Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blog book launch & forum

Date: Friday the 5th Dec

Time: 8 to 10 pm

Venue: KL/Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

Blogging and Democratization in Malaysia is probably the first fully-researched work on the Malaysian blogging phenomenon, covering the period of living dangerously before the March 2008 general election and the choppy months following it. The authors, Jun E Tan and Prof Wan Zawawi (one of my songwriting heroes), arrived at the blogging scene when bloggers were united by their fear and driven by a shared dream.

Admission is FREE and supper provided. Book lovers may feast on the latest books by SIRD.

YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, who is political secretary to Selangor MB, will officiate.

The authors and Nik aside, other speakers at the forum come from the organisers, namely the Centre for Policy Initiatives, SIRD-Gerak Budaya, the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs) and the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

FOR updates, please go to Desi's posting, here.Nik Nazmi's keynote address at the forum/book launch entitled "How New Media Trumped Old Politics and the Road Ahead" is up there too.


  1. Bro Rocky. Hope to see you and others there as well tomorrow night. BTW, thanks for your counsel regarding the photographic thingie. Here's hoping my registration comes through!

  2. bro tjk,

    sure, i'll be there. bro yl chong aka desiderata has asked me to be one of the speakers. can't say no to this guy lah. all the best to your entry.

  3. Anonymous4:07 pm

    nov or dis


  4. Salam Rock,

    1. Anda semua dijemput membaca kritikan manis saya dalam blog dibawah:

    2. T.kasih

  5. Anonymous6:25 pm

    SUKJ Khairy trooper. Blogger dua alam.

    Idola PM nya Anwar Ibrahim tapi sokong Khairy dan Reezal Merican. Dua alamnya jelas kerana sokong Zahid Hamidi.

    Orang bincang book launch. Sini pun dia nak selit propaganda. Apa isu pun dia mahu politikkan untuk Khairy. Bukan untuk bincang.

    Masyukkk ......!!!!!

  6. Goodluck to the event.

  7. SUKJ,




  8. Anonymous10:36 pm

    (fury9) : bi-election on the 17jan2009 = 11% chinese votes against BN lah bcos the youth future boss wants to CLOSE down all, except malay, primary schools wo !!
    @#$%^&* !!

  9. Pengkritik 6:25PM?

    1. Aku hanya sokong pemimpin2 yang cerdik dan berkualiti.

    2. Tak kiralah siapa mereka. Tak kisah la aku 2 alam ka..7 alam ka.

    3. Janji aku berada dalam alam yang betul.

    4. Jangan jadi macam kau tu. Pakai ikut orang ja. Orang sokong Mukhriz..kau pun sokong Mukhriz. Orang puji Mahathir..kau pun puji Mahathir.

    5. Tetapi kau tidak ada 'justifikasi' tersendiri kenapa anda menyokong dan memuji mereka.

    6. Finally, Mukhriz tercungap..kau bangap. Mahathir nyanyuk..kau merapu.


  10. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Off-topic, Bro

    The Bukit Antarabangsa landslide and the current MB's callous disregard for its victims is indicative of the Fakatan's "humane" governance approach. I scanned the papers, both virtual MSMs and other cyber rags, for any news of his visit to the area and found none. Even if he had made a cursory tour of the area, the incident cannot erase the gross negligence of his local authority in initiating proactive measures when the warning signs were evident as late as last month and given the geological history of the area in question.Now, that aresehole chingkie, Ronnie Liu wants to act...a case of the throbbing cock withdrawn after the cunt had shut!! stupid DAP appariah..oops apparatchik..

    I can already foresee the MB coming out firing allegations against and directing accusations against the previous admin to coverup for his cock-up ala a style honed and perfected by the esteemed "Caliph" of Penang.

    Hei, son of Ibrahim, commit seppuku lah if you have the guts and the moral courage, you cheapskate scum of a politician. My commiserations to the family of the bereaved but we will all remember that this tragedy was something that was waiting to happen what with the gross negligence and sheer arrogance exhibited by Fucker Khalid Ibrahim's administration. He and his minions were too busy politicking, pontificating and taking potshots at their opponents, plotting illegal takeovers etc to care for the common man who had been conned into putting these clowns on their current pedestals. These political garbage have forgotten that they were put there to serve..not organise gala gatherings, stage manage candlelight processions and shout inanities about civil rights and take veiled or unveiled digs at Islam and the Malays in general in oreder to pander to a lunatic fringe.

    Bah...humbugs all.. what good would civil rights do for the dead now?You have blood on your hands and no amount of political soap and "free" water gonna cleanse that stuff. This is what you people get for your arrogant ways....Yeah.. call it an act of god..echoes of which are replete in this staement by liu:
    “Take for instance the recent landslide in Ulu Yam, the hill that came crashing down was located about 300 metres from the affected bungalow. Who would have imagined that the tragedy was possible?” said Liu.

    We have all heard that before and precisely what you promised to deliver gullible electorate from.If you cant do so, keep your trap shut and QUIT!

    Post script: looks like the Caliph is about to swing into action. But wait...he shoots himself in the foot again!!. Pray, tell me how are sustainable development which pertains to proper and effective resource management is linked to hill-side development which has more to do with the prevention of landslides, mudflows, rockfalls,debris slides etc through the study of soil hydrology,soil and rock mechanics and the application of geotechnic procedures. For starters, idiot,get 101 through these addy:
    before you mouthoff like a numbskull!! One more thing, for god's sake stop lying for recently,a motorist died in Penang from a mud/water flow from a hill fronting the Tun Sardon-Balik Pulau road.

    From Star Online (LGE mouths off):
    "He said so far there have been no other problems concerning hillside development projects in Penang but “this doesn’t mean there won’t be any’’.He said the issue was not about landslides occurring at hillslopes but what was important was achieving sustainable development, which was to use resources in a manner that it would still be available in the future.“Achieving sustainable development should be the benchmark in any development that takes place,’’ he said.

    Warrior 231

  11. Anonymous7:00 pm

    (fury9) : say 'no no NO' to bn on
    the 17jan2009 though NOW money money money to be GIVEN to non-malay schools !!

  12. Anonymous7:02 pm

    (fury9): yes...yes...YES to PAS
    PAS PAS on the 17thjan , ok !!

  13. Dear Warrior 231,

    MB was there from the beginning of the tragedy. YB Azmin Ali arrived at 5.00 am at the site, and MB was there from the morning till late on Saturday - and was there when the PM, DPM and later Sultan arrived.

    MB was also on site on Sunday, and on Monday, he had an exco meeting on site along with the various rescue team involved to get a briefing.

    Pakatan has stopped all new development at Class 3 and 4 Hill slopes since April. Developers including REHDA have criticised the move from the beginning and tried to lobby to allow development at Class 3 slopes.

    This incident is a sad vindication of the strictness of the MB in taking this decision. But developers in projects already approved by the previous BN government must now take their responsibility too (including in Bt Antarabangsa). Now they're threatening to sue the state for loss of business, but they do not want to take responsibility for loss of lives.

    Zainal Elp

  14. Anonymous7:18 pm

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