Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chin Peng was no freedom fighter: Jebat

"What kind of a freedom fighter is this?"For rebuttal fans out there, do read Jebat Must Die's sobering piece Raja Petra and his history lessons.

“Anggota polis pangkat rendah dan polis bantuan bergambar di hadapan Balai Polis Bukit Kepong sebelum diserang”

"There are thousands other murdered victims of the CPM led by Chin Peng since he took over as its Secretary General in 1948. We don’t even have to look at other instances recorded in the books of Dato’ Seri Yuen Yuet Leng and Dato’ J.J. Raj to discover the extent of atrocities committed by these people. What kind of a freedom fighter is this?" - JMD


  1. My ancestors too became victims of bintang tiga at parit sulong and it was documented in utusan malaysia and jamil sulong's warisan and wawasan published last year and I must say I agree with jmd. Btw happy bday to you and many happy returns.

  2. Anonymous4:59 pm

    dear rocky,
    my cousin once taught me that histories are written by winners, and it is subjective indeed.
    and as a 22 year old, i think it's rather confusing for others to keep giving the nation's history on their own versions.
    i wonder what the motives are, but i think it's best to stick to the history as a base to not repeat the same mistake rather than be fooled by doing it again. so confused.i should dig history books more after this.

    -circus ring mistress-

  3. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Why waste time on this idiot,,!!! tumpu kepada economy Negara yang sedang tenat,,,Malaysian Ringgit jatuh lagi,,,???

    Tengok Japanese Yen yang semakin kuat,,,,harga kereta and other Japanese prooduct akan mahal,,,

    Our Fucking Finance Minister dok diam buat apa,,!!!

    Mungkinkah keadaan akan lebeh terok sebelum Merdeka,,,Whats the use of Merdeka then?????


  4. Off course --

    wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  5. govt takeover is now a fairytale

    anwar is diminished

    zaid has been sacked

    NEP is justified

    vernacular schools are challenged

    IJN is heroically saved (at least for a while)

    well, the plot has to go on ...

  6. Chin Peng, whose real name is Ong Boon Hua could not produce his birth and citizen certificates to establish that he is Malaysian.

  7. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Likewise many lives were taken by Saddam/Iraq and Osama's network - mainly souls who were of the same faith.

    What kind of a freedom fighters are/were these persons?

    Yet, the so called leaders in this multi-racial nation donwplay their attrocities and conveniently point to other 'bullies' of different faith.

    Luckily, we have the police and security forces who see things in proper perspectives, aligned with the general views that genuinely show concern over the safety and security of everyone.


  8. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Si RPK tu dah gila ....


  9. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Raja Pembohong & Kelentong (RPK) tak patut di hantar ke Kem Kemunting tapi sepatutnya dihantar ke Hospital Tanjong Rambutan.

    Tak perlu berbahas dengan orang gila kerana pada mereka semua orang lain adalah gila kecuali mereka.

  10. Happy B'day!!!

    May Allah bless u with health, wisdom, blogjuices...n patience

    take care bro

  11. RPK and PKR have same agenda with different platform. Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Parti Keadilan Rakyat.Both are the same. Both have the alphabet R,P and K. RPK can also symbolised as Rakan Parti Kelentong and PKR as Parti Kelentong Rakyat.Therefore RPK is Rakan Parti Kelentong Rakyat. RPK article are PKR article. RPK has mislead Malaysian many times such as KJ chronicles a novel without 'THE END',Najib and the tale of Rosmah a propaganda by the master RPK, The statutory declaration episods, About Islam from the minds of RPK,The misadventure of Najib and the Hindu priest by the twisting master RKK and many more and yet RPK claims all his stories are 90% truth. And now he a Chin Peng fan. For RPK Chin Peng is his national hero because RPK lived in his own world. The first national hero that fight the British for Independent is non other than Dato Maharaja Leela who fights day and night and rock the British empire for his action. Unfortunatly he was potray as a murderer and a crimal to history. Chin Peng is nothing more than a murderer who wants to create his own empayar and become the first President of Republic Communis Malaya' a dream that never come true. RPK is nothing more than an agent to PKR. Majority comment made in MT are from hiprocrets without substances from none other than oppositions parties. RPK article is readable but not to take it for granted. Is just like reading Cinderella.

  12. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Chin Peng was a freedom fighter. Period. Those who do not remember the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them. Those who chose to forget history have cocooned themselves in a bunker of self-denial.

  13. Anonymous9:05 pm

    i must state this..

    my late granduncle was a top communist leader in singapore way back before her independence. upon visiting the czech rep. in 1948, the latter got disillusioned with communism.

    he came back and somehow joined the left wingers, in other words the barisan sosialis. was imprisoned under the infamous ISA during the 60's.

    well, speaking of chin peng, he never gave 2 hoots to my late granduncle. do you think i am going to give any hoots to him? if boestamam and pak sako is still around, definitely, i would show them some form of respect.

    hang with ong boon hua alias chin peng. i'll rather hang him till glory comes by after he sold my late granduncle off.

    fuck that man.

  14. History is a story
    Of events of battles fought
    Of people lived of people lost
    Only the winners told
    What part they played

    It is always the winner’s tale
    Of how the battles and events fought
    Painted sorrows and tears of the suffering
    Until redemption came to spread good cheers

    Battles were fought
    On different opinion and ideology
    Of power to protect its own
    Of the oppressed unwilling to let go
    Of the rights each believes is legal
    Until blood spilled pounding on the ground

    On that moment
    History is told
    Of the good and bad decision
    Protecting rights fought amongst themselves
    Brewing each own ideology
    Never wanted to compromise
    Of deception and unwilling to accept
    That winner took all

    History for what it is worth
    Learn it don’t repeat again
    For the sorrows and tears
    When life is lost

  15. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Chin Peng was both a freedom fighter AND a murderer.

    C'mon guys, let's not fool ourselves here... Are we not ourselves willing to commit murder to free our country? I've seen enough calls for blood on this blog to believe it.


  16. Anonymous10:11 pm

    The Malaysian Miracle

    by Joseph E. Stiglitz

    August 31 marked the 50th anniversary of Malaysia’s Merdeka: independence after more than 400 years of colonialism. Malaysia’s peaceful, non-violent struggle may not have received the attention that Mahatma Gandhi’s did in India, but what Malaysia has accomplished since then is impressive – and has much to teach the world, both about economics, and about how to construct a vibrant multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society.

    The numbers themselves say a lot. At independence, Malaysia was one of the poorest countries in the world. Though reliable data are hard to come by, its GDP (in purchasing power parity terms) was comparable to that of Haiti, Honduras, and Egypt, and some 5% below that of Ghana. Today, Malaysia’s income is 7.8 times that of Ghana, more than five times that of Honduras, and more than 2.5 times that of Egypt. In the global growth league tables, Malaysia is in the top tier, along with China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand.

    Moreover, the benefits of the growth have been shared. Hard-core poverty is set to be eliminated by 2010, with the overall poverty rate falling to 2.8%. Malaysia has succeeded in markedly reducing the income divides that separated various ethnic groups, not by bringing the top down, but by bringing the bottom up.

    Part of the country’s success in reducing poverty reflects strong job creation. While unemployment is a problem in most of the world, Malaysia has been importing labor. In the 50 years since independence, 7.24 million jobs have been created, an increase of 261%, which would be equivalent to the creation of 105 million jobs in the United States.

    There were many reasons not to have expected Malaysia to be a success. Just as Malaysia was gaining its independence, the Nobel Prize winning economist Gunnar Myrdal wrote an influential book called Asian Drama , in which he predicted a bleak future for the region.

    Malaysia is rich in natural resources. But, with few exceptions, such countries are afflicted with the so-called “natural resource curse”: countries with an abundance of resources not only do not do as well as expected, but actually do worse than countries without such benefits. While natural resource wealth should make it easier to create a more equalitarian society, countries with more resources, on average, are marked by greater inequality.

    Moreover, Malaysia’s multiracial, multi-cultural society made it more vulnerable to civil strife, which has occurred in many other resource-rich countries, as one group tried to seize the wealth for itself. In many cases, minorities work hard to garner the fruits of this wealth for themselves, at the expense of the majority – Bolivia, one of the many rich countries with poor people, comes to mind.

    At independence, Malaysia also faced a Communist insurgency. The “hearts and minds” of those in the countryside had to be won, and that meant bringing economic benefits and minimizing “collateral” damage to innocent civilians – an important lesson for the Bush administration in Iraq, if it would only listen to someone outside its closed circle.

    And Malaysia had a third strike against it: for all the talk of the “white man’s burden,” the European powers did little to improve living standards in the countries they ruled. The dramatic decline in India’s share of global GDP under Britain’s rule, as Britain passed trade laws designed to benefit its textile producers at the expense of those in its colony, is the most visible example.

    The colonial powers’ divide-and-rule tactics enabled small populations in Europe to rule large numbers outside of Europe, pillaging natural resources while investing little in the physical, human capital, and social capital necessary for an economically successful, democratic self-governing society. It has taken many of the former colonies decades to overcome this legacy.

    How, then, does an economist account for Malaysia’s success? Economically, Malaysia learned from its neighbors. Too many of the ex-colonies, rejecting their colonial heritage, turned to Russia and communism. Malaysia wisely took an alternative course, looking instead to the highly successful countries of East Asia. It invested in education and technology, pushed a high savings rate, enacted a strong and effective affirmative action program, and adopted sound macroeconomic policies.

    Malaysia also recognized that success required an active role for government. It eschewed ideology, following or rejecting outsiders’ advice on a pragmatic basis. Most tellingly, during the financial crisis of 1997, it did not adopt IMF policies – and as a result had the shortest and shallowest downturn of any of the afflicted countries. When it re-emerged, it was not burdened with debt and bankrupt firms like so many of its neighbors.

    This success was, of course, not only a matter of economics: had Malaysia followed the policies recommended by the IMF, it would have torn apart the social fabric created over the preceding four decades.

    Malaysia’s success thus should be studied both by those looking for economic prosperity and those seeking to understand how our world can live together, not just with toleration, but also with respect, sharing their common humanity and working together to achieve common goals.

    Joseph Stiglitz is a Nobel laureate in economics. His latest book is Making Globalization Work.


  17. Anonymous10:31 pm

    You can say UMNO love Chin Peng, actually NEP is an idology that has all the communist value but fail to work. So those who love UMNO and NEP should also count brother Chin Peng as one of you.

  18. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Satu cerita:
    Saya pergi Pusat Sains Petronas KLCC bawa anak-anak. Kebetulan ada satu rombongan sekolah cina. Mereka ni saya tengok kalau cakap langsung tak fikir orang lain...Bila anak saya sedang cuba satu alat...tiba-tiba satu pelajar cina ni dengan rakus ambil alih dari tangan anak saya...Sampai ketika ambil foto free (print free) yang disediakan dipusat tersebut..belum pun siap print..satu budak cina ni terus cancel button print...dan dia terus cepat-cepat ambil gambar dia dst...
    Moralnya: Saya fikir macam apa yang berlaku sekarang...orang cina sibuk tuntut hak sana-sini dan akhirnya mereka akan kuasai semua perkara..Melayu tinggal nama saje..Nampak mereka telah di didik dari kecil untuk kiasu..dan tidak menghormati orang Melayu...kecuali Melayu yang boleh diputar macam RPK.

  19. Anonymous10:49 pm

    “It was British policy to encourage Malays to remain small-time farmers. Malay children were not to be given higher education in case they would be disinclined to till the land (pg. 91)… the Malays were colonized by a race who preferred to keep ‘native children’ perpetually in the dark. The British did not wish to see local children become educated and thinking adults who might want to unleash their energies against them. Education was provided, but only to a level deemed fit for ‘the Malays’. Thus, the educational progress of the Malays was hampered (pg. 96).”


    Why then did the British set up the elite Malay College Kuala Kangsar which till today produces many top Malay leaders?

    The Brits did not stop any enterprising and bright Malay who wanted to study and who could go far, from seeking a good education.

    I know for certain many Malay states gave scholarships for good Malay students. Johor for example gave scholarships to students to study at the University of Malaya in Singapore. And many Malay students studied Medicine at the King Edward VII College of Medicine. Mahathir and wife are examples. Did the Brits stop their education? And today's newspaper had an article of the first Malay woman doctor who just turned 90 and she graduated in Singapore too and she started her studies in the 1930s. And many Malays were sent to Cambridge to study law. Remember Tunku and Razak etc, etc who later became leaders of independent Malaya?

    So it is merely a perception by the author of the book. Let us not take his writings as gospel truth and get carried away by his thoughts and views. Many bright Malays were indeed given the opportunity and support to reach for the sky.

    Don't believe me? Just ask those eminent retired Malays who are now in their 70s and 80s who led the country in the Corporate, Public and Legal sectors from 1950s to 1990s, who were sent to the UK and Australia.

  20. Anonymous11:07 pm

    so should we all start campaigning, put back RFK behind the wall

  21. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Chin Peng and geng did fight for the country's independence---- originally and in their own way.

    They helped to kick out the Japs remember? While others collaborated with the enemy. For their efforts, they were awarded medals and commendations by the British Crown and Empire, no less, marching down Trafalgar Square in the Victory Parade.

    Yes, some of them became baddies after that.

    But they DID, in a way, fight for the country's independence. And we can argue and debate on this till the cows come home or jump over the moon and will still not agree, accept or acknowledge their contributions.

    We will always conclude that it was the Malays and nobody else, who started it all and should be given all the credit.

    Come on, lets be fair. Many non-Malays died fighting for the country too. And don't forget the many Fijians, Maoris, Kiwis, Aussies, Brits, Indians, Ceylonese, Pakis and Gurkhas too, when they didn't have to.

    To me, God bless them all for our Merdeka.

  22. Rocky,
    I have been reliably told RPK son is in jail in Seremban for a drug-related of offenses. His son is a leader of a gang in this prison he has a tattoo on his body and any hit on anyone gang member in that prison his son is sought after to do the job, a real terror even the prison wardens are afraid of this boy.

  23. Are we going to allow history to shape our destiny? Are we not doomed?

    Only in Malaysia, it would seem like history has to dictate how we we live tomorrow. Rather sad.

    Do I care who it was that initiated or fought for independence? If so, whose version of history do I clue on to?

    If Chin Peng's agenda was to make Malaya a communist state, I am glad he failed.

    Yes, he had fought the Japanese together with the British. And I reckon he has every right to believe he was played out by the British after the war. Just like Tok Nik Aziz feels played out by UMNO when PAS was in the BN.

    So, whose betrayal is worse? Do I care? Should I care? What is the point to paying reverence to historical heros when I feel deprived today?

    What is the point of who crossed the finish line when in the name of that hero, today I feel taht I am being robbed, prejudiced, marginalised, used.

    Do I care if Chin Peng might have been a hero or a villain? I really don't care. AFter all he made himself out to be the villain and he did want villains are expected to do. Syed Hamid Albar paints himself a good man, and yet he was the villain who used powers vested in him to detain innocents. And Chin Peng is no more, whereas Hamid Albar is here today and he can deprive me of my liberties. So who should I fear more?

    RPK is trying in so many ways to give me a better life. Do I care if his views of Chin Peng is not exactly popular or misguided? RPK is for the future. Chin Peng and the Malaysian History of those times are in the past with little or no relevance to the present or the future.

    It is only those whose powers that come from a past and find justification in their obviously convoluted sense of justice in a certain version of the past and which position is obviously profitable to them who will find relevance in that past. To these people, history is conveniently too good for them to want to ignore it. And that is why stuff like social contract has become sacred in the eyes of many.

  24. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Salam Bro,

    A Note.
    How I wish Allahyarham Dato Hassan Ibrahim is alive to tell you the story of what the 'Bintang Tiga' did in Jasin Melaka when the Japs surrender.During the vacume of power in Malaya.
    I am sure his cousin Dato Adib Adam remembers it well too since they are first cousin.

    Thus,stop the crap.pleased.

    hmmmmm...arent RPK tired of bragging?


    Dato Hassan Ibrahim

  25. Anonymous12:01 am

    Saudara Rocky,

    Dari Segi sejarah Parti Komunis Malaya adalah seperti penjelmaan semula `dajal’ seperti yang disebut oleh Rasullullah S.A.W di dalam hadith.

    Kita dapat lihat parti PAP dan juga adiknya DAP adalah kelahiran semula PKM ini dan adalah amat mengecewakan apabila PAS boleh bersengkokol dengan mereka.(adakah kita semua lupa apabila Lim Kit Siang berkata `over my dead body ‘ berhubung dengan penubuhan Negara Islam?)

    Bagaimana pula tentang PKR yang tidak mempunyai prinsip dan juga sebuah parti yang tidak lebih dari bersifat `oppurtunist’ ditambah pula dengan mempunyai seorang penasihat parti yang di laknati Allah S.W.T ?

    Ataupun pemimpin UMNO yang ada sekarang seperti Pak Lah, KJ, Nazri, Musa Hitam, Khaled Nordin, Mohamad Taib, Sharil Samad, Azalina dan juga yang ada didalam Kabinet menteri sekarang ini yang amat lemah, perasuah, bermuka-muka dan sanggup menjual maruah agama, bangsa mereka?

    Ingatlah saudara ku , orang seperti Rashid Maidin, Syamsiah Fakeh, Tok Janggut Bagan Datoh dan lain-lain lagi apabila mereka mengangkat senjata, perjuangan nya adalah demi Agama dan Bangsa serta membebaskan negara dari pemerintahan British dan juga keturunan seperti Raja Petra Kamarudin ini.

    Dan adakah kita lupa akan apa yang telah dilakukan oleh Kiyai Salleh?

    Dan mengapa mereka menyertai PKM ini ? Ianya adalah cara paling mudah kerana PKM mempunyai senjata , struktur organisasi yang kukuh, dakyah pembelaan terhadap agama dan kaum melayu.

    Membenarkan Chin Peng kembali ke negara ini adalah sama dengan membenarkan DAP, Lim Kit Siang memerintah negara ini.

  26. Anonymous12:07 am


    Happy Birthday! God bless you!

    My atok angkat told me many stories during the Bintang Tiga Time. He told me how hard is was to live at that time. Batu Pahat is not a white area. And he told me how 1 man (I can't remember his name, but maybe something like Panglima ??) did something to this bintang tiga and families. The whole parit-parit has been clean up by this Panglima. Dato Onn (If i remember correctly) and the gang, save many people life from this group. If not because Dato Onn, my atok believed that Batu Pahat will be full of org jawa and brown tea colour people.

    Oh yes forgot. My real kampung is only about 10km from bukit kepong. And my real atok told me... If not because of the komunis, Org kampung will live much happier during that time.

    For some of us, who just read the books to learn about history, i don't think they can understand what the org kampung feel during that time. My Atok said, "Kalau dapat makan ubi dengan ikan kering pun dah cukup beruntung". And he hate the komunis more than the japanese army. He said, if you can bodek japanese army you still can get extra foods, but not with komunis.

    ...When I read MT, I read between the line. Once I believe in RPK. Once.. But not now...

  27. Anonymous12:14 am

    Our Fucking Finance Minister dok diam buat apa,,!!!

    Mungkinkah keadaan akan lebeh terok sebelum Merdeka,,,Whats the use of Merdeka then?????


    what's the use of Merdeka then? What kind of moron you are "bodolagi" old are you anyway? You are really BODOH!!


  28. Anonymous12:43 am

    whether mr chin peng was a freedom figther or not,it is for the historians or the person with the rigth qualification in history to say and not some petty minded fools or racially biased malaysian malay dailies journalist and writters to say.whether majority of our malaysians accept or not,the malaysians of old generation cannot deny the fact that mr chin peng had played very important role in MPAJA to make live harder for the new colonial masters(the japanese who wanted to conquer asia)and chase them out from malaya.when the British return to malaya after the japanese lost the war,the British did not honour their promise to mr chin peng to grant merdeka to malaya after their return.Mr chin peng`s leadership,participation,experiences and his struggles against the JAPANESE in MPAJA together with his colleagues Rashid maidin,musa mohamed,samsiah fakeh had given him the courage and gallant to stand against the British whio had reneged the promise to grant merdeka to Malaya.His (MR CHIN PENG)struggles and figth together with his colleagues Rashid Maidin,Musa Mohamed and Samsiah Fakeh against the migthty British master was in fact had contributed and expedieted the granting of merdeka for Malaya.RAJABAT...


    What a person is depends on what you expect him to be
    Since he can't be around to defend himself, it's all up to you
    Looking from the micro or macro side while busy as a bee
    You can choose to be objective or subjective according to your choice of hue

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 201208
    Sat. 20th Dec. 2008.

  30. bercakap mengenai pejuang kebebasan atau kemerdekaan- memang nyata chin peng tidak menepati 2 ciri itu. Ching peng telah mengarahkan serangan,sabotaj, pengeboman dan pelbagai bentuk tindakan anti nationalisme dan anti British termasuklah yang membawa kepada pembunuhan Sir Gerald Templer. tak payah cakap mengenai chin peng, sebenarnya di negara ini ada banyak pejuang serta tokoh kebebasan dan kemerdekaan, pejuang menentang penjajah dan pejuang yang rela berkorban jiwa dan raga untuk tanah air. tanyalah waris Tok Bahaman, Tok Gajah, Tok Janggut, Dol Said, Mat Kilau, Mat Salleh dan lain lain pahlawan dari seantero negara termasuk sabah dan sarawak yang semakin dilupakan khususnya oleh generasi muda yang mungkin hanya mengenali alam siber, blog, laman sembang, online game, love dating chat dan sebagainya. tanpa peranan dan cucuran peluh serta darah pejuang lampau, mana mungkin tanah melayu merdeka dan mana mungkin malaysia terbentuk.

    Bercakap mengenai ekonomi merudum sekarang, tidakkah kita musykil bahawa senario ini disumbang tindakan yang disengajakan oleh negara kuasa besar. The current economic recession is a delibearte act by the super powers. Ambil contoh Amerika Syarikat dan eropah,mereka adalah pembeli terbesar apa juga produk termasuk komoditi yang diekspot oleh negara lain di dunia. Jika mereka sengaja tidak mahu membeli produk contohnya minyak kelapa sawit dari Malaysia, maka minyak kelapa sawit itu tidak mendapat permintaan. apabila ia berlaku, maka berlakulah lambakan stok minyak kelapa sawit di negara ini, sekaligus harganya menurun. begitu juga dengan barangan lain seperti besi, kayu balak, minyak dan sebagainya yang juga turun harganya apabila negara kuasa besar sengaja tidak mahu membelinya lagi meskipun kuasa belinya kekal sama seperti sebelum kegawatan ekonomi. Nah. apabila harganya sudah turun kelak, maka USA dan negara2 lain mempunyai kelebihan untuk membeli apa sahaja barangan pada masa akan datang pada harga murah untuk faedah mereka.
    Kegawatan ekonomi berlaku bukan kerana ada pihak sengaja membakar 50 % daripada wang yang sedia ada dalam circulation di dunia. Wang tetap ada, permintaan tetap ada, kuasa beli tetap ada, bilangan penduduk tetap sama, Cuma tindakan TIDAK MAHU MEMBELI yang sengaja dibuat - menyumbang kepada permasalahan ini. dan ini seterusnya membawa kepada pelbagai kesan domino seperti pemberhentian pekerja, kebankrapan syarikat, harga saham merudum dan petanda ekonomi yang terus negatif. Amerika Syarikat memang hebat!!

  31. Yes they are not..

    They are bunch of killers & responsible for the death of thousands of malaysian especially malays..

    p/s: Those scumbag dont even know history

  32. Anonymous1:36 am

    What the fuck,

    Now try to portray Chin Peng @ Murderer as a freedom fighter. Dont waste your time with this retard RPK.


  33. Anonymous2:03 am

    Chin Peng fought for freedom against japanese occupation,so if he's not freedom fighter in the eyes of british and malayan then,what is he? so after the communist party of malaya was outlawed then only he is branded a communist terrorist,thats the way politics goes from friends become enemies.UMNO,MCA and MIC had to listen to what british today anwar ibrahim becomes foe of UMNO!of course chin peng couldn't proof he is malaysian citizen.way back then he was in his jungle camp,how could he came out then to apply?if chin peng's father and family are malaysian citizen,automatically chin peng is a citizen is riduculous for malaysian government to ask chin peng to proof that he is a malaysian citizen .(During that time,those who are malaysian citizen ,automatically their children also became citizen,then only the children apply seperate citizenship certificate from the govt office)those who become victims of bintang tiga was usually those japanese collaborator ,KMT supporter ,anti-communist as bintang tiga also suffer the same fate if caught by them.(dont just listen to one side of story)how come malaysians today especially malays like japanese so much as nothing happened?(these shows the double standard!)do you all know that those old japanese bosses and tourist who came to do business and visit malaysia were onece busy chopping malaysian heads off by the order of their leader????is it because chin peng is not rich unlike those ex-japanese soldier then he is treated this way by the malaysian government?of course malaysian policy is double standard and full of lies!


    "Jebat was a Malay hero. But despite his good intentions, his methods were cruel, misguided and unwieldy. His anger towards a Sultan, led him to murder thousands of innocent lives. In the end, Jebat must die…"

    So, was Chin Peng a freedom fighter?

    Was he a murderer?

    It's all about history and context.

  35. Anonymous3:40 am

    Hoi , siapa kata jepun keluar dari malaya ni sebeb MPAJA dan Chin Peng halau mereka. Mereka serah pada pehak bersekutu sebeb bom yang digugurkan di Hiroshima dan Nagasaki. Kalau Chin Peng yang halau jepun baru lah boleh dianggap pejuang. Tapi yang nyata yang dia buat adalah cuba tubuhkan negera komunis semasa keadaan "vacume" di Malaya.

    RPK = Yahudi yang ubah kitab injil.


  36. Anonymous4:12 am

    c'mon you guys, if you have to leave your comments regarding this subject then go over to Jebat Must Die and put in your 2 cents worth over there and NOT here. JMD originated this topic. This rocky is just riding on the back of other people's rants and raves by pinching them and posting them on his own blog. If you are all hungry wolves then you should learn to find other hunting grounds instead of sticking to one place. What if this one place runs out of food?


  37. May I suggest that we ignore this SHIT STIRRER...RPK with his half baked ,misinformed and ludicrous ideas like this one of Chin Peng.
    RPK has long been ignored and is trying to be relevant with the blogsphere by publishing the article just to irritate,provoke and instigate.

    Have a safe Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for what it's worth...
    Remember that if you feel and is undergoing a trying time in your life...there are people out there somewhere,suffering with absolutely nothing to be clothed and food to eat.
    Let us Malaysians count our blessings despite our politically instigated misgivings about each other...there is a lot more amongst us to LOVE,SHARE and be LOVED.
    Be angry for all you want but remember we actually can't LIVE without EACH OTHER...whatever race,religion and sexual preference we have.

  38. Oh Ya ..Happy Birthday, Rocky.

    Just a fan.

  39. Anonymous7:57 am

    (heha) : antubuil sir, pls...PLEASE tolong tulis s-l-o-w-l-y ...can't catch up ...(pant ...
    p-a-n-t-i-n-g now )...ok, tq !!

  40. Anonymous8:05 am

    (heha) : ...but...without him & them , hari ini u & ku are writing
    b jap man !!

  41. Salam Tuan,

    Selamat Hari Jadi. Semoga panjang umur serta murah rezeki, Insya-Allah.

    To say that Chin Peng was a freedom fighter, well, I think we have to understand what 'freedom' is.

    To Chin Peng and Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM), 'freedom' could mean :-
    1) Freedom from the British plus
    2) Freedom from capitalism plus
    3) Freedom from religion

    To the rest of us during the pre-Merdeka era, freedom is simply freedom from occupation by the British.

    I think to win freedom while enforcing a totally new ideology, which is communism, to the people of this country back then is a another form of occupation. And this time, it's even worse than the British, Dutch and Portuguese occupations combined. They can shoo the Brits - that's good because everyone wants the Brits out of this country anyways. To wipe away capitalism - well, I don't think many would like that idea. To do away with religion - now, that's a big no-no.

    From the communists' perspective, Chin Peng was a freedom fighter but at the same time, to the rest of us - he was just another conqueror wannabe.

    He's in the same league as Pol Pot and thank Allah we got rid of him and his merry men.

    For people who are bent to say that the other races also contributed to our Merdeka, there are other Chinese and Indians who wanted Malaya to be independent from the British and actually did something to help the Malays to achieve it. Chin Peng is a bad example. Try other people, ok?

    Terima kasih. Wassalam.

  42. Anonymous9:28 am





  43. Anonymous9:36 am

    RPK is calling attention..thats all


  44. Anonymous10:15 am

    The Blogger should not use the title "Jebat must die".

    Why Jebat must die? The subject is controversial.

    Some people regard Hang Jebat is a Hero and willing to sacrifice himself for the sake or friendship, honor and peace.

    Mus_Rock Malaya

  45. Anonymous10:21 am

    Mugabe fought the Brits and the whites and achieved independence for his country.

    Then he became bad.

    Does that mean he wasn't a freedom fighter at all?

  46. Anonymous10:25 am

    Quote from Pasquale's

    "CPM stands for Chinese Party of Malaya and they failed to form a Chinese entity in Malaya...cept for Penang!
    He takes his order from Chinese leaders from Communist China and Taiwan, and possibly Singapore! His raison det're is a complete Chinese state of Malaya! Umno and Melayu please open your eyes!"

  47. According to Frank Swettenham - after Birch was killed in Pasir Salak he was caught upstream of the Perak River as he had gone there to post the notices about the tax collection as Birch had done in PS. He had an Indian policeman with him. Coming back by boat he had to pass PS. Now this was where the Malays had killed Birch just hours ago. So he came down the river at 3.00 am. He passed through PS without any problems.
    If there was a "rebellion" against the British as is often touted since the 60s led by the hero Maharaja Lela - what do you expect the Malays to do?
    They knew very well that Swettenham had gone upstream to drive home the point that nobody was allowed to "collect taxes other than those authorized by the British.
    So go Swettenham's account in his book.

  48. 1. Happy Birthday Bro, Semuga panjang umur, sehat walafiat dan murah rezeki serta semua amalan diberkati Tuhan.

    2. Chin Peng a freedom fighter? Does a freedom fighter preside over the killings and maimings of so many Malayan civillians, Police and the Army. The only way Chin Peng could come back to Malaysia is in shackles to face a charge of Crime Against Humanity and when found guilty he should be sentenced to life in prison without any chance for parole. Please do not be fooled by Chin Peng's gentlemanly looks during his old age, he may smile but has never regret and has shown no remorse for his past deeds.

    3. I think RPK has been writing a load of crap since after the March 2008 elections. I do hope that the Home Minister appeal against his release from ISA detention by the High Court is successful. RPK is "fucking" the minds of the youngsters who does not read or do not bother about documented history, as such I do believe he is a present and clear harmful element to Malaysia. One should not just dismiss him as a writer who writes nonsense and do not bother about what he writes, as others read what he writes and forms misguided perceptions about Malaysia.

  49. Anonymous11:24 am

    Shame on you for those who knew to type the keyboard while ignoring the fact thousands had died and lost their limbs in the fight against the communist in Malaysia.
    So there is no difference between Chin Peng, Rashid Maidin, Abdullah CD and Shamsiah Fakeh and those of Moa, Lenin, Stalin etc. They're socialist who're willing to kill innocents just to be in power.

    RPK is pariah prostitute who would write anything that hurts the majority feelings in Malaysia as a current trend of Pakatan Rakyat. Writing witout responsibilities and shame.

  50. Anonymous11:39 am

    Chin Peng didn't have the interest of Malaya at heart. He was anti-Jap because of China's invasion by the Nips, and teamed up with the Brits because it was the classic situation where "the-enemy-of-an-enemy-is-a-friend".

    The only "freedom" he fought for was the freedom to get rid of the Japs so that the Commies could take over.

    I'm half Chinese and my mum's paternal family is from Bentong, and she remembers how scared the Chinese villagers were of the Commies. She has no sympathy for Chin Peng and all those wanting him to return to Malaysia and praising him as a freedom fighter are revisionists.

    I'm going to rant here because I think there is something odd in the thinking of some Malaysian Chinese, especially the Chinese school-educated ones. Not all, but a sizable number including some of my relatives. Just because something is Chinese, waaaah, must be correct, must be right and if there's any opposition, blame the Malay buggers.

    I know some Malaysian Chinese who only speak Chinese, eat Chinese (everything else is "aiya, ho lat (too spicy)", watch Chinese DVDs, their whole world circles around everything Chinese. It's bizarre. Never watch news, read papers and have no bloody clue about Malaysia. It's not that they're awful people, but how can you call yourself Malaysian?

    I'm proud of my Chinese blood but I'm a Malaysian first. And to those Malays who want the Chinese to "balik Tong San", not all Chinese are like that. Some of us do agree the NEP for the Malays (though we don't like seeing rich kids get scholarships) and about Malay rights.

    All this hullabaloo about "ketuanan Melayu" and keris-waving, so what? The Malays are the majority in Malaysia, it's their land and stop nit-picking about who migrated here first. Accept it.

    I don't feel as if I'm a second-class citizen, that I'm done for because I don't enjoy NEP benefits. It's all a mind-set. If one door closes, another will open.
    Stop whining, complaining, arguing and just let's live in peace.

    By the way, don't Raja Petra and Harith Iskandar look alike? Both jokers.

  51. Anonymous11:58 am

    And don't forget that there were many Malays in the Communist Party of Malaya as well.

    Why are they treated differently from Chin Peng? Were they also not terrorists and killers too? Are they freedom fighters or not?

  52. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Woah Lucifer! So uncool seeing a devil getting overly sensitive here. Flaming on others would be your trait but this? Hopefully you're not RPK's worshiper, for it would be totally wrong, when it should be him worshiping you instead eh?.

    So what's your beef if Rocky highlighted Jebat's posting or even others here? Anything that's not in line with your agenda and you come hard on Rocky? Bet you have no issue with those calling themselves fakatan bloggers carrying each other's posting on their blog.

    Don't you worry devil, many of us already went there to put our 2 sens worth without needing you telling us to. Your days of having it good with craps postings (such as RPK and the others) without solid and intelligent rebuttals, were long over.

    Get use to it!

  53. Mus_Rock Malaya,

    Jebat Must Die is a nickname of the blogger who operates the blog of the same name. Visit for more info.

    Terima kasih. Wassalam.

  54. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Glorifying communism..?

    That's why its really justify to just say.."go back to China!"

    I thought u motherfucker who proudly idolized the practices of western ideology as the best practice of the world would not go leap backward with something associated to a failing system..

    what a bunch of moron & confused racial creatures as always..

    anyway, why stir this piece of shit now..?? What's the motive?
    RPK..? hahaha... pathetic guy..pity him, trying hard to be accepted by the chingkies after been kicked out from the majority non-liberal Malay circle..

    The Japs only have a real issues with the Chinese back in that time..not so much with the that the real main creteria why CP really all out fighting the Japs ?And after that performed Malay civilian genocide during the vacuum of power in Malaya? ethnic cleansing eh?

    At least the Japs do respect & preserved the Sultans & Malay religious, heritage & culture unlike the British who favoured these fucking chingkies with the idea of Malayan Union.

    Whatever lah..last time u praised the Capitalist West & now praised the Commy assoc...

    U people are nothing more than just a bunch of fucking hypocrites bastards...

    stop talking history & try to rewrite it like a 1967 formed country down south..

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  55. I must say kudos to RPK.. he actually support the idea of communism. & also applaus the guy who imposed terror to Malaysians.. Most of it malays..

    He no freedom fighter.. he's the worst enemy malaysia have had & can never be forgiven..

  56. Anonymous2:30 pm

    RPK ranting is just full crap.his writings is based merely on rumours and his own view and not entirely by the facts.i wonder why there peoples that support his cause even though his writing is somehow questionable and most likely unreliable.

  57. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    My father was late Datuk Hassan Ibrahim so I do know what the Bintang Tiga did in Jasin, Malacca where my grandfather was murdered by them. I have more reasons to hate the Chinese than anybody else.

    Yes, cucu Pak Sako, what I do now is to continue to fight for Malay rights in my own way by educating as many Malay as possible including the younger generation and my own children by letting them know about history where we come from and where we are going.
    That is why I have such big grouse with the Ministry of Education especially with the history curriculum which has distorted as to what happened at that point of time.

    I can never tolerate if somebody tell me Chinese is better than Malay which is crap. We are as smart. The only problem is we have not learn to work together to better ourselves with standards of excellence. What we have now is mediocrity and lacking of clear delienation what is wrong and right and lacking of conviction to fight what we believe in.

    Keturunan Jebat

  58. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Bloody hell ! if Chin Peng was a freedom fighter ( snd lost the fight ), then what are we now ?
    Still colonised ? Slaves ? Puppets ?

    We all know who supported Chin Peng and who he's fighting for, I suggest that this idiot (who is still struggling to find his identity) leave this country and stay with the people who supported this chin peng guy !

    What r you rpk ? A test-tube of a mixture gone wrong ! Man I hope you lose every court case that you are facing. But of course , then you say there is no freedom (freedom for you to lie and create a mess of history ) here .

    Boy--I wish you'd meet a scorpion and it bites you to ........


  59. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Bloody hell ! if Chin Peng was a freedom fighter ( snd lost the fight ), then what are we now ?
    Still colonised ? Slaves ? Puppets ?

    We all know who supported Chin Peng and who he's fighting for, I suggest that this idiot (who is still struggling to find his identity) leave this country and stay with the people who supported this chin peng guy !

    What r you rpk ? A test-tube of a mixture gone wrong ! Man I hope you lose every court case that you are facing. But of course , then you say there is no freedom (freedom for you to lie and create a mess of history ) here .

    Boy--I wish you'd meet a scorpion and it bites you to ........


  60. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Bloody hell ! if Chin Peng was a freedom fighter ( and lost the fight ), then what are we now ?
    Still colonised ? Slaves ? Puppets ?

    We all know who supported Chin Peng and who he's fighting for, I suggest that this idiot (who is still struggling to find his identity) leave this country and stay with the people who supported this chin peng guy !

    What r you rpk ? A test-tube of a mixture gone wrong ! Man I hope you lose every court case that you are facing so that it'll stop you from spewing words from your a***-hole. But of course , then you say there is no freedom (freedom for you to lie and create a mess of history ) here .

    Boy--I wish you'd meet a scorpion and it bites you to ........


  61. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Let's not be deluded. Chin Peng was a terrorist and had he won, democracy would not have seen the light of day in this country.

    RPK is himself deluded. Most of his postings are just inane ramblings. And those few who have regard for him must certainly be confused.

    I fear for the future of this nation if the likes of RPK is allowed to continuously subvert the peace and stability of this country in the name of immunity and blog freedom.

    pepatih9(Ahmad Iqbal)

  62. Anonymous3:22 pm

    For many, RPK is doing the country a big service to correct all the misconception and lies concocted by UMNO.

    GE12 is no mistake and testimony to this.

    Be End

  63. Anonymous3:40 pm

    My stand is this:
    One could have been a communist because one was idealistic. And that's ok. But we all know that communism is not practicable as evidenced by abandonment of communist values by Soviet Union, China and Vietnam for free enterprise. So if former communists like Chin Peng only renounce communist ideals and admit their mistakes, all can be forgiven. It should be as simple as that.


  64. RPK, at best is Anwar's premier ball licker!


    So let’s not get carried away with his statements.

    Just enjoy his writings... He always push the right buttons to get everybody excited... but never belief him… UNLESS YOUR ARE A SORE OF SOMETHING

    10 dia cakap, 15 kali kita kena berhati-hati.

    BELIEF ME; this joker kononnya holds the evidence to Najib and his wife wrong doings in the Mongolian case….but percayalah semua akan diperbodohkan dan he will play all the wayang to avoid taking the stand in court…

    WHY? Please ask yourself that question..Why is he avoiding the court?


    Raja Petra Kamarudin is a penglipur lara that hide behind his wife’s panties!!!

  65. Ching Peng and the communist killed many Malaysians during their struggle; way after our Merdeka!

    Then who’s Freedom are Chin Peng, RPK and some bloogers here talking about?

    The Chinese People’s Republic??

  66. One of my uncles was killed one night by the Kuomintang, back in the day.

    The family had to go and identify the body, shot with rifle bullets. Rifle bullets twist in the air, because of the barrel. So it leaves huge wounds.

    A recently-deceased uncle, on the Chinese side of the family, became part of the old police force. He killed Communists, he told me.

    Freedom fighter or not, Malay, Chinese, Indian, (Iban! Kadazan! - Anwar) the Communists also killed people.

    As such, I do not think they should be deified and worshipped. That's just me, though.

    However, in a land or a people devoid of heroes, people can make out anyone as champions.

    Anything to forward their agendas.

    And this goes to anyone.

  67. Anonymous5:07 pm

    i think i'm the only one that know rpk is a coocksucker...but then hey glad many think that way....

  68. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Whether Chin Peng was a freedom fighter or not, it is immaterial. The fact was, he fought the Japanese invaders, whereas, the malays were hiding in their kampongs, almost inviting the invaders in without a fight!
    This is so much for Malay patriotism...wake up UMNO, this is
    your version of Malay Supremacy.

  69. Anonymous6:03 pm

    (heha) : your uncle was killed by the 'kuomintang' !? r u talking about taiwan !?

  70. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Chin Peng is not a freedom fighter.He is more like fighting the existance of communist nation of Malaya.If he is a truly freedom fighter,he should laid down weapon,disband the communist arm forces, and together work with Tunku when Malaya has achieved independent.Furthermore,communist idealogy does not recognise individual freedom- and why on earth we should hailed him as a liberator? The person that who can earned this title is previous Malaysian army who had sacrificed their live fighting agaisnt commnst,in order for the future generation to able to fell the taste of freedom.They had give their today for our tomorrow.Remember that...

    -just a man-

  71. Anonymous7:38 pm


    You are nothing but a cheap UMNO propagandist trying to run down RPK and PKR. Your UMNO baised views of Chin Peng are only fit for the tong sampah of Malaysia. Of course you have been indoctrinated by UMNO version of history which does not recognize the part of Chin Peng as a freedom fighter. Chin Peng may be a communist, but at least he is fighting for all the races in Malaya to be united as a future nation even though his communist tactics may be wrong. On the other hand the British colonialists divided this country and UMNO used their tactics to further split the country into bumis and non-bumis. Let the people judge who are the real freedom fighters of this country and who are the neo-colonialists of this country. An UMNO apologist like you antubiul should go put your head in the jamban

  72. 'For many, RPK is doing the country a big service to correct all the misconception and lies concocted by UMNO.

    GE12 is no mistake and testimony to this'

    What a CRAP statement. RPK persuaded us to vote for PR (Parti Rojak)consist of DAP-Dunia Ana Punya, PKR- Parti Kelentong Rakyat, PAS-Parti Ana Sasul. Look and observe post GE 12 man!

  73. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Two of my mother cousins were the victims of the 1948 Chin Peng Inquisition a.k.a the Malay Holocaust.There were taken away from their home in Ayer Tawar, Dindings, Perak in broad daylight by armed bintang tiga militias as part of Chin Peng Pogroms to sow terror among the peasant malay folks of Dindings. They have never returned nor their bodies ever found. I cursed you Raja Petra Kamarudin and may the pigs, the dogs pee on your grave upon your demised.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  74. 'Anonymous said...'

    U hate UMNO so much, that whatever comment made againt RPK or PKR are UMNO apologist.You must be a loyal supporter of PR or PKR that every comment made against them are rubbish not acceptable but it ok if any comment made agains UMNO.Anything can be said abouit UMNO but not to PR or PKR. That how PR appologist are.Chin Peng was a comunist who still fight for independence his way even after we have gained Independent. Ok you said he fight for all races so he's your hero.Didnt he killed many people of all races to for his ego. Didnt he attack KTM trains by blasting the rails. So he your freedom fighter. By calling Chin Peng a freedom fighter is just by adding salt to the wound of many people who are affected by his actions, and that what RPK is good at. You must be getting used soaking your head in the Jamban otherwise you would not mentioned about it. Maybe it runs in your blood. Yikes! I think you must be taking your bath using the Jamban too. Dont forget to flush!

  75. Anonymous9:31 pm

    In the late 70′, while my father was still in the army, I was living in a military camp in Sungai Petani. One day I saw a helicopter landing near a field where my house was. As a kid, we would be very fast to run to the field in anticipate that the pilot will be very kind as usual and allow us to be around in the helicopter. Unfortunately, that day was a different day. There were a few military trucks and jeeps waiting for the helicopter and none of the soldiers smile like they used to be when they see children running at them. Even as a kid, I knew something was wrong. I observed a few of the soldiers carrying some kind of plastic bag ( which later on I knew it as body bag) and carry it into the truck waiting over there.

    Later that evening, I was informed by my mum what really happened. 7 young soldiers has died in an ambush in Gerik while 2 other escaped with serious injury. According to the injured soldiers, who was thrown out of the truck and landed inside the ravine, he can hear a few of the soldiers were still alive when the Commies decided to disembowel them alive. Later it was found out some of the bodies has been desecrate by having pork meat place inside their stomach or one of them (who was just married) had his penis cut and stuff up into his mouth. The Commies knew that guy just married probably when they found out his wedding picture inside his pocket. To add injury to that news, later it was found out that the wife of that newly wed soldier who was slain in the ambush was actually pregnant at that time and the husband who had died never knew about it.

    Unfortunately, our newspaper never carried out this kind of detail news. This is the kind of history that we need to teach to our kid less we want some of them to continue getting distorted story from those Commies sympathizers. For you guys information, the incident occurs late 70's. So what kind of freedom figting are those Chin Peng and his group talking about?


  76. Anonymous9:36 pm

    For me what Chin Peng represent is Ketuanan Cina. No wonder many Chinese still supported him and his distorted view. Thanks to Allah he failed. Or else, Malaysia will not be as it is today and no more Raja Melayu as it is.


  77. Anonymous10:54 pm


    Happy Birthday!

    Chin Peng was a PENYANGAK, a murderer with thousands had died...

    In other word:
    Anwar Ibrahim=YB BABI
    Pasquale Magpie=????


  78. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Free is A very powerful 4 letter F word.In this real world nothing comes free.Even today after half the century of independence we has to fork out RM0.30 just to ease our urge , amid the air thet we breath in this country is still free.

    Refering PKM as freedom fighter is inaccurate. Refer them as the country liberator would be more apporiate as they have struggled in the jungle to liberate this nation from occupation.Just like the Palastine PLO they don't call themselves freedom fighter. They call their organization Palastine Liberation.

    We don't call umno or MCA or even MIC a freedom figther .People would laugh at us.
    We called them nationalist.I mean PKM don't promote freedom and democracy once they achived victory.They only intend to promote communist ideology.Yes PKM like KMM can also be refer to as ultra nationalist due to the fact that their struggle for independence took to the most extreme ways (armed conflicts) .So much to the extend that due to their course of action innocent by standers ,including woman and children are killed.

    Btw please don't said that the japaneese red army which occupied the country during WW2 the freedom fighter who get rid of the british occupation.No in fact they are the brutal occupier themselves.The same goes to American forces in Iraq . Do you think these American soldier are iraqis liberator from Saddamist regime?

    In fairy tales we called robin hood a hero , robbed the rich and give it to the poor . In reality he's a thief!

  79. Anonymous12:50 am

    It is true that the MCP/Bintang Tiga killed several hundred malays, chinese and indians too immediately after the Japanese surrender, which went on for two weeks. But those killed were the informers to the japanese, most of whom were malays. It was the citizens who pointed out the informers to the MCP. Meaning, the malays themselves! Many chinese women too were killed for sleeping with the japanese and being informers. Included among the killer communists were malay communists themselves.

    Don't forget that the malay communists in south east asia was the largest group outside Russia and China, and not the chinese. The PKI in Indonesia had 2.5 million members in the 60s. They supported the MCP since the 1920s, and quite willing to invade Malaya during the Konfrontasi.

    The MCP wanted to end the insurgency at the Baling Talks, but it was the intransigence of the Tunku who refused to accept the MCP as a political party that led to a failure of the talks. It was pre-planned. The MCP had no choice but to fight!

    I had Malaysian soldiers relate to me how they killed wounded communists. Horrible that Malaysians could do that. I guess the communists paid back in kind no less! Our soldiers were brutal and many of our folks were informers to the Japanese as well as the British. They were the traitors and betrayers! Did one really expect the MCP to be kind to these informers?

    Don't believe the history that was dished out to you. The story that the communists were cruel comes from those who were informers and their descendants who didn't quite understand. They were the traitors.

  80. Wow.

    So everyone killed by the Communists were traitors.

    All dead Communists were victimised martyrs of the country.

    All of them were killed when lying prostrate at the feet of the evil Malaysian soldiers.

    The Communists had no choice but to kill Malaysians. Even a 17-year-old kid.

    Very the PKR la, this 'logic'. Very the Anwar. Parti Komunis Rakyat.

    And then the descendants of some of these Japanese-hating Communists today are pretending to be Japanese. You guys are such forgiving, generous, charitable, noble, highly-evolved primates la.

    I am so much in awe of you.

  81. Isu Chin Peng bukan kerana emosi atau tiada rasionaliti seperti yang dikatakan ramai. Apabila menggunakan perasaan, tidak bermakna rasional sudah tidak ada.

    Segala apa kita haruskan lakukan dengan perasaan (passion and compassion), baru kita lakukan sesuatu dengan perkiraan kemanusiaan. Maka tidak seperti akauntan dan peguam yang dalam keasyikan melihat nombor dan perkataan undang, hilang langsung peri kemanusiaan.

    Kononnya terbuka dan liberal mahu hujah dengan kononnya memberi peluang untuk Chin Peng. Sudut sejarah mana yang membolehkan Chin Peng dimahkotakan sebagai pejuang kemerdekaan?

    Saya ada menulis artikel yang mempunyai tajuk yang hampir serupa. Sila mampir.

    Kesimpulan artikel untuk jelas, Chin Peng tidak boleh langsung dikatakan sebagai pejuang kemerdekaan. Hanya seorang komunis mabuk atau Cina cauvanis mengatakan Chin Peng pejuang kebebasan.

    1. Tanahair mana yang ingin dibebaskan? Ini bukan tanahair Chin Peng. Dia bukan warganegara! Semasa perang China-Jepun, dia mahu pergi ke China membantu Mao Tze Tong.

    2. MPAJA adalah caturan British untuk mengambilalih tanah jajahannya. British gunakan orang Cina, semasa itu kaum imigren dan pendatang, dan bukan membantu orang Melayu untuk memenangi kembali tanahairnya.

    3. Adakah Jepun itu musuh? Kalau difikiran mereka, British, dan MPAJA (proksi untuk Cina) adalah semua musuh kerana semua orang luar! Mereka tak ada hak atas negara ini. Namun, mengikut sejarah, kemasukkan Jepun meniupkan kesedaran dalam jiwa nurani ornag Melayu dan semangat nasionalisma.

    4. Jika diterima Chin Peng sebagai seorang yang mahu menyelamatkan kampung halamannya dan kita ketepikan ideologi politik dahulu, kenapa rakyat marhaen diperas, dizalimi dan dibunuh? Adakah ini pejuang kebebasan yang sayangkan tanahair dan rakyat? Tidak ada langsung alasan.

    5. Kalau diikuti penulisan Dhamala NS dalam blognya berkenaan pertemuaan dan interviu beliau dengan Shamsiah Fakeh, dia menceritakan keringnya hati PKM Cina yang mencampakkan ke dalma sungai bayi Shamsiah yang diamanahkan untuk dianak angkatkan kepada orang ke dalam sungai.

    MPAJA dan PKM mempunyai perkiraan kaum dan ideologi hanya justifikasi. Seperti juga hari ini MCA yang satu masa dahulu adalah penyelamat kaum Cina yang merupakan mangsa komunis, mereka bersama DAP untuk menyokong tuntutan Batang Kali terhadap British. Apa orang Melayu tak ada collateral damage?

    6. PKM ditubuhkan oleh seorang Cina Vietnam yang merupakan agen serampang tiga untuk Jepun, British dan Komunis. Semasa menubuhkan MPAJA, ia mengatur pertemuan antara Cina Kuomintang dan Cina Komunis dengan Spencer, wakil British. MPAJA dibantu British. Kenapa British tidak latih Melayu untuk bebaskan tanhairnya? Jawabnya senang, kesemua mereka tidak mahu orang melayu bersenjata dan melakukan uprising. Manakala, Cina bersatu untuk bekerjasama dapatkan balik Malaya.

    Mereka yang sering memuntahkan peringatan supaya rasional sering memuntah pendapat dan pemikiran dari sudut yang dangkal. Pemikiran yang kononnya rasional adalah pemikiran yang tidak ada emosi atau dalam ertikata lain, tidak ada naluri dan tidak malalui.

    Dalam kononnya cuba berrasional, ia mendedahkan diri hanya berupaya berfikir di tahap permukaan dan melahirkan kesimpulan mudah tanpa fakta dan analisa yang mendalam.

  82. This subject of Chin Peng have been debated so many times.
    Just look at the comments here....and clearly see...racists and Malaysians differences in opinions.
    So clear...some UMNO Muslims love to keep belittling Chin Peng...who may have saved his mother from being raped by Japanese.
    One idiot said..Chin Peng is not a Malaysian citizen..because he has no birth certificate to prove it.
    That is a classic example of a real half past six Muslim......but most are cunning and smart like to live in the country....with no unity.
    They can dream on....with the UMNO corrupted munafiks....which Mahathir was the biggest of all....yet never once regret nor repent all the sins he did.
    If Mahathir is the greatest...then Tunku Abdul Rahman is the worst??
    Well...UMNO supporters are welknown to be braggarts and ungrateful lot....and now have the reputation..borrow money....never pay.

  83. Kepada Rocky,

    Bapa aku masih hidup. Dia bekas Homeguard. Dia kerap cerita kepada aku, kejamnya komunis selepas Jepun menyerah, dia sifatkan Jepun pun tak sekejam tu. Dia juga cerita pada aku, bagaimana orang putih bawa sekampung orang-orang cina naik keretapi malam dan dibawa entah kemana serta banyak kanak-kanak cina kampung tu diberi kepada orang-orang melayu disitu untuk dibela. Menurut bapa aku, kebanyakan orang-orang cina ketika itu, talibarut komunis dan berpaksi kepada cina di negara cina. Bapa aku kata kebanyakan orang melayu tak suka koumunis, lebih-lebih lagi bila depa dapat perintah sat (sekejap), depa lebih suka orang putih. Itulah sedikit gambaran sejarah ketika itu di utara tanah air.

    .. ini sedikit catatan dipetik daripada buku "Memoir Shamsiah Fakeh Dari AWAS ke Rejimen Ke-10" diterbitkan oleh Penerbit UKM 2004 berbunyi begini ..

    "... Sebenarnya anakku itu dibunuh oleh tiga orang jawatakuasa cawangan PKM keturunan Cina di kawasan itu ... Peristiwa anakku dibunuh itu diketahui olehku tiga tahun kemudiannya, iaitu pada 1952... (rujuk ms. 71, para 2).

    Rujuk komentar temenggong, saya dapat rumuskan komunis juga membunuh siapa sahaja yang tidak berkepentingan kepada perjuangan mereka termasuk bayi pejuang mereka sendiri Shamsiah Fakeh yang baru berusia lebih sebulan ..., Persoalannya apakah perjuangan dan niat sebenar orang-orang melayu dan orang-orang cina ketika itu? ... dan lihat pada hari ini dan tanya "Apakah perjuangan dan niat sebenar orang-orang melayu dan orang-orang cina ketika ini? ... lihatlah bayang-bayangnya ketika sinar mentari menyinari ... hakikatnya kita di Malaysia mempunyai pelbagai bangsa, budaya dan amalan sejak sebelum merdeka lagi lebih-lebih lagi waktu orang putih menjajah malah kini selepas merdeka ada lagi tambahan budaya ... lihat saja di kepong, ampang, chowkit malah boleh dikatakan di mana-mana. Kita semua perlu keharmonian sebagai kunci kejayaan .... jika tidak..


  84. Dear Bro,

    RPK is deserved to be in the second round ISA. Chin Peng is the freedom fighter, bullshit my Fa%%%.

    My mom cousin (consider my uncle) is one in the picture, who died during the communist raid in bukit kepong. Communist is super coward just attack the police post and normal civillian. They dont dare to fight with the real army.

    My Allah bless for those who fight and died during the communist attacking period.

  85. Monsterball said:

    If Mahathir is the greatest...then Tunku Abdul Rahman is the worst??
    Well...UMNO supporters are welknown to be braggarts and ungrateful lot....and now have the reputation..borrow money....never pay.

    Yes agreed...Tunku is the worst who gave the cina communist Malaysia IC so easily. That's y now we have a keturunan like u.

  86. Anonymous11:07 am

    Crying over spilt milk is a waste of time.

    It appears like the Police and Thief story. To the thief, the police is bad. To the police, the thief is bad. So how?

    RPK? Well, he defies logic and can sell ice to the Eskimos, more so with the effects of global warming.

    Comunism? Perhaps that could solve some problems of the disgruntled.

    Forget history. Plan for the future. Nothing can bring back the dead. But we can prevent death.... at least momentarily.


  87. selembar pendapat dari sudut yg berbeza..

    "[-cut-] ramai beranggapan bahawa apa yg mereka lakukan sebelum merdeka adalah benar tetapi kekejaman yg mereka lakukan pada org kampung dan pasukan2 pengaman selepas kemerdekaan tidak boleh diterima.. ramai berpendapat bahawa dosa2 mereka terhadap anggota polis dan askar tidak boleh dimaafkan.. namun pada mereka, bukanlah mereka mahu melakukan itu semua melainkan kerana mereka merasa diperangi kuncu2 British..

    ini adalah asas pembentukan tanah melayu.. siapa yg benar dan siapa yg salah pada waktu ini hanya diukur dengan sentimen.. sepertimana sentimen membenci kekejaman jepun sewaktu mereka menawan tanah melayu terus kekal dalam generasi yg melaluinya.. menjadi dendam sepanjang hayat.."

    Gerilya Merdeka: tribute to shamsiah fakeh

  88. wandererAUS said...

    Whether Chin Peng was a freedom fighter or not, it is immaterial. The fact was, he fought the Japanese invaders, whereas, the malays were hiding in their kampongs, almost inviting the invaders in without a fight!
    This is so much for Malay patriotism...wake up UMNO, this is
    your version of Malay Supremacy.

    stoopid .. RPK melawan jepun bukan untuk kemerdekaan negara, tetapi untuk kebebasan dirinya dan bangsanya yang ditindas jepun .. pi balik aus la...

  89. Anonymous11:59 am

    Monsterball said:

    Just look at the comments here....and clearly see...racists and Malaysians differences in opinions.

    So clear...some UMNO Muslims love to keep belittling Chin Peng...who may have saved his mother from being raped by Japanese.

    One idiot said..Chin Peng is not a Malaysian citizen..because he has no birth certificate to prove it.

    Hoi Ole Chinamen, Why didn't Kiyai Salleh kill your kind! You shd be grateful to UMNO Dato Onn for not allowing you to be wipe out from thsi earth.

    Ini typical cara orang Cina argue. Apabila hujah mereka dipatahkan dengan mudah, cara mereka adalah menuduh menghujah itu sebagai rasis. Ini adalah manifestasi sikap ego dan bongkak kaum Cina. Ingat mereka saja yang pandai berhujah.

    You think Malay so stupid as not to be able to counter all those ular communist DAP and Kuomintang MCA! MPAJA adalah penyatuan Komunis dan Kuomintang.

    If your back is against the wall, give your asshole to Anwar Ibrahim. He can save you tapi tadah dulu.

    Hanya rasis memikirkan diri mereka lebih pandai dan orang lain tidak sebijak mereka dalam berhujah.

    Monsterball said:

    That is a classic example of a real half past six Muslim......but most are cunning and smart like to live in the country....with no unity.

    What is unity, orang tua? Ia bermakna dibawah kita berbeza, tetapi kita konon bersatu di atas.

    Kita buat majlis bersama, potong reben bersama, dan berucap ucapan retorik bersama.

    Itu yang orang Cina mahu kerana Cina tua rasis macam kamu nak anak2dan cucu2 pergi sekolah Cina pasal mahu kekal sebagai pendatang dan angkuh tidak mahu integrasi dgn kaum lain.

    Oleh yang demikian, janganlah berpura2 nak cakap pasal bersatu dan bangsa Malaysia, Malaysian Malaysia dan lain2.

    Kamu cakap Melayu pun tak tahu, macam mana kamu nak berkata perpaduan kerana kamu tak boleh berkomunikasi dgn orang majoriti.

    Itu sikap rasis. Angkuh dgn bahasa pendatang dan language of a foreign country!

    Monsterball said:

    They can dream on....with the UMNO corrupted munafiks....which Mahathir was the biggest of all....yet never once regret nor repent all the sins he did.

    If Mahathir is the greatest...then Tunku Abdul Rahman is the worst??

    Lihat Cina senile lagi mabuk berhujah. Kamu kapir, jgn nak panggil orang Islam munafiq.

    Apa kena Muslim, UMNO dan Mahathir dalam perbincangan ini.

    Isu di sini adalah Chin Peng bukan pejuang pembebasan.

    Adakah boleh dipanggil anak yang menyelamatkan mak dari di rogol tetapi membunuh ribuan orang Malaya, khususnya orang melayu sebagai freedom fighter!

    Go read history properly ole fool! Your memory has failed you.

    Monsterball said:

    Well...UMNO supporters are welknown to be braggarts and ungrateful lot....and now have the reputation..borrow money....never pay.

    Ini adalah satu stereotyping yang merupakan satu manifestasi jiwa dalaman rasis orang tua ini.

    Sementang kamu Cina, jgn ingat kamu lebih cerdiklah.

    The most ungrateful manusia dalam dunia adalah kaum Cina Malaysia yang diberi kewarganegaraaan tetapi menghina dan mencerca hingga membunuh kaum asal yang merelakan mereka kekal dibumi Nusantara Melayu.

    Kalau mereka tidak hina dan cerca, mereka kaum yang tidak pernah berterima kasih dan tidak henti2 komplen, merungut dan menuntut.

    Selalunya apabila melibatkan orang melayu, lagi kuat mereka merungut dan komplen. Macam2 helah, alasan dan justifikasi untuk hina Melayu.

  90. There you go...Jonathan thinks..his kind.......carrying the balls of UMNO..owns Malaysia.....hahahahahaha

  91. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Cucunda Monsterball,

    You ni kalau tak anak dia yang lahir kat hutan, mungkin cucu dia kut. Ada pertalian dengan orang rumah RPK ker??

    Always out of topic.

    Mata terlalu sepet sampai tak nampak tajuk kut.

    Kalau tak sepet, lidah PANJANG bergulung kut.

    Dah Monster, ambik bola pi main jauh jauh dengan Herman,Lily,Grandpa and Eddie.


  92. Anonymous6:34 pm

    well, PKM caused a few thousand deaths over decades of terror and we go berserk over one chinpeng..on the other hand the japanese occupation in malaya n singapore cause 150k deaths (source:
    and now they are one of our friendliest trading partners..but then again those killed by the japs are mostly chinese coz they hated these chinks following their ongoing war in china the chinks here hated the japs and the japs slaughtered many in malaya and singapore..and of course the malays had some good treatment..just look at some comments in this blog who said his/her grand dad had a better time during japanese occupation..but at the other hand most chinese grand dads will tell u otherwise..i guess now we understand why some pkm will go after malays after the japs left..they viewed them as collaborators and pengkhianatsss..the same sort of pengkhianat most of us brand chinpeng n his goons..the only difference is history is often written by the victor n the truth usually hurts..

    like it or not pkm played a hand at our country's independence..the few reasons the ever brits let us go are because they can't bear the cost of fighting the commies and for the fact that the commies' propaganda is they are anti colonial..returning rule to the locals will counter this propaganda and prevent this country from falling into commies hands..otherwise u think the mat sallehs are so easy to let off their jewel of the crown?do u know that malaya was one of the biggest provider of income to the british empire then?to let it go is like losing a palm but they had to do it coz if the commies succeed all british investment and interest in this country will be allow peaceful independence the brits will remain influential and its business interests and investments are protected..i.e sime darby, guthrie, inch kenneth, which lasted in their hands for another few decades..

    one must understand that independence was achieved back in 57' at the height of the cold war..where its either independence or go commies for many asian colonies..every south east asian colony was facing a commie threat..including nobody can deny chinpeng's hand in our independence..u may or may not call him a freedom fighter depending on where u are coming from..but logic will tell independence will be alot harder if we were to rely only on pen and paper pushers and a few negotiations with the brits..many factors were at play..and chinpeng was one of them..

    for those who had relatives n friends killed by his goons..u have every right to call him an evil godless butcher..even the icon of freedom che guevera was a known ruthless killer..and myself had a friend who's dad was shot by PKM in our village..we all knew the terror and the looming fear of uncertainty then..but let bygones be bygones and not politicize this menial issue of an 80 year old man trying to return to his country..theres many things ahead for us..chinpeng is not one of them..


  93. hi Cina Mangsa Chin Peng writer...Don't try the cheap stunt over and over again!
    You want to response to my English so English.
    Don't be too smart to apply advantage to you know..I don't read Bahasa well.
    You are a typical racialist...and I am are going to can monsteball be a Malaysian....unable to read Bahasa well.
    Go fuck spider...with your logic!
    Your kind.....thousands do not read too....podoh munafik melayu!!

  94. Anonymous7:25 pm

    monstersballs 12.49pm

    said ..

    'There you go...Jonathan thinks..his kind.......carrying the balls of UMNO..owns Malaysia.....hahahahahaha'

    Better us than you -- you ungrateful immegrant . Like I said somewhere---you should change your name -- like your kinds in Indonesia, Thailand, Phillippines .


  95. Saudara-saudara dan Saudari-saudari, please do not get too worked up about monsterball, we may unwittingly discourage him from visiting this blog. Though most times he writes meaningless goobledegook,I think he provides good entertainment value in between his broken English comments.

    We just have to accept that he obviously cannot see things beyond his race and racist self. Just consider him as a little puppy trying very hard to get attention to himself. Irritating? Yes, Harmful? No.

    monsterball is beyond redemption, best to ignore him and just be entertained with his comments and have a good laugh. Laughter after all is the best medicine for many ills. Salam.

  96. He who laugh first will laugh last.
    Bodoh sekali.

  97. Anonymous12:05 pm


    ei orang tua nak mampos---what the fuck r you doing here again. I remember you were fucked upside down before at this blog and then you said you will not come ere anymore. Of course you were sticking around at kickdefella's blog then --

    Wheres your phucking principles ? Go away lah-- the more you write the more you reveal to be a dumb ass. Go somewhere else and redeem whatever little credibility (if any) and principles (or whats left of it )

    go go go ==porrah !!!


  98. hahahahahaha...immigrant so powerful in Malaysia??
    Such dreamers..such fools.

  99. Anonymous7:50 pm


    These people have a long list of "next action", look like they are real TAMIL MOVIES and OPERA MYTHS diehards.

    Next they will instigate all crawling babies to participate, crawling on the roads with botol susu in their mouths.

    Failing all, they will bring along all the PIGS to demonstrate for their RIGHTS of freedom to be bred and slaughtered and enjoyed by the human demonstrators. Monsterball leading the crawlies.. hehaw

    No wonder China just steamroll these crazy instigators!!!


  100. Anonymous5:04 pm

    To monsterball of 7.45 pm

    Its the biggest fool that recognizes another.