Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hands off IJN, please

Anyone with a heart will be alarmed with Sime Darby's proposal to take over the IJN and turn it into its own revenue generator. The IJN, of National Heart Institute, was built for the rakyat. The reason why the Government set it up when Dr Mahathir Mohamad was PM was because most people could not afford to go to private hospitals.
85 per cent of IJN's patients are poor people. Which means that their bills are sponsored/subsidized by the Government.

I doubt that Sime Darby, the world's largest merged plantation entity, is interested in the IJN for CSR reasons.

My question is, who's idea is it to hive off IJN to Sime? The Edge's Financial Daily today, on it front page, carries the report "Sime Darby eyes IJN", with a sub-heading "Health Ministry objects to MoF's proposal to hive off heart hospital".

MoF's proposal? The Minister of Finance Inc owns 99 per cent of IJN.

"Many of IJN's doctors are leaving because the remuneration is not attractive enough. With Sime Darby in the picture, the doctors would be better paid ...".
Is that so? I asked the IJN people and what they told me was:
"Of course, there is turnover but none of our consultants has left us. What's more important is that the hospital's service is not adversely affected by it".
According to my sources, the IJN knows nuts about the MoF's proposal. Over to the Minister of Finance, then ...

Read the original scoop by SimeDarbyWatch, here.

p.s. Read this piece on Sime's Motor Division gets panicky as well.
I thought after the Sime Bank's RM400 million fiasco in the 1990s, which brought many people to their knees, the corporation was going to stick to what it knows best? I've just learned that healthcare is now a core business of Sime's ...


  1. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Bloody fools from the MoF! How dare you do this? You want the public to suffer more?

    If this happens, I will personally go campaign against barisan so that they are wiped out.

    Lay off, you bastards!


  2. Anonymous5:58 pm

    sekiranya berita ini benar, celakalah pemimpin yg membenarkan ini berlaku. FUCK YOU ALL!!

    if sime darby really want to do csr, build your own heart institute so more people can seek treatment.

    fuck..fuck..fucking BN.


  3. ROCKY
    this bastards in the MOF(Mother of ALL fuckers)do u think they give a shit about the health of the people in this country.all they c is money money money.bro its not cheap as u think .my late dad had a pacemaker op n the bill came to abt rm3k.cos my brother served this country 4 21yrs b4 retiring.only the parents of the defence forces r allowed this benefits. if not the bill is around 35k if im not mistaken.nothing is being done to improve our goverment hgospitals which r in dire straits.some of the doctors r half past six but there r also some good ones who slog themselves 4 s long s 36hrs. hv been to the emergency ward at serdang will take u at least 2 hrs to c a doctor fm the time u register.after that try getting yr medicine fm the pharmacy.their eyes r glued to the tv set in front of them.majority of the people in this country cannot afford private hospitals which r BLOOD SUCKING MACHINES anyway.what this country needs is a pool of speacialists in their own area to run the MINISTRY OF HEALTH. not someone who is a HUGH HEFNER wannabe.get the drift.they(SPEACIALISTS) can then really put the house in order again.S 4 sime darby let them get burned during this economic meiltdown.bastards of their own making.
    c u at GIANT bro.

  4. Anonymous6:14 pm

    I am angry Bro!!

    I am not an economist or any think tank joe but since when do Medical School teachS Doctors to To be a greedy MATERIALISTIC CAPITALIST.

    Ask Khazanah to privitise Hospital Bahagia Tanjung Rambutan and Hospital Bahagia Tampoi as well .

    Apa lagi budak-budak ni nak ni?
    Berapa tong jengkulan emas dan paper bons you all nak ni!!!!!

    I am angry.

  5. Anonymous6:22 pm

    IJN is a corporatised entity under MOF Inc. There has been many attempts to privatise it over the years but those who made the proposals to privatise found out that the biggest hurdle to profits is that, once privatised, the govt will withdraw the 100% subsidy that pays for 85% of the people that go to IJN. So where is the money going to come from?

  6. Anonymous6:41 pm

    This is another nefarios plan concocted to rip the public off by the "benevolent" Pharklah govt.Fresh from their pyrhhic victory in getting three acts passed within one week (which they will soon kickstart to grind out their enemies within the ramparts), they are now greedily eyeing one of the last vestiges of quality health care available to the poor, to make hay while the pallid sun cast his last rays over the land. Little do they know that the economic typhoon gathering steam and speed as it passes through warm waters littered with the wrecks of defaulted subprimes, worthless mortgages,dubious derivates and scam ponzis, the country will soon bear the full brunt of the storm's eye and will be lashed day and night with record unemployment, Non performing loans, crumbling banks, an hollowed industrial complex, spiralling crime, an impoverished populace, fleeing capital and an anaemic service and retail sector.

    So while they doze, snore and fiddle and indulge in shady manouevres and other asinine shenanigans, the country will be swamped by a deluge of mythic proportions and burnt to the cinders.

    It is high time that the military take over and install a technocrat govt led by Tun M and sweep all the reigning numbskulls and nincoompoops, both govt and oppo, into the sinbins of history for they have wreaked enough damage that will probably take a generation to clear.

    Warrior 231

  7. Corruption,Corruption,Corruption.Cronyism ,Cronyism,Cronyism. If its not one, its the other.

  8. Anonymous6:47 pm

    I live in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. When I bought my house there it was still under Guthrie and Tan Sri Khalid was still the chairman.

    Bukit Jelutong was beautiful with lots of greeneries and open spaces compared to where I used to live in Subang Jaya. The latter is a perfect example of how a greedy developer profits without caring for quality of life.

    The bad news is that Guthrie has now been taken over by Sime. Barely a year after the take over, Sime is now attempting to convert Bukit Jelutong into another Subang Jaya.

    Sime probably subscribe to Gordon Gekko's mantra "Greed, for want of a better word, is good...".

    God help us...

    Bukit Jelutong,
    Shah Alam

  9. Anonymous6:55 pm

    OH NO, OH NO!

    please say it isn't so.

    When my dad had his bypass there (as a private patient), we were very impressed with the hospital's doctors and staff, from nurses right down to the parking attendants. And you know what, there were many poor patients and kids with defective hearts there who got treated like they were paying patients too.
    As far as I could tell when my dad was there, the non-paying patients were never discriminated against.
    And there is a scheme in place to help those from the poor income group.
    So this is one govt institution that I think works just fine and truly have a heart.
    I am dismayed if this takeover becomes fact.

    Grateful Msian

  10. Anonymous7:19 pm

    To all POOR mak Cik,Pak Cik,Uncles and Aunties suffering from heart disease,I pray hard for all of you as the days of cheap medical care is coming to an end.I hope some lawyer out there can help by advising whether a taxpayer like me can go to court to stop all this nonsense.I am willing to pay the legal fees and maybe Harris can help.Keep up the good work Rocky.

  11. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Yes, if this happen, I will throw everything in the interest of the rakyat to campaign against BN. Come what may...
    Take note and take interest and Sime Darby better lay off.

  12. Sekiranya rancangan dok pok dari Sime Darby the slimy ini berjaya, pasti akan menimbulkan kemurkaan rakyat. I've been to other new and old government hospital like Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim and HPP many times, and all I could see were happy smiling faces. Is the MOF so desperate for funds?

  13. Brother Rocky,


    1. From what i know, the suggestion by Sime Darby was brushed off without even giving it a slight look. Who cares what Musa Hitam thinks? Remember who is the Minister Of Finance...:) MF 2 just waiting for his execution of stay finished in March...or earlier...

    2. For every action, there an equal oo opposite reaction....a proposal is just a piece of paper written on it and served to the Ministry. Doesnt mean all the proposal is true. So word of caution, dont hype yourself with just a useless piece of paper.

    3. Keep continuing what ur doing, and i can be ur formidable ally bro.

    4. Another teh tearik session in pj hilton with laksa as the other day with the 'muwahid'.....


  14. Anonymous7:56 pm

    this is real story la rocky...everything must go ka now? prior march-09...we shall expect more outrageous proposals?

    part of sime' diversification strategy - maybe? damned! whomever suggesting the move...must be somebody without any brain at all.


  15. Anonymous8:12 pm

    as a doctor i feel ashamed of this fact if it was real. if this does come through, then i would suggest that IJN change its name to reflect itself as a new entity which does not serve the public.

    yes, doctors leave if the renumeration is not attractive, BUT there will always be newcomers who will fill the gap. wonder if the people doing this thinks about it.

    sigh. now where can i go to learn to be a cardiac specialist while serving the country? i guess now i can't do both now at the same time.

    double sigh.

    -honest doctor-

  16. Aiya, another one of those. First Sime proposes to take over...objection not so bad because it is Sime..then closer to the deal...Joe Blog steals the deal or after Sime takes over, they then realise they already got another Medical Centre, SJMC, in their books which is doing almost the same thing...and then they sell it off to Joe Blogs...

  17. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Hello Bro, in your earlier posting you mentioned about Singapore. We're indeed very worried each time there's mention of Singapore.
    Why! Because Sime Darby is being advised by Singapore spy consultants. So you know la...
    Why! The 4th floor in Putrajaya is under the spell of Singapore operatives.
    Why! We won't forget the role played by these Singapore operatives in the sale of Pantai Medical Centre - which keeps medical records of senior Malaysian govt officials - to Singapore.
    Why! How these operatives sold the Iskandar and many more to Singapore.
    Why! How a Singapore operative and close friend of the No 1 together with his pariah dogs exploited the NSTP until Barisan Nasional lost two-thirds majority in the March 2008 general election.
    A REMINDER: Tun Mahathir said the Umno president-in-waiting may not get to become PM. You smell something Singapore bro!


  18. Anonymous8:55 pm

    My heartfelt condolences, should the deal go through with this heart breaking news.

    While there are pros and cons to this hearty intention, it may also cause heart stopping setbacks.

    Why can't Sime Darby invest in a brand new institute instead? Then go ahead and charge the heartsick patients an arm and a leg for it.

    But if we put two and two together,
    it is a simple business strategy. Buy cheap, make a fortune and sell it back for bigger profits.

    Good thinking.

    By the way what ever happened to the medical insurance scheme that was mooted sometime back?

    Gone to pieces, I hesitate to guess.


  19. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Sime Darby was build from the ability to organically. All its expansion plan done by acquisition failed.

    Bodoh sangat ke nak faham sejarah orgnanisasi sendiri? Remember teh fridge company in UK, UMBC/SIme Bank, ...

    Stop being lazy. Build your own bloody business lah, loser!

    Bodoh betul ...

  20. It is privatisation to them BN style ... go ahead with the plan and I guarantee you that BN will be in the opposition by the next GE

  21. Sime Darby ini apa haprak punya business, tak ada malu ka? Baru sahja mereka take over Golden Hope Plantation dan Guthrie dengan cara tidak berhemah sekarang nak take over IJN pulak. Ini macam punya business, ambil alih syarikat milek Kerajaan yang beruntung saya percaya saya pun boleh buat (kalau di beri peluanglah)

    Sime Darby should just stick to what they know and what they have and make it work, plummetting commodity price is something that they have to deal with right now. Not acquiring profitable institutions owned by the Government like IJN, later rebrand and repackage and make the service more expensive. Last time, Sime Darby got away with eating up Golden Hope and Guthrie because not many members of the public are involved in the trickery.

    This time, IJN is another kettle of fish altogether the proposed taking over will only mean higher cost and bigger profits and will directly affect the poor Malaysian and their family who seeks treatment there. Do not mess with the people's HEART and wallet OK, next election the BN Government might get whacked big time on this issue.(MOF please take note)

    So Sime Darby don't play,play with the public aah. Please take out your little greedy hands off IJN.

  22. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Malaysia kan ramai orang kaya,,Biaq pi lah Sime Darby nak beli apa,,!!!

    Orang miskin buatlah cara miskin,,gi Ospital kerajaan,,,bersama-sama pendatang Bangla,Myanmar,Nepal & others,,,!!!

    Hospital Petronas di Jalan Bukit Bintang,,tiada siapa pon persoalkan????


  23. FUCK Sime Darby,

    They've got problem with their Auto division now they're trying to suck another money machine entity which is Healthcare and it's belongs to RAKYAT.

    My daughter was undergo the VSD operation few years back. Guess what? I just paid RM3K instead of the hefty bills of RM35K. Thanks to the IJN HKL Welfare dept for subsidising the operation.

    And fuck again Sime Darby if they're acquiring IJN, for sure the poor will die waiting for the operation.

  24. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Sime Darby controls the Subang Jaya Medical Centre. The facilities there are fantastic. Service first class. Very professional. But that comes with a heavy price. One visit for just consultation plus blood tests will set you back at least RM600. If you have a heart problem and you are short of cash, a visit to the hospital will probably kill you before the heart attack can reach you. Sime Darby prides itself in being a conglomerate which is all heart.

  25. Anonymous10:26 pm

    mangkuk nye MOF..
    kalo aku sakit jantung nnt,aku tanak pi IJN...
    better pi kubur je trus.

  26. Anonymous10:27 pm

    now we know, all those so called fcuking towering malay politicians using sime darby to profit from the sick...

    if this is what you fcukers amno ultras called ketuanan melayu?

    go suck pig dicks by all mean!


  27. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Ini bukan menguntungkan Rakyat, tetapi eksersaiz ini akan memberi C...Bank fees, kerana mereka akan jadi advisor dan underwriter dan financing packager..dll
    bank ni dulu urus SD gabung tiga syarikat Beso.
    Bank ni dapat ratusan juta "fees".
    Same le dengan yang nih.
    Tu aje cerita nya ,MOF dll cakap untuk buat smok skrin.
    kalu macam ni ,mantan menteri kewangan yang baru menang PP, nak cakap ape..
    Marah dari changkat lobak.
    arjuna waspada.

  28. Anonymous11:59 pm


    Without being racial and from first hand experience, there is probably truth in the claim that consultants are potentially on the move from IJN. IJN is known to be economical with meritocracy, making promotions difficult for competent non bumiputera doctors.

    Typically these are the doctors, having hit glass ceilings and not receiving the recognition despite their competence, who seek to move out where they can earn more than what they earn in IJN. The private sector knows this and they exploit it.

    Whether Sime Darby will be able to resolve this problem....well that remains to be seen. Raising the pay is only half the solution. What are they going to do when doctors who deserve the recognition, do not get promoted?

    Personally, Sime Darby and Petronas should probably hand their hospitals to Khazanah to streamline the government's private healthcare assets into one entity. As it stands, the nation's three major operators, Pantai, KPJ and Sime Darby have significant GLC holding anyway.

    An Observer

  29. Anonymous12:18 am

    Privatisation. This is the evil of transfering/selling out PUBLIC services (which are essential services provided by the government to the rakyat at affordable prices) to PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS or GLCs so fat cats can rip the rakyat off by charging exorbitant prices to pay themselves fat salaries and bonuses or enrich themselves!!!

    It is this lust and greed for profits no matter what that have caused the whole fcuking world to have gone mad and that's why the financial and economic meltdown now which is yet to fully hit us!

    Don't the bastards ever learn? How much profits are enough? How much money in the bank will satisfy one's greed? How many houses can one live in? How many cars can one drive?

    So Sime Darby can fuck off and leave IJN alone! When the rakyat get fed up with the looters it's when they'll go a lynching which is beginning to happen around the world to the so-called elites.

    The people have had enough. The rape and looting must stop.

    No more privatisation! The government should in fact REVERSE those essential services back to PUBLIC HANDS such as roads and highways, healthcare, water, electricity, telecommunications, etc.

    How can so few steal so much from so many and yet get away with murder?

  30. Anonymous12:21 am

    Well Rocky, if its true... looks like we've got to boycott this f***ing greedy Sime Darby (its products and services) to teach them a lesson. Boycott Subang Medical.. I'm sure there are other private hospitals around!

    - Fed up

  31. come on guys, MoF is there to make a few people rich,privatise profits and to socialise losses.remember MAS?

    they have done this so many times, give away crown jewel for a song and then bail out when it fails uner bad management which means they should have not got it in the 1st place. But hey it is needed cps UMNOPutras.

    Great decision making it is never in the interest of the rakyat...jut think of toll agreements!

  32. BTW sime was begging to get out of the medical business a few years ago.

  33. Anonymous12:48 am

    oh tidak...kat sepital mana lagi bapak aku nak pergi check jantung ni....???


  34. Anonymous12:52 am





  35. Anonymous1:01 am

    this is totally shit!!! Then i would like to suggest Sime Darby to take over everything, medical centre, military and even ministry of finance. Let the poor suffer!!!

    zamri, anti sime darby

  36. To me IJN is a social responsibility of the government to the poor. A government put in place by Malaysians, both rich and poor.

    Sime Darby Bhd on the other hand is a corporation whose bottom line is profit for the shareholders, who are by no means poor if they can afford to buy Sime shares.

    A horrible mix in my opinion. Bottom line and social responsibility is like water and oil. They simply don't mix. It may all look hunky dory in the beginning but when the profit line is eroded, something will give and it is usually at the expense of the poor (and usually the disenfranchised)!

  37. Anonymous2:11 am

    haiya why you people fuck here fuck there blaming Sime Darby,nothing is free insurance lah,stop smoking and take less fat,more exercise,jog everyday after work,take vacations and dont stress too much,why blame BN gomen after all i think it is purely business,you people stop blaming the government and Sime,we ordinary people dont think too much,but i think its wise to give subsidise charges malaysian children who are born with conginatal heart disease when they are born with those symptoms.

    But smokers no way lah,I think you have to understand in Malaysia this subsidise mentality should go away especially those who dont take care of themselves,watch your diet and please dont politicise this proposal by Sime.

    Temasek Holdings had already bought quite a substantial equity in Sime so its naturally with the cash that Sime has in hand needs vital investment,and furthermore im sure the the services will be further improved if you give Sime to lead.Return to share holders will also be better with this purchase.
    The problem with you all is that you politicise matters and make a big hoo haa out of this,typical of malaysian blogger to fuck people over and you mouth with those blizzering tongue or you will land yourself with strokes instead of unnecessary heart attack.Take care and lay off vulgarity for God sake!!!!!

  38. And the QEH closed its doors on November 11th in KK.

    More here -

  39. Anonymous3:34 am

    Sime Darby has no experience in taking over the nations' heart hospital. Question is why and are they being coerced by the government?

  40. I can now imagine seeing the ever smiling Musa Black/3Ks... faces:
    1. SJMC. Done
    2. Guthrie. Done
    3. Golden Hope. Done.
    4. Khazanah. Long time ago
    5. Pak Lah. The very long time ago
    6. Anwar. In my pocket. He's too greedy to be the next PM. What a LOL!
    7. WPI. Done

    1. IJN.
    2. UMNO. Need to do fast before March 2009
    3. MCA. No problemaa.
    4. MIC. Lagi no problemaa.
    5. Gerakan. Kici punya hal
    6. BN. In process.
    7. PAS. To put Erdogan II team fast!
    8. Malaysia. In process

    Not in the book:
    1. DAP. Bro in Singapork said don't touch.
    2. PPP. No use... going to fade away anyway under Kayveas

    Once done...hola.... I'm the man behind Malaysian Premiership (failed to do so in the 80'a and 90's..iskh..ishk..) meaning...I AM THE PM OF MALAYSIA.

    Stumbling block:
    1. Tun Dr Mahathir
    2. Chinese (but can kow tim one... once give money/projects to them they'll keep quite one)
    3. Indian. Who??
    4. Malay. Aisey... Melayu Mudah Lupa one. As long do not disturb their Ketuanan Melayu..and give them RM150-RM250, problem solved,it's ok.

    Main stumbling block:
    1. Bloggers!!!!


  42. This is MOF 1 or MOF 2 ? ask Sime Darby to focus and narrow down their focus show us the stakehoder the result show us the money with their core business .

  43. Anonymous8:18 am

    Takyah la bising2....

    Benda ni takkan jadi....

    Cuma ada yg suka nak buat 'dongeng' ala PR....KELENTONG lebih aje...

    Tak caya...tengok aje la...


    dari - Muak & Mual dgn PR....

  44. The first thing did when he became the Prime minister;we go back to basic that is agriculture and the motto is "Pertanian adalah Perniagaan" and after that they are plenty of corridors from north to south and east to west.Now he is leaving us; the new motto are "KEBAJIKAN ADALAH PERNIAGAAN"

  45. Anonymous8:55 am

    To Najib Razak,
    if this Sime shameful idea was mooted b4 u became the Fin. Minister, pls stop it now. To allow it to continue is like digging umno/bn grave deeper. U have been warned.


  46. salam bro,

    This is only my personal opinion, I think this is the job of the grumpy guy who soon to retire and plan to become the advisor of SIME Group. Same as Tun who become the advisor of Petronas n Proton.

    As we all know IJN is a cash cow company even though it current status only as Perbadanan sahaja due to a lot of Sakit Jantung patient are low income n middle class citizen.

    For the last 5 yrs, most of the stupid ideas come from this grumpy old man with the advise of Son, Family n especially SIL the singapore agent.
    Before this there was the idea to transfer UM in Bangsar to Sepang.

    Now the IJN is the next target. So when the IJN become a private entity is easier for the grumpy family take over the shares and soon sell to Temasik for higher profit. So is up to them to charge whatever they want.

    Yesterday got a show in Bernama TV abt the discussion of the vernacular school. One of the participant is Datuk Mukhriz. I think bro, since that he raised and so expert of this issue, my personal opinion he is know becoming the new Malay hero. Personally I agred with his opinion, becoz malaysia know is not the place of 3 main races - Bumiputera, Cina and India, but the place of so many immigrants - Indon, Bangla, China Main land, vietnam, Myamar and Africa. If we dont create a Bangsa Malaysia n Malay Language as our integral Malaysian identity, is not supise when soon our country become a joke. In the future, the next generation of these present immigrant will fight for their right and want to become the citizen. After that they also will demand their own school and system.

    I agreed if mandarin n tamil to be taught in sekolah kebangsaan becoz I will surely a lot of malaysian will enroll to this classes because of the interest to learn each other languange and also to now more abt the other ppl culture and value.

  47. Anonymous9:26 am

    Use to go to Megah specilist Center and price quite ok.

    After taken over by Sime Darby, prices increase more than 50%. Since then have change hospital.

  48. Anonymous10:34 am

    Small Heart Pumping...

    Eh, vulgarity is a matter of perception la. Saying FUCK is not vulgar to some. So, if you don't like, than you dont read lo.... SIMPLE!!

    As for this issue, well, you gotta remember that IJN was set up with its main aim to provide affordable heart specialist healthcare to the POOR irrespective whether they brought on such health disaster by their own doing or just pure fate. So, IJN was never meant to be a PROFIT & LOSS arena, if anything, it was meant to be a CHARITY & CHANCE IN LIFE arena and we should all keep it that way! Remember people like Hui Yi?? Without IJN, where do you think people like her will be now??

    The problem now is that some Motherfuckers belonging to BN is thinking of making a quick bucks for himself/herself or itself by changing IJN's main aim; CHARITY & CHANCE IN LIFE into a Profit & loss arena. IT IS WRONG!! You dont steal from the poor to enrich yourself!! PERIOD! Have some cow sense/integrity/compassion please!

    And, seriously, who the fuck cares if Sime Darby's shareholders is going to have better dividend, profits,etc. If Sime Darby so wish to expand their healthcare feathers that will fly under their wings, than by all means, go buy over any private hospitals that is making money la! Leave the charity ones alone! We all can live with the inconveniences of charity run hospitals.

    I sincerely hope that you or your loved ones will never need to be humbled to the extend of having to use a CHARITY & CHANCE IN LIFE healthcare. If you by any chance is one day humbled to your knees to have to seek CHARIY & CHANCE IN LIFE healthcare, I really hope you will remember your profit and loss statement in here....

  49. Sebagai staff yg dah hampir 15 tahun (sejak IJN ditubuhkan) di IJN saya amat kecewa dengan berita ini. Kasihan golongon marhain yg menderita sakit jantung...kemana mereka akan mendapat rawatan sebaik IJN. Juga kakitangan kerajaan/pensioner yg pastinya tidak lagi mendapat hak subsidi dari pihak kerajaan.

    Harap ianya tidak menjadi kenyataan

  50. Anonymous10:48 am

    Perkara ni belum muktamad lagi. Jangan nak dikecohkan lagi. Kalau betul-betul jadi barulah nak ungkit. Ni mesti kerja pembangkang ni...

  51. The rakyaat should never allow this to happen. It is was built on taxpayer money and for the benefit the ordinary rakyaat. I think it should stay as a public hospital forever.

    Have a nice day.

  52. Just look at the massive corruptions under Mahathir 22 years.
    You think...IJN sold to Sime Darby.. will make more poor people die..with no free treatments?
    How about rich UMNO members..pretending to be poor..having FOC medical facilities?...and purchases..always come with commission...thus no free tenders to so many suppliers?
    You see...under a commercial is productivities...or out you go.
    UMNO had so many right ideas...all fucked up by corruptions and racialists leaders. way to change it..but to sell off to new owners. That's their style....even with S.Times Press.
    But it a wayang kulit show?

  53. Sime wants IJN
    Knowing the economic of wealth
    Eyes opening wide
    Listening ears knowing tills
    The flow of wealth in the mountain

    MoF thinking on its line
    Helping the unfortunate a social obligation
    Of the BN government using taxpayers’ money
    Now there is a corporate entity
    Willing to buy to propel it high

    The BN should know by now
    Privatization doesn’t work
    It costs a bomb to the people
    Look at IWk,TNB, Telekom
    And certain agencies testing and operations
    It is milking the people
    On one hand saying to reduce costs
    Then it spends heavily on others

    Sime wants the pie
    The company knows what lies beneath
    The potential wealth in the making
    Not only locals but tourism related health services
    Bringing the profit into its coffer

    The government should resist
    Any attempt to privatize
    The people already know the unpublished contracts
    By the highway contractors lopsided against the people
    This is one contract every one wants too
    They get millions any way one looks at it

    Learn the mistakes
    Don’t fall for the trap again
    The previous administration had its blunders
    Current leaders forget to learn
    Still following the footsteps
    Close one eye

    Change must arrive
    Bite the bullet initiates it
    In the future people benefit
    Do it now before one regrets

  54. Off the topic!!
    Mahathir had tear gas sprayed at him.
    Bush had size 120 shoe thrown at Iraq..two days ago.
    I recalled Mahathir also had bad eggs thrown at him.
    I am sure the tear gas incident....all forgotten.
    By the way...Mahathir said he will reveal all the crooks in his blog...somewhat saying he is a Saint.
    Up to actions.
    What type of old corrupted leader keep showing bad examples to young no actions.
    Have he no shame at all??

  55. Anonymous11:59 am

    seriously,ramai yang takkan bersetuju dengan tindakan dari Sime Darby ni.bila ada kompeni swasta yang ambil alih IJN,IJN boleh berubah menjadi satu tempat untuk mencari duit dan bukannya menolong orang ramai.

  56. My dear Monsterball,

    I have to remind you that it was Dr Mahathir, in his usual dictatorial way, who compelled the BN government to put heart and soul behind the creation of the IJN.

    Of course, Dr M is no longer Umno member or BN chairman.

    Thank you.

  57. Thank you for alerting us the plebeian masses of this alarming plight...

    Least I can do is write to support you bruder......

    To learn more of my support to this cause, see my own posting at.....

    May god be with us on this......

  58. Even people who dispised The Doc seeked cheap if not Free Treatment at the IJN ...without Shame i might add...Have to wait and hear what the Doc has to say on this ...Senior Monsterball ...hope you dont Strike out with a Stroke ...Sime Darby is a Body ...Rock ..Put a face and a name behind this Fiasco ...easier to relate for Greed is a bottomless pit for this man, which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction ...

    Amirsham berniaga ,jual kangkong dan sotong
    Ahamd Zubir pulak nak makan sup lontong
    nasib si miskin pada siapa nak bergantong
    Sime Darby memang tak berhati jantong !

  59. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Many condemned Proton, protest North South Highway. crooked bridge etc etc because these were Mahathir crazy projects. But these are the same people who now cry when IJN is about to be taken over. IJN was also Tun M project, why cry?

    When people die esp the recent Bkt Antarabangsa, they f**k the gomen. However, when there is proposal to impose levy for houses located at hillslope, they complain and protest.

    Come on lah. Malaysian Mudah Lupa, Truely Hypocrite.

  60. Anonymous1:49 pm


    You dont be mad la... Tun may have made mistakes in his 22 years of service to the public but so have all of us la! Come on la...stop pinning everything that is not right in Malaysia on him la.

    Eh, corporate already also doesnt necessarily means there will be no corruption la. By the way, have you been to IJN or not? People working there have heart of gold la.

  61. imagine,

    IJN dah subsidi pun masih above kemampuan golongan miskin..

    kalau sime darby amik alih, sebaik sahaja sakit....terus boleh telan pil bunuh diri. pasal treatment cost beyond (kuasa2)kemampuan.

  62. My dear Attan...Mahathir did some good one can deny that.....but much much more bad...did by much so..corruptions under his 22 years is the ROOT CAUSE ..the chain reactions....of what we are going through now.
    A vastly disunited country is his most sinful contribution for 22 years. So.. go to hell with his good actions...which he must have calculated...would benefit one race more than believe he is not a racialist.
    Best personal regards!

  63. Bunnies can la le la as much as she wants to me...but Mahathir was a LEADER of our country for 22 years..and should had a team of great make sure...he did not make a single mistake.
    Final decision was what are the results??......Corrupted to the sad UMNO well respected UMNO old timer...Tunku Ahmad Rithauddeen.!!
    "Everyone makes mistakes" is poor reason to protect that corrupted Dictator......Mahathir.
    I hate to think.. a US President.. make the worst pressing the red button....and blast us all to hell...and life starts...all over no more argument.....all start life at par...digging for food.

  64. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Bunnies et al
    for once i support you guys. this is not a matter of profit and loss for some corporate black slimy fox but a question of life and death for the poor man in the hovel out in some boondock. Those who are planning this should be stripped and lynched in the public square and sent for cremation in the little red dot so their ashes and other leftovers dont ever pollute our shores.

    Have been patient with you, old has-been fucker.You should be lumped with cretins like teoh jijit thiam and meted the same treatment we will soon dish out to him and his ilk.Arsehole!! you prospered under Tun M's rule and just like the typical bastards your ilks are, you bite the hand that once fed/force fed you into prosperity. Watch your tongue you old scum for you are being watched just like the other scums down here.

    I reiterate: it is time for the military to stage a coup and install a non-partisan technocrat govt with Tun dr M at the helm to steer us out of this shit, the damn sleepy head and his coterie of numbskulls and his kitchen cabinet of parasites got us into.the sooner all the politycos are swept into the rubbish heap, the better!!

    Warrior 231

  65. Monsterball,
    definitely you're off the road off topic and at the wrong place go back to where you come from..lks blog..

  66. Mr.MonsterBalls ...You say Mahathir is the cause of a vastly disunited country he Really ?
    Today ...when they want to Teach Maths and Science In English ...who are the ones that make the most noise ? A Vastly Disunited Country was the Creation of You and Me ! Period !No single person can and should take the blame for That ...Your Hatred is Personal ...and Blatantly Visible !And the Issue here is Hearts ... You Heartless Spade !

    With Best Regards ...

  67. Our government lackeys are following in the footsteps of the Spóre government - Privatisation of public hospitals.

    It could simply mean that MOF's coffers are running dry or the indirect interference by the Spore spies.

    Might as well you privatise the whole civil

    Another sin commited by BN.

    Do they ever listen to the rakyat?

    Both Opposition and BN cannot be trusted any more.

    Tun Mahathir save us please...

  68. i hate Sime Darby

  69. Anonymous10:04 am


    Treatment at IJN is free for civil servants and pensioners, as u all know. Well maybe for some services, a nominal sum.

    Hell, even IGP Musa Hassan underwent heart bypass surgery there couple of months ago.

    If this hospital is totally privatised, you would have to do a lot of convincing to tell me that the same rates still apply.

    If private sector rates are applied, well, great for the staff maybe, but the number of heart related death statistics will skyrocket.

    Even the likes of Musa Hassan could not afford it on his top cop salary.

    I don't have much faith in Sime Darby doing right by IJN. And what for anyway?
    IJN is already semi privatised and it has a medical tourism programme too.

    IJN services are good, and the doctors and staff there are really nice people. Let's keep it that way.

    To increase profitability, I have a suggestion.

    Right now, a lot of VIPs apparently go there to have their heart surgery. Usually when they go, they get preferential service. Apparently, there is a list of patients due for surgery.

    Now if a VIP comes in, the current patient gets bumped off the list.

    Well, why don't they make the VIP pay Pantai, Ampang Puteri or the most expensive Sunway Medical's rates for that privilege?

    Of course there is that ethical question. But I was told that there were already cases of patients whose surgery got postponed, dying at home. IJN is doing this even now.

    But how can they help it. They are still under govt and they take orders...u know how it goes.

  70. Anonymous10:13 am

    oK..oK....ok!....let the public have IJN and get EPF to top up the 2 billion they require every's no more the's the cost......either you bring in Sime or Genting etc to manage the finances tightly instead of letting being bankrupt as it is and save the hospital, get EPF to pay as in its current state Lehmann brothers ...shut it down. Heart care is a necessiy.....inj reality it is also a luxury.....let the public decide how it should be funded....while they are at it .....just remember the folks at IJN and the MOF are having a jolly good time ripping off tax payers money...


  71. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Here's the latest from the star

    IJN doctors: Don't make us scapegoats

    DON'T GET CONNED by Najib and Sime Darby. We must be aware that the cost of healthcare especially concerning heart treatment is extremely costly.

    Do you think a listed company like Sime Darby will give a damn after the deal is sealed ?

    To: Datuk Liow Tiong Lai, I am very disappointed with you!!!

    Concerned Citizen

  72. Tak mau cakap pasal IJN lah. Mari kita bercakap mengenai politik tanah air, ada satu soalan - tahukah kia semua, parti politik apa yang paling berpengaruh di Malaysia?? UMNO - bukan, MCA - juga bukan, PKR - bukan juga. Sebaliknya parti politik paling kuat pengaruhnya di Malaysia adalah parti Gerakan. Parti itu lebih berkuasa dan lebih ampuh berbanding apa juga parti dalam komponen Barisan Nasional, BN mahupun parti dalam pakatan rakyat, PR.

    Mengapa demikian???

    Sebabnya, parti Gerakan boleh dilihat di setiap ruang kerja mahupun ibupejabat semua parti politik di Malaysia. Tak percaya ??? Semua parti politik pasti mempunyai bilik gerakan masing2. Bilik gerakan adalah tempat di mana pengaturan strategi, mesyuarat, perbincangan, musyawarah, dialog, sesi maklum balas, soal jawab dan macam2 lagi diadakan.

    Semua parti seperti UMNO, MIC, MCA, PKR, DAP, PBS, PBRS, LDP, PPP, UPKO, SAPP, SUPP, PBDS, PRS, PBB dan PAS sudah sememang dan pastinya mempunyai bilik gerakan masing masingkan..?? Betul tak?? hehehe Selamat Tahun Baru 2009.... sekadar lawak ye... jangan marah

  73. Anonymous5:00 pm

    At least, we tribute our greatest love to the IJN.Even if you're opposition or government, we realise how important IJN to the country, thanks to Dr. Mahathir