Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Posting from Gaza: "Only the dead are safe in Gaza"

A Nation In Distress. The deadliest assault on Palestine by Israeli forces. So far, over 300 dead bodies and a thousand maimed ones. Tel Aviv has recalled 6500 Israeli's reserved forces and their tanks are rolling in.
And against all odds, there are still blog posts coming out of Gaza ...

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What a bloody start to the new year, Nuraina writes in her posting here. Matthias Chang exposes the real traitors to the Palestinian struggle here.


  1. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Blame Hamaz, if you don't fire at others no one would want to fight back.

  2. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Bro, I know where you're coming from. But I cannot agree with you on this one.

    Hamas should not have ended the truce on Dec 18. People inside the area have said that life has improved while the truce was on, e.g.: http://gaza-sderot.blogspot.com/2008/10/its-been-while_13.html

    Within eight days after the truce ended, some 300 rockets and mortars were fired at Israeli targets.

    Think about it. People have no money for food. And they're splurging on rockets! (maybe they bought it cheap at the Wal Mart's Christmas sale)

    I don't know about you. But if Singapore or Thailand launched that kind of attack on Malaysia. I would expect Malaysia to retaliate in kind, without mercy.

    I find it odd how no one criticizes Hamas for its attacks on Israel. Israel is just reminding its foes that it has teeth.

    Hey, I'm ALL for peace. But I would reply quiet with quiet, and aggression with aggression.

  3. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Bro, i think u should be more specific on how the truce was ended.

    the real story was that this bloodbath was planned since 6 months ago by the Israeli zionist.

    Nearing election, these hard lined Israeli politicians had to do something to vow support from the Israeli extremists.

    ever since the truce was in place, ISRAEL was the ONE who first VIOLATED the truce by imposing blockade on the Gaza strip (its one of the agreed conditions by both parties)...

    My question to Ben Israel and others, if Singapore and Thailand did a land, air and water blockade on Malaysia and even boats carrying medicinal and food supply were turned away....DO Malaysians have a choice of continuing with the truce?

    Israel is a terrorist state!
    1. U steal other ppl land and displaced them
    2. u make it as ur state
    3. u embargo the displaced land owners of whom u stealed
    4. u do a truce with them so that they wont attack u
    5. u block every access, demolish everything that u dont like, u break the truce
    6. then u say they break they truce...

    I wonder why Israelis are so damn inhumane!


  4. Anon 5:31,

    if you want to play the balme game, lets go back to 1946 when they came and grabbed the country known as Palestine and changed it to Israel because the Europeans could nto deal with the Jewish scourge anymore

    how about that asshole

  5. Sad to read all this.

    But by the same token can you refer me to postings of these same bloggers about what and how they felt when it was Hamas who were shooting the rockets across the border?

    That would be fair reporting I would reckon!

  6. Ben Israel,

    it's wonderful that you have forgotten that Israel made it difficult for the ELECTED Hamas government to operate,

    Oh I forgot, when it comes to advancing zionist causes democracy is no important, you cannot vote intto office people that the jews and US Govt don't like

    so tell us how Hamas should react to the oppression of their very real gesture for peace by participating in a political process???

  7. The only way to bring real, lasting justice, peace and prosperity to Palestinians and to all the peoples of the region is through common mass struggle against oppression and the pro-capitalist, corrupt regimes. The overthrow of capitalism and landlordism and the creation of a genuine socialist society – putting people before profit and ending poverty – would see real collaboration between all working people of the region, pooling together all the rich resources for the benefit of the many and bringing about real self-determination for the oppressed.

  8. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Why nobody criticizes Hamas?Because religion is more important than any other thing in this world.Gaza peoples life is more value than the Israeli's life coz they're from different religion.4 Israelis dead due to the rocket firing by Hamas and we don't give a damm coz they're Israeli.The Israeli not human and they do not have family.Only Gaza people have family.Be a human first and put the humanity in the first rank and we will get back the peace that we loss due to race and religion.I'm talking to hopeless people and I know I am wasting my precious time.May the God teach all of you a good lesson.

  9. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Guys, you all need some perspectives before blaming Hamas completely. Don't listen to CNN and FOX and come to a conclusion. Try some lefty viewpoint and make your conclusion.

    or a better one from also, The Independent by Johann Hari


  10. Anonymous8:06 pm

    What the media never question is Israel's idea of a truce. It is very simple. Under an Israeli-style truce, Palestinians have the right to remain silent while Israel starves them, kills them and continues to violently colonize their land. Israel has not only banned food and medicine to sustain Palestinian bodies in Gaza but it is also intent on starving minds: due to the blockade, there is not even ink, paper and glue to print textbooks for schoolchildren.

  11. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Gaza is SO choked with Mossad's intelligence and yet HAMAS still can find ways to fire 300 mortars? Did anyone here count them? Or you just relied from what was told on CNN? Or FOX News? Or any other Jews-controlled media? What happened in Memali? What was spinned out to the rest of the world? There are always two sides of a story. How can you be sure who is telling the truth? I am not saying HAMAS is totally innocent but you all are basing your stories from the mass media which are in large controlled by Jews. Heck, even I wouldnt allow controversial stories about my race if I own the media...

    The Truth is out THERE...

  12. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Ben Israel,

    Let me ask you. How long have you been following this Paleslinian/Israeli conflict? No much I guess.

    If someone come to your house, grab the best part and put you in the room all locked what do you do? You bang the doors right?

    Now under a truce, Israel was the first to strike during the truce and killed 6 Hamas operatives without warning...in a truce. Meanwhile, other killings followed plus blockage of their entire Gaza to the stage of humanitarian disaster level.

    They are not allowed to go in or out like prisoners.

    What would you do?

    The rockets are a reation not the cause of this conflict and ending of the ceasefire.

    Yes, the hamas are defiant and under powered to confront the Israelis. Yet they fought on for their land and freedom. Can you come close to these kind of freedom fighters?

    Dont blame the victim and justify the aggressor known for heardly murders and deceit.

  13. Anonymous9:34 pm

    There are no rockets launched at Israel from the West Bank, and yet Israel's attacks, killings, land theft, settler pogroms and kidnappings never ceased for one single day during the truce. The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah has acceded to all of Israel's demands, even assembling "security forces" to fight the resistance on Israel's behalf. None of that has spared a single Palestinian or her property or livelihood from Israel's relentless violent colonization. It did not save, for instance, the al-Kurd family from seeing their home of 50 years in occupied East Jerusalem demolished on 9 November, so the land it sits on could be taken by settlers.

  14. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Tell me, if someone come to burn your house or rape your women, what would you do?

  15. Here we go again. Ok Lets do what we have always do ie pray and pray ,harder and harder then lets demo and demo and demo at the Israeel embassy. Ok World let do it. Anyway it just a routine. Shame the on so called muslim countries for quarelling among themselves rather than fighting against the Israeel in terms of millitary and economics. A story goes this way. A palestine boy sent a message to the OIC oraginsation. The message read 'Sir, we are under attack by the Israel forces, many casuslaties help us please.' O I C... says the official.

  16. Hamas may be wrong for ending the truce but Israel retatialion is out of scope. Berlin wall demolished by the Germany people and Germany became one. What is the Gaza great wall doing there?

  17. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Hey, bro. I think Hamas deserved it. As a militant outfit, it only knows violence and propagates it. Why can't they sit down and talk?

    These militants have caused a lot of problems for the Gazans after taking over power there through using their guns. And they operate using the innocent civilians as shields.

    They can't even get along with other peace loving Palestinians like Mahmud Abbas and the Egyptians who are working out solutions with Israel for everyone's benefit.

    There is no doubt that the situation there is quite complex to solve but there are people on both sides and the UN and EU trying their best to find solutions. But it is Hamas and their supporters who want the peace process to fail.

    Nobody wants violence and if 300 Hamas fellas get killed and a thousand more get injured as a consequence of their stupidity and provocations, then they truly deserve it.

    Gazans should just kick these terrorists, yes, terrorists, out. Otherwise I think the Israelis will kick them all into the Mediterannean Sea. They just need an excuse to get rid of Hamas once and for all.

  18. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Ben Israel....stupid guy with no knowledge of history.

  19. Anonymous12:25 am

    I don't suprised Ben Israel words but I just want to hear from our malaysians other than malay-muslims..or non muslim words about israel....Are they all like Ben Israel?

  20. Anonymous12:33 am

    Understanding the mind of the non muslim....are they all the same?

  21. Anonymous12:59 am

    It is rather worrying to read that Malaysian Chinese wont stop at anything to bring Islam down. Even to the extent of justifying the terribly inhumane Israeli attacks. Shame on you. Balik China la.

    Melayu Bukit

  22. Anonymous1:59 am

    Why the Hamas fired the rocket? Do you know why? The areas around Gaza is control by Israel and they can't go out so that economic/food can come in, and it is part of Bush effort to suppress Hamas so that Palestine people will get mad with Hamas, so Hamas fire rocket and now Israel going all out war, and now you want to blame the Hamas, its like you tide someone, and that someone spit on you, and because he spit on you, you torture him and blame him that he is the cause of you torturing him!

    - Any

  23. Anonymous2:07 am

    Those who condemn Hamas, F*** you, for you'll will do the same if you are in their situation.


  24. Anonymous6:49 am

    It's the silly season again - Palestinians get whacked, left, right and centre, by Israelis. Of course, American bastards, being the 52nd state of Israel, come out in defence of Israel. Israel has no respect for world opinion, judging from their disproportionate response to Hamas' fire-cracker celebrations. Okay, jokes aside, there is nothing the world, Muslims in particular, can do about Israel. The least Muslims can do is to hold demonstrations and hold emergency meetings to condemn Jewish aggression. That's about it. Who has got the guts to challenge the mighty Israeli war machine or face the full artillery of their economic grip on the world? None. Right now people are more worried about putting food on the table than to worry about how many Palestinians get killed a day. In the meantime, CNN, Aljajeera and BBC are raking in millions showing dead Palestinian bodies. To sum up everything, the silly season is back with a vengeance, even more exciting than Premier League games. Finally, I extend my sympathies to Palestine for the whacking they are receiving every day. This is all I can do. You ask me to volunteer to fight against Israel? Sorry, I dont have the appetite for it. Cheers from Tanjong Rambutan Pub where I am haVING a few drinks with stream of consciousness writters James Joyce and malcolm Lowrey.

  25. Anonymous8:36 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Isreal wanted to annihalate Hamas because Hamas was responsible in making BERNARD MADOFF (One of the Funders of Jewish Progrom against Palestinians) Pyramid Scheme Failed.

    Al Unt

  26. Anonymous8:44 am

    This is a season of Good Tidings, where hope, faith, peace and Joy are a big part in those who celebrate this season. As such, shouldnt everyone forgive and learn to see beyond the hurt and pain? Why is it that we are so concern as to who started or ended it or who is right or wrong? Why are we taking sides on such horrible incident.

    For all those who believe that Israel is right, please bear in mind the spirit of Christmas and the word of GOD. GOD never said anything about revenge! GOD never said anything about bullying.

    If I am not wrong, GOD did say in the bible that if GOD's people are wronged and victimised, GOD will deal with it in his own timing and that we, the mortal souls should have faith in that and not take matters into our own hands.

    Bombing the innocent Palestinians is not just WRONG! It is pure evil! No good Christians can agree to such actions especially during this Good Tidings season!

  27. Anonymous8:59 am

    Dear all,

    I condemn this attack. This attack is purely based on non-humanitarian ground. Further, this attack is sickening. It has no moral values of its own. It has purely got to do with religion.

    Let me state the following facts: -

    1. That the Muslims are against the act of Jews and Zionist in general;

    2. That the Christians condemn this beast like attacks against society.

    I for one could say that the Zionist group have nothing at all but to take away the livelihood of so many people including the coptic christians, muslims, christians and so forth alike living in that Holy Land. And the world is perturbed by their actions alike in the wake of the recent attacks in Israel.

    Ben Israel, this is not an act of 'Haganah' (literally means 'the defense' in hebrew). This is an act of TERRORISM and VIOLENCE WHICH IS FULL OF HATRED AND VENGEANCE. MARK MY WORDS-FULL OF HATRED AND VENGEANCE.

    Hamas officials have stated several times that they are willing to stop attacks on Israeli civilian targets if Israel stops attacking Palestinian civilian targets in return. In May 2003, Abdel Aziz Rantisi has said,

    "The Hamas movement is prepared to stop terror against Israeli civilians if Israel stops killing Palestinian civilians ... We have told (Palestinian Authority Prime Minister) Abu Mazen in our meetings that there is an opportunity to stop targeting Israeli civilians if the Israelis stop assassinations and raids and stop brutalizing Palestinian civilians."

    Hamas has been responsible for launching suicide attacks against Israel; the group sees these attacks as a legitimate aspect of its asymmetric warfare against Israel.

    Hamas' first use of suicide bombing occurred on April 16, 1993 when a suicide bomber driving an explosive-laden van detonated between two buses parked at a restaurant. It was Hamas' 19th known attack since 1989 (the others included shootings, kidnappings and knife attacks).

    Hamas continued to launch suicide attacks during the Oslo Accords period (see List of Hamas suicide attacks).

    During the second Intifada, Hamas, along with the Islamic Jihad Movement, spearheaded the violence through the years of the Palestinian uprising.

    Since then Hamas has conducted many attacks on Israel, mainly through its military wing — the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. These attacks have included large-scale suicide bombings against Israeli civilian targets, the most deadly of which was the bombing of a Netanya hotel on 27 March 2002, in which 30 people were killed and 140 were wounded. This attack has also been referred to as the Passover massacre since it took place on the first night of the Jewish festival of Passover. Overall, from November 2000 to April 2004, 377 Israeli citizens and soldiers were killed and 2,076 wounded in 425 attacks by Hamas.

    The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains a comprehensive list of Hamas attacks.

    In a 2002 report, Human Rights Watch stated that Hamas' leaders "should be held accountable for the war crimes and crimes against humanity" that have been committed by its members.

    In May 2006 Israel arrested Hamas top official Ibrahim Hamed whom Israeli security officials claim was responsible for dozens of suicide bombings and other attacks on Israelis.

    Since 2002, militants have used homemade Qassam rockets to hit Israeli towns in the Negev, such as Sderot. Hamas has claimed responsibility for most of these attacks, and has condoned them when it did not acknowledge responsibility. These attacks are outlined in the List of Qassam rocket attacks. The introduction of the Qassam-2 rocket has allowed militants to reach large Israeli cities such as Ashkelon, prompting the Israeli military to stop the proliferation and use of the rockets.

    Rantissi and his men would not do something to hurt anyone. They are merely fighting for their rights.

    Please get that straight Ben.

  28. I hope the war will never stop. To gaza ppl dont stop your struggle, let's continue to holy war. Insya Allah, there will no lose for you and Allah will give u a heaven for your action. When the economy is very bad, is abt time all Arab must be united and have a holy war against the Isreal. Having peace with them is bullshit. The Jew will never tolarate and they hate arabs since Isa A.S. When Nabi ISA A.S. returns all muslims in the world will go to Jerusalam and crashed the Jewish in Zion hill. This is what Allah tell in the Quran and Hadis. Please dont stop this war and please continue..dont give. Insya Allah all muslims will wake up and help u.

  29. Anonymous10:06 am

    Peter: sorry to say this, but I actually did a full year on this when I was studying Public Affairs. But what the heck, maybe u know more :-P

    To the rest: it's a complicated issue, but you can't just refer to the 1947 british mandate and say that Israel stole Palestine's land. That peace of soil has been there for ages. And if you look at old Persian records (ironically Iran now), it acknowledges the existence of Israel.

    The other part of this argument that baffles me is that during the Ottoman Empire (where Palestine today stems its claim), Palestine INCLUDED modern Israel, Jordan, parts of Lebanon and Syria.

    In fact 70% of the people of Jordan are Palestinians. So, if you've got a huge piece of land which is far FAR bigger than Israel over there. Why fight over this piece of soil?

    And if you must fight for the return of Palestine prior to the Ottoman fall. Why stop at Israel? Ask what you deserve from Jordan, Lebanon and Syria!

    Anyway, today what everybody wants is peace. But is that true? Because if all the Palestinians wanted was Peace, they would have chosen Fatah instead of the terrorists Hamas. Choosing Fatah would mean instant access to aid and international support.

    Maybe peace is not what they want.

  30. Anonymous10:26 am

    It's odd how people are overly "passionate" about this issue but not the same about: Rwanda, Myanmar, China-Tibet, Pakistan, Congo... what? there are no refugees, hungry, homeless, war-torn, poor, hurt people there?

  31. Anonymous11:21 am

    This war is good as long as this people doesn't grow up. Their life is of no value because to them what is counted is the after life. They should thanks the Jews for sending them to their next life earlier. The situation will never change and history will just repeat so shear no tears brother.

  32. Anonymous11:37 am

    most of the people of Gaza don't come from Gaza.


  33. "They should thanks the Jews for sending them to their next life earlier."

    Yes, thank Jews....so that very soon we can destroy dan wipe you up forever...

  34. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Gaza is a ghetto, the Israelis have learnt well from the Nazis, and improved upon it. They make much of the uprising of the Warsaw ghetto but when the Palestinians defend themselves, they become militants etc.

    Pity the innocent Palestinians. They are paying for the guilt of the Europeans because of the Holocaust. Send the Jews there. Didn't Golda Meier say "a land without people for a people without land"? Ironic that the pre-1948 Zionist "pioneers" were once called Palestinians!

    That said, the Arabs are no better in truly trying to help the Palestinians. I remember a Malaysian official telling me years ago when the government was bringing Palestinian kids from the Lebanese camps here for a holiday, how shocked he was when a Lebanese official said to take as many as Malaysia wanted and don't bother to send them back.

    This latest killing spree in Gaza is Israel's last-ditch attempt to make hay while the Bush term shines and to try and incite the Iranians into doing something to give Israel any excuse to attack Teheran. I do hope the Iranians don't fall for it. Iraq has already been wiped out. Not that I expect Obama to have any balls to control the Israelis.

    It's easy to blame Hamas for the rocket attacks into Israel. Why ask for trouble when one knows how Israel will react? But I don't know how I would react if I've lived my whole life fraught with danger that any second a tank can bulldoze my house, a missile slam into my home, my every move controlled, no water/electricity/medicine etc. It's shameful how Israel gets away with it using the wholesale "anti-Semitic" slur against anyone who criticizes Israel. If you ask Westerners and get to know them well, a lot of them will privately admit loathing Israeli tactics but are fearful of voicing because they can go to jail. How's that for media freedom?

    Someone here asked how non-Muslim/Malays feel about Palestine. Well, I'm not Malay (though married to one now) and when I was younger I was a Christian. In my teens I was a rabid Zionist, wore a Star of David, devoured Holocaust survivors autobiographies and believed that Jordan and Arab states should house the Palestinians. Only when I was in the 20s when during my work, I met the Palestinians and realized how brainwashed I was by reading Exodus, Mila 18 and by the Christian belief that Jews were God's chosen people. It took some time, but I read up more and learnt the whole other side of the story.
    The Muslim world mostly sees this as a religious issue, but a number of Palestinians are Christian such as Hanan Ashrawi. But my parents and family, who are Christians, support the Palestinians because who can stand to watch them suffer? And as Asians, we know the bitter yoke of colonization. My late grandmother who lived to almost a hundred, remembered how an English planter's little son refused to sit in her chair because it was a "coolie's chair." Imagine, she remembered a slight almost 80 years old!

    That said, we must remember that there are Jews and Israelis who are fighting for the Palestinian cause. So let's not tar all by the same brush. Remember, Rabin (who was no softie) was murdered by a Jew because he was ready to make peace.

  35. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Reading certain comments beforehand, I can't help thinking how so many knaves are influenced by baseless "Zionist" conspiracy theories. Seriously, haven't you considered the circumstances of how this current military offensive came about? Both sides are at fault, however more wrong one side is. The way I see it, we may as well nuke BOTH Israel and the Palestinian territories into black glass and start all over again.

  36. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Israel is the bastard son of the American Pimp and his British Whore and was conceived around 1948 with the UN as the midwife.History will attest to this and no amount of whitewashing and blackwashing will alter this fact. Ever since, this bastard has gone on a rampage in the arab ghetto, taking over streets and appropriating these as his own until he got a bloody nose from Hezbollah (may Allah bless them)circa 2006. Now he is quavering that Hezbollah's main backer has perfected nukes that will soon obliterate him and the Americans. What is unfolding now is the Endgame, as Sam Beckett would put it. The bastard picks on the weakest link in the chain and pummels it with bombs and misiles aimed at kids and women. His
    has-been American pimp, calls that collateral damage while the Jew rejoices in the fact that he had triumphed over an airforceless, navyless and rag tag bunch of poorly armed guerillas. Give them Hamas warriors a nuke dirty bomb and watch how the bastard, Israel squirms. The end of the hegemony of Israel, Americans, British and the other kuffar is near. Allah has eviscerated their wealth and money making capacity. Soon He will send the true jihadists and natural catastrophes and plagues (read: something like Bird Flu) to finish the job and those commentators here and elsewhere who taunt Islam will be eating crow, just like the mighty Bush was brought to heel by a mere gust called, Katrina.Tap in "Bush and Katrina" in yahoo newsearch and read to your heart's content. Also access Vanity Fair for the full story about the debacle.

    Obama's earth shattering change will be destroyed by a massive earthquake and total financial meltdown as the derivatives(part 3 of the american financial saga)markets collapse. all of which will render him a gibbering hapless wreak of a wimp....

    Harap bersabar, pertolongan Allah SWT is at hand. In the meanwhile, say a prayer for the brave Palestinians and assist them in any humanitarian way possible.

    Warrior 231

  37. Anonymous12:57 pm

    To Melayu Bukit, Anon 12:59 AM

    Many Malaysian chinese are guilty of not caring things that happens between Isrealis & Palestinian.

    Because, Malaysian Chinese are selfishly care of their own living in Malaysia.

    But, that doesn't mean that Malaysian Chinese will try bring down Muslim. Please don't racial sentiment here.

  38. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Malaysians generally support the Palestinian cause, but are we prepared to walk the talk, walk the walk? During the Spanish Civil War in 1936, thousands of freedom lovers around the world rallied round the Republic cause in the fight against evil Fascists led by Franco. Thousands died, for a cause. Are Malaysians prepared to go beyond the empty rhetoric and fight for a cause so dear to them? Are we only good enough for an empty show of bravado? I am afraid, No. Malaysians are gutless, cowardly. Malaysians are good for talking. Generations of living the good life, wolfing down laksa, nasi kangkang, char koay teow have made us softies. All talk, no action. In the meantime, I express my sympathies to brave Palestinians who are prepared to die in order to live. Shame on useless Malaysians! Malu, lah. Pandai cakap banyak.

  39. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Certainly, the Middle East situation is complicated and the peace process is made even more complicated when Hamas stated objective is the annihilation of Israel, something which is not part of the Fatah manifesto. As a result, even the Palestinians are divided.

    Which, of course, suits the Israelis just fine.

    If only the Arab states can be united themselves, can there be peace. As it stands, the Lebanese despise Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Jordanians are the minority in their country, the Saudi rulers do not want anyone usurping their authority, the Syrians will launch covert operations to destabilise their neighbours, the Iranians will dispatch fighters everywhere, the Iraqis don't want the Kurds and the Egyptians, Algerians, Libyans, etc have their internal "wars" on going.

    Please, let's not bring their fight to Malaysia.

  40. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Happy New Year Rocky.

    I think we should follow this example.


    Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has ordered the cancellation of all forms of celebrations to mark the new year in Dubai.

    According to Sheikh Mohammed's order, Dubai will mark the New Year with a "sombre tone" as a token of solidarity with the Palestinian people in general and Gaza Strip in particular which is currently under the barrage of Israeli's military fire, news agency WAM reported on Wednesday.

    I'm all for this - seems to be the least we can do to show solidarity with the Palestinians.


  41. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Yeah,Hamas should continue with the holy war and they should thank Israel for sending them straight to heaven earlier.Never grow up and use religion as reference to justify all the human evil act.

    Angry non-muslim

  42. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Israel as a nation should not exist in its current form. It is against God's will. It was established by those who oppose God and want to be God themselves.

    There are different groups of people in Israel. Those who knowingly and blatantly setup and believe in lies about Israel. And there are those who are coerced into believing the mission of the first group. And then there are those who are against the formation of Israel before its time.

    Having said that, what is going on will be allowed until such time when it will be destroyed.

    For the sake of this bloodshed, we should not celebrate anything at all.

    Also, please keep in mind that this is a kind of blood sacrifice. Why is there such thing? What was it for? In ancient times, such human sacrifice was meant for some purpose. Did such thing done away with modernity? If it has then why so much bloodshed?

  43. Anonymous12:07 am

    Israel IS A BASTARD son conceived by bastard parents of Britain and USA. They will be disgraced just like America in Vietnam.

    Them bastards will not achieved their dream as long as Iran is a Muslim republic.Don't underestimate the quiet resolved of the Palestinians, Hamas and Hizbollah.

    The financial tsunami that we're experiencing now is going to drag the mighty America and Britain to bend on their knees.The end of their evil ways will come sooner than we thought. Be patient muslims,we will see victory inshaAllah!


  44. Anonymous3:50 am

    Pity you guys.

    The conflict in this area started long time ago since the time ago in the era of Moses, David etc - read the bible. This is a region where war will never end - forever.

    To those condemning Hamas. Just because the Palestinian are muslim, they don't deserved to be oppreseed and to be slaughtered. Israel just simply cruel people - thats the fact.

    To the muslim, there will be nobody in the middle east especially the Arabs who will protect the Palestinian. All are O.I.C and N.A.T.O.

    Lastly, USA foreign policy = ISrael's survival. Forever, whomever that became the President.

  45. Gaza is the occupied land by Israel
    Gaza peoples have every right to chase the occupier and agressor

  46. i hope israle goes all out and finish out hamaz and its mob
    from amigo

  47. Anonymous10:59 pm


    Brothers and sisters from any faiths or atheist:

    Perhaps, abovementioned video will enlighten us, a bit at least.



    PS: Not only Muslims BUT Christians Palestinians also denied by Israeli's IDF.

  48. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Perhaps this will help hatemongers to understand better about Palestinians issue.


    Christians of the world should be ashamed by Catholic priest, Father Labib Kobti

    I am devastated about what is happening to the HOLIEST PLACE IN CHRISTIANITY:
    The Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, the BIRTH place of Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Christians of the WORLD have lost their dignity and lost the moral courage it takes to

    defend their holiest places. Defending does not mean sending an army, it means to stand

    with what is right, true and fair for the Church and the people besieged in the church without

    food, water, electricity and put pressure on their governments, on the USA and Israel. It is

    taking too long. It is unfair. It calls for people of conscience.

    Unfortunately, Christians of the worlds have been duped by Israel once again.
    How Arab-Christian will be able to tolerate living under such a brutal and violent

    occupation? This situation would create catastrophic consequences for Arab-Christians of

    the Holy Land. The Palestinian-Christians have been fleeing in record numbers and this is

    precisely the desire of the state of Israel.

    Israel would like to force the Palestinian Christians out of the Holy land because it is their

    desire and their ultimate goal to rid the land of all Christians. This will give them the great

    opportunity to say to the world that the war in Palestine is a war against terrorism and make

    from our beloved Palestinian Muslims the target of this war. The way USA is doing in

    Yet, most American Christians and the Christians of the West are ignorantly being fed lies

    that they accept as a God given truth--that Israel's war is simply against Muslim Palestinians

    using the same logic of the Taliban/Afganistan. They are ignoring that the problem is the

    ISRAELI OCCUPATION and it is not a war against terrorism but a resistance against

    Occupation. And Palestinian resistance are Christians and Muslims.

    Palestinian Christians of the Holy Land who have been living in harmony with Muslims for

    centuries feel abandoned and alone. They feel angry against the Christians in the West and

    specially the American Christians.

    There is little that their Muslim blood brothers and sisters can do to console and defend the

    Palestinian Christians. Muslims from Qatar and Arab world offered to repair the destruction

    that the Israelis have done to the Holiest place of Christianity, the Church of the Nativity.
    In fact, in the Church of the Nativity, Palestinian Muslims and Christians are sharing the

    same food, water and defending the place against the Israelis. They are not terrorists, it is

    their right by international law to defend their city from occupation. The Palestinians are

    fighting against the evils and frustrations of Israeli occupation for over 35 years. It is a right,

    it is not at all a crime. That Christians of the world are unable to see this reality and exercise

    any pressure to save the priests, the people, and the defenders of their Holy Place, or to

    exert pressure on Israel to deliver food, water, medicine for the besieged make

    Arab-Christians in the Middle East angry. This is an indifference based on a certain racism

    and hatred for the Arabs, regardless of his or her religion.

    Palestinian Christians are angry at Western Christians who have abandoned them.

    Palestinian Christians feel that Western Christians have left them alone to face this brutal

    Israeli occupation simply because they are Arab Christians.
    This at least what many Arab-Christians have said to me as their pastor. If we were Italian,

    English, Irish, Americans, Germans, French would they do the same? Imagine if Jews would

    besiege Notre Dame of Paris, or the Vatican, or St. Patrick in New York. Or imagine if a

    group of any people would besiege Jews for days inside any synagogue in the world and

    deprive them from food, water, electricity and kill them with snipers. Would it be tolerated

    and accepted, would it take that long to save them and stand with the innocent Jews in a

    place of prayer? Wouldn't the whole world move to do immediately what is fair, right and

    just? Why they are doing this to our Arab Palestinians people? Why the West hates us that

    much? What did we do to deserve all this, what did the Palestinians do to the world? Who

    are we as Arab-Christians for the Christians of the West? Aren't we the Christians of the
    first centuries? The Christians who translated the Bible into different languages; the first

    who have created monachism, and religious orders; the first fathers of the Church; the first


    At his visit on March 2000 Pope Paul II was proud of the Palestinian Christians and their

    history and thanked them for what they have given to the world and praised the harmony

    between Muslims and Christians in the Hoy Land.

    How we can as Arab Christians recall with pride these words of the Pope?
    How we can recall the many other speeches of the Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops,

    pastors preachers of the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant Churches?
    They seem to many of the Arab Christians as just all these were words to the public opinion.

    But when there should be some actions, everybody finds a way to step back and try to think

    what to do and when to act. What a shame?

    There is a kind of acceptance between the people in the West that killing Arabs, Muslims

    or Christians is a good things for the world. Our people say this and repeat it. And I can

    understand, as an Arab Catholic priest, their frustration and after months of destruction and

    massacres by Israel. What the world is waiting for? For a holocaust against Arabs?

    The Christian Palestinian population fleeing the Holy Land are saying to me: When Sharon

    visited the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Muslims from around the world stood proudly to defend their

    Holy Place and they were so angry that Sharon had to leave immediately in front to the

    world wide condemnation.

    But what have the Christians of the world done for the holiest place on earth, the place of

    the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ? Nothing.

    Never before in the history of the Church of the Nativity has it been attacked in this way.

    Even when the Persians conquered Bethlehem in 622 they absolutely respected the

    holiness of the place, because they saw some mosaics that depict the magi coming from


    In 1948 20% of Palestinians in the Holy Land were Christian, today, because of the Israeli

    occupation and its attendant violence, poverty and discrimination that number has dwindled

    down to 1.8%. Statistics indicate that in a few years the Holy Land will become a Christian

    museum with no LIVING STONES. And what is the Holy Land without the Palestinian

    Christians? Without the true and oldest people of the land of Jesus Christ, descendants of
    the Cananites, Jesbusites, Aramites. These Arab-Christians who have been celebrating

    Christmas for 2000 years and the Holy week for 2000 years. What is the Holy Land without

    its rightful people?

    Palestinian Christians feel that the Christians of the West lack the courage and morality to

    stand united with them, Christian Palestinians feel that the utter contempt and disregard

    that Western Christians have for Christian Palestinians stems from a kind of racism against

    all Arab peoples.

    I am so afraid that Christians of the Holy Land will be forced to abandon the land because

    they themselves feel so alone, so depressed so unhappy to be called Christians at the

    same level of the Christian of the West.

    I was sent to the United States to serve the Arab-American Christian community by my

    superior, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah. I have been a Pastor of the

    Arab-Americans in California for 10 years. I have witnessed the Arab-Christian community

    in San Francisco continue to grow with Christian immigrants from Ramallah, Bir-Zeit, Gifna,

    Bethlehem , Jerusalem, Taybeh ... coming to San Francisco to flee the ungodly Zionist

    Today there are more Palestinian Christians from Ramallah in San Francisco than in

    Ramallah itself. What a shame?

    Arab-Christians at the end are the losers, they lost their prestige, their future and their

    hopes. I am very concerned for them, perhaps I am so concerned because I am also an

    Arab Christian, I cannot rely on the non-Arab world to give a damn about the

    Palestinian-Christians. I feel so ashamed of the Christians of the World.

    Father Labib Kobti
    San Francisco


    FROM: Karl

  49. Anonymous7:33 am

    Isreal is declearing war on Hamaz so what do you expect? You can't expects Isreal to send fruits and flowers to Gaza when they are receiving rockets fired by Hamaz.

    We need a winner and a loser in a war, is better that Isreal is the winner and Hamaz the loser. The same as before under PLO, history will repeat.

  50. you guys.. please go read some history. People won't just wake up one day and decided to blow themselves up! If they have so much to live for, why blow themselves up? Think about it. Would you do it? No. Why? Becasue you have families, homes, money, food, career and all the things you alwasy wanted. These people used to have homes but their homes have been demolished and bombed by the israelis. They used to have fathers but their fathers were indiscriminately nabbed by the IDF and never to be seen again. These peole used to have ancestral land where their houses once stood. But even that have been confiscated and now becomes the property of the Jewish settlers! They cant visit their families and friends elsewhere in the country becasue the 8m walls that have been built by Israelis and restricting their movements. A farmer cannot go to his farm becasue his farm is on the other part of the wall!. Did HAMAS did these? Hell no. It was Israel the bastards. If HAMAS is useless, they would not have been elected by the Gazans in election.
    So think about all these situations. CNN will only show you the concocted story. They show you what they want you to believe. Open your eyes and heart.

  51. Anonymous11:31 am

    Israel will never open the crossings into Gaza as long as hamas is in control. It's that straight forward. For that matter, they will not open the crossings until they feel that the people within will be planning for their destruction. Overall, this is the issue. Collective punishment for a some bad eggs, yes. But, then, the bad eggs were elected by the majority. Instead of electing a less extreme body that would have had a better chance of having success with Israel and the West.

  52. Anonymous1:17 am

    This is a humanitarian issue. How come only Muslim organisations have the biggest say?

    Where are the rest of the so called human rights NGO's? Even non Muslim bloggers are so very quiet about Israel's blatant act of terror.

    It is downright state sponsored terrorism but the non Malays see it as a religious and race issues....just ask them why the silence?? Why no condemnation from MCA,MIC,GERAKAN,DAP,as for PKR, it came out by somebody else not Anwar's even though it was in his blog.

    Dah terang lagikan bersuluh. Mereka inilah bersifat munafik. Apa sahaja berkaitan dengan Islam memang mereka tidak akan menyokong. Lihat sahajalah pendukung keadilan sejagat Harris Ibrahim speechless bisu.


  53. Anonymous11:47 pm

    israel intended to kill all Palestienian and take over their land . the hate of Islam always there ( read history and Quran ) Cristian just part of the conflict coz they occupied the same land . Do you think ALLAH just watching this ...........