Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not in support of Utusan Malaysia

Defamation Suits - ISA of the Opposition?

A letter from Mansor Bin Puteh

Dear Rocky,

I am not writing in support for Utusan Malaysia and its reporter, Mohd Zaini Hassan or anyone, but for fairplay and for the unfettered freedom of the press and of expression. They know how to defend themselves and the freedom of the press and of free speech.

But what I am utterly speechless is, how come there is no blogger or member of the ‘liberal’ crowd who is organizing a candle-light vigil to support and press for the freedom of the press and of freedom?

Have the stores run out of candles? Have the supporters of the freedom of the press and of expression and bloggers and their supporters run out of candles to light?

Where are they, the liberals and democrats amongst the Malaysia, especially those who have been vocal to the point of annoyance and who demand these freedoms?

And where is the National Union of Journalists or NUJ? When is its president, Norlida Daud going to ‘ambush’ Teresa Kok and Karpal Singh to demand that they withdraw their suits against anyone or to stop using the defamation suits as the ‘ISA’ of the opposition?

What if their party is able to form the federal government, don’t you think that they, too, would want to take such drastic and even ‘draconian’ actions against anyone who do not write or speak like them?

Can’t they find their way to berate the journalists and newspapers for having uttered what they consider to be disparaging and defamatory remarks against them the same way that these papers have been said to have done that to them?

American president George W Bush has been called by many names, by the media all over the world; if he take similar actions, surely, he can’t call himself a leader who supports the freedom of the press and of expression.

Suing anyone for RM30 million is serious business by any account. It is aimed to put the person who loses the case in permanent disability and castration much like the persons who are in detention under the ISA.

Therefore, by anyone’s rough calculations there is no difference in the ISA than filing a defamation suit.

Now it seems that the opposition only has the defamation suits to use and they are using them to their full advantage and to get wide publicity which they could otherwise not get, unless if they go around to put up road signs in Mandarin or Tamil, a habit that they decided to stop with the arrest of the three under the last ISA roundout.

I am sure those who had wanted to put up more of the same road signs elsewhere, have now not given it a serious thought anymore. Why stop doing that if they think it is good for the multiracial society?

And when is Teresa going to put out more of these road signs?

But if they come to power and are able to introduce new laws will they not want to ban anyone from filing defamation suits since it is against the spirit of the freedom of the press and of expression?

Look at America or the United Kingdom and many other countries in the West, or for that matter, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines, for instance; how many of the national leaders from both sides, have instituted defamation suits against anyone?

If the Malaysian politicians who are members of parliament can withstand insults and disparaging remarks that are uttered against them al the time in parliament, so surely, they can also withstand those that are hurled against them outside of it.

Is it because the members of parliament are immune to prosecution for whatever they say in parliament that the other members are not able to do anything about it?

If this the case, why not also allow the members of the public and especially, members of the press the same rights and immunity, since they are also in the same business, just to be fair and liberal? What’s the difference being in parliament and in the public anyway?

I was speechless again when I heard on television that there is one opposition member of parliament who said that freedom of the press has its limits! Was he serious?

There is no such thing. Freedom of the press and of expression do not have their limits. If there are limits, then there is no such freedoms in the first place.

They cannot say that and expect anyone else to respect them for their stand; it’s the weird form of the freedom of the press and of expression.

Maybe all of them are still in the happy Raya mood, and have their stomach full of ‘ketupat’ and ‘rendang’ and are ‘ketupat’ and ‘rendang’ – drunk.

Let’s hope once they have cleared this that they would want to bring out their candles and light them outside of the Utusan office in Jalan Chan Sow Lin.

I do subscribe to the freedom of the press and of expression, especially those whose skins have become so thick that cutting them with razor blades would not hurt them at all.

In fact, they won’t even mind to show the scars, that they can get from the cuts as a ‘badge of honor’; the more scars they have the better their reputation is.

There is no such a thing as a bad or negative publicity.

If those who had lost in any elections including those in the party had any real ‘reputation’, they would not stayed in politics, having lost in the elections even once before.

Yet, with their ‘thick skin’ and being so shameless, they still pursued.

Thank You.


  1. If the press have the rights to write..so..same goes to anybody else who also have the right to sue..it is all about rights anyway, what's the big deal?

  2. Anonymous10:43 am

    kadir jasin,you were a mahatir dog,so dont bitch here about journalism.

  3. Dicko,


    Siapa anda untuk melabel Muslim lain Munafiq? Layakkah anda? Bertahu saya apa kelayakan anda? Kemudian kita bincangkan sama ada anda layak atau tidak dengan panjang lebar...


  4. Anonymous11:28 am

    Woi Dell Me Up (3:38 pm)!

    Ko cakap: "Tapi kenapa kita tidak mempersoalkan tentang tuduhan-tuduhan dan penulisan yang dilakukan RPK?"

    Engkau ni memang kurang siuman!

    Bukankah Raja Petra sedia masuk mahkamah untuk mempertahankan kesnya?

    Bukankah Raja Petra cakap dia suka hati untuk kemukakan bukti kalau diadakan kes mahkamah?

    Jadi Utusan Malaysia ni pun kita bawak ke mahkamah lah. Kita tengok apa yang diputuskan oleh hakim di atas nama keadilan berdasarkan bukti dan pengadilan yang saksama.

    Jadi Dell Me Up kalau kau tak tau berhujah, baik duduk senyap-senyap.

  5. Anonymous11:29 am

    No use giving examples of how in other far away countires they do not do such things against the media.

    Just look a little bit south and see how things are done in the island state - which Rocky also knows. He too writes for one of the media there at times.

    What is being done here, is nothing compared to how they fine the media, declare people bankrupt for not being able to pay fines and compensations.

    If thats not stupid - what else is?

    The problem is - we love to compare with other far away countries and ignore the ones very near to us. Or is it that we are 'far sighted' and never can see whats happeing nearby.

    It does not mean in anyway, I support what they do in that island state.


  6. Anonymous11:30 am

    It seems to me that Utusan is taking it as a personal agenda rather than to report. It is not about press freedom at all.


  7. Bagaimana umno nak defend utusan, memang mereka cemerkap. Buat kerja tanpa pereksa dulu, hingga ia jadi satu fitnah.

    Baru sekarang mengaku bersalah bila gertak kena saman.

    Memang memalukan melayu.

  8. Anonymous11:36 am

    i am totally in line with the comment made by *kiddies-want-more-vengeance


  9. Anonymous11:37 am

    A. Kadir Jasin, dengar baik-baik:

    Kau ni satu lagi.

    Bila Utusan Malaysia kena saman sebab memfitnah, kau cakap "freedom of speech is absolute".

    Lain masa, kalau cakap pula "freedom of speech must come with responsibility".

    Engkau ni biar betul, A. Kadir Jasin! Jangan demi sokongan kau terhadap UMNO kau gunakan prinsip-prinsip di atas untuk mengalas sokongan kau kepada alat-alat UMNO seperti Utusan Malaysia.

    Bertaubatlah, A. Kadir Jasin.

    Kalau ada sesiapa dipersalahkan oleh mana-mana akhbar atau mana-mana pihak, kita adili di mahkamah lah. Kau nak cari keadilan di mana, A. Kadir Jasin, kalau ada orang membuat fitnah yang bohong pasal kau dan merosakkan nama kau dan menjatuhkan maruah kau?

    Kalau Utusan Malaysia itu berani kerana benar, kenapa nak takut? Masuk jer lah mahkamah, mesti menang kalau dia benar, bukan?

    Jadik janganlah merepek la A. Kadir Jasin. Kau tulis semacam kat blog kau, pas tu kat tempat lain kau pi merepek lain macam.

    Aku harap kau baca nasihat aku, A. Kadir Jasin. Kalau tak, Rocky baik kau sampaikan kat A. Kadir Jasin.

    Aku cabar A. Kadir Jasin tulis analisa yang seimbang dan lengkap (bukan stail Rocky ya, yang bagi maklumat tak lengkap) mengenai kes ini kalau dia berani.

    Ini cabaran aku. Kau jantan tak?

  10. Anonymous11:40 am

    Satu lagi A. Kadir Jasin: dulu masa kau editor NST tu kau seimbang ke? Kau bagi ruang kat pembangkang untuk bersuara tak? Kau ada tak memuja pemimpin mana-mana masa tu? Cuba pandang kat diri kat cermin sebelum cakap.

  11. Anonymous11:45 am

    Teresa Kok believes that the only way to try to prove her "inncocence" is to sue Utusan. Teresa can hide her anti-Islam sentiments just as you can hide en elephant behind a bamboo tree. The Malays/Muslims already know, without any help from Utusan, what Teresa stands for.

    I hope this does not deter any newspaper, tv station or blog from exposing more of Teresa's sinister activities and the likes of her.

    You people who support her RM30M suit are morons with no sense of value to think she is worth that much. But then she is probably worth that much to the anti-Islam/anti-malays.


  12. Correct me if I am wrong.

    I remember having read an article in Malaysia Today by Mansor Puteh, which attracted fast and furious adverse comments, and presumably so hot that it was taken off the next day. I cannot remember on what topic (pity).

    I am still wondering, if he were the same person, whether the article was taken off by Raja Petra or whoever. In any case, it appeared unusual then for freedom of expression being shut out.

  13. Anonymous12:01 pm


    Somewhere somehow I think everyone has lost the plot.

    First of all in the SinChew case, the reporter was merely reporting what Ahmad Ismail was speaking in his speech, and subsequently she was put into ISA. Anyone ever disputed what was written was untrue?????

    Now in Utusan's article, even the Mosque committee members have came out in the open to state that Teresa was not in any way involved in the petition. An apology from Utusan would have resolved the issue.

    So, in essence I found that En. Puteh's article is highly flawed. Yes we are all for Freedom of Speech, but we have to be responsible for what we said. In Theresa Kok vs Utusan, she has every right to sue,likewise if Ahmad Ismail thinks Sin Chew has manipulated what he said, he has the right to do so as well.



  14. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Anyone can tell what the actual message is, in this article lifted from Utusan Malaysia 12/10/2008?

    Politik baru YB J

    PAGI itu resah YB Josephine, yang lebih mesra dengan panggilan YB J sukar dikawal. Sepanjang perjalanan menuju ke Dewan Perhimpunan Warga Cha di ibu kota, fikirannya terganggu. Tuduhan bahawa dia anti-Islam dan anti-Melayu sungguh-sungguh menghantui perasaannya sejak malam tadi lagi. Entah mengapa baru sekarang dia begitu, dia sendiri tidak tahu. Dia juga tidak pasti sama ada pemandunya, Ahmad, menyedari gelora jiwanya ketika itu. Kalau dia tahu pun, peduli apa, YB Josephine berbisik sendirian.

    Pemandu itu memang sedia maklum pendirian politiknya tentang kepentingan kaumnya vis a vis orang Melayu. Dan dia tahu Ahmad menghormati pendiriannya, walaupun dilihat anti- Melayu, anti-Islam sebagai hak asasi tinggal dalam sebuah negara demokrasi. Bukankah kebebasan asasi itu dijamin oleh Perkara 5 hingga Perkara 13 Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Tetapi YB J akui demokrasi ada yang tidak sempurna dan kerap disalahgunakan oleh pihak yang berkuasa. Tetapi hakikat itu tidak menghalang rakyat menempatkan pembangkang di Dewan Rakyat. YB Josephine adalah salah seorang daripadanya.

    Ah, tudahan dia anti-Islam, anti-Melayu tuduhan yang melulu bentak YB J seolah-olah mahu menyedapkan dirinya.. Ia juga tuduhan yang tidak berasas, hati kecilnya bersuara lagi. Dia meyakinkan dirinya bahawa kenyataankenyataan yang dibuatnya atas nama pelbagai kaum untuk memperjuangkan kepentingan kaumnya, bukan sesuatu yang rasis. Amensty International, organisasi hak asasi antarabangsa akan menyetujuinya. Begitu juga dengan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu. Ketua Pembangkang, di Parlimen pun tidak pernah menganggapnya rasis. Yang menganggapnya rasis hanya orang Melayu di dalam Parti Orang Melayu (POM).

    “Aku juga bukan anti-Islam. Aku bukan anti Melayu,” pujuk hati YB J yang sudah dua penggal bergelar YB itu, mewakili Parti Bertindak Rakyat. Parti itu dianggotainya sejak berada di kampus lagi, walaupun Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti melarang para siswa membabitkan diri secara langsung dalam mana-mana organisasi siasah. Lagi pun penguatkuasaan undang-undang itu sekadar melepas batuk di tangga. Lebih dari itu, ia adalah satu lagi undang-undang lapuk, kata YB J.

    Kata hatinya lagi: “Aku sekadar memperjuangkan kepentingan kaum aku, sama seperti pemimpin Melayu dalam POM memperjuangkan kepentingan bangsanya, sama seperti pemimpin Parti Orang Islam (POI) berjuang untuk bangsa menggunakan wajah Islamnya.”

    Malah YB J berasakan kelantangannya memperjuangkan kepentingan kaumnya itulah yang telah membantunya menang kali kedua kerusi Parlimennya. Kali ini dengan majoriti yang lebih besar lagi. Apa yang membanggakan dia adalah perjuangan yang dianggap anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam itu kini turut disokong pengundi-pengundi Melayu di kawasan pilihan rayanya itu. Pada mulanya dia sendiri terkejut apabila dimaklumkan sebahagian besar pengundi Melayu yang merupakan 20 peratus keseluruhan pemilihan berdaftar dalam kawasan Parlimen Alam Maya telah memangkahnya.

    Ini satu perkembangan luar biasa. Tidak mungkin mereka menyokong aku, bisik hatinya. Tetapi apabila dimaklumkan oleh para pekerja parti bahawa pengundi Melayu di semua peti undi telah beralih arah mendokongnya, dia menerimanya dengan fikiran terbuka. Baguslah kalau orang Melayu menerima perjuangan Malaysia Barunya.

    Tidak puas hati bermonolog dengan perasaannya, YB J secara spontan berpaling kepada Ahmad, pemandunya yang sejak tadi tekun dengan tugasnya.

    “Kamu fakir saya anti-Islam, anti-Melayu?”


    Ahmad yang sudah menghampiri usia bersara itu tidak menjawab, seolah-olah dia tidak mendengar pertanyaan itu. Matanya tertumpu ke jalan raya. Tugasnya adalah untuk mempastikan YB J selamat ke majlis yang ingin dihadirinya. Dan tiba tepat pada waktunya. Majlis itu penting kerana YB J akan mengadakan dialog dengan generasi muda seketurunan dengannya yang belajar di luar negara tetapi kebetulan berada di tanah air kerana bercuti. Ahmad sendiri tidak pasti sama ada pelajar yang pernah mempersendakan lagu Negara Ku sewaktu menuntut di sebuah universiti di Seberang Laut turut berada dalam kelompok itu. Kalau pun ada, pemandu YB J tidak ambil pusing. Budak itu memang kurang ajar. Ada ke patut Malaysia dianggap sebagai Negara Kuku (ejaan Inggerisnya cuckoo) yang bermaksud gila. Dan kreativiti digunakan untuk menghalalkan perbuatan biadapnya itu. Cuma Ahmad berfikir kalau semua orang dibiarkan menghina lagu Kebangsaan dengan lirik yang memperlekehkan kehidupan orang Islam, dan atas nama kreativiti, maka kesannya terhadap perhubungan kaum adalah negatif.

    Ahmad tidak tahu apakah yang sebenarnya mengganggu bosnya itu sejak dari tadi lagi. Dia jarang begitu. Ahmad dapat mengesan YB J lain macam sahaja pagi itu. Dia dapat membaca keresahan dan kegelisahan YB J. Seolah-olah ada sesuatu yang tidak kena walaupun apa yang sebenarnya berkocak di dalam diri YB J dia tidak pasti. Sepanjang ingatan Ahmad, YB J juga tidak pernah berbual dengannya tentang politik, apa lagi tentang isu-isu semasa - kecuali memberi arahan yang ada kaitan dengan perjalanan atau jadual kerja. YB J juga tidak bertanya sama ada dia mengundi pom atau parti apa pada pilihan raya yang lalu.

    Lazimnya, sepanjang perjalanan, baik ke pejabat atau majlis-majlis rasmi dan tidak rasmi yang lain, YB J akan menghabiskan masa membaca akhbar atau membelek-belek fail. Tetapi pagi itu YB J lain macam sahaja. Dia kelihatan resah. Gelisah. Fikirannya juga seolah-olah tidak menentu. Apa yang dibuat serba tak kena. Sekejap dia membelek ucapan utama yang akan disampaikan sebentar lagi menghuraikan gagasan Politik Baru Malaysia Baru yang dipeloporinya. Sekejap dia membelek akhbar-akhbar yang memang menemani YB J ke mana juga dia pergi.

    Ahmad cuba mencongak mungkin keresahan YB J ada kaitan dengan suhu politik negara sedang panas ketika itu. Bahangnya terasa di mana-mana. POM sendiri sedang menghadapi pergolakan yang hebat berkait dengan kepimpinannya. Pertarungan kepentingan puak-puak di dalam parti sedang mengambil tempatnya. Kalaulah tidak kerana kedudukan politik kerajaan agak lemah selepas kehilangan majoriti dua pertiga, sudah lama Operasi Lalang, seperti yang pernah dibuat pada 1987, dilaksanakan, agaknya. Mungkin juga tidak kerana di bawah kepimpinan sekarang, kerajaan mengambil sikap yang lebih liberal terhadap para pengkritiknya.

    Ahmad juga terfikir mungkin perasaan YB J terganggu dengan tindakan kalangan yang tidak diketahui siapa mereka melempar bom petrol ke rumah keluarga ahli Parlimen Sepohon Beringin, Su Lan. Barangkali, fikir Ahmad, YB J, bimbang kejadian yang sama boleh menimpa diri atau keluarganya.

    Mana tahu selepas keluarga Su Lan, bosnya YB J pula yang menjadi mangsa. Dan yang dilempar itu bom betul-betul. Meletup pula. Tidakkah nahas YB J. Sekonyong-konyong Ahmad terbayang kejadian letupan bom berani mati yang berlaku di Damsyik, Syria yang ditonton menerusi Buletin Utama di TV3 beberapa hari lalu. Kalau kejadian yang sudah menghiasi kehidupan harian di Iraq, Israel, Tebing Barat, Gaza atau Afghanistan itu menular di negara ini, alangkah malangnya bumi bertuah ini. Minta disimpang malaikat 44, Ahmad berkata sendirian di dalam hatinya.

    Tetapi fikir Ahmad, amaran kalau tidak diendahkan berbahaya. Dia teringat apa yang diceritakan berlaku pada 13 Mei 1969. Bapanya menceritakan dalam tragedi selepas pilihan raya umum pada 10 Mei itu, orang Cina dan Melayu berbunuh-bunuhan. Perjuangan yang mahu menafikan hak-hak istimewa orang Melayu dan kaum bumiputera lain yang dijamin oleh Perlembagaan Persekutuan, tidak dapat diterima oleh mereka. Kata-kata kesat dan menghina orang Melayu oleh para penyokong parti-parti pembangkang sewaktu berarak meraikan kemenangan besar di Kuala Lumpur dan bandar-bandar utama lain pada pilihan raya 1969 itu tidak dapat ditelan oleh orang Melayu. Parang yang terbiar tumpul selama ini diasah tajam. Dalam keadaan itu tercetuslah pergaduhan yang dahsyat menyebabkan Parlimen digantung dan pemerintahan darurat diisytiharkan. Negara diletakkan di bawah perintah berkurung. Ahmad sendiri belum lahir ketika itu. Tidak lama selepas itu, peralihan kuasa berlaku daripada Tunku Abdul Rahman kepada timbalannya, Tun Abdul Razak.

    “Mat, saya ni anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam ke?,” YB J secara mendadak mengulang semula pertanyaannya apabila tiada jawapan daripada pemandunya.

    Ahmad, yang sejak tadi membisu seribu bahasa selamba menjawab: “Mungkin tidak YB.” Dia memberi jawapan berlapik. Maksudnya: Mungkin tidak, mungkin ya bergantung pada mata yang menilai.

    “Apa maksud kamu mungkin tidak.”

    " Ini soal persepsi YB. Persepsinya begitulah. Hakikatnya YB tidak membenci Melayu tidak juga membenci Islam. YB sekadar memperjuangkan kepentingan kaum YB. Tidak salah YB berbuat demikian. Kalau YB tidak memperjuangkan kepentingan kaum YB sendiri, siapa lagi. Tetapi cara YB itu barangkali disalahertikannya.”

    “Maksud kamu?" Tanya YB J yang masih belum jelas lagi.


    “Yalah, ia bergantung pada mata yang memandang. Bukan sahaja di kalangan orang Melayu, tetapi di kalangan bukan Melayu. YB kena ingat di kalangan bukan Melayu pun bukan semuanya menerima politik baru Malaysia baru YB. Kalau tidak masakan parti satu kaum seperti Parti Orang Cina (POC) masih boleh bertahan.”

    “Apa maksud kamu. Saya tidak begitu jelas?"

    “Yalah bagi YB perjuangan YB adalah pelbagai kaum. Tetapi dalam tindak tanduk, perjuangan pelbagai kaum YB itu tidak tertonjol. YB mahu menghapuskan tulisan jawi dan ganti dengan tulisan Cina . Bagi mereka itu bukan perjuangan pelbagai kaum. Ia perjuangan satu kaum. Kalau benar pelbagai kaum, YB patut mempertahankan tulisan jawi.” Ahmad memberanikan diri untuk memberikan pandangannya.

    Mengesan bosnya ingin mendengar pandangannya lagi, Ahmad berkata: “Patutnya kalau YB benar-benar ingin menjadi pejuang pelbagai kaum, kepentingan orang Melayu jangan diketepikan sewaktu mengetengahkan kepentingan kaum Cina. YB perjuangkan kepentingan kedua-duanya sekali. Penerimaannya saya pasti berbeza. YB akan dilihat sebagai mahu menjaga kepentingan kaum YB, tetapi pada waktu yang sama tidak menafikan hak orang Melayu.”

    Itu perjuangan POM dan POC, dengus YB J di dalam hatinya. Bosan aku dengan Si Ahmad ini, dia berkata sendirian. Aku penganjur politik baru dan tidak mahu terikat dengan kerangka politik lama, katanya lagi kepada dirinya.

    Perbualan YB J dengan pemandunya habis di situ sahaja. Dia tidak mahu lagi mendengar pandangan karut pemandunya. Dia mahu terus melayan perasaan: Aku percaya pada Politik Baru Malaysia Baru, tegas YB J pada dirinya. Setiap warganegara, tanpa mengira apa keturunan mereka patut diberi hak yang sama mengikut undang-undang. Tidak ada bangsa yang patut diberi layanan istimewa. Tidak ada warga yang patut diberi darjat atau kelas kedua. Kita semua orang Malaysia.

    YB J enggan melayan Ahmad lagi. Sebaliknya, dia membelek akhbar Utusan Malaysia yang secara rasmi diboikot oleh partinya. Perhatiannya tertumpu pada artikel berjudul Jangan Padam Rekod Negara yang ditulis oleh seorang generasi muda Cina yang menolak tesis politik baru Malaysia baru.

    Ah, satu lagi propaganda yang memperlekehkan kaum aku, dengus hati YB J. Jangan-

    jangan yang menulis artikel ini orang Melayu. Mereka masih menganggap kaum aku sebagai berketurunan pendatang. Tidak guna punya generasi baru. Dengus YB J. Bisik hatinya lagi: Betullah dulu nenek moyang aku berhijrah ke bumi bertuah ini untuk mencari kekayaan, membebaskan diri mereka daripada kemiskinan dan keperitan hidup di China. Itu dulu. Generasi Cina sekarang sudah menjadi warganegara Malaysia dan mereka hendaklah dilayan seperti warganegara Malaysia..


    Sedang YB J asyik dengan lamunannya, dia dikejutkan dengan suara pemandunya yang memaklumkan, “Kita sudah sampai YB.”

    Menunggu dia di luar ialah para penganjur dialog yang bakal berlangsung. Salah seorang daripada mereka membuka pintu kereta YB J, bersalaman dengannya dan memperkenalkannya dengan ahli jawatankuasa penganjur yang lain. Diiringi oleh mereka, YB J dibawa ke pentas. Menurut kiraannya ada 500 orang di dalam dewan pagi itu. Dia bangga dengan kehadiran begitu ramai anak bangsanya yang ingin bertemu dengannya. Apa yang lebih membanggakan YB J ialah mereka belajar luar negara dengan biayai sendiri, bukannya bantuan kerajaan.

    Selepas ucapan-ucapan aluan oleh pengerusi penganjur selesai, YB J dijemput untuk memberi ucapannya. Inilah detik-detik yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh YB J. Gagasan politik baru Malaysia barunya akan dihebahkan kepada dunia bebas. Dia teringat buku Kee Thuan Chye yang berjudul 8 Mac The Day Malaysian Woke Up. Momentum rakyat Malaysia atau lebih tepat lagi warga bukan Melayu Malaysia yang sudah jaga dari lena itu mesti ditingkatkan. Pagi itu dia berazam untuk berbuat demikian.

    Tetapi tanpa diketahui oleh YB J, di kalangan 500 orang generasi muda yang hadir pada pagi itu ada yang tidak setuju dengan pandangan politiknya itu. Salah seorang daripada mereka berazam untuk membetulkan penyimpangan politik YB J dengan caranya yang tersendiri.

    Apabila YB J bangun untuk menuju ke rostrum ucapan, seorang anak muda dari belakang pentas berjalan tenang menuju ke arahnya. YB J tersenyum kepadanya. Dia menyangka anak muda seketurunan dengannya ingin mengiringinya ke rostrum atau bersalaman dengannya.

    YB J menghulurkan tangan. Tiba-tiba YB J tergaman dan berdiri kaku. Dia tidak percaya dengan apa yang dilihatnya. Tergenggam erat pada tangan anak muda yang seolah-olah mahu membalas salam tangan yang dihulur itu ialah sepucuk pistol jenis Revolver yang betul-betul diajukan ke arah dada YB J.

    Tanpa berkata apa-apa, anak muda itu melepaskan beberapa das tembakan. Salah satu daripadanya tepat mengenai jantung YB J. Dia rebah ke lantai.

    Para hadirin menjadi panik. Mereka yang berada di atas pentas turut tergamam melihat apa yang berlaku. Kejadian menjadi hiruk-pikuk dan tidak terkawal. Pihak penganjur yang tidak menduga kejadian malang itu berlaku, tidak tahu berbuat apa-apa. Beberapa orang anggota polis berpakaian preman yang menjadi tetamu yang tidak diundang dalam majlis itu, meluru ke arah pentas. Rakan-rakan mereka yang berpakaian seragam yang berkawal di luar juga bergegas masuk ke dewan.

    Tetapi belum sempat mereka berbuat apa-apa, kedengaran beberapa das tembakan lagi. Kali ini yang rebah adalah anak muda itu sendiri.

    Apabila pihak polis tiba di tempat kejadian, kedua-dua mereka - YB J dan anak muda yang berpakaian kemas itu, sudah tidak lagi bernyawa.

    Sewaktu pemeriksaan dibuat ke atas mayat anak muda yang tidak dikenali itu, terselit sehelai nota yang ditaip rapi, ditulis dalam bahasa Kebangsaan.

    Ia berbunyi: YB Josephine adalah ancaman terhadap keharmonian. Lebih baik riwayatnya ditamatkan supaya masyarakat berbilang kaum boleh tinggal aman damai di negara bertuah ini. Saya berkorban untuk masa depan.


  15. Anonymous12:25 pm

    I cannot afford 2 buy a candle on account that our economy doing so well. :)

    Eventhough, if I manage to buy a candle, I will use it to light up my room 2 save on electricity. :)

  16. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Brader Rocky, Tahniah kerana tidak menyebelahi mana-mana pihak. Saya dahulunya boleh dikatakan 'avid blog reader' kerana artikel2 yg alternatif berbandiang artikel arus perdana. Apa yg saya harapkan ketika itu adalah 'fair reporting' iaitu tidak menyebelahi mana-mana pihak samada kerajaan atau pembangkang. Bagaimanapun, sebaik saja mengetahui Jeff Ooi bertanding atas tiket DAP menyedarkan saya bahawa komen serta kritikannya sebelum ini mungkin tidak ikhlas. Bagaimanapun saudara menyedarkan saya masih ada bolgger yang mengamalkan sifat keikhlasan dalam memberi ulasan. Saya sentiasa berpegang kepada prinsip baik kerjaan atau pembangkang, tidak semua yang dilakukan mereka betul dan sebagai pihak yang mewakili rakyat mereka berhak untuk di kritik. Sekian


  17. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Dear Mansor, Rocky and all those who believe in unfettered freedom of expression and speech.

    I am sorry but there is no such thing in this world. Do you really think you can say and publish what you want, even in the US and other western countries? Think again. Try publishing in the US about being sympathetic to Osama and see who will come knocking at your doors.

    Total freedom is a myth. Someone once said "you have freedom to swing your arms but that freedom stops at the tip of my nose".


  18. Anonymous1:00 pm


    I really think its time you took a break from blogging and spend some weeks in introspection. You have undoubtedly got your wires crossed and need some time to unwind and uncross those wires.


  19. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Stupid enough to ask why people are not burning their candles or bothering to defend Utusan? Wise and rational people know who is right who is wrong and will only defend those in the right.

    My advise to Muslims is to practise the true Islamic teachings regarding interactions with other people including non-Muslims and not just pray 5 times a day (if you do). Please do not put the religion at stake because of your stupid actions.

  20. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Rocky bru,

    Indeed, the majority of the responses kept villifying you and now mansor puteh merely for stating something which does not go with their flow.
    Very much the kind of herd mentality of the two-legged kind.
    We have also in the midst, the likes of Haris Ibrahim, a self-indulging blogger who seems to believe that he has arrived.
    While I find Haris' detailed rebuttal of your posting worthy of praise, if not for contents at least for efforts, I noticed that in his defence of Teresa, he failed to share with us the "sins" committed by Teresa in so far as slanders and lies are concerned.
    We have to accept that Teresa is not blameless in the whole episode involving her and Utusan.
    If we accept that Utusan had misreported, Teresa too had wrongfully accused Utusan over the dog food issue in which, she accused Utusan of manipulating and reporting on things she did not say.
    It was however later on proven that she did utter those words verbatim as shown on TV3.
    Furthermore, utusan when reporting the issue about the dog food had picked up the story from Malaysiakini and attributed the news portal as such.
    But what did Teresa do when this was brought to her attention. Instead of apologising to Utusan, she chose to be evasive and accused Utusan of playing up the dog food issue and ignoring a bigger issue like the ISA.
    Then, isn't Teresa just like any other politicians that Haris and his ilks abhor, avoiding the issue and playing to the gallery.
    But then it is a case if you are not with us, you are against us, a syndrome well entrenched among the commenters. That had made many of them racist and accused others of such.

    He who will never be conned by Anwar.

  21. Anonymous1:41 pm

    I believe the Rocky Bru blogsite has been hacked and HIJACKED.

    Will Rocky answer a few of the comments above (pro and cons) to give a hint if he is STILL IN CONTROL??


  22. >>Sorry loh brother,
    I am not trying to be racist but to stick-up my facts. Some Chinese and Indians in this beloved country behave like the "those untouchables" in New York. Their favourite word when the sulked is "anti-semitism".

    Y.B Osman Gemuk
    Parlimen Pulau Besar<<

    Funny, I would out it like this...

    Some UMNOPUTRAS in this beloved country behave like the "those untouchables" in New York. Their favourite word when the sulked is "anti-Malay, anti-Islam".

    This has more resonance to the truth we see everyday isn't it?

    Malay racism will be on the rise as that is the onlt way UMNO knows how to handle the 2008 GE results.

    And if any of you have noticed, not one pro-UMNO argument in this list of replies actually specifically address the legal issues and circumstances of the suit like, sat Haris Ibrahim has.

    Who are they trying to fool?

  23. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Ok..u have been head hunted to lead NST by certain Datuk.

    To show "what u can do" for them, you decided to show piece your spin thingee here and to convince them at u can do a much better job than Brendan P.

    Is that it? rocky


  24. This is more journalistic ethics in Nades' pinky than the whole of Utusan Meloya ! He even explains the role of the media from the non-UMNO (meaning us!) in perspective.

    Then we can see the UMNO dominated organs of government duck for cover! Malu la sikit ! This what you defending ?

    Citizen Nades - Walking Tall without the bat

    IF THE law had been enforced, hundreds including a minister and one chief minister could have been sent to jail. At least one deputy minister should have resigned for being a permanent resident of Australia while holding office. At least three presidents of local councils would have been given the boot for their shenanigans while in office. Several officials and councillors of the Petaling Jaya City Council would have been convicted for criminal breach of trust. Several so-called corporate figures would have at least relinquished their positions to avoid shame they would have brought to the companies and the brands they represent.

    The list is not exactly endless. Over the past six years, theSun’s investigative team has exposed no fewer than 237 wrong-doings of people in public office or who have misused taxpayers’ funds. Our record is terrible, a shame to ourselves. So far, despite exposing so much, only one person has been prosecuted, and it must be added – on a minor charge – 1/237 is nothing to write home about.

    No one seems to care about the millions that have been pocketed; no one wants to see the illegality of it all and their conscience never pricks. Even if it is not illegal, it is morally and ethically unacceptable.

    On Monday, the expose on the wrongdoing in the Tourism Ministry brought the tally to 238. Today is another day in the office which would mean penning another column and processing and checking out more information that has landed on our desks. Many have asked us before: "What happens after all you have exposed?" We have little to give as an answer. Lest we are accused of being judge, jury and prosecutor, we leave it to the authorities and let the law take its course.

    We appreciate the freedom to write, but we have not abused the privilege. We respect some semblance of openness – we confess that we have taken advantage of it. We are professionals – we write the news for people to make a fair and educated conclusion on the information that they read. We write based on facts and our research – we don’t rely on hearsay or manipulate the facts. We don’t have an agenda – our only agenda is for a better quality of life for all Malaysians. We don’t seek to enrich ourselves through our writings – we may not be wealthy, but we are comfortable.

    We are journalists – not the public prosecutor or the modern day version of Buford Pusser, the hero in Walking Tall. We use our pens – we don’t walk around carrying a baseball bat or have holsters strapped to our hips. We are the eyes and ears of the public – and we take pride in such a role. Our job is to inform and educate. Our system does not allow Joe Public to bring about private prosecution. We merely record the wrongdoings, in the hope that the wrongdoers would be punished and public money that has been lost is recouped.

    Having said that, we have given up asking ourselves: "What’s going to happen next?" So, WHAT is going to happen to those who defied government regulations and allowed the employment of extra staff at the Tourism Ministry? There’s no element of corruption and so let’s not waste the time and resources of the Anti-Corruption Agency. It’s a clear-cut breach or rather, a defiance of government directives from the Public Services Department and the Treasury. Who is responsible? In this case, the secretary-general of the ministry – the number one civil servant just below the minister must be held accountable for his action or inaction.

    Did he or not receive the circulars and directives? If so, did he object to the excess baggage? Did he point out to the minister that she is not entitled to that number of officers? His silence can be construed as consent – if he is not the principal offender, he is an abettor or an accomplice. So, what’s going to happen to him?

    Two hundred and thirty-eight cases and they have a negligible effect on the powers that be! Are we banging our heads against a brick wall? Should we give up and start writing about how good the food tasted at some hotel? Or should we be interviewing Datuk Shah Rukh Khan on how he feels being bestowed the title? Or should we go to press conferences and report what’s spewed out by spin doctors – a role we played in our formative years as reporters.

    The choice is ours – we have decided to soldier on and taking the stand of fellow columnist Dr Goh Ban Lee who advised us: "Carry on banging your head against the brick wall. One day it’s going to crack!"

    R. Nadeswaran expects readers to understand the frustrations and helplessness he goes through in carrying out his duties. He is editor (special and investigative reporting) at theSun. He can be reached at: citizen-nades@thesundaily.com

  25. Tolong jangan salahkan Rocky kerana beliau sememangnya betul. Sebagai peniliti politik, sememangnya kita harus membela kebebasan kewartawanan. Freedom of speech is absolute and I have during my years as a journalist supported it.

    Datuk A Kadir,

    I am surprised you call the Utusan report which was full of half-truths (I am being polite here)as part of "kewartawanan". It is an insult to the profession. Or are you part of the newly galvanised Mahathirism (public wastage of fund plus blatant racism)finding it's way around lately?

    If that is so, now we know why MSM is in such a deep hole.

  26. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Since you're a 'strong' proponent of free speak, how come you're silent about RPK's ISA arrest.

    Why are you silent about all the sedition charges against RPK by the power that be ?

    If you're consistent, then I think people will appreciate your view.

    For those who agree with Rocky's view, I suggest you throw all your support to RPK's cause, who is living in 8' x 8' Kamunting Hotel.

    Click here in support of RPK

  27. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Is the argument here about Journalistic ethics and standards or Press freedom?

    In both case, the summary is that
    - The Journalist is subjected to libel legal lawsuit for wrongful intent.
    - There is no such thing as press freedom in Malaysia, there is only bias free press. In this case it is quite obvious Utusan, as a company is libel for inciting hatred towards the person without proof or facts and govern action towards the person as a consequence.

    I am not sure how can someone or anyone per say, defend this as an act of press freedom. Read the following:


  28. Rocky,

    Why didn't you highlight the below matters:
    1)Alhabsee said that Teresa Kok's act of challenging Utusan Malaysia is as if she is challenging the Malays (So now Utusan Malaysia represents all Malays presumably including the Malays in Titiwangsa, Bandar Tun Razak, Kedah, Kelantan, Permatang Pauh, Kuching, Zaid Ibrahim?)
    2)The article Politik Baru YB J written by Chamil Wiraya that is clearly modeled on Teresa Kok (unless you want to disagree) and is a clear direct incitement to violence (So I guess this is also covered under freedom of speech is it, inciting people to kill?)

    I leave you and UMNO supporters with a few words of wisdom from John Lewis, a black civil rights leader who also fought with racial supremacists:

    "As one who was a victim of violence and hate...I am deeply disturbed by the negative tone of the...campaign. What I am seeing today reminds me too much of another destructive period in...history...are sowing the seeds of hatred and division, and there is no need for this hostility in our political discourse.”

    "...never threw a bomb. He never fired a gun, but he created the climate and the conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent...who only desired to exercise their constitutional rights."

    "As public figures with the power to influence and persuade...are playing with fire, and if they are not careful, that fire will consume us all. They are playing a very dangerous game that disregards the value of the political process and cheapens our entire democracy. We can do better. The...people deserve better."

  29. Anonymous3:35 pm

    in addition to "anti racist" comment:

    Bila melayu sentuh bukan melayu - dikatakan TAK SENSITIF.

    Bila bukan melayu sentuh melayu - HULLO, IT IS MY GODLY GIVEN RIGHT!

    Aparaa... so biased. Who are more racist here? who? WHO?

    On Theresa, not only her English and BM are tunggang langgang, but "similar to dog food" and "slighly better than dog food" are both accorded a common meaning in two consecutive days.

    Ugly people like Theresa and the like should not be politicians because they only worsen the racial tension that we hardly have before.

    Simply, they do not contribute to better Malaysia!

    On Utusan (and other licensed newspapers), what you need is a third eye before you jump like bunch of monkeys. Words reported in the news are all facts. It is the works of their spin doctors that most of us failed to see. Dont be gullible easily.


  30. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Rocky oh Rocky,

    What happened to you? This whole issue of "I sue you, you sue me" going on between Utusan and Theresa... I really, REALLY thought you were one of the candles of hope.

    Again, as mentioned in numerous comments above, equating defamation suits to ISA is... really stupid, for lack of a better word. Surely you can't agree to that?

    But let's leave that aside for now. What I want to hear from you is : WHAT IS YOUR STORY?

    I think it is only fair that we hear what you have to say; from the horse's mouth. So please, speak up instead of asking someone else to do it for you. it is further complicating things.

    If you don't, you are going to lose this avid visitor to your site (and I believe many others too).


  31. Anonymous3:57 pm

    A jolly obfuscatory article by Mansor Puteh, the author opens with a statement that he is not an Utusan supporter then goes on a half baked dissertation on freedom of expression.
    Then he goes into a tirade of why the "liberal" crowd is not lighting candles in suppoer of Utusan's right to the same.
    He is quite clueless that these liberals and democrats idea of press freedom is reporting the truth without fear or favor.
    The Utusan is not seen as an independent journal but a shameless mouthpice of UMNO who in turn afford Utusan protection
    from the printinting, press and publications act that was invoked on other dailies simply for publishing true but politically dissenting views.
    Utusan publishes blatantly seditious articles without fear of the seditions act simply because it enjoys UMNO's protection.
    Something that escalated during the time Zainuddin Maidin was Utusan's chief editor, UMNO rewarded him by eventually
    making him Minister of information.
    Then he goes on to challenge Teresa to berate the papers in a tit for tat bid, ignoring the fact that the ISA was invoked based
    on the falsehoods of the article by Zaini Hassan and Khir Toyo's similar stand on his blog.
    He then errorneaously tries to draw paralells with developed democracies where he apple picks and declares that no defamation suits are taken.
    He then flip flopped into totally unrelated subjects as parliamentary immunity, road signs and other drivel.
    He is missing the forest for the tree's when he tries to draw churlish paralells between ISA and defamation suits.
    He also insults the readers intelligence by infering that defamation suits do not happen any where else on the planet.
    His quote "There is no such a thing as a bad or negative publicity" puts him in the same category as Paris Hilton.
    As for the last part about thick skin, razor and reputaion, he quite lost me there, instead of summing up his points
    he goes into vague rantings very much similar to that of a beleaguered senile person.
    If this is the same Mansor Puteh that some hail as a "public intellectual" it is very sad indeed.

    Vijay Kumar Murugavell

  32. Anonymous4:27 pm

    All Readers
    In the first place AZAN should not be made into an issue. Its not an issue and should never be made into an issue. I have not come across in any state where the authorities more or less do not or ask the mosque authorities to tone down azan. The case in Kota Damansara, the issue has already been resolved when the mosque chairman denied any wrong doing by the wakil rakyat.
    It is quite clear Utusan played the issue on the instructions of its paymaster who of course are their political masters. Now, the so called champion of AZAN, one SYED, want's to politisize the issue due to the present on going UMNO elections.Why so eager to make donations. But, the sad part is Rocky Brus comments who more or less agrees with this donations and its course. Rocky. What do you mean press freedom. You think Utusan or any other media in this country especially the MSM media is reporting and upholding press freedom. A clear example, PM's open house attended by a group of people representing a certain faction without doing any harm or causing any harm to anybody were finally hauled in by the police to charge them for i) illegal assembly or ii) trespassing.The police are seen to be acting to 'kowtau' their political masters. Any blind person knows these two charges don't stick. Its just wayang.This issue has been played by Utusan right from the beggining. Is that press freedom reporting rubbish, false news etc.
    Back to the issue of donations for Utusan On AZAN and press freedom. I would like to say that Rocky is slowly changing his colour, his skin for something... I invite all readers to quess. Of late, changes are occuring at the Rockys Bru. I have a feeling Rocky has been brued by the UMNO guys and are slowly but surely making him 'turn over'. Yeh! Kali and the gang is leaving so there will be plenty of oppurtunities aver the other side. Rocky must be searching the bridges burnt by one Minister whop finally swam back to the last outpost. Congratulations Rocky.Lone Ranger From The Lost City Of Gold.

  33. Anonymous4:40 pm

    If anything happens to Theresa, will Utusan be responsible then? And also... have you read the article from Mingguan Malaysia Titled "Politik baru YB J" by Chamil Wariya. Now, what would that do? Seriously.. this has nothing to do with azan..

    rakyat biasa

  34. Anonymous4:49 pm

    I'm sorry if I am making a baseless allegation, but for the people who are accusing Utusan and Barisan (especially UMNO) politicians of being racist, can you please explain to me;

    this YB of yours who went all guns blazing for some (alleged) Chinese from mainland China doing nude squats, where was she and what did she say when it turned out that it was actually a Malay?

    Nothing. Or did I miss anything?

    A Malaysian Chinese defending an alleged mainland Chinese with much gusto but conveniently shutting up when it turned out that the victim was really NOT of the same race as her.

    And the meaning of racism is..?

    And I don't think Utusan and/or UMNO politicians are racists either. UMNO politicians; I mostly think they want to APPEAR as if they're fighting for a cause (race, as-in; Malay). In truth, they're just protecting (and helping to get rich) their own kind (as-in, fellow UMNOputras). Utusan being racist? Hey, surely you can find them saying something bad about Nik Aziz and his fellow party members..? Or are Kelantanese NOT Malays?


  35. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Paling utama Mansor Puteh ingin bangkitkan sifat golongan Liberal; memang boleh Teresa Kok saman Utusan; bukan tahu siapa menang lagi: Mansor ingin tahu kenapa golongan Liberal marah marah pada satu pihak saja: Beliau tentunya nak tahu Liberal ini bermaksud "freedom from" atauwa "freedom for". Freedom for tu bagus sifatnya. Macam membolehkan. Freedom from pula tiada batasan. Kalau disingkap tradisi Liberal seantaro dunia, mereka gemar tak setuju dan react terhadap apasaja tindak tanduk orang lain. Maksud Mansor, dan Rocky nampak kekuatan argument Mansor, ialah kalau kita cinta kan kebebasan (ya, bertanggungjawab semestinya) perlulah Utusan juga dibela seperti mana Malaysia Today dibela. Utusan ada ratusan manusia yang memastikan kesahehan berita. dan 60 tahun lebih sebegitu. Malaysia Today pula ilhan satu orang insan. Namun ramai yang menjadi pengikut setia, mungkin kerana mahu memuaskan sentimen marah-marah mereka. Saya sering bertanya bila pula yang label melabel orang tu racist timbul dalam masyarakat? Apakah benar Utusan tu racist? Apakah contoh perbuatan atauwa tulisan Utusan yang dikatakan consistently racist? Saya ingin juga mendapatkan pendapat Usop Bukit Jelutong dalam hal ni. Beliau pendita tu. Silakan..

  36. Anonymous5:04 pm

    I agree with Abuhanan. Jemaah Islamiyah kena ISA senyap aje Teresa Kok. Senyap aje Karpal Singh. Mana pergi diorag ni semua? Pegi daaa PKR/DAP. Kamu ni racist, musang berbulu ayam. Kamu ingat semua orang bodoh/buta ke?


  37. Anonymous5:05 pm

    I really don't see how Teresa's suing of Utusan has got anything to do with supressing the Freedom of the press.....

    In this case, she's actually giving an avenue to Utusan to prove that they are innocent of defamation and that Teresa prob got ISAed bcos Syed Hamid didn't like her new dress or something.

    Also, this suit is about being framed for something that has been proven to be untrue, and which has caused her many security headaches such as the recent bombing of her parents's home...it's got nothing to do with "Islam/Malay vs Non".

  38. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Dear Shadow,

    It is, I believe, not a matter of should or should not, could or could not. But rather, a collective effort towards press freedom. There are lots of crap written out there and with the new media (which the so-called liberals have considerable grip on, judging by what happened in the March elections), you can always, always WRITE BACK. Hell, if everyone are being sued over allegatory remarks then it's like telling all journalists to get rid of their flair. If you watched YB Guan Eng and Tsu Koon's debate, the former's argument was that the 'facts' (on the alleged land scandals) should be out for the public to know whereas the latter defended that it was still a pending case (which renders any so-called 'facts' as allegatory in nature)

    And I wonder why are you giving all these examples of what happened (or is happening) in other countries. We are an independent country. And I would like to believe that one of the privileges of being independent is you can make YOUR OWN decisions. Maybe it's time we stop thinking we should follow other supposedly better countries and have our own style of doing things.


  39. Rocky,

    Why compare us with US and rest of the world?????? bodoh punya kerja....

    I feel Teresa was right in sueing Utusan and may the courts deliver a verdict that befits the crime ie the law is mighter than those utusan fools pen.

    It mombo jumbo what was written, any fool could ascertain it. If this was a spin, its the joke of the decade.... kalau silap, minta maaf, senang, jangan bawak Melayu, Cina, India dalam.... pokoknya GUILTY for inciting. Full Stop.

  40. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Amat jelas kini byk blogger yg mula menampakkan sokongan kepada PR. Maknanya blogger juga tidak bebas berfikir. dijajah fikiran mereka. Kenapa membezakan kes Teresa dgn kes-kes lain. Mmg jelas dia membuang tulisan jawi pada papan tanda..mmg jelas dia yng buat statement ttg wanita cina dibogelkan dalam balai yg kecoh satu negara dan dunia. tup2 perempuan melayu..tapi utusan bersalah sama seperti Sinchew dalam kes Ahmad yang memainkan isu perkauman. Tapi kenapa tak hantam Sinchew mcm utusan kena hantam. Sudahlah mereka2 yg menyokong PR. Bebaslah berfikir. Nampaknya sama je PR dan BN. Bila kepentingan sendiri cara bercakap pun berubah. Kritik org boleh, maki org boleh..tapi tak boleh dikritik tak boleh dimaki...

    Benci manusia hipokrit..

  41. It is much the right of Utusan to write the article as much as Teresa's right to seek legal recourse. Would we be the judge and jury to decide whether this is fair?. I believe that is what the Courts in Malaysia are set up for, to dispense with justice. Have you predicted the outcome of the case in your crystal ball? You would take note that an action filed does not necessary mean that Teresa will win or that she would be awarded 30 million by the courts. There are also adequate defences provided for cases of defamation like fair comment and mitigation circumstances like publishing an apology that may reduce given damages to a mere token. Nothing wrong here, she feels victimised but thats only her assumption, the courts will decide whether there is sufficient substance on it.

  42. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Until now, you seem to have been quite balanced in your postings; but it looks like The Rock has been "turned over".

    You are clearly trying to defend the undefencible. Why? ... guess either you're going back to MSM or they got you n they're squeezing hard, are they? Pity.


  43. Anonymous5:30 pm


    Do you agree with Utusan?


  44. Anonymous5:35 pm

    It is all confusing for me. I have grown up in a country where there is freedom of press. For me freedom of press is where I get the news which is clear and objective, without any bias.

    I have never come across any incident where the police takes recourse of an article which accuses a particular person and puts the accused in jail.

    I really could not understand what this debate is all about. When there is freedom of press, the press takes a responsible role of fair reporting or they will lose their readership.

    Invariably, you will always come across some articles by certain columnists accusing someone. The editor does mention that this article is a personal view of that columnist.

    When this particular article appeared, the accused person did not sue the columnist. She ignored it. This is how it happens usually.

    But in this case, the police arrests her and put her under ISA - a detention without trail. You are in it for 7 days. She is being interrogated about the article written about her.

    The full episode sounds so ridiculous. No sane person with a conscience can justify this.

    This incident is incomprehensible to any freedom loving democratic person. Sadly it has put Malaysia in a bad light.

  45. >>Ingat,,,UMNO pegang saham terbesar dalam utusan...so UMNO berhak menentukan apa-apa content supaya memihak kepada UMNO<<

    >>Ni SALAH. Fungsi media (terutama MSM) adalah melaporkan berita dan menaikkan taraf pemikiran rakyat. Ko jangan kelirukan akhbar (media arus pedana) dengan percetakan PARTI - kalau cetakan parti dengan circulation kepada ahli, ini boleh mengambil pihak tapi masih tidak boleh MENIPU ! Kalau tak masih boleh disaman jika terjadi kes libel dan slander. Sama jugak dengan media elektronik lain. Aku tak faham UMNO/BTN tak ajar ke? Sah ko kena tipu hidup2 ! Sdr, Rocky, ko taknak citer apa fungsi sebenar media massa dalam demokrasi? Taknak yer? Takperlah ! <<

    Sama juga surat khabar yang dimiliki oleh parti pembangkang.

    >>Pembangkang mana ada suratkhabar? Biar betul mamat ni ! <<

    Mana ada aku pernah baca HARAKAH puji kerajaan walaupun setengah abad UMNO dah banyak berjasa pada orang UMNO dan Islam termasuklah anak-anak orang PAS sendiri.

    >>Ko giler? Mana ada kerja suratkhabar atau printing dia kerja MEMUJI? Ko ingat duit yang UMNO guna tu duit UMNO ker? Ko ingat UMNO guna duit tu semuanya halal ker? Skandal berapa banyak berlaku sampai sekarang takder kes? Duit hangus tetap hangus berbillion-billion.... tu taknak cakap? Con-sultan ke ko ni?<<

    Oleh itu, adalah menjadi tanggungjawab Utusan mempertahankan kesucian agama Islam dan menghentam sesiapa yang cuba untuk menghina agama Islam macam Teresa. Apa HARAKAH tulis pada Teresa?

    >>Bila dan apa dia buat untuk dituduh menghina Islam? Ko jangan masuk chapter 2. Chapter 1, iaitu samada/bagaimana Teresa terlibat dalam isu azan pun UMNO/BN belum citer lagi....apa ni?? <<

  46. Anonymous5:54 pm

    After receiving the RM30 million from Utusan Malaysia,Teresa Kok should then donate all to the Malay girl she victimised and slandered in Parliament and in the press and shown to the world as the ill treated chinese citizen of China.

    Biar Betul

  47. Anonymous6:06 pm

    I had a nice laugh reading comments so lambasing you for putting this article and like headless chickens shouting PR and Anwar slogans..


    Their own arguments trapped them if it were to turn it on them when they defended impudant guys like RPK.
    What has RPK been doing then?
    and what about the racist comments on his site? Huh..

    Turn the tables!!

  48. How come not even one UMNO supporter has actually dissected the issues at hand in any post but actually just grandstand? What a waste of time !

    Comment is free, but facts are sacred
    - CP Scott

    Google it if you want to know the background of the comment and the person behind it.

    So did Teresa really do what Utusan said she did?

    This Utusan said she said or Utusan said she did something is really tiresome. From Karpal, Ezam to Teresa, why can't they stick to the facts?

    And how stupid must the police be to please their political masters? A junior reporter doing honest jornalistic or investigative work would have uncovered the truth in no time. I cannot believe a modicum of effort questioning the mosque officials and everyone else involved was too difficult to do.

    The way I see it, Utusan had an agenda. And now we see the rest of the players jumping on the bandwagon. Get ready for a dose of Maahthirism part 2.

    This is in part a consequence of the MSM's failure to report and inform. What we have is a totally irresponsible MSM bent on doing their political master's bidding.

  49. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Apahal nak suruh rocky support your cause. Go setup a blog or browse blogs that suits you wahai pretentious people.

    Once you are against the PKR-DAP-PAS cause, you are UMNO goons. WTF! This is freedom of speech? Must we telan everythg bulat2 and believe whatever politician says? Pembangkang or kerajaan? Bunch of idiots!

    PAS is pretentious for not publishing any issues or bad things done by PAS members or PAKATAN member. So does PKR and DAP. Have they ever published anythg good about BN? It works both ways la buddy. U wanna be UMNO u be UMNO la jangan cakap x fair when ur doing the same thing! Freaks!

    go for it. Now you know who these people really are. By the way, you think rocky cares if ur 'dissapointed', 'i wont read u no more', 'i hate u' crap? Morons!

    Go get a life. Suka hati rocky la.

    Go rocky, go rocky, go rocky!


  50. >>Apa HARAKAH tulis pada Teresa?<<

    KOTA BARU: Three senior PAS leaders have condemned the Cheras Umno division for setting up a fund to help the Utusan Malaysia newspaper defend itself against multi-million libel suits, saying their intention had racial undertones.

    PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa said it was unbecoming for politicians to be defending newspapers that by virtue of ethics, was an independent organisation, a watchdog acting on behalf of society.

    He wondered why Cheras Umno was going after Seputeh MP Teresa Kok who was at the centre of allegations that she petitioned a mosque in Puchong to reduce the volume for azan (a call for prayers) as everyone named in the allegations, from Kok to the mosque committee, had denied this.

    Yet Cheras Umno was pushing the issue without realising the sensitivities of race and religion, said Husam.

    “This is unhealthy for a country with a strong multi-ethnic and multi-religious composition, it can lead to unsavoury tensions,” he said.

    Husam was speaking at the Kota Baru PAS “Hari Raya Aidil Fitri” gathering at the state Chinese Chamber of Commerce where the guest of honour was Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

    Kota Baru MP Datuk Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdullah who hosted the event said most inhabitants in the country particularly the Malays were descendents of migrants either from parts of the Malay archipelago or from the Yunan province in China with some later coming from India.

    PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat urged Umno to come out with a fund to salvage Malays from following the secularism form of Islam that they imposed after learning from the British.

    He said it was dangerous to use racism in an age where people are fighting for justice and equality around the world.

    Lim who launched his book here about experiences of prison life to the early formative days of a DAP-dominated Penang Government, urged MCA and Gerakan to leave the Umno-dominated Barisan Nasional.

    - The Star

    Korang baca, pk dan komen sendiri samada jawaban PAS dan soalan di atas yang mana lebih logik? Ko tengok ler ... sekor pun puak UMNO takkan jawab secara ilmiah punya....!!!

  51. Anonymous7:12 pm

    I don't know Mansor Puteh personally but I've been his long admirer. Of his opinions, his stand on issues. His ability to see them outside the social construct simply provoked those herd instinctive quarters. Many failed to see or chose to ignore his brilliance.The fact is they are afraid of him. His ingenuity and originality. There are others too the Malays Brilliant who like him are alone in their struggle. For not wanting anything but they can take centrestage anywhere in the world for that matter.

    Live & let live

  52. Anonymous7:24 pm

    I bet my @#s that the moment PR took over the govt, they will rename ISA to something else.

    But they will say to their supporter, ISA has been abolish. And of course, their s@#$pid supporter will blatantly follow what their leader said. They will also cancel Utusan licence because they say this and that. And again, their s@#$pid supporter will sy yes. Only their papers is granted licence becoz they will say only their papers practice freedom of speech.

    They will also practise what we see in Singapore. Sue that, sue here, sue whoever.

    And perhaps the best achievement PR will achieve is to built mega project for pig rearing, and also converting every leasehold title to freehold (guess who will benefit on that when govt wish to takeover the land!!).


  53. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Is sad to see in Malaysia we have a race that produces useless morons who believes their fall back is the result of other race.

    In another 10 years, 20 years, 50 years and 100 years they will fall even further behind. You cannot find another race that blame on others to improve their own, it cannot happen.

    There are only two way to blame if your race is not progressing like others. 1st blame on your own race and 2nd blame on God who created such a lousy race.

    Do you want to go to space? I have ticket to sale.


  54. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Rocky + Kadir Jasin + Mahathir + Najib dah mula bergerak.

    Hati-hati wahai rakyat Malaysia.

    Pertahankan kedaulatan rakyat.

    Bersatulah wahai orang Melayu, Cina dan India.

    Jangan benarkan golongan politik UMNO baru dan kroni-kroni mereka ini menguasai kita sekali lagi.

    Ya Allah ku doa agar kita bebas daripada anasir-anasir ini yang cuba memecahbelahkan rakyat Malaysia mengikut garis kaum dan agama..........

  55. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Hai Rocky.
    Majoriti yang hantar komen ni penyokong TERESA KOK. Tak heran sbb dia orang la yang paling berkemampuan mengekses teknologi terkini(mojoriti mendpt kekayaan hasil dan peluang dari pembangunan kerajaan yang tlah dan selalu dikutok2 mereka). Masing2 menulis macam bijaksana sangat, menuduh UTUSAN macam tiada harga. Inilah akibat buta SEJARAH, atau saja-saja buat lupa SEJARAH. Akhbar mana yang memperjuangkan KEMERDEKAAN? Roket ke, akhbar berbahasa CINA ke, Bahasa TAMIL ke, cuba ingat balik. Agak2nya semua yang hantar komen kat U (Rocky), semuanya belajar kat Inter. Sch atau kat Singapore. Sbb tu sedap sgt nak hentam Utusan. Kalau nak adil, kutuk la juga TERESA KOK, yang juga Ms. Putar Belit. Lpas tu sedap2 mulut Cakap UTUSAN putar belit kes "Makanan Anjing" yg d makannya. Selepas d ulang tayang rakaman (nasib baik ada media elektronik TV3 - kalau tidak berapa ratus juta pula lah samannya. kaya la Tuan-tuan Lawyer yg kita tahu siapa), lain pula nada bunyi YB KOK, tapi nampaknya serangan terhadap UTUSAN tiada noktah. Kenapa? pembaca fikir sendiri. So,penyokong2 TERESA KOK, apa pendpt tuan-tuan terhadap kenyataan "DOG FOOD" beliau dan juga Kenyataan TERESA terhadap utusan ( sememangnya FITNAH BERNIAT JAHAT). Berapa agaknya UTUSAN patut saman YB TERESA??? 50 juta yg d minta UTUSAN tak cukup sbb usia UTUSAN lebih 70 tahun (1st published in 1939). Akhbar yang d malukan oleh Gadis yg berusia +/- 44 tahun beb... Kapada penyokong2 TERESA, haramkan pemakanan/menu TELOR, kerana ianya "Similar to dog food".


  56. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Let these opposition vermins face their own music now.. let us see them rap..
    Hypocrites, racists and bloody liars.
    And who the hell is this Kock!!
    I dun give a damn, send her back to eat the dog food...

  57. Anonymous8:32 pm

    (AKADIRJASIN said:)
    "Tolong jangan salahkan Rocky kerana beliau sememangnya betul. Sebagai peniliti politik, sememangnya kita harus membela kebebasan kewartawanan. Freedom of speech is absolute and I have during my years as a journalist supported it."

    Sdr. Datuk Kadir Jasin yang dulu mengetuai NSTP... betul ke?

    BTW, orang sini yang menuduh pengkritik 'Utusan' di sini sebagai perkauman ibarat Ku Klux Klan memanggil Martin Luther King sebagai 'racist'. Gajah depan mata...

  58. Anonymous8:38 pm

    I totally disagree with u on that. Teresa have the full right to sue Utusan and let the court decides. Utusan should also now sue Teresa over her defamatory statement on Utusan particularly about her twisting statement on 'dog food'. Shafee have sued RPK rightfully, Najib should now sue all the bloggers and opposition who defamed him about defamatory statement on sexual relationship with Antaltuya (lie as no evidence at all). Najib and KJ should also sue Anwar Ibrahim and bloggers over many bad remarks made by him (no evidence also just hearsay), BN should sue PR, Ahmad should also sue Sinchew for their reporting that suggest him as racist. Now is time for the Goverment to also sue Pakatan rakyat for some of the defamatory statement made by them which obviously not true. Follow Singapore..use legal action and ISA against Opposition and Bloggers. Follow Teresa to sue utusan. This is good example. Follow the rule of laws. Thats fair for everybody. For all the muslim supporters of PR and BN, as in Islam we should not compromise fitnah by anyone against anybody...look at now the newspapers supported BN or newspaper supported PR...full of lies and facts twisting..dun share the sins..we will be in hell n answerable to Allah for allowing this to be part of politics and opinion..

    Respect the law and respect the choice of majority. Easy..

  59. The funniest seditious letter I've read so far.i am of the opinion that one should be responsible for what he/she writes, notwithstanding which camp he/she represents. You write craps, be ready to be sued, it's a very fair deal. And who is this Mansor Puteh? Try his luck to be the champ among writers or seek cheap publicity.
    Advise him to take care of himself.

  60. Anonymous8:48 pm

    rocky, real shoddy piece of postings.

    tanpa analisa dan forethought.

    tolonglah kurangkan minum bir tu supaya terang sket pemikiran awak tu.

    saya tak sokong Teresa Cock atau Utusan. Semua dua kali lima nak jahanamkan negara untuk kepentingan sendiri.

    Tapi sebagai blogger yg org suka rapati macam langau, pakaila judgment dan otak sket dulu.

    Jangan jadik pelacur murahan.

    Anon Nanny

  61. Anonymous9:14 pm

    UTUSAN is evil ... Taresa Cock is an angle ... no oner can harm Taresa Cock ... she can't even be allowed to eat "telur rebus" ... that's dog food according to her ...

  62. So rockybru what say you about this,

    Hindraf is being declared illegal by the home minister.

    Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar What Are You Going To Do With Utusan???

  63. Anonymous11:07 pm

    bodohny korang...tak tau apa maksud freedom of speech masih nak komen banyak banyak...
    freedom of speech bukan freedom to defame...


  64. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Having freedom of speech is fine but the reporting has to be a responsible one. Do you think that the Western leaders will not sue if their names are tarnished by false reporting?? Great now I know how some wonderful some Muslims are by supporting defamation and racism. Such angels!

  65. Anonymous11:12 pm

    I could not agree more with the statement that freedom of speech is the freedom to speak the truth.

    Unfortunately, the oppositions and their supporters have put a new meaning to the word "truth": (1) any statement that comes out from the mouth of any opposition leaders as long as it doesn't put BN in a positive light(2) any damning berating statement or anything that insinuate BN as corrupt.

  66. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Pelik betul bila ada diantara org2 yg bising pasal Theresa Kok menghina azan hanya pergi ke masjid sekali seminggu. Tu pun kalau nasib baik kalau tak stahun sekali. Kalau dah meneguk arak, sembahyang tinggal, tak praktikan ajaran Islam tak payah lah nak mengamuk bila org bukan islam menghina islam sebab diri sediri dah buat dulu. Hipokrit....

  67. aikk, kalau harakah atau suara keadilan atau malaysia today tipu , tak check facts boleh la plak. apa jadah double standard nie . dont u all have any brain matter left?

  68. ok , ape kata sape2 yg sokong so teresa cock nie pasal nie\


  69. Anonymous11:39 pm


    are you in support of the latest cerpen in Utusan? gonna defend the racist again?
    dont have to hide, rocky. just tell us.

    Anak Bangsa Malaysia

  70. Anonymous11:56 pm

    yeah.. many god and judge here.. the bunch of people who claim freedom of speeches... claim one side is very maximum truth and another side is bullshit optimum liar..
    those who want to make chaos in negaraku yang tercinta ini boleh blah..
    blah jauh.. jauh..
    syoohhh.. syoohhh..

    P/S : If ISA want to be abolish.. please free the members of JI first.. mereka dah duduk dalam tu lama sangat..

  71. Anonymous12:26 am

    USSR is a total racist who is reading a blog written by someone from a race he (USSR) claimed produces morons and posting comments with bad English.

    I suppose you're thinking now of migrating to Australia. Or Singapore.


  72. Anonymous12:29 am

    The reason why Rockybru side Utusan is because he is going to be appointed as chief editor of NST soon. So he gotta to be YES-man to UMNO

  73. Dear Bro,

    "We have the numbers. It's increasing by the hours"

    Who said that ya? Forgot already.

  74. Anonymous1:22 am

    Hmmm.. hope you are contemplating. Noone is asking u to support Anwar if u dont like him.

    Noone is asking you to join PAS, if you dont like it.

    Noone is asking you to support DAP, if you dont like it.

    And noone is asking you to support Theresa, if you dont like her.

    But not liking Theresa, or any of the above in this case, does not mean you should support 'their' opponent.

    So, please do a serious contemplation. Maybe the unfair, unjust, hypocrite, stupid, greedy and selfish UMNO birus has somewhat got into you.

    I have forwardned you months back, ROcky, that you are changing..and i asked, if you were being changed out of your will.

    If you continue to be like this, soon the virus will be all over you and you will then certainly lose a lot of your TRUE friends.

    But of course, you will then also gain many TRUE friends.

    Enjoy Winning

  75. Anonymous1:38 am

    Kadir Jasin, KAU hipo betul la!

  76. Anonymous2:09 am

    For a definitive story on T. Kock's insult on the tulisan Jawi, go here.

    Read the rest of that blog.

  77. Anonymous4:19 am

    Fascism seems to be rearing its ugly head in our midst. Be very afraid of Utusan Melayu, Umnoputras and the trolls that are lurking in the shadows. TK is demonized. Hindraf is outlawed. What next? For all we know, there might be a second coming of the other "Hitler." Little Mussolinis and little Ceaucescus are coming out of the woodworks. Why shouldn't we be afraid?

  78. Anonymous4:32 am

    We are living in troubled times. Fascism seems to be rearing its ugly head in this country. We should be afraid. Look at Utusan Melayu, Umnoputras, the cerpan writer and the fascist trolls lurking in the shadows. There might be a second coming of "Hitler" and not to forget the little Mussolinis and the little Ceaucescus. But let us pray this tempestuous period of concern will eventually be blown away and Malaysia can truly move forward bringing equality and prosperity to everyone without discrimination of color or ethnicity.

    Lord Aragorn

  79. Bangang bangang semua dengar sini aku nak cakap:

    Pertama, sebelum bercakap, gosok gigi terutama selepas makan babi atau makan makanan anjing.

    Kedua, apa kok pun boleh saman utusan, tetapi sepatutnya kok yang bebas bercakap bohong janganlah saman utusan yang 2x5 dengannya.

    Ketiga, suruh kok ini kahwin dengan karpal, dua dua boleh jadi jutawan segera.
    -wa cakap apa wa suka ma..

  80. Anonymous7:35 am

    agree agree! why must we support utusan!!!! stupid utusan cause MOST of their report are mis-interpret!!!!


  81. Anonymous8:03 am


    Lu memang pandai...bijak...bijak..bijak...lu boleh tarik Traffic tinggi la ini macam...

    gua ni-ah

  82. Anonymous8:37 am

    Sdr Rocky Bru, saya baca pasal PAKATAN KALI bahawa kononnya Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan pakat dgn pengerusi NSTP Jawhar Hassan utk backdate pemberhentian beliau pada Dis 31 ini dan juga Hishamuddin Aun tamat kontrak Okt ini.
    Tak baik kata Kalimullah backdate dan pakat dgn Jawhar. Kalimullah adalah satu-satunya manusia paling mulia di NSTP. Banyak bakti dan jasa beliau kepada Umno dan negara.
    Ramai akan menangis dan bersedih, kalau dia berhenti sebab banyak belanja untuk bagi penaik bukan Melayu di NSTP yang selama ini tertindas.
    Kakitangan NSTP kata Kalimullah banyak belajar pengalaman di The Star. Bukan Melayu banyak tolong dia jadi senang dan kaya tapi orang Melayu tau hina dia saja.
    Jadi tak baik mengata Kali... Yang Amat Baik punya Datuk Seri


  83. Anonymous8:45 am


    Do you condone the new writing, though fictional, about a fictitious killing of an MP because of she is viewed as anti-Malay and anti-Muslim?

    When does freedom of press cross the line to become a threat to someone's life?

    let's say that someone does pick up what Utusan wrote and actually carried out the act of killing someone, then who would be ultimately responsible?

    Is this freedom of press worth paying for with the lifes of innocent people?

    What do you say now?


  84. Anonymous8:58 am



  85. Kalau Hindraf dah illegal kira illegal la kawan.

    Apa mau spin lagi?

    Semua mau kasi spin ka.

    Kalau duduk Malaysia lu ikut undang2 Malaysia la.

    Kalau talak suka ini undang2 Malaysia lu pastikan lu punya PR memerintah kerajaan next PRU.

    Lepas itu lu kasi tukar itu perlembagaan Malaysia kasi semua settle baik ikut u all punya taste.

    Tapi lu mesti kowtow dengan PAS dulu kalau mau kasi declare Malaysia sekular.

    Itu lu deal dengan PAS la kawan.

    Tapi masalahnya sekarang ha kawan lu orang tak jadi kerajaan yang memerintah pun. Macam mana mau ubah undang2 kawan?

    So better luck next time k.

    PRU next time lu kelija lagi kuat la kawan kasi itu PR menang busat k.

    Bila sudah menang busat lu kasi la itu Hindraf legal.

    Tapi kowtow dulu dengan PAS.

    Lu pikir la sendiri.

  86. Anonymous9:53 am

    This is a very true article with an honest wavelength written with the best intention. We need to be rational in consuming whats happening. why no candle for somebody who wrote with clear facts and references? since malaysian is very generous to a bankrupt person who loves to write make up stories... i think it is not matured if we support YB Teresa in her ill attempt to smear Utusan name on the name of democracy.

  87. Kalau Hindraf dah illegal kira illegal la kawan.

    Apa mau spin lagi kawan?

    Topik celita lain lu kasi divert celita lain.

    Semua mau kasi spin ka kawan?

    Kalau duduk Malaysia lu ikut undang2 Malaysia la.

    Kalau talak suka ini undang2 Malaysia lu pastikan lu punya PR perintah kerajaan next PRU.

    Lepas itu lu kasi tukar itu perlembagaan Malaysia kasi semua settle baik ikut u all punya taste.

    Tapi lu mesti kowtow dengan PAS dulu kalau mau kasi declare Malaysia sekular.

    Itu lu deal dengan PAS la kawan.

    Tapi problem busat sekarang ha kawan lu orang bukan kerajaan yang memerintah pun.

    Macam mana mau ubah undang2 kawan?

    So better luck next time k.

    PRU next time lu kelija lagi kuat la kawan kasi itu PR menang lagi busat k.

    Bila sudah menang busat lu kasi la itu Hindraf legal.

    Tapi kowtow dulu dengan PAS.

    Lu pikir la sendiri.

  88. Oh God do I love flamers.

    They are the best crop that God has given to mankind.

    Thou shalt spin to kingdom comes.

  89. Anonymous10:19 am

    lit a candle, NO.
    i lit a flame thrower and easy for me to aim at 'those faces'

    Kem Pas

  90. are you kidding me..

    a)i agree with and support freedom of speech and press, but one should APOLOGIZE for printing false articles which had led to a frigging ISA detention for goodness sakes

    b)freedom of speech and press does NOT work here. MSM cant print certain things because they are under BN. so it's okay for utusan malaysia to print LIES because it's BN-controlled, but other papers (just think the herald) can't print ANY malaysian related topics??? double standards man.

  91. thanx joe rakyat..
    what already stated what was being in my mind..

    i really agree with joe rakyat

  92. Satu persoalannya ialah mengapa rakyat tidak berminat untuk menyalakan lilin untuk mempertahankan utusan bahkan sangat bersemangant jika melibatkan bloggers vocal lain walaupun isunya sama adalah kerana satu..

    Utusan "dimiliki" oleh sang penguasa tetapi bloggers tidak dimiliki oleh sesiapa..

    itu sahaja yang membezakan mereka..

  93. Anonymous11:21 am

    It is not reasonable to compare suing a newspaper to the use of ISA.

    When ISA is applied, the subject has no opportunity to defend himself in a court of law.

    There has been no obstruction to press freedom in this case. The newspaper can publish anything it wants, but it should be able and prepared to defend what it publishes, otherwise it will have no credibility.

    Teresa Kok is using legal means to clear herself of the allegations made against her. By suing the paper, she is sending out a message that she is prepared to defend herself against the allegations in court.

    Consider the allegations made by Malaysia-Today against Najib and Rosmah. So far, Najib has not resorted to a defamation suit against the writer. This certainly makes it seem that he is unwilling or unable to defend himself of the claims should the matter be brought to court.

    I invite the writer of this letter to propose what he thinks Teresa Kok should have done given this situation.

  94. Anonymous11:55 am

    Dear Rocky,
    I beg to differ with you. Yes we want freedom but with freedom there must be responsibility attached to it. We must act responsibly.
    Is freedom to kill or injure anyone fair? I don't believe so! You wouldn't like me to exercise my freedom to squeeze your balls would you? In return you may want to exercise your freedom to give me a black eye. Is this the freedom that you are proposing?

    Is partying all night at the expense of your neighbours precious night's rest your freedom?

    Freedom to employ lies to incite unnecessary hatred among people?

    With freedom comes responsibility. So if I wack your ass you may want me to pay for the medical bills but can I also bill you for the pleasure that you had.

    Sorry mate, everybody seem to have their idiotic side and you have shown yours. I will let this slip by and enjoy your other intelligent and thought provoking articles.

    Most things have a shelf life. Humans go senile once their shelf life is over. I hope that this is just glitch in your CPU and not that it has reached its shelf life.

    Do take care of your CPU.

  95. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I beg to differ with you on this article. A person must be responsible for his/her actions. With freedom comes responsibility. In order to act responsibly, a person has to be wise enough.

    The way I see it, you subscribe to absolute press freedom.. write without fear of being sued/retaliated for your lies.

    You wouldn't want me to exercise my freedom to squash your balls would you? Perhaps then, you wish to exercise your rights to bestow me with a black eye in return.

    Freedom publish lies about a person and to defame is irresponsible. But employing lies to incite people to hate each other is another greater crime to humanity. Bloggers act individually but newspapers have their editors etc and as professionals in their trade they carry a lot more responsibility for accuracy and fairness.

    Rocky, every man has their idiotic side (I do not mean idiosyncrasy here)and you have shown yours on this article.

    Rocky, like most items in the supermarket, human beings too have their shelf life. I just hope that this article is just a glitch to your CPU rather than the notion that your CPU has reached it's shelf life.

    Take care Rocky.

    Captain Sedov

  96. Anonymous1:10 pm

    sedap je tuduh orang racist semata2 kerana tak setuju dengan dia

    MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA hangguk engkau

    masa election banner DAP tah berapa peratus je MALAYSIAN yang boleh baca dan faham


    kalau betul tak racist dan MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA kita hapuskan sekolah vernakular

    satu sekolah satu bangsa Malaysia


  97. Anonymous 7.48 says:

    "Please remember that reporters are there to REPORT about what has actually happened, and not CREATE stories."

    Theoritically that is the role of the reporter/journalist.

    The reality however is that some (not all) in the profession are less than impartial.

    Someone its a case of political inclinations, other times because of editorial directions.

    Cases in Point:
    1. During the March GE campaign period, a TV station reporter together with a cameraman hounded DAP's M. Kula and LKS trying to get them to say specific things against PAS. Very, very specific as she (the reporter) kept asking the same question despite Kula and Kit Siang having given their answers which, presumably did not the news slant they wanted.

    2. A Malay vernacular (highly emotional due to Umno (BN) losing Perak) shot questions to Perak MB Mohd Nizar, again with the intention of getting specific answers, despite Nizar having already addressed the matter in his speech earlier.

    Reporters reporting (publicly) what transpired is Utopian at best.

    A direction I am always reminded in my job is this: Reporters report, Editors decide.

    God bless.

  98. Yes mansur, I want to come into the coffee shop but I'm not ordering any drink.

    I also go to school but I don't want to learn.

    And I want spend small portion of money to build a window but now I'm asking you to spend money to build me a house first before I could start to build the window.

    No such thing as a free lunch dude.


  99. Anonymous3:28 pm

    The game plan is simple. Utusan Malaysia was sent as the messanger of hell to incite racial tension. So the Malay shall unite under one banner that is UMNO. Shittttt..they still thinking Malays are now the same like they did to PAS in 1969.

  100. Rocky is talking Kok as usual!


  101. DAP membuat laporan polis keatas Utusan berhubung karya Chamil Wiraya.
    Hahahahaha...DAP sudah tidak demokratik dalam kebebasan bersuara.
    Besok kalau buat kartun pun, DAP buat laporan polis.
    Begitu MURAHNYA pembangkang hari ini. agak agaknya mereka dah kekeringan idea dan kekurangan hujah untuk bertembung dengan kebangkitan orang Melayu.

  102. Anonymous4:37 pm

    i got simple conclusion.

    This is towards at the end of the day...
    Muslim Vs Kafir..
    The Succees of Zionism Conspirasy..
    Where the Cyclop are everywhere dissemenition a lot of fallacious to confuse people all over the world.
    Everybody are articulate and want to be a champions of thought..
    Truth and Untruth are blended..
    People are sickened..
    Zionism treat us like a goyyum..
    Please people back to Al-Quran for guidance... not for confront..

  103. Anonymous4:53 pm

    They say truth is an absolute defense to defamation. On that score I reckon Utusan have little to worry about wrt this lawsuit. For the few here who understand our national language, read the Zaini Hassan article and tell me where exactly it is that he lied about T. Kok.

    T. Kok is suing them for portraying her as a racial and religious bigot. It wouldn't be libel then if she really is one. The Jawi signboard incident alone is enough to convince me that she is.


  104. Aku dah bosan tahap maksima.

    Macam la ahli politik PR ni bagus sangat.

    Double triple standard ada la.

    Sedekah la apa patut.

    yang DAP dengan satu bangsa Malaysia piiiiiirah mabuk.

    Cakap Bahasa Melayu pun tunggang langgang macam pelancong dari Ulu China.

    Lagi bagus Bahasa Melayu Ong tee Keat.

    Undilah ramai-ramai Datok Ong Tee Keat.

  105. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Rocky tu bukan apa, dia baru dapat ilham, "political awakening" bak cakap omputih.

    Hmmm, maybe the beer didn't go to waste?

    Now you need some Islamic resurgence in your veins, then more balanced.

    For that, you need to cut down on 'em malts.

    Jaguh Kampung

  106. yes, freedom of press is important. However, freedom of press doesn't means the reporter can simply report anythings!! They must make sure the report that they published had valid facts!! In this cases, I can see the reports had no facts at all, they publish the report even without checking the facts with the mosque in the area!!

    Come ON all those anonymous... This press freedom means you can report anything that had facts or deem to be TRUTH... but not for those article that simply HANTAM with the clear purpose of simply attacking its target!!!

  107. Anonymous5:51 pm

    utusan is malay, therefore, you shouldn't be defending utusan.

    if sin chew does the same thing,these anti-malay anti Islam jokers will condemn anyone who sues the paper.

  108. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Another Umno goon talking

    It is one thing to write constructively and another to defame or slander or tell lies just to please your boss.

    Teresa is right to sue n i think RM30 million is not enough.


  109. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Hello, encik mansor...teresa kok hanya menggunakan hak dia untuk menyaman kerana dia rasa utusan memfitnahnya...dia menggunakan saluran yang sah dan tidak salah dari segi undang2.



  110. Anonymous7:11 pm


    read jeff ooi blog entry today..


  111. Sorry for cutting and pasting this bro but i really think this is important in order for this info to be conveyed in every possible form possible.

    Wake up and be wise.


    Oct 16, 08 6:25pm

    Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja ke-215 yang berlangsung di Istana Maziah di Kuala Terengganu hari ini mengeluarkan satu kenyataan akhbar khas berhubung beberapa perkara yang terkandung dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

    Mesyuarat dua hari itu yang berakhir hari ini dipengerusikan Sultan Kedah, Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah.

    Berikut adalah salinan penuh kenyataan akhbar khas berkenaan yang dikeluarkan oleh Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja Engku Tan Sri Ibrahim Engku Ngah hari ini.

    "Kenyataan akbar yang dikeluarkan oleh Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-raja Mengenai Peranan Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong dan Duli-duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-raja Melayu berhubung dengan hak-hak keistimewaan, kedudukan, kemuliaan atau kebesaran Raja-raja Melayu, Agama Islam, Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan, kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu dan kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain mengikut Perlembagan Persekutuan.

    "Raja-raja Melayu yang menghadiri Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja telah berunding mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar khas bersama pada hari ini.

    "Raja-raja Melayu mempunyai peranan perlembagaan untuk melindungi keistimewaan, kedudukan, kemuliaan dan kebesaran Raja-raja Melayu, melindungi Agama Islam, Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan dan kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain di Malaysia.

    "Tindakan pihak-pihak tertentu mempertikai dan mempersoalkan perkara-perkara tersebut yang menjadi asas utama pembentukan negara Malaysia dan termasuk dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan telah menimbulkan kegusaran dan keresahan di kalangan rakyat.

    Sebagai tindakbalas, beberapa pihak terutama pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu sama ada yang berada dalam kerajaan atau pertubuhan bukan kerajaan dan orang perseorangan telah menyuarakan rasa tidak puas hati dan marah terhadap pihak yang membuat kenyataan dan laporan dan menganjurkan forum-forum berkenaan.

    "Antara sebab-sebab yang dikenalpasti berlakunya perkara ini ialah kedangkalan pengetahuan pihak berkenaan terhadap latar belakarang sejarah mengapa peruntukan-peruntukan tersebut dimaktubkan dalam Perlembangaan Persekutuan dan pengaruh prinsip-prinsip kesaksamaan dan keadilan yang cuba diimplikasikan di negara ini tanpa berjunjungkan latar belakang sejarah dan keadaan sosial negara ini. Kepentingan politik sempit juga merupakan penyebab berlakunya perkara ini.

    "Gejala ini jika tidak ditangani dengan segera boleh menyebabkan negara terjebak dalam kancah perpecahan dan persengketaan antara kaum yang boleh menjejaskan keharmonian dan keamanan yang selama ini telah membawa kemajuan, pembangunan dan kejayaan kepada negara.

    "Justeru, adalah perlu Majlis Raja-raja menegaskan dan memperingatkan semua pihak tentang peruntukan-peruntukan perlembagaan tersebut di samping memberi penekanan tentang jaminan perlindungan hak-hak sah kaum lain. Perlu ditegaskan bahawa setiap peruntukan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan telah melalui proses perbincangan pertimbangan, konsultansi, pengorbanan dan sifat tolak ansur yang sangat tinggi nilainya bagi apa yang telah diperjuangkan, diperbincangkan, dipertimbangkan, dimanfaatkan serta dipersetujui oleh semua pihak yang terlibat, sehingga wujudnya peruntukan-peruntukan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang dikenali sebagai Social Contract.

    Social Contract ini tidak wajar dipertikai dan dipersoalkan lebih-lebih lagi disemak semula atau diubah kerana ia adalah merupakan asas utama pembentukan negara Malaysia. Untuk itu Raja-raja Melayu wajar mempertingkatkan supaya isu berkaitan Social Contract tidak sekali-kali cuba diuji dan dicabar.

    "Sesungguhnya, angkatan pemimpin di era pra kemerdekaan, berfikiran dalam berpandangan jauh. Raja-raja Melayu telah dibawa bersama semasa rundingan menuntut kemerdekaan. Institusi Raja dikekalkan dan dimaktubkan secara perundangan dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia Merdeka. Institusi raja diberikan kemuliaan, ditempatkan di puncak Kerajaan, sebagai Ketua Negara dan Ketua Negeri, laksana payung pelindung, menjamin berlakunya kesaksamaan di kalangan warga. Institusi Raja Berperanan sebagai faktor penyemak dan pengimbang, untuk merungkai sebarang kekusutan, sekiranya berlaku.

    "Majlis Raja-raja juga membuat seruan kepada orang Melayu supaya bersatu-padu untuk mempertahankan keistimewaan, kedudukan, kemuliaan dan kebesaran Raja-raja Melayu, melindungi agama Islam, Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa Kebangsaan dan kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain di Malaysia seperti yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Penekanan juga perlu dibuat bahawa agenda ini adalah lebih penting dan utama dari kepentingan politik atau kelompok.

    "Kaum bukan Melayu tidak perlu merasa khuatir dan bimbang tentang hak-hak sah mereka kerana hak-hak tersebut telah dijamin mengikut Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan peruntukan-peruntukan yang terkandung dalam Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri-negeri di Malaysia yang termaktub dalam Perkara 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

    "Adalah diharapkan dengan penegasan tersebut, segala kekeliruan berhubung dengan perkara ini di kalangan rakyat jelata dapat dibendung dan suatu suasana yang harmoni, aman dan sikap saling hormat menghormati di kalangan rakyat dapat terus diwujudkan demi menjaga ketenteraman negara."

    Kesemua Sultan dan Yang Dipertua Negeri menghadiri mesyuarat itu kecuali Pahang, Johor, Terengganu, Perlis dan Negeri Sembilan.

    Sultan Pahang diwakili Pemangku Raja Pahang Tengku Mahkota Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, Sultan Johor diwakili Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ibrahim Ismail Sultan Iskandar dan Sultan Terengganu diwakili Yang Dipertua Majlis Penasihat Pemangku Raja Tengku Sri Panglima Raja Tengku Baderulzaman Sultan Mahmud.

    Negeri Sembilan diwakili Pemangku Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan Tunku Naquiyuddin Ibni Tuanku Ja’afar dan Perlis diwakili Raja Muda Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail.

    Turut hadir menteri-menteri besar dan ketua-ketua menteri kecuali Sarawak yang diwakili Menteri II Perancangan dan Pengurusan Sumber Datuk Seri Awang Tengah Ali Hasan.

    Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-raja Tan Sri Engku Ibrahim Engku Ngah berkata, perkara-perkara berkaitan pertahanan, keselamatan, kedudukan ekonomi negara, Biasiswa Yang diPertuan Agong termasuk cadangan pelantikan Ketua Hakim Negara Persekutuan, Presiden Mahkamah Rayuan dan Hakim Besar Malaya telah dibincangkan dalam mesyuarat itu.

  112. utusan & rocky bru are slowly becoming a waste of time. wonder why i am still reading this crap.

    mr mansur needs to clear his brain. us liberals and democrats have brain, not merely herd mentality who react to similar 'cases' without much thoughts. teresa kok was clearly being defamed big time - to the extent that she got arrested.

    i guess your time at Columbia clouded ur judgement.

  113. Anonymous8:09 pm

    There is no such thing as press freedom. EVen opposition like to listen what they like to here. A typical example is Jeff Ooi, in his blog, he is only interested in feedback which he like to listen. Anything he doesn't agree he will refuse to publish it. SO I'm against sueing the Utusan, let the rakyat be the judge and boycott them if they don't like Utusan story.

    3rd class cirizen

  114. If by giving freedom, we're advocating truthful speech and action, then by all means give that freedom; if by giving freedom, we're encouraging lies and malpractices, then freedom is no more.

    So tell me, what is freedom of press? How much freedom do we give them?

  115. Anonymous8:45 pm


    The poem written in Utusan Malaysia shows the level of journalism of this newspaper is at the rock bottom level.

    Is this what we called the freedom of speech or is this sheer stupidity?

    Then, some people are willing to have a fund to support Utusan Malaysia publishing rubbish.?

  116. Anonymous9:00 pm

    UTUSAN jangan berlembut...TIADA MAAF lagi...cari sebanyak mungkin isu membabitkan 'cock' ...SAMAN sampai bangkrap...ini MALAYSIA lah...harus diingat!

    Ajar biar depa ingat SEJARAH asal usul..tak sedar diri!!

    Dekat China, nak saman pengeluar/pembekal SUSU TERCEMAR pun Kerajaan CHINA HARAM terus!!!


  117. Anonymous10:04 pm



    WA CHAI.

  118. Anonymous10:05 pm



    WA CHAI.

  119. Anonymous10:13 pm

    No guys, she doesn't need that useless telor, what she really needs a hard standing c**k to satisfy her lust


  120. Anonymous10:47 pm

    To be able to "fitnah" against YB Theresa in the month of Ramadhan, even though she is cleared by both the mosque committee....

    .... really gives the worst impression on Islam.

    You destroy and humiliate your own religion, not YB Theresa.

  121. I am annoyed at the hypocrisy of the Opposition. "Freedom of speech" has been used as a tool to bash the current government, but when the virtual spear points at themselves, they condemn it as "terrorism".

    This shows how most Malaysians are not ready for "freedom of speech" yet. For they do not understand it, they only understand what is "advantageous" or "disadvantageous" for them.

  122. utusan pun bukanlah elok sangat tapi kalau dibandingkan dengan teresa kok, lagilah haprak...
    let's see how far ms kok can go... not far, soon we'll see her destructions, we'll see her eats her words piece by piece...
    btw, chamil warya did a great job... kah kah kah

  123. Anonymous11:33 pm


    I have an idea netizens.

    Why not we start slaughtering each other, start burnin cars and houses and malls and other races...

    I guess we all had enough of sipping lattes, teh tariks and beers in peace for 50 years.

    I guess most here did not get even the most basic education due to this intensely corrupt government.

    You don't even own a bloody laptop to write all the crappy comments with.

    You don't even have a nice bed to sleep on at night.

    You don't even have three bloody square meals a day with 10 snacks in between.

    That's Malaysia, eh?

    Half the population is starving, naked and homeless and illiterate.

    So lets start a civil war to get what we want.

    Whatever it is.

    Then everyone will be happy.

    Then we will really, truly be hungry, naked and homeless and can't even go out at night to have our lattes, teh tariks, bah kut tehs in peace.

    THEN, we REALLY have something to whine and harp about.



    Discrimination, poverty, corruption, injustice is everywhere. Even the good old US of A that some here hold up as God's gift to mankind. Even those great white men some here still grovel to and hold in high esteem are not the true sons of the soil. The Red Indians are. Why not harp about them? Why harp about the status and origins of the Malays only?

    My forefathers were pendatang too. But Malaysia has given me a good life. And so has it you people who are the majority of the netizens who can afford to talk crap from the comfort of your homes or Starbucks.

    Yes, life is unfair. Everywhere.

    Why don't you go and HELP those in need?

    Yes Umno became obscenely corrupt. So was MCA, MIC and all the other crappy component parties. Why direct the rabid sentiments only towards UMNO? Because of your own inherent racism and bigotry towards Melayu/Islam? What did the others do for their people?

    Second class citizens? Do you sit at the back of the bus? Do you have different fountains to drink from? Do the Malays eat a different kind of roti canai than you people? Do we not eat at the same bloody mamak stalls and get the same food poisoning?

    Teresa is not a victim. She knows exactly what she is doing. Doesn't she have better things to do than dismantling road signs? Doesn't she have any respect for the sanctity of the rights enshrined in the constitution? Why the provocative action? Because she suddenly had the power and she could? So what else do they plan to do then? Aren't there better things to do like tackling poverty, pollution, housing, transportation, corruption etc2 for the good of all?

    Don't get blindly caught up in these politicians games.

    Throw some of that latte or beer on your faces and wake up.

    Or alternatively, lets start slaughtering each other until we get what we want.

    Sick of these buggers/racists/whiteasskissers.

  124. Anonymous3:01 am

    One thing good that has come out of all this is that Muslims and Malays (even the liberal ones) can now see the threat posed by the anti-Islam segment of the population instigated by Karpal Teresa and LKS. Thank you to all you morons for making us see the reality. Much as I detest UMNO, the ISA and the mainstream newspapers, I would now throw my support behind them to defend ourselves against the greater devil -- the supporters of Teresa, Karpal and LKS. Thank you all for making Muslims more wary of you monkeys who have come out in large numbers whose previous support against BN/UMNO was premised on racist ulterior motives.

    And please.... enough bullshit about how the "aggrieved" Teresa [I'm puking] has the right to sue Utusan for RM30 million for "false reporting" [still puking] and "defamation" [hah!]. Enough bullshit about how a newspaper must be responsible in their reporting -- from you so-called defenders of "the truth" who support Teresa. You all know damn well that Teresa is one of the worst racists in the country and wants to be seen as a champion for the non Malays. So please cut the bullshit and the moaning about how Utusan has portrayed that she-devil as anti-Islam and so on and so forth.


    Please la.. enough drama from you monkey supporters of that useless malicious lying greedy ugly woman. What.... I'm defaming her? So bloody sue me.

    To Utusan, I tell you this: I don't actually like you but please countersue Teresa for her own false allegations. If you win, and I hope you do, use the money to sponsor more jawi road signs and install higher wattage speakers at masjids, especially in her constituency.


  125. Anonymous10:53 am

    i think we put things in grey areas too much.what is right is right, what is wrong is wrong. to report the truth is right. to report falsely is wrong.do wrong then prepare to face the consequences.its nothing racial.its not even about rights. if utusan did not have teresa kok in mind when they wrote the article, then come out and say it. if they lie, then may God have mercy on them.their reporting on the azan issue has been proven false by the 1st party; the imam from the mosque, thus, Utusan should apologise and retract officially.


  126. Anonymous11:25 am

    Hey anonymous 11:30 pm, who is asking us to burn cars,

    are you justifying immense corruption and official-level wrongdoing?

    are you justifying that the current political and corporate elites continue to suck our country's natural resources dry, with no opposition, as long as Malaysian can have latte and go clubbing?

    Please don't be idiotic and denigrate your fellow Malaysians.

    Also go and LOOK at the rural areas of our country and you will understand POVERTY!

    Don't just SIT in your cozy CITYSCAPE and talk as our country silently, invisibly SINKS!

    If we need to change to a more responsive and more responsible government, then we need to do it!

    Don't kiss the asses of those in power, esp. if it suits you or benefits you!

    If you want to fight a cause, fight the cause of the ordinary rakyat! Not UMNOputras, and all those academics and corporate figures who pander to the UMNOputras!


  127. Walau apa pun yang terjadi.... sama ada Utusan bersalah atau tak... kita mesti ingat satu perkara.....

    Si Ms. Kook ni cuba untuk mengugurkan bahasa Jawi dan digantikan dengan bahasa lain...

    Si Ms Kook nie juga terbabit dalam tindakan untuk menidak kan seruan Azan....

    Dari sini boleh lah dibuat kesimpulan bahawa sekiranya orang melayu tidak bersatu , kita (melayu) akan menjadi lebih teruk dari Melayu Singapore , kita akan diganyang dengan teruk dari Melayu Singapore...

    Jadi kan ini sebagai satu pengajaran... mari lah kita bersatu hati , mari lah kita perbetulkan perpaduan kita..

    janganlah kita berikan undi kita (melayu) pada orang seperti Ms Kook ini.. kita tunjukkan mereka jalan keluar...

  128. Anonymous12:37 pm

    sudah lah PKR.....

    bising pulak....

    nanti aku suruh miss Cock kasi sedekah kat orang lelaki PKR....

    orang lelaki PKR kan suka dapat sedekah....

    kah kah kah kah kah

  129. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Remember Tun Mahathir. He is at work again.

    Guys, those of you who frequent Rocky Bru's blog would understand what I have just said.

    The bit of respect I have for Tun Mahathir, I have thrown it out the window not too long ago. I pity Tun.

    Look at how bad he wanted to get rid of PM Badawi. Look at how he spin the issues using his Blog. He is the person who caused UMNO to be in such predicament after the recent election. Now Tun Mahathir thought that he could get things right again. Malays must learn that hatred in us will reveal our true colors.

    A broken glass can never be fixed to its original form again.


  130. Anonymous9:40 am

    This is a good lesson for everyone.

    There will always be two sides of a coin, two teams in football, the hero and the villian and so on.

    So, when you play with fire, please be prepared to get burnt.

    Why blame Rocky? He merely stated his side of the truth.

    It does appear that only the opposition holds the truth..... and it looks like a horse with blinkers!

    Come on you opposition jokers, be realistic. You will need the ISA even more when and if you come to power. Wanna bet?


  131. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Sama saja mereka ni..

    Use this calculation :
    Teresa sue RM30million
    -umur 44tahun
    -YB.. 5+years?
    -Gaji bulanan MP RM$$$

    Utusan is soon sue RMxxxbillion
    -umur 70tahun (ori in JAWI since 29th May 1939)...
    -Monthly paper sales RMxmillion

    Both will need legal representation. Legal fees RMWX % upon award amount..
    Big money big money...

    sue here sue there

  132. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Biasa la pembangkang nie kalau terkena batang hidung dorang melatah sakan dan nak menyaman segala. lepas itu cakap press kena ada limit dan macam-macam alasan. Padahal dulu dorang yang sibuk nak kan media freedom sangat. Bila kena diri sendiri pandai pula kata tak check dulu la, fitnah la...macam kita orang nie tak pernah baca surat khabar pembangkang....macam-macam fitnah ada.....kalau nak saman dah kaya raya. Tapi biasa la kalau kerajaan yg saman, pembangkan akan kata takde media freedom langsung dan kerajaan kejam.

    To Teresa Kok.......gud luck!!!!!! make sure u buy candle banyak2.

    Pss:Meluat ngan manusia yang tak bersyukur ni...ByPP

  133. Anonymous10:11 pm

    u r right mansor. R u surprised ? its freedom this and freedom that only if it serves their interest. Its the same modus operandi by the PAP who sue their opponents for crippling amounts. Just imagine if they come to power. they'll go on a suing spree. As i see it, its just another form of ISA. They just candied it in fashionable and in vogue terms.


  134. Rocky,
    what u wrote there was awesome yaww. HEHH

    Zaini Hassan,
    u might read this cmnt so i just want u to know that I'll be supporting you and Utusan forever,ill be praying for you and hoping that this case/issue will end as soon as possible

    Athira Zaini :)