Monday, December 15, 2008

Mega suit against Govt, Ong Tee Keat

While our buses continue to crash, Supremme Systems Sdn Bhd has filed suits against the Government for some RM50 million for scrapping e-Kesihatan, a plan that might have helped avert deadly accidents like this one that killed 9 and injured 19 in Johor last week.

The scheme's concessionaire is also suing Transport Minister and MCA No 1 Ong Tee Keat for a total of more than RM100 million for defamation.

The Government had awarded Supremme the contract to run medical check-ups on commercial vehicle drivers but scrapped the deal recently without the company being compensated. The suit against the Government is to recover the company's investments and loss of potential income, said sources.

The company is suing Ong Tee Keat for his statements in the Press suggesting that the Cabinet had agreed to discontinue the agreement as there was monopoly involved. He also said that "e-Kesihatan didapati banyak menimbulkan masalah selain disyaki terdedah dengan penyelewengan dan unsur rasuah".

Supremme directors Kamaludin Yusoff and Nordin Yahaya wrote to Finance Minister and DPM Najib Razak twice to explain their actions. The second letter dated Dec 2, 2008 informed Najib of the defamation suit against the Transport Minister.

What the directors didn't tell Najib is that the company plans this week to sue Ong Tee Keat in his personal capacity as well.

The e-Kesihatan idea was hatched at a time when the Government was deeply concerned with the alarmingly high number of road crashes involving lorries and buses. The scheme makes it compulsory for all commercial vehicle drivers to undergo annual medical check-ups. This was supposed to have started in October last year.

p.s. Visit the blog Bus Crash No More to sign an on-line petition and for info on major bus crashes in Malaysia in recent times.


  1. Anonymous7:29 pm

    wow latest trend is it, sue here, sue there?
    haiyah, supremme, govt contract, sure tak de rasuah or "power" mark-up?
    if not why the media reported that cost per check-up mahal sgt compared to govt hospitals?
    why need a pvte company and ONLY that company? other GPs also can mah..

  2. Anonymous7:34 pm

    if malaysia government have better things to do is to enforce enforcement for all those crazy ideas they could imagine.

    without that it is just another cronies episode to sucks up all public fund and enrich a few without benefiting the people.

    another sad story, i wonder if Pak Lah would give his pre-judged commitment to "consider" compensate their losses similar to Bkt Antarabangsa!!??

    = pissed citizen =

  3. Haiz!

    No Open tender ah?

    What la Mukhriz, how to effect Penyatuan Bangsa Malaysia?

    Or is this periuk nasik issue, so it's just easier to target DJZ?

    I still say better for everyone if you just paid for your votes like usual, no need for cempien-cempien. Puak bertanding tu bukan boleh habis makan duit pun.

    So over to you Mukhriz. I am sure you will do the right thing since you are so "jujur dan ikhlas" with your comments.

    (Yeah, right!)

  4. A case of Shylock demanding his pound of flesh? Ultimately wouldn't it come from the Rakyat?

  5. Anonymous7:49 pm

    It's a sad situation really. Malaysia's track record of crashes will almost make other developing countries cry in shame.

    But, whenever there is a catastrophe, all the hype comes into play.

    "We shall implement this, that blablabla"

    No need to continue. I know the end of the story already.


  6. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Most of our bus accidents (correct me if I'm wrong) are caused by either mechanical failure due to shoddy maintenance (if at all)or attitude failure (speeding, not obeying road traffic law etc).
    Neither would be prevented by e-kesihatan.
    As always, where monopoly is involved, there WILL be corruption. That is as certain as death and taxes.

  7. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Get the vocational schools and colleges to sue Fong Chan Onn for illegally cancelling the vocational programmes.

    Itu satu lagi Cina racist!!!!

  8. Anonymous8:20 pm

    While I am appalled by the bus crashes, I support the Minister for his decision.

    I am against this monopoly on of this e-keshitan. This is nothing more than just another scheme to make money out of other people. It is just another puspakom.

    The issues leading to bus crashes need to be managed effectively. The key factor is JPJ ineffective enforcement.

    1. Does JPJ know how many bus drivers have police records or drug use records

    2. How many buses have outstanding summons?

    3. How many bus companies have been issued summons or drivers with habitual driving offenses

    4. When was each bus last inspected and the inspection result.

    5. etc

    Today JPJ do not look into each of this issues.

    So how can e-kesihatan help when JPJ cannot do is basic job properly.

    Why scam money from people earning a living.


  9. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Don't bull - how would the e-Kesihatan have prevented the recent accident?

    Will drivers be checked before every trip?

  10. Anonymous9:00 pm

    The leaders are already immunned with bus crashes. Just observe, each time there is a serious bus crash, the standard actions: Politician will make silly concern statements, then follow by call to investigate, then mention some actions, after 2 or 3 weeks, all forgotten, until next crash, and it goes on and on.

    Looks like unless and until you see some really big number of death, then only you see something, otherwise, good luck.

    This is the same like the landslide, that why what the Highland Tower Resident Association president, Dr George Abraham has the same view on this tidak apa attitude. "After 3 months, the tractor will start working again at the site"

  11. Anonymous9:02 pm

    These monopolists are too much. First they introduce a toll-gate to collect $$$ from commercial vehicle drivers at overblown fees.

    Then, they sue the government, hoping to get millions from public money.

    This is most heinous deed.

    Dato' Sri Ong should be lauded for taking the blow personally. This is a breath of fresh air from MCA.

  12. Teresa, you are not alone!!!

  13. Anonymous9:29 pm

    According to the runners' business, if this scheme take off, it will kill the rice bowls of the big syndicates who organise renewal of licences of these bus and taxi drivers. the modus operandi is, these syndicates will get "chop-chop medical cert" for RM10 to pass the drivers and without the need to waste time to do medical exam.

    These syndicate works together with GPs and it is a very lucrative business. All you need is a stamp pad and chop. This is as lucrative as selling MCs.

    Apa-apa pun boleh.

    So it is a question of crony business vs illegal business of stamping and choping. Both also thriving business.

  14. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Just like a spoilt child, no big ang-paw so throwing his tantrum to get attention...hopefully, to be rewarded.
    In the first place, what blooming good will this company bring...except, unnecessary make some goons richer.

  15. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Ooi BAGUSS Ek sekarang Any Kok buleh main saman nyaman

    Apa punca dengki FCO tu sampai pi tutup sekolah vokesyenal - melainkan jaki ramai melayu seangkatan umur aku cerah masa depan mahir cari makan gaji sendiri kini yang baya anak aku dah terkambus lobang peluang cari rezki halal cuma tinggal lalok nagih hadap rempit harap rempat?

    Pengalaman tu kot yang bila dapat pegang kayu mati rembat bawa bas terjun gaung - tak sapa test kencing

    Cara apa lagi yang boleh bawak penjawat awam jadi peka tangunggan akauntabiliti main lolos segala yang diaju chukong

    Biar dia jeran saman menghambatnya

    ke tak?

    ~ entah

  16. Transparency from both party required. If the contract signed government must honoured it otherwise we are giving a wrong signal to the international community .

  17. Anonymous9:59 pm

    The e-Kesihatan was a total monopoly which marked up every charge conceivable. Pls check your facts, and refer to what the M'sia Med Association said then. IF the medical check-up is done by any GPs, it would be more transparent and cheaper.

    All these bus crashes are caused by irreponsible companies and drivers . The companies don't maintain their buses and hire drug addicts to drive these run down buses. The poor rakyat is always short-changed.


  18. Anonymous10:02 pm

    RBru's writings are looking more idiotic than ever. Supremme suing Rm100mil for loss of contract n potential income? WAHHHHHH!!! So good biz how come no tender ah? Only they can do it ah? HEBAT wo. U dont smell any dead fish meh rocky? I m amazed at ur "insider" tips. NST kasi kah?

    Ah groo

  19. Anonymous10:08 pm

    wow, who really own this company??? Must be someone big either in umno or BN because dare to suit the government. I really scare

    zamri, sunway semenyih

  20. with the Minister on this one, nak buat eKesihatan buat Open Tender.

    Lagi pun Medical Association against the eKesihatan monopoly lah!

    Siapa control syarikat Supreme?
    Siapa lulus eKesihatan?

    come Rocky, do some investigation lah

  21. Anonymous10:55 pm

    There was one Kamaludin, the former WP JPJ Director in early 90s. He took over from one Yaccob who became the Exec.Secretary (??)of BN or UMNO.

  22. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Berita dari Unit Tindakan Khas (UTK) MCA.

    This is MCA politics in a larger picture.

    This scrapping of eKesihatan is part of the initiatives undertaken by OTK to play to the gallery of the Chinese community for his image building to strengthen his control in MCA.

    OTK want to show that he is unique MCA president, never seen in MCA history (macam Obama wave).

    Unlike his enemy, Chua Soi Lek who raised and state the obvious of Ketuanan Melayu, OTK prefer to be more sophisticated and adopt a subtle manner in sending the message to UMNO to F**K-off.

    He started by provoking the business of the UMNO just to show to the Chinese, he is the leader the community is looking for and hopes to win back the dwindling support in MCA.

    In the process of OTK’s pursuits trying to score some brownie points in the eyes of the Chinese community, he knows well he will also be earning disdain from UMNO, but the current weak UMNO president and internal issues are conducive for all this sandiwara ala MCA or PPP or IPP etc

    Remember in August 2008 before the MCA election, OTK show his manhood by attacking the businesses of the UMNO big wigs, calling for the cancellation of the monopoly of Puspakom. Puspokom is controlled by tycoon Syed Mokhtar, a patron of UMNO.

    See here

    Sunday August 31, 2008
    Transport Minister studies requests to remove Puspakom's exclusivity

    KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat MPs, non-governmental organisations and public transport groups are calling for an end to Puspakom’s monopoly.

    Transport Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat said yesterday that he was considering requests from these quarters to allow other companies to offer services provided by Puspakom (Computerised Vehicle Examination Centre).

    “We have to look at the current concession agreement and also the negotiations with Puspakom. We have to see if we are bound by any agreement,” he said.

    “So far, there are no business proposals yet. Just the proposal to remove Puspakom’s exclusivity,” he said after launching a Chinese art painting and calligraphy exhibition at Nirvana Memorial Centre.

    However, Ong would not be drawn into revealing when the study on the proposal to end Pusapkom’s monopoly would be completed or when a decision would be made.

  23. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Hi Rock,
    A bus crashes, a contract dishonoured and commentators make it into a racist issue.


  24. In Malaysia.....buses....long container trailers...oil tankers are all lumped up to travel with cars and motor bikes...under one free way.
    We pay toll fees to enter the road of death.
    Only due to our skillful driving experiences..we avoided death...with no complaints.
    So no complaints...UMNO no care.
    In Europe...highway roads separate cars from buses and trailers...some 40 years ago.
    So save lives...yet PM after PM keep blaming everything...everybody....but not their sickening greedy money face lousy management.

  25. Anonymous11:52 pm

    With this type of bus ride,

    who would not be falling asleep behind the wheels?

    FYI this bus ticket is not cheap RM 1.50 for a 3KM distant ride.(from Menglembu to Ipoh town). I think it's more expensive than KL!!


  26. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Ong Tee Keat's spin in Malaysian Insider. The comments left in this article reflect the strong resentment against MCA leadership.

    Tee Keat says he is not arrogant

    By Shannon Teoh
    KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 20 — Just a month into his tenure as MCA president Datuk Ong Tee Keat acknowledges that he is feeling the heat after coming under fire for statements that have been reported by the press.

    In an exclusive interview with The Malaysian Insider, he said people should be fair to him.

    "Of course, at that moment, I said prerogative but this sentence should not be read in isolation. Be fair to me, those who know me well know there is no reason for me to say such things in such a manner," he said in reference to media reports branding him as arrogant for stating that party appointments were his prerogative and that he did not need to air his rationale to the whole world.

    "I remember I did mention that I would certainly recommend the most suitable personalities that could fit in the agenda for change. Unfortunately, people judge based solely on certain sentences there and then. But be fair to me, I did say I would pick the best candidates and have repeated it," he reasoned.

    He was also quoted as saying that he treated news reports on him and the party as "entertainment."

    The Transport Minister explained today that this was in the context of the constant speculation in the run-up to last month's party polls where he was elected president.

    "They kept asking for my running mate and cai tan (preferred list of candidates). I detest cai tan. In jest, I said, 'Since when have you transplanted the entertainment style into political reporting’."

    The Pandan MP also acknowledged that he is perceived as arrogant and disrespectful.

    "Certain quarters want to spin, because we know in politics anything can be spun. I lament the fact that many times people pick on and choose one or two things. Yes, I do not deny I said these things but there must be proper context," he said.

    He added that people were not happy that he has been tight-lipped on matters.

    "I do not deliberately leak out stories to test the waters," he quipped.

    Ong has also been criticised for appearing to sideline his deputy Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek after the latter was not reappointed Johor state liaison chief and head of the disciplinary board, by convention regarded as a portfolio for the deputy president.

    Ong sought to rebut this by insisting that the government policy monitoring bureau Dr Chua has been appointed to is an important one.

    "Had I been harbouring any thoughts of sidelining him, I would not have said from the outset that we need such a bureau to monitor government policies.

    "We know he has a lot of experience as a state exco and minister. He is the best person to head the bureau. People have 1,001 interpretations. If I wanted to sideline him, I would not have given him such a big task," he explained, saying that there was no hard and fast rule that the deputy president must head the disciplinary board.

    "I need a disciplinary board that is headed by a veteran who is above MCA politics," he said, referring to Datuk Ng Cheng Kiat, a former party secretary-general.

    He added that Dr Chua's new position is "wide-encompassing in terms of jurisdiction and covers all the states. It would virtually enable him to oversee all the states and not just be confined to one."

    "Given that he is now not in administration, he can deliver with no inhibitions. The logic is, if you were one of the administration members, you might have second thoughts when it comes to your own ministry."

    He, however, said that this should not be taken as a hint that Dr Chua will definitely not be recommended as a Cabinet minister.

    "That is a bit far-fetched at this juncture. I have not decided on the list."

    Ong also said that accusations of building a dynasty were ridiculous, stating that he is on "bonus time" after nearly being expelled a few years ago, an apparent reference to the chair-throwing debacle in a 2001 MCA Youth meeting.

    "The same group brands me a lone ranger for years and now they are saying I am building a dynasty. It is contradictory. I am on bonus time. At anytime I may throw in the towel."

  27. Even tsunami and volcanic eruptions are due to man abusing and raping nature.
    Houses tumbling down from hill tops...floods...road accidents from FREEWAYS??
    Why.."it's natural" and due to greedy contractors
    developers....lousy engineers la.
    Not the person in the government approving it...with no proper "service after sales" facilities.
    Blaming new management by an sick and low class UMNO can be.
    After all..they can jail innocent people under ISA ..or create false charges...and allow real UMNO murderer...go free....what else surprises anyone?

  28. Anonymous3:45 am


    Awak ni memang tukang karut. Selalu off topic.

    Next year when the PR 5states table their yearend mar08/feb09 financial performance, with only the project BABI, GOLF, TENNIS projects, you will put the blame on UMNO.

    You behave like a goat, suka sangat mencari scapegoat!!!


  29. Anonymous8:25 am

    My, my..another suit..nobody came forward and say there is a contract signed by the government and some cronnies. Well, can somebody come up with a list or add to the list the the amount of pay-out or compensation this current Flip-flop administration has paid out since mr sleepy head camt to power. My, my, the cornies must be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Let me see...We have the crooked bridge.aasome 250m paid out just for a flip flop. We head Penang Outer Ring Road also asking for 150m after sleepy head flipped after signing the contract..What about the double-track?Oh, i believe that has quietly re-started at hugely inflated figures..Now, what about the numerous Letter of awards that have been revoked and given to other cronies..Ah, yes, we hear ACE, the famous Patrick Badawi (hear he is enjoying the bay-view from the terrance in Perth)is getting 400m from MOT! For what? Building some dirt-tract circuits? Wait what about compensation to toll companies? Have they released the concession agreement for all to see? My, a little bird say it will make interesting reading and bring some heads downn. Apparently these concession companies themselves have breached the agreement as they have not been proving the guaranteed level of service to road users..How nice, those in breach get compensated by some sleepy head administration!

    Can some one build a list or add to the above..the billions of tax-payers monies flowing out to cronies becos of mr flip-flop and sleepy head administraton.

    When will we wake up?

  30. Only idiots say I am off topics.
    But in many idiots....mostly pro UMNO.
    Then worst of coment under.. 'anonymous' with no balls...trying to teach a grandfather how to suck eggs.

  31. Anonymous8:31 am

    This irresponsible OTK blamed the medical fraternity for what JPJ failed to do.

    Star, August 19, 2008
    Tee Keat: Errant clinics a snag to eKesihatan

    KUALA LUMPUR: Commercial drivers who pay off medical practitioners to pass their check-ups for their permits are the biggest hurdles to the revamp of the eKesihatan system.

    “I view this with great concern and I’ve sent my boys to the ground to see how these people do it,” said Transport Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat.

    He added that errant medical practitioners were usually clinics and it also involved runners acting on the drivers’ behalf.

    “Yes, it is corruption. When I talked to the (transport) operators, they said they don’t want to be the target of a witch-hunt,” he said, adding that the corporate sector needed to take greater responsibility to follow health, safety and environmental regulations.

    He was speaking to the press after launching the second Sweden-Malaysia International Road Safety Seminar here yesterday.

    Ong also said the test formats of the system and the fee structure would need to be revised to revive the eKesihatan system.

    “There are several formats for the test. Do they serve the purpose or not?” he asked, adding that the Health Ministry and Koperasi Doktor Malaysia were consulted on the project.

    Ong also said the fees related to eKesihatan would be revised to make it more affordable for the drivers and the corporate sector.

    He said the revamp of the online system would take time as associations related to commercial vehicles and the medical practitioners had to be consulted.

    The eKesihatan system would allow appointed clinics to send medical reports of commercial vehicle drivers directly to the Road Transport Department.

    The system to be implemented in October last year was suspended pending further discussions.

  32. Anonymous10:14 am

    OTK has shown consistency in his anti-monopolistic approach, firstly Puspakom and now e-Kesihatan.

    Related to this, he has also encouraged and welcomed true e-initiatives that cut-off middlemen, frequently associated with corruption on the ground.

    As a maverick - typically going against possibly UMNO or other BN cronies - he is not afraid to stand up for what is right.

    He took many knocks and threats as a rookie minister with these actions, particularly the soon-to-be-announced PKFZ report, in the name of proper governance.

    More will come as he takes the arduous journey forward as a leader.

    By contrast, CSL is the shameless political animal that did nothing and kept quiet in his 3 terms as EXCO and cabinet minister. Only now when he is out of government that he barks out loudly. In fact, CSL was a proponent of Ketuanan Melayu almost 10 years ago (read here:

    See the Malaysiakini report further here:

  33. Anonymous10:43 am

    Monopolies are never good. It breeds coruption, apart from driving up the price of whatever service or goods that the monopoly is selling.

    Other countries tries to disband monopolies and even oligopolies but in Malaysia, monopolies are created all the time. The best way to print money for the monopolies concerned.

    How to compete in the world like that? Jaguh kampung sahaja.

    - Collateral Damage -

  34. Anonymous10:54 am

    UTK of MCA talks rubbish.

    Everybody knows Puspakom monopoly is full of shit and brings no joy to the low income earners. Ask the taxi drivers how Puspakom operates before Ong Tee Keat comes in.

    UTK of MCA should shut up and not racialise issues.

    ~Malaysian against UTK of MCA

  35. Anonymous10:57 am

    Malaysian Outsider,

    Please stick to Rocky's topic.

    Don't misuse this forum to promote your Chua Soi Lek.

    ~Bruing Mad

  36. Anonymous11:34 am

    Funny, Saiful went to see Najib when he alleged he was sodomised ny Anwar.

    Now these guys from Supremme also goes to Najib for compensation. Is Najib the one stop shop for all unhappy people who thinks they have been shortchanged? I think I also want to join the queue. I have a few things to complain to Najib too.


  37. Anonymous11:54 am

    Bro, what happen to the ACE project, which is asociated to Patrick Badawi, got suit or not? Or settle dekat mamak store?

    I saw one comment above of RM400 million, betulkah?

    Wah !!! RM850 for each course, no wonder why we are screwed!!!!

    "...Kursus ini bakal dibahagikan kepada dua kategori iaitu 'teksi dan lori kecil' dan 'bas dan lori besar'. Bagi kategori pertama, setiap pemegang lesen diwajibkan menghadiri kursus dua tahun sekali dengan kos RM850 setiap sesi..."

    Just found this blog on ACE

    Projek ACE Meletup .....

    Semalam, sedang menunggu makanan yang di order di Restoran Al-Kauthar bersama famili ( panggilan anak bungsuku di rumah ialah Kauthar ), terbaca berita ini dari salah satu bahan bacaan dalam rak yang disediakan .. lantas ku kata ‘habislah aboh lagu ni’, ‘Kenapa, kenapa', memasing bertanya. ‘Aboh cuma sediakan sistem ITnya aje, yang lain tak tahu’ ....

    Pagi tadi search dalam internet dan dapat beritanya sebagaimana berikut yang dicilok dari

    Lagi-lagi Patrick Badawi yang bolot projek ...
    Posted on Sunday, January 13 @ 13:37:15 EST by reformis

    Projek swastakan kursus ulangan 850,000 pemegang lesen memandu teksi, bas dan lori. Walaupun kerajaan memberi subsidi lebih 95 peratus bagi menampung kursus itu, namun ini bermakna wang pembayar cukai sekali lagi digunakan untuk memperkayakan kroni Abdulah. PM difahamkan sudah beberapa kali mengamuk dengan Menteri Pengangkutan dan Ketua Pengarah JPJ kerana projek ini masih tertangguh!

    KUALA LUMPUR: Satu lagi projek kerajaan Barisan Nasional untuk kroni rapat Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, iaitu Dato' Patrick Lim hanya menunggu masa untuk dilaksanakan. Ia bakal memberi pulangan berbilion ringgit kepada tokoh perniagaan yang selama ini menguasai projek di Terengganu dan Pulau Pinang.

    Kementerian Pengangkutan melalui Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) akan menjalankan apa yang dipanggil kursus ulangan latihan dan ujian bagi semua pemegang lesen memandu vokasional yang dikendalikan oleh syarikat Ace, milik Patrick. Difahamkan Khairy Jamaluddin, menantu Abdullah juga merupakan orang politik yang paling beruntung dengan projek yang membebankan pemandu kenderaan komersil ini.

    Menurut sumber, kursus tambahan ini dirangka hasil cadangan yang dikemukakan Patrick Lim kepada Perdana Menteri ekoran beberapa insiden kemalangan ngeri membabitkan kenderaan komersial. Terbaru melibatkan bas ekspres yang mengorbankan 18 ahli Wanita Umno Kuala Kedah di Tol Jelapang, Ipoh.

    Kursus ini bakal dibahagikan kepada dua kategori iaitu 'teksi dan lori kecil' dan 'bas dan lori besar'. Bagi kategori pertama, setiap pemegang lesen diwajibkan menghadiri kursus dua tahun sekali dengan kos RM850 setiap sesi.

    Manakala bagi kategori kedua, setiap pemegang lesen diwajibkan menghadiri kursus setahun sekali selama tiga tahun berturut-turut dengan bayaran RM1,450 setiap sesi.

    Pemandu kategori kedua kemudiannya diwajibkan menghadiri kursus setiap tiga tahun sekali bermula tahun keempat.

    Menurut sumber, walaupun Perdana Menteri turun padang mengarahkan agar cadangan kursus ini dilaksanakan segera, Kementerian Pengangkutan dan JPJ menangguhkan pelaksanaannya kerana khuatir dengan bantahan awam khususnya para pemandu terbabit.

    Menteri Pengangkutan, Dato' Seri Chan Kong Choy turut keberatan melaksanakan kursus berkenaan kerana khuatir ia boleh mendatangkan impak buruk kepada pencapaian MCA dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang, apatah lagi di saat DAP berpotensi untuk meraih undi lebih besar daripada masyarakat Cina.

    Sehubungan itu, cadangan baru dikemukakan supaya hanya bayaran sebanyak RM100 dikenakan bagi pendaftaran kursus untuk setiap pemegang lesen, manakala kos selebihnya ditanggung kerajaan melalui Tabung Pembangunan Sumber Manusia (HRAF) dan Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pengangkutan Awam

    Bagaimanapun, bayaran RM100 itu tidak termasuk belanja penginapan selama dua setengah hari, belanja makan minum, kos pengangkutan dan kos ulangan jika pemilik lesen gagal dalam ujian yang ditetapkan, selain kerugian kerana tidak bekerja semasa pergi berkursus.

    Difahamkan, syarikat milik Patrick Lim itu sudahpun memiliki litar latihan di Sepang bagi mengendalikan kursus ulangan latihan dan ujian bagi semua pemegang lesen memandu vokasional itu. Litar serupa juga akan dibina mengikut zon Pantai Timur, Utara dan Selatan.

    JPJ telah mengeluarkan notis kepada lebih 9,000 kumpulan pertama bagi mengikuti kursus ini pada 21 Disember lalu. Sepatutnya, Chan Kong Choy dalam satu sidang akhbar di Putrajaya memaklumkan hal ini kepada media tetapi terpaksa sekali lagi menangguhkannya kerana bimbang risiko politik ekoran banyak bantahan daripada pemandu.

    Terdapat hampir 850,000 pemandu kenderaan komersil di negara ini dan ini menjadikan kursus berkenaan sebagai satu perniagaan baru yang cukup menguntungkan. Kontrak dengan Patrick Lim ini dikatakan sepanjang tempoh 25 tahun

    perkara berkaitan juga boleh diperolehi dari ..

  38. Anonymous11:58 am

    Anon 11.34am,

    Saiful claimed he was **** in the a*** by the sheikh. Maybe the guys fr supreme was also *** in the a*** by OTK. Haha

  39. Anonymous11:59 am

    What actually is the issue in respect to the e-Kesihatan? If it is about exorbitant fee, then the best option is to renegotiate the fee. If it is about monopoly then the alternative is to allow other companies to participate in the e-Kesihatan project. If the decision is to terminate, then the government have to compensate on the investment made. The government cannot just terminate contract that it already signed at its own whim and fancies. Any company will do the same as Supremme did. Period.


    Unfortenately, some chose to

  40. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Make the Supremme contract public. This is of public interest. Lim Kit Siang, where are you? Take this to parliament.

    If there is any trace of corruption, do an investigation. Just make life difficult for this company.

  41. Anonymous6:47 pm

    The magic word my friend... is Enforcement. Something which is seriously lacking in this country... or applied instead on lower priority issues.

    The day after the fatal "Super Nice/Grassland" accident in Johor, I saw three Super-Nice buses zooming past me while traveling north from KL to Penang. Each were doing at least 110, cutting in & out, and it was raining that day.

    Where are the police to pull over & impound these Buses Of Doom? Going after bicyclists instead??

  42. Anonymous9:32 pm

    1. There must be reasons in the first place why the Government gave out this contract.

    2. And there must be reasons why the Government decided to scrap it after it had entered into a contract.

    3. If there is no valid reason for giving out the contract or cancelling the contract, head must roll. The country cannot afford to drain the country resources due to flip-flop decisions.

    Will OTK engage PWC or any other big 4 accounting firm to carry out investigation and make public the findings from this debacle ,just like what he is attempting to do for PKFZ?

    We Rakyat deserve to know the truth.

  43. Anonymous10:00 pm

    There may be a case for Supreme, but the devil's in the details.

    OTK should just consult his lawyers to legally terminate Supreme by reasons of non-fulfillment of condition precedent/ subsequent (am sure can get one out).

    Unlikely will win but then again, don't think Supreme can get much damages from contract as calculation is too remote.

    Supreme knows this, which is why they are taking action in defamation instead. This is a long-shot as OTK didn't specifically mention that Supreme is corrupted, but making a general statement that monopolistic businesses breed inefficiencies and hence, corruption which is a 'fair comment'.

    It also runs contrary to public policy that government should pay compensation to a monopolistic company since damages in effect would be paid out by taxpayers. The RM100mil is better utilised for social and other beneficial projects.

    Tough case, if you ask me.

  44. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Don't see the logic of slamming the minister who has public interest at heart by busting a monopolistic business.

    Next round in parliament, should table anti-trust laws.

  45. >>>Don't see the logic of slamming the minister who has public interest at heart by busting a monopolistic business.

    Next round in parliament, should table anti-trust laws.<<<

    It's like passing the JAC AFTER appointing that parachute UMNO Chief Judge. Then UMNO can trumpet they are for transparency in judicial appointments.

    DNA bill for Anwar's case, and AG's revision for the Perwaja case after the passing of Eric Chia.

    Haven't they ever heard of "shutting the stable doors after the horses have bolted?"

    Their English needs work then. Damned national schools !

  46. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Please refer to this thestar news dated September 12, 2007 regarding why doctors reject e-kesihatan in the first place

  47. Anonymous12:58 am


    This is what the doctor industry leaders trying to potray their noble story side. What really counts is what is ACTUALLY practised on the ground.

    Ask majority van or taxi drivers and you will know that it is a practice they pay just about RM30 to renew his commercial driving licence. Out of the RM30, RM20 is paid to JPJ as fees and RM10 for medical exam certificate. God know where the agent get the medical cert, as these drivers never need to see a doctor. At the end of the day the agent will sent them the renewed licence.

    Think about it logically, can RM10 do a proper medical examination?? Is doctor profession that cheap?

    The old Malay Mail has many cover stories before of selling this drivers medical certificates. As usual, hangat hangat tahi ayam, few days later will cool down and business as usual.

    It is very easy to verifying the truth of the claim. Simply ask the MMA to certify annually, how many proper medical examination are REALLY conducted by the doctors and compared this number to the JPJ's total number of renewal. You think the medical association can produce this??

    There is always some bad apples in any profession but how to effectively counter this, nobody has done it so far.

    A true professional doctor would really like to charge RM50 for a proper medical examination on drivers and do a duty to ensure only qualified commercial drivers are allowed but can these professional doctors are going against the wave of the bad apples who charge only RM10 for merely stamping medical certifcates in big volume game.

    Can MMA provide statistic on how many doctors and cases where medical examination are conducted at proper rate of RM50?

    The professional doctors have been in the losing game all this while since the government introduce this requiremnt in 1998!!!! We will continue to lose more if steep discount prevails among the cheats.

    MONEY, MONEY, MONEY (ABBA fever now:)

  48. Anonymous3:12 am

    Quack ,

    I dont know where is your stand point.

    From thestar link, I found out that an external medical examination cost rm50 and a renewal cost rm10.

    But Supreme System Sdn. Bhd with its "e-kesihatan" plans to charge rm80 per renewal.

    Do the math

  49. Anonymous3:17 am

    Or are you arguing that drivers tend to pay rm30 to avoid the medical examination and with e-kesihatan this problem wouldnt surface?

    I guess this responsibility falls to the monitoring of license agents and MMA in its role in regulating their doctors.

    If its a problem of regulation , I dont see a better role of e-kesihatan in this case.

  50. Anonymous8:51 am

    Posner said:
    "Don't see the logic of slamming the minister who has public interest at heart by busting a monopolistic business.

    Next round in parliament, should table anti-trust laws."

    Reading what OTK said in The Star today...about how since he became MOT, his crusade has been to end all monopolies, NOW we know who and where Posner is coming from shame on you!!

    Hey, OTK, why stop here? How about ending TNB monopoly over the national grid? What about MAB monopoly over the airports?It also seem a one time hardware shop from Rembau also has a monopoly of building LCCT? or building a new port next ot Westport?Afterall, we got so much land in the PKZ.We read today also...yes Sime darby also want to end IJN monopoly?

    Come on man...yes maybe thats why 8 Mac GE was about ending BN monopoly over Malaysian politics or MCA monopoly over Chinese politics(allegedly)

    Give us a break man!! Hey, was it not true Puspakom monopoly was extended another 15 years right under OTK's nose? Oh that doesn't count becos it belongs to Patrick badawi? Where is your b***? Or is there some other hidden agenda?

    Champion anti-monopoly? This OTK fella speaketh with a forked tongue. Come-on man.

    Anti BN Monopoly

  51. Anonymous9:58 am

    In the Star Page 12 today (18 December 2008), Ong revealed that he was served with a RM100 mil legal suit by the concessionaire of e-Kesihatan medical programme for allegedly commenting about the monopolistic structure of the programme.

    When I took up this job (as Transport Minister), I wanted to lead by initiating changes through ways and means. This is an era to discard monopolies. I guess I have to pay the price,”, he told reporters.

    Hello Ong Tee Keat, what you said sounds good, looks good BUT completely lack of consistency and transparency and integrity because you have on the other hand extended the infamous PUSPAKOM concession by another 15 years to be effective September 2008!!!!

    PUSPAKOM is full of corruption cases and the services are real suck. You have to tell us why this heinous act for the extension of PUSPAKOM by another 15 year!!!!!!


    I will only cheer when you scrap this PUSPAKOM.

    Utusan Malaysia
    Kontrak Puspakom dilanjut 15 tahun

    KUALA LUMPUR 10 Julai - Kerajaan telah bersetuju untuk melanjutkan kontrak Pusat Pemeriksaan Kenderaan Berkomputer (Puspakom) untuk tempoh 15 tahun lagi berkuat kuasa 1 September ini.

    Timbalan Menteri Pengangkutan, Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin berkata, keputusan itu diputuskan setelah kerajaan mempertimbangkan pelbagai faktor antaranya inisiatif syarikat tersebut untuk meningkatkan mutu perkhidmatan mereka dalam pemeriksaan kenderaan.
    ''Prestasi yang dipamerkan

    Puspakom setakat ini amat memuaskan dan setelah menilai kesungguhan syarikat tersebut dalam menawarkan perkhidmatan berkualiti, kerajaan mengambil keputusan untuk menyambung kontrak mereka," katanya.

    Beliau berkata demikian ketika penggulungan perbahasan Kajian Separuh Penggal Rancangan
    Malaysia Kesembilan (RMK-9) pada sidang Dewan Rakyat di sini hari ini.

    Menurut Lajim, Puspakom juga telah membuka tambahan 19 buah pusat pemeriksaan kenderaan seluruh negara dengan 18 daripadanya terletak di kawasan pedalaman Sabah dan Sarawak.

    Katanya, sebuah lagi pusat pemeriksaan Puspakom yang baru telah dibuka di Melaka iaitu di kawasan Bukit Katil.

  52. Anonymous10:30 am

    There are numerous other lucrative concession awarded by JPJ just by google on in net

    1. PUSPAKOM (DRB Hicom) – for car inspection(

    2. ACE (Automotive Centre of Excellence Sdn Bhd) - training courses for bus drivers which charges RM500 to RM1,450 per driver for a 2 day course (subsequently subsidised by the Government )

    This mega $$$ concession is linked to the famous Patrick Lim as noted in one of the comment above.

    3. e-Hakmilik – gateway for transfer of vehicle ownership (under FIS DATA LINK SDN BHD) (

    4. e-Cover Note – gateway for renewal of motor vehicle insurance (Rexit Bhd)

    5. e-Plate for RFID on number plate(not sure which company) ( )

    When will the above monopolies be scrapped? Within year 2009?


    1. e-Kesihatan, already scrapped

    2. My E.G. Services Bhd ( ), on the way to be scrapped by Minister.

    Three more companies to offer online services for JPJ.

    Monday, 24 November 2008
    KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Nov (Berita Harian) -- Three new companies have been chosen to provide electronic transaction services for the Road Transport Department (JPJ). Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said this move would give the public wider access to the services offered by the department via the Internet.

    It would also prevent any particular company becoming the sole service provider for electronic transactions for the agency.

    “The move is in line with my stand on non-exclusivity,” he told The Star, adding that healthy competition would improve the level of services.
    Electronic transactions for the JPJ are currently being handled by My E.G. Services Bhd (MyEG).

  53. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Under the Ministry of Health there are several luctrative monopolies as well.

    First come to mind is the FOMEMA concession for the foreign worker examination.

    Then there is Mediharta Sdn Bhd, the only agent authorized by the Government to supply the hologram security label for pharmacuetical products.

    Radicare Sdn Bhd, Pantai Medivest Sdn Bhd and Faber Medi-Serve Sdn Bhd for the government hospital clinical waste and cleaning services

    As MCA President, kindly instruct, your MCA colleague Liow Tiong Lai to scrap these monopolies as well.

    I like this "Ong Tee Keat: Courage to change; creating new values"


    MCA Boleh!

  54. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Sokongon sebulat suara dari Barisan Rakyat - Anti- Monopoly, Anti-Rasuah & Anti-BN.

    YB Ong, tolong sapu bersih semua monopoli-monopoli. Kamulah harapan untuk perubahan.

    Tak apalah duduk dalam Kabinet BN yang penuh dengan kroni-kroni, tetapi lawan tetap lawan. Lawan untuk kesejahteraan Rakyat Malaysia!!

    Kamulah Menteri Pembasmian Monopoli dikalangan Barisan Rakyat.

    Makkal Sakhti!

  55. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Rudy Lam Onn said... at 10:14 AM

    "..OTK has shown consistency in his anti-monopolistic approach, firstly Puspakom and now e-Kesihatan..."

    Dear OTK's machai Rudy,

    Next time you please lie intelligently. OTK will cut your salary:)

    Look the above comment which I extract for you here.

    why PUSPAKOM extended for 15 years??? said... at 9:58 AM

    Utusan Malaysia
    Kontrak Puspakom dilanjut 15 tahun

    KUALA LUMPUR 10 Julai - Kerajaan telah bersetuju untuk melanjutkan kontrak Pusat Pemeriksaan Kenderaan Berkomputer (Puspakom) untuk tempoh 15 tahun lagi berkuat kuasa 1 September ini.

  56. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Hello Pinocchio,

    1. It does NOT follow that an announcement extension that Puspakom will enjoy a monopolistic business for the next 15 years.

    You can apply for similar
    concessions from the government if you have the resource and is able to meet the requirements.

    In fact, OTK is the one going through the details with a fine tooth comb:

    2. Do check your facts as well about OTK's support of Puspakom. On the contrary, he ordered investigation into Puspakom and a comprehensive review.

  57. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Hello Rudy Lam,

    Saying something and doing another is like day and nite.

    What is the point of combing something after it was extended. Nasi sudah jadi bubur.

    It is Saturday now 20 Dec 2008, we are still waiting for OTK's tell all story on PKFZ.

    Lim Kit Siang got story here on OTK's backpedaling on PKFZ scandal.

    "...In the Star report of April 8, 2008 headlined “Ong to tell all on Port Klang Free Zone” quoted him as saying:

    “I wish to inform the rakyat about the true situation – whether it was actually squandered, not squandered, and where it has gone to, as well as the breakdown of the budget.

    Now , Ong is backpedaling from his promise, as he said yesterday that he would announce the chronology of events in the PKFZ issue but not into its financial aspects ...."