Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sultan: Leave Kids out of your demos

Leave them Kids alone. The Sultan of Selangor has expressed disgust with certain parties for involving children in their demonstrations and campaigns. I couldn't agree more with the Sultan. Children are a powerful tool to draw attention, as in ads and campaigns, or to buy sympathy, as in street demonstrations and specific campaigns. In extreme circumstances, kids are used by adults as a shield.

Sultan Disappointed Wi
Use Of Children Iful Demonstration

PETALING JAYA, Dec 20 (Bernama) -- The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, has expressed concerns over the use of children in campaigns organised by certain groups and individuals in pursuit of their personal interests.

The Ruler conveyed his concern to Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar prior to his departure overseas last Friday.

"The Sultan is disappointed with the actions by some irresponsible people for exploiting children in their campaigns or demonstrations.

"He has expressed concern on the matter and wants the police to take stern action against those involved," Khalid told reporters here Saturday.

As such, he said, police would not hesitate to take action against anyone who used children in unlawful activities.

On the Bar Council's tendencies to be critical of the actions taken by the police, Khalid said, as a respectable body, the council should have acted in the interests of the law and not otherwise.

He also said that police were preparing investigation papers with a view of charging Sungai Siput member of parliament Dr D. Jeyakumar, who was detained in Rawang, for using children in the "Cycling for Change" campaign organised by Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (Jerit) or the Oppressed People Network.

In the Dec 15 incident, 58 people, including 28 who were below the age of 18, were detained for participating in an illegal gathering.


p.s. Some of you may choose not to believe the article for it quotes the Selangor police chief (there is a campaign to ask the Sultan to sack the police chief, I heard) so what I did was to ask an aide of the Sultan was really unhappy, as the article puts it. The aide said the Sultan said it in front of several people at the KLIA.

Click h e r e for an article on Unicef's take about children and demonstrations.

updated, near midnight: RPK, in his article Using his name in vain, is suggesting that the Selangor police chief could be lying through his teeth.


"Now, the CPO of Selangor, said that the police took action against the JERIT cyclists because the Sultan of Selangor was not happy that the opposition was using children for political ends. Did the Sultan personally meet the ‘children’ and personally check their birth certificates to verify their ages and got confirmation from reliable sources that the ‘children’ were in fact ‘being used’ by the opposition? Or, is the CPO, just like in so many incidences before this over the last 30 years, using the Sultan’s name, as usual?

"Yes, it seems the Sultan told the CPO just before His Highness left for an overseas trip that he is not happy the opposition is using children and that he told the police to take action. How convenient that the Sultan is overseas when action was taken.


  1. I still remembered some folk were outraged that the police detained a 9 year old girl because she was with some Hindraf people to hand in a memorandum.To which I quipped "why is there a 9 year old girl in the first place?"

    I am seriously annoyed at using children for some narrow political agenda, hell for any political agenda to create dramatic scenes and such.

  2. Haris Ibrahim says The Police Chief lied and he started the signature campained. Now looks who really lying. PKR -Parti Kelentong Rakyat

  3. its great that today we have this technology to discuss things in the open.

    at least now we know who's the real hypocrites are!

    you know, those who are always quick to blame others and never shy to 'upgrade' their image

  4. Hey Rocky

    Some people are REALLY getting desperate...

    Malaysia's peace and stability is toyed with (seems like a string of events are orchestrated)

    Thailand has her share.

    Someone wants to see Malaysia in a state of turmoil, so that investors might pull out?

    Or towards a "meritocratic" governance

    The weak leadership is a golden opportunity to launch an action plan?

  5. The Sultan of Selangor's advise is timely. I watched TV3 interview with the IGP tonight also.What the Tan Sri said about the Jerit Demonstrators and the strange Bar Council effort to defend the demonstrators made a lot of sense. However, I think the Police is being too soft with these Demonstrators who uses children to promote their cause. These are irresponsible people who have no conscience. The police should take off their glove, arrest and prosecute these horrible people. Police can start immediately with the arrest and prosecution for child abuse of the current MP for Sungai Siput.

    Parents also should be responsible to ensure that their children study and have fun like normal children do in their free time, not go for demonstrations.

    If the Police do not act now, we could end up like Thailand where people go for demonstrations at the slightest excuse disrupting Government, Commerce and the tourism industry by occupying the international airport generally making Thailand unstable and not secure.I do not want Malaysia to go Thailand's way.

    Bottomline is all these illegal Demonstrations "Kacau orang lain cari makanlah"

  6. Anonymous9:07 pm

    I agree, daulat tuanku! Friends of your own cousin is involved. I see all these vigil done for RPK had kids presence.

    Typical self centered attitude of Haris Ibrahim, Malik Imtiaz, Zorro, etc. For the sake of their cause, they would do anything, even childrens!

    I see their purpose to bring children is nothing more than as a human shield. Hoping police would not apprehend them for fear of the ruckus created would harm the children.

    But the parents themselves don't thinjk about this. Gila! Kalau apa-apa berlaku, tak ke kesian budak2 tu!

    The parents deserve to be ISAed.

  7. Anonymous9:57 pm

    It's good to hear that the Sultan is very caring and I hope one day Tuanku will also express similar sentiment for children of ISA detainees who are equally suffering under the cruel law of the land. Those children are also your subjects, Tuanku.

    from:anti selectivism

  8. Anonymous10:06 pm

    I beg to differ. The cause is for basic human rights and personal liberties and freedom. The cause is honourable but the politicians have tainted and polluted these rights. If a 10-year old child cannot express his feelings for his missing dad who is incarcerated in Kamunting for some unproven reasons, that child has every right to be there. I would like my kid to be there for me when I need him most. In as much I'd do the same for him whatever the costs. The politicians in this country has distorted the cause and they should be the ones first in line to take the heat. And the Police are doing their work blind because they are under pressure from the top.

  9. Anonymous10:27 pm

    so who can we belif now? RPK in his NO HOLDS BARRED column says that Khalid the scumbag lied. Sultan nvr issued such a statement.

    Maybe the aide was drunk.

    Ah Groo

  10. Anonymous10:37 pm

    This is the problem with the serious cult syndrome of this pro-PKR bloggers that led to the fast losing credibility among the supporters.

    It's a real pity and sad for them that they can't think, rationalise and act objectively anymore. Blind support, narrow-minded and avoiding any question and criticism against them and especially Anwar are responded with wild rejection.

    Media attention is all what PKR wants and the kids and teenagers are their usual convenient ammunition for their public activities.

    Why the need to support these hyporcrites after all?

  11. What if any of these kids accidentally injured or worst killed? Surely the public will blame the police for not taking the action. The Sultan is 100% correct. Leave the kids alone. Dr. Jayakumar can cycle from north to the south and back again but he must do this on his own.

  12. Anonymous10:58 pm

    When People Start Involving Children In Things Like This, You Know Things've Gotten Out Of Hand. All The Same, If This Happens, Whats To Stop Them From Doing Something Much Worse?

  13. Anonymous11:05 pm


    didnt the parents give consent?
    and can you blame readers for the distrust on this top cop? remember the Negara Ku incident and you expect us to give him 100% trust.
    did he go after those who participated in pro-ISA gathering? do I have to answer that?
    All I hope is the cops to be politically neutral and hold true to the rule of law with no exception. Nothing more nothing less. Is that too much to ask?

    Bangsa Malaysia

  14. Anonymous11:21 pm

    they got written permissions from the kids' parents. if you wanna blame, blame the parents for letting the kids join them.

    also criticize many schools that used students to collect "donation" for the use of the schools. tough actions must be taken against whomever use children for personal gain.

    it's amazing how the tone of this blog have changed right after Najib was announced to be become PM after Abdullah.

  15. Anonymous11:33 pm

    These kids are there with white candles for a virgil. These kids are cyclists who peddled for a cause. We are not asking them to carry AK47s. We do not teach them to throw rocks and stones nor to be violent. We do not bring them to become human shields. Do not distort the true situation. If it ever gets violent and out-of-hand, we all know who are the parties who start it all. And you bet it does not come from these participants, kids or adults. I bet these kids do a better job than what the National Service is offering at this point of time. At least they do not get back in body bags.

  16. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Democracy is one thing.Abuse of democracy is another. The parents of these kids must be kidding themselves by bringing their children to meaningless events.

    What is the big deal of doing a postman's job of delivering a memorandum to parliament? Just send it by AR registered post lah. It is perfectly legal as the Bar Council could attest.

    But the Bar Council is only interested in partisan politics.

    It is timely for the Sultan to offer such advice because the Police have been too accomodating to the provoking groups.

    These demonstrators seem to picket at the drop of a hat over anything at all, with many hidden agenda.

    I hope the Police will act without fear or favour in fervour to put things back to logical perspective.

    Bring back law and order and jail the disturbers of peace, if need be.


  17. Anonymous11:48 pm

    agree but why the sultan must say this!!! Funny it looks like the sultan is also a umno member


  18. Anonymous12:17 am

    And now, the poor Sultan will be the 'bad boy', for doing the right thing.

    I can bet my last dollar that the brick brats will be churning out tales to discredit the Sultan should what His Highness said was true.

    With due respect, RPK is extremely good for looking at things from a different perspective.

    RPK is like the French. They tighten screws anti clockwise, but use forks and spoons correctly.

    RPK can also convince left handed people to buy a left handed cup.


  19. Anonymous12:55 am

    I dunno what's up with the Bar Council supporting kiddies in dangerous demos. Come on, opposition, esp PKR, politics is dangerous-lah in Malaysia.

    Good one on the UNICEF piece.

    I dunno about these champions of human rights (Bar Council, JERIT, Suaram, PKR, etc) when they can't even understand simple principles of rights, reduced rights with protection against the law, abuse, exploitation, etc

    malsia1206 said: "If a 10-year old child cannot express his feelings for his missing dad who is incarcerated in Kamunting for some unproven reasons, that child has every right to be there. "

    Erm then the 10-year-old shall also face the harsh reality of the law and politics in Malaysia....

    No crying, crying all 'cos cannot cycle.

    Also I really doubt the CPO is dumb enough to misquote the Sultan......

  20. It is absolutely necessary for the constitutional monarch to get involved in a political case (notwithstanding police involvement), maybe there are a few more instances when royal intervention would have been more in sync with constitutional functions.

    For the JERIT campaign, I would say leave kids out of such campaigns and PLKN. If they are not old enough to not need a parental consent form, then they are simply not old enough, period. I say again, no kids please. Political education should start after that, for the sake of uniformity.

    This would remove any lingering doubts to the neutrality application of the law.

    (It is with regret that the royalty from other states did not follow His Majesty's move in not giving any awards to politicians and limiting the Datukship to around 30 a year. If I had my way, it would be 30 a year for the whole of Malaysia! That would have given a boost to the tired Datukship for sale thingy for good.)

  21. Sinatra_Z>>"why is there a 9 year old girl in the first place?"

    Why dont you find out. The little girl's father was behind bars under ISA.


  22. >>>JERIT or JARINGAN RAKYAT TERTINDAS is in existence since year 2002. It is a network of four coalition Factory Workers Coalitions (GPKK), Plantation Workers Coalition( JSML), Student and Youth Coalition( GAMP), Urban Settlers Coalition( GPBP) and NGOs.

    Hence JERIT has youth members, and I really dont see the problem.

  23. Anonymous3:06 am

    Puak mereka ni, thats the reason the caste system was able to thrive for over thousands of years, because that is how jijik they can be, to the extent of even dragging children to make them look cheaper.

    How professional, rich or whatever they may be, big jobs, big homes, etc their DNA will tell their origins and their roots.

    Once a beggar, always a beggar. Pergi mana pun terhegeh2 menyusahkan ketenteraman hidup orang lain.

    Yang Sepet sepet pun sama. We should learn from there, kalau terpaksa guna STEAMROLLER, gelek saja mereka ni. Mungkin hanya dengan cara ni mereka akan sedar yang RAMAI DARI KALANGAN RAKYAT MAJORITI tak SETUJU cara mereka cuba mengugat keharmonian yang ujud sekian lama ini.

    Dah naik meluat

  24. Anonymous3:29 am

    Rocky, go and verify this story before you live it! You are becoming one of those idiotic politicians who shoot first, think later and created all these bloody political mess and tension. Maybe, you like to see the country going into chaos and destruction. Peace & Truth, please!

  25. Anonymous6:06 am

    Curiously enough, no one seems to concerned about it when children are brought to other events that involve 'belief'.

    To say that parents are 'using' or 'abusing' their children by bringing them to peaceful demonstrations is ridiculous.

    Is it abuse to also bring a child to a religious event then? Are you not subjecting that child to the belief of the parent in that case too?

    It is entirely the fault of complete and utterly deplorable standards of policing in our country that demonstrations are unsafe places for children to be.

    And incidentally, it could be argued that even a child of 10 already does have to face the 'harsh reality of law and politics in malaysia' as Jed put it.


  26. Why so busy JERIT sana JERIT sini. Why not go and chari makan like everyone else instead of jerit-jerit claiming tertindas? Cycle sana, demo sini then they complained of having no food, deprived of the opportunity to earn a living, asked millions from british government...aiyoh, so much drama. Have to get away from that chasing and singing-around-the-trees-and-changed-clothes-three-times-while doing-it mentality. Get a real WOrk. Teach your children that too and dont listen to RPK too much. Normal people like you and me has to earn his living.

  27. Anonymous7:41 am

    Apa beza nya " using children and using the sultan"
    What rubbish!!! both with the same agenda... so rocky, no issue, those with power is abusing it and those without power are abusing their own by other means.
    So, don't be a hypocrites.

  28. Anonymous8:16 am

    yeah yeah yeah , that arse-hole rpk again. Everybody's lying. Hes the only telling the truth. Go back inside your wife's panties rpk--and stay there. Nobody's listening or reading to your bullshit no more !

    You can spend ur time writing your own comments under different names to your posting , if that'll make you happy but leave us alone.

    U savvy? Go play with yourself.

    ps. after reading your crap, I tend to sympathize and support more with the people you wrote and lied about. Its just an adverse effect you fool !

  29. Anonymous8:16 am

    yeah yeah yeah , that arse-hole rpk again. Everybody's lying. Hes the only telling the truth. Go back inside your wife's panties rpk--and stay there. Nobody's listening or reading to your bullshit no more !

    You can spend ur time writing your own comments under different names to your posting , if that'll make you happy but leave us alone.

    U savvy? Go play with yourself.

    ps. after reading your crap, I tend to sympathize and support more with the people you wrote and lied about. Its just an adverse effect you fool !


  30. Anonymous8:22 am

    Due respect to the Sultan, I thought being the ruler of all Malaysians, he should walk the middle from all political interferences or least, not from this twisting and spining lying CPO Khalid.
    Yes,I agree, children are powerful tools to draw attention, equally, they should be given the freedom to express their thoughts. Rightly or wrongly. This is part of growing up.
    Perhaps, the Sultan should look into our educational system, especially in the universities. Maturing students are not deprived for taken an active role of nation building and not used for political purposes by the UMNO goons. What kind of democracy are we practising?
    The Royalties have been very silent, during the last decade of the transitional period of this nation... from the old school of thoughts to the present, more modern and advanced phase. Are they the 'Johnny comes lately'?
    It is the hope and dreams of all Malaysians that there is fairness and integration of all races in this land. This will not be possible and achievable, when the country is administered by a racist regime.

  31. The child abuse ,the law must prevail ,the government and the police too soft for the wrong reason ,you cannot compromise for public order..

  32. Anonymous8:58 am

    Lets demonstrate against 'child manipulation by politicians'.

    And after that PKR, Hindraf and their kind will also demonstrate against our demontration. And late we shall again demonstrate against PKR, Hindraf.

    We just got nothing better to do.

    PKR(Anwar) and Hindraf got much in common. They both watch too much of Indian movie/drama.

  33. Anonymous9:11 am

    Now that Selangor CPO becomes The Keeper of the State Royal Seal???? Come on Mr. CPO!!!!!! Dont make yourself look dumber than Bakri Zinin who always act on what he believes on.Another paranoid cop

    - Dicko

  34. Alo bro.. memang dayus mereka yg bawa kanak-kanak bawah umur terlibat dalam demo.. memang takde teloq.. Majlis Peguam pun banggang.. mereka pandai cakap je.. berani ke mereka bawa anak-anak mereka sekali? Ibu Bapa apakah mereka itu jika sanggup membahayakan keselamatan anak-anak mereka kerana kepentingan diri sendiri?

    Memang bodoh nak mampus..

  35. Anonymous9:24 am

    interestingly, we are talking about youths between 15 and 18 years old, who unlike youths of yesteryears are more aware of the happenings around them. kids/youths nowadays are not naive. it will be prudent to engage them and hear what they have to say as well.

    did anyone publish interviews with the campaign participants? did anyone go through the campaign details - what activities were held, what's the objectives, what is the benefit etc? How about interview with the parents? why didn't the papers and TV publish their comments? all we have is statements from organisers and police, which to all purposes and intent is skewed.

    for me, it would have been just another lawatan sambil belajar or field trip if the police did not show a very persistent effort to set-up "routine" roadblock, check the buses, make 111 arrests. nearly everyday there was coverage on the campaign. if the police and media show the same concern in reducing deaths and damages by mat rempits, it will go a long way in helping to reduce crime.

  36. Its good the Sultan has told us what should NOT be done.......

    but he must also now tell us what CAN be done to fight the UMNO tyrants !!

    if these children are at risk and need police protection despite being under the watchful eyes of theior parents and other adults, what about other children like Nurin and Sharlinee who also need protection ?

  37. Anonymous9:35 am

    Why should we trust the CPO?? Give me the reason and I will listen to it... He been lying too many and too much recently until he get use to it(lying)... Disappointed how this blog has change it tune ever since I knew this blog some time ago. Is a peaceful vigil more dangerous that Pewaris provoking banner and gathering? Is Cycling throughout the country and pass the letter really waste of time? In the 1st place ask yourself why people are doing it? I would like to bring along my son along when I participate in a peaceful vigil to teach him the basic right as a human been which is to express your opinion and emotion through a peaceful gathering or hand over of Memo and not teaching them to hate other to gain political mileage or popularity like Pewaris or any NGO (No Goal Organization) is doing.... Ask yourself Bro, why there is a double standard in action by police in handling demonstration by different group(BN-linked and PR-linked).... KL-Lad

  38. Anonymous10:16 am


    RPK??? Dia percaya cuma pada satu benda... DSAI... Everything else is bullshit. Kalau DSAI cakap ada kambing belakang rumah DSAI boleh bercakap 25hb nih, dia akan percaya... Lagipun dia ada kan ada sumber maklumat dalaman dlm istana. Sebab tu dia tahu yg sebenarnya... :p

  39. Anonymous10:52 am

    you should tell that to the moronic buddy bozo or zorro .he seems to love young children .

  40. UMNO is always right, they are Allah's gift to ALL Malays, BN is God's gift to all Malaysians !

    Poh Dah !

  41. I hope that cops get rough and cope with this ppl. They kids involved, they are the Tamil Nilam in the making. So government beware.

  42. Bro Rock,

    We can expect more demo very soon. Because their god Anwar is the expert in demo since 70s.

  43. I was looking at some pro UMNO blogs on the PEWARIS demonstration. They have kids ( looks younger than 10) with them .. and the police is escorting them. And suddenly the CPO of Selangor is the defender of the kids. DId the CPO tell HRH that the cops intimidate, detain the kids? Cycling is normal but being detained by cops will affect the youth.

    We believe that HRH Sultan Selangor should get the right facts and make his judgement. Don't jump to this as the truth. I see Utusan has jump the gun today, so here goes another round of 'ketuanan'

  44. Anonymous12:03 pm

    hI Sinatra,

    the 9 years old girl's father is in Kamunting. i believed your girl will do the same..........

  45. Anonymous12:11 pm


    I have been a regular reader of your blog since day 1 and I can't help but notice the "change" in your postings and the leaning towards pro-establishment this last few months. I think you owe your readers an explanation why this has happened?

    I thought that as an ex-journalist, you would be adding value to the story, rather than to "parrot" the official line. It will make your blog more credible if you could have checked out whether this story is true by getting confirmation from the Sultan's Press Secretary instead.

    Anyway, your readers have a mind of their own and we will decide whether to continue reading your blog or not, or even believing what you said in your blog is true or not.

  46. Anonymous12:26 pm

    I think it's interesting that people ignore the fact that the cyclists, including the youths were kept out in the rain and denied the chance to get shelter. No arrangements were made to make sure these youths got food until 11:00 at night! There are hundreds of witnesses to this treatment they received. These are actions taken by the police. I don't know how this Khalid guy can say with a straight face that the organizers were abusing the youths when the police themselves take these sort of actions against these youths while they are in their custody! This joker was standing there looking at them standing out in the downpour in the middle of a flooding parking lot! He watched the adults that were with these youths try to find shelter, he watched the police deny them permission to get shelter and he watched the adults who were also under arrest take matters into their own hands to break the tape that fenced them into the parking lot to get some kind of shelter. If the police chief really cared about the safety and well-being of these youths, he would have put them inside the station and made sure they were fed right from the start. Who is abusing whom? Why is no action being taken against the police for this abuse? Those with leadership positions within the law enforcement should take responsibility and step down for not doing the right thing when it was clear that abuse was happening before their very eyes! Why are the MPs and blogs like this one silent on this?
    I think it's also interesting that when our CPO, MPs, Sultan and blogs focus only on this issue of whether or not young people should be involved in social issues, events and demonstrations the issues this lower income group was attempting to highlight are swept aside. Our MPs, Cabinet and other national leaders should have the intelligence to understand that and to be seen considering the complexities. These are legitimate problems that the lower income groups are suffering from. Why doesn't the Federal government get going on finding workable solutions so these people don't feel pressed up against the wall, looking for any and every way out. We will see far worse to come if these people can't get the help and compassion they need from the people who are in a position to do something about it! Perhaps the Sultan should look more deeply at why these things are happening and start using his influence and power to help these people. I'm disappointed that someone with so much influence, education and power did not take the time to look at all the angles to these events before issuing statements. It is more than just an issue of young people and demonstrations and it's going to happen again if the root causes aren't addressed!

  47. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Despite whether to believe RPK or the Sultan it is no wrong for a kid to be there to support her father at PWTC or beg the government for her father's release. I believe everyone children in this world would do the same if their father have been arrested without committing a crime. At least, I would.
    As for the Jerit YOUNG TEENAGERS, come on... they are old enough to know what's happening in the country. Be it politics or current events. At least I do know when I was 14. Most of them would know what they are doing.
    As for the CPO, he has so far made too much lies. I wouldn't say I would believe other people like RPK instead of him but I'd say it too difficult to believe everything he said.

  48. it's disgust to any quater that abused kids for their own place isn't on the street.they belong to a lots more safer place.

    leave them kids out of politics.politics is not for them.

  49. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Cuba kita lihat diluar aspek politik (yang bercakap politik pun bukannya orang yang bergiat dalam politik), hak asasi kanak-kanak perlu dihormati. Kita tidak boleh bawa mereka dalam apa jua tindakan golongan dewasa, terutamanya politik. Lihat dari segi aspek keselamatan, jika berlaku pertengkaran yang seterusnya melibatkan pergaduhan, jadi, golongan kanak-kanak ni lah yang terdedah dengan kecederaan. Lepas tu, mula cerita mereka (kanak-kanak) ini dikasari la, cedera la.. dan macam-macam lagi. So, jangan la nak bawa kanak-kanak ni pergi berdemostrasi.

    So, nasihat umum, bawa anak sendiri kalau nak berdemostrasi, beri anak kayu belantan. Kalau anak sendiri cedera & kemalangan, barulah anda tahu nikmat Allah telah ditarik balik.

  50. Anonymous4:16 pm

    My sources told me a different story of what happened.

    Apparently the Sultan ridiculed the Police chief when he commented that a bunch of teenagers can make fools out of the Police force. And the CPO's face turned red when the listeners all laughed at him.

    Anybody else got a different take?

  51. Rocky,

    You are in jail......your 6 yr old daughter carries a flower to the PM for Raya.

    Police stop her from giving a flower to PM, your wife is arrested for letting your daughter, who has been asking for her father, under the charge of some stupid child abuse act ?

    what will you do ?

  52. Your like minded contact, maybe?

  53. Chow Kit Cowboy;
    Your sources were DEFINITELY wrong.

    In any circumstance and whatever occasion if children's lives can/may be put at risk no matter what side you are on, with or without parent's consent and despite the blame game of who should listen to what facts,who is lying and who is not, the children should NOT be there in the first place.

  54. Anonymous said...

    'I have been a regular reader of your blog since day 1 and I can't help but notice the "change" in your postings and the leaning towards pro-establishment this last few months'

    Yea we noted that too, but Rocky do critices the establishment too Anyway the sudden turn of Rocky may due to PKR (Parti Kelentong Rakyat) actions. Infact me too made the U turn.

    As for the childrens, the fact is these peple just dont want accept the Majority Malaysian are fed up with demonstrators. We are not THAILAND.

  55. To Poobalan.

    What interview? not naive?

    Just visit Jed Yoong blog and look at few pictures posted there?

    The picture will tell u a lot.

  56. Anonymous10:09 am

    Sdr Rocky,
    Ini lah orang Malaysia bila seorang menyampaikan pesanan Sultan dia kata tak betul. Ingat dia berani ke nak sampaikan benda yang tak betul dari Sultan. Awak tanya lah sendiri dgn Sultan betul tak betul. Sah lah orang Malaysia ni ramai orang gila patutnya Sime Darby amabilalih lah Hospital Bahagia dan buat yang baik untuk oragn seperti mereka

    Anak Org Felda

  57. Anonymous7:29 pm

    It is time that charlatans and odious wankers like Jeyakumar be prosecuted and if found guilty, be lynched in public as an example to would-be troublemakers.Jeya avers that what he did was right but the LAW is the LAW and since you bleat about upholding the law.. now walk the plank,Jeyakumar if you are a MAN!! But then, your "kote" must have shrunk to a zillionth of its original length now that your bluff is being called. You plannned and implemented the whole sandiwara..if you really want these young punks to mingle with the other have many other ways to do so. Not pedaling up and down the country like crackpots and ripping the gullible poor orang aslis and other citizens of food and shelter by shamelessly tapping into their inherent goodwill in these trying times. Now face the music like a MAN and dont hide behind the skirts of Law and for godsake!dont twist your tales to the Sultan.

    As for using children in demos, i saw a pic of a small little cherub pasted on the blog of an aresehole wakil awhile back. Now pray, explain to me, wakil, what is the actual purpose of using that innocent girl in your vigils. You sudah tak da modalkah? arsehole motherfucker!!

    For all i care, she was there just to prevent them cops from performing their duty without fear or favour and if push came to shove as a human shield against tear gas and the like. Apparently, the 'vigil vigilantes' who used to hide behind their mommy's buttocks are now resorting to little girls and little boys for protection now that dear ol' mommy is either too frail for the task or has cavorted away with Mr Grim Reaper. And little girls and boys also make good fodder for you pedophiles to shag with, after the candles have been snuffed out, aint it so, dumbarse??What a Fakatan of Perverts!!

    Warrior 231

  58. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Saya ada persoalan . kenapakah menteri yang berkenan KEMENTERIAN Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat tidak mengambil tindakan mengenai pekara ini apabila kanak-kanak ini di salah gunakan? Bukan kah kementerian ini telah diberi kuasa dalam penjagaan hak2 kanak-kanak dan wanita?
    Adakah beliau terlalu sibuk dengan dimasa ini dengan urusan pertandingan ketua wanita UMNO pada bulan march tahun depan,sehinggakan tidak diambil peduli apabila anak bini orang lain dianiaya?

    Adakah jentera kerajaan kita sekarang berfungsi dengan betul , selepas pengumuman persaraan PM awal tahun depan?

    kenapakah kita mahu sampai sultan "menjerit" baru mahu kita buat kerja?

    Hah! sila jawap bang rookie...... ;-)

  59. Anonymous12:17 am

    Who is still a child and who is still not?

    If a "child" can go through ceremonies and "rites of passage" rituals then he should be considered an adult.

    Don't underestimate "children".

    Perhaps a meeting can be arranged between the Sultan and the Jerit "children".

  60. Anonymous1:03 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Whatever it is,children or no children....whenever it's done by UMNO,it's OK!(as per Penarik Beca's posting 23/1208 5am.)Double standard!!

  61. Anonymous9:45 am

    I would bring my kids to a demonstration if this is one way to fight for a just cause. This would be a great educational experience for them. Detaining people without trial is wrong. It is our role to teach our children to fight against injustice. People have rights to demonstrate peacefully to show their anger. Young people should learn to express themselves. One of the ways to express dissatisfactions is by participating in a peaceful demonstration.

    Many women and children were involved in the demonstrations against Malayan Union as shown from photos from the 1940’s. These children are not shields. Their presence is just an indication that the demonstrations are peaceful.

    For those who are concerned about possible harm to these children, please do not tell me you are not aware of many children riding motorbikes with permission from their parents. Do you wonder why the police are very concerned on the safety of the kids riding bicycles supervised by adults?

    Even if there are possible harm comes their way, the children will gain some experience on how to avoid them, or defend themselves against them. Being overprotective can also be harmful to your children and make them less independent. For Muslims, they should not forget that many teenagers participated in battles for Islam during the Prophet’s time. So there are times when allowing the kids to get involved is the right thing to do. Have you seen many adults nowadays have a mentality of a child? So do not leave your kids alone with their computer games and exam-oriented education. Allow them to mature to become a responsible human being.


  62. Anonymous3:41 pm

    I suggest the authorities pool together experts and professionals to study the habits of these individual regular demonstrators.
    1. Check their background history. Are they themselves "BERSIH" ?
    2. Those who took part in "JERIT", check their childhood records. Were they brought up by abusive parents or being abused sometimes back when they were small. Any disciplinary records while in schools/colleges/Unis/Workplace, and why?
    3. The underaged children, open a file to study their 20year performance to see the impact of their involvement when they grow up.

    I noticed the faces of the same people in these roudy crowds. Even RPK, I read somewhere about his son? Most times when one experienced a troubled childhood, these may be passed on to their children. And not satisfied, try to ensure the children of others suffer the same.

    There must be some Fullstop here. They are bringging the dirty cultures from somewhere, DSAI, RPK half bloods, most faces faces of India and China!!

    And those people bringging up on corruptions, charge them in court to reveal the culprits. I think they know because they are part of this corruption thing, they give yet do not want to be implicated. So make them FULLY answerable...


  63. Anonymous10:20 am

    antubiul: "As for the childrens, the fact is these peple just dont want accept the Majority Malaysian are fed up with demonstrators. We are not THAILAND."

    Yes, we are also not UK, USA, or any other democratic nations that allow peaceful demonstrations which is part of democracy. We are more like MYANMAR.


  64. Anonymous10:34 am

    Prof.Rakyat: "They are bringging the dirty cultures from somewhere, DSAI, RPK half bloods, most faces faces of India and China!! "

    Dirty culture: Riding bicycle under adult supervision for a just cause.

    Clean culture: Mat rempit culture. Free from India and China influence here.

    Yasir. (Full-blood, not half-blood malay like dirty-cultured RPK)

  65. Anonymous11:41 pm

    (heha) : antubiul sir, r u making FUN
    of our 'ingris' !! ( childrens & peple ?)

  66. Anonymous11:42 pm

    (fury9) : let's wait 4 his return !

  67. Anonymous4:17 pm

    (fury9) : cpo said, ' ...kerana the sultan has said it SO we must take actions lah, ok !?'
    oh, tuanku, has the cpo ever TOLD you that he has LIED (bohonged) b4!?