Sunday, December 14, 2008

Motherfuckers in the newsroom

I feel sorry for Lionel Morais. Not because I happen to know that his appointment as chief news editor of the New Straits Times was made without the current group editor's consent. I feel sorry for him because at a meeting with staff correspondents and bureau chiefs last Friday, he lost his cool. He's not known to be a short-tempered fella but that day Lionel just blew his top, and I feel sorry for him.

That he had been unhappy with the kind of attention that blogs like mine have been giving to the NST is now made obvious. He was particularly angry with NST journalists, especially staff correspondents and bureau chiefs, who have been leaking information to such blogs. He didn't have to mention Rocky's Bru ... I know whose blog he was referring to.

He called these informers "motherfuckers".

I know each and every one of the journalists at the meeting, including Lionel and Ah Chai, and I am sorry for them. I have spoken to each one at one time or another, on the phone and in person. I think it's unfair to call the people who talked to me and shared info with me "motherfuckers". They are not smuggling the next day's story to your rival papers. Journalists talk and exchange info, that's what we do, don't we?

After all, bro, you too have told me things about the NST's newsroom;. it's just that I decided not to blog about it. That - telling me those things about NST - doesn't make you a motherfucker in my book.


  1. Hmm, both Lionel and Ah Chai served you well at the Malay Mail.

  2. hahaha...

    cool message at the end of it rocky!

    hey... please guide me through...

    im trying to be a cool blogger like all of u...

  3. Anonymous4:02 am

    Llionel Morais is a small man who was suddenly thrust into the limelight by another equally small bastard by the name of Brendan Pereira. In the process Morais has developed a miscreantic ego. A hitherto nice small man is now a monster, a creation of bastard Brendan. Morais leapfrogged over so many good journalist in the pecking order, thanks to Brendan's avaricious appetite for building an empire built around cronyism. Morais should realise he is in the news business. If he thinks he can change perception through lies and propaganda, he is sadly mistaken. You cannot hide lies and deception. Brendan's world revolved around lies and spin-doctoring, a skill he learnt in Singapore. Another bastard by the name of A. Kadir Jasin tried the same trick, and got his come-uppance. Dont try this in Malaysia.

  4. Anonymous4:24 am

    Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present a list of motherfuckers of journalism. In fact only two made the distinguished list. They are A. Kadir Jasin and Brendan Pereira. Both are tied at No 1. Their single most important achievement was enlightening the people of Malaysia that they have been digesting shit all this while.

  5. Anonymous7:05 am

    rocky bru- today blog tommorrow news!, other mainstream paper- today paper yesterday news!!
    -bujang sigat-

  6. Anonymous7:53 am

    rocky, i've been a journalist for some time and what i dont understand is that our superiors will laud us for scoops or stuff that are 'newsworthy' (read: attention-grabbing and usually sensational), but they get very defensive when small things at the editorial floor get passed-on to 'outsiders' (read: not just bloggers, but even people from different desks...)

    a 'motherfucker', am i? aah, not too difficult to live with that nowadays....


  7. Dengo bunyi namanya macam orang puteh,tapi teman rasa dia ni macam orang hitam atau pun kacukkan aje.kalau betul dia ni species yg teman cakap tu; mike tak boleh marah dia sebab species ni kalau jadi bos dia aje le yang maha mengetahui, berkuasa dan yang tersangat teman paling benci ialah maha MENGAMPU.species ni terdapat banyak juge di sekeliling Pak Lah dan UMNO ketike ni.teman harap mike paham le perangai dia orang ni bro.Salam

  8. Anonymous9:00 am

    MSM and journalists have not the courage to disobey UMNO-BN gomen, so they engaged in telling grandmothers' stories among themselves. To me, they are all MOTHERFUCKERS!

  9. Anonymous9:01 am

    The real motherfuckers are.........the one that fuck the nation future generation.

  10. Anonymous10:08 am

    Have some respect and don't use vulgarity in your blog. And don't justify it by saying that you are quoting another.

    For a senior journalist like you, u should know better and use terms like "mother******"

    There are children reading your blog lah.

    And pls have the guts to publish my contructive comment.


  11. Anonymous10:17 am


    What a shame. Lionel wasn't the best candidate to be made chief news editor. The people who appointed him didn't do justice. They destroyed Lionel, and Lionel helped because he accepted a post that's far too big for him.

    Don't feel sorry for him. Feel sorry for the newspaper. Many good people left the NST when the people running it lowered the benchmark. I'm still serving the paper, but I'm just happy to makan gaji and enjoy the weekends..

    Nasi Beringin

  12. dear mGf rocky:
    You used the F*** word,knotty,knotty! am I nutty?

    Is it some collaboration -- or conspiracy OR Collission of the Stars? -- that another mGf zorro has a long thesis on the word FUCK vs sexual intercourse!

    I think I'm removing both of you and YOU from my blogroll -- a lot of grownUPs like 50-year-old+ Cheap Ministers visit Desi's in the stealof broad daylight, and tey are a poor influence on my below-16 readers who visit at midnight:)

    Cheers, or *CHOW!
    which can mean:
    * See you later
    * Bye-bye

    PS: I suddenly realised I don't have a Blogroll -- I 4god to instruct my secretary -- no,not sexcretary, catZjones pardner! to set up one for it-ignoramUSE YL:(

  13. What is news?
    Everybody wants to know
    On the streets right up to the government
    In between the police and the underworld

    Sharing it one shouldn’t cringe
    You can’t be a miser and still think the world is good
    It doesn’t rhythm in our daily lives
    We need news whatever it is…………..

    Sharing it amongst friends and peers
    Sometimes of frustrations and bottlenecks
    In the sum game to survive and fishing rods
    It is news sharing amongst like minded friends

    Getting angry and blowing one’s top
    It isn’t sign of a good leader
    A leader has to take every good and bad
    Evaluate it and understand it

    Knowing that humans enjoy
    Passing news getting into it
    Especially it is a hot topic
    Dig up the news and sources
    Share it all and get a few back

    What is news?
    A party of sharing
    Write it passing around
    Let the song sing
    We are listening ears sharp eyes searching
    Without it life will be dull
    So don’t get angry
    It happens every second every day

  14. Anonymous10:34 am

    hahahaha. bravo rocky!

  15. Yeah! A lot of motherfuckers in the newsroom and blogroll. This country is full of motherfuckers, their conscience have left them.

  16. Anonymous10:40 am

    My God, Lionel. How dare you call us motherfuckers when you are MOTHER OF ALL MOTHERFUCKERS.

    Don't you forget, Lionel? You spent hours in Brendan and Kali's room motherfucking Rocky and the reward is you are now in the position to motherfuck others.

    Rocky made you. And you motherfucked him even animals would have no heart to do it.

    Come on, Lionel. Before you call us motherfuckers, look into the mirror. Ask yourself, am I the MOTHER OF ALL MOTHERFUCKERS.

    Both you and Ah Chai are symbols of mediocrity. Let me tell you in your face. Both you don't deserve to be where you all.

    But in Kali and Brendan's opinion, you deserve to be there because you have become the MOTHER OF ALL MOTHERFUCKERS.

  17. Anonymous10:41 am

    Kamu bangsat Lionel.

  18. Way to go Rocky!
    He is a motherfucker all right but he is also your friends against my better advise.
    Lee Ah Chai, another motherfucker, memoed (I have copy) all of his bureaus no to cover Koran reading not important enough. But my main question is how come those motherfuckers at NST have the audacity to promote all of these motherfuckers to where they are today, now that is a motherfucking mind boggling fuck up if I have ever seen one!

  19. Dear NSTman,

    1. Kadir does not plagiarize.

    2. He has helped converge Big media
    and the New media when he started
    blogging with his "The Scribe" nearly
    3 years ago. Look at how many journos
    blogging today

    3. He defended his editors if they stand
    they defended their stories. Even against
    the dreadful Daim. I speak from experience.
    Some, eg Kali, be on their knees
    and beg for forgiveness if we made
    Samy Vellu or a member of Pak Lah's family (not
    even Pak Lah, mind you) unhappy with
    our reporting.

    4. Other than that, I'm with you.

    Thank you.

  20. Anonymous12:14 pm


    Lionel jadi macam ni kerana Umno biarkan orang lantik dia. kita semua tahu siapa lantik Lionel. Merteka ni jugalah yang jahanamkan Pak Lah dan Msia..itu saje!

    ali bkt jalil

  21. Anonymous12:24 pm

    I guess, there are many more "motherf*ckers" in each and every newsroom in this country! Trust me on that! Just not many dare to fight for justice and voice out the truth. Dont worry Rocky, let the real Mother of motherf*ckers f*ck their own fate. The real Motherf*cker please stand up!

  22. Anonymous12:30 pm

    this is interesting....but ultimately a futile attempt borne out of the need for finger pointing, bickering etc.....

    let's bring it up a notch, and not get embroiled in name calling and such....

    have a good week ahead....

  23. Kpd Mat Klentong

    Teman pun dekat-dekat sependapat dengan mike. Spesis nih kalu dah naik pangkat... mak oii, tengokle perangai si katek M. Kula (MP Ipoh Barat tu)

    Ada kelapangan jengukle laman blog teman dan teman seangkatan

    Ada byk cerita lebihkurang sama...

    Salam hormat

  24. Anonymous12:48 pm

    What NST needs to do now is to bring back some of its better journalists who had served the newspaper in late 80s and early 90s as its key operators. People like Azam Aris and Othman Abu Bakar of The Edge, who are now holding key posts in the respected newspaper.

    Blend them with some of the insiders, such as Zainul Arifin, Sharif Haron and Fauziah Ismail, who have been sidelined because they were not in Kali's and Brendan's good books.

    These bunch of people are definitely much better than Lionel, Lee Ah Chai and gang in managing the daily news operations.

  25. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Allow me to list out the motherfuckers in NST. They are the snitch for Kali and Brendan Prerera

    1. kamarul idris
    2. lee xiu lian
    3. santha orjitham
    4. lionel morais
    5. lee ah chai
    6. joseph soosai
    7. lim tow boon
    8. chandra mother of all conspiracies
    9. zainul ariffin
    10. zubaidah abu bakar
    11. sean lee
    12. vasudevan
    13. raj
    14. jacob george
    15. ben d cunha
    16. fred ma

    all the best to you all

  26. Anonymous12:57 pm


    Have you ever seen any fantastic scoop by Lionel Morais? None. That speaks volume of his ability.

    A half past six Chief New Editor. All he knows is calling people motherfuckers

  27. Anonymous1:43 pm

    I hope I read you correctly that Lionel was appointed without the knowledge of the Group Editor. If that is the case, then who appointed him? That smally bully by the name of Ah Chai?

    If it comes to that kind of situation in the NST, then what's the point of having a Group Editor who is made out to be like a lame duck without a say in such matter?
    Something is not right on the editorial floor when the GE does not call the shot.

    I agree that calling subbordinates mother****** is simply out of line. In the blogosphere, we have etiquette not to spell out fully certain words that are best left in the gutter. I agree with reader Michael on that point.

    Talk about some NST journalists reaching their own levels of imcompetence, Lionel and Ah Chai were leapfrogged over others as I was informed. Perhaps, the NST has come to a stage whereby the good apples are hard to pick out now and they have to settle for some bad apples and lame ducks. It's not gonna improve the situation, it's going to be worse.

    Peter's Principle is very much alive in the NST today. Look at the kind of crap that's appearing in the news pages. It's total boredom and sometimes a struggle to read the paper.

    As a long-time observer of NST (I have my source of information, too) I'm told there are still some good journalists in NST but they have been marginalized since the so-called "new regime" took over.

    If you put duds in charge, then you get crap every day. Anyway, I hardly pick up any newspapers these days. I get all my information on the Internet.


  28. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Rocky, I agree with you on some aspects of Kadir's 'good deeds'. But his litany of sins overshadow his legacy. Kadir will always be remembered for using Stalinist methods to run the NST. He was not averse to using vile ways to achieve his own ends. He listened to no one, except his yes-men who lined up to whisper to him sweet nothings. Kadir put his people in key positions, sidelining people who were not in sync with him. His most devastating move was to turn the NST group of companies into a huge propaganda machine in the battle to finish off Anwar. he made himself the stooge of Dr Mahathir's evil machinations, unleashing the heavy artillery of the hithero powerful NST group to dissect and ultimately destroy Anwar. Instead of achieving its stated objectives, the reverse happened. It made Anwar a martyr. This was the turning point in NST's fortunes. Sales dropped, and it lost the trust of the public which ultimately ended in the Star becoming the undisputed No 1. Kadir has become the most hated figure in the NST. Not surprising because he used fear to perpetuate his evil rule. As for this bastard called Brendan Pereira, watch out for the next episode.

  29. Wow, looks like it is now free for all after Antares posted "the seven forbidden words" and picked up by zorro. I am now desensitised to the 4-letter word but am still a little uncomfortable attaching it to a term of endearment. The other 6 words are kinda acceptable under certain circumstances.

    And one should not be surprised to find young people in their teens using those words freely without even batting an eyelid. Of course, they would control themselves in front of adults.

    What to do...huh?

  30. Anonymous2:37 pm

    de trouble with small-sized beings is their "height" inferiority complex. When they attain some kind of power, they have tendency to push their 'weight' around. Look around, it's usually de truth regarding this odd behaviour. Whereas, tall beings like you and me (ha ha) don't need to stoop so low (pardon my pun).


  31. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Of course he's not a short-tempered fella... He's just short, vertically challenged, pendek, katek, rendah, tak berapa tinggi...

    In short (excuse the pun), he's a midget.

    Please have mercy on a freak like him. LOL.

  32. Anonymous4:35 pm

    If Lionel is a true gentleman and not a 'mother@#$%#r' .. he should tender his resignation on Monday.

    If he doesn't have the 'guts' to do that ...then he is just what he is.

    'Terlanjur perahu boleh di-undur, terlanjur kata badan binasa'.

    p/s Take mAhChai with you, along with his 'surprises'.


  33. Kadir Jasin reached the lowest ebb during the Anwar saga. NST hit rock bottom, a sheer contrast to its illustrious past. Yes, this happened during his watch. NST became synonymous with UMNO/BN propaganda than a bona fide news agency. Anything changed since then? Maybe you can tell us Rocky. You have ears in the right places.

    If you read Kadir Jasin's blog, and are aware of the particular issue he is blogging about, you get the feeling he is dancing around words which are more suited to describe the situation, so that we end up watching what he doesn't say as well as what he does say. Ends up being long winded. Sounds too much like a politician and not much of the journalist left. Too much like spin to me.

    For real journalistic experience give me Citizen Nades at the Sun anytime at

    Read those two columns after a series of issues, and tell me which strikes closer to home.

  34. Anonymous5:41 pm

    i don't wish to add to any of this. Just curiosity. Someone in his comments listed out a whole list of names. Two interest me: lim tow boon and ben d'cunha. Are they still there? They must be very, very senior by now.

    Ex-part timer

  35. That's the privilege of being boss...can accuse with name labeling.........without anyone ..dare to object.
    Morias seems to know the movements of his reporters.
    Previously he did same thing...leaking info to Rocky..but ..his boss was sleeping.
    Morias is a bastard..fucking others for doing same ting he did before.
    Anyway...S.Times is a fucked up newspaper...having a fucked up news surprise.
    Quality of paper sure to dip down further...with advertising income....down ad down....that even Sun is now 2nd leading English paper.
    I pity those hard working staffs...working in shame...but keep quiet.

  36. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Like they say, 'power' does not define a person, it exposes him or her.

    Lionel Morais, in this instance, is the true mother-F-fer. Put him in a position of power and his true self soon wiggles out of his worm hole. He is a hypocrite and a low life and he, whether he knows it or not, is more dangerous to himself than to his imagined 'enemies.'

    He will fall and he will fall hard. Doesn't he read history? All 'tyrants' will ultimately get drunk on their high pedestals built on loose sand. All it takes is a low ebb and Lionel Morais' sand castle will disintegrate burying him under.

    It won't take long. His days are numbered. The rotting remains of the likes of the 'once mighty' (yah, induced by his own drunkardness) Kali Ular are just another proof of their temporarious sore statures that go against the high law of nature.

    i feel sorry for Lionel Morais for the greater fool and mother-F-fer that he is. But then again we can all do away with one less scum on this earth. No tears from me, that's for sure.

    Begone you mother-F-fer of all mother-F-fer! The Word is out and spoken.

    Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick ...

  37. Anonymous6:00 pm

    hye bro you missed out some names lah -would think about them

    fauziah is good lah. she should be in ah chai's position. i heard they wanted to get rid of her and send her to sunday times.

  38. Anonymous6:28 pm

    To me, all MSM like NST only serve "Ketuanan UMNO" only

  39. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Kadir used to call Nades a drunkard.

    Sitting Bull

  40. Anonymous7:13 pm

    I am a motherfucker. But I don't care. It doesn't hurt a bit. Sorry if it hurts you Mr Morais. You call me motherfucker 10 times a day and I don't care. Make it a prayer. Call me a motherfucker every morning Lionel Morais. Make it a habit please.

    As promised. This is the remaining list prepared by Lionel Morais and Lee Ah Chai with the help of Chandra.

    THE LIST - continuation of the Internal Movements

    Lydia Gomez from courts to newsdesk
    Suhuda from newsdesk to courts
    RV Shuman from crime to newsdesk
    Adrian (newly promoted) from newsdesk to crime

    Bureau movements

    Sean from Kuala Terengganu to Kuala Lumpur

    June Ramli from KL to KT

    R.S.Kamini from KL to Ipoh

    ** The following is interesting

    ? Fridaus Abdullah (Kuching), Sunday Times (Sharif & Fauziah)

    ** The letter has not been issued. But rest assured the powerful Lionel Morais and Lee Ah Chai will see that those listed are promoted as promised.

  41. Anonymous7:25 pm


    Khabar angin bertiup kencang sekarang beberapa jawatan kosong di NSTP akan diisi selepas Mac nanti. Menarik betul khabar angin ini. Nama yang akan dilantik pun sudah ada

    Jawatan 1

    Group Director Communications and Editorial Marketing.
    (Hardev Kaur orang terakhir pegang jawatan ni)

    Jawatan 2

    Director of RIS

    Jawatan 3

    Director of Training.

    Katanya ketiga2 jawatan ini akan dipegang oleh mereka yang bergelar Dato

    Mampus kering lah dato-dato ini. Mereka berharap sangat dapat golden handshake. Nampaknya berakar lah dato-dato ini di jawatan baru.

  42. since i am under NST's payroll, i have only two things to say here...



  43. Anonymous7:53 pm

    U people where have u been? Born yesterday ke?

    Sorri Rocky, i think u must b a five yr old..counting from the day Pak Lah took over.

    Seriously, i have stopped reading NST and the like some 20 yrs ago.
    True n true the Rakyat have been buggered by these motherfukcers aka gomen spinners all along.

    Our present problems r actually the results of such holding back the truth thus promoting injustice.

    -obama oblada

  44. Anonymous7:56 pm

    mut said...

    "...For real journalistic experience give me Citizen Nades at the Sun anytime....."

    Nades and Terence trying very hard to market themselves as true and garang journalist. Wait till you hear their unethical part:) True journalist? Poodah lah!

  45. Anonymous8:51 pm

    I wonder what you gain by putting up such a post, Rocky. The subject matter here is far too trivial from your usual postings on matters of national interest and public concern.
    I usually read blogs and portals with an open mind and try not to second-guess motives, but this case is far too out of the ordinary for me to ignore.
    Lionel is an old friend, and I haev found him to be very real with me - no facades, not malicious, no lies.
    I do not know how he is at workplace, but he was once your trusted leftenant. You used to discuss your stories with him at the National Press Club, and I remember him bringing the Malay Mail front page to you for your approval. He was so proud that you saw him worthy of a promotion (to a news editor or deputy or assistant - i can't remember) in Malay Mail.
    After seeing all that, I am curious as to what your motives are.
    Is this your way of doing some spring-cleaning in NST while waiting for your Group-Editor-In-Chief appointment?


  46. Anonymous8:55 pm

    I agree with NSTman about his verdict on Kadir Jasin. I am a reporter in the NST news desk. Those days we used to cower in fear whenever Kadir went into his tantrums. My bosses, Calvin Goh and Ashraf Abdullah and Tony Francis, were shaking whenever they were called for questioning by Kadir. I used to see editors like Joseph Soosai and Jacob Paul shivering when they talked to Kadir. Kadir is a monster. He is the pits. He is an insult to journalism. He had no respect for journalists. He should be tried for crimes against journalism. He treated NST like his own grandfather's office. Thank Allah he is no more.

  47. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Oh dear. Lim Tow Boon, Jacob, Ben d Cunha are still around.

    Miracle! Young reporters and editors have left and they are still around?

    What is the secret uncle Boon, Uncle Jacob and Uncle Ben? Perhaps you own NSTP.

    BTW, is the bush jacket wearer still around?

  48. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Lionel must resign immediately. His mother fucker remark is unbecoming of a Chief News Editor. What if someone uses that word on you? Would you use that word on your mother, Lionel? Are you not ashamed? It just show you have no respect for the Staff Correspondents, Bureau Chiefs and Seniors like Syed Nadzri. Worse of all, it just reflect your character and how low you have been. I will know repeat that word on you. But I hope your mother reads Rocky's blog and find out what you have become.

    May Jesus Christ bless you. Lionel.

  49. Anonymous10:52 pm

    lakshmi is also around

    about that list, zainul is a nice guy but zubaidah is a good friend of brendan, he was the one who promoted her. if not for him, she wont be around

  50. Bro,

    When u r the EiC at NST, will it be ok for your team to leak news to bloggers and jump the gun on MSM?

    No restriction whatsoever?

    Good luck :-)

  51. Anonymous11:44 pm

    ha ha ha, rocky! you can call him mother******* also!!! Better pray that he gone from the NSTP ASAP!!!

    zamri sunway semenyih

  52. Anonymous12:37 am

    lionel was just being clingy la, bro. u and me and others know him quite well then.

    by d way, does NST still belong to Umno?... or Um No More?

  53. Anonymous6:51 am

    They have an Indian as Deputy PM, Finance Minister, Education Minister, Law minister. So why don't BN follow them?

    They practise meritocracy is all appointment in public office where as Malaysia practise "Ketuanan Melayu" in public appointment.

  54. Anonymous7:09 am

    I think 'fornicator or forcination of mums' is a better phrase for a diplomatic curse.

    Anyway politics seem to seep into all walks of life these days.

    Perhaps Kadir Jasin's therapy of roti canai and teh si would solve the problems.

    But as ardent readers of newspapers, we wouldn't bother much about the backstage productions.

    Just ensure my RM 1.20 remains unchanged, but please provide relevant and up to date news, regardless of the infighting that is not only happening at NST but even CNN or other news media.

    Washing dirty linen are nowadays done indoors and that.s the way 'god planned it'.


  55. Anonymous7:37 am


    No need to get personal.

    Many vertically-challenged men and women made it big in NST.

    Not the height that matters but the size of the brains.

    I won't mention names here. I too know both boys.

    They were really boys when they came in and I was already an old man then.

    I pity them. If it's true they were appointed without consulting Syed Nazri, that's no surprise.

    SN is too nice a man to survive the dog eat dog world of NSP. His own days could be numbered. So is Hisham AUn and Manja Ismail.

    When the chips fall, Lionel and Ah Chai may fall too. I heard guys from the Star and Sun are being considered.

    But Nionel and Ah Chai may yet survive if they know how to play balls with their new Malay bosses.

    In the NST, the non-Malay s alwaya survive better than the Malays at the top.


  56. Anonymous8:05 am

    Hi Bru, there are many m'fcukers around us and Lionel Morais' is like one commenter said - The MOTHER of all M'FCUKERS.
    For those who don't know him - He's an Indian chap or Kiling chai with a Mat Salleh name.
    Lionel's remark reflect the type of people in this country if given little authority or power will forget their roots. Just like Hindrafs!
    Umno should thank Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan (also another Indian with a strange Malay Muslim name) for the mess he has caused in the NSTP. He also loves cursing people using the same phrase used by Lionel Morais.
    Maybe Lionel learnt from him or Kalimullah may have briefed him to use it during the meeting.
    Another name mentioned was Zubaidah Abu Bakar. read more about her here ... Who is this Zubaidah Abu Bakr?: (
    Read: Democracy and Politics
    posted by din merican-november 24, 2008 - The shameless conduct of hatchet woman Zubaidah Abu Bakr


  57. Anonymous8:28 am

    Hahahahaha! What goes around comes around Lionel Morais!!
    Haven't you heard of that?


  58. Anonymous8:57 am

    Saya mohon disiasat dakwaan Pasquale di bawah ini :-

    Lee Ah Chai, another motherfucker, memoed (I have copy) all of his bureaus no to cover Koran reading not important enough.

    Bagaimanakah orang spt ini boleh bekerja di sebuah akhbar sepeti NSTP. Semua orang tahu sejarah NST dan tahu NST siapa yang punya.


  59. Anonymous9:35 am


    isn't news is about telling the public what's going on in this world.

    editors decide what the world should read and know. except this time it's without the editor's consent - just like their appointment.
    so don't blame the reporters, blame it on kalimullah

  60. Anonymous10:19 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  61. Anonymous10:51 am

    nstman ...for a man who does'nt reveal himself sure do reveal a lot about the formers of NST !Why not put a name behind your face duckfucker !

  62. Anonymous11:43 am

    apa lah dah jadi dgn NST ni...sudah lah circulation sudah merudum, sekarang editor nya pulak keluarkan kata kata bangsat..
    wajar pun.. apa lah lionel tau pasal general news desk operation..crime depa tau lah..
    tu cina ah chai pulak..apa pulak yg dia tau pasal news...bagi depa subbing depa tau lah..
    lagi lagi saya dengar depa gila kuasa...syed nazri pun tak berani tegur depa....betui ke?
    apa yg ada pada cina ni..?
    hai hai NST..bila lah nasib mu akan tukar...

    yang arif

  63. Anonymous12:29 pm

    By actually saying the m..f..word in your blog, it will be subconciously attached to you instead of LM.
    Now that is sad right!!!

  64. >>>Nades and Terence trying very hard to market themselves as true and garang journalist. Wait till you hear their unethical part:) True journalist? Poodah lah!<<<

    Aren't they all? But since you brought it up, I am interested in the details.

    Seems we are swimming in journalists prostituting themselves and selling journalistic ethics to the highest bidder?

    I await the details, but with hardly bated breath.

  65. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Lionel Morais ni mat puteh atau mat hitam!
    bior den cakap sikit, hoi lonel moles i put your leg inside your mouth araund your neck!you motherfucker!


  66. i say, lionel, betul kah?

    that's not very nice, lionel dear. of course, a CNE not supposed to be nice. Otherwise how to get your reporters to perform, eh? But...surely you know what I mean.

    Oh, Lionel. Don't be too hard with your reporters on this. After all .. Rocky knows all of them. And. essentially, we're all reporters.

    Have a nice day, Lionel.

  67. Anonymous1:50 pm

    lionel was just being clingy la, bro. u and me and others know him quite well then.
    nice clip, bujai!tapi itu lionel makan kerbau pendek, ekau pon makan samo ko?

    haha ha!jangan marah!


  68. Anonymous1:54 pm

    a muthafarker calling a duckfarker!! haha.. so ironic... seeing urself in another person's reflection i guess huh!

  69. Anonymous1:55 pm

    M-----F----r or MILF, Lionel is least qualified for the job.

    Here I have to be racist. Ah Chai and him were appointed because the NST under Kalli is anti-Malay, plain and simple.

    So all the appointments of Chinese and Indians are rushed up before Kalli is given the boot.

    Unmno is stupid. It concerns itself only with appointments of Malay editors.

    So Indian and Chinese, including the anti-Malay and anti-umno type get appointed.

    These are the gatekeepers who will give anti-Malay copies to a weak editor like Syed Nazri.

    Nasi Beringin

  70. Anonymous2:04 pm


    Nasib baik dia tak cakap Father In Law fucker. Otherwise dah tentu kena baling dengan kasut ( mcm Bush )

  71. Anonymous2:26 pm

    mr.morerice and should be moved to the library and made to sit at the counter, along with the idiot who is pretending to be Group Photo Editor (a position he created sometime last year).

    These 3 are the 'Evil'...the rest, like Kamarul, are just plain stupid.

  72. Come on lah Rocky ,let bygones be bygones.why do you still bad mouth nst,me ,and all out former collegues ? Cukup lah tu ,tak perlu kita teruskan perasaan ill feelings ni. gimme a call and we'll meet up in bangsar bro !

  73. Anonymous2:55 pm

    So shameful..but then nothing new with our Malaysians newpapers and politians..not much of difference actually. MK

  74. Anonymous3:36 pm

    JUst whose mother Morais was talking about, doesnt he also has A mother?

  75. Anonymous3:57 pm

    I have said it before, and I am saying it now - Make Rocky the generalissimo of the NST group. That means he controls Harian Metro, Barian and NST. This is NST's last throw of the dice in a last ditch attempt to stay alive and relevant. There have been too many cooks in control of the NST. The rot started with the reign of terror under the despised and hated bastard called Kadir Jasin and his gutless sycophant Ahmad Talib and ended in flames under a bastard called Brendan Pereira. This is NST's last chance at resurrection. Let Rocky put his money where his mouth is. This is NST's last hurrah. NST must seize this moment in the face of impending doom.

  76. Anonymous3:59 pm

    rocky, feel sorry for u that u have to use that word in your blog. U could have used mother******.

  77. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Hahahaha...very amusing. Don't you wish you have the Shinigami Death Note book with ya. Kekekeke.

  78. lucky my sister's not in the list! *phew. haha

  79. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Kasihan itu Lionel. Apabila terdesak, dia bilang perogol ibu yang bertanggung jawab.

    Apa yang En Rocky dah terbitkan selama ni saya anggap menarik. Banyak berita di belakang tadbir yang jarang sekali saya baca.

    Kata orang lama, mengata orang dia yang lebih. Si Lionel tu kenalah ingat jasa En Rocky. Kerana kamulah yang dia jadi Pengarang Meja Jenayah di Malay Mail dulu.

    Sekarang di NST, Si Lionel tu dah lupakan kulit. Malah, masih menjadi dalang Si Berendan dan Kalimullah Hassan. Apa nak buat? Tuah badan... Kalau nak menangguk sumber tu, bagaikan air di cincang - tidak akan putus..

    Si anak angkat

  80. Anonymous7:13 pm


    PS: of one is married with children, and fucks with the wife, that makes one a motherfucker, right?

  81. Anonymous9:22 pm

    who is this zubaidah, ask any of the seniors and they will tell you that she is a nobody.

    she is a strong pas supporter and pretends to know infomation about umno. she is where she is know because she is a good friend of brendan. he ws teh one who promoted her. and when the new regime comes in next year, she would switch over to them.

    they should bring abck ramlan.

  82. Anonymous10:32 pm

    When i read on Malaysiakini, that some blogger posted profanities on his blog, and the writers implores all bloggers not to follow your example, my curiousity was piqued.

    After reading your short blog here, i came to the conclusion that this writer Ganesh is overtly sensitive and lack the general common sense to differentiate between facts and hearsay.

    I too came to find your blogs to be an interesting read and in short.. Man, you rocks.. hope you come up with more great ones!


  83. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Dear Rocky
    I fully agree with NSTMAN. The day kadir jasin, ahmad a talib and you included conspire to use the NST to become the propaganda machine of mahathir to kill off anwar ibrahim was the saddest in the history of NST. the paper never recovered and most likely will never. now kadir is using his blog to maybe clear his conscience and may God help him.

  84. Anonymous11:13 pm

    as a former nst journalist it's sad to read so many negative comments about the newspaper, the organisation and its people.

    zaman dulu takde blogs so the badmouting was confined to word of mouth. these days with the advent of blogs it appears publicly for all to see. yes, for all to see and i don't know if this is for the better of any organisation.

    frankly what is the big deal of being called a motherfucker. as journalists, and i call on the seniors to correct me, i think they have endured much worse in the early days of journalism.
    tak payahlah get carried away kononnya so sensitive. minum, perempuan, judi semua boleh but name calling, itu pun i will assume that he generalised the use of the word motherfucker, you all tiba-tiba naik angin.

    relax people. focus on how to improve the newspaper in terms of content, readership, sales and advertising.

    any of you not happy with the organisation leave. no need to bitch about how bad it is. buat kerja collect gaji every month or just plain and simple leave for a better position elsewhere. what's stopping you.

    true that in any organisation ada baik buruknya. i've had my share of bitching about, quarrels and being opressed, but i chose to leave. bad or good, the nst is where i learnt my skills and to the organisation and the people who helped me get to where i am today, i thank you.


  85. Anak Melaka writes:

    When u r the EiC at NST, will it be ok for your team to leak news to bloggers and jump the gun on MSM?

    No restriction whatsoever?


    Dear Anak Melaka,

    Reporters will talk, whether or not I become the EIC of NSTP. I certainly won't try to stop bloggers from writing anything about my paper/blog/portal.

    When I was in Malay Mail, Jeff Ooi wrote stuff about us. Nasty stuff. That didn't stop us from becoming brothers. And you know what happened to both us after that!

    Thank you.

  86. Anonymous11:21 pm

    In this case, all i know is if i see a snake or a ....., you know who or what i'll whack first!

  87. alright bro :-)

    will definitely lobby you for the EiC at NSTP!

  88. ni bacaan org ramai, x berapa sesuai kalau nak bawak perubahan kalau ni bahasa,watak dan peribadi yang kita tunjuk.sama ada salah satu atau kesemuanya.

    88-21: Maka berikan peringatan, kerana engkau tidak lain kecuali pemberi peringatan.

  89. Anonymous1:00 am

    you know what... i have to go agst the grain on this one, rocky...

    i am on lionel's side on this. i believe that he is a honest guy, very passionate abt his job, and loyal till the end to his paper.

    now, that is an admirable tenet - an editor who protects his paper bcoz he believes in it. an editor who wants to protect the people who actually work, and not the bunch of whiners, who, well, whine and whine and whine, and bring nothing else to the table...

    you went tru a lot of shit yourself trying to protect the good name of the papers you helmed.

    you did things your way to protect the paper...heck, you even gave lee ah chai a clerical desk outside your office bcoz you thought he was kali's boy. to each his own, but i wouldn't fault lionel for doing what he did....just like what you did to ah chai bcoz you were merely protecting the interest of the paper...

    i am disappointed in you...lionel had served you well. when you were the editor, you took offence to kali telling salehuddin othman to take charge of the mail when you were the boss.

    now, lionel is merely protecting his paper's interest, just like you did when you didn't want saleh to interfere.

    heck, lionel was one of those who gave saleh a telling off when he came snooping, like he's some kind of God of journalism.

    i know lionel...he is a capable man, a good friend, an honest worker. you are capable, but you are not a good friend. heck, has anyone been spared? not even syed nadzeri, for that matter....

    rocky, you obviously do not know the meaning of the word loyalty.

    not that you give a damn, but you are one arrogant person who will do anything to get attention for yourself.

    please lah...go get a hair cut so people can see your real face....

  90. Anonymous1:23 am

    Rocky writes:
    "Reporters will talk, whether or not I become the EIC of NSTP. I certainly won't try to stop bloggers from writing anything about my paper/blog/portal."

    My say: Sounds like you are assured of the EIC job...and not the GE job. Good luck to you.

    Dirt Road Rider

  91. Anonymous10:10 am

    why stir shit.....!

  92. Anonymous10:38 am

    Anon 1.00am

    Yes, Rocky did a great job to defend the Malay Mail. Do you know why Kali asked sallehuddin to oversee the paper?

    Because Rocky had become an ass in the pain to Kali. When Kali joined the paper, his intention was not to take the papers under the NSTP group to greater heights.

    The intention was to make as much money as possible by using the papers to influence the establishment to make decisions in favour of his business partners and rob the country.

    And Rocky was standing in his way, running stories which Kali and his business partners deemed as sabotaging their plans.

    Don't tell me Anon 1.00am that you forgot the drum roll Kali made on the frontpage of NST when he announced who was the winner and new owner of the DRB?

    Don't tell me you forget about how Rocky exposed Kali and his business associates about Fomema and other business deals?

    Come on Anon 1.00am? Are you are party to such heinous crime? Robbing the country?

    Lionel should clear the air who was the person in Malay Mail who became the informer of Rocky's professional work?

    And he was rewarded?

    Do you Anon 1.00am that Kali was so pissed off with Rocky that he would do anything any all means to get rid of Rocky?

    he finally did. How? Reposition Malay Mail. And duped the management of NST saying that the young readers were looking for a paper that they could associate with.

    So they brought in that young ciku M Zulkifli and fucked the paper good and proper.

    And Kali managed to get rid of the paper. Rocky left. That's Kali, ladies and gentlemen.

    When malay mail was banned for running lurid sex fantasies, kali as expected washed his hands and blamed on ceo syed feisal.

    His hatred towards rocky did not end there. He sent the Malay Mail to the gallows.

    So Anon 1.00am, please tell the truth and lionel please come out clean.

    If it is not true you backstab rocky, say so. Rocky will forgive you.

    But if not, and if you backstab rocky, you will live with it for the rest of your life. Don't call yourself Rocky's friend because a friend will not backstab his own friend.

    As for Ah Chai, Anon 1.00am, ask around especially among his colleagues at the sub desk who is actually Ah Chai and how great he was at the sub desk.

    I rest my case

  93. Anonymous11:03 am

    I am so shocked that a blog which is quite well visited by the public should post a normally unmentionable word so blatantly as a heading.
    Its is akin to a child crying out aloud in public that his foe called him an unmentionable "such and such word".
    Nothwithstanding the subject matter and how blantantly the subject matter in the article itself used the word in a confined spacing.
    But to then REPEAT It in a now Public Domain that most BLOGS are nowadays in SIMPLY ANOTHER MATTER ALTOGETHER and requires PUBLIC REBUKE from all sane and decent people (especially those who visited the said blog and was REPULSED into seeing such a header for the day at least).
    Surely this itself overules WHATEVER SUBJECT MATTER being trashed about here.

  94. Anonymous11:34 am

    Most of the NST and non-NST trolls who commented on this post failed to notice the obvious:that the NST is the mirror image of the Sleepwalker's regime where those who are supposedly in command are snoring away while yesterdays street urchins hold sway.

    Lionel Morais and Lee Ah Chai are just footsoldiers of the Goddess and the Bloody Plagiarist who are in the payroll of Little Red Dot Pvt.Ltd and under the manipulation of the ever-present SILhoutte. Syed Nadzri might as well be Pak Lah, the "U Must Not Obstruct" stalwart who is ever so pleased to see Chingkie chauvinists and Indian bigots have a field day, after all, all repressed anger and no safety valve, makes Lees and Samys frustrated wankers. Into this latter narrative, plant LAC (the symbolic representations of the LGEs, the CSLs, The Gerakanitas etc) and LM (the Kulats, the Uthayas etc) and you will get the drift of what the whole situation symbolises.

    The fact of the matter is, the NST has been going down the drain big time ever since the caged circus lion walked in with its ringmaster in tow to vent their pentup vengeance on the hapless citizens of the newsroom.And in the tumult, the dining table got upset and fresh and wholesome meals and heady brews like the Rocky brand got thrown out and the bad leftovers from yesterday's meal got a reheating and were served to unsuspecting customers. Stale reporting, tepid exposes,bland commentaries and are not the ingredients that maketh good news, a situation further aggravated by asinine editorials, juvenile and amateurish spinmeistering and infantile columns.

    In light of such flotsam, the man in the street was better off premoniting on the sequence of 6 numbers with his RM1 on a devil's bet and have 20cents spare for some hacks rather than spend precious time muddling through and deciphering dross conjured by some has been plagiarist hack ensconced in an airconditioned newsroom. That's what newpaper journalists in contemporary Malaysian newrooms have become, party hacks beholden to some pariah wallah who thinks that he is god's gift to journalism.

    I have stopped reading the NST five years back and though i currently buy the Star, it is more to do with drooling over Liverpool's table topping antics than anything else. Mind you, I find the Star now to be an "opposition rag in proposition disguise" with its reporting of LGE's mindless droppings, huzir sulaiman's public self masturbation, zainah anwar's crap rantings, the law professors' anti-establishment poodling and sundry ejaculations from a plethora of hasbeen wankers. I will abandon it soon for the warm embrace that the Sun of London affords on a cold chilly night, the intellectual and factual muscles of the NYT and the exotica dished up by more pithy dailies from Mumbai to Tokyo. Come to think off it, the NST and the Star, under their current bosses, are more useful as rags to wipe off the pecker after a stint at the urinal. MFs all of them!!

    P.S: nstman, i support you on that one. If and when it comes about, i will be back in a jiffy, as a reader that is!

    2. About this thing about AKJ, remember that the Anwar aka Renegade also used the press to drown the pitiful Ghaffar in 1993. Remember that image of a crestfallen Ghaffar with his infamous plastic bag in tow. What goes around comes around....

    Warrior 231

  95. Anonymous11:54 am

    Anon 10.38

    In hindu myth, Kali in this version is a "pathrakali" who will destroy everything in her sights and in real life that is what Kali did... so incensed with Rocky that he not only stagemanaged Rocky's "execution" but also was instrumental in fucking up that tabloid. What matters to this Kali is money and power..nothing else and scruples be damned. But then again, given the kiss of life by the SILhoutte, this shadow of a reporter used the powers at his disposal to wreak havoc on the newsroom and on the nation.He might still be at it when March marches past into the horizon, by the looks of it, since Sleepwalker is plotting with the Renegade to give u know who his moment of epiphany!
    Anyway, kudos to Rocky for not flinching.

    To Anon 11.03 and his ilk
    dont be such blushing choirboys. The realities of life is that those words are commonplace (nay even accepted in dictionaries). It is the sign of the times that such words have come to the fore, the fangs of the sexual revolution unleashing its hidden poison. So dont be such prudes, i am sure you use them words in real life as well. I guess that the potshots taken at Rocky for the usage of Mf aka motherfucker is more to do with a personal dislike for what Bru stands for rather than a concern for morality. Hypocritical MFs all of you!!!

    Warrior 231

  96. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Dear Warrior 231
    You may call yourself a warrior..
    but the war you have chosen: which is to fight for the easy use of an unmentionable word in a public domain like this blog,is clearly wrong.
    While any tom dick and harry can today start a blog and say his piece but when a blog becomes more public like this one then a lot more caution and circumspection is required by responsible bloggers.
    Irrespective of what LM said in the confined office .....there are always other ways in which a heading like the one mentioned can be put..why the need to be so blatant and crude.
    Its just so despicable and vile to have had it SEEN/OBSERVABLE the way it was and worse in that it was just easily available at the click of the mouse.

  97. Anonymous3:02 pm

    nstman 3.57pm, i support you about the rocky bit. About AKJ and AT, i beg to disagree... the rot started with KMH, the fool's stop.

    Warrior 231

  98. Anonymous3:19 pm

    The Perennial Angst of NST

    People come, people go. Once a basher, always a basher. So who's to say that when a new regime takes over the NST, it will become a better newspaper. Look back into the NST history under Umno and you only see different "warlords" running the show and that reflects on the NST.

    Face the truth, in this age of the Internet the NST, as long as it is under the hegemony of Umno, can never win back its past glory. No matter how many revamps it has to endure, the product will remain the same because all these exercises are mere cosmetic surgery of the news and presentation.

    There's little substance in the area of editorial content whether it's news or features. There has always been an endless litany of problems faced by the NST.

    As evidenced by past revamps, the paper soon loses its direction after a redesign, not because of a lack of expertise in the area of good journalism and newspaper production, but more because of the following:

    * political pressures and pro- government guidelines that senior editorial management must follow

    * editorial management that's bankrupt of ideas or lacking the guts to push forward in a radical way.

    * narrow-minded conservatism and self-imposed constraints among its journalists brought about by years of subjugation under different regimes.

    * narrow focus on news value, leaning more towards prejudicial selection of news that usually don't impact on the general readers

    * wrong choice of candidates for key posts but then the good ones "were sent packing long ago" and the few that's left in the newsroom are being marginalized

    * too much politicking with factions fighting among themselves to gain favours and other rewards

    * ill-conceived editorial hierarchy that allows for poor communication among the different desks, leading towards the running of "little kingdoms" in the newsroom.

    * In many areas, there are clear signs of a lack of professionalism in the writing of editorial content due to the intake of fresh journalists who need time to come up to scratch.

    * An editorial training department that is sleeping on its job.

    The situation may change depending on who is running the show and capable enough to alter this list of factors that is causing what can be termed as the perennial angst of NST. But so long as it is still under the bondage of Umno, it will continue to suffer as a subject of contempt by most readers no matter how good the paper turns out to be.

    The only way out for the NST is to become a truly independent newspaper without having to bow to the wishes of its political masters. But how can that be achieved? Is there a Rupert Murdoch somewhere? But will Umno sell?

    With Najib taking over as the Prime Minister in March and assuming Ahirudin Attan gets the top job on the editorlal floor, would we see a new dawn for the newspaper?

    I doubt it.

    Najib and Umno will still have the final say on how the NST acts as a mouthpiece for the party. If the Rock treasures his position, he has to toe the line as well. Although Ahirudin may have good intention and other brilliant ideas to turn the paper around, he's going to be caught between a hard rock and a hard place.

    So the anti-NST bashers come back again and start to throw brickbats for reasons known only to themselves. Whether the newspaper is under the aegis of Mahathir, Anwar (when he was DPM), Abdullah or Najib, it's never going to change as history has proven.

    And the Rock can only do so much and no more. In no time, Ahirudin will join the "Forbes Most Bashed LIst" of editorial head honchos like Kadir Jasin, DKL, Kali, Brenden, and some minor ones.

    Truth be told, some of these bashers are unreasonable and unrepentent creatures with no qualms to belittle or put down anyone that's on their hate list. Some comments are true while others are just fiction.

    The circle can never be broken unless there's a radical change in ownership but right now it's like banking on a lame horse to win the race. At best, the horse can gallop along - lamely - into the sunset.

    Dirt Road Rider

  99. Anonymous3:25 pm

    with the recent round of meetings held at the nst, one thing that none - lionel or any others wanted to discuss were circulation figures.
    the fact is nst is no longer relevant.
    it's a 160+ year old newspaper that has been forever tarnished by a group of people who thought they could fool all the people all the time.
    there is no longer a need for a goverment mouthpiece like nst.
    it's role has been taken over by blogs, on-line newsportals etc.
    nst is a relic of the past, and editors like lionel and gang will go nowhere.
    i dont see why people get all excited about who is who in nst anymore.
    the simple fact is by the day, the nst is losing it's capability to influence people, and being the chief news editor of a 40,000 per day newspaper means your power to influence people is practically negligable. some bloggers will have more influence than that

  100. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Reading the comments section here is like a run down of the unsavoury history of NST n Malay Mail that only the insiders were privy to, before the advent on blogs.

    I refuse to say the M word. Lost its shock value and utility already.

    I don't even wanna say anything abt Lionel. I can see he's very "popular".

    I just wanna say this. Even pre-online media and blogs, journos talk abt stuff they do to others.

    There have been journos whose stories can't see light of day cos some editors are too fearful of offending authorities/politicians/advertisers.
    I've known them to leak stories to rival media just so that some people's plight becomes public knowledge.

    I would say that these types of journos put loyalty to profession higher than loyalty to company. Admirable, and rarely seen these days, I think.

    I don't know if the leaks u infer are such types, but then a lot of information these days cannot be kept secret for long.

    Those editors who can't grasp this fact can be called BEHIND TIMES, can't they?

  101. Anonymous5:00 pm

    hot like pisang panas... i dont want to comment on what was being said here only wanna ask a few question... why is it that only the inside stories from NST are featured and talked about here??? how come inside stories from The Star, Sun, Utusan, Bernama or BH and other are not found here??? is it bcos their reporters are 'block' from blogging or they are just happy and contented??? Or is it bcos NST is full of bitter ppl???

  102. Anonymous5:03 pm

    warrior 231

    dont be started on sept 3 1998..led by kadir jasin in nst. asked rocky..he knows what kind of instructions were given and briefing ....kali merely put the nail on the so call NST RIP

  103. Anonymous5:18 pm

    "Motherfuckers in the Newsroom"

    well, that sure was a creative way of returning an unsolicited "compliment". I can see the hallmarks of Bru's witty sarcasm in that heading.

    It sums up LM in two conjoined nouns and thats all there is to it!!unless your mind is so wanked up that even the mention of MF will turn your little one into some muscled hulk of a thingy!!

    LM is a motherfucker par excellence and those young and ol dudes and gals who are worked up over the usage of such a relatively harmless term,that wont even require you to work up any needless lather over, should just leave it at that.

    Porno is easily available over the net in dark caves..oops cafes, homes and offices 24/7.. 365. MTV, bollywood and kollywood not forgetting the chingkie channels et al are teeming with steamy sexual titillations, suggestive dance sequences and brazen sexual banter..Women cavort about the streets of KL with their tits in full view, half view or about to pop out of their tee weeny tops. 'fuck', shit, arse ...cunt are part of street, class and office talk and are the piece de resistance for any angst-ridden teen AND NO ONE GIVES A DAMN SHIT!!(OOPS..WATCH THE EXPLETIVES..YOU ARSEHOLE).

    And you people have nothing better to do than to get worked up over Rocky's sarcasm and indirectly elevate good ol' motherfucker to pantheon status.

    Get a lifelah people and stop wanking your intellects away within some makebelieve ultra conservative heaven. I am a Muslim and swear words are a definite no-no but i use them all the same when needlessly provoked by bums here who have nothing but mash potatoes between their ears. That's life and i aint no saint like my dear old Mak Som (makcik kalsom)to shun and shrivel from the obvious for every good morning is the start of a new "kepala pening"...So get the drift, old story morning glory unless you want to apa khabar me to which i will say "pinggang ramping punggung lebar"..ha!ha!ha!

    P.S: This comment is NOT for children and juveniles under the age of 18. Parental guidance and supervision is required at all times when reading the contents of this comment. Parents are herewith to blank out the relevant expletives when they appear on the screen with liquid paper NOT liquid semen..oops liquid cement to prevent unwarranted damage to equipment and irreversible trauma to shocked souls.THIS COMMENT SHOULD NOT BE USED AS A BEDSIDE TALE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES (ALL WARNINGS BOTH EXPRESSED AND IMPLIED WERE ISSUED BY THE CENSOR-GENERAL'S OFFICE FOR MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH).

    Warrior 231

  104. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Dear shoe-thrower,

    Go on using the phrase, and one day u will be bitten by a snake.

    BUT I hope u will survive it to feel the pain the Indian community (MOST of them are nice guys, bad guys are in every race and nationality) goes through each time you stereotype it.

    Hope someone will "boot" you one day too...what I am doing is positive racism.


  105. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Wat la Rocky! Most of the comments here are whacking the Great MF Kalimullah and his pariah dogs. No less those who defend and praise you.
    What the hell are Hishamudin Aun and Syed Nazri been doing after being made chief editors.
    No wonder the NST is suffering coz you have MFs who are interested only in boozing, bitching and screwing...
    Cheers to you bro. You are a true fighter unlike the two MF chief editors who are good for nothing!


  106. Anonymous11:22 pm




  107. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Darn! the lengths some go to express profanities in the false believe that the changing times supposedly forward and progressive now allow for it, yet all know it is for the intense inner desire to knowingly spurt out rottenness which is embedded in the heart and somehow has been there in many of mankind to the extent that those entrapped within now surely think that it is the norm and prevalent in society's behaviour !!!
    What has become of these is known by those who dont condone yet to peel off such exhibitionism is not without much much much tryin. Maybe prayer will prevail to save these.

  108. Anonymous8:19 pm

    It is truly saddening to read this blog and its comments and realise that it is full of bitter people who seem only interested in b*tching and complaining about what's going on in their company.

    Honestly, are you guys truly interested in cleaning up the shit? Look at yourselves first and ask yourselves why you are still working there if you are so bitter? Are you honestly capable of producing great work if you are already so busy surfing on to sites like these to bash your superiors? OK, so they were/are _________ (fill in blanks). But why are you wasting your time here complaining? Is this going to make anything better at the NST?

    Look, its not that I dont get where youre coming from. Im in the media and I work in the same group. You think I'm happy with whats going on in here either? You think I agree with many of the decision's our EiC's make? Of course not! But at least I work hard for my gaji. I fight for my stories. And I keep fighting after Im shot down. I dont politick and I try to focus on what I came here to do - journalism.

    For God's sake, stop complaining, whining, b*tching and politicking and move on if you're so unhappy! Make some other company a better place! If not, stay put, earn your keep and concentrate on how to make the NST a better paper!

    A Fellow Journalist, and no, Im NOT from the NST! Geez!

  109. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Congratulations! Datuk Seri Haji Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan on your recent award by the Agong.
    We, your drinking buddies, truly enjoyed last Fridays NST party held at your fabulous joint in Bangsar.
    We partied all night long with free beers served for everyone. The entire floor were pissed drunk because we want to show to Umno that NST Semua Boleh! Malaysia Boleh!
    Datuk Seri Haji Kalimullah, we want you to know that "You are the Greatest MF!" Thank you Datuk Seri for organising the party for us.
    P.S. Our dear brother MF Lionel Morais, you were simply great that night. Remember the song - Don't Worry, Be Happy!


  110. Anonymous9:01 am

    Cheers from me Lionel

    another MF

  111. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Anon 8.19pm

    Congrat. Keep working hard and work for your gaji.

    You are the best worker in the paper. Do you know that your story is the best? Readers only read your story, my friend.

    So keep up the good work.

  112. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Dear FMother,

    Obviously, you love talking cock.

    Tony E, Lionel's dearest cousin, had been getting away with blue murder in the newsroom - under the very auspicious patronage of past GEs - way before Lionel came into the picture.

    Brendan was also his protector. You are talking cock bcoz when he was there, the bugger was ripping off stories from his own people. He sauntered in late, leaves early, ran his own empire - and claimed crazy overtime.

    It went on for years - and nobody did anything - until Syed Nadzeri had enough. He went AWOL, didn't turn for work - and the company had to sack him.

    Guess where he is now? Fox Media...The same one run by Brendan and Wong Su Long.

    Now, let's talk abt K.P Waran. Free golf everywhere lah...overseas as well. Yacht given to him for free use under the pretext of Monsoon Cup coverage.

    Signing a 100k claim was his death sentence.

    Now, tell me exactly how Lionel had a hand in these?

    At least Lionel does not take freebies from anyone. That's honesty - and it is something that you obviously do not understand bcoz you are clouded by emotions, and have no problems coming up with unsubstantiated claims. You just shot yourself in the arse by misrepresenting your case. tsk, tsk...having problems with being credible, huh?

    Lionel has his shortcomings, but I stand by my conviction that this fella is passionate abt his work. And as I see it, quite a number of people, obviously those from within the NST ranks itself, are not worthy of this. Loyalty is also something they cannot understand, and they should quit if they're not happy.

    Rocky can say whatever he wants, but at the end of the day, is he really going to allow this when he comes back as GE or GEIC? Think with your head, not your arse.

    You know what? I am sick and tired of people who do not know what journalists do shooting their mouth off.

    Since Rocky sees it fit to allow expletives, let me just say this: FUCK ALL OF YOU...

    Yeah, like you guys are so great lah...Come and do two weeks of reporting and see if you have what it takes...Cakap banyak, tin kosong....

  113. Mat Klentong, Belacak, Bujai, LIKE FATHER LIKE SON, shoe-thrower, Nasi Beringin and Ali Bukit Jalil -
    You are both shitty racists and Rocky - you are a shittier racist for not telling them off for making racist comments.

    Then again you have always been a racist haven't you?

  114. Anonymous7:24 pm


    sorry..after his instalments on Pak Lah....citizen nades has proven that --- everyone's got a price.

    THAT was not a journalistic piece. It was an ampu-bodek piece, if ever I read one!

  115. Anonymous7:25 pm

    meenachi indian,

    i do pity you. I feel so so sorry for you.

    you're bitter. you should take a good look at yourself.

    and, heaven! you are a racist bitch!

  116. Anonymous9:34 pm


    not to late to make a visit to IJN before it's officially sold

  117. Anonymous9:54 pm

    i think brendan doesnt even write well. sorry to say that brendan.

    you are so full of your fucking self. thats all i can say. just because you stay connected to some most powerful players in the market doesnt mean that you write well. i think you dont even know how to hold a pen in between your fingers at all to write.

    let me wither all your fucking writings because i find that your level of english is not even up to my fucking mark. you are in a very sad and sedative state right now although you advise fox communications.

    you are not even fit to write in the first place because from what my experience at length reading your articles, i see nothing but pure black and white cover-ups. would you think i am a bimbo in reading your articles?

    grow up brendan. you are not fuckingly up to my mark at all and you will never be up to my level.

    its good to know that you have your connections but somehow you have misused them to your offshoots, leveled at a certain par excellence without proper reform

    reading your shit would be much of an insult to me as i find enid blyton's books better than you pots of shitholes.

    let me expressly remind you that in no time, you will swoon down to where your former life form was called amoeba.

    rocky may have gotten all the fucking from you but somehow, he still stands tall. i dont need shit nits from you ever. so, keep your articles in the garbage in front of your house, allowing your bloody dog to pee upon.

    oh, i have forgotten. was that idiot ever dragged to court in singapore before coming here?

    pissed off

  118. Anonymous12:42 am



  119. Anonymous1:55 am

    anon 12.42am

    ish..ish...apo ko bondo ekau cakap nih?

    tak eloh, jang. nst mesti jago budak2 bukan melayu. tak boleh, nanti orang kata perkauman.

    nst bukan macam star. atas ke bawah, dua tiga ekor je melayu. tu nama dia progresif, adil dan ikut merit.

    di nst, tak boleh. itu dinamakan perkauman, berat sebelah dan tak maju...

    poorah chit...

    ni syed feisal punye kerja la ni...belambak budak2 melayu yg boleh buek kojo ni, ditendang jo...baguih la tu...bapak sedaro kerje umno, anak sedaro main ikut jo...

  120. Anonymous2:23 pm

    kalo nst tu tukar je bos.tak lama lagi peralihan kuasa .kawan rasa rocky jd g.e.c insyaalah nst aman..lepas tu strukturkan balik NSTP group.di sini kawan nak luahkan sikit,dkt photo dept tu pun patut di tukarkan bos je,setakat kelulusan darjah 6 nak jadi bos.memang x patut.kawan rasa yang layak pegang tempat kamaruddin adalah Zahari Zakaria,beliau walaupun bising tp pro dalam tugas,tp nasihatkan dia sikit o.klah tu.kelulusan Z.Z jauh berbeza dgn kamaruddin,seperti langit dan bumi.saya mengharap sangat sesiapa yang terbaca ruangan ini siasat dan Audit balik bilik foto seperti penyelewengan ,salah guna kuasa .Hanya kroni dia je yg naik pangkat dan sebagainya.kamaruddin adalah manusia melayu yg paling jijik yg NSTP simpan selama ni.singkirkan dia.budak yang tak pernah lulus segala ujian peperiksaan kerajaan.Sijil IKBN dia pun x pass.dia ejas sijil tu.Bro rocky saya kenang jasa mu,dan saya doakan anda akan menjadi G.E.C di NSTP satu hari nanti.Doa org yg teraniaya ni di terima oleh Allah.SINGKIRKAN KAMARUDDIN AHMAD SEGERA sebelum photo dept kehilangan ramai Jurugambar yg berkeliber.satu Perletakkan jawatan secara beramai-ramai akan berlaku jika ia tidak di SINGKIRKAN.Tolong ambil action sesiapa yg baca walaupun org kuat dalaman NSTP yg baca komen saya ni...nstman.

  121. Anonymous2:24 pm

    kalo nst tu tukar je bos.tak lama lagi peralihan kuasa .kawan rasa rocky jd g.e.c insyaalah nst aman..lepas tu strukturkan balik NSTP group.di sini kawan nak luahkan sikit,dkt photo dept tu pun patut di tukarkan bos je,setakat kelulusan darjah 6 nak jadi bos.memang x patut.kawan rasa yang layak pegang tempat kamaruddin adalah Zahari Zakaria,beliau walaupun bising tp pro dalam tugas,tp nasihatkan dia sikit o.klah tu.kelulusan Z.Z jauh berbeza dgn kamaruddin,seperti langit dan bumi.saya mengharap sangat sesiapa yang terbaca ruangan ini siasat dan Audit balik bilik foto seperti penyelewengan ,salah guna kuasa .Hanya kroni dia je yg naik pangkat dan sebagainya.kamaruddin adalah manusia melayu yg paling jijik yg NSTP simpan selama ni.singkirkan dia.budak yang tak pernah lulus segala ujian peperiksaan kerajaan.Sijil IKBN dia pun x pass.dia ejas sijil tu.Bro rocky saya kenang jasa mu,dan saya doakan anda akan menjadi G.E.C di NSTP satu hari nanti.Doa org yg teraniaya ni di terima oleh Allah.SINGKIRKAN KAMARUDDIN AHMAD SEGERA sebelum photo dept kehilangan ramai Jurugambar yg berkeliber.satu Perletakkan jawatan secara beramai-ramai akan berlaku jika ia tidak di SINGKIRKAN.Tolong ambil action sesiapa yg baca walaupun org kuat dalaman NSTP yg baca komen saya ni...nstman.

  122. guantanamo,

    whatever I have become - bitter - racist or a royal pain in the butt - ist all because of the racism that stifles this country. I have been here for five generations and yet I am called a bangsa asing - but a first generation jawa tempe qualifies to hold high office.
    To all of you racist shitheads - we Indians have an edge over you when it comes to journalism. Eat that!

  123. Anonymous9:07 am

    Alahai Meenachi Koling! Pasal tu orghang kato kalau jumpo ular dgn ekau, balon ekau dulu ... sampai mampui terbolit lak tu. Bak kato waghih den Nabil! Lu pikir la sendiri. Kalau dah bolit tu takkan hilang kelentong ekau di dunio ni. Tak apo ... kenkawan den kato tak lamo laghi tu. Kaki mabok, kaki batino, kaki fengsui, kaki bodek ... terra mano ekau pun ... bungkuiii!!!

    Den Tgkt 6 NSTP

  124. Anonymous8:48 am

    Hello NSTP! Get ready for the great clean up v v soon.
    Balai Berita was abuzz with someone attending his so called last board meeting yesterday (Dec 22 2008). Cannot trust the bugger maa!
    So Hishamuddin "Karaoke" Aun, Syed "Alcohol" Nazdri, Kamrul "Joan Lau" Idris - the three useless Malays! together with Lee "Bookie" Ah Chai, Lionel"Motherfcuker" Morais n Chandra "Master Conspirator" Segar better start thinking!
    Hisham is being considered for a position as director of corporate communications (how to mingle with female artiste; Syed Nazdri as director of training (how to make the best beer in town) and Kamrul Idris as director of research (to check dirty panties)!
    As for Ah Chai, Lionel and Chandra...dont worry, be happy!

  125. Den Tgkt 6 NSTP,

    by saying such nasty things - you have strongly supported my statement. We Indians are discriminated here and you have just proven it. We are being abused in this country by the likes of you.

    By the way - trying having some class will ya!

  126. Anonymous3:26 am

    your sense of humour can be contagious.


  127. Anonymous1:11 am

    Alahai Meenachi Koling! Marah ko...
    Ekau yang bersemangat kato "first generation jawa tempe" la... Lopeh tu ekau banggo "we Indians have an edge over you when it comes to journalism".
    Skrg nak raso marah bilo den bahaso bangso ekau! Sejarah Tanah Melayu dah buktikan orghang ekau pandai putarbolit sobab tu ekau banggo diri!!! Porrah la!
    Kenkawan kampong den pun ramai Cino ngan Hindu. Takdo lak ambek kesompatan tikam bolakang orghang!!!
    Apopun Meenachi! Sejarah NSTP ni ramai tahu kojo kerabat ekau selamo ni.
    Kenkawan den kato Kalimullah tu keturunan Koling sekongko ngan Bendan Pariah tikam ramai editor2 ngan wartawan kanan Melayu.
    Dio sepakat ngan Chandra "Kepalo Master Konspirator" Segar ngan budak koling pendek Leonal Morris hina orghang Melayu dan Islam. Dio suko bilo ado berito jatuh maruah orghang Melayu/Islam.
    Dalam sejarah NSTP, tak ponah ado CEO ngan Editor2 Melayu kono tarik hidung Koling. Den ulang yo... Tak Ponah! Syed Feizal, Hishamuddin Aun, Manjo, Mus, Syed Nazri n Kamarul Idreh jadi baruah dan bangsat Koling koling d NSTP.
    Kenkawan den kato, editor2 Melayu ni kaki mabok, kaki batino, kaki karaoke. Macam ni ko nak jago suratkabar media nak naikkan martabat bangso Melayu ngan Umno. Memang dasar takdo maruah. Jadi editor2 Melayu yang skrg ni di NSTP serupo ajo ngan ekau Meenachi Koling. Apo dapek sapu ajo, lopeh mabok, dio pun monyalak anjing konon dio hebat perjuangkan nasib bangsa Melayu.
    Den tak dongar cerito editor Star ko, Sun ko, Nesan ko, Nanyang ko, nak perjuangkan bangso Melayu. Den tak salahkan dio tu sobabnyo taukeh dio masing2 ado agenda dan misi bangso dio.
    Dah la Meenachi, ekau buek ajo la kojo ekau. Kalau ekau bagus sangat den cadangkan ekau poyi kek Star ko Nesan ko. Ekau terimo ajo la durian runtuh jaman Kalimullah.
    Sobabnyo jaman Paklah ni, macam2 sejarah dio cipto seantero dunio!

    Den kato

  128. Anonymous8:27 am

    Hi Meenachi Indian! Don't worry so much about these motherfkrs. Read again what Rocky wrote for this posting. Read carefully and understand it. Then you will know who the real culprits are in NSTP. They include everyone the Indians, Chinese, Malays and other races. So dear, if you are not one of 'em ... Don't Worry, Be Happy!


  129. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Kesian lionel kena hentam giler2 dgn reporter sendiri.Aku tau sapa lionel jgn pecaya sgt sgt cakap dia..keling la katakan..Kamarudin kat photo tu pun patut d lucutkan jawatan dari jawatan skrg.ZZ dulu pernah jadi bos photo tapi mulut macam sundal yg buat dia kena turun pangkat.Aku dgr photographers ada yg bawa lauk ka rumah bos..YE KE..aku ingat masa cina jadi bos teruk..melayu lagi teruk..bak kata mahathir..Melayu Mudah Lupa.