Monday, December 15, 2008

Growing up in Singapore ...

".... we had to bear the scorn and barbs of the Chinese superiority complex and it irritates me when C. L. Sharma in her/his article "Ethnicity, Communal Relations and Education in Malaysia" (1979) described post-independence Malays as being "imbued with the 'we are the masters now' attitude which encourages them to display arrogance in their behaviour". This academic should be more objective and realise that Malays do not have a monopoly on arrogance." - Language Ding Dong by Anak si-Hamid
Chinese supremacy? Anak si-Hamid taught me at Jurong Secondary School. I remember short skirts and mini-compo. She came into Sec 3F in 1976 and played the Beatles' She's Leaving Home, except that we didn't know what it was at first. Take down the lyrics, kids, and write a composition based on the song.

Many of us 15-year olds fell in love with the English language that day.

The "scorn and barbs" in her little posting "Language Ding Dong" here (which was prompted by my own posting here, I'm proud to state) were still there when I was growing up in Singapore. Lessons in life, well learnt.

p.s. There is a book in Growing up in Singapore. I can see it. Not exactly like Wan Hulaimi's GUiT, but there's a great book in the making, nonetheless. Keen publishers, pls contact me.

Updates 16/12, 3 pm:
Related to my article, Ganesh sent me this piece The Charade of Meritocracy by Michael Barr.

".......the playing field is hardly level. In fact, Singapore's system of promotion disguises and even facilitates tremendous biases against women, the poor and non-Chinese."

Click here to read the piece.


  1. As a Malay-Chinese, I can say that I have inherited both the Malays' and Chinese's superiority complex.

    That's why I'm so arrogant. I got double doses.

    And believe me, arrogance - any arrogance - are one and the same. A deep-seated insecurity about one's real worth.

  2. Anonymous7:31 am


    I love Beatles songs.

    Yeah yeah, keduanya memang tepat sekali lor... Kupasan amat tajam, tapi mereka ni KULIT dan muka tebal.. takkan faham.

    Lain la kalau dari group delegasi Hang Li Po, dari golongan bangsawan di hantar oleh Istana. Terlatih kelembutan tata susila, kaya dengan adat dan pandai bersopan dan beradab.

    Group lain yang datang berduyun, kebanyakkan tidak diundang, yang ditindas dari bumi asal dulu dan kini, takut dan dayus, yang lari, yang dikejar, yang dibuang...Issshhh

    I would like to include another song, "THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD"..


  3. Anonymous8:00 am

    Both races are probably arrogant but the difference is the Chinese doesn't go round waving a keris looking arrogant and expecting the whole world to owe them a living.
    Tulang Batu

  4. Anonymous8:06 am

    Dear Rocky,

    After reading Anak Si Hamid, I have realised that we have Facism lurking down below. All these whiles I thought down below are just bunch of KIASUs.


  5. Anonymous8:47 am

    Rocky you are so lucky to grow up in a land where they teach you meritocracy right from day 1. Meritocracy is the call of the day in SG. I believe this is one of the reason why you are so successful in Malaysia where your piers are so used to the 'Tongkat" offered by Dr.M

    Luckly in Malaysia they offer 'Tongkat' to the majority race. If they remove the 'Tongkat' and practise meritocracy just like SG I believe the Melayu will be just able like you. The Cina and Kekleng will than have the most difficult time as minority.

    Being a non-Melayu I hope UMNO will continue to cry out for 'Tongkat'.

  6. Khazanah performance is far more better than Temasik. Temasik lost us$ 30 billion last 2 months for wrong investment. Khazanah management is superior than Temasik.

  7. I was born in a plac e called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu I am am proud and a bit arrogant about the fact. If the Jews can be arrogant, the Chinese, the Alisan killing Taiwanese, the Indian, the Aboriginal people killing Australian, the self-righteous and once scabies ridden and native killing Puritan of New England can be arrogant, why cannot I. BTW I have Chinese and Dutch blood, but in the overall I am just a proud arrogant member of the majority Malay, so there and sue me!

  8. Anonymous9:30 am

    dear rocky: I envy Thee for your former teacher's expose to the colonial master's language; so you must thank her forme for leading to her garden path today. Oz says to-die, as you no where I haileth from:) --YL,Desi

  9. The lesson from rocky's post was aptly commented by amir.

    Can we can admit that we are all inherently racist and learn from it. All races reacted that way post-independence. In India, China and the West. Need a history lesson go google.

    >>C. L. Sharma in her/his article "Ethnicity, Communal Relations and Education in Malaysia" (1979
    "imbued with the 'we are the masters now' attitude which encourages them to display arrogance in their behaviour"

    Sharma in 1979 failed to differentiate Pride from Arrogance.

  10. Anonymous11:59 am

    Dear day of no return

    Let me put it in short for you. Meritocracy in Singapore is overrated and a farce. It's fast turning in to elitism.


    Anak Singapura

  11. Brader Rocky.

    Ada orang yang tinggalkan komen-komen yang berjela di blog Brader ini bukan main lagi. Fuyooh. Mengertak. Menghina. Membebel. Meracau. Melatah. Tapi, Heran Bin Ajaib, tak ada seorang pun berani tulis nama benar mereka. Semua 'anonymous'. Perrggh.

    Kalau setakat menulis ala 'throw rock, hide hand', lebih baik mengaku 'Ladyboy' sajalah. Sesiapa yang nak balas komen saya ini, harap-harap tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu betul-betul dan tolong jangan melatah. Oh ya, sila letak nama sebenar. Sekian, terima kasih.

  12. Anonymous3:18 pm


    By nature the Malay are an accommodating race that why other races is able to be the richest man, billionaire, bankers, Chief Minister, Minister, Excos, Fed Coa Hc Judges, High rank in the army-navy-air force-police, DGs etc and yet the non-malays still say they are being treated unfairly and for that the Malay has to further compromise whatever rights they have even though it is guaranteed under the constitution.

    And yet others can say that they are marginalised and the Malay are racial. They can say so coz they are not in power. Hello! what the non-malays have now is 1000 x more than what I can say about what the Malay gets as a minority in a neighbouring country where the non-malays are in power and call them self the land of meritocracy, level playing field and equal distribution and what do they give the Malay there (they are not the richest man and there is no malays billionaire, bankers, Chief Minister, Minister [except for one in charge of enviroment for years], Excos, Fed Coa Hc Judges, High rank in the army-navy-air force-police, DGs, fighter pilots etc) when they are in power almost nothing and no body made a fuss out of it.

    To me the sg Malay are like passenger in an air con bus i.e. they are provided with clean, comfortable seat and cool surrounding, they have no control over where they are going, the route is pre determine for them. However qualified they may be they can never be the driver or even the conductor coz ……...

    Maybe the Malays here should learn from the neighbouring non-malays by not being so accommodating only then the non-malays here would appreciate what they have.

  13. As an ex Singaporean who chose to study for an Engineering Diploma in ITM (then) instead of Singapore Polytechnic after completing GCE O levels, I was asked during my first job interview with a MNC, why I decided to come to my Malaysia.
    After passing the aptitude test,it was to be the final stage of interview conducted by a 1 Malay and 1 Chinese officers of the company,I thought the question was unnecessary.
    I simply answered that I decided to to be a part of the majority after being discrimated against as a minority.
    On hearing this the Malay officer snapped at me saying "So you are a racist".He was obviuosly defending his colleague who cannot help but showd his anger too.
    For that, I knew I will not get the job but I never regretted it. I was only 21 then.

    And to 'day of no return'. You are dead wrong.
    If meritocracy is really being practised in Singapore, then the Lee family must be genetically superior beings with IQ levels way above other Singapore Citizens.

  14. Anonymous4:18 pm


    I believed Michael Barr has a point but his facts are dating up to only 2005. Looking at 2006 onwards, things are beginning to change

    There are several compelling reasons as to why.

    1. Chinese community in Singapore stands at almost 75% to the Malays of 14% while the Indians are at 7% and obviously DLL (from bangladesh, philippines and what not) would make up the difference. And we are talking abt a total population of 4Million.

    2. For every 10 students, only 1.4 Malays will get to the top. Obviously you cant have 1.5 Malays, let's take the number 2 then. Meanwhile, if the Indian guy works a little bit harder, he will make up the single and sole Indian representative on the other hand.

    3. For the Malay or Indian guy to stand tall among the other 7 Chinese, they have to out beat everyone of them. Wat more if we are talking about thousands of students in Singapore.

    4. Malays and Indians are stamping their mark starting 2006 onwards. In 2006 PSLE, an Indian student stood tall among all Singaporeans. While last year, 2007, 2 Malay girls were among the country's top students for O-levels (aka SPM in Msia).. See this here.

    5. Times are changing.. The Malay and Indian minorities are changing their ways to, more importanly their mindset and they are showing that they can compete with the best... It wont be long before the Malays and Indians will be among the elites in Singapore's GLC, Civil Service and what not.

    6. They know that they have to help themselves or else nobody is gonna help them.. Soon they will be left out.. On level playing ground, they are beginning to catch up.. unlike Msia..

  15. Anonymous5:30 pm

    "I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. Years ago we had the church. That was only a way of saying - we had each other. The Knights of Columbus were real head-breakers; true guineas. They took over their piece of the city. Twenty years after an Irishman couldn't get a fucking job, we had the presidency. May he rest in peace. That's what the niggers don't realize. If I got one thing against the black chappies, it's this - no one gives it to you. You have to take it!"
    ~Frank Costello
    The Departed

  16. Anonymous5:42 pm

    juanito 4.18 pm

    Get real my friend. I know for certain over the last few years there have been Malay dtudents who topped the 'O' Level and even the National University final eaxam .
    My point is ---where are they now ?

    Meritocrisy ? Hah ! More like hypocricy.

    Bt rhe way juanito, are you a Malay ?

    mus -- another ex-singaporean.

  17. Anonymous5:42 pm

    juanito 4.18 pm

    Get real my friend. I know for certain over the last few years there have been Malay dtudents who topped the 'O' Level and even the National University final eaxam .
    My point is ---where are they now ?

    Meritocrisy ? Hah ! More like hypocricy.

    Bt rhe way juanito, are you a Malay ?

    mus -- another ex-singaporean.

  18. Anonymous5:47 pm

    wak segen 4.14

    In case you haven't noticed it Wak, if and when a Malay expresses himself the way you did, he is a racist and arrogant.

    Anyone else with that sentiment would be branded as a 'victim'...

    ex orang pulau . and no apologies to you teohjitkhiam .

  19. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Sudahlah..orang cina memang temberang...kiasu...cakap lain hati lain...Dia orang memang benci sama Melayu...tak usah tipulah...cuma orang Melayu yang tak sedar diri...Melayu tak mahu tolong Melayu...Melayu tindas orang Melayu...Melayu lawan sama Melayu...akhirnya jadi macam abad ke-18...Melayu gaduh sama Melayu...negeri jatuh ke tangan orang putih...

  20. ROCKY
    this is wat hanif merican ceo of sri kuala lumpur group of schhool said a couple of months ago.digest this.the irony is that the effect of the BM policy has been to acheive the exact opposite of its intended consequences.malays with little or no facility in english are still as limited in their employability in the private sector today as they were in 1905 or 1975. but the whole question of english in our education system is riddled with contradiction and a certain amount of hypocrisy.what rankles me most that the officals responsible for promulgating BM at the expense of ENGLISH were themselves the product of MISSION SCHOOLS, elite english speaking colleges and english speaking unis. but our leaders continue to wear their old school ties easily.ANWAR's comment on this.(sekonyong-konyong kini muncul jaguh melayu baru,yang buta dengan rompakan besar dan pengkhianatan terhadap dasar bahasa pendidikan kebangsaan.kononnya melayu diancam kerana kemaraan cina termasuk DAP. Melayu kini terpinggir dan terposok manakala "jaguh" melayu melimpah u generation of elder statesman u shapers of other peoples lives,y have u denied your citizens children n their childrens children the riches bestowed upon u n yours.U have drunk freely from the well of ENGLISH n yet u have told your electorates that the water is poisoned.your political polemics r written first in english n in them u parade your english education.u send your children to ENGLISH speaking private schools in australia,england n america n worst of all in your own country,n u meet the economic demands of your electorates with the tired platitude of BAHASA JIWA BANGSA. N when your clectorates doesn't perform in the global enviroment,u blame them for depending too much on the crutches u have handed out to them.U have forgotten that it is u who r accountable to your electorate n not they who r accountable to you.language is integral to a nations identity;but soul is too sacred a word.Immutable,everlasting until the day of judgement,it does not change its form.Language does.The english of milton,pepys n chaucer is not the english of the UK has progressed,mutated and developed to become something else,obviously traceable to its origins,but different.Significantly ,it belongs to no one.Enuff said.1

  21. Anonymous8:04 pm

    thats what u get for giving faces and being tolerant towards a race that are basically known as the parasite of the earth..once u let them have their way, bammmmm..u r out of there..ungrateful n sinister beings these chinkies are... twisted tongues damn creatures and scums of the earth..they are even referred to Jews of Asia by some...

    ~Chinky Chan~

  22. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Forget about Singapore man because right here in Malaysia the Chinese are doing the same thing.
    I applied for an assistant buyer position in Parksons and was told by the HR dept that they are looking for a Chinese.
    Don't believe me,do a check and see how many malays are there in parksons

  23. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Of course if you make a comparison indeed Chinese are more superior than the Malays in many ways, just click Wikipedia and make a comparison of the history, culture, achievement etc and no one can denial the fact.

    The fight for UMNO is to continue for the Malay race to be left behind without doubt. Being a Malaysian and teaching in SG I have seen how the Malays in SG are progressing through the years and year after year I am seeing more and more Malays top student. You can't achieve anything in one year but over a period you can. Sad to say UMNO had done nothing correct for the Malays in the pass 51 years where as PAP had done substantially well for the Malays in 43 years and they continue to improve. I am sure the Malays in SG will be equally superior to the Chinese within the next generation, this can't be the same for the Malays in Malaysia who will continue to be left behind. The sinking of UMNO might be the starting of the reverse?

  24. Anonymous11:27 pm

    I love reading how much you claim to know singapore and how fair malaysia is in comparison

  25. Anonymous11:32 pm

    No govt is perfect
    No system is perfect

    ' ketuanan melayu '

    And you dare comment about the inappplicability of meritocracy in msia.

    Im more amused than insulted.

    Please do write more articles...
    It really brings up my day

  26. Joe Hawkins: This thing about Meritocracy being farce and over-rated: I suspect as much too. But care to give some facts or examples? I am sure we'd all be schooled by them.

    Cheng-Ho: I am sure if you dwell on this pretty longer, it would be very informational to all of us. Can you enlighten us with more numbers?

    Zukerlian: Malays in Malaysia have achieved nothing in 51 years. Malays in Singapore have done great strides after only 43 years. By what justifications? A couple of malay students there scoring in O levels?

    Man! What HAVE they done to the malays there that make them BELIEVE this myth? I mean I am sure they READ don't they? To have a false sense of security like this, just because the average wage-earning malay there makes better than the ones here in Bagan Nakhoda, Kuala Selangor.

    No, Karl Marx. You were wrong. For the Singaporean malays, it is not religion that is the opium. It's the 3 thousand sing dollars monthly gaji that they earn that have doped them into thinking that everything is ok for them.

    Sometimes in cool grey dusks overlooking Tanjung Puteri, just as the sun readies to pass the silver shoon to the lunar skies, I weep.


  27. Anonymous8:18 am

    To all Anons who commented on my comments..

    You guys are lame, stupid and not broad minded..

    And you are missing the whole pt altogether..

    To that Anon who said that many years ago Sg had a top Malay scholar and where he is now, then may I ask, where is the Msia Chinese top scholar now? Or perhaps do you see one at all in Malaysia?

    Why you bothered about me being a Malay or Chinese. What if I told u I was a Eurasian. Is it gonna make any difference to my comments? What a lowly intellect person you are.

    My entire point - I am saying the Malays and Indians in Singapore can compete on level playing ground. THAT IS POINT NO 1 (if you guys are stupid not to get it).

    My Point 2 is Malays and Indians are only making up 30% of the entire Singapore population, meaning to say in every 10 Singaporeans, you will see only 2 Malays and 1 Indian (if that Indian is lucky enough) at the top of the crop... THAT IS POINT 2.

    If you still dont get my point, you guys are a waste of my breath and saliva.. And that is the bloody reason why Msia aint moving forward!!

  28. Anonymous8:27 am

    Just to add on

    The problem with UMNO or BN or the way Msia education or way of life has become is such - blame it on someone when all fails..

    Similarly, this is what is happening to some of the commenters here. When the Malays fail blame the Chinese. Then let me ask, WHO SHUD THE INDIANS BLAME??

    When Malaysia loses to Cambodia or Vietnam or Myanmar in football, dont worry.. we can blame the Chinese based Asian countries!! You guys are pathetic..

    That was my entire point - Malays in SG can compete on level playing grounds but not Msian Malays. Why not? And rather looking at yourself, you guys blame everyone but yourself..

    Have you asked yourself this 2 questions

    1 - Why Malays of the colonial days can fair so much better but not the Malays of today

    2 - Why with NEP the Malays are still at the losing end??

    Common guys. Dont just throw your problems on anyone but yourself.. I am not any supporter of Singapore but what I am saying is, if the Singaporean Malays can be different, so can the Msian Malays..

  29. Anonymous8:39 am


    You go and tell leaders of UMNO that once they started giving in to the demands of the non-bumis,it will never stop.Believe me.

    And I'm from Singapore cos' I knew very well of how the majority chinese goverment ruled,any demands from minorities group...the PAP will just buat bodoh!

    I must say the non-bumis get treated rather well by malay majority Malaysia...and they still fucking want more? FYI, Rock, you know what they want? they want the whole fucking country. Then they won't be demanding any more shit!!


  30. /// wak segen said...
    If meritocracy is really being practised in Singapore, then the Lee family must be genetically superior beings with IQ levels way above other Singapore Citizens. ///

    wak segen, hate to disrupt you from your self-delusion, but chances are that the Lee family members DO have IQ levels way above other Singapore Citizens, or Malaysian Citizens.

    Lee Kuan Yew scored a double-first at Cambridge. Lee Hsien Loong was a Wrangler at Cambridge. Lee Hsien Yang scored a first at Cambridge. Both went on to Harvard. And unlike Malaysia, Cambridge and Harvard do not have different matriculation to smuggle in poor students.

  31. Anonymous10:18 am

    Ganesh: "...tremendous biases against women, the poor and non-Chinese."

    Yo, uncle ganesh, do you mean to say that there's a NEP in Singapore?

    aNONymous jokh

  32. Anonymous10:34 am

    salam bro,
    kalau rajin singgah jap kat my blog, ada cerita i dengan seorang wakil rakyat kat KLGCC semalam..

  33. Are we all so racist? Do we have a choice being born a Malay or a Chinese? Beneath the race, we are all red blooded human being with same human parts functioning. Will we stop helping fellow human being in distress just because he is of different race?

    Rocky what is the purpose of talking about race supremacy? If you want to feel supremacy, go and help fellow human being without looking at skin color, religions or racial background.

    Be fair, what is the goodness of being supreme when we go talking down on people and breaking other people's leg so that we alone can walk tall?

    More than 50 years of merdeka we are still calling each other racist, what progress have we made?

  34. Anonymous10:47 am

    Juanito 8.47

    "if the Singaporean Malays can be different, so can the Msian Malays.."

    also reads ...

    if the Indonesian Chinese can be different, so can the Msian Chinese.."

    as to your other points --- refer to anonymous - 3.18 pm.

    another ex singaporean

  35. Anonymous11:21 am

    Hey Rocky, i remember that day we had to write the composition.

  36. The Chinese Educationist has clearly sabotaged the government’s effort to teach Maths and Science in English.

    Only students from Chinese vernacular schools scored between 1–3% in student support towards the system; Tamil and Sekolah Kebangsaan both registered more than 60% preference towards the English by their students.

    Even the passing and achievement rate increases in ALL AREAS.


    How can you register such a low percentage point?

    The only logical answer to that is SABOTAGE!

    Ignore and do not teach both subjects in English, and then SCREAM FAILURE!

    If I am wrong, then tell me what actually happened? Please give me an excuse that doesn’t make you look stupid, as it is!


    In the mean time, THOSE BANGSA MALAYSIA CHAMPIONS from MCA, GERAKAN & DAP are keeping their mouth shut and pretending not to be involved!

    Ong Tee Keat, Chua Soi Lek, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and Koh Tsu Koon should make their stand as a man; NOT AS A TONGUE TWISTER COWARDS!

    MY TAKE: Support Mukhriz idea of only ONE NATIONAL SCHOOL. Let us make a wise decision and build the REAL BANGSA MALAYSIA.

    TO THE GOVERNMENT: Do the right things and do not let these people fool you!

    TO CHINESE EDUCATIONIST: Bring on your mammoth RACIST demo!

  37. Anonymous12:00 pm

    have you guys ever wondered why the son of Lee Kuan Yew being "chosen" as the Singapore PM?Singapore belong only to one family huh?.

  38. hey bloggers

    care to read what Nur Dianah Suhaimi of Singapore had to say, about her life as a Singaporean Malay wearing a tudung goes through on a daily basis ..

    her article was published this year on 10 August 2008 in the SUNDAY TIMES

    this is her REAL experience not some perceived imagination

  39. and the great country Singapore is facing a recession

    the first world country that is the model of success has lost $$$$

    and her people will soon lose thousands of jobs

    wake up Eurasian juanito

    the rate of heart disease is inverse to the rate of birth

    immigration from the island is ongoing (by the highly educated)

  40. "Both races are probably arrogant but the difference is the Chinese doesn't go round waving a keris looking arrogant and expecting the whole world to owe them a living."


  41. Actually, Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard, while not having provisions to accept the poor, have special courses for the rich.

    It won't matter if you're stupid or retarded. Pay RM200K and you can get an AMP cert from Harvard. After a short two-month course.

    Same thing with OxBridge. You can do a one-year shit at Cambridge and a two-week thing at Oxford.

    End of the day, the cost will be less than 400K for ALL three universities.

    Don't believe me? Check their websites. I was planning to go this year, but am not a millionaire.

    So, those Lees got money. Am not impressed.

    If I had just 500K to burn, I am sure all the Lee Kuan Yin worshippers will kiss my ass as well, after I pay for my degrees.

    And who was the idiot who used the phrase 'equally superior'? What the hell does that mean, 'equally superior'?

  42. Anonymous1:58 pm


    For the benefit of your commenters who is also LKY supporters....pls visit...
    see how the father and son's team got whacked by a bankrupt opposition leader. Articles and audio can be found at the bottom of main page.

    Even a Harvard and a Cambridge degree, plus the highest paid politician in the world cannot save Singapore from economic disaster.

    Thousands will be retrenched in the coming months. At the start their very own DBS bank axed 900 workers. Parkway Holdings sacked 148.

    Strangely, the UMNO malay leaders with education not to be proud of, held on reasonably well not to bankrupt the nation! Don't UNDERESTIMATE the political will of the malay leaders.

    You can also ask DAP's father and son's team to comment on the economic state of their political "god" LKY. See what the clowns has to say about their "god".


  43. Anonymous2:18 pm

    To all malaysia idiots including the stupid owner of this blog,

    wake up and leave SGP alone, you motherfuckers. SGP has already left you morons far behind long time ago, pls do not compare. you compare your stupid selves with Zimbahwe. BTW Jurong Secondary is a low grade school. nothing to be proud of, however it is still better than all the stupid malaysia national school

    woke up

  44. Anonymous2:41 pm

    To all idiots again,
    The Barr guy does not like SGP alot. Just like I can research and probably bring out articles written by some western guys who do not like malaysia alot If you want to criticise USA, it will also be easy to bring out those articles wriiten by USA haters. GET IT.
    So all you idiots, pls do not get so excited by these articles, because authors, journalists will do their best to select, or take things out of context to suit their bias.
    Every conutry has their policies, just like your bodoh country, and not a single government policy in any country is perfect. It is very easy to disect and select the negatives to do a critique.

    woke up

  45. Anonymous2:47 pm

    I just want to clarify that while i don't doubt LKY and his sons are brilliant, they have also paid a price for their achievements.
    I believe that LKY and his sons do not watch TV or go to the movies.
    For me, who loves to watch TV and go to the movies, i am prepared to sacrifice being so intelligent to be a little more rounded in my exposure to life.
    There is much to learn from good TV programs and good movies.
    Learning about life is not something you can get from memorizing textbooks.
    It's also gained from watching TV and going to the movies.
    The Lees need to realize that.

    Nickname: MOVIE-LOVER

  46. Anonymous3:51 pm


    It shall be a deliberate and conscious POLICY OF THE GOVT OF SINGAPORE AT ALL TIMES to RECOGNIZE THE SPECIAL POSITION OF THE MALAYS WHO ARE THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THE ISLAND and accordingly it shall be the responsibility of the Govt of Singapore to protect, support, foster and promote their political, educational, religous, economic, social and cultural interest and the Malay Language.



  47. Anonymous4:32 pm


    I believe the SPM top scorer with 20+ A's recently was a malay boy isn't it.

    Just imagine the Malay is the indigenous people of Singapore, they are said to be brilliant and yet what do they get? Almost nothing coz they are brilliant but not smart, just imagine if they were stupid.

    So you couldn’t and shouldn’t blame the Malaysian Malays for protecting their rights which has been enshrined in the constitution as the sg Malay is a lousy test case.

  48. Anonymous5:06 pm

    To the moron anonymous of 2.18 and 2.41

    You have got it wrong,Malaysia can leave S'pore alone but you have to depend on us to survive.

    First you need our water or start drinking more of your own toilet water,second you need our workforce to enable your hotels and resorts etc running and third you are a trading country and buy and sell our products to live.

    So,are you ready to leave us alone because we are ready anytime moron!

  49. Anonymous5:07 pm

    I came across this enlightening article that I think one should read before making any hash comments.


  50. Anonymous5:08 pm


    what makes u think that chinese in msia wants more? if the only thing that the chinese wants is for msia to move forward and stand tall, is that wrong?

    are u saying that now u are very proud with how msia is??

    and to omong, i am not a eurasian.. i can be whoever i like because the topic will not and does not differ with the skin color that i have.. so grow up and get a grip!!

    to that stupid anon, why are u comparing indonesian chinese to msian chinese right now? who do you think is at the losing end right now in msia? the malays or the other races? u basically just prove my point! when all fails, blame it on anything and everything but yourself..

    indonesia passed the bill on all race equality. can u live with that if the BN govt did that?? go ask urself that!!

  51. Anonymous5:11 pm

    rocky bru,anon 3.51pm

    Malays in singapore is being guarded by then the British and now their govt dominated by the Chinese.

    Though, Meritocracy is practised there is 'certain priviliges' that had been kept mum by public and not known..these had been kept promised and till to this day well-guarded...

    The malays in singaore for one thing that kept them apart from us is that they see themselves as 'singaporean' first.They are of low-profile group...

  52. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Speaking from experience, i have asked many candidates of many races to come for job interviews. sadly to say, it happens so often that many malays fail to communicate at least in basic english (not to say the other 2 races don't, the probability is lower). i guess we can only blame the education system in country, which fails to produce better communicators. attitude is another very important factor we tend to look for when hiring, again, some of them have this serious attitude problem of not wanting to perform. it can happen to all the races, but again experiences sometimes tell us otherwise. we can only hope everyone in the country would really improve the mindset and not blame anyone or everyone for whatever problems. respect is to be earned and not demanded for.

  53. Anonymous6:13 pm

    “Every culture has its ethnic origin……the gap between the Chinese and the barbarians is as wide as that between men and beasts” Zhang Binglin in his essay “Urgent Words(1903) from Sun Yat-sen by Marie-Claire Bergère, Janet Lloyd
    Translated by Janet Lloyd; Stanford University Press, 2000
    ISBN 0804740119, 9780804740111. (Shades of the Middle Kingdom crap…..right?)

    And thus is revealed the primeval motivations that fuelled the founding father’s indefatigable quest. The fabled noble revolutionary who was, in reality, an opportunist marooned in a self made harbour of racial superiority and a hatred for fellow humans. Nothing surprising there , for me at least. For chingkie lovvas and sundry dissolutes focus on Part 2 of the book.. It contains the hallmarks of Chinese opportunism and hypocrisy. A case of shifting sands in shifting times. Then, read the books I have outlined below, look up the meaning of the word pig and surf the links for the whole picture and the esteemed view of the Chingkie of his Malay nemesis. Are you now blind to a chronically diseased soul infected by a weltanschung of extreme racism and turgid xenophobia? Isn’t it time we obliterate this yellow fever from our pristine shores? What say you my brethren? Read on………..

    The Yellow devil scents himself with the fragrance of democracy, meritocracy, equality and justice but beneath that aroma of cheap perfume lurks the stink of an unwashed, putrid soul of a god forsaken beast, the pig. A soul trapped within a flesh that wallows in muck and grows on swill and sewage so much so that the inner self cannot but be besmirched by the outer decadence. Fed on prejudice, gorged on deceit and fattened by duplicity, the chingkie soul cannot but stay true to his essential being. A racist and ethno-supremacist to the core, the chingkie pig oinks out canard after canard to obfuscate his ultimate goal : subjugation and domination. Hence, he bedazzles the gullible through his glib talk, fatous arguments and irascible tomfoolery and with the aid of the zombie chingkie lovvas and sundry scum extends his depraved worldview to an unenlightened rabble. His chubby visage and his sliteyed squint masking the venom of adeepseated hatred ensconced within his rapacious heart. His bacon of lies is cooked to perfection in lards of distortion while his ham of hypocrisy is barbecued evenly over the dissimulating embers of loyalty, the smell of his intellectual offal are masked by the herbs of amity while the reek of his distended loins is overcoated with the sauce of equality. And so he appears to all and sundry as the epitome of the intelligence, hardwork, frugality, business acumen and foresight when beneath his polished exterior skulks a sordid tale of deceit, deception, treachery and cunning.. waiting to be undressed in the space of public opinion. Shielded from the sunlight of reason, the Chinese Supremacist ideology has burrowed itself deep into the bowels of the Chingkie’s mind, lurking, waiting,biding its time to rear its ugly mien and strike with the fiery fury of an uncaged dragon. Be aware……..very aware of the Chingkie for he is apt to sell you a pig in a poke!!

    Post script: My malay brethren, be proud of the fact that you were never a racist but the purveyors of “live and let live”.. . For even in our apogee, we were lorded over by a Malay Sultan of Indian lineage (Muzaffar Shah) and another ruler who married a Chingkie Princess (Mansur Shah) who never deviated from their Malay heritage and Islamic roots….. Come on ye Farisees (Indian) and Azlys and Mericans (Arab), men of dubious Malay lineage who preach rubbish to a zombie rabble…what say you chingkie lovvas to your chingkie paramours now…. Must we be the “ladyboys” who have to kowtow to the chingkie emperor. Go fly a kite with Teo Jijit Thiam and while at it, tell nay help him to wash his arse as well as dettol his mouth before he spits out his shit in these parts……

    Warrior: the whites are probably the prophesised Gogs while the Yellows are probably the Magogs: nothing to worry, soon we will shelltox them maggots into perdition!!


    1. A Nation-state by Construction: Dynamics of Modern Chinese Nationalism Suisheng Zhao; Stanford University Press, 2004 ISBN 0804750017, 9780804750011

    2. Rescuing History from the Nation: Questioning Narratives of Modern China Prasenjit Duara ; University of Chicago Press, 1995 ISBN 0226167224,

    3. Sun Yat-sen by Marie-Claire Bergère, Janet Lloyd: Stanford University Press, 2000 ISBN 0804740119, 9780804740111


    Additional reading:
    5. “Chinese-ness” now is thought to be something corporeal, steeped in the cranial capacity and blood qualities. Superiority even to the “whites” is claimed, not even to speak about the “blacks” (“recognizable by the smell”, “no capacity to shine in
    history”) and “southerners” (“Malays” – “the descendants of orang-utan”).

    Warrior 231

  54. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Mr juanito 5.08/

    The use of abusive words ia a reflection of one's upbringing. And theat, cuts through all races , whether you are chinese, malays , indians, eurasians, and "can-be-whoever-i-like's.


  55. Anonymous6:34 pm

    look like this juanito is defending the racist chinese again ,just like umno defending their own.write as much as you like but i will always write this 'the malaysian chinese have no moral high ground at all'.in the private sector(majority chinese)practise pure racist policy when it comes to recruiting indians and malay.

    so ,what are you gonna write now huh? juanito, defend , twisting ,denial???.its quite funny that singapore treats the opposition party like dirt but you will never hear the malaysian chinese voices in condeming this .

    truth hurts

  56. Anonymous6:46 pm

    anonymous 2.18 pm

    "To all malaysia idiots including the stupid owner of this blog,

    wake up and leave SGP alone, you motherfuckers."

    Thats what you said and called us. Just one thing.

    Does that mean we also 'fucked' your mother ?

    (sorry about that bro--just trying to prove a point to that sod that its not nice to usesuch a word as it may backfire))

    your mother'sfucker.

  57. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Anonymous juanito said...


    "what makes u think that chinese in msia wants more? if the only thing that the chinese wants is for msia to move forward and stand tall, is that wrong?"


    maybe you are not in the same wavelength with the chinese politicians and educationists. The malays are now waking up to the deceits of the non-bumis demand of transparencies and equilities etc...remember juanito whether you or I like it or not Najib is going to take over and Mahathirism will be the order.The malays are going to be united once more...and your idol Anwar will be fixed once and for all.
    Najib will be PM for at least a decade...or if you hate that fact you're welcome to Singapore though now it started axing workers.


  58. Anonymous7:41 pm

    And so , you think your malaysian & singaporean race is superior while others are inferior?

    All these while your country depends on foreign workers to do everything from building house (construction) and plantation to clearing up the clogged drain , washing dishes,cleaning toilets, sweeping floors and the list go on and on .

    Your country can't even manufacture simple things for your basic needs like a toothbrush and had to depends cheap import from the chinaman because obviously you cannot afford to buy it from "made in USA" or more than ever from Europe , now can you?

    You see , when you're a child you always depends on your phillipino or your indonesian maid to wipe your ASS clean after you shit.

    That's why your country ringgit and your dollar fly far far away from your home and never return.

    And yet you claim your race is superior?!

    Think again!!.

  59. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Just have to compare Penang Free School with Raffles Intitution and you have all the answers as who is great and who had done it all wrong. Grow up please........

  60. Hah!

    I just realised that I commented FIRST!

    I am the master now, bitch!

    Honestly, though, I would like to ask all those who are racist and arrogant as well as ignorant towards the Malays to continue doing so.

    With all you idiots, I look better by the minute. Thanks for making me look good, stupid.

    Pride comes before the fall. And all you fuckers are in for a loooooong drop.

  61. Anonymous1:20 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Anonymous8:21 am

    to juanito 5.08pm

    "to that stupid anon, why are u comparing indonesian chinese to msian chinese right now? who do you think is at the losing end right now in msia? the malays or the other races? u basically just prove my point! when all fails, blame it on anything and everything but yourself.."

    wtf are you talking about ? What makes you think the Indon Chinese are having a party there ? Its only because they were forced to....That could have happenbed here --BUT DID'NT !

    Losing end ? Nobody isat the losing end here in Malaysia my country.

    "indonesia passed the bill on all race equality. can u live with that if the BN govt did that?? go ask urself that!!"

    Again --wtf are you you rambling about ? Be specific !!!!


  63. /// amir said...
    Actually, Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard, while not having provisions to accept the poor, have special courses for the rich. ///

    Yes, amir, I stand corrected. You are right, Oxbridge does make exceptions for blue-blooded pedigrees. Prince charles was admitted to do some weird course like land economics or geography or something. He obviously couldn't get in on merits. The only prince was of course the well known Tunku Abdul Rahman. He got in alright. But he took eons to graduated, flunking year after year.

    So, entry made easy - YES. But, passing with flying colours, or just passing made easy - NO. They don't make it easy for you to get first class or made wranglers.

    I think all impartial observers will agree that a certain family have very superior IQs. Whether they have high EQs is another matter.

  64. Anonymous8:24 am

    to anonymous....8.00am

    I agree with you. Just ignore that kris waving idiot. He is bancrupt of ideas and had to realise on emotion and sentiments to cover-up his empty brain.

    I'm sure every race has one of those.

    non-kris-waving malay

  65. Wrangle my ass.

    Actually, I will never attest to the 'certain family' as having superior IQs.

    If they're REALLY smart, they would have made everyone think that they're the good guys and we would be supplying Singapore with water and money for free without any resentment.

    As it is, suspicion towards the Singaporean Government is perhaps one of the few things Malaysians of all races can agree on.

    Arrogance, hubris, and brainwashing people to worship you - and believing your own hype - to me, is a sign of stupidity.

    You don't underestimate people and overestimate yourself.

    That's just pure stupid, in my book.

  66. Anonymous12:51 pm

    rock steady,

    i rest my case... u are going in circles and circles which i have already explained myself..

    and that guy who goes by anon who doesnt even dare to show a slightest piece of his name wanna bark up the wrong tree for nuts.

    rock steady,

    pls go read what i wrote and hence the thread of replies.

    btw, before i finish off
    - i mentioned that malays can compete on level playing gnd in singapore with the chinese...

    - what i am trying to say is the malays of today in msia cant.. and there is a distinct difference between the malays of today vs the very own malays of the colonial days... if the malays of the colonial days without tongkat and nep can compete with the rest of the world, why not the malays of today in msia? which is totally the opposite of our neighbour malays, singapore.

    - you guys go beating about the bush being sensitive of what i wrote rather than looking at the problem behind it.. which again goes back to the anon guy, when all fails blame it on everything and anything - which is the typical example and practice of BN, UMNO and who-so-ever in Msia.

    and to the anon guy,
    - if u think the malays are not the losing end, u are just living in denial still... let me ask u a simple question like i asked rock steady which he didnt answer.

    - do u think u are proud with what msia is today? when we were once a tall standing nation, just 20 years behind singapore in terms of development, today we lose out to even vietnam and some of the african countries..

    if u say u are proud with how msia is today, then u are totally a dead lost! and basically which i said much earlier and am saying it again, you basically just proof my point!

  67. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Anonymous said...
    look like this juanito is defending the racist chinese again the private sector(majority chinese)practise pure racist policy when it comes to recruiting indians and malay.

    are u nuts or wat??? racist policy?? u are so shallow minded.. i totally rest my case with people like u... do u think in terms of results on level playing gnd based on merit, the indians and malays can outbeat the chinese in the private sector?? so amd, intel, msoft, fairchild, bbraun and wat not are racist la.. hiring more chinese than not.. u gila or wat??

    1st of all, the said grp fail in 1+1

    2nd of all, the said grp speak broken english

    3rd of all, the said grp cant even be independant..

    and yet you blame everything and anything but urself...

  68. orang lain je racist, dia orang sama sekali tidak!

  69. /// amir said...

    Wrangle my ass.

    Actually, I will never attest to the 'certain family' as having superior IQs.

    If they're REALLY smart, they would have made everyone think that they're the good guys and we would be supplying Singapore with water and money for free without any resentment. ///

    You are confusing EQ with IQ. As I said earlier, the EQ part is suspect.

  70. Anonymous3:27 pm

    juanito 12.51pm

    'if u say u are proud with how msia is today, then u are totally a dead lost! '

    ..implied that you are not . In that case --fuckoff from Malaysia you sob.


  71. Anonymous3:33 pm


    "and that guy who goes by anon who doesnt even dare to show a slightest piece of his name wanna bark up the wrong tree for nuts."

    whats in a name .... And whos going to say that you have given your real name ?
    It doesn't mean a thing if you are just a nobody !
    what you think we all know who the fuck you are ?
    Even if you put down your IC number --who is to know that its genuoine ?
    Its the cyber world you idiot. A name is only a name.
    Juanito is a name which doesnt sound like any race here in Malaysia or Singapore.
    Or you might have this dream of being a spanish perhaps. Perhaps the nearest you ever get to anything spanish or mexican might be the donkey .

    whatsinaname .

    Hey!!I got a name here.--does that make me very daring ? HAH!!!

  72. Let's just call it as either smart or stupid.

    You're saying they're smart.

    I'm saying they're stupid.

    At least, their actions are. For the past, oh I don't know, 900 years?

    IQ, EQ, Ewe Jew, whatever.

  73. Anonymous12:18 am

    Juanito said....

    "do u think in terms of results on level playing gnd based on merit, the indians and malays can outbeat the chinese in the private sector?? so amd, intel, msoft, fairchild, bbraun and wat not are racist la.. hiring more chinese than not.. u gila or wat??"

    Nobody is denying that the chinese contributed in the pte sectors and the economy but what the bumis hated most are your unreasonable demands on the recent episodes like vernacular schools,NEP etc...Believe me juanito no matter how successful you are UMNO will NEVER let you people run the country. You lot can choose which ever country suited you most,perhaps Singapore?

    Has it ever occurred to you with the current political climate,the Malays would be very happy if people like you left Malaysia?

    You know maybe UMNO may not say it cos' it's a sensitive issue but you people must catch the drift lah! I bet UMNO will hold a big kenduri if ungrateful people like you just dissappear.


  74. Anonymous3:13 am


    Same old answers, looks to me you can't defend at all. Shallow mind? I am writing according to my own experience and others. This is not an accusation but a reality on what has been happening, I won’t comment on the government sector or the nep since its well documented. If the UN conducts an independent research on the issue regarding the private sector discriminating policy, the end results, you are going to put your selfish -denial head into the sand for being an arrogant and ignorant human being.

    You started by trying to sugar-coat Singapore failure with a lame excuse and then accuse the Indian and Malays (after nep) for not able to compete against the Chinese. You seem to have supremacy complex towards other races in this country. Perhaps, you are one of those people whom speak their own language to others in a meeting or a leisure affair while leaving co-workers or friends fuming inside their tolerant shell. Are you going to deny this too? Go ahead, you don’t need to probe into this statement, i am sure other comments have experience this first hand.

    On the point of comparing Indonesia Chinese and Malaysian Chinese, the anon has a valid point, and you being cleverer than everyone here can’t seems to connect the dot...Here my take, if the Indonesia Chinese can sacrifice (unwilling/willing) and adapt to achieve unity in Indonesia, why can’t the Malaysian Chinese do the same? Oh and please, if this government do pass the same bill (it will be one the happiest day of my life if that happens) than the majority loser will be the Chinese companies.

    Malaysian Chinese have this problem, their think too highly of themselves. One of the commenter wrote about spm results. When a Malay student scores an excellent results (top), there are doubts among the Chinese community saying that the spm level have dropped considerably which denotes a bizarre counter-argument since in that year ,the majority who scored high are the Chinese themselves(based on a true conversation I had )

    If you can’t even stop and listen and understand the other side of the problem, than why bother at all? .you bluntly refuses to knowledge that the other side of this clouded horizon practise racism and discrimination. And ending an argument or debate by saying ‘and yet you blame everything and anything but urself...’ seems to me a bit child-like retort. The Indians and the Malays know their problems very well and are working towards improving themselves (apparently the Chinese are perfect, so I can’t really say anything).back to the point, Are the Malays blaming everyone except themselves? Remember March, their stood up and voted the other side

    Oh! Calling commenter’s here stupid, shallow mind, narrow minded or gila is not exactly the abundance of words of an educated intellect.

    It’s a two way street in life. In every conflict of ideas, both sides share the blame .

    Truth to my words, ‘the Malaysian Chinese have no moral high ground’

    Truth hurts

  75. Anonymous3:31 am


    HRH The Sultan of Selangor... in awarding a royal honor to "that PKNS woman", has sent a coded message to plastic pendekars like you.

    Let me decipher the code...


  76. Anonymous7:12 am



    Oh by the way---you are intelligent---as intelligent as a mexican ass or a spanish donkey.

    Oh---rocksteady---you are wrong.

    Not only UMNO but the whole nation will hold a kenduri or even festival if intelligent super donkeys and asses would go back to their country of origin .

    (is that name acceptable to your ass brain juanito ?

  77. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Hey warrior 231, yes you the one who claim to be a soldier turn farmer, bulid like a pugilist. Protraying him or herself as brainy and brawny. ha ha a malaysian soldier (rank-private) who knows how to use internet. Do not talk cock lah, be like big dog, reveal your real self. I think you are jsut a skinny inbreed who spend his time jacking off infront o fthe pc

    your favorite chingkie (come hit me)

  78. Anonymous5:57 pm

    to anon 5.06,
    put yr money where your money is, man. do not just talk lah. cut off the water. stop trading with SGP. what is stopping you moron. you said you are ready, then do it. or else i will put my d### into your mouth. ha ha ha

    to anon 6.46
    yes you motherfucker. guess who use this damn word first in this blog. anyway, just to clarify since you ask. I mean you yes you fuck yr own mother because you do not know mine . ha ha ha
    I just love it when people respond.

    woke up

  79. Anonymous7:30 am

    wokeup 5.57

    Not worth responding to people from small islands with small mind and small d###. Go spend your your time digging your ears and nose with that small d###. Oh by the way go improve your English so that you can understand fully what people write.(By the way I heard you are not worth cos youre more bugis street material --i suspect...) so go eat ur d###. hahahaha angry---feel free to respond or you can go round in circle in your teeny island---cos I will not waste my time responding to a puff like you anymore. ahahahah


  80. Anonymous8:33 am

    woke up 5.57

    Good grief---you may well be my illegitimate son. hahahahahh

    yourmother's fucker

  81. Anonymous6:01 pm

    to moron motherfucking anon 730
    You said you will not be responding but I am sure you will read this comment. My english is fine. Do not know about yours. looks ok but your logic and reasoning is moronic (typical product of malaysian upbringing)you are so stupid you got cheated out of the water deal and you have no guts to cancel the agreement. malaysian come to sgp to work because your moronic country do not have enough(sgp did not invite all of you) despite all the water, timber, oil etc. you are so bitter just like your mahathiran because a accidental country with nothing can become richer , smarter than you. i can go on but i will stop here to let you moron think abit.

    to the other motherfucking idiot.(the who fuck his own mother)
    good grief, you could be my son too but i doubt it because you are too stupid
    woke up

  82. Anonymous4:32 am

    The umno ketuanan & the pap elitism are the same bastard group, these bastards cant stand challenges to their parties, they will shut up others with isa.
    If the country is excellently managed without those umno mismanagement & corruption, the chinese have no complaint and the living standard here beneficial to all races will be the best in Asia beating that Singapore!
    For the gullible malays, you are not umno, you are much bigger than that damn umno!! Short changed in KL

  83. And at the end of the day, we're just little people bickering on a blog. Life goes on.