-AMI, bekas Menteri Luar Negara Israel; HARRIET BABBITT bekas Pengarah NDI; JOHN MALOTT, bekas Duta US; CHRISTOPHER PATTEN, Co-Chair of ICG; STEVEN CLEMONS, Pengarah, New America Foundation dan lain-lain lagi.

    Semua nama-nama itu merupakah bekas-bekas tokoh berpengaruh kerajaan Amerika dan tokoh luar negara yang pro Amerika. Sudah semestinya tokoh-tokoh Amerika itu sudah mengenali siapakah Anwar Ibrahim dan mengetahui atas alasan apa bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia turut dijemput menandatangani surat deklarasi itu.

    Persoalan : 1. Anwar Ibrahim mewakili kepentingan pihak mana dalam menandatangani surat 'sokongan' deklarasi Annapolis Summit itu ? Kepentingan Kerajaan AMERIKA atau Negara ISLAM ?

    2. Atas kapasiti apa Anwar tandatangani surat itu ? Diplomat Jemputan Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Ahli kehormat International Crisis Group (ICJ), United States Middle East Project (USMEP)atau bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia ?

    3. Dengan persetujuan menurunkan tandatangan deklarasi itu, bermakna Anwar telah mengiktiraf kewujudan NEGARA ISRAEL sebagai sebuah negara yang SAH ?

    4. Kenapa majoriti yang menandatangani deklarasi itu terdiri daripada tokoh-tokoh Amerika yang bukan beragama Islam ? Hanya Anwar dan 4 lain beragama Islam sedangkan 77 orang pula bukan beragama Islam ?

    5. Kenapa deklarasi sokongan Annapolis Summit diketuai 8 tokoh yang berpengaruh di Amerika iaitu Zbigniew Brzezinski, Lee H. Hamilton, Carla Hills, Nancy Kassebaum-Baker, Thomas R. Pickering, Brent Scowcroft, Theodore C Sorenson dan Paul Volcker?

    6. Kenapa nama Anwar dimasukkan sebagai senarai kedua bersama tokoh-tokoh badan perisikan, penajaan dan ejen iaitu Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), International Crisis Group (ICG), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), National Democratic Institute (NDI), United States Middle East Project (USMEP), The New American Foundation, Brookings Institution, Open Society Institute, National Intelligence Council, RAND Corporation dan National Security Council ?

    7. Adakah badan-badan perisikan, penajaan dan ejen seperti yang disenaraikan di atas sebelum ini pernah terlibat secara langsung (overt) dan tidak langsung (covert) ke atas negara-negara Islam ?

    8. Kenapa pula negara Syria dan HAMAS serta majoriti penduduk Palestin menentang 'pelan damai' itu yang dianggap sebagai sangat menguntungkan Israel ?

    9. Benarkah dakwaan HAMAS mengatakan Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei (Iran) tidak bersetuju dengan Annapolis Summit dan menyeru dunia Arab memboikotnya.

    10. Benarkah Anwar bersama empat orang Islam itu sangat pro-Amerika hingga sanggup membelakangkan kepentingan HAMAS dan majoriti penduduk Palestin yang beragama Islam?

    11. Betulkah dakwaan laman web Moon of Alabama menuduh yayasan yang pernah dipegang oleh Anwar, (Foundation For The Future)merupakan grand design Amerika untuk bantu bekalkan senjata kepada kumpulan ABBAS (FATAH) menentang kumpulan HAMAS ? Kumpulan HAMAS dan majoriti penduduk Palestin menolak 'pelan damai' Annapolis Summit

    12. Kalau tuduhan laman web Moon of Alabama tidak benar, kenapakah STEVEN CLEMONS,(salah seorang penandatangan surat deklarasi Annapolis Summit 2007) dalam The Washington Note mengesahkan Foundation For The Future merupakan tajaan AMERIKA menjalankan operasi misteri yang hanya diketahui oleh Jabatan Negara Amerika ?

    13. Kalau Foundation For The Future adalah tajaan AMERIKA, adakah Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) dan International Crisis Group (ICJ)yang dipegang oleh Anwar sekarang ini juga merupakan 'tajaan' AMERIKA ?

    14. Bukankah usaha AMERIKA 'mendamaikan' antara Ehud Olmert (Israel) dan Abbas (Palestin)sebagai usaha untuk menafikan kemenangan kumpulan HAMAS yang pernah memenangi pilihanraya Palestin sebelum ini ?.

    15. Bukankah 'perjanjian damai' antara Israel dan kumpulan Abbas bertujuan untuk menyemarakkan lagi rasa tidak puas hati kumpulan HAMAS kepada Abbas ?

    16. Apakah bermaksud, dengan termenterai perjanjian ini, Israel boleh cuci tangan kerana peperangan akan terus berlarutan sesama Islam iaitu antara HAMAS dan FATAH.

    17. Kalau begitu, betulkah dakwaan mengatakan "Abbas" merupakan Presiden Palestin, BONEKA Israel dan Amerika ?

    18. Betulkah dakwaan Ahmadinejad, Presiden Iran mengatakan Annapolis Summit merupakan projek Amerika yang gagal dan sangat bahaya kepada dunia Islam ?

    19. Kalau benar, Israel sudah mula 'angkat bendera putih' dan mahu berdamai dengan negara-negara Islam, kenapakah Israel hasut Amerika supaya serang Iran yang didakwa mempunyai senjata nuklear?

    20. Jadi, apa sebenarnya KONSPIRASI di sebalik tabir sedang dimainkan oleh Amerika, Israel dan Anwar Ibrahim yang turut membawa imejnya sebagai "Bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia"?


  92. Anonymous5:33 pm

    (fury9) : boikot = boycott ! will it work !? YES ! it indeed works =

    the mamak ricestall in penang owned by the wretched bukit rat with uncleaned mulut has NOW tutupped oredi lah , hahaha !! NEXT is his petrol kiosk !!

    YES, boikot works = let's boikot billgates products , ok !!

  93. As for the ongoing boycott Made in USA/Israel campaign, I can't believe that nobody has thought of the most obvious product to boycott - Intel CPUs, specifically the entire lineup of Intel Core 2 desktop/mobile CPUs and the latest Intel server lineup.

    As you may know, Intel is an American company and the entire R&D and engineering process that resulted in the creation of Intel's Desktop/Mobile/Server chips were done by Israelis working at the Intel facility @Haifa, Israel. The code names for its entire lineup is also based on Hebrew - Merom, Nehalem, Yonah etc.

    So what is Maybank, CIMB, the government, NSTP, bloggers, Petronas, Mahathir's office waiting for..throw out all your desktops, server racks, laptops, PDAs, data centers that are based on this Made in USA/Design in Israel product. Go for AMD.

    As for Tun M's latest comment that people working for American firms should resign as a sign of protest, all well and good. Here's to more American companies laying off thousands of workers in Malaysia (hint: Western Digital). After all, the end result is still the same isn't it - unemployment, gangsterism, crime.

  94. Anonymous5:49 pm

    You guys think US gives a flying f#ck what you guys think?

    Want to boycott US made products,what if they retaliate and boycott Malaysian made products? We will all be sitting on coconut tree's eating nasi lemak!

    P.S. Rocky is the mamak's spin doctor. He made it sound worse then what was actually said. When Najis takes over, you can post up a picture of you & your new Ferrari. Fucking sellout!

  95. Dear Bro Rocky,

    U rock man, fuck these all Anwar's ass sucker....u guys really dont know how bad anwar is? i will u guys a story in near future.....pls drop by to my blog..


  96. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Syah and his ilk
    Fact 1: eat shitlah man! u tried to twist the obvious and it landed like shit on your face right on this blog by u know who...LOL :

    Now the person you worship and tried to whitewash has it up, stark naked on his blog, apa macam, fuckers!!!

    I will deal with these fuckers later, bro. and has been wankers, dont try to pour scorn on Bru, for we know how to deal with your awanked up lies. Get it!!!

    Warrior 231

  97. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Looks like DSAI no more modal today that he said that if PKR take alk over and if he dont fight for all malaysians that we can spit in his face .....putuiiii much now actually ....sometimes all these politicians say the most dumb things.
    Just like Che Det ask to boycott US dollars and products .....doesnt he realize that by saying this hes actually digging a nice big hole for malaysia.This day and age we dont need to go to war or killer each other to bring acountry down to its knees ...its all economics ....u want to boycott starbuck, coke , kfc .....then be prepared to shit rubber and piss oil palm

    Spit in yr face

  98. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Dear 'Warior 123'

    "Syah and his ilk
    Fact 1: eat shitlah man! u tried to twist the obvious and it landed like shit on your face right on this blog by u know who...LOL :"

    You are an idiot, aren't you?

    I bet you went to link provided by Rocky, clicked on it, saw that it was on Anwar's website and got excited. A-ha! Proof that Anwar said it, because its on his blog.

    Check properly lah... it's a report taken by MalaysianInsider. In fact, like I said earlier, only MalaysianInsider carried this story. All 'reports' reference this particular report.

    I don't want to bicker over this issue much longer. If you don't believe me, watch the video.

  99. Anonymous1:27 am

    Dear 'Warior 123'

    "Syah and his ilk
    Fact 1: eat shitlah man! u tried to twist the obvious and it landed like shit on your face right on this blog by u know who...LOL :"

    You are an idiot, aren't you?

    I bet you went to link provided by Rocky, clicked on it, saw that it was on Anwar's website and got excited. A-ha! Proof that Anwar said it, because its on his blog.

    Check properly lah... it's a report taken by MalaysianInsider. In fact, like I said earlier, only MalaysianInsider carried this story. All 'reports' reference this particular report.

    I don't want to bicker over this issue much longer. If you don't believe me, watch the video.

    9:54 PM


    Hey Syah,you are the idiot who has his head planted nice and comfortably in some giant cunthole!!

    You see, the link i provided you leads to the article you claimed maligned your wishy washy crap spouting rockheaded nincoompoop.

    The article clearly has the journo who wrote it and the Malaysian Insider tagline to boot.I am not dumb like you Fakatan blinkered shit who activate the ol'Equivocator, a word twisting machine specially manufactured in a backyard somewhere in Brokeback Mountain based on the specs provided by the OEM based in the US of A and franchised by its vendor headquatered in Tel Aviv to gullible gullivers like you for use when entangled in ur own shit!!

    Q:If the the said cyberrag has misquoted, maligned or whatever Anwar, why in the shit did HE put it up on HIS blog to give it credence.

    As for the video, have you ever heard of editing, splicing, deleting etcetra. Looks like you have jerked yourself into a cul-de-sac and cannot cum no more, so what else to do but switch on good ol trusty equivocator.

    The points raised by Ketam had already touched upon here:

    Like him or hate him for his writing, he sure got the facts by them balls, wouldnt you all, including Anwaristas, agree?

    Warrior 231

  100. This is more about the 'p.s.', bro.

    I'm just wondering how far we would go with wanting to boycott products made by USA companies.

    And why so selective?