Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tragedy and hope

RoRo of XMC called me a while ago to ask if I'd help him send some food items to the victims of the landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa. He doesn't know any of the victims/ Ain't it reassuring to know that there are still a few among us always inclined to help others, regardless of race and religion?

In Johor, someone from the Red Crescent told me they have been on stand-by mode for days. It's been raining and the water level is rising. Many still carry painful memories of the floods of 2006, said to be the state's worst in a hundred years. Thousands in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang have lost their homes and thousands more are being evacuated. Last week, Utusan Malaysia was running exclusive front page stories on blatant sand theft in Johor, where millions of cubic meters of Malaysia sand have been illegally sold to buyers in Singapore. In 2006, someone had speculated that this could have been a cause for that year's great floods. Nobody believed him.

I heard the PM, the DPM and the Selangor Menteri Besar spoke on television today, talking about stopping hilltop or hillside development and about greedy developers, and declaring that "enough is enough". I have heard of such talk before. You have, too. Many, many times before.

I do not wish to politicize the tragedy although I am of the opinion that the typical response to of some of our politicians to disasters like the Antarabangsa landslide is our real tragedy. Some should have just hurried off again to their holiday homes in far away land, it wouldn't make any difference.

More RoRos will make a difference. Let's lend a hand to the victims in the landslide and the floods which ever way we can.

pix of Bukit Antarabangsa landslide courtesy of The Star On-line. More pics here.


  1. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Enough is enough? I have been hearing this refrain from politicians and leaders since god knows when. I bet this tragedy will be yesterday's news in a few months time. And then it will be business as usual. Back to business means more housing projects in Bukit Antarabangsa (the place to be for the beautiful people and the place where developers can fetch huge profits) and other hillslopes. When will we ever learn? Of course we will never learn, and we tend to forget (how very Malaysian!). In the meantime, the newspapers will cash in by selling more copies. In the meantime I will be having my usual drinks at Tanjong Rambutan Pub. Thank god I am staying in Subang Jaya where burglars are the No 1 threat. Meanwhile I express my sympathies to the victims of man's greed.

  2. Wasn't all these hilltop projects approved by the previous BN state govt and BN controlled local authorites? When you screw with nature, nature fights back with tragic results.

    My sympathies to those who suffered because of the greed of others

  3. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Salam bro,

    Me n wifey menggigil menahan MARAH while watching this on TV especially when AAB & NR eat their words out of their mouths.

    Make sure they STOP bkt gasing-bangsar-melawati and all by TOMORROW. PERIOD!! NO MORE!!

    Sympathy goes to the family and the rest of the folks there..

    Let US walk the talk for them for good.
    Sabar n hold tight plss..

  4. InnalilahiWaina Ilaihi Rajiun,

    The sadest news in 2008. 15 yrs after the tragedy of highland tower. Third time of landslide happen within 1 week after ulum yam n damansara, not sure what more to come in this raining season.

    Im very sad bro to all the victims. My sister who live in Bukit Utama also affected. But the real culprit are the previous PBT and also the developer. ###

    If the government really want to catch the real culprits who defied the environmental laws. Take off those bastards. We never learn the lesson. The UK area is prone to landslide but developers keep 'tarah' the hills with the consent of PBT. Please catch the bastards, those bungalow had been there for many years but look at Bukit Antarabangsa nowdays suppose to be jungle area now becoming the township. I dont think the land is able to retain such a massive development, but as usually the developers and PBT are suckers of all.

    Gotch im really sad with the news. May Allah bless them n hope those who are affected be patience with Allah's test especially near to Aidiladha.


  5. Hilly slope tragedies
    It never ends in Malaysia
    Never learn the Highland Tower death
    Now it happens in Bukit Antarabangsa

    3 people buried alive
    On the 4 am landslides
    Buried 8 bungalow houses
    Evacuating thousands

    People of many colors came
    Running to help for the common aim
    Of rescuing trapped people
    Taking out the living to safer ground

    The greedy developers
    The sleeping town council officials
    Never do homework
    People lives now lost

    The havoc of nature
    Don’t play with it
    God warnings don’t forget
    Tragedies waiting to happen

    How many live will be lost before the government learned?
    How many cries will only the government act on it?
    Hilly slope tragedies will happen…………..
    Amongst the current dwelling places

    Don’t change nature
    The price is too great to pay
    Lives loss it can’t be replaced
    Think about it

  6. Anonymous10:29 pm

    being one of the residence in B.A, it is saddening when things like this happens. the tragedy is not about the devastation that just happened but more than that. it shows our failure and ignorance. our very typical 'tak apa' attitude.

    i live only a few meters from where the landslide started (the rows of houses in front of the condos). although some ppl would say that B.A is famous for it landslides, hantu and such, it doesn't mean that we are immune to the situation.

    almost everytime it rains, the what ifs questions would pop in our mind.

    and almost everytime, we have been lucky. just not this time.

    i doubt hillslope developmt will ever stop. i mean, there are still a lot that are still underway, the ones that already gotten the approval. the future ones, hmm, we'll just have to wait and see.

    i don't think we'll ever change. houses on top of the hill, with green surroundings are what most ppl, esp urbanites, look for. its gold for bizs, who would in their right mind miss that op?

    my condolences and al-fatihah goes to those ppl who lost their family, and everything they owe in the tragedy.


  7. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Dalam keadaan bencana begini,,its good to see the PM,DPM,Selangor MB and others,,bekerjasama demi Keselamatan dan kemakmuran Rakyat,,even the Sultan are there,,,

    Syabas semua,,dugaan untuk kita,,!!!

    Salam Aidul Adha,,!!!


  8. Anonymous11:08 pm

    I cannot agree more that the politicians are probably reading the same script as when the highland towers collapse.

  9. Anonymous11:48 pm

    I am surfing to find all the newspaper report on Medan Damansara hillslope development by Selangor Dredging Berhad... I am trying to recall what our city mayor said about approving this project. I am also trying to to re-read what all the experts brought in by Selangor Dredging Berhad has to say about this hillslope project... Sigh.. all the assurance. I am sure there were such assurance for those at Bukit Antarabangsa too and today, some has not just lost their home, material possessions but lives.

    I wonder those who allow such things to happen is sleeping tonight, eating well and can just shrug off and say, too bad... such is life? Sigh.. I blame the authorities. I blame the government. God should not have mercy on such people whether in this current or after life! Amen!

  10. Ini bukan isu politik..ini isu kita semua. Jangan menuding jari kerana akhirnya tiada tindakan yg terjadi. Nampaknya masalah cerun/tanah runtuh menjadi2 akhir ini terutamanya dimusim tengkujuh dengan taburan hujan yang sangat tinggi.

    Jadi ingin memberi pendapat supaya semua kawasan yang bercerun dan erumahan ditanah tinggi di buat pemeriksaan secara menyeluruh. Agensi JKR boleh dipertanggungjawabkan untuk menjalankan kerja2 ini. JKR mempunyai ramai jurutera2 berpengalaman dalam menangani masalah cerun ini. Lakukan dari sekarang kerana jika ditangguh tiada apa2 tindakan akan diambil selepas musim kemarau menjelma. Bagilah peruntukan kpd JKR. JKR juga mempunyai pilihan utk "outsource" kpd perunding2 pakar dalam negara. Ketua Pengarah JKR mesti dipertanggungjawabkan supaya mengawasi sendiri perlaksanaan dan pemeriksaan semua cerun2 di Malaysia.. Ketua Pengarah JKR janganlah pula "delegate" kepada pegawai bawahan utk menjalankan kerja-kerja ini..

  11. What can we say except condolence and sympathy to the victims. Hey! MB Selangor Datuk Khalid visited that area. Prabo datuk and PR.I thought he supposed to be in his office busy planning the next course of action as what he usually does like the Kapar typoon tragedy. Is there a double standard here?. Bukit Antarabangsa is a high class area compare to Kapar or am I wrong?. A note to the authority, every single complains should be seriouly handle not the malas and tidak apa attitude. As what was mention in Asto Awani news some resident have complained about a waterpipe burst and some landslide in that area a few days before the tragedy, if it is true, waht we can says is'If only the autority act fast maybe the tragedy can be avoided'. In Malaysia anything is possible. Our authority either from PR or BN goverment only thing about their head whisch is botaking rather than looking at the botaking of our natural reserves especially our forest.

  12. Anonymous12:30 am

    I'm not sure it was good idea for Sgor MB to appear on Talk show Hello Msia(BernamaTV ch.502) just now when ppl r being evacuated & suffering @Bkt A'bangsa. Friends have lost maid, hses & belongings. Politicians shld b on d grd helping, consoling NOT appear on TV talk show EVEN if 2talk on tragedy.Bad taste.

  13. Anonymous1:10 am

    It is really painful to see all these happening here in Malaysia. The last China earthquake, I was on Rueters most of the time to listen to updates.

    Across the road there have been few times we heard loud BOOMMM, and we experience some light tremor.

    These developers are blasting one WHOLE bukit, levelling the are. Heard they haven't got the formal permit to start??

    What a shame, used to be such green green hills, putting up buildings to be sold to the foreigners??


  14. Salam perkenalan,

    Have we ever thought of that all these natural disasters are from Allah to teach us about unity disregarding race and religion?

    It's only when these disasters occur, we tend to forget about everything and literally think only about the safety of other people.

    "Memperkasa Generasi Baru"

    Pergerakan Pemuda
    UMNO Cawangan Taman IKS
    Bahagian Batu WP

  15. Anonymous3:44 am

    padan muka dengan orang2 tu sapa suruh beli rumah lereng bukit, kalau tak ada pembeli pasti tak ada penjual.

    jangan salah kerajaan
    budak tingkat 18

  16. Yes...Rocky..this has been on and on..with no regards to lives...except big profits..for some UMNO guys.
    How can the UMNO government keep on approving so call development...with next to nothing proper studies if those lands are solid or just plain soft earth!!
    Any fool can see...there is no solid rock that area.
    The Highland Tower tragedy decades ago..was the sign given..yet they never learn.
    So sad for those families.
    Floods and landslides have killed dozens...year after year.
    Dollah can say.."enough is enough"...supported by Najib...but all will be forgotten in another year or so.
    Fortunately..Pakatan Rakyat MB Khalid did freeze all developments on slope lands ....months ago....and as long as Khalid is MB..there is hope...for Selangor.
    Kelantan nd Johore floods???...why be surprised?
    And I am sure..UMNO will not tell you how many lives short lived due to no medical care..drowned..or swept away.
    Samy Vellu will say.."It's God's will"....and he lasted more than 25 years.. as a Minister.
    These UMNO MUNAFIKS should be voted out...never sincere. to Malaysians..keep playing win votes.
    Ex UMNO man...the biggest munafik...Mahathir started it all.
    I thought Prophet said..."Kill the munafik...before you kill the enemy"...which RPK quoted.
    ISA was used to shout Malaysians mouth...not to arrest communists....long gone...20 years ago.
    We do not vote UMNO out...ISA will never be abolished.

  17. Anonymous4:48 am

    Hantar makan apa Bru?

    Ini orang kaya.

    Jangan-jangan dalam rumah yang tertimbus itu ada bar dan wine cellar.

    Orang kaya memang duka buat rumah atas bukit Bru.

    Lain tinggi lagi bagus.

    Katanya antara yang di bawa tanah ke lembah itu rumah Ketua Setia Usaha Sulit PM!

    Dari zaman berzaman, datuk nenek kita berkata, kalau takut dilambung ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai.

    Kalau takut disauk tanah runtuh jangan berumah di lereng bukit.

    Mark my word and I'll eat my shoes that PM and his deputy are no better than parrots at the bird park... singing the same old tune.

    I'll only say Alfatihah for the Muslim victims and condolences to the non-Muslims, if any.

    Ini cerita lama Bru. Ingat Highland Tower? The monument is still standing. But do you think th Datuk Bandars and the Council Presidents care?

    I say, poorah!


  18. Anonymous5:25 am

    Just go behind our Zoo Negara, you will see a new housing project on going. Just imagine what will be the scenario of the future. Too scary to imagine, May God bless us all.
    One will wonder how this small portion of "jungle" are being turned into 'bricks forest'
    But anybody cares? So please Malaysians that if you want to survive just take care and don't you ever depend and cling to the gomen.

  19. Rocky!
    Its DEJA VU, Highland Towers!
    It was also a fateful Saturday in December of 1993, when the collapse took place. We had to dig out bodies for almost ten days,just as they are doing now.
    I said it then I say it again ; LOCAL GOVERNMENT GENOCIDE.
    We trust persons in authority & they break our trust & kill us.
    And we are brilliant: 1 Malay,1Chinese,1 Indian = first to be killed!
    Why Oh Why have we not learnt?
    The crushed dreams of the Rakyaat sans religion,race,culture - a safe home, a car, nice surroundings,peace & shelter ,safety of children, hearth & home - all crushed & lie broken forever in the mud,rubble & debris - LOCAL GOVERNMENT GENOCIDE!
    All the "leaders" can do is to issue "stop orders"!
    What a load of crock!

  20. Hi people, For your info from Sarawak Headhunter... THE SH'T keeps oozing out of malaysia and mahathir is there to smell it.

  21. Anonymous6:45 am

    Ni semua salah muhammad muhammad taib! hahahahhaa

  22. Take helicopter view from Ampang , Bt Antara Bangsa and T Melawati and do goole earth also you can see the active continous development of hillside . Inspite of all tragedy ,reminder and warning the developers still get the approval from State Government of Selangor still passed with all the condition of EIA .
    Watching tv you will feel sad and you will lough to see PM and DPM warning and next month every body will forget about it.

  23. Dunia ini rosak hasil dari tangan2 manusia.

    Think a while : Adakah kita makhluk perosak ?

  24. Anonymous8:13 am

    I support Boso statements. But Utusan try to undermine Selangor's they cropped the pix to ensure Selangor's MB doesn,t appear together with DPM.
    NST doesn't pick up MB statement given to DPM that the PK gov will not approve new application to biuld new project in that area.

    Thank to RTM to inteview MB.

    JB Snipper

  25. Anonymous8:26 am

    Simpati untuk semua mangsa bencana di Bukit Antabangsa dan juga yang lepas2 seperti banjir di Johor Bahru. Mereka manjadi mansa kerana ada manuaia lain yang tamak. Seperti bukti penjualan pasir di Johor ke S,pore. Bagus juga lah usaha pihak tertentu untuk expose manusia2 ini seperti usaha Tun Dr Mahathir. semuga berjaya dan ada insan lain yang berani kerana benar dan ada pemimpin yg betul2 sayang negara seperti beliau, bukan sayang diri sendiri dan keluarga sahaj..dan ada pulak yg nak jual negara dan maruah di negara luar ( Barat dan yg sewaktunya). Sedih sangat ni...huh.huh.huh
    Dari Alina

  26. Asalamualaikum ,

    inilah akibatnya mengacau alam semulajadi kurniaan Allah
    yang sepatutnya di jaga dan di pelihara untuk kesejahteraan

    Pihak pemaju dan ahli politik sama sama untung.

    Percayalah lepas 3 bulan semua kembali seperti biasa
    dan akan di lupai sehingga berlaku kejadian yang tidak di ingini seterusnya.

    Inilah Kerajaan Malaysia Boleh.


    BTW can we have a Fatwa banning Hillside development ?

  27. Pemuda IKS said...

    Salam perkenalan,

    Have we ever thought of that all these natural disasters are from Allah to teach us about unity disregarding race and religion?

    God help those who help themselves!
    Stop the corruption ..
    Easy to get an OK if you have the right amount of money..

    Allah is tied of corruption in the UNMO..

  28. Anonymous11:46 am




  29. Anonymous11:58 am

    the house owners wont buy the house if they knew this could happen to them. but then, nobody really think 10 or 15 years into the future.i wouldn't want to buy house or apartment near the hill or on top of the hill even the city council, DID, JKR giving assurance there would be no further development in the area or the 'benteng' is strong enough to hold the soil or water whatever.

    now malaysian u still want to buy houses near the hills?

  30. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Now they will say form a inquiry bla bla and then we Malaysians will forget,same shit different time.Please don't tell me there is no one from mpaj that can't be held responsible or is it because kan orang kita,depa bukan buat salah cuma silap.

  31. Anonymous12:51 pm




  32. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Apa nak kecoh-kecoh. Dah tragedi alam, bukannya kita ada kuasa pun. Few more weeks, dust will settle and business is back as usual. Developer will keep on disturbing the natures and there will be willing buyers to stay there as well. So, what's the fuss? I don't see any top guns from the PBT , any of those politicians, YBs and those policy makers involved in previous mishaps,taken to court or asked to resigned or even demoted. All muka tak malu. We are still having 3rd class mentality eventhough we have Tan Sri's, Datuk Sri's,Prof's,etc. driving in big luxurious cars and living in big villa's(by the hill slopes?!!!!)
    Anyway, my sympathy and condolence to the victims, and syabas to all that extend their helps in that area, at least we still have people that cares.

  33. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Pemuda IKS,

    What a piece of shit to say!!!! To say that perhaps all these natural disasters are from GOD to teach us about unity disregarding race and religion!! Don't ever say anything like that just because GOD is silent and not represented!

    This has nothing to do with GOD.. this has everything to do with very irresponsible, greedy bastards who has no integrity and conscience. These bastards allow and approve such development knowingly that there are risk. These bastards forgo all the rules in every God damn book and law of nature and gleefully lied and argued when people protested and objected. Dont tell me these bastards did all these for the love of beautiful buildings and art!! So, what do you think these bastards did it for?? For GOD!? You gotta be an idiot to think so!!

    So, again, dont be a twerp. Don't use GOD's name in vain!

  34. Condolences to families who lost loved ones and sadness to those without a shelter.
    But... Bet my last sen, the excavators, caterpillars, boring machines and rock hammers will start chipping and carving away at the hillslope in a few months time when the tragedy site is cleared of debris and developers can grease the palms again of those who have the power to approve death...opps deeds to develop on hillslopes.
    see. 'slip sliding away attitude'

  35. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Funny how you wrote that:

    "I do not wish to politicize the tragedy.."

    And then you go on to do just that with the following:

    "Some should have just hurried off again to their holiday homes in far away land, it wouldn't make any difference."

    You've done exactly what you 'claimed' you did not wish to do. Could have just blogged on the issue and left it at that if it was your true intention not to politicize the matter but just couldn't resist sticking the boot into your old foe now, could you?

    No doubt, Pak Lah remaining in Perth whilst large parts of Johor remained submerged under floods was unacceptable but; lets get real here, what has he done this time around other than spout the cliches which any politician would in the aftermath of a tragedy like this?

    Why don't you use your special brand of "not politicizing the tragedy" and find out which Selangor Menteri Besar/Malaysian Prime Minister tandem presided over the approvals for the developments in question.

    We already knew you don't like Pak Lah, KJ et al (Brendan, Kali, etc) and; a lot of what you write about them, although often very negative, is not without merit or basis. But seriously mate, taking a pot shot at Pak Lah here is completely unwarranted and erodes what little objectivity and credibility you had left as a supposedly neutral/non-partisan ex-jouno and blogger.


    Deanaharan Nair

  36. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Khir Toyo, Muhd Taib, your thoughts? What are you saying, tak faham ke?

    Another good reason why these guys should stay where they are (Opposition and Australia).

  37. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Indeed a tragedy of untold hurt and damange.
    Why must it happen??
    Didnt we learn from Highland Towers incident??
    Surely many a responsible here!!

  38. Boikot semua projek perumahan di kawasan lereng bukit. Tu cara utk mengajar pemaju-pemaju perumahan yg tamak!

  39. Anonymous7:23 pm

    if anyone is able to offer help or volunteer, please get in touch with FATIMAH SULAIMAN of Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Selangor Branch. Her number is : 012-214-5157.
    or contact Encik Nasir from MRCS headquarters : 016-260-6037.

    thank you,
    Raja Zarith Idris,
    Community Services Committee,
    Malaysian Red Crescent Society.

  40. Anonymous7:56 pm

    I posted this earlier as off topic in another post and wish to add a few observations:

    The Bukit Antarabangsa landslide and the current MB's callous disregard for its victims is indicative of the Fakatan's "humane" governance approach. I scanned the papers, both virtual MSMs and other cyber rags, for any news of his visit to the area and found none (he did, i found out but to appear on a talkshow to salivate on other people's tragedy is the pits!!). Even if he had made a cursory tour of the area, the incident cannot erase the gross negligence of his local authority in initiating proactive measures when the warning signs were evident as late as last month and given the geological history of the area in question.Now, that aresehole chingkie, Ronnie Liu wants to act...a case of the throbbing cock withdrawn after the cunt had shut!! stupid DAP appariah..oops apparatchik..

    I can already foresee the MB coming out firing allegations against and directing accusations against the previous admin to coverup for his cock-up ala a style honed and perfected by the esteemed "Caliph" of Penang.

    Hei, son of Ibrahim, commit seppuku lah if you have the guts and the moral courage, you cheapskate scum of a politician. My commiserations to the family of the bereaved but we will all remember that this tragedy was something that was waiting to happen what with the gross negligence and sheer arrogance exhibited by Fucker Khalid Ibrahim's administration. He and his minions were too busy politicking, pontificating and taking potshots at their opponents, plotting illegal takeovers etc to care for the common man who had been conned into putting these clowns on their current pedestals. These political garbage have forgotten that they were put there to serve..not organise gala gatherings, stage manage candlelight processions and shout inanities about civil rights and take veiled or unveiled digs at Islam and the Malays in general in oreder to pander to a lunatic fringe.

    Bah...humbugs all.. what good would civil rights do for the dead now?You have blood on your hands and no amount of political soap and "free" water gonna cleanse that stuff. This is what you people get for your arrogant ways....Yeah.. call it an act of god..echoes of which are replete in this staement by liu:
    “Take for instance the recent landslide in Ulu Yam, the hill that came crashing down was located about 300 metres from the affected bungalow. Who would have imagined that the tragedy was possible?” said Liu.

    We have all heard that before and precisely what you promised to deliver gullible electorate from.If you cant do so, keep your trap shut and QUIT!

    Post script: looks like the Caliph is about to swing into action. But wait...he shoots himself in the foot again!!. Pray, tell me how are sustainable development which pertains to proper and effective resource management is linked to hill-side development which has more to do with the prevention of landslides, mudflows, rockfalls,debris slides etc through the study of soil hydrology,soil and rock mechanics and the application of geotechnic procedures. For starters, idiot,get 101 through these addy:
    before you mouthoff like a numbskull!! One more thing, for god's sake stop lying for recently,a motorist died in Penang from a mud/water flow from a hill fronting the Tun Sardon-Balik Pulau road.

    From Star Online (LGE mouths off):
    "He said so far there have been no other problems concerning hillside development projects in Penang but “this doesn’t mean there won’t be any’’.He said the issue was not about landslides occurring at hillslopes but what was important was achieving sustainable development, which was to use resources in a manner that it would still be available in the future.“Achieving sustainable development should be the benchmark in any development that takes place,’’ he said.

    Warrior 231

    4:36 PM

    Now to Bunnies and D,Nair and the rest of the Fakatan devotees/trolls out there. True, the projects were approved by the previous PBT but for the nine months since March 2008, who was in charge of monitoring the situation and take proactive measures? A leaked pipe was reported, minor landslips were reported, fallen trees were reported..but what did the PBT appointed by Fakatan with great fanfare do?? Nothing, zilch..they were more interested in lobbing their grenades at their opponents, supporting asinine candlelight vigils and threatening to overthrow legitimate authority. In the while, they speak about transperancy, spout about good governance and yak about corruption..all the while taking the gullibles for a ride. Now, they preen their image over talk shows and mouth off inanities about sustainable development.Has been wankers, all off them!!. 9 months is more than enough..give them another 4 years or so and the whole of malaysia will be one massive landslide....Allah Forbid!!

    If i had my way, i would strip them naked, march them to the marketplace and birch them..then i will hand them over to the public to be lynched and strung up on banyans as a warning to wouldbe charlatans and sundry conmen,,,It is time, the suffering masses take umbrage and hound these garbage out of office!!

    Warrior 231

  41. Anonymous7:59 pm

    lambat paham cepat lupa.....mentaliti di malaysi dari tahap kuli batak hingga koprat penyangak. dari tok alim lebai lurus hingga ceo yes yes.

    di malaysia nih mentaliti kudis buta...nak baik lambat. dah sihat sekejap.

    orang politik sama jer tak kira parti mana ..mcm tikus mondok...buat baik..padahal mereka lah jembalang berkawan dengan hantu raya developer dgn segelintir pbt.... kaut untung dari projek impian dengan gaya kayangan konon. bukit antarabangsa tu kan kampung bunian.dah di tarah air meresap dlm tanah. tanah merah jenis mudah water logged. so luluskan lagi lepas nih runtuh lagi.

    takziah pd semua.... yang masih dok kat bukit tu jom ler turun ke darat....bercampur lah dengan kami golongan setinggan ... cuma tak der lifestyle jer suasana....tapi kami pun sensitif pd alam sekitar.

    kpd tok tok politik bn dan ba baik lah korang berbaik utk kesejahteraan kami rakyat di bawah nih.

    tak kerana kami korang takkan boleh senang lenang . jenguk lah kawasan masing2 jgn dah bncana baru nak timbul.

    salam aidil adha

    aji tofu

  42. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Deanaharan nair

    Keep your inane comments locked up in your bowels. Stupid fell, this blogger has been generally fair in his comments and his sarcasm is justified in this case. For what has Pak lah really done about these issues. Landslides have been happening for the past few years and all sleepwalker has done is to doze in broad daylight rather than giving a directive to the relevant ministry to stop all hillside development. Remember even a NS camp was hanging on the edge of an abyss and luckily no one ended up dead or injured, simply cos it happened to be empty. Floods submerged Johor two years ago and yet sand dredging continues unabated. As for Kelantan and Trengganu, where are the promised flood mitigation projects.

    The problem with a ball carrier like you is that you cant seem to distinguish between the woods and the trees. Any rational criticism of your idols is perceived to be an unwarranted personal attack. Thus you twist and turn like a tangled up snake in your moral cesspit so much so that at times you sound like you are waffling through a mouthful of shit. Wake up man, Pak Lah, KJ have been unmitigated disaster for Malaysia, politically, economcally and socially and the sooner you acknowledge that the better. It is time for morons like you to wise up rather than eat off their platter. Maybe, your pea brain canbnot fathom their 'cunning' manipulations. Oh.what a waste of sperm you are!!!

    Warrior 231

  43. Anonymous8:43 pm

    malaysia receives lots of rain every year. everybody here learned geography in school, and well informed about this. so why the fark the developers still can sell those houses on the hills and made profits?

    everybody know also that most politicians, governments officers, businessmen in malaysia are corrupts. so if the developer claimed that project is approved with eia, environment friendly, bla bla.. u still believe it? if u do then u just fark yourself.

    rules is never buy house on the hill, near the hills, x-mining land, reclaimed-garbage site, etc, etc.

    today many people fark-ing themselves in mount kiara. next 10 years we going to see today BA in mount kiara.


  44. I'm in JB and it's been dry, but humid and damn hot!

  45. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Warrior 231,

    Dont be a fuckhead. Nobody is all for Pakatan. This is a perpetual problem. We had highland towers, we had a few more not so horrible and terrible incidents, we had that Semantan landslide and now, THIS!! Whoever said anything about BN or Pakatan. Eh, siapa yang makan chili, dialah yang rasa pedas!

    If you think we are so pro-Pakatan, that is because you TERASA BN has fucked up freaking big time! Get it right! You are a twerp to think that in 9 months, Pakatan can correct all the wrong done by BN all these years? Even 5 years is not enough for anything or anyone or any party to right what BN has done wrong! BN ANALYZE us so badly, we might have to have a colon cum asshole transplant!

    As for all these 9 months, Pakatan has not been doing anything but fault finding and shit digging, well, that is life!!! That's how life is.. you cannot move on if you are stuck in shit. You gotta clear the shit that you are in before you can even try to move a tiny step forward! You get it?? Dont tell me, you just ignore the shit hole you are stuck in and pretend to make great steps to so call move forward?? Come on la!! DOnt be an asslicker for BN!

    You see that Medan Damansara project where they litterally chop the damn hill into steps?? Who do you think is the idiot who approved Selangor Dredging to clear the damn hill and start building, who kept saying that it is safe, it can be done, it is not dangerous while the residence living at the bottom of the hill and Pakatan protested like devil being whacked by GOD?? Do you know who is that idiot? He is from BN!!! So, what have you gotta say about that??

    It is people like you, blind, deaf and oblivious to what is happening and keep thinking BN is so freaking GREAT! It is time to wake up and see the damages. For example, today, our 2nd finance Minister said that we are not going into recession. You tell me, if that is a lie or truth? What is so special and dynamic about us that we will be spared while the whole GOD damned world is gonna be hit so bad that the GREAT DEPRESSION will look like lollipop! Which party is he from? These are the little things that pisses at least, me off, about BN! Lying and treating everyone like as if we are dumb and imbecile like them!

    So, back to this problem, this is a BN problem. Admit it! and stop making it look like Pakatan didnt do anything about it!

  46. ' Act of God'

    Quote from the famous Samy Velu on the last time the highway collapsed
    So, dont blame human ye..

  47. Anonymous12:38 am

    Warrior 231,

    Find a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word "objective". And while you're there, also look up the meaning of the term "vulgarity". The world in which we live today could use healthy doses of the former and could do with a lot less of the latter.

    The curse, swear and abuse you personally, as you have done to me, would be the easy option - the uneducated, crass and uncouth option to be sure. Here's a tip mate, just because someone is not "with you", it doesn't mean they are "against you" - you've conjured up this pseudo siege mentality in your mind (yes, I use the term loosely).

    Tell me, if you would take a couple of minutes out from your venomous and misguided diatribe, where in my previous comments was I pro-Pakatan Rakyat? My point (I understand you may not be familiar with this term either but suffice to say it means an argument/opinion grounded in reason) was that Rocky was being a hypocrite for saying that he did not want to politicize the issue on the one hand and then doing exactly that by taking a cheap shot at Pak Lah.

    I did not have anything negative to say when Rocky went to town on Pak Lah for being away in Perth while Johor floundered - I happened to agree with Rocky then. I'm curious how pointing out the soft underbelly of Rocky's claim not to want to politicize the BA landslide tragedy and his cheap shot against the PM equates to being pro-Pakatan? If anything, I would have thought that would make me appear sympathetic towards Pak Lah and yet again, how on earth does that equate to being pro-Pakatan.

    If you took my advice in the first para and you've still got that dictionary out mate, I'd also advise looking up the meaning of words such as "logic", "rational" and "reasoned".

    If you want to have an argument/debate with me, no worries, I welcome that mate - my only caveat being that you actually address the substance of my claims and not abuse me personally or cast aspersions on me unnecessarily.

    Have good one, cheers.

    Deanaharan Nair

  48. Anonymous10:17 am

    serve them right?
    those people living up on the hill is part of the team that rape the env together with developers and those who approved the projects.

    the hills and its trees suppose to be left alone. they act as the sponge that slowly absorbed and catch waters, filter it, and slowly let it flow to the sea.

    they now cut the trees, terrace the hill, the build houses, tarred road, put bricks and wall. every time raining, water cant be absorbed, flowing fast to the lower land, then those people living on the lower land that have to live up with flooded water, while those up enjoy their cool raining moment with hot coffee looking down at the scenery.

    those who are rich always have this ego that they are better that others, love to live above the normal people while live their life at the expense of other people.

    stop this ego. everybody should just stay in flat land, same level. leave those hills and its original populations. fcuk those who think that they are better than others and deserve to stay in close to greenish area for quality of live. fcuk you actually destroying the green. everybody should just live in the fcuk uptown and breath the fcuk polluted air!


  49. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Deanaharan Nair

    This is what you wrote:

    Tell me, if you would take a couple of minutes out from your venomous and misguided diatribe, where in my previous comments was I pro-Pakatan Rakyat?

    and this is my reply, culled from your own comment:

    "Why don't you use your special brand of "not politicizing the tragedy" and find out which Selangor Menteri Besar/Malaysian Prime Minister tandem presided over the approvals for the developments in question."

    So there you have it, man, with that sleight of words and slew of perverted logic, you actually implied nay revealed which side of the bread you butter at breakfast. Pray, tell me what else are you imputing but subtly casting aspersions on the previous administration and challenging Rocky to prove the obvious.I am already expecting you to twist the above and dash off a rejoinder that will exonerate you of the "vile" insinuations, I am concocting in this comment.Of course, you will weasel out of the conundrum by arguing that the 2nd extract above in no way imputes that you are Pro-Fakatan and you will fall back on the extract below as a disclaimer:

    "just because someone is not "with you", it doesn't mean they are "against you" - you've conjured up this pseudo siege mentality in your mind (yes, I use the term loosely)."

    But just for curiousity's sake why, wasn't that challenge masked as a query, was not phrased as "presided over the monitoring of slope ......"

    For you are truly the fountain of wisdom, the air of objectivity and the waters of truth and perchance if i had mistakenly conjured a hideous error, would you O Wise One accept my amende honorable to assuage my soul wrecked as it is by guilt and quartered by remorse. O wise One... I beseech your bounteousness to spoon me a few droplets of beneficience from the swamps of your perfidious heart..O master Dean, please shower me the rain of mercy for thou are the cumulonimbus of my hopes to avoid an annus horriblis of self recrimination!!!!

    Man, you think that you are too smart, rational and logical to indulge in cheapshots.Starting to believe your own myths of your esteemed self, eh?. A gentleman par excellence who is reasoned and objective in his assessment of issues and who apportions blame and directs criticism with the precision of a marksman with a cool, detached mien to boot. The army's commando and sniper units will be proud to have you as their recruit.

    But then reptile, you can con the daylights (and moonshine/moonlights) off your fakatan fan base but not people like me. For we are well versed in your machinations, alert to your manipulative ways, aware of your dastardly cunning.We even have a proverb for you types " baling batu sembunyi tangan". I do not have to reason with the likes of charlatans like you for you are adroit at bending the facts and shading the truth so much so that whatever that is fired off from this end will be lobbed back in ghastly distorted rantings coated with the usual veneer of objectivity and reason and sprinkled with a few moral platitudes to boot.

    Oh woe!! what did i say that must have prickled the arse of Deano (eh watch it....warrior, dont use vulgarities here for you are dealing with a polished and erudite gentleman here.)

    so let me see, what did i write..oh this:

    ".....and his sarcasm is justified in this case. For what has Pak lah really done about these issues."

    Man, since you always have a dictionary at hand to guide you through the travails of picking the right nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, nominalistaions, idioms whatever that will have the exact incendiary impact, i suggest you look up "sarcasm" in the OED, Websters, Longman or whatever before you put your itchy fingers to the keyboard. Rocky was just adopting the "minimalist" approach with that dig at Pak Lah but the imputations are humungous(oh, I love big words, did i spell that right, Mr Dean. You see my 'england' is very bad onelah that i couldnt fathom what Rocky was saying in the first place...thousand apologies, master Dean). Thus I fleshed out the "unsaid" in my comment at 8.11pm and ended up in hot soup. Shiver me timbers, i have entangled myself with a man of wisdom that i cannot but extricate myself from this miasma with a wickerful of cunning and a bow of reason.Oh, fate has conspired with a universe so foul that i am mired in a bog wherein my honour lies in tatters and my integrity trampled threadbare. Fie, i might still beat the enveloping darkness with the sword of truth and parry the arrows of deceit with my shield of reason.

    Hark, Monsiuer Dean, your sojourn of dissimulation is at its end. Read this, arsehole and get the drift. For you see, fuckhead, your shit about which prime minister/MB is a canard for with approval comes monitoring. Ask any Geotech engineer worth his salt, and he will tell you that given the geology, topography, hydrology and climatology (see a whole lot of -logies there for you pen an eulogy about), slope monitoring is an imperative and under whose purview does that fall under since March 2008? Your guess is as good as mine : the local PBT (under the ambit of a "humane"state govt) sans which the said responsibility devolves to the PWD, IKRAM (private "consultans") DID etc.

    So you get the drift, dont you?...Apparently one or more of the above dickheads have been sleeping on the job (cos they have been too busy wanking on other things, despite the warning signs)just like you sleepwalked thru your rejoinder to me..and the result is they have blood on their hands while you reaped a bloody nose and some shit on your hands.. get it, fucker, now scram and wash that shit off and cotton up those nostrils for you are looking more like Shitto the Crap rather than venerable ol' Bozo the Clown.

    For a 101 on slope monitoring (which is an imperative in the mining sector) go here:

    Warrior 231

  50. Anonymous5:26 pm


    1.I am surfing to find all the newspaper report on Medan Damansara hillslope development by Selangor Dredging Berhad... I am trying to recall what our city mayor said about approving this project. I am also trying to to re-read what all the experts brought in by Selangor Dredging Berhad has to say about this hillslope project... Sigh.. all the assurance.

    and later:

    2. Who do you think is the idiot who approved Selangor Dredging to clear the damn hill and start building, who kept saying that it is safe, it can be done, it is not dangerous while the residence living at the bottom of the hill and Pakatan protested like devil being whacked by GOD?? Do you know who is that idiot? He is from BN!!! So, what have you gotta say about that??

    Comment: (2) answers (1) if you can connect the dots that is!!

    (Sigh)..oh bunnies, what an expletive laden invective. My mum and grandma (who is 109 by the way, today) paid a visit and i showed them your vulgarity laden magnum opus.

    Dear ol grandma is still seated shellshocked in front of me. Her careworn, creased face a beetrood red while the streaks of crimson on Mum's wrinkles are still visible.Both have hardly sipped the black coffee the missus served them. Oh what has the world come to when even fluffy, harebrained rabbits can fulminate and animadvert with gay abandon. Vulgar words galore and so little to reason with. I think i engaged you elsewhere Bunnies regarding caliph LGE and you went back to your hutch for some carrots before lo behold, you are back here.

    I like my food spicy and hot that even nando's extra hot is nothing to my commando grubbed tongue. So i didnt feel anything "pedas" for there was nothing to feel about in your vituperative rant.

    Oh those were the days, where lewd language at the colonel, captain or anyone superior would be punished with pushups, a night in a foxhole, and other forms of military discipline.

    I cant do that here Bunnies so i suggest that next time the anger surge suffuses your being, calm down by doodling on your cunt or dick.. that will cool the shit out of u and give you some perspective.Get it. And dont give the shit of being apolitical for much of your rejoinder to my comment is strewn with inane rubbish vis-a-vis my political affiliation. What gives you the idea that i am BN scum as you put it.Havent you read my criticisms of Phark Lah. My admiration of Tun M (warts and all)is well known in this site and he is partyless just like me which gives us the leeway to snipe at all and sundry.And I chose to fire at Fakatan cos they talked a big talk but cant even walk the Boardwalk.

    My beef with fakatan is precisely that, they came in hollering that they are the only ones who can change things for the better but todate they have nothing to show save their unbridled rants against the BN, their asinine moral and immoral posturings, their unquenchable quest for power when they cant even rule their states properly and other stage managed gimmicks that their minions like you are adept at. In short, if you are for change, execute it from day one while clearing up the mess of yore (even an idiotic house nigger like Obama is beginning to prattle about change).It looks to me that apologists like you are now bounding out of their hutches to beg the gullibles to give them more time to clear up the mess first then act!!!. That will, by your own estimation, take 5 years, Bunny, and by then the world would have flown its coop!!. It is an indirect admission that you dont have the wherewithal to govern nor the ability to lead.And you want more time to reak more damage!! humbug!

    Back in 2004, Idris took over the mess of Hadi, 4 years on despite internal wranglings, the BN still thumped PAS 28-4.Point is he did something that helped although with Pat badawi and KJ, he also did other things that spelt his demise.In 9 months since Khalid and LGE took over, they have collectively given us:

    The 2 Pesta Scam(Penang)
    The Foreshore Issue (Penang)
    The Tennis Fiasco (Penang)
    The Heritage Fuckup (almost..penang)
    The Nikko Industries Flap (Penang)
    The DCM issue (Penang)

    and empty boasts about investors swamping the island when the much touted RM 8B inflow is due to deferred past investments and MOus signed prior to March with the exception of Ibedeen facility which has gone silent lately. Plus the sinofication of road signs, road names (read in the Star of the Xiamen link and Tan kok ping's role in it) + the freehold handout and sndry bleatings about land, state bakti and MPSP......

    while Khalid in giving us free water, is gonna increase the rental for the poor, cockedup a simple PKNS appointment, had run-ins with PAS and thus far has delivered us 6 coffins (Ulu Yam +BA). And fuckhead, i am being easy here with nary a whisper about the shenanigans in Perak and Kedah..not to mention the "stone aging" of Kelantan under Erdogan. ennuff said.. shithead.. Go get a life and wank away for more bunnies ......

    Warrior 231

    But I would like to put a full blame on the local council (MPAJ). This is the final authority that gives approval to developers who proposed all kinds of projects in their area. I believe its officers are corrupted looking at how easy they approved projects on hill slopes and hill tops, and even after the government has warned the local authorities not to approve such development following the Highlands Tower incident. I also believe the developers have bribed these officers to get their projects approved easily.

  52. Anonymous1:32 pm

    (heha) :" ... thank my god that i'm
    NO MORE the menteri incharged, hahaha...hehehe... !!"

  53. Anonymous3:23 pm

    i can't speak for others, especially those who stay near hillslopes and those who have suffered such loss in the recent landslide. but when the highland tower incident happened, i told myself that i won't buy any hillside properties.

    assurances are always given,especially by developers who know that their properties will always sell like hot cakes because consumers crave addressses like bukit antarabangsa, bukit damansara, bukit bandaraya, ect, we know for sure that no assurances will be enough. my condolences goes to all the victims of not just the recent landslide, but also the ones before this.

    khir toyo, what have you got to say? he has lot to answer for, especially when so many hilllslope developments were approved during his time.


  54. Anonymous3:28 pm

    oh yes, i did remember that once they came to power in selangor, pakatan rakyat put a ban on development of Class 3 and Class 4 hill slopes. kudos, at least they tried, even though the damage wrought by the previous state govt is just too much to undo.


  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Anonymous10:42 am


    You must be another turnip to believe all that dross that KT was the ONLY one responsible for the disaster. You dont seem to get what i was driving at in my previous comment. The totally lackadaisical attitude adopted by the MPAJ in reacting to the gravity of the whole situation. You see there have been reports that residents had complained about previous minor landslides, uoprooted trees (signs of earth movement) and cracks but MPAJ adopted a blaise attitude and shoved those ample warning signs under the carpet. So now is payback time.

    Liz Wong from Fakatan crowed in her blog about the ban on class 3 and 4 hill development.She even had the gall that what happened had vindicated the State government's stance! She is the pits.. a scum from the gutter who is exulting triumphantly of being proven right by other people's misfortune(OPM -another variant of Other People's Money). This self styled social activist then puts on a virtual show by highlighting the fact that she remonstrated the developers by waving some SOP at them to stress the fact that she stood up for the rakyat.All thunder and lightning but no rain!!But then again, banshees are more feared for their ear splitting shrieks rather than their fiendish deeds!!

    You can whitewash the facts for all you care for Mr Truth has his inimitable way of wriggling out of the nefarious clutches of Mrs.Lies and coquettishly cavorting in the wide open. What ever Liz spouts cannot obscure the facts that are dribbling out of the cracks and crevices of wrecked homes and lives.Facts that, like the corpses of dead men, tell many a tale

    1. Since September 6, residents of Taman Bukit Segar? of Cheras have complained to the MPAJ about landslides in their area to no avail.(Star : 9/12)

    2. Immediately after the incident, even before technical investigations had commenced, the senile sage of DAP gutter politics, LKS accuses certain parties of corruption. A desperado's attempt to shade the truth and absolve his minions of blame.

    3. Up north, LGE in great fanfare, gathers a team of experts to monitor the hills of Penang. A case of reacting to the obvious. What has he been doing all this while.... wait for the Bkt Antarabangsa siren to sing her song. To top it all, in line with his Sinofication policy, all the members are Chingkies. Why? to better effect a coverup if there had been fuckups on the part of the reigning regime. Dont tell me you do not have non-chingkie experts around, eh caliph? What about Prof Ibrahim Komoo? Ibrahim who?.. never mind, Wise Caliph

    4.Ronnie Liu's plaintive cry that the unexpected is beyond the foreseen.A case for Mulder and Scully to ponder over.Such inane blather but then the Fakatan crowd, neutered of a critical and discerning mind, are game to swallow such codswallop any time...

    BA has been a ticking time bomb ever since it was developed but for roughly 15 years after HT, nothing of this scale had taken place due to the vigilance of the LA until Fakatan took over and appointed their acolytes to the LA as a quid-pro-quo for their diligence in brainwashing gullible gullivers to cast their votes for a coterie of has been wankers, failed businessmen and callous sheilas. It is obvious that these minions, just like their masters, are out of depth. Such is the state of their intellect, that even mundane tasks like monitoring and enforcement are given short shrift. If they can't do it, then they should call in the PWD, IKRAM or other qualifieds to do the job(if they had done so, which i doubt, then the blood trail of negligence leads to the relevant Ministries and of course terminates at the PM's door). So there you have it, either the LA and, by default, the state govt or the Feds led by Sleepwalker has been derelict in performing their duties.

    Sans any sense of accountability, the LA thrive in their la la universe shifting their focus to erecting cut out cardboard figures of asinine scums to tower over crumbling caves while their leaders work assidously to get police approval for lunatics to parade their candles in pyjamas and negligees, use public buildings for their collective love fest and cast aspersions and sling accusations at their nemesis while all the while hollering that they cant do anything cos they are mired in shit.To top it all, they have indulged in a new past-time, attempting to breed frogs the collosal failure of which has had adverse ramifications that, for the time being at least, cast a pall over the visage of many a minion.

    This the new dawn for Malaysia post March 2008, a dawn crafted by Damien with the support of a sleepy Faustus and his SILhoutte within the ramparts. It is all too late for the gullivers in those five states. Their dreams and hopes reduced to Lilliputian myths not Brobdignagian realities.As they mull over their predicament within their surreal universes,it would be worthwhile for them to contemplate the sayings of a wise Houynhmn: Change should be for the better, if things remain the same then it is stasis, if things get worse then it is sepsis...

    And if sepsis sets in, the only remedy for a gangrenous limb is amputation...get it?

    Warrior 231

  57. Anonymous1:13 pm

    A simplified Malay version of my earlier comments:

    Ketidaan sistem pemantauan yang sistematik dan mampan yang dikendalikan oleh MPAJ adalah penyebab utama malapetaka tersebut. Pendapat saya ini diperkuatkan lagi oleh wujudnya laporan dalam akhbar yang menukilkan bahawa terdapat tanda2 awal yang tidak diendahkan oleh MPAJ. Antaranya gelongsoran tanah, pokok tumbang dan rekahan pada binaan (semua petanda "soil movement/displacement).
    Juga kes Ulu Yam seharusnya mengejutkan Kerajaan negeri Selangor yang rata-rata terdiri dari lantikan PKR, PAS dan DAP dari lamunan ingin merebut kerajaan pusat.

    Natijah dari kealpaan pihak MPAJ dan Kerajaan Selangor dalam kesibukan mereka berpolitik dan berarak lilin ialah tragedi BA. Kini, mereka berusaha menutup pekung dengan menyalahkan kerajaan terdahulu, menuduh pihak tertentu sebagai perasuah dan beria-ia menjadi juara yang menjamin keselamatan rakyat (pengharaman pembangunan di bukit kategori 3 dan 4 (lihat laman blog Elizabeth Wong).

    Tafsiran saya tentang sifat acuh tidak acuh MPAJ diperkuatkan lagi oleh apa yang kini berlaku di Cheras (laporan Star semalam) dimana sejak Sept 6 MPAJ tidak bertindak menangani aduan penduduk mengenai ketidakstabilan tanah bukit dikawasan mereka.Tambahan pula kesedaran tentang perlunya pemantauan mula menular Ke Pulau Pinang pula (Star 9.12)Persoalannya mengapa baru sekarang ini ditekankan? Bukankah ia satu tindakan berterusan memandangkan ia melibatkan tanah bukit dan iklim khatulistiwa kita yang kerap hujan?.Sudah terhantuk baru terngadahke?

    Jelas dari semua diatas bahawa ketiadan pemantauan /"monitoring" yang mengakibatkan tragedi tersebut dengan kehendakNya.Dan pihak yang seharusnya dipertanggungjawabkan ialah kerajaan pimpinan Khalid Ibrahim, MB Selangor kini.

    Warrior 231

  58. Anonymous8:03 pm

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  59. Anonymous10:25 am

    They better learn to say thank you to the people who helped them.Sad03