Friday, November 21, 2008

Police extends bail for Malaysian blogger

Another month on bail. I'm having coffee with Sheih Kickdefella, wife and their four kids (three of whom on school holidays) in Bangsar right now. Sheih had just been to the Bukit Aman police headquarters, before the Friday prayers. His police bail has been extended by yet another month.

I asked Sheih how he felt. "Sigh," he said.

Sheih was discharged on 20/9 after being detained for 4 days over a posting on Aug 3 in which he turned the Malaysian flag upside down to depict a "nation in distress". The PM called for action against Sheih, calling him "evil blogger", about a week before Merdeka.


  1. oh ! another month ???

  2. Anonymous5:33 pm

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  3. Anonymous5:56 pm

    looks like the prdm still looking for reason to charge him eh?

  4. I am glad he met up with you.
    We spoke last night and waited...if he needed me.
    We met for lunch...two weeks ago.
    One month on OK.
    Is not his wife and children ..a bundle of joy...for him.

  5. Anonymous6:30 pm

    This is a bit too much. The police going after petty issues makes them look like there's nothing else to do.

    But the police seem to be superficient in a few areas, such as playing hide and seek with speed traps in Putra Jaya. Imagine spending all their resources nabbing so called speedsters doing 83 km/h on a deserted dual carriageway with a 70km/h speed limit? Is this an accident prone area? No, but it is an easy way to take our money legally.

    These is just one silly job the police take full pride of. And of course they love to visit your houses to come and collect the fines.

    Aw, come on dear policemen.

    Spend more time trapping snatch thieves who cause more dangerous stunts than us poor souls doing 83 km/hr.

    These snatch thieves speed off dangerously on their bikes on lonely lanes way above the speed limits but they get off scot free over and over again.

    And they blame someone for flying the flag upside down?

    Something is seriously wrong.

    Oops I had better balance off this note with some praises lest I too get jailed.

    Here's one good thing and I mean it:

    Go ahead and shoot those robbers to pieces even though Karpal Singh may not like it. They deserve to be kept out of civil society.

    My 75 year old mum got mugged thrice at knife point and I hope the police will do their best to
    shoot and kill the culprits.

    Till then, lets fly the flag both ways. One the normal way, and the other upside down.


  6. Anonymous6:35 pm

    sadly the special rights thing dont work there.

    shaking heads


    When you are fighting for a worthy cause
    You must be prepared not to count the cost
    So that you'll stay in focus and not be lost
    You only need to have patience to stay on course

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 211108
    Fri. 21st Nov. 2008.

  8. Anonymous7:07 pm

    so you better watch out your step next day, okay sheikh?

  9. Anonymous9:53 pm

    so who gave the order to the two policemen to blow up altantuya?

    or may be the court will return a verdict of suicide kot....


  10. Sheih, jangae ngeluh walaupun leceh. Kena ingat gini: Kalau polis nak main, dia tak extend bail, lagu mana?? SEJUK kalu dok lockup musim ni!

  11. Bro Sheih,

    I am very happy for you sir....

    you are the man bro.....

    Will always support u guys forever..


  12. Anonymous6:50 pm

    padan muka u. tulis semua orang boleh tulis. beri bkti dan betanggungjawab le.

  13. the cops better keep sheih out. he's got a date with us next week.

  14. Anonymous11:53 am

    not only watch your steps Bro! look up too as well!


  15. Cadangan kepada bakal PM kita..

    1. Nanti hapuskan semua biasaiswa kepada orang-orang MELAYU kena bagi samarata dan berdasarkan merit.

    2. Hapuskan MARA kerana hanya beri keutamaan kepada org MELAYU.

    3. Hapuskan konsep UNIVERSITI BUMIPUTERA di UITM..

    4. Minta semua masjid dan surau jangan pasang speaker diluar nanti org bukan melayu terganggu..

    5. Benarkan semua TOKONG,GEREJA dan KUIL dibina di tanah kerajaan dan jgn lupa beri peruntukan.

    6. Oleh kerana mendapat 2/3 majoriti nanti di PRU13,tolong hapuskan Artikel 153 dan Artikel yg mana YDP Agong ada kuasa beri permit,biasiswa dan apa-apa yg menunjukkan ketidaksamarataan.

    7. Hapuskan Artikel BAHASA MELAYU sebagai bahasa rasmi dan AGAMA ISLAM sebagai agama rasmi kerana semua kaum dan menuntut hak samarata..

    8. HApuskan semua sekolah kecuali sekolah kebangsaaan.

    9. Hapuskan semua kouta yg melibatkan MELAYU supaya lebih adil,ISLAM itu adil.

    10. HApuskan AKTA HASUTAN,ISA,KERAHSIAAN (ISO) kerana kerajaan perlu adil dan telus,malah ISLAM itu adil dan umat ISLAM tak perlu perlindungan daripada AKTA-AKTA tersebut.