Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ceasefire in KT this Thursday for Gaza?

"The Sources of Terror" - Over the past decade, the US has given Israel US$17 billion in military aid to Israel, making it the largest recipient of such aid. Read h e r e.

original article:
Mukhriz Mahathir, the coordinator for Aman Malaysia, has called on the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat politicians and supporters in Kuala Terengganu for Saturday's by-eleciton to observe a 24-hour "ceasefire" on Thursday, January 15, as a sign of solidarity for Gaza, here.
I doubt the politicians and their supporters care enough but I still hope they'd take this up. We need to UNITE for Gaza.

"This is an illegal gathering. I am giving you ONE minute to disperse!" In the meantime, can someone tell our cops to use their discretion (read: head or brain) in dealing with peaceful, anti-war gatherings like this one? [Read 21 arrested at anti-war vigil].

Apasallah cepat sangat naik darah dan nak tunjuk power? Watch the video and cringe ...


  1. Anonymous1:56 pm


    Inilah dia apabila setiap perbuatan Polis di-kecam oleh PR...sehingga perbuatan yang sememang wajar dilakukan pun di-lihat salah di-sisi undang2.

    Hatred begets hatred lah...what do you expect? Hidup Palestine? It should be "down with Israel,down with USA,down with Zionists!" And get rid of the lilin,polis pantang ada lilin.Bergabunglah dengan satu atau dua MP BN gerenti polis tak kacau punya. Mesti nak tahu siapa pegang tampuk negara kan? Ini soal strategi. Kalau tak nak kena tangkaplah.

    Lu benci gua, gua berkuasa,gua tarok sama lu lah.Simple as that.


  2. Anonymous2:15 pm

    polis ni lebih teruk dari zionis anjing..

  3. Anonymous2:19 pm

    polis lebih truk dari zionis nak beri skgan Gaza pun macm nak bom satu KL. Anjing..

  4. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Ceasefire on thursday. Hahaha! What a joke, Mukriz! Frankly, I emphatised with calamity happening in Gaza.

    However, don't forget also the atrocities happening in other countries. The lists are countless

    a) Myammar
    b) Many parts in Africa

    And many many more. All forgotten.

  5. Anonymous2:56 pm

    You're right. I am shocked by the police action at a gathering which is against the war and which is also in line with the Malaysian government's stand to protest against what Isreal is doing.

    What really disgusted me is to read that thousands could gather and protest at the US embassy and another large group could burn flags in public and none were arrested, let alone ordered to disperse within one minute.

    Why the discrimination? Burning a flag was, to me, a more violent act that could have blown into other acts of violence; at Dataran Merdeka, those gathered were peaceful and only wanted to show their protest in a non-violent manner. How can the police arrest them?

    I want the PM to order and investigation into the abuse of power by those police officers concerned and to take disciplinary action against them for unwarranted harrasment of citizens who were no threat to public order.

    If he does not, then I will wait to see the Education minister being arrested for using minors to stage a political action. After all, the police did it to the JERIT organisers so they must show they are impartial and that whether BN or others, government or non-government, they will act.

    But don't hold your breath - they know where their salary comes from.

    Disgusted Citizen

  6. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Hamid, Chor

    is that how your ,mah chai behave?
    dont freaking give your excuse about permits. this is thuggery behaviour.
    PERCEPTION only?

    Bangsa Malaysia

  7. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Was the gathering to demonstrate against Israel in front of the US embassy after the Friday prayer considered illegal gathering? Why there was not police action taken against them?

  8. Anonymous4:01 pm

    The Police were just doing what they were ordered to do...although some of its members were more keen than others when it comes to obeying those orders. Dont 'tarok' the servants, look at their master.

  9. Anonymous4:19 pm

    When the law is unjust it is the law that needs to be changed. Article 10 (2), (3), and (4) needs to be repealed or at the very least modified.

  10. The police have always been partisan. Piagam Polis dah jadik macam gambar Sultan Kedah dulu kat kedai-kedai makan. Tahap tahyul je.

    Benda ni berlaku perlahan-lahan selama berpuluh tahun. Yang tinggal akhirnya angkatan polis yang kita ada sekarang. Berapa kali Khairy demo tak kena tangkap? Hai soal siasat polis pun takder? Mukhriz pun sama kot? Antara dua darjat le beb.

    Maybe this should be treated with the same contempt with UMNO's "Melayu mesti bersatu" calls previously when they get their asses kicked in GEs.

    The PR might be better off arranging their own do and let UMNO continue with theirs.

  11. Bro,

    Did they get a permit for the gathering? Common lah, polis masuk aje cara aman, suara perempuan aje yang terjerit2 menengking tak pasal pasal. If they didn't have a permit, then I'm right behind the police! Don't the people always b*tch about the rule of law?

    Anyway, look at the Indian gentleman. He was nice and really trying to negotiate. Yang mP Melayu tu lagi nak tunjuk kurang ajar making it worse instead of pleading for the police tyo give them some time and leave. The Indian chap was trying to solve the problem and the Malay guy in the movie was killing the purpose.

    Bottom line, no permit, no can do. Jangan nak mengada ngada buat law sendiri and have the double standards that they are accusing the govt of practising.

    Let's do a real good demonstration across the board, pakatan and bn walk hand in hand for this cause, then we'll get the numbers and show the world that we are united for this cause.

    What say u Rocks? Y don't u initiate this noble effort and get us together? I'll be there with u on the street.

  12. Some gatherings are legally illegal and some are illegally legal.Malaysia
    boleh!Sometimes, burning another country's flag in the middle of a public road is OK, and sometimes holding a peaceful anti-war vigil in not OK.Malaysia boleh!This is akin to flip-flop or is it at the whimps and fancies of the police?Calling for a so-called ceasefire in the middle of a by election .Is that OK?Is it realistic or is it politically motivated?
    Asking peoples who call hardly survived to give up their jobs, is that not ridiculous?Calling for a boycott of franchised local businesses selling 'american goods', is it OK or is it a bit on the stupid side?Malaysia boleh!

  13. Kita di Malaysia ini jauh dari Gaza. Jika negara-negara Arab yang lebioh kaya dan Iran yanf lebih kuat pun tidak peduli, kenapa kita jerit-jerit ? Sia-sia sahajalah !

  14. Anonymous6:15 pm


    Bila rakyat yang membuat protest aman terhadap barisan pemerintah, iaitu Barisan Nasional dan UMNO, kamu senyap dan tidak menimbulkan kezaliman polis dalam mengkongkong hak rakyat.

    Tapi bila golongan dari barisan parti pemerintah yang membuat protest aman, kau bising pula.

    Apa la Rocky ni, semakin lama semakin jelas lah pendirian kau tu... Sedey, sedey...

  15. Anonymous7:02 pm


    Polis tu memang nak tunjuk kuasa. Aku datang hadiri demonstrasi kat bandar melbourne, australia pasal serangan israel ke atas gaza. Polis yg ada kat sana hanya berdiri letak barricade utk pastikan keselamatan orang ramai. Takde pun dia nak disperse crowd tunjuk kuasa mcm polis malaysia.


    Can't help but feel that Malaysian public is being treated the way an army instructor would treat his trainees.

  17. Anonymous7:42 pm


    It is heartening to see Malaysians joining forces, regardless of creed or colour, to show our protest against Israel's massacre of Palestinians or other deprived communities in other parts of the world. I'm sure whoever initiated the gathering did it in good faith.

    And, I'm sure the organisers are aware of the legal procedures that have to be observed when organising such a big crowd (I could see underaged citizens in the footage, too. And, it was a night vigil, wasn't it?)

    Doesn't good reporting involve some background search to ascertain the validity of an incident? Did the organiser apply for a police permit? If there was, had it been submitted in ample time?

    If indeed the police would not cause any problem to a gathering involving BN MPs, how sure can those who point accusing fingers be that the gathering did not have a police permit?

    It's well and good to provide a check and balance to move Malaysia forward in terms of democratic process. But it's not good to throw allegations just because one is not happy with the way things are done.

    I don't think it's fair to accuse the police of highhanded handling of public gatherings each time incidents such as this get the attention of the media. I think the law should apply to all and sundry.

    After all, the law does not vindicate a man of a criminal charge on account of ignorance, does it? I don't think it's fair to drag the police or any security agency into the picture each time there is some political collusion of sorts.


  18. Salam Tuan Rocky,

    Probably things would turned out differently if the demonstrators have a permit for such gathering.

    Is it so difficult to apply for one?

    Terima kasih. Wassalam.

  19. Anonymous8:34 pm

    how now bro rocky?

    can you or can you not show your support for Gaza? Or does it depends on who is the organizer?

    rakyat biasa

  20. What about all the Arab country..?
    in Qatar they are busy watching tennis invitation tournament..?
    and Dubai they are also busy watching England FA trainning..

  21. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I pray to God, may G.W Bush, Livni, Olmert and Ehud Barak died with syphlis and those who handle their corpses also infected with syhplis and those who walk pass by their graves also got infected with syphlis.

    Din Pungkok
    Tanah Liat

  22. Anonymous10:39 pm

    What all this "Gaza" wayang play by the Mahathir son of Mamak family? Our Penan tribe in Sarawak are crying for years during the Mamak rule of 22 years that gave us the darkest years and until today our Penan brothers are still being marginalized.

    God save our Penan brother please.

  23. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Calling a truce in KT? That's quite unlikely because the call comes from Mukriz of Umno/Barisan camp.

    Anwar is not likely to agree because he gets the red carpet treatment from America/Jewish supporters.

    About the demonstrations...... , well it seems that every issue will get people on the streets. All these street rule does is cause inconvenience to others on their everyday affairs at the affected area.

    Time to get rid of the street and mob rule mentality that is catching up very fast. Eventually they will march to the airport 'because it is their right' to demonstrate.

    Wise up fellas. On this, I support the Police, which I rarely do. But credit must given if that credit is due.


  24. truce for what? UMNO can't multi task ka? let the KT by-election proceed.

    as for police, double standards la as usual.

    BTW police permit is not easy to get for opposition. and BN/UMNO protest no permit but is legal lo.

  25. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Fadhli said...


    "Polis yg ada kat sana hanya berdiri letak barricade utk pastikan keselamatan orang ramai. Takde pun dia nak disperse crowd tunjuk kuasa mcm polis malaysia."

    Beb senang cakaplah lain padang lain belalang. Suka atau tidak kita perlukan mereka;tidak hari ini mungkin esok!

    Anda mungkin tidak terfikir yang jiran pulau selatan pun tidak ada "bunyi"langsung? Apa pasal? Beb pasukan polis pun manusia macam kita juga ada rasa ada perasaan beb. Asyik polis aje nak jaga perasaan masyarakat,kita tidak payah jaga perasaan mereka??


  26. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    No wonder Israel and Anwar Ibrahim were in hurry.The former is to cleanse GAZA and WEST BANK of Palestines by mid 2009 and the later to become Emperor of Malaysia by 16th September 2008. Mossad has told them that their Uncle Sam, the the USA is going to split into six entities by 2010according to Prof Panarin. Please read or read Bunn Negara's Sunday Star, 11th Jan 2009.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  27. No need to suspend campaigning for one day, lah. None of those politicians really care for Gaza.

    Besides it so McCainesque who did the same during his campaign to work on the infamous bailout of the Wall Street Shylocks.

    If we want to boycott all things American, shouldn't that extend to their ideas and actions too? Plagiarism never is welcome, don't you agree, Rocky?

    Better to channel one day's equivalent of the money being used by BN to seduce voters to the Palestinian relief funds. Put your money where your mouth is, and all that.

    As to our cops, what more can we say. Somehow using the head, being civil, remembering who you should REALLY work for seems rather alien concepts to them. Maybe its the climate, the food, the uniform that makes them behave no different from the thugs that they should be protecting us from.

    Or maybe they think they have a potential Gaza in Dataran so, like the Israelis, using inordinate force is the only way. Copy cats again.

  28. Anonymous12:40 am

    pihak polis personnel are just doing their job lah. normally when indians and half indians are in group to protest against anything mereka ni selalu bikin kecoh lah.

    when will they learn? get a proper permit and demo lah - no one is above the law lah.

    last time the damned hindraf made a lot of kecoh and said all kind things in their memo to the british embassy against the malay umno. today their leader is asking the indian government to install embargo malaysia. but the funny thing and the reality can see big numbers of indian nationals are found in our country whether legal or illegally. go to any indian/mamak restaurant to attest this.

    ever since the chocolate bar council are patronage by mostly chocolate lawyers, every damned laws and constitutions are being challenged. nak test water kot.

    don't belief? when the demo is supposed to be for the plight of palestine there some bearing banners of free sri lanka!


  29. Anonymous2:52 am

    apa giler.....kalau something happen sapa nak tanggung...elok la polis ada kat situ

    mencegah lebih baik dari mengubat

    ko march like superstar...ko lebih bencikan israel than the rest of us?

    grow up!

  30. Anonymous6:24 am

    Perception: " for police, double standards la as usual.." (Rocky said)

    Fact: Rocky does not really know for sure that this is so because Rocky has not done enough investigation to prove it is so.

    Perception: "... BTW police permit is not easy to get for opposition. and BN/UMNO protest no permit but is legal lo.."

    Fact: Rocky does not really know for sure that this is so because, again, Rocky has not done enough to find out if this is so.

    The fact is, it is easier to throw aspersions than to be impartial in one's views of things one is not too happy with. After all, it is no easy task to search for the truth.

    The danger of transforming the minds of the masses into believing perception to be the truth is instiling hatred and dissatisfaction against the innocent.

    A classic example is the Palestinian cause itself. Since pre-school, Israeli Jews have been repeated taught and told that it is all right to have the blood of Palestinians. This is consistently achieved through children's songs even at that early stage.

    So, the Isrealis grow up with the perception that it is ok for Jews to kill Arabs.

    And here in blogosphere, the perception is the police practice double standards, the police are prejudiced against the opposition, the police are "worse that the Zionists", the police are "dogs".

    Rocky, I think you are capable of impartiality and fair play.

    If you feel that the police should be around to protect your home from break-ins, etc... why not allow the police to do their work to keep public order for other members of the public who do not choose to be part of such illegal gatherings, who would prefer to enjoy KL at night in more peaceful surroundings?


  31. Anonymous8:06 am

    Rocky aku nak tanya...

    Kenapa kalo orang pro-Barisan Nasional/UMNO buat protes polis tak buat apa-apa, tapi kalau golongan bukan-BN/UMNO buat protes polis berkeras pula?

    Kenapa kau tak bersuara masa Jerit dan BERSIH ditindas polis?

  32. Anonymous8:48 am

    Saya tertarik dengan penggunaan gambar Mukhriz Mahathir di sini.

    Di, photo Mukhriz juga digunakan oleh PAS untuk memperkenalkan Mukhriz dan pendiriannya kepada penduduk Terengganu.

    Kata-kata Muhriz dan Ahmad Ismail (Pulau Pinang) kembali menghantui UMNO (

    Komen menarik yang diberi oleh salah seorang pembaca rencana itu saya sertakan di bawah ini, kerana ianya mengandungi isi yang tepat dan harus dipertimbangkan apabila kita ingin mengkaji punca masalah keruntuhan UMNO dan masalah penurunan dalam kebajikan rakyat di Malaysia dan perbezaan kekayaan di Malaysia yang adalah yang tertinggi sekali di ASEAN:

    Message for hope for all
    written by Asam Pedas, January 11, 2009

    Orang Melayu tak akan lupa kecelakaan yang dibawa oleh TDM terhadap UMNO, rakyat Melayu and Malaysia secara am. Perjanjian tol yang pesong. Perjajian IPP juga yang pesong. Semua adalah tahi TDM. TDM menabik dada beliau adalah Melayu. Menangis di perhimpunan agong UMNO yang Melayu mudah lupa. Beliau permainkan emosi patriotik nasionalisma. Semua untuk menutup kecelakaan yang beliau bawa kepada Bangsa Melayu, UMNO and negara ini secara amnya.

    Rata-rata orang Melayu sama dengan semua bangsa merasai kebodohan rakyat jelata yang telah DIBOHONGI oleh TDM. Semua ini untuk kuasa dan ketamakan beliau. Bukan sahaja beliau dianggap pariah oleh ramai kalangan Melayu sendiri, UMNO turut dijahanam oleh beliau.

    Kita tunjukkan kuasa rakyat dalam Kuala Terengganu dan pilihan raya 13 nanti. Tukarlah kerajaan untuk membersihkan tahi-tahi ini.

  33. Anonymous10:41 am


    Hari ini, kita lihat ramai yang sudah hilang rasa hurmat kepada POLIS, apa sebenarnya sudah jadi dengan negara ini... saya personally berpendapat bahawa bubarkan pasukan POLIS kerana rakyat hari ini sudah boleh menjaga keamanan dengan sendirinya.Rakyat sudah bijak dan pandai dan lebih arif tentang undang-undang di Malaysia.Saya berpendapat rakyat Malaysia sukakan demonstrasi dan kalau itulah biarkan......Inilah baru di sebut negara demokrasi.Biarkan PM orang Cina atau India memerintah barulah demokrasi...Biarkan kongsi2gelap bermaharajalela barulah demokrasi...biarkan pengedar2 dadah melakukan perniagaan mereka, barulah demokrasi....Kita tidak perlu lagi POLIS barulah demokrasi. Inilah aspirasi rakyat hari ini yg sudah bijak pandai.

  34. Polis macam Israel shout is really saying something. The polis need to relook at how they are handling things. Upper levels at polis need to get their act together.

    why is this group denied to protest. cost their are not BN?

  35. Anonymous12:08 pm

    bro!nak sokong Islam kena halang. apa kata suruh je semua orang gomen sumbang RM1, pegawai gomen sumbang RM10, menteri menteri lagi banyak sumbang.
    polis lagi sumbang lebih sikit jadi tak de 'rally'!


  36. If Khairy, Mukhriz want to organize rally to support the Palestinians, it is O.K. , but when PR wants to show the same thing, the police stop them.

    To me it is very simple, the BN government is a hypocrite. It wants to score political points using the misery of Palestinians. By denying the opposition the same chance to voice their protest, they think they can trick the people into believing that only BN cares about such issues.


    Now can you see why the people are so fed up with UMNO?

  37. Anonymous8:34 pm


    Its just wolves parading in a sheeps skin.

    They just want to provoke the people against the police. A clear PKR's strategy. Misguiding.

  38. Rocky,

    Another nail in the coffin for our beloved PDRM. I think the level of officers seen in this video is appaling. Syed Hamid and the big wigs in PDRM should be ashamed of themselves. I am reminded that Bush in his exit interview said that water-boarding Khalid was necessary to keep US safe. I guess that our jokers will say the same baloney like the infamous ISA is needed to keep Sin Chiew reporters safe!

  39. Anonymous12:09 am

    elok jugak polis raja di malaysia buat perangai macam tu,otomatik rakyat makin menyampah kat depa dan BN/UMNO!

    from the jazzman.

  40. >>pihak polis personnel are just doing their job lah. normally when indians and half indians are in group to protest against anything mereka ni selalu bikin kecoh lah.<<

    Mana ada Mukhriz bikin kecoh kacau? You had better retract your statement! And he should have been proud of India and Sri Lanka!

    Generalizing is SOOOOOOO easy.....

  41. Prachai,

    You yang tak faham. BN tahu apa dia buat. Kalau untuk Palestine,satu sahaja.

    PR, is a confused party macam dia confused nak sokong atau tak Hudud juga.

    Kalau Palestine yang hendak di perjuangkan, apa pasal kau semua bawak banner Sri Lanka? Nak tolong Palestine terminum Todi ke?

    Nak berdemonstrasi pun tak pandai lepastu nak memekak pulak!

  42. Amboi Rocky kalu Mukhriz bukan main lagi hang promote. Berapa depa bayaq hang?

  43. Anonymous10:49 am

    Dear Rocky,
    Inilah salah satu kekurangan bagi PDRM dalam menangani perkara hal kemanusian. Dalam ertikata lain tidak ada otak "timbangrasa dan kebijaksanan" menilaikan yang betul dan yang tak betul.
    Saya mencadangkan kepada pemimpin tinggi PDRM memasukan sikap "bijaksana' menilaikan situasi yang memudaratkam awam. Jangan jadi robot, polis zaman sekarang misti bijak dan waras bila membuat keputusan agar tidak dikatakan polis kita "kurang bijak" maupun "arrogant".
    Wake up PDRM

    Bekas Anak SC

  44. Anonymous12:46 pm

    polis jadi macam ni sebab menteri dalam negeri dia perangai lebih kurang.

    untuk pengetahuan semua, sejak menteri itu jadi menteri, keadaan pejabat di parcel D putrajaya dah tak mesra rakyat dah. wartawan nak masuk pun susah walaupun parking banyak.

    hari tu bila YB Manogaran nak masuk untuk berjumpa menteri isu simbah air panas ke atas seorang lelaki india, semua kereta kena tahan. tak bagi masuk termasuk lah kenderaan wartawan.

    ini semua arahan syed hamid la...

  45. Anonymous3:51 pm

    (fury9) : advice = mahathiu & family
    should be in gaza to help out the muslim siblings lah, what for 'talking & shouting' ribu2 miles away : lips service sajalah, aku pun boleh !!

  46. Anonymous 12:46

    Lu ingat wartawan is above the law kah?

    Lu ingat ini wartawan besar sangat yang dia boleh buat suka hati nenek dia masuk kelaur mana2 aje?

    Sudahlah....pergi cover Siti Nurhaliza kunci jam berharga dia tu aje....jangan sibuk2 nak tunjuk terror.

    Surat khabar kepunyaan kerajaan. Reporter makan gaji dari kerajaan tapi jadi sundal untuk pembangkang.



  49. Amigo, hamas will never die. All their leadership and founders have been assassinated by Israel. New ones will emerge to take their place. Im not surprised if the Gaza atrocities create another even more violent gropup like alqaeda. Hamas, fatah, hezbollah etc didnt exist before 1948. They are the palestinian reaction to the zionist invasion. In short Israel created these entities. To eliminate them whould be to elimiinate the entire palestinian race.

    And youre very wrong amigo, world peace can only materialize when zionist thinking is no more and Palestine is free.