Monday, January 12, 2009

Dewan Rakyat Special Sitting

Pain in the butt. Malaysia's parliament meet for a Special Sitting to discuss the Gaza issue today at 2.30 pm.

As I see it, here is an opportunity for outgoing PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to go out with a bang.

An opportunity to condemn Bush for protecting Israel and to condemn Tel Aviv for Gaza.

And here is a chance, too, for Anwar Ibrahim, the Opposition leader, to do the same.

Go to hell with talk about his friendship with Paul Wolfowitz, who not too long ago was probably the second most powerful Jew in the Bush Administration.

[See The Jews in George Bush's Cabinet]

Here is a chance for Anwar to condemn Wolfowitz for his close ties to the Israeli military.

Today at the Special Sitting, Malaysia has a chance to be a pain in the butt. Such pain helped end Apartheid in South Africa. It also helped end the Balkan War. Let's help end the Israeli atrocities and let Gaza live.

Here's an opportunity to consider several proposals.

1. An OIC peace-keeping force to oversee conflicts in Islamic counties, including Palestine. The proposal was made by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi;

2. Adopt a resolution for the UN to set up an international tirbunal to investigate and prosecute Israeli war crimes, as had been suggested by Francis Boyle, an expert in international law and human rights, from the United States.
Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has proposed that the special sitting of the Dewan Rakyat discuss this;

3. Boycott of products of Israel's allies, including the United States. This proposal has been made by various quarters in Malaysia and globally; and

To get the OIC members to gazette Gaza and the West Bank as concentration camps (like the infamous Auschwitz which the Nazis created to incarcerate and kill Jews during the Second World War). The proposal was made by Information Minister Shabery Cheek.


  1. Anonymous12:16 am

    I agree with you, we were such a nuisance that it help ended apartheid and Balkan. Can we repeat it with Gaza?

  2. Anonymous1:09 am

    You also forgot Mahathir for obvious reasons. He paid for the meeting. Can you imagine? At least the rest didn't pay. Palestinians are suffering because of Arab dishonesty just like Malaysia's dishonesty (add yours as well). Be aware that the pple are much more informed than you can wish for.

  3. This time around the world at large is up against its greatest bully....a race who simple thinks it is better than the rest.....a race who controls the wealth of the planet.....a race who controls the most sophisticated technology and weaponry.....and a race who controls at least 3 of the veto power voting in the UN...

    Do you think that all the talks and resolutions will do any shite at all?

  4. Anonymous1:41 am

    Item #1 and #2... good idea.

    Item #4...? naaaah.

  5. Anonymous1:45 am

    Boycott US goods? Say we are successful and US decide to retaliate. Do you think the price is worth paying with US investment withdrawal and US boycott of Mslaysian products?

    Hamas military is no match against Israelis might. Firing those tin-can mortar/rockets is nothing more than a mosquitoes bite to the Israelis. When Israelis strikes back what's Hamas going to do? If they had hoped to get international support - their people the palestinian would had paid a heavy price of 800+ dead and still counting.

    It seems the support from Malaysia is based on religious affiliation and hence rational thinking/planning on countering Israelis' aggression is lacking.

    Why are the Arabs and all the Islamic countries not taking military actions?

    The Palestinian problem is a territorial issue and the best approach is by legal means. Unfortunately, the whole issue is now a political-religious issue. I guess the only solution would be the complete demise of one party.

    I dont think I can trust Malaysian Leaders to help resolve the Palestinian problem when they cant even resolve our ethno-religious divide in Malaysia.

    Dont forget, not all Palestinians are Muslim.

    - an Observer

  6. It's not just whether we succeed in getting the lands back in the short term but most importantly is that we speak out against this atrocities and evil. 10 or 20 years from now we can be proud that we tried to do something rather than sit quietly. Silence make cowards of men as they say and history will judge us by our actions.

  7. Anonymous2:23 am

    Kenapa Iran yang kononnya begitu kuat dan hebat dengan peluru berpandu Shaahab-IIInya tidak tolong rakyat Palestin dan hancurkan Israel sekarang ?

  8. Anonymous4:16 am


    why not end unmo's racist apartheid policies here first in the country?

    come to think of it you do not have the qualification to speak on this topic.



  9. Anonymous6:32 am

    The Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City run by the Episcopal (Anglican) Diocese( of Jerusalem is looking for urgent financial support

    Bishop's statement can be read here

    Sarah Verghis

  10. Anonymous6:41 am

    "Here is a chance for Anwar to condemn Wolfowitz for his close ties to the Israeli military."

    I wouldn't bet on it. OTOH if he reads your post he might change the draft to sound like Haniyeh (and call Paul to explain afterwards).

    It's in the afternoon. We'll see.


  11. Anonymous6:50 am

    Do we must. Even though the Arabs can be stubbornly stupid.

  12. Right on PakLah eventhough you should do it when you were NAM and OIC chairman..

  13. Anonymous8:03 am

    Mengapa tiada siapa di Malaysia (dulu dan sekarang) mempersoal atau menghebohkan peperangan terhadap golongan Kristian dan animis di Sudan Selatan, yang dibunuh dan diperkosa oleh golongan Arab Muslim di Sudan Utara -- suatu peperangan yang dimaklum antara peperangan yang paling dahsyat sejak Perang Dunia Ke-2, di mana 2 juta golongan bukan Muslim dibunuh? (sila rujuk di sini --

    Mari kita kecam kekejaman yang dilakukan di mana-mana jua, sama ada kekejaman golongan Israel terhadap Palestin, ataupun golongan Arab Muslim terhadap golongan orang hitam Afrika bukan Muslim di Sudan.

    Jangan kita teruja-uja cuma bila golongan Muslim saja ditindas; mari kita bantah keras bila mana-mana golongan manusia ditindas, di mana-mana jua, walau apa agama atau bangsa.

    Hentikanlah penganiayaan penduduk Palestin dan penduduk Sudan Selatan.

  14. Anonymous8:21 am

    Mintak diorang bincang ni gak... pasal kenapa ada rakyat Malaysia yang tak dibenarkan sembahyang oleh polis Selangor... baca kat sini -->

  15. Anonymous8:31 am

    u guys...get a job!real job.

  16. Anonymous8:32 am

    This will be interesting.

    Anwar will, as usual meander through, even though he enjoys special treatment from the Yanks and America's powerful Jews.

    PAS will be arm twisted by Anwar to agree with whatever he says just as a 'show of support'.

    DAP will remain on the fence and jump at any opportunity to score political points.

    UMNO will capitalise on Anwar's American cronies and the rest of the BN boys will echoe along.

    Talking about boycott of Israeli linked products is easier said than done. Selective product boycotts may be a better option. But any boycott means that alternative products are readily available. Being dependent on foreign products has its disadvantages, especially where locally made products are of inferior quality.

    An example of inferior products can easily be seen at the hypermarkets such as Tesco, Carrefour and Giant outlets. Just go to the wet goods section and browse through the poultry, fish and meat sections. Rotten stuff are recycled and are sold daily amidst the stench from the cleaning areas.

    However Jusco outlets fare a bit better.

    That is just one simple real life example, but consumers still make a beeline for it.

    Anyway, let's see what our brilliant politicians will churn out at the end of the Borak session today.


  17. Anonymous9:17 am

    hi bro

    hahaha. Was that on purpose or what ! I mean that ' pain in the butt ' thing.

    We have our brother anwar to handle that. We all know he's the expert right.

    Of course if its 'pain in the neck'---our own PM can handle that.

    mana ada pain

  18. Anonymous9:23 am

    agree but it must be in long term!!! not short-term. Because once the war stop, we tend to buy again these products!!!!

    rocky, show the products that contribute money to isreal army!!!

    zamri ppbss

  19. Anonymous9:41 am

    and this special sitting of parliament will achieve precisely what?

    apart from letting a lot of politicos vent their frustrations, air their impotence to do anything about gaza and spew a lot of hot air?

    the sheer hypocrisy boggles one's mind!

    what about calling a special sitting of parliament to discuss the issue of race relations and the increase of racial tensions in malaysia? even the pm-in-waiting has warned that malaysia's economy could collapse if racial tensions are not checked.

    isn't that a more important issue and more relevant to malaysians facing the effects of the global economic and financial crisis than debating about what is happening in gaza where the key players and their proxies and paymasters are not interested in working for peace?

    and can we laud the intellectual brilliance and social conscience of the information minister in calling on the oic to condemn israel for genocide and visiting a holocaust on the hapless inhabitants of gaza? a call that will almost certainly never see the light of day in the form of an oic resolution given the attitudes of key oic players like saudi arabia, egypt and the gcc states.

  20. Anonymous9:44 am

    you want to listen to anwar ibrahim talking shit as if he hates israel? cmon la bro.. even 2 months baby can identify between acting and true feeling. today parliament sitting would be just another platform for anwar to project his acting good image.. despite the truth that he had signed the annapolis declaration.

    anwar can go to hell with his jewish friends..

  21. Anwar was so damn proud to be a close friend of Wolfowitz.

    Now its time for Anwar to be truthful to all. End to all his drama

  22. Anonymous10:00 am

    Oh yes, we must be proud of all our achievements in the past&present.
    We are here to put things right.
    If not for us all these wrongs will still be going on...
    Malaysia Boleh!! cause we are indeed a good example.
    -Hippo the Potamas-

  23. Anonymous10:03 am

    Bush has zionist jews as his helpers....and Obama has Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff. Dont hope too much for change.

  24. Anonymous10:13 am


    1. what did dollah do to help palestinian when he's heading OIC?

    2. anwar - a red carpet blue eye boy.....

    Politician don't solve problem la bro, infact they create problems and try to solve it

  25. Anonymous10:13 am

    even if you are US sec of state, what can u do. reverse 1948 territorial deal? favor Arab? what?!, for the past 3 weeks we see the Jews bombing Gaza, I feel so much guilty of us being muslim & can not do anything except high fist, angry at US and isreal. But than I realize, this is not an issue of muslim or islam, we get so sensitive because majority of Palestinian are muslim & if they are christian, hindu or buddha, i am sure a vast majority of malay muslim like me will just past & Pemuda UMNO will never has that high fist gathering (ref to Mukhriz fist). This is an issue of land/ territorial dispute & for Israeli, the Hamas rocketing southern Israel, will our askar melayu not protecting or even retaliating if our children were at risk if Singapore for eg. keep rocketing our southern cities? So why are we so angry? because of innocent children dying? yes I am angry too, but I am more angry to us as a weak muslim & to all the Arab neighbor who close they eyes and some even question does Palestinian really Arab. Also angry to most of us who only see from one angle. So you angry that Israel is occupying Gaza, for what, the prospect of genociting the 1.2mil gazan, than what, being neighbor with greater egypt? See another prospect, what risk will it be, a majority ignorance Hamas militia who ransack and take control tel aviv with the same prospect or well trained israeli army who religiously ok to kill gentile.

  26. "i think we don't have to interfere with those in conflict. Its their own business. Let it be. It will be over soon."

  27. S. Africa and the Balkan weren't Jews my friends. In Israel the Jews are justified if they were to kill any group, race or people not exceeding Six Millions, so what is a couple of hundreds of Arab refugees!

  28. AP – 18 mins ago

    JERUSALEM – Human Rights Watch said Sunday that Israel's military has fired artillery shells with the incendiary agent white phosphorus into Gaza and a doctor there said the chemical was suspected in the case of 10 burn victims who had skin peeling off their faces and bodies.

    WHAT if Iran, Syria, Hezbollah uses Baological & Chemical weapons against Israel?

  29. Anonymous10:46 am


    bukan ke Anwar ni support gila kat IMF.....

    dengar cerita Anwar nak di lantik ke BOD world bank.....

    biasa lah bila dah jadi kawan baik geng Zionis, mintak apa pun dapat.

  30. Please don't tell this secret to Anwar Ibrahim lest he follows it thereby gaining multi-fold popularities amongst the malay muslims and might just perhaps boost his chances to Putrajaya:

    That he PUBLICLY shuns off Wolfowitz, CONDEMNS him and the Jews (as loud as or louder than Dr. M) on the Gaza massacre, be on the forefront in the global voice of condemnation against the Zionist regime (he has the credentials: international figure, former WAMY president, darling of Arabian Princes and Sheikhs etc etc) and thereby reclaiming back his tarnished image.

    I am not sure whether he has got the balls to do this, but perhaps Saiful can fill us on that one.


  31. Anonymous10:51 am


    Ana tak nampak pun Anwar pi kempen anti Yahudi/ US kat US Embasssy atau mana mana venue pun dalam Malaya sejak Isael attack Gaza.

    Padahal si Anwar ni tang cari publisiti berkempen dikhalayak ramai, atas apa isu dia lah yang paling top.

    Tapi bila nak lawan balik dia punye FUNDER, sonyap sunyi pulak dia. Iu lah Anwar.....

    Setakat cakap dalam Parlimen, MP Padang Serai pun boleh buat.


  33. Once Ex PM Mahathir targeted Malaysian population to become 80 million..

    can Malaysia take the 1.5M Gazans to be part of the Malaysian population? If not permanent on temporary basis?

  34. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Just wondering what the Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim, will say.

    He has among the most influential Jewish people in the US as his friends and supporters.

    I think he can do a lot more than the PM to tell his US Jewish friends to intercede to stop the killing in Gaza.

    This is the time for Anwar to show what a good and powerful Muslim leader he is.

    When he was DPM, I reported on his visits to the US and I was then convinced that he was more influetial than Dr Mahathir among the elites in Washington DC, the IMF and World Bank.

    So it's only reasonable that I place some hope in Anwar speaking strongly up in the Parliament and later in Washington among his powerful Jewish and American friends.

    Thank you.

  35. Anonymous11:31 am

    There are enough of our own problems, yet we give priority to an event that has no bearing for our bread and butter. All these acts of hypocrisy from our politicians will just a shout in the wilderness!
    I don't hear the rich and selfish Arab countries making their presence felt. What can Bolehland do? Maybe, just to satisfy our ego.... get a 'worn out' mamak to instigate an unpractical boycott of America goods...what a blooming joke!
    In time of the global financial crisis, let us look after our own house first. Let the powerful nations do the bidding.
    Having said all that, let us morally support the innocent victims caught in this uncalled war. Let us send them medical aid and personels to look after the wounded. Less talk less and have more actions!

  36. Rocky,

    You are using Googl'es blogspot. Google is an American company.

    So why don't you lead the way by boycotting using Google's blogspot?

    Silly man, you and TDM. Useless silly ideas.

    Please use your brain a bit.

  37. I pray to the God AlMighty to crush and wipe off the Jewish Zionist in the holy land of Palestine for once and forever.

    I hope GW Bush to suffer with siflis and dick cancer before he died.

  38. Anonymous11:58 am

    bro!this one i agree cos not just rally but to boycott most of the product listed 'inminds'
    i say, "Abdullah and Anwar should lead the way"

    permas jaya.

  39. Anonymous12:05 pm


    i hope the special session will also call for the unification of palestine. fatah and hamas must close rank in order to facilitate peace talks. there is no way for the international community to work out a peace plan if either side declines to take part.

    the reconciliation of the palestine is most crucial now, i may say.

  40. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Yes we can. If we are single-minded and united within M'sia and without - working alliances that is.

    As long as there are leadership, concrete follow-ups and co-ordination as opposed to mere No Action Talk Only.

  41. Got to be kidding.
    What about the apartheid in Malaysia?

    We make big noise when it is not in Malaysia, but forgot our own backyards. We even make noise to protect Malay diaspora in other countries when the Malay poor is so evident.

    Support the call to Israel to end war immediately.

  42. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Let me propose that ALL genuinely care about the Palestinians resign from ALL American companies in Malaysia... and do it quick. Join the Hamas and fight back.

    Walk the talk... don't just make so much shitty noise... Malaysia is already noisy enough. Don't talk yourselves to death!

    Go, show the victim your love and concern and solidarity with them.

  43. Anonymous12:44 pm


    we agree with Mahfuz Omar we need to kick the US Ambassador out from KL for as long as Israeli occupation and aggression do not stop.

    we also need to suspend FTA talks indefinitely

    List down all the businesses which can be boycotted

    Convince other countries and societies to take same or similar actions

  44. Israel is an illegitimate entity. It is pariah state. It is the only nuclear power in the Middle East for the US billions poured into it by every American President.
    Israel has never been squeamish about murdering children and women. Why should it when George W. Bush through sanctions murdered more than a million children in Iraq.
    Israel will continue to act like the wild beast that it is for the undue influence it has over the American administration.
    It is an open secret that the jews run all the important sectors in the American economy too. So why should it care two hoots about world opinion!

  45. Anonymous1:01 pm

    talk 3 talk 4,

    enuf talking la! just sent our brave askar-askar to fight the israelis or...

    are they only fit to 'jaga' pintu for queen elizabeth?

  46. Anonymous1:10 pm

    The ahli-ahli dewan rakyat... beside that sleeping pm, all oso dam8 blardy good at sitting... no?


    Better take good care of the economy 1st before you could start thinking of helping others.

  47. Dear Rocky,

    As much as I sympathise with the plight of the innocent people in Gaza, get the "Big Guns" in Putrajaya to pass a resolution on Hamas! And please remember, it takes 2 to tango! Given the present situation in Gaza, are the Israelis only to blame?!!!


  48. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Clean remarked "COWARDS!
    WHAT if Iran, Syria, Hezbollah uses Baological & Chemical weapons against Israel?"

    How do you know that these countries or organisations (as in Hezbollah & Hamas) aren't already using the chemical & biological weapons ? Our local media is feeding us mostly one side of the story.

  49. Saudara Rocky,

    Since you do work for a Singapore based media entity and in view of boycott item #3, you might want to consider quitting them as they are fairly strong allies of Israel.

    Not that I am encouraging you to do so, but these types of boycotts in our globally connected world will hurt the locals (such as in your case) more than anything.

  50. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Boycott Singapore first.!!

  51. Hmmm, I wonder what the jews and america will think of our special sitting in parliment,well hmmm you see, probably NOTHING!!!!!, whetever the special sitting parliment session come out with is of no consequence to the isreali or americans, you want to know why, because we can't harm them whatsoever way. So whwt should we do, first, engange the whole world on this issue that the only way anything significance can be achieved. Secondly, we must write complaint letters to the companies that is sponsoring zionist activities, we meaning the citizens of the world as Malaysia itself is a small market. What do we write well for starters the threat of launching a campaign to associate their brand with the killings of woman and children. Finally spred the word, get organise as we need to unite against crime of humanity as doing it alone won't achieved anything. Remember all for one, one for all.

  52. Anonymous4:08 pm

    well, want to put the blame on anwar & his jewish frens...

    but tell us what about those clowns in the oic been doing?

    bodohwi & najis & their buddies in oic if you flers got any balls left, sent in your troops & drive them bastards from gazan territory.

    but then again, that if you guys still got balls, take action & quit grunting like grandmas & senile old men.


  53. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Why sit around in the dewan rakyat, start recalling our embassy staffs back & kick that gringo ambassador & his honchos out from ampang.

    #1. no need oic peace-keeping force, u need retaliation & destroy force

    #2. no need war tribunal, go in - seek & take them out - save time & money.

    #3. no need to boycott, stop eating & shitting.

    #4. to that saliva spitting shabby cheek... closed down kamunting concentration camps 1st.

  54. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Dont just talk. Dont turn the country into a talk-shop. Dont turn the counry into a political theatre. Dont cheapen the Palestnianians; suffering. Enough said. If you really want to help the Palestnians, volunteer as a suicide bomber if you are physically strong. If you are unable to stand the rigours of being a suicide bomber, volunteer as a medic. Just do it (with apologies to Nike, a company with Jewish connections). In the meantime cheers from Tanjong Rambutan Pub.

  55. Anonymous4:59 pm

    to hell with all your sitting...

    think you blardy bunch of nincompoops can change the world by sitting on your fat arses.

    just go armed yourself with guns & c4, the gazan need you now, so do it & do it now.

    stop sitting around in an aircond dewan & talking cocks & bulls...

    shows the world that you bunch are brave lawmakers that will take the bulls by the horns or else... forever hold your silence & go back to propped up the economy.

  56. Rocky,

    Why are Malaysians such busybody who can't even take care of its own people and clean up the sh1t in its own backyard, yet take it upon themselves to tell the rest of the world what to do?

    First you have Najib wanting to help Malays in other countries. WTF - he's not only accusing other countries of mistreating their Malays, he's also trampling on other countries' sovereignty.

    Now, you Rocky, are going to boycott Apartheid thousands of miles away in the Middle East, when you are smack in the middle of home-grown Apartheid. You can't see this log in your own eye because you are Malay, yet you can see the speck in Israel.
    You can easily replace the Star of David with the Jalur Gemilang, and Israel with Malaysia, and you will be spot on.

  57. If one needs to befriend a devil to fight another devil in homeland.....that person is a smart politician.
    He may have a devilish character....but at least...he is trying hard to get rid of UMNO disuniting us.
    One step at a vote him change government...and use the power of our votes...with no fear...for a new devil...doing no harm devils will power can also do stay alive.
    That does not mean UMNO should be given another chance.
    UMNO power was actually terminated 10 years ago...but people's power give chances to new devilish leader UMNO...two more with 92% support...feeling not satisfied..reduced it to 52%.
    The last few years...creating fear...using force...non stop usual dictatorial attitudes...applying race and religion politics...o divide us. We have enough.
    Next come...the most unreliable.....insincere...leader from UMNO...that we will have a chance to experience...after March.
    But the first sign of this devilish character is seen S.Times newspaper.. headline...."Divide We Fall".
    Imagine UMNO PM in waiting...accusing others dividing us.
    Does not Najib..sound like Mahathir blaming others dividing Malaysians.....but in actual fact..racialists UMNO..MCA and MIC..are dividing us....for cleverly....these 30 years?
    UMNO is a bankcrupt more ideas..except the usual...briberies
    offered in race and Hudud Law.
    Lets wise are Trengganu voters are.
    Will they be like Permatang Pauh or like Ijok.

  58. Purple Haze,

    FYI, I dont read local media.
    and AP is not local. Period!

  59. Anonymous6:41 pm

    botak : " ...this is our internal affair, dun you mess it up , ok !?
    we mind our own business so U better do likewise, ok ? tq !!"

  60. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Negara-negara Arab dan Iran belum hantar askars mereka masuk ke Israel kah ? Iran belum pancut peluru berpandu untuk hancur Israel-kah ? Mengapa ?

  61. Anonymous7:56 pm

    eric 3:02 PM

    22 million tourist arrivals in malaysia last year. 11.5 million of them from singapore.

    u want azalina to lose her job?

    anyways, after all the huffing and puffing from pak lah downwards, and after all the fierce resolutions are passed, what will happen?

    the us, china, europe, india, russia and japan will still continue to do business with israel. the arabs will suck it in because if no one buys their oil, they will be in deep s**t. iran and syria will run around mouthing off. and the gcc states will still look to the us as big brother.

    let's see if malaysia can persuade the asian countries that have diplomatic ties with israel to sever such ties. that's the likes of india, china, japan, south korea and singapore. rais yatim - where are you?

  62. Anonymous8:33 pm

    The world must call for a One State solution based on a modified version of the principles that brought an end to white - rule in South Africa.

  63. Anonymous8:37 pm

    The OIC must seek a One State solution to the Palestinian issue based on a modified version of the principles that brought white rule to an end in South Africa


  64. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Yes, end in-house racist apartheid policies first before involve in international problem.


  65. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Mr Clean,

    Kamu bawa masuklah 1.5M Gaza tu masuk malaysia.Biar roket terbang sana sini.Kami pula tak mahu bayar cukai.Kamu bagi 1.5M tu makan pasirlah.....Memang bodoh..Tak tahulah otak tu simpan kat mana.


  66. Anonymous9:57 pm

    anon 12.35
    come join us!
    will ye?


  67. Anonymous10:44 pm

    We must remember that Israel is not a legal country, it is not a country at all, it is not recognize by Malaysia, Indonesia and a lot of other countries in the world. Basically, Israel is just like a terrorist that reside in Palestine that have an organized military. The only reason it able to stand unlike the other terrorist in the world is because it is supported by the US. So to those who bring up the issue Hamas firing into Israel territory is irrelevant because Israel is the TERRORIST INSIDE PALESTINE and just like any other country's government, Hamas have the right to get rid out terrorist from their country. The thing that make it upside down is because, US and the west support Israel. As a Malaysian, we need to remember this, Malaysia do not, I repeat DO NOT recognise the country named Israel, hence in the eyes of Malaysian, there should be no country name Israel. It do not exist in the eyes of a Malaysian and dozens of other countries in the world. For those who back Israel (if there is any) and is a Malaysian, please realize your position that you are in contravening with Malaysia's official position and maybe you should reassess your loyalty.

    -Saya Anak Malaysia

  68. Anonymous11:00 pm

    rocky, wan farid mentions that semua pengundi majikan saya!!! in the berita harian. He is damn good actor!!!!

    zamri ppbss

  69. Anonymous12:34 am

    There are many companies that are supporting Israel in their war. These are the companies that we should be targeting first to boycott.

  70. Anonymous12:35 am

    Saya sokong boikot Singapura yang berkait dengan Israel dibidang 'pertahanan'. Singapura yang pro-Amerika ini sebenarnya Israel in Alam Melayu !

  71. Anonymous1:34 am


    Checkout Saiful Bukhari's blog.. Same issue but different topic.. Its regarding Anwar's lies about Annapolis Summit 2007..

  72. Anonymous1:41 am


    Siapakah bekas Menteri yang sibuk nak bertanding untuk jawatan naib presiden Umno, tetapi sedang bercuti di Bahamas sekarang ni?

    Pemimpin-pemimpin Umno lain sedang sibuk berkempen untuk Calon Barisan Nasional menjelang pilihanraya kecil Kuala Terengganu Sabtu ini, tetapi bekas Menteri ni sedang bersantai dengan ahli-ahli keluarganya di Kepulauan Bahamas yang memang terkenal sebagai destinasi pelancongan.

    Yang lain sibuk berkempen siang-malam, sipolan ini sedang menikmati angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa di tepi pantai. Alangkah bahagianya hidup.

    Perwakilan Umno patut menolak pemimpin seperti ini. Sudah banyak sangat kes sipolan ini. Batu dan kayu sahaja yang sipolan ini tak makan, yang lain habis dimentedarah...

    Pantun untuk Dato' Seri Najib:

    Bercerai sudah bertalak sudah
    kasih sayang ditelan waktu
    Mencuri sudah, meraba sudah
    Takkan nak simpan sipolan begitu.

  73. They can go out with a bang
    But you are worse than the JEWS.
    You fat frog faced liar who have been screwing 3450

  74. Anonymous6:29 am

    Farah Shikin and other israelis shill,
    You mega-phonies should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Stop taking the rest of the world for fools.


  75. Anonymous6:29 am

    I don't see anyone cry foul when Hamas sends rockets and suicide bombers into Israel killing their innocent citizens. I don't see people crying foul and helping out victims of terrorist attacks and speaking out against the heinous acts of muslim terrorists.

    If people claim they care for human life, be fair. Every life is precious and it makes no difference which country they come from.

    No need to cry foul and make resolutions to boycott and do all sorts. Or better still ... clean up your own country before trying to clean up others.

  76. Ms Citizen,

    Kamu tak mahu bayar cukai (sebab kamu tolong orang yang susah), kamu boleh berambus!

    kalau saya cakap awak nie otak pendatang@otak penumpang, kau marah plak nanti...

  77. Anonymous10:19 am

    Bro kenapa PARLIMEN semalam tak KUTUK KErajaan MESIR juga kerana tutup sempadan mereka kepada Rakyat Palestin???

  78. Anonymous10:29 am

    Bercerai sudah bertalak sudah
    kasih sayang ditelan waktu
    Mencuri sudah, meraba sudah
    Takkan nak simpan sipolan begitu.

    Anon 1.41am

    Mencuri sudah, meraba sudah?

    biar saya jawab teka teki ini. JJ lah..

    yang meraba kat meridien itu sapa lagi kalau tak JJ

  79. Anonymous12:04 pm

    OIC = oh i see..and only oh i see..

  80. Anonymous4:39 pm

    saya anak malaysia 10:44 pm

    before you get your knickers all twisted up, consider a few key facts (which may be unpalatable to you and to the malaysian govt):

    - israel maintains diplomatic relations with 162 countries. with how many countries does malaysia maintain diplomatic relations?

    - the countries in the asia-pacific region that have diplomatic relations with israel: australia, new zealand, cambodia (asean), china, east timor (asean), india, japan, south korea, laos (asean), myanmar (asean), nepal, philipppines (asean), singapore (asean), sri lanka, thailand (asean) and vietnam (asean).

    - the organisation of the islamic conference (oic) member states that have diplomatic relations with israel: egypt, jordan, kazakhstan, nigeria, qatar, senegal, sierra leone, tajikstan, turkey, turkmenistan and uzbekistan.

    let's see now - that's 8 asean countries (out of what - 12 or 13?) that have diplomatic relations with israel. do you think that malaysia can persuade these countries to break off ties with israel?

    - the asia-pacific powerhouses of australia, china, india, japan and south korea all maintain ties with israel. for malaysia, these countries are sources of foreign direct investment and tourists as well as major trade markets. do you think that the malaysian govt would dare jeopardise these economic links by calling on these countries to sever ties with israel or condemn it for what's happening in gaza? tell china, india and japan how they should conduct their foreign policy? yeah, right!

    - even more noteworthy, and something that the malaysian govt has carefully kept quiet about is that 11 oic member states have diplomatic relations with israel. do you think that these 11 countries will support a malaysian bid to have the oic accuse israel of genocide in gaza? egypt, jordan, nigeria and turkey will probably tell malaysia to go take a hike. imagine that - the oic, no less!

    so all the huffing and puffing in the special session of the malaysian parliament is an exercise in spewing venom and generating hot air. the practical consequences? practically nil.

  81. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Amnesty Int, Red Cross, UN Regugee Council etc. already consider this as a humanitarian catastrophe unmatched by anything they have seen in recent years and yet some people here still just dont get it. For a minute there i thought i was reading a US-based forum. Yes we have to take care of our many problems but what's wrong with being concerned and trying to do what we can to help to find a solution for this conflict. Hand on heart, can you look at the pictures of those dying children and say that that's none of my business? I thought that humanity and compassion transcend nationality.

    And stop trivialising the horror that the Palestinians are going through by comparing it to our current national problems. These two are on a different scale altogether. If you think that your 'suffering', 'agony' and 'misery' as a Malaysian are profound, do apply some perspectives and put yourself in the shoes of a Palestinian who lives each second in fear of being bombed to smitherens.

    To those who cheekily asked why Iran, Syria, Malaysia etc have not sent their armies to fight the Israelis, I am really sorry that you are one of those who think war is the answer to everything.


  82. Anonymous7:19 pm

    This incidence in Gaza shows tremendous difference in aspiration between Malays and Chinese. The Chinese could not understand why the Malay support Gaza people so highly, the Chinese even question it, in some cases, they will doubt it and even support Israel. That is Malaysia, a country with two societies with different aspiration. In the Star comment blog, you'll see, the Chinese even demand that Malaysia say thank you to the British, or take Chin Peng as heroes. They can not understand simply because they are sitting at totally different side of position. The history is different, they are not Muslim and surely not will understand aspiration of a Muslim, they speak mandarin, living in Chinese village, work in their own establishment, go to their own school, and eat things that Malay cannot eat. I don't think there will be any reconciliation to that. Our only hope as a Malay and bumiputera in this country is for them to vanish slowly thru their dwindling of population, I cannot see any other hope. They are a different people.


  83. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Please let us condemn atrocities on both sides of the war. You cannot be one sided because that is the politically correct thing to do. War is evil and always at least between two parties. Don't forget, Hamas has refused a ceasefire because it will be seen as a defeat.

  84. These poeple are like an auction house. they will only support the highest bidder. Money is their utmost loyalty. It is time for malays to unite seeing the fundamental differences. These people have no bolas, they can only hide behind their keyboards but never openly speak their stance against the palestinian cause. The true musuh dalam selimut. They cant make money from their own kind so they come here to leech on our population. Apa kata kita boikot their products as well.

  85. Anonymous3:55 am

    Most Indians in Malaysia also quietly support Israel because they remember the Mumbai terror.

  86. Anonymous6:30 am

    Ak 7:19 PM

    I try to understand why people behave differently just like you and in the past 40 years as a professor in an established university I came to the conclusion that AK is from a lower human being. In this world you have two different group of people, one is more intelligent and the one more bodoh. You belongs to the group that is more bodoh just like the Zimbabwe and African tribes. The people that you dislike are more intelligent whom are grouped together with the Japanese, Jews and Whites.

    Anak Korea

  87. Anonymous8:27 am


    Able to IDENTIFY is what makes us *special.*

    We travel the world, should someone ask, I will proudly say I am Malay, from Malaysia. Simple.. A Malay from MALAYSIA… Can you feel that sense of pride deep inside??

    So too for the Palestinians. They IDENTIFY themselves, and hold strong to the honourable values and know WHO they are. This is something special.


    I am a single parent, with 3 small kids. I know what life means to children without a FATHER. Should any of the orphans there need a home, I would gladly take in these unfortunate kids into my home.

    Please keep us informed.


  88. Anonymous10:16 am

    ak 7:19 PM

    please read the point i raised about certain oic member countries having diplomatic relations with israel.

    have the muslims in these countries protested vociferously or otherwise against the current israeli campaign in gaza? have these muslims been so thoroughly brainwashed that they cannot tell right from wrong?

    i suppose that the indians in india have other things to worry about instead of obsessing about what israel is doing. ditto for the chinese in china or the japanese in japan.

    what you have posted runs perilously close to the espousing of racial cleansing through demographics. deny that if you can.

  89. korea, which university is it that allow its professor to have this racial superiority view? I'm very interested to know since it sbeen going on for the last 40 years. This sounds like the sino superiority espoused by the chauvinist LKY who thinks that malays are genetically inferior and no affirmative action or opportunities should be awarded as the result would be disappointing to the initiating party. I wonder why these sorry leeches come here to this golden peninsula and the surrounding areas if not searching for opportunities and exploiting the locals. This is the essence of zionism & colonialism, the survival of the fittest. If you're smarter or stronger, you have the right to annihilate the weaker party. First they tried to turn this country into a communist state then after the failure they want to elevate a communist butcher as their hero and freedom fighter. Today they try to instigate us and deceive us into believeing the zionists have the right to slaughter the Palestinians and that our boycott is futile. What happens next?

    Many of the OIC countries dont really practice demnocracy and therefore we cant proclaim that they are speaking for their people but rather looking after their own interests. The zionist have always been using their money to get recognizion for their illigitimate state, by themselves or through their superpower proxies. Many jews in the US hold dual citizenship. It makes you wonder where one loyalty lies. You can still be a citizen of the US and serve in the US goverment even if you were a member of IDF. But if you are a US citizen and served in other country's armed forces deemed as unfriendly (lets say Iran), youre a benedict arnold or thrown in jail for providing material support to terrorists. As they say, one mans freedom fighter is anothe rmans terrorist. Mandela's ANC was once considered a terrorist organization by the US. Now Mandela is a legend and apartheid in no more in south africa.

    Africans being poor and undemocratic have always had their interests wrestled by the elites and whoever is the bigger thug. Zionist have always offered services and earthly materialistic incentives to these people for purposes of self destruct from guns to the deliberate support of one side against the other. A case in point is The entebbe operation. It was successful because the zionist were the ones who built the airport, along with many other infrastructures, They knew the exact layout and weak spots.

    Many goverments have ties because of the material interests that the zionist provide them or under pressure by the superpower zionist proxies. Money, eartly gains, influence with the powers at hand are hard to ignore incentives.While the palestinian offer nothing but moral dilemma over whats right or wrong.The Japs have long had relations with the zionists. A prominent American zionist funded their Japan russian war. In fact zionist have been funding all the major wars since the 1700, playing both sides so they get weakened and eventually detroy themselves. See the rothchilds of europe who created bangking powerhouses in europe & then have proxies in the US. Even locally we can see how money affect the outcome of our nation. It is no surprise that some morally corrupt local inhabitants have been bought by their new world order agenda at the expense of Palestinian extinction. We should start to indentify who these illuminati are in our society. We should boycott their products as well. Boycotts is the collective effort of not just our people but global inhabitants. The majority still hold the collective power even though their goverments have been hijacked by the pro zionist agenda. Dont it make u wonder if the one eyed illuminati Dajjal has finally arisen?

  90. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Anak Korea,

    We have a displaced so called Day Dreaming Professor Anak Kodok running loose around this blog!

    How come this so called intelligent professor CABOK is only working in an established university?

    There are bodoh yet intelligent people. There are intelligent yet bodoh people too, like you. If you still need others to pay your salary, you are not your own boss, how intelligent you may claim to be? you are still a bodoh COOLIE….

    My mother is a Professor Dapur. Now owns 3 very successful restaurants to compliment her professorship.

    And she caters for weddings too. Bet she can even employ you to help with the lorry loads of dirty dishes.
    Education level… only MCE..

    Anak SeraiWangi

  91. Anonymous10:20 pm

    An while you're at it biycott Starbucks as well.

    Chairman, president and CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz is a Jew who actively supports Israel through his multi-million dollar company. 56 year-old Schultz has been part of Starbucks since 1982 when he joined as a Marketing Consultant. Starbucks currently serves 15 million customers a week with a variety of coffees, teas and snacks in nearly 4,000 stores worldwide. They also offer a range of Kosher and Fair trade products.

    Schultz has helped with projects and seminars held in both Israel and North America, in which university students hear Israeli perspectives on the current Middle East tensions. In 1998 Schultz was honoured with "The Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award" for his services in "playing a key role in promoting close alliance between the United States and Israel.” He has also been commended by those inside the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

    Speaking in 2002 at a synagogue in Seattle, Howard Schultz warned his fellow Jews about the rise of anti-Semitism: "What is going on in the Middle East is not an isolated part of the world. The rise of anti-Semitism is at an all-time high since the 1930's…If you leave this synagogue tonight and go back to your home and ignore this, then shame on us” he said.

    Starbucks even opened 6 stores in Israel, teaming up with Shalom Coffee Ltd. However Starbucks were forced to pull out of the deal in 2003 due to ‘operational challenges.’ Schultz continues to support Israel and plans to take his company back to the Land in the future

  92. Anonymous1:08 am

    c'mon guys, lets be honest, what ak said were true also, only it doesn't only work towards the chinese, but for the indians and malays as well.

    for the past 50 years, we are drifting further and further apart. i mean, look at the palestinian sufferings. we can't even stay on common ground. the problem is, we start to identify them by their color and religion, whereas they are just women and children, they're human beings, just like all of us.

    in case i forgot to mention, yeah, we have jewish women and children who suffers from stinger missle from the other side of the camp too. again, they're human being just like you and i.

    and to name-calling and labelling jewish are intelligent and zimbabwean stupid is really immature.

    i think we should stop pointing fingers at each other and start looking in the mirror. are we doing enough to close the racial gap between all of us?

  93. Hi Rocky
    Show our anger, displeasure and disgust at the atrocities as well as killing of innocent on both sides, more so in Gaza. I support the call to stop all the killing! It's sad that UN(fair) Security Council is a papertiger to the superpowers!
    But some protests seem to blame a whole nation instead of the political adminstration. see 'Vengance in the abode of god'
    Let's declare support the victims but let's not put humilate ourselves and be in the same camp like the warmonger is doing humiliating a nation.

  94. starbucks tu memang patut kena boikot lama dah, zionist or not. What the hells goin on with a $15 coffee and what not. Tempat poser and yuppie elit showing off their latest gadgets saja IMO.Starbucks aside, I suggest that malaysians be selective in their boycott targeting products of companies which actually support the zionists.The company making machinery used to destroy palestinian homes. At the same time please educate our muslim brothers & sisters yang masih tolol dok makan Mc D. Every bite into the big mac is like eating the flesh of the palestinians.Dont they know that Mc D CEO siap nak bagi free US trip as vacation to IDF murderers? Dont worry about MC D closing shop. Even if they did also (which I doubt seeing that the hindraf and chinkies still support them) the workers can always find work in competing outlets. Its capitalistic law of the jungle. One company bungkus, there will be another taking its place.

    We shouldnt just boycott US products to punish all americans cause there are good people there too. We must unite globally to use our financial might a s a pressure. Takkan nak just bend over and let the zionist use their wealth to hijack every goverment on earth for their interest.Lets defeat this last colonial power on earth. Someone should come up with the Boycott Israel car stickers/badge etc like the ones they did for "malaysians for peace". Jual pun ok, funds donate to the Gazans. And bloggers who support the move should put a logo on their webpage. Either boycot ISrael or Free Palestine logos. Spread the resistance.

    for more info visit

  95. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Why only blame the Israelis? It takes two to tango. Why can't muslims learn to be like the jews? We know they are militarily strong so why are we picking up a fight with a big bully? The jews are brilliant people to be sending their own people to every powerful positions that are out there. Why can't muslims do the same? Some arab states are so rich that I have no doubt they can buy influences around the world but did they do that? no instead they wasted on luxury items, horse racing and god knows what else. Until the muslim world can buck up and counter the jewish's influences in this world, then this war will end. Instead of fighting the zionist with violence maybe it's time to reconsider a different kind of war, a kind that doesn't involve weapons but brains.

  96. Malaysians should boycott catepillar heavy machines, expecially local contractors. These machines are used to destroy palestinian homes and infrastructure and even killed an american peace activist.. Tractors Malaysia should stop buying their products.

    Look at this zhen zhen, typical chinkie mentality. Muslims got no problems with jews before 1948, only after the lands are stolen then the conflict begin. Besides this is not muslim jew problem but a fight against zionist colonialism.Taking what belongs to others is wrong but i wouldnt expect a leech like you to understand that. Using your logic, the chinks shouldnt have fought the japs since the japs are much more superior to you in every way.My suggestion is you just sit at home and worship chin peng, after that make pirate VCD so can make another quick buck la... why u want to sabotage a united boycott against the evil zionists?

  97. Anonymous9:51 pm

    zhenzhen 5:10 PM

    True, why not you write and suggest this to Isreal? To use their brains.

    With all their intelligence and money,ask them to intelligently negotiate buy up or rent China's Sichuan province at 100x value worth from China, rebuild (quakeproof) the province, transport all the Jews to live there happily ever after?

    So if they come to your home to bully you, chase you out of your and make you and your family sleep and eat in your dogs kennel, you will let it be?

    Give me your address, I sure have lots of people who will be blessed with your kind hospitality, ready to move into your home!!


  98. Anonymous11:03 pm

    looks like i cannot patronise BUBBA GUMP anymore la! Since it run by a muslim motor company which the francise holder is jew!:)

  99. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Hamas will fight to the death..Better died in honour rather than sleeping like a monkey...Israel in not so might...that only exist in the mind of coward peoples.

  100. Anonymous12:13 am

    What a relief, the bombings stopped. I just cannot imagine the horror. SHAME ON ISRAEL!!

    Would like to bring down this from Bernama;

    …"In the past few days, we have witnessed images that are so repulsive, bloody and painful, massacres committed in full view of the world by criminal hoodlums whose hearts know no mercy," he said.

    While granting the donation for the Gaza reconstruction fund proposed by the summit, King Abdullah said he realised that "one drop of Palestinian blood is dearer than all riches of the earth"…

    I hope more would come forward and help in whatever ways.


  101. Anonymous9:38 pm


    Dont worry about MC D closing shop. Even if they did also (which I doubt seeing that the hindraf and chinkies still support them) the workers can always find work in .....

    Youre bloody racist alright.

    buck up man, if not for the chinkies and indian Malaysia wouldnt have been as it is? Don't come and talk about Ketuanan Melayu here bloody para nai!

    Anak Malaysia dah....!