Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Who are Khairy's demons?

Updated: Just Look at My Track Records - An evaluation of Khairy Jamaluddin's performance since 2004 by Jebat Must Die.

Dr Mahathir, Kalimullah, Khairy himself? Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's son-in-law was not expected to be trailing in the Umno Youth chief race. But he is.* I did not expect him to be so desperate as to claim to have been "demonised", either. But he did. Read the Malay Mail's exclusive interview I've been demonised, says Khairy.

In the interview with veteran journo Zainal Epi, whose last job was editing a magazine funded by a strong supporter of KJ, the 32-year-old SIL says he is a victim of politics of demonisation and that the demonisation process has gone on for so long. While not naming the parties involved, he did not dismiss the suggestion that they were "influential people within Umno".

He also said this: "I have maintained from the very beginning that if there is any wrongdoing on my part, people should come forward and make concrete complaints, lodge concrete reports, whether to the police of the Anti-Corruption Agency or whoever for them to investigate".

On the last bit, I'll just reserve my comment until I've read the full transcript of the interview in today's (Nov 4) Malay Mail. I'm curious to see if Zainal Epi still has it in him to probe his subject ...

p.s. Anybody remembers Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan's half-fiction And who, really, is demonising whom? which he wrote on June 11, 2006? Click here to go back memory lane. Kali and KJ must have lots of demons ...

* KJ has 51 nominations for the Umno Youth top post, trailing behind Khir Toyo's 55 and Mukhriz Mahathir's 68. All three have qualified for the race, scheduled for March next year.


Ali Kan said...

Khairy, Reezal and Azeez are all Mamaks, why are they accepted into UMNO, a Malay party?

MakanTidur. said...

Khairy is a pembelot negara, i.e. he sold so many of the GLC assets to Singapore.

Why are the UMNO Youth members still accepting him?

Anonymous said...


Demon dalam BM tu apa, Iblis ke Hantu?
Ini ke Iblis yang sering diperkatakan FIL.
Itulah akibat naik mendadak tanpa meritokrasi dan hanya tahu mengeksploitkan kedudukannya dibawah ketiak Bapak menhantunya.

Anonymous said...


It is wrong for you to demonised KJ.

This YouTube video clearly proves my point on KJ's humility and deep knowledge for substantive campaigning.



Anonymous said...


All three do not excite me....

As much as Mukhriz n Co. are in cloud nine...bear in mind those 104Divisions (and counting) that are not with him!

No No

The Mind! said...

Dear Rocky

Never forget...it was during Dr M's time, KJ and azalina othman said was jettisoned into the Malaysian limelight....

Today Dr M said bad things about KJ?



The Mind!

roda said...


1. Masa KJ demonised orang UMNO dulu, tak pulak dia mintak maaf.Siap menyorok bawah ketiak Pak Lah lagi.

2. KT gets higher nomination than KJ - does it shows that KT is less corrupted than KJ?

3. Hidup ibarat roda la KJ, ada masa kat atas, ada masa kat tengah, ada masa kat bawah. Hang tak kena lenyek dengan roda orang Melayu tu dah kira cukup bagus lah.

Hussin said...

Bro Rocky,

I don't agree with your character assasination of the Malay Mail reporter and how you associate him with Khairy.

Its like the pot calling the kettle black!

Babs said...

Salam Rocky,

Cukup-cukup lah menghentam Khairy tu. Dia dah bukan menantu Presiden parti lagi. Anggaplah dia macam Ahli Parlimen biasa.

I rasa you tukar fokus kepada ahli keluarga Najib pulak. Kalau you benar-benar adil lah

malayamuda said...

seriously all 3 nominations for the Youth Chief post are pathetic...

Has UMNO not got anyone else left ?

Syamsul said...


I personally don't like KJ. Not because he is the son in law, but to me he appears to be a man in too much hurry. I can imagine him bulldozing his way around.

However, with regards to certain influential segments within UMNO baying for his blood, I would have to agree with his assessment.

This is a deep rooted problem in UMNO. I for one can't think, why Tun Dr Mahathir chose to attack him, someone that is so minute compared to a statesman like Tun.

At first it was a way to bring down Pak Lah, but now I think he is doing it for his son's politics.


Thanks bro.

Anonymous said...

To All KJ haters,

I guess you all hate for his abuse of power and all. Look, EVERYONE in Umno has abused power to enrich themselves. Check the direct and indirect assets of all children of past and present leaders.

Don't be hyprocritical lah. Take that out and you have avery intelligent man in KJ. Who dares take him on a life debate in English? You guys will be no where.

I am not condoning his alleged abuses or arrogance, but all BN leaders and sons of past leaders have similar traits.

Don't grudge him just because he is smart. If he is a minister today, he will enhance Malaysia's international image with his intelligence.

Many of you guys are simply envious of his assets.

Anonymous said...

if he wants proof of any wrongdoings, then the ECM Libra debacle (insider trading) is on top of the list for seriosu breach of corporate governance.

'saya sayang nori'

My Raison D'etre said...

"Many of you guys are simply envious of his assets."

True enough. It's hard not to be envious especially when you see a mere deputy Umno youth chief going to functions in his Lexus SUV (tinted, of course) with a full entourage.

Imagine that.

Kalah some minister even, much less deputy ministers.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

The lesson for all politicians to learn is that 'if you do not defend the accusations by others,the rakyat will soon take the slander as the truth'

Pak Lah and Khairy refuse to clear their names in the early stages of RPK's attack.It is now too late.

If Najib and Rosmah do not fight back,they too shall face the same fate Pak Lah and Khairy.

Do what Teresa Kok and Karpal are doing?Take the slander writers to court and they will shut up.

It works for Lee Kuan Yew and family!


bren said...

for a victimised man, kj has a huge office in damansara heights, peopled by about a dozen young ones, all highly paid.
where does he get his money?
his budget must be rm200k a month to pay these people and for his office!
people should ask this because on paper, kj is jobless.
kit siang in parliament called kj once the 'world's richest unemployed' man.


Anonymous said...

Rocky, I dengar banyak cerita pasal Khairy. Kalau 10 peratus daripada yang I dengar tu betul, ia sudah cucup untuk menolak dia ke tepi. Carilah orang yang lain yang tidak gopoh. Khairy kena tunggulah dulu. Tunjukkan perjuangan membela bangsa tu dulu tanpa berpaut kepada sesiapa pun. Nak peringat jugalah yang orang surat khabar khususnya di NSTP tu, padan muka hampa. Hampalah yang menonjolkan KJ hingga berlebih-lebih menyebabkan orang naik meluat. KJ, kau kena salahkan Kali dan berfikir. Ada ke apa saja yang kau cakap semua kena disiarkan dalam surat khabar seolah-olah kau yang bagi arahan. Kalau kau pergi mana-mana, arahan standard MESTI COVER, ARAHAN Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan (Aun). Mereka arah repporter mereka ikut awak ke mana saja, nasib tak sam[aio ke rumah. Jadi, apa menteri lain kata?. Apa Ketua Pemuda Umno kata?. Apa rakyat kata?. Jadi, timbullah soal kau tentukan segala-galanya. Kau sack je si Kalimullah dengan Aun tu sekarang juga, bukan tahu buat kerja....buat kerja tak berfikir langsung..konon pandai konon...berlagak bolehlah.....bodek boleh lah. jadi, depalah yang "membunuh"
karier politik kau Khairy. Mereka jugalah yang menjatuhkan Pak Mertua kau. Tak percaya, kau tengok balik apa yang depa siarkan sejak bapa mertua awak jadi PM dan lihat kesannya berasaskan kesan buruknya. Sekarang nasi dah jadi bubur. Hirup je lah.
Kalau nak tahu lagi, orang-orang kat NSTP tu dok syok sendiri, menonjolkan diri. Dok asyik gambar mereka je keluar dalam surat khabar tu. SIAPA LU? Lu pergi orang punya buka puasa, gambar lu yang keluar, lu pergi rumah menteri hari raya, gambar lu yang keluar, lu buat rumah terbuka pun lu punya muka pun keluar ka? Apa ni. Lu lebih besar dari Menteri ke?. Tatak apa, gua titun dulu.

Mat Titun

Anonymous said...

Saudara Rocky,

Interesting post, seperti yang ramai disini sedia maklum, penulis Khairy Chronicles adalah Arwah Adlan Benan bekas Special Officer Anwar Ibrahim. Saya rasa hanya 15% yang benar, yang lain pengisian was fictionalised.

Rocky's posting at least is responsible, ambil posting orang and disclaim. Lepas KJ ni tenggelam dan Pak Lah turun saya rasa next in line adalah keluarga PM baru yang akan di serang penulis spt Arwah dan tidak terkejut orang Pak Lah dan Tun Mahathir yang frust juga akan menjadi critique.

But to be fair, Rocky tak pernah menybelahi KJ atau Pak Lah dan ini semua salah Kali.

Aziz Jamsuri

Anonymous said...

Rocky Bro big man,

Why you so personal with this young man? Bnatai je lah si Kali Kong tu. Ini budak mau kasi bersih di punya nama. Hang pulak pi tambah minyak. Hang ni macam Tun Mahathir dah brainwash la. Kena lah balanved sikit Rocks.

Salam Selamat

Anonymous said...

KJ's demons include you Rocky!!!! Hahahahahahah! But seriously, you cant blame this guy for Kali's evil wrongdoing in NST.


amir said...

"Don't be hyprocritical lah. Take that out and you have avery intelligent man in KJ. Who dares take him on a life debate in English? You guys will be no where. "

A life debate? A debate on LIFE?

Oh, I'll take him on.

I'm New Age, motherfucker, New Age!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

kihkihh...what a jerk. in the first place he was chosen based on strong connection, never on merits. it should dawn on him by now that once Paklah steps down, he's basically a nobody.

Anonymous said...


Why are you so biased, I ask? At least give all the contestants peace and space for them to compete. Why are you so keen to demonise this one young individual.

I am not his supporter nor do I support other contestants, but, please enough of this lah Rocky.

Satu Batu

Anonymous said...

Its he himself to blame... i never like him from the day he appears to be Naib Ketua, a given one, out of respect.
He didnt use it for his own best. Thus, he is far too immature and rush in politics.
There many more intellectuals like him who commands good public and english speaking but do not enter politics. For KJ, I feel best for him for just carry on his whatever biz and forget about politics. A leader must be at least seen or appear to be clean, sincere and matured.

MM said...

Rocky, please look at other candidates too. How about Mukhriz, macam la dia bersih sangant and please dont let me start with Khor Toyo. Open up your eyes bro. There is something wrong here. Mukhriz admit that he got all the fiber-optic contract in Malaysia! Siapa yang tolong? Cuma dia tak ada jawatan dalam UMNO masa tu. apa bezanya?

Anonymous said...

memang betul apa yang kj cakap tu, ada orang yang tikam belakang dia... kesian anak muda tu

org perak

mawar merah said...

i think Khairy is in a total state of denial.
or he is a liar.
people can swear that he (has) interfered in state affairs. Make decisions on behalf of his FIL. oh many many things which i do not have to repeat here.

not because of rumours and gossips but because people have actually had bad experience with him.

khairy represents all that is wrong with our government.
Young Malaysians abhor his meteoric rise to power because they know how he got there.
He studied in an "ivy league" institution and came back practicing banana republic politics.

oh sure, he is smart. and we know of many other smart kids.

Pandai berpidato? Ok..itu saja yang dia pintar.

a great debater qualifies him to be a great leader.
Don't think so.

he is where he is not on merit. so don't kid yourselves.

No. i don't want Khairy to be anywhere near the corridors of power.
He has proven that he has no qualms about abusing power and position.

Anonymous said...

KJ Pembelot NEGARA?

Betul ke atau main sedap mulut cakap jer...Kalau macam tu nenek aku pun boleh but story macam kau buat ni. adakah ini contoh press freedom yang anda juangkan... Takda harga diri. Bukankah saudara dulu editor Malay Mail? Bila dah takda power mula la jadi macam ni. Melayukah anda???

Chief Port Klang

Damansara said...

Tak tahulah.

Ini hantu atau jembalang?

Orang kata, ikut resam padi, makin tunduk bila berisi.

Yang ini, tunduk tak payah mimpilah, takan dibuatnya.

Semua dia nak jadi.

Khairy si ahli korporat. Tapi kontrak Pak Mentua bagi

Khairy si ahli politik. Tapi menang Pak Mentua paksakan

Khairy si ahli pentadbir sukan. Tapi sampai sekarang ditakuk lama

Dalam pandai-pandai si Khairy ini, bodoh juga budak jantan ni.

Benda basic dalam PR, orang yang cerdik bergerak dalam diam.. barulah tak kena menang sorak kampung tergadai.

Mana ada Demon. The demon is you!!

Abih kau ingat yang kitorang boo kau masa Persidangan Pemuda tu dulu kenapa?

Contoh paling dekat kita boleh bandingkan adalah dengan anak-anak dan menantu Mahathir; hanya sekadar perbandingan.

Dulu masa Tun jadi PM ada ke kita dengar anak-anak Tun kecoh satu Malaya bagi pendapat pasal politik, lawan orang sana, lawan orang sini.

Diorang pun niaga gak, tapi tak de lah kecoh dlm suratkhabar.

Diorang stick to one image je. Bukan Mr Knows All.

Sapelah penasihat PR budak ni? Takan tu pun tak paham

So Khairy, senang je solve your image problem.

BUNUH IBU KEPADA MASALAH YOU (bukan bunuh mati literally, kang kena tangkap polis lak aku)

That's you boy!! Delete yourself

Hang Lekir said...

Mukhriz is "NOTHING" without his father. Bro tolong buat penilaian mengenai Mukhriz pula. Be FAIR la bro. Aku pun ada dengar macam-macam cerita mengenai Mukhriz. Tapi bloggers semua cerita pasal KJ jer. akau nak tau gak kenapa kau benci sangat KJ ni? is there anything that we need to know?

Lekir must die

Anonymous said...

Tun M pun mamak gak... kenapa kita tak tolok dia skli.... tolok ngan anak2 dia skli... cakap tak pakai otak...

Leo Man said...

Pak Lah dah nak expired... apa lagi nak disibukkan cerita pasal KJ ni. Biar la dia jatuh dan bangun sendiri. persolan disini adakah ERA Dr. M akan kembali mentadbir NEGARA. Focus on that bro!!!

Leo Man

Anonymous said...

His smile doesn't reach his eyes. That is a sign he can't be trusted. Look at the other pics.


Anonymous said...

saya bukanlah penyokong setia sangat KJ, tp pada pendapat saya dari ketiga-tiga tokoh yang menawarkan dari untuk menjadi Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia, kita tiada pilihan lain dari memilih dia kerana dia saja calon yang paling berwibawa. Nak ambik mukris pasal bapak dia Tun M pastu kita akan berhadapan dengan masalah yg mcm khairy kena dulu... cam bodoh lak saya rasa. Dari segi kewibawaan pun saya rasa mukriz nie tak de langsung. Tengok dia berucap kat parlimen pun kita dah boleh nilai yang dia nie pemimpin yang sangat hampas dan tak boleh dibawa kedepan. Sebab itu saya tak langsung berasa hairan kenapa dia tolak nak adakan debat. Saya dah agak dari mula pun dialah satu2nya calon yang akan tolak. Macam nie ke kita nak tolak dia ke hadapan untuk berhadapan dengan pemimpin2 muda dari parti pembangkang?... kalau kita pilih dia memang kita nak bunuh UMNO
Sebut pasal Khir pulak. Kalau rakyat selangor dah terang2 tolak dia dan dibuktikan dalam PRU12 yang lalu, sekarang kita nak letak kat kerusi yang sama taraf dengan kerusi VP dalam UMNO... tu sama dengan kita bubarkan je UMNO. Dia kalau sayangkan UMNO, relak la dulu... buat macam Mat Taib, tp kerana dah gila kuasa, apa pun tak kira. Rakus!... Jangan percaya cakap saya... tanya kat semua perwakilan Pemuda UMNO bahagian yang dah bersidang... siapa yang paling banyak memberi? Mana dia dpt duit? Dulu gaji MB banyak sangat ke? Pemimpin macam nie kita nak... zaman pemilihan jer berkhidmat untuk rakyat dan ahli UMNO... zaman tak pemilihan berkhidmat untuk diri sendiri. Hancur kita dibuatnya...
Nabil kata - lu pikir la sendiri!

Shahrilza said...

I am very dissapointed with your last posting. I personally know Zainal Epi albeit as an acquaintance but from my observation I dare say he is a model Malay. From his writing, he is frank and more importantly fair. How can you take such a blatant swipe at your fellow journalist this way/.

Anonymous said...

Rocky won't touch Mukhriz lah. Apa Mukhriz dan siblings dia buat, halal. Lain semua haram.

KJ only learning the ropes as it is done through the generations of UMNO leadership. make money while daddy in office.

Nak muntah la tengok Rocky punya biasness.

Tun pun dah lama jadi barua US. baca je buku Kissinger.

Kita semua memang barua US. jangan nak villify sorang ja.

Get a REAL conscience will ya Rockyboy?


Terminator 2 said...

So you are much batter than En. Zainal? At least he has the guts to give a professional interview with KJ. Unlike you that creating story. Buat cerita just untuk mendapatkan perhatian. Memalukan...


Anonymous said...

'Many of you guys are simply envious of his assets.'

Hahahaha...what assets? Did he fling a 4 3/4" colt? Maybe you are referring to his dark good looks and goatee? Personally, the assets are all yucky. What goes around, comes around. UMNO didn't listen to TDM when he complained about his cannonisation. Naturally, neither would they be sympathetic to KJ now. w9

Rocky's Bru said...

Shahrilza and Terminator 2,

Calm down guys ... What did I say about Mr Epi that got you guys so riled, eh? Jangan mare2 .. Saya nak promote former paper saya, salah ke?

Don't forget your copy of the Malay Mail today!

Btw, Zainal Epi will also interview Mukhriz and Khir Toyo. So watch his - and this - space.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

ye la... mana cerita pasal mukhriz dan khir... dan bosan la dengar cerita pasal kj nie... dah muak...

eddy said...

Bro, actually Khairy's demons are within him. He has to exorcise those demons within him if he ever hope of redeeming himself in UMNO. No need to question others as he knows what the answers are, after all did he not graduated from one of those fancy UK universities.

I predict after March 2009 Khairy will be just plain YB from Rembau and in the next GE13 he would probably be vacationing in Perth, Australia.

Anonymous said...

hmm i believe, yang dia maksudkan tikam dari belakang tu adalah Maya Karin kerana menikam dia dari belakang...dulu kata nak kawin ngan dia, sekali kawin mat salleh pula... (totally opposite)...dulu maya kata kat die, kata suka kulit gelap..then kawin ngan si kulit cerah pula...


artchan said...

He should dump Nori..since there is no weight and influence as SIL..maybe he should get close to rosemary's sisters, nieces..maybe marry one of them..then can be in-law of PM to be

Anonymous said...

hukum karma....


Anonymous said...

Alamak brader RB,

Zainal Epi pun lu nak tembak kar? kesian brader kita, salt of the earth guy. Dulu masa you boss kat MM pon mana you nak rapat dgn orang marhaen macam ni. Teruklah you rocky, nak balun balun lah Kali ular tu.


Anonymous said...

Like as if you dont know


The Father of all demons

doggie dog said...

makan tidur, i dont think ur question shud stop there..

similarly there is a pm in waiting who has done so many sinful things and yet he was nominated and won uncontested...

why is that case too? aint it a matter of rubbing shoulders or worse still ball lickers?

Anonymous said...

Salam saudara,

Terima kasih atas sokongan diberi kepada pemuda UMNO dan YB KJ. Saya ada artikel utk kongsi bersama saudara. alamat blog kami www.kulitpisang.com harap dapat kerjasama saudara untuk memaparkan artikel ini. Selamat berjuang.

The Demons That Won't Go Away

Khairy Jamaluddin has been on the interview circuit of late – granting interview after interview with different newspapers, even scheduled to appear on Astro Awani at 8.30pm tonight (Tuesday).

The latest was one with Malay Mail's Zainal Epi, who fired especially tough questions on matters ranging from his alleged use of his father-in-law's influence in getting projects to rumours of his involvement with celebrity Maya Karin.

In his usual calm demeanour Khairy handled them well, declining to comment on mere allegations. There was a hint of exasperation though, "I have maintained from the very beginning that if there is any wrongdoing on my part, people should come forward and make concrete complaints, lodge concrete reports....(w)e cannot go on, just based on rumours and innuendos".

For someone so demonised, Khairy's contributions to UMNO are far from dubious. Leading the Pemuda machinery to victory in five by-elections, he has for years been the face of the wing, at times overshadowing its Head Hishammuddin Hussein. Unfortunately for Khairy, his talents appear to also be the reason for many within the party to plot his downfall – it is an open secret that in all tiers of UMNO, being young and capable is usually to one's peril.

And this is not his only 'handicap' in the peculiar world of UMNO politics. Despite arguably playing to the race gallery in the past, observers note that Khairy's demeanour and approach are out of step with mainstream UMNO. From seemingly trivial issues like the way he dresses to more meaty issues like refusing to reach out hat in hand to influential former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it is a sad reality that Khairy's 'unique' ways could conceivably lead him to be faced with insurmountable hurdles should he fail to capture the post of UMNO Youth Head this time around.

Even his tagline "Setiakawan" – a message of outreach to all Malays and Malaysians – appear in stark contrast to the traditional stance of the wing, one that is ultra-conservative and fiery (sometimes for the sake of it). But if UMNO has learnt anything at all from the 12th General Elections, it would know that rare figures like Khairy who command an ability to connect to numerous sections of the Malaysian citizenry (read: electorate) are crucial if the party is to avoid outright defeat come the next elections.

Thus, in many ways the upcoming contest for UMNO Youth Head is a litmus test for how well UMNO understands the message sent on March 8. Now with little clout, Khairy's only assets are his capabilities – but they dwarf those of his fellow contenders. If UMNO knows what is best for itself, it would stop backing a horse simply for its links – perceived or real – to the party leadership, or worse, based on unsubstantiated allegations.

fly said...

khairy adalah 'demon' dirinya sendiri! keserakahan nafsunya utk sampai ke kemuncak kekuasaan dgn segera itulah yg senantiasa menghantuinya!

Anonymous said...


I have known you since our NST years and the Rocky I know today is far detached from who he was then. You were my idol, my super editor.

Why are you killing this young KJ?

roda said...


so many KJ supporters / cycbertrooers. Dia paang kaki suruh kempen la bro

jimmy said...

dem... i hate this bast&^*(!

Anonymous said...

The way things are in Malay politics and society in general, it is little wonder that dregs like KJ can rise to the top. the problem with a significant portion of our race is that they refuse to evaluate a person on performance.Instead, charisma and style carries the day and you can have done many good things but because you are doer not a poseur, your deeds will go unrecognised except by the discerning few.Tun DrM's case comes to mind for even though warts and all, the man did many good things and few bad ones as well for us. But the balance sheet is in the surplus and i wish, he was back in the hotseat himself...but that's another story.

Secondly, in the malay weltanschung, there is a tendency to suck up to the titled. It is a relic of a feudal past haunting the social landscapes of the Malay mind but an apparition that refuses to flit away from the headlights of modernity and emancipation of thought. Thus, you have the masses salivating over those with titles,academic or social without evaluating the persona behind the facade. Hence, when someone laces his rhetoric with empty high falutin expressions, inane observations and unfounded harangues masked as intellectual critiques and sprinkle it with dash of mawkish humour, a pinch of witty sarcasm and spoonful of playful mirth, watch how the guys and gals in the audience convulse in unison, transfixed by the aura of it all. It is the old days of yore in the throbbing present, a time when the Tok Dalang captivated and charmed a pliant crowd with his hocuspocus and beguiling poetry as he coaxed buffalo hides into entrancing illusions and the rickety wooden stage, framed by a translucent white sheet and a kerosene lamp, set under the blinking stars and bathed by moonlight, metamorphised in the audience's eyes into the lavish, heavenly courts of Rama and Ravana.

Such is the case in Malay politics today where the past lives on in stage lighting, camera angles, nifty editing, catchy soundbites to put our politicians in the best possible light.A certain son of Ibrahim used and still uses the same devices to flummox the unwary, enraputured as they are by the "charisma" and the "intellectualism", the beguiling power of rhetoric masking the vacous mind within. But then again, who cares, after all if John Hopkins or George washington can see something in this dweeb, he must be the real deal.

This brings me to the next point, the overpowering aura of those foreign names reducing the questioning and critical self into blind Adoration. (u know something is not right but you are paralysed by the demigod nature of the speaker to critique or ask the difficult questions). The Adoration complete, the rhetorical hero rises into the pantheon of the untouchables and the inffallibles to be feted and followed unquestioningly by a bewitched rabble.. Rama rising from the ashes of history into the hearts of the Hanumans and Sitas of today.

KJ utilises the same trick and his lapdogs are of the same ilk, unquestioning, uncritical consumers of pig swill. The Oxford tag, the badge of affirmation, the high powered English the signpost of erudition, the persuasive charm, the indicator of charisma, the suave arrogance, the lighthouse of assurance, the monkey face and antics....(watch it, warrior 231). He is to his followers, the Malay Kennedy, the poor man's Obama when in actual fact, there is nothing to show beneath all that huffing and puffing.

I make it simple, if i were delegate i will put KJ in a corner and ask him stuff like this:
1. 4 years back,you spoke about KPIs for GLCs, can you say for sure with the relevant facts and figures, their stellar achievemnets thus far?

2. Since, 2004 after hogging the limelight, what are your concrete contributions to building a more competitive and economically resilient Malaysia?

3. Your great achievements include ECM-Libra, Pantai, Equine, Monsoon Cup, MyTeam, Avenue Finance, Tune etc. can you explicate on each of these entities.
I can be more specific with all the nitty gritties but i dont have the time and wherewithal but if you need them, KJ, please respond.

4.I remember you terming the Mat Rempit as potential Mat Cemerlang..eh..u said that, i still keep those press cuttings. Now. tell me, how many of those MRs have become MCs and in what areas?

5.this is in line with HR development, right. care to elaborate how much have you as UY DH contributed to the emergence of Towering malays or is the Flip Flop slipper the ultimate symbol of that stature.

5.Ok..ok, I will be easy on you..can you point out to me the stupendous achievements of Myteam in the M-league and overseas, if any and more pertinently the vast improvements in Malaysia's FIFA world rankings......

6. since, you were involved in charting major govt decisions especially, the corridors that line my verandah..can you reveal how much been squandered thus far.....?

I will stop here even though i can go on and on, to allow you time to record another thought provoking speech in which you will talk about the implications of Post-Fordian, post Modernism, Sen-nian approaches to the economic crisis and how the International Mother Fucker..oops IMF can restructure local economies through fire sales of local assets and slash govt spending to stimulate reverse growth..yeah.. that's a new paradigm u know....Ha,ha,ha..

You know KJ, you demonise yourself for you are your own devil. No one wants to demonise u simply because you are not worth the trouble. you are just playing the bullied boy game to elict sympathy when your record is selfdamning and the inner demons are haunting you now.Besides when your inner devil conspired with the outer ones especially a certain Kali ( not even worth a grain of salt as a writer) and other shady characters to built an illusion of you, which by the way is just that...an illusion, your soul initialed its own death warrant. Now you need some veppilai (margosa leaves in hindulen) and a pathrakalli (Kali's alter ego) to get you out of this fix. or better still, you need a bomoh, i know one... he was on the set of Pontianak Sundal Harum Malam..oops, i better scoot..this is getting freaky...

Warrior 231

Anonymous said...


KJ ni salah langkah dari awal. Dia tak dengar nasihat. Dia budak pandai tapi tak cerdik. Dia ikut nasihat satu lagi K - Kali. Maka dia jadi rosak fasal K yang ini. Lepas tu dia tak reti nak jaga mulut. Dia kata bloggers 'berok.' lagipun, bukan ka dia pernah kata yang dia ada 'protection' dari bapak mertuanya? Jadi dia lupa daratan. Zainal interview KJ ni sama macam Annuar Zaini (bernama) interview Paklah! Ingat tak?

Lemon the demon

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh yes, the good old Malay Mail. dont forget your copy every fridays too!


BrightEyes said...

wow roc... look at the amount of Khairy Kronies popping in to defend their Master. How the mighty and arrogant have fallen.

But lets not write him off so soon. He's still in his 30s and has lots of time to plot a comeback... in one way or another.

nstman said...

Rocky, you seem to be supporting Mukriz. Do you have an agenda? Everyone knows you hate Kali's guts and anybody associated with him. Why dont you come out in the open and state your stand? At least we know where your allegience lies. In the meantime we can only second guess you. Sorry for being so frank, my brudder.

Anonymous said...

Hishamuddin Aun dah pandai main belakang. Hisham sudah mula menikam belakang Kali secara senyap dengan harapan orang2 Najib dan Muhyiddin dapat selamatkan dia Mac tahun depan.

Hisham bagitau beberapa orang di luar yang Kali bertanggungjawab memutarbelit berita supaya Najib dan Muhyiddin kelihatan berniat jahat kepada Pak Lah.

Hishammudin juga bagitau Kali menggunakan komputer dari bilik dia di Tingkat 5 untuk menulis semula berita untuk mengenakan Najib dan Muhyiddin.

Apa nak hairan dengan sikap Hisham. Kelulusan setakat Tingkatan 3. Jadi nak hidup dengan tikam belakanglah.

Orang yang kena tikam pula ialah kali yang letakkan dia jadi ketua pengarang.

Sama saja perangai Hisham dengan Muhyiddin.

Anonymous said...

Hi roda,

Just because some of us are trying to be fair, it doesn't mean that we are cybertroopers for KJ. I am one of them who thought that Rocky had an agenda in this post. And I am no asslicker of KJ. I have written against him many, many times in this blog and other blogs.

So, there are genuine voices crying out for justice among commentators on blogs. Rocky is kicking a man when he is down.

BUt I can understand that his vengeance has got the better of him. It may - I repeat- may be bacause Rocky was kicked by Kali who was KJ's asslicker.

Remember friends, the Pen (computer now) might be mightier than the sword but God/Allah is the mightiest.

So write and destroy characters all you want. Your time will come. Rocky, vengeance and anger should have their limits. After venting your anger for a while when you think you were wronged by someone, put a lid on it and move on and leave it all to the almighty. We are no angels.

Age is catching up, let us age gracefully and set good examples for our children to emulate. Orchestrated character assasination is a terrible sin.

At the end of the day, KJ, Anwar, Najib, Paklah, Kali are mere human beings like you and me. Our anger against them will only help destroy us in the process.

MOve on Rocky..if you are given the opportunity, go back and lead the NST and I know you will doa great job. Will say a prayer for you. You are a great guy and a wonderful friend deep inside. You have projected yourself as someone you are not - all because of your political affiliation. It's KJ,Kali and the 4th floor boys who unleashed the demon inside you. Make no mistake, all of us have the devil in us, it takes some incidents or certain people to bring it out. After that bury that demon.

Good Luck in your battles Rocky, but please fight fair even if others have been biased and have hurt you. God will be with you. If you think I am moralising, delete this comment. I will understand.

Cheers, Rocky.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah's not my Patron - that's the headline of KJ 2nd part interview with MM - Porrah Chit kaldai! Pak Lah's your FIL ma. Dia cakap lu manyak kawan satu dunia. Lu manyak pandai. Mau kasi naik sama lu. Dia marah olang manyak marah sama lu. Dia cakap Malaya manyak untung ada SIL macam lu. KJ, lu tak mau kasi malu lu FIL la. Dia lu punya Patron ma. Dia tarak lu pun tarak macam sikalang ma. Manyak Korup punya SIL macam itu Koling Kali. Tell your war team jokers to UP la baru boleh menang. Lu sapu banyak apa. Kasi UP sama dia la. Itu Umno culture ma kasi UP la!


professional malay said...

KJ became demon because of his acts. Semua orang tahu dia corrupt bukan pasal orang sabotaj tapi dia buat secara terang-terangan sampai rakyat jelata biasa pun tahu. Mungkin dia lupa daratan siapa asalnya dia. Respect must be earned genuinely not be simply bought over by money.
Kalau dia terror sangat cubalah bagi hujah2 yang melawan tuduhan2 Dr. M ke atas dia dalam blog chedet. Ataupun bawa ke court ke....sure tak boleh sebab budak ni bacul bodoh.

free said...

kj cakap: Just Look at My Track Records - what track records?

husnin said...

KJ Dear,

Take a hard look at your wall clock because it contains lots of philosophy, whether in private life or in your political struggle. You are now moving towards 6 o'clock. You could be moving towards 6 o'clock much earlier had your FIL is not a PM.

KJ Hater

amir said...

"I've been sodomised?"

Who, KJ? Who?

Anonymous said...

(heha): adakah ini coincidence !? WHAT ! THE BILLIONs-losing glc is silterra = SIL-terror !!

Anonymous said...

Is KJ having a laugh?


Anonymous said...

KJ pandai debate... setuju ( selepas sedut ice la ). Dynasty hotel jadi port.


Anonymous said...

KJ, ingat macamana hang buat pada Dr M masa dia nak berhenti dulu. Berulang kembali le. Apa kita buat, tuhan balas balik ke! Bagus juga hang gugur!!!

Zamri sunway semenyih

pistolair said...

Mukhriz Lantang Biadap, Bodoh Macam George W Bush ~ Malaysiakini

Dalam wawancara bersama akhbar The Star yang dipaparkan hari ini, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir mengeluarkan beberapa kenyataan yang tampak agak janggal. Barangkali sungguhpun menjadi anak Tun Dr Mahathir, Mukhriz belum cukup ilmu politik kerana sesetengah keterangan dan jawapannya menonjolkan seorang yang kurang matang dalam pemikiran dan rumusan terhadap sesuatu fenomena mudah, inikan kebijakan politik mahupun intelek untuk memimpin pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia.
Pertama sekali, Mukhriz menyatakan bahawa orang yang memberi wang atas namanya sebenarnya bukan ejennya, cuma orang yang mahu memburuk-burukkan namanya. Masya Allah, kamu ingat bodoh sangatkah kita ni Mukhriz? Di Ipoh Timur di mana Khir Toyo berjaya mendapat pencalonan KP Malaysia, Tun Amar (adik kepada Tun Faisal, antara penyokong Mukhriz yang kalah di Putrajaya kepada Dato’ Zaki Zahid) telah memberi ‘peluru’ kepada para perwakilan, tetapi malang buat Mukhriz, peluru Khir lebih hebat.
Dan di Tanah Merah, ejen utama Mukhriz, Sazmi Miah berbuat sepertimana Tun Amar di Ipoh Timur dan berjaya mendapatkan pencalonan untuk Mukhriz. Mukhriz adalah anak Mahathir, darah daging Mahathir, dibesarkan oleh Mahathir, dan ramai memberi sokongan kepadanya pun sebab Mahathir. Dan Mahathir inilah bapa kepada politik wang UMNO. Manakan logik Mukhriz ini bersih?
Yang peliknya, Mukhriz berani mencabar sesiapa sahaja membuktikan bahawa dia ada terlibat dengan politik wang dan jika terbukti beliau akan menarik diri. Wah, lantang sungguh. Tapi lantang yang angkuh dan biadap. Umum mengetahui politik wang memang wujud dalam parti UMNO, tetapi memang amat sukar membuktikannya kerana calon akan menggunakan proksi atau ejen untuk menghulurkan rasuah kepada para perwakilan. Maka sebab itulah Mukhriz berani berkata sebegitu. Yang selamat dia berani lah, isu yang ada risiko sedikit kepadanya, Mukhriz tidak berani - debat pun tak berani! Slogan Mukhriz wajar diubah dari Berani Berubah kepada Berani Bertempat.
Kenyataan janggal kedua dalam wawancara adalah apabila Mukhriz berkata bahawa jika beliau kalah di Mac nanti, maka suara akar umbi tidak akan tercapai kerana “jelas sekali akar umbi memang nakkan saya, ”. Mentang-mentang mendahului pencalonan, Mukhriz sudah cukup bongkak. Kini Khairy sudah 52 pencalonan, dan Khir Toyo 62 pencalonan, adakah bagi Mukhriz lebih seratus bahagian yang tidak mencalonkannya bukan merupakan ‘akar umbi’? Mengapa Mukhriz begitu sombong cuba mengatakan beliaulah suara sebenar akar umbi?
Dan jika pun orang yang mendahului pencalonan itu adalah suara sebenar akar umbi, Mukhriz sendiri mengakui bahawa ada orang yang memberi rasuah atas namanya. Jadi sudah pasti kalau pun orang-orang tersebut bukan ejen Mukhriz - yang memang kita tak percaya - keputusan para perwakilan di peringkat Bahagian sudah dicacatkan dengan politik wang atas nama Mukhriz Mahathir. Jadi, apa maksud kau Mukhriz?
Mukhriz perlu banyak belajar lagi. Sudah lah SPM dulu Gred 3, hujah dan pemikirannya seakan-akan budak sekolah. Hujah yang tak konsisten, yang tidak masuk akal dan tidak selari antara satu sama lain wajar merisaukan para perwakilan. Ketua Pemuda UMNO sekarang ini perlu hebat dan bijak, bukan yang penakut dan kelam kabut. Tapi bagi kami seronok pula baca wawancara Mukhriz ini - macam seronok tengok George W Bush sebab kelakar.
Tempoh hari, Mukhriz ada ditanya soalan “Apakah pencapaian anda yang boleh dibanggakan?” Jawapannya, “Saya ada kilang fiber optik; semua fiber optik di Malaysia ini kilang saya punya”. Sudah la jawapan itu tidak ada kena mengena dengan perjuangan politik Pemuda, jawapan Mukhriz itu juga ‘mengkantoikan’ dirinya sendiri. Sebab bapak kau PM dulu la kau dapat monopoli bisnes macam tu! Kah kah kah.

sumber - http://raksasabn.blogspot.com