Friday, January 09, 2009

Bagai Tikus Membaiki Labu -- A case against another LCCT

Looks like YB Wee Choo Keong and the mysterious Sime Darby Watch, who broke the IJN story, are joining forces to oppose another controversial project - the Low Cost Carrier Terminal in Labu, Negri Sembilan.

SDW has drawn first blood here and the WCK's Question of the Week #42 here is on the RM1.7 billion project.
A brief backgrounder: Sime Darby has been given Cabinet approval to build a Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Labu. Many suspect this to be part of Abdullah's "midnight regulations".
Labu is not in Malaysia Airport's KLIA expansion plan. In their masterplan, the new LCCT is to be near the Bunga Raya Complex. The masterplan, an aviation editor told me, was already approved by their Board of Directors.
"The government is derailing their own objectives, vision and mission for KLIA (of becoming a hub) when it approved the Labu airport. As it is, the present LCCT just opened its new arrival hall," the aviation editor said.
The Airport Masterplan's original LCCT here.

And read this letter to Kit Siang with regards to Labu here.


  1. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Kata "TAK NAK" to KLIA EAST
    Kata "TAK NAK" to Sime Darby
    Kata "TAK NAK" to Air Asia
    Kata "TAK NAK" to Fatso Tony

    Tony is a crony of AAB
    Musa is a crony of AAB
    MB N9 is a crony of AAB and a former Businessman
    Najib is a crony of Mahathir but
    slave to AAB

    Kata "NAK" to Aviation Safety
    Kata "NAK" to Environmental Safety
    Kata "NAK" to KLIA
    Kata "NAK" to MAHB

    Kata "TAK NAK" to greedy Tony
    Kata "TAK NAK" to Greedy Sime Darby
    Kata "TAK NAK" to Greedy AAB
    Kata "TAK NAK" to Greedy KJ

    In the time when everybody is
    trying to save money, Sime Darby has 1.7 billion to throw to build
    Labu LCCT but in the end the duit RAKYAT being use to maintain the airport???



  2. Anonymous9:23 pm

    A big selling point for the Labu project apparently are the magic words "not a sen of public money will be used".

    There is so much bullshit in this phrase because there are basic things like Air Traffic Control and CIQ that cannot be privatised for obvious reasons. We also know that rail links are not viable without subsidy, so the crap about KTM and ERL wanting to go to Labu is so misleading.

    Tony Fernandez can sell ice to eskimos, but we have to look at the bigger picture of what is best for the country, and not for AirAsia or for Sime Darby. We will be the laughing stock of the world if we go ahead with this harebrained scheme - but then it can only be approved by a harebrained PM.


  3. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Apparently the EPU also got sucked into the magic words of "no public funds" so they readily gave their approval to proceed.

    This is so typical of Bolehland experimentation - if something works and makes money, then it is mine. If it doesn't work, then the baby is the government's.


  4. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Great, another freaking airport & megaproject within the Klang Valley.

    Subang Skypark/Airport is underutilized, KLIA itself is not being used optimally, and Tony & Sime wants to build another aerodrome. Won't it be better to move the AirAsia terminal back to KLIA?

  5. Anonymous11:14 pm

    (fury9) : mahathiu, if i quit my job
    PLEASE feed me & family with your family FDs in s'pore isreali banks !
    ok, i'm quitting my job in kfc/mcd at 12 tonite : keep your promise @#$%^&* !!

  6. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Malaysiakini give a coverage to Tony Fernandez on his rationale for the Labu Airport in the malaysiakini tv.


    U told us you go back long way with Tony, so what is your take on this Labu Airport.

    Can we expect you to be as aggresive in your work as your protest over the IJN Piratisation.?

    Who will fund the Labu airport? Government, EPF, Tabung Haji etc???

    If Tony is really a great entreprenuer, he don't need to get the above Government funding. He should get commercial banks to fund his well-rationalised Labu Airport.

  7. Anonymous12:04 am

    Why suddenly Labu Airport???

    New LCCT Will Be Built
    Saturday, 11 August 2007 00:00
    New LCCT Will Be Built, Existing LCCT To Be Expanded, Says Najib

    PUTRAJAYA - A new low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) will be built near the KL International Airport (KLIA) to accommodate 30 million passengers a year while the existing one there will be expanded to cater to an additional five million passengers annually.

    Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today the location and allocations for the projects would be confirmed later.

    "We need to expand the existing LCCT despite the building of the new LCCT because the new LCCT will take four years to complete," he told reporters after chairing the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Public Transportation here.

    He said the existing RM108-million terminal, which was opened in March last year, was being operated at its almost full capacity of 10 million passengers a year.

    The new LCCT would be connected by rail link as well, he said, adding that the present LCCT would not be wasted because it would be converted to other use once the new LCCT was ready.

    Najib said the expansion of the present LCCT would include the apron area to cater to wide-bodied aircraft and the aircraft parking bay.

    About 4.6 million travellers used the LCCT last year.

    He said the construction of a new LCCT and expansion of the present one was not meant for AirAsia only as other low-cost carriers could also use the facilities.

    On other matters, Najib said the cabinet committee approved the Sabah government's request to buy locomotives and build 30 level crossing at a total cost of RM72 million, of which RM50 million would be given as soft loan under the Public Transport Fund and the balance as grant from the federal government.

    The committee also approved in principle a request to build bus terminals in Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau and Kuantan, he added.

    Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy told reporters later that the new LCCT would be located closer to the KLIA and would in fact be part of the KLIA.

  8. Anonymous3:58 am

    SD Watch post mentioning something about ICAO reccomended distance. Out of curosity and after some googling I found this. Read especially the bolded lines:

    The secretary, however, said the old Bacolod airport could not be upgraded to international standards because it did not have the space and could not be compliant with ICAO standards.

    The ICAO requires the distance between two airports to be no less than 40 kilometers. The distance between the Bacolod and Silay airports is only 18 kilometers.

    Yay for malaysia for getting the world biggest twin domestic airport soon.


  9. Anonymous7:43 am

    labu is in negeri sembilan .KJ is from negeri sembilan. any connection between the asshole plan and the asshole himself? i won't be surprised if there are any.

    ten sen norgay.

  10. Anonymous7:48 am

    Well done again,BLOGGERS in stopping all these rot.
    This is what I called 'fardhu kifayah'

    MOT and DCA need to be proactive and carry out a full study on the impact of having 2 civilian airport very close to each other.

    While we are at it, please expose a MASsive scandal below.

    MAS: Manipulative Accounting System

    Wrt MAS 5 year financial performance ended 2007, there was a MASsive increase in Cash & Bank balances in 2007 in excess of 3.67 billion in 2006 and 3.06 billion in 2004.

    The 3.7 Billion Ringgit Questions:

    1.Where does the huge capital injection of 3.67 billion comes from?
    2.Why MAS need to borrow 859 millions when they have sold fixed assets for 594 million and increase the shareholders equity to 3.9 billions in 2007 from 1.8 billion in 2006?
    3.Why do MAS need to hold 5.25 billion in Cash & Bank balances whereas in the past 5 years, their average balances were only around 2billions?
    4.From the above performance, it clearly illustrated that in FY 2007, profit of RM 852 million was not gained from operations but ‘creatively’ generated by selling her fixed assets and borrowings of RM 859 millions.


    Gonna be another big scandal like below:


  11. Bro Rocky,

    WTF went wrong with the less competent govt. Scared with the PRIVATE COMPANY seems that Malaysia has no law. Where is the country's masterplan ? Or development of infra in Malaysia being built based on JUST ad hoc basis?

    Tony, think of NATIONAL INTEREST. Dont make Malaysia again as a laughing stock with the 'CACA MARBA' @ FLIP FLOP policy.
    What a shame....

  12. Anonymous8:46 am

    mr.tony..use your own internal fund lah..why ask sime darby to finance it.musa hitam,khairy jamaludin..kalimullah maybe you want to sell our airport to temasek?

  13. Anonymous10:18 am

    Kuala Terengganu Airport yang di "antarabangsa"kan juga salah satu projek Pak Lah yang di luar dari masterplan. Airport ini hanya kan mengendalikan 20 penerbangan antarabangsa setahun tu pun penerbangan haji. Kesian Airport Kota Bharu yang merupakan antara yang tersibuk di negara ini di lupakan semata-mata ada sesuatu di luar pertimbangan yang positif

  14. Anonymous11:47 am

    With Airasia creative accounting, I am sure that it can build many more LCCT with the help from Kalimula.

    How can Airasia be buying 150 airbuses without government help? I know that Tony is waiting for a massive bailout as Airasia is in deep shit now.


  15. Anonymous11:55 am

    Tony integrity will always be in suspicion unless he come out to let us know how the Labu airport project is going to be funded.

    People have no qualm if you do not touch public and government money to subsidise you commercial project.

    You gave good presentation on the need to build the Labu airport, but that is incomplete unless you inform us the entire financing plan of this Labu airport. You must tell the whole story.

    Good and sustainable PR is about telling the truth.

    Tony, the ball is at your court, please!

  16. Anonymous2:05 pm

    i thought tony is a savvy businessman (not savvy but he is good at heart). crossing sword with mahb will just create a non-level playing field with mahb on the higher ground. mas can easily solidify its position and also subang low-cost. mas can also takeover lcct in klia.

    btw, why need to expand when the current one has yet to be optimised?


  17. Anonymous2:18 pm

    It's plain robbery orchestrated by politicians and the capitalists.

    Bastards ... we must stop their evil plans.

  18. Anonymous2:39 pm

    "Mendengar guruh dilangit air di tempayan dicurahkan". Don't get too excited and gungho. Let's take a step back and think. Let's not be too excited and carried away with statements like "price of tickets will be reduced by at least 20%", "LCCT @Labu will benefit the Rakyat", "Not a single sen of public money will be spent", "will bring in lots of tourists to Malaysia", "Will be a gateway to other international and regional destinations", etc..etc.

    This project is not only irrelevant but a sheer waste of money. Public money included. Since Pak Lah is already nyanyok, no wonder he agreed to approve it. Who is Sime Darby? The chairman is of course Musang Hitam who stupidly coined the term "elegant silence". Who is Air Asia? The snake Tony Fernandez. And who is his buddy buddy business cronies? Of course it's Mr. Kali and KJ. Can you see the connection now.
    As Tun Mahathir pointed out, the voices told him that many cronies will make tons of money.


  19. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    It look like the country run by Tony Fernades. All his requirement met by cabinet easily, I wonder how?

    Anak Sg Felda Behrang

  20. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Tony Fernandez:

    Is the EPF considered a public institution or a private institution ? Don't even think about touching our EPF funds !


  21. Anonymous2:53 pm

    I support all that sime darby watch has said(whoever he/she might be).
    I strongly do not agree with Sime Darby and Airasia given the right to manage a airport.

  22. Labu is a long way from KLIA. They will have to build their own runway or a long taxi way to link with KLIA. its a difficult task but not impossible. onthe flip side, if this LABU thing does not go ahead its still a win-win thingy for Sime and Air Aia. For Air Asia they get to negotiate a better rate with KLIA and for Sime, they get to sell land to the greedy business man who thinks they can make money from rental of houses and shoplots in LABU.

  23. Anonymous5:51 pm

    i am sure that airasia wouldn't mind answering a few questions (perhaps tony fernandes takes time out from his busy schedule to monitor postings on this blog?):

    - why does airasia (a self-proclaimed proponent of low costs) use changi airport's terminal 1 (complete with aerobridges) instead of changi's budget terminal when it uses the spartan facilities at klia's lcct? did airasia get a sweetheart deal from changi airport? singapore-based low-cost carrier tiger airways uses changi's budget terminal. double standards on the part of airasia?

    - how does the proposed labu lcct tie in malaysia's national aviation policy which is to make klia a premier regional air hub with the same standards and connectivities as changi, suvarnabhumi airport in bangkok and hong kong international airport?

    - will airasia put in it's own it systems at labu? how will these it systems work with the it systems being used by mas and the other airlines at klia?

    - how will airasia solve the problem of passengers arriving at labu on an airasia flight and wanting to connect on a mas or other international airline flight out of klia? will there be a seamless transfer of passenger baggage between labu and klia?

    - is there so much bad blood between airasia and malaysia airports that the 2 parties cannot sit down and work out a win-win solution that would maximise the utilisation of klia?

    - does airasia believe that the whole concept of klia was flawed from the beginning in terms of locality, facilities and management?

  24. Anonymous10:49 pm

    I am studying airport about regional/secondary airport sustainability in europe. It is sad to see malaysian airport development and utilisation is not been controlled by the governemnt. profit is important but we have a number of unused airports in malaysia which can be converted to LCCt, and we dont have to built new ones. yes every company wants profit and airports and airlines bring the economy to the country, but proper utilisation of infrasturcture will be more beneficial to our country long term. We have Suband, Ipoh and even Melaka..which are no far from KLIA. and KLIA has other terminal that are not been fully utilised. Schiphol for exampla..have allocated an extra wing in the busy airport for LCCT..have anyone used Schiphol was basic facility but yet it has no qualms by Transavia or EasyJet. Come on just because Air asia was upset with MAHB, over Suband, dont pawn our resources of land. We have to look into sustainability, for the future use of the next generation. have we studied about the environemntal, noise pollution, waste, emission pollution, energy used. Economy is dynmamic. It changes everyday. Today LCC is the big human may not want to fly LCC they mwant to fly with balloon..and now air taxi is coming up..people want to fly in front of their door to their office. This is all being studied here in europe and it is not impossible. then we have additional abandoned airport like Ipoh, and we other old military airports in Malaysia not been used and been abandoned. But land is scarce. heathrow till now never able to expand, but they still operating. Malaysia plase dont see money all can never be replaced. please make wise judgement. It is sad, when politics and revenge rule the country.


  25. totally true.
    speak for the nation,
    not speak by your own.
    if the nation do not agree,
    so dont proceed
    i know it's the SIME's bloody money.
    but why spend much money since SIME can spend less.why dont just SIME buys MAB.
    fully utillize KLIA or maintain,renovate some part of the airport to make it more....(i dont have to words)u know...

  26. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Have you ever used KLIA? Noticed how bad the management is?

    The Labu airport will be fully privately financed. AirAsia wants to viably compete with MAS, which is government-supported. As MAS in cohorts with Khazanah and MAHB charge exhorbitant rates for AirAsia's use of KLIA and LCCT services, the only way for AirAsia to compete is by literally building its own airport.

    None of your tax money is going towards the new airport, unlike the BILLIONS spent on KLIA and LCCT. So where for you pain? I guess you support the use of taxpayer money to fund a failing airline e.g. MAS and would love to continue paying inflated prices for bad service. Good on you.