Monday, October 13, 2008

In defence of Utusan Malaysia

Tabung Azan for Utusan Malaysia. We live in interesting times, where those who complain about the mainstream media being muzzled by the authorities are also the ones who sue these media at the slightest provocation.

DAP's Teresa Kok has filed a RM30 million suit against Utusan Malaysia, the Bahasa Malaysia daily controlled by Umno, over the azan issue. Another DAP leader has also sued the same newspaper for RM10 million, despite the newspaper having published an apology for a mistake it did in a report affecting the politician.

One can argue that ordinary people and organisations sue newspapers all the time. But Ms Kok is not an ordinary person and the DAP is not an ordinary body. As a people's representative, we expect Ms Kok to fight for our basic freedoms, including assuring Malaysians of the all-important Press Freedom.

If Ms Kok and the DAP really believe in the freedom of, say, the Rocket and Malaysia Today, they must also believe in the freedom of Utusan Malaysia.

When I was editor of Business Times and The Malay Mail, I lost many nights' sleep over legal suits filed by disgruntled individuals and organisations. Many politicians were unhappy but none sued because we provided them with the right of reply. And we published without malice. The newspapers I led never sued anyone, either.

I hope politicians will not make it a habit to sue the media, old and new. I hope Theresa would find it fit to withdraw her suit against Utusan Malaysia.

I must applaud Syed Ali Alhabshee's initiative over the weekend to come to the defence of Utusan Malaysia. Some will see it as a political gimmick, but I see the Umno Cheras' inititiave for its simple message: if we believe in a freedom, we must defend that freedom at all times.

Read Syed Ali Alhabshee's posting on the Tabung Azan for Utusan Malaysia, h e r e.

Updates, 530 pm:
Note: I'm including the article about Karpal Singh suing Utusan. I understand from this article that Utusan had apologized for the error in its reporting. And thanks Sinatra_Z for the RM30 million ringgit article

Karpal sues Utusan for RM10 million h e r e
The article that made Theresa Kok sue for RM30 million h e r e


  1. hehehe you are so getting flamed for this rocky...

  2. Anonymous3:17 pm

    wow. last time I'm visiting your site. lokks like you're just another ah.

  3. Anonymous3:25 pm

    dude, what happened to you?

  4. Two thumbs up for Syed Ali Alhabshee

  5. Anonymous3:28 pm

    what if what's written threaten the your security and the security of your family?


  6. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Answer this Rocky: Did Utusan apologize to Theresa publish a retraction? Did they give her a right of reply before publishing the article? Was the article published in bad faith and intended to stir up sentiments such as Molotov cocktails and ISA?

  7. Anonymous3:32 pm

    By the way, did you even read Syed Ali Alhabshee's posting? It was about Theresa Kok vs Islam and nothing about press freedom.

  8. Anonymous3:35 pm

    if it was a truly independent Utusan Malaysia, fine i can agree with it's right to publish anything but it ain't one is it?

  9. To be fair bro maybe you should reproduce what Utusan wrote that angered Theresa Kok..

  10. this is a preview of things to come if the malaysian malaysia concept is allowed to creep in ...

  11. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Utusan carried news that led to events of someone being arrested under ISA. Later that 'someone' was released unconditionally. Now that someone wants to seek justice. What has that got to do with AZAN.AZAN IS STILL BEING CARRIED OUT UNINTURUPPTED. Whats the big deal here. To my understanding, someone is trying to politicize this issue especially with the UMNO elections going on. Islam teaches us to be true to the value and not defame others. If in this instance Utusan is the guilty party they should pay for it so that in future they will not act irresponsibly. Wake up SYED ALHABSHEEE.Do not try to take advantage of circumstances. Please refund money to all parties who donated and if there is collection done, I suggest all donations be given to the millions of poor residing in SELANGOR and KUALA LUMPUR.

  12. LOL... We are living in such interesting time...

    Those who falsely defames others got applauded...

    It's such disappointing to know that Rocky you are for a tabung azan like this... LOL...

    Did Ms Kok and DAP sue Utusan for Azan or defamation? Tabung Azan or Tabung Utusan? or henceforth Tabung UMNO?

    It seems like you think that one can write and alleged whoever or whatever he/she can without thinking the consequence, as long as they are named media...?

    Does rocky realise the law of Malaysia actually protect one from being defamed? The law applies to everyone bearing Malaysian IC... i.e. The law applies to an MP, and media or journalist is not exempted from it...

    We are living in such interesting time when a journalist trying to tell us that a journalist can do whatever he/she like, even sending someone to ISA detention...


  13. Anonymous3:42 pm

    there is a difference between freedom of speech and inaccurate reporting.
    You either report factually or you face the freedom of being sued.
    As simple as that.
    Freedom works both ways.

  14. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Either you are outright bias or extremely ill informed as a blogger/ex-journalis, MP Teresa Kok had given ample time to UM to retract the fabricate/ un-true news which UM had till todate not done so.Let the un-true stand or put tham under ISA like UMNO did ?

  15. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Rocky. Surprising. These comments coming from you. Why should Utusan not be sued.

  16. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Rocky, I think u can`t see the forest for the trees. The alleged lies that Utusan Malaysia wrote on Theresa Kok cannot be condoned as the poor lady spent a week under the draconian ISA. If u r in her shoes, how would u feel? Further, the mosque committee denied of Theresa`s involvement in the controversy. To add insult to injury, the meals that were provided to her was alleged to be, in her own words as ` fit for dogs'. This words was vehemently twisted to the hilt by Utusan Malaysia so as to provoke Malay sentiments. In the eyes of Utusan Malaysia, any complaint against the Government is akin to a complaint against the Malay race. How tidy! Just look at how Syed Habshee defended Utusan when he equated suing Utusan Malaysia as an affront to the Malay race. Therefore Rocky, please see the wider picture and be more holistic in your views instead of being very parocial minded. I m all for freedom of speech n the media but what is reported should be the truth n not concoted lies from third party sources. Generally in this country, if its a Chinese issue, then it is a racial issue, if it is a Malay issue, then it is a national issue ( plus the wielding of kris and bathing of Chinese blood etc) and if it is an Indian issue then it is a non issue!!!! To me, Utusan Malaysia is a racist paper and I have stopped reading that trash as it has been spewing turd a long time ago. Truly, an insult to my intelligence reading that spreadsheet. Nickname: Joe Public

  17. “Apabila pemimpin DAP itu menyaman akhbar Utusan Malaysia hanya kerana isu laungan azan, maka tindakan Teresa itu seolah-olah mencabar dan menghiris seluruh perasaan umat Islam di negara ini,” jelasnya.

    I am sorry mate. I strongly disagree with you on this.

  18. Bro,

    Utusan is special and has protection. If others we to write some of the stuff they wrote, their license will be taken away. DAP has no choice cos Utusan has gone out of the way to cause problems and not checking their facts and practises selective reporting. in the case of Azan in Puchong, what is Theresa Kok's option? She asked for an apology, Utusan has refused instead ask her to take a lie detector test. So her other option is to sue them cos the relevant authorities have closed one eye to Utusan. Has DAP sued many newspapers? Not really,correct?

    Utusan is an organisation that can defend itself. Same goes for other newspapers. i'm more concern when newspapers sue the readers and individuals!!

  19. Level playing field (from wikipedia):

    "A level playing field is a concept about fairness, not that each player has an equal chance to succeed, but that they all play by the same set of rules. A metaphorical playing field is said to be level if no external interference such as government regulations affects the ability of the players to compete fairly."

    So if Utusan and Politician are in same level playing field, then that's what it should be done. One can continue to write with government backing, and one continue to sue with people's backing.

  20. Anonymous3:56 pm

    You gotta be kidding me, rocky.

    Read this

    and so far Utusan hasn't apologised to Teresa Kok. Utusan is not free to incite hatred, and if the gomen don't do anything about it, maybe the victim should.

    I say sue their pants off.

  21. Anonymous3:58 pm

    bro, did Utusan publish the truth? If yes, then provide proof and comdemn TK to the dogs.If they're not, then they have to face the truth@court of law.
    Do not think media freedom constitutes anything under the sun to generate sales figure and mislead the readers. MSM has to report the truth, only the truth.Slandering people,Malays,Muslims or otherwise is a big no no.
    As it is now, TK had been cleared by the police.
    Who's right and who's wrong? The rakyats need to know.
    Who can provide answer? maybe thru process of law only then we'll know the truth.
    While at it, maybe it's better to channel those funds to deserving ones in Cheras. Check those old citizen, single mothers in DBKL flats all over Cheras. Sure, you'll find many of them.
    Stop politicising the issue. Support only the truth.

    wak segan

  22. Anonymous3:59 pm


    think you are moving to the extreme right though its your right to do so.
    he is setting up the fund to defend Utusan not because for the noble objective of defending press freedom. If i am not mistaken, it is reported in the press that he is doing it to defend UMNO, the owner of Utusan. In doing so, he is defending the Malays coz UMNO is Malay and Malay is UMNO. By going against UMNO, one is going against Malay. That was the reported reasoning.
    I just cant see his logic. If it is for press freedom, I have no qualms to support what he is doing. He is stretching it too far coz his rationale borders on racism. Anyway, is he saying that a Malay is less Malay if he/she is affiliated to the opposition parties?
    To me, he is practising no more than tribal politics. There's no inclusiveness and that one is either with him or against him.
    By the way, I have many Malay friends whom I have great respect for. Their inclusiveness and demeanour are worth emulating. I sincerely wish there are more inclusiveness in the political sphere coz despite all the differences in political leanings, we all share in one common thing which is to call this country our home.

    Bangsa Malaysia

  23. Anonymous3:59 pm

    We expect fair, responsible and truthful journalism. Not one which spreads lies with ulterior motives. You are nut if you failed to see what the writer and the newspaper were trying to achieve.

  24. Anonymous3:59 pm

    This is one evidence of democracy being being practised.The right to defend onself.The other party had the right to recover the personal reputation.In the lion City,the lion heart Jeya went down fighting to defend the right to speak out.Lets hope we all find out what will done with the 30 big ones if can get.Tks Rocky for the democratic space.arjun.

  25. So according to your reasoning, Najib/Rosmah can sue RPK for defamation/sedition while also getting RPK arrested without trial at the same time while Teresa Kok was briefly arrested under the ISA due to Utusan Melayu & Khir Toyo's race baiting and Teresa Kok cannot sue Utusan Melayu for defamation/sedition?

    And please ask Alhabsee to shut his big mouth and grandstanding attitude. I seem to remember he explained away the actions of a Cheras UMNO man punching a reporter as an accident..punching people is now accidental is it? Ask the staff at SMK Puteri Titiwangsa what they think of Alhabsee's big ego? That is if they want to talk to you since the MAJORITY of the staff voted for PAS/PKR.

  26. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Sorry but I have to disagree here. Utasan is a racist paper bend on causing disharmony. It tells lies just to create racial division in the country. It has got away with murder too many times. It's time somebody kick them between the legs. I hope Teresa wins her case.


  27. Anonymous4:06 pm

    If Teresa was not ISA-ed, I am all with you.

    But with the government abusing their rights to abuse ISA based on unfair reporting, I think it is only right for Teresa to fight back.

    Teresa replied Utusan on her blog about her innocence but she was still ISA-ed. When it comes to Utusan, it is no longer about media freedom, it is about power abuse, and this must stop.

    Sorry rocky, you are dead wrong in this one. We want press freedom, Utusan can report anything it wants, but we want equal treatment.

    If the one who wrote the article got ISA-ed like RPK and Teresa, yes, Teresa is wrong to sue. But apparently we are not at the same level playing field.

  28. Anonymous4:07 pm

    This is not about Freedom Of The Press. Of course you being a journalist have to defend the news media even if they are out of line.

    Printing false news by hearsay, incite racial dishormony that causes racial tension and provocation against Teresa and family and Teresa herself being ISA'ed.

    You mention:
    Another DAP leader has also sued the same newspaper for RM10 million, despite the newspaper having published an apology for a mistake it did in a report affecting the politician.

    But you did not go any further regarding Teresa Kok case. Should Utusan make an apology to Teresa Kok or Utusan insist that their news are the truth? If this is the case, which Teresa Kok and the mosque had denied, let them fight out in court to let the truth prevail.

    This is not about Freedom Of The Press but to defend oneself against Utusan for the "false" report about the azan.

    This comment, like my other comments may not be posted and you may want to say that you do not allow freedom of speech in your blog but want the Freedom Of The Press?

  29. Rocky you miss the point here. We believe and support press freedom. What we are against are defamation and slander. If you defamed and slander people you must be prepared to prove that they facts. Otherwise we have the right to take action against you.

  30. Dear Rocky

    You are right about their insistence on press freedom and yet ...

  31. Anonymous4:18 pm

    dear uncle rocky,

    as much as I believe everyone's entitled to their thoughts/speech [freedom of speech]; let this matter be heard in court.

    If people can accuse RPK of lying; he is entitled to defend himself in court.

    If Utusan Malaysia has no malice in their reporting; why should they be afraid?

    Let truth be heard; the truth; whole truth and nothing but the truth.


  32. Anonymous4:19 pm

    sayadahbosan said:

    cakap tak serupa bikin punya orang

  33. Anonymous4:20 pm

    "UMNO Cheras" and their fight for the "freedom of Utusan Malaysia"?

    UMNO don't even bother to say a few soothing words about Raja Petra freedom of speech. Now, UMNO Cheras is fighting for "freedom of Utusan Malaysia"

    We must fight for Raja Petra's and all the detainees without trials currently locked-up in Kamunting.

    Raja Petra and others are suffering in Kamunting. UMNO Cheras and Utusan don't give a hoot about their freedom of speech, do they?

    Similarly, all Mahathir wanted is to force Abdullah Badawi to step down as PM. Any ordinary guy can read what Mahathir has said in the newspaper and posted in his blog. It does not take an SPM holder to understand his objective.

  34. Anonymous4:21 pm

    I disagree with your sentiment, Rocky.

    The circumstance here is special; Utusan Malaysia is a daily in which a certain political entity has stakes. This organisation is likely to have a biasing influence on the content of Utusan Malaysia. It could order editors to censor, and it could hire politically-biased writers who could (subtly or blatantly) paint opponent groups/political parties in bad light. This just happens, not only in our country but elsewhere too.

    In an ideal world (just as economists in their "ideal world" of free and just competition) there need not be litigation, for sure.

    In an ideal world, the media may chastise a politician over a genuine grouse or issue. The politician may not be able to sue because of the report's credibility and truthfulness. The politician will have to take the rap, accept errors, and change his or her ways to better carry out his or her duties. In the real world, some media organisations practise such responsible reporting, but some simply don't (for political economic reasons).

    Thus, when there is politically-motivated slander, a person has the right to sue and have his argument heard by an impartial judge in an impartial court.

    Note also that some governments have sued opposition politicians to bankruptcy but this was done in the context of a pliant and partial court and therein lies the injustice.

    If a person is earnestly seeking out justice, then let Justice decide.

  35. I agree with the freedom to publish all facts and truths whatever side these facts support. However when an out-right lie is being publish, posed as the certain truth and facts, then they deserve to be sued, especially from a so called respectable mainstream media. If a story is written in a way that points out that its content's truth or factuality is unconfirmed, then it is still ok.

  36. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Wow rocky this is new low from you... What if Utusan report that you are bankrupt and cause you to lose job, loan and even your wife ran away... press freedom is not freedom to lie... lie or not I do not dare to say... so let court decide!

  37. Anonymous4:30 pm

    so you are saying if Malaysia Today could twist facts and make the majority to believe najib is a C4 bomber than we could allow all the other media, mainstream or other wise, to do the same without being punished, at all?

  38. Anonymous4:30 pm

    i believe your post is contradictory. I thought you and other socio-political bloggers strive to be responsible and write based on truth and facts. But you condon Utusan Melayu's false and probably politically motivated report on the Theresa Kok azan issue? What is there to prevent other news media on reporting anything they like without substantiation?? What if they just write something like you being a terrorist etc? And based on that, you were thrown in jail? How would you feel? Freedom of press/speech should come with responsiblity !! (liyen)

  39. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Suing Utusan is the right thing to do. Utusan had irresponsibly (deliberately?) twisted the azan episode which landed Teresa in ISA. That was very unprofessional of them since they never check their facts (it was proven that Teresa was innocent). It has nothing to do with freedom to publish but more of slandering a person. That is what the suit is about.


  40. Anonymous4:34 pm

    ular dua kepala !

  41. Anonymous4:37 pm

    didnt the masjid confirm that Teresa wasn't involved in the azan issue - furthermore in the first place the complaint wasn't about the azan but about the kuliah subuh and furthermore it was due to faulty amplifiers at them time so they had to broadcast the kuliah using the outdoor speakers instead of the ones indoors - hence, Utusan Malaysia reported the story without proper investigation deeming it to be lie altogether, so does spreading lies include in the "tujuan untuk menegakkan agama" stance? - Jose

  42. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    I am no fan of Teresa Kok but what would your stand be if you were in her shoes ie wrongly ISAed ?

    How sure are you that the journalist concern was not hand in glove with certain politician for naughty intention.

    Anyway, if they've apologized, why is PDRM quiet about the boo-boo?

  43. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Yes sir you are right...utusan can publish what ever they long as they are not LIES!!!!!!


  44. Anonymous4:51 pm

    I beg to differ. Although I'm all for freedom of speech, the mainstream media (Utusan) should know better than to report with malicious intent (especially if they can't even get their facts right!). It is based on that damning article (and with a little 'help' from that Toyo guy) that Teresa Kok was detained UNLAWFULLY under ISA. I can't really believe that you're actually defending Utusan!

  45. Anonymous4:53 pm

    I totally disagree with you. Freedom of press is about telling or disclose the truth not lies.

    In RPK case, he is charged with sedition and let the court decide his fate so as Utusan case.

  46. Anonymous4:55 pm

    If you must argue the on a freedom basis, then you must also respect the rights of others the freedom to sue others. After all, Utusan Meloya does really deserve it for publishing stories that might instigate people.

  47. Anonymous4:56 pm

    I would have to disagree with you that he(Datuk Wira Syed Ali Alhabshee)is trying to protect the freedom of the press.From the article(link),I would say that he is defending Utusan Malaysia because he views Teresa Kok's law suit as a threat to the Malays and Islam.For him,it is not so much a question of protecting the freedom of the press(Beliau menjelaskan, akhbar Utusan Malaysia adalah milik orang Melayu dan sinonim dengan perjuangan UMNO, maka tindakan Teresa itu samalah seperti menggugat kepentingan seluruh umat Islam).In fact,he does not even mention anything about press freedom,so please show me how anything he said in that article relates to the freedom of press,because to me,you are applauding him on baseless grounds,and for a journalist like yourself,it is really quite humorous(even for a 19 year old like me)to read an article like that.No,its quite sad actually(in a really funny way).Press freedom should always be upheld,but that does not mean that the press can abuse that freedom(Wasn;t Teresa just alleged to have...?).But if Utusan Malaysia printed a falsely written article,shouldn't they be sued?Because this is not a matter of press freedom,the question here is whether or not Utusan Malaysia printed an article without concrete proof?Please show me otherwise if you can.

  48. Rocky - I beg to differ. When reports like those perpetuated by Utusan and Khir Toyo cause Teresa Kok to lose her freedom. When those slanderous reports caused her home to be firebombed, then they should be sued. I think the legal term for that is called "damages"??

    And I hope to see Khir Toyo sued to banruptcy so that he cannot contest for any elections.

    Menaces like him should not be allowed to be in Governement.

  49. Anonymous5:01 pm

    they wanna sue utusan for millions of ringgit even when utusan had issued an apology statement.

    i wonder how teresa and DAP will react if any BN leaders sue their publication for the same amout of rm30 million and rm10 million.

    why the need to sue?utusan had already did their part by apologizing.terese and DAP must do their part as well.dont expect to get easy money.

  50. aren't you being a little disingenuous? i think it's well within teresa kok's rights to sue utusan. after all, it was their unrelenting and false accusations against her that led to her incarceration under the isa. by all means, defend free speech and a free press. but the media have to be responsible as well. they should be fair and truthful in their reporting - or they should face the consequences.

  51. Anonymous5:04 pm

    SO you think we should allow media to 'fitnah' Teresa Kok and she is supposed to receive it with open hands ???? Utusan smeared her good name and they deserve to be sued.

    Few times I have picked up the Utusan, sometimes I use it as material for my kid to learn Malay but I have stopped doing so. No offence , it's a newspaper to stir shit( my personal opinion )

    to hell with Utusan, sue them pants down i say!


  52. cakap tak serupa bikin...
    orang lain kena fitnah...this lady cock percaya habis-habisan..pandai pula panjangkan kepada orang lain...

  53. Anonymous5:08 pm


    It seems that politician in Malaysia can't accept defeat - be it BN or PR. They are more concern about themselves than the rakyat.

    Voice Freedom is only for them or a reason for them to rally the rakyat to get support but the actual rakyat problem is secondary.

  54. remember the woman in nude squat scandal..this cock said she was a chinese lady! takde sapa pun saman dia!

  55. Anonymous5:12 pm


    I heard that Kalimullah will join his former blue boy - Syed Faisal at Pos Malaysia.

    But he is not going to be a chairman but - a postman.

  56. Anonymous5:14 pm

    In addition to my foregoing comment, I would also strongly denounce the "Tabung Azan fund for Utusan Malaysia", and for two good reasons.

    First, it is an act of "nationalising" the fault of a private entity, that is, it is an attempt to get the public to help pay (even if voluntarily) for the consequence of a private company's fault. This is not dissimilar to the use of the public's money to bail out failed investment banks in the United States. It is also interesting to note who initiated this fundraiser for Utusan.

    Second, this is dishonest insofar as it subtly hints, by using the word "Azan", that it is a semi-religious cause of sorts, thereby playing on religious sentiments. This is unhealthy practice in Malaysian society. The bailing out of Utusan should not be predicated on religion (why not just name the tabung as "Tabung Menyelamatkan/Pertahankan Utusan", or the like?). There is no religious struggle here, even though the issue involves that of a news report about the azan. Politicising religion and thereby creating a situation where religious dissatisfaction are inflamed should be censured.

  57. Anonymous5:16 pm

    halo bro! are u awake or not? or are u want to come back to NST to replace kali?

  58. Anonymous5:17 pm

    I can understand the withdrawal of the lawsuit if it is frivolous. But in Teresa Kok's case, you do not believe that Utusan Malaysia has erred in painting her as an anti-Muslim bigot?

    Having been put in the ISA, her life and family's life threatened with molotov cocktails, and having SMSes spread calling for violence against her is not damaging? This has all stemmed from Utusan Malaysia and Khir Toyo spreading lies without factchecking their reports, and if you reread the article in question, you will see that there is malicious intent.

    I understand if you want to stand up for press freedom as a former journalist, but for you to defend Utusan Malaysia without taking into context the actual damage that is done, and also the inaccuracies of reporting (and also to note there has been no apology forthcoming) is, IMHO, disappointing.

  59. Rocky,

    What the cock are you talking about?

    Utusan Malaysia did not check its facts when reporting the incident. It inflamed the issue. And no apology is forthcoming.

    You expect anyone to take this lying down?

    Sheesh, you are getting from bad to worse.

  60. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Saudara Rocky,
    Memang kita menyokong kebebasan bersuara tetapi janganlah hingga memfitnah.Kalau dah fitnah kena tanggunglah penangan dari yang terfitnah.
    Satu lagi akhbar Melayu nampaknya banyak membodohkan minda orang Melayu.Cuba perhatikan akhbar akhbar berbahasa Cina banyak maklumat maklumat ekonomi yang berguna untuk dipelajari oleh pembaca.Tidak hairanlah mereka terkedepan dalam maklumat maklumat ekonomi.
    Kita asyek dengan politik fitnah dan cerita ganas serta tahyul.
    Bilalah nak maju.
    Orang beli akhbar Melayu kerana terpaksa;kerana ada iklan kerja,masuk universiti,iklan kontrak dan bekalan kepada Jabatan Kerajaan.Kalau tidak langsung tak laku.

  61. We should support freedom to blatantly lie? Freedom also to misreport?

  62. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    Interesting to read your take on freedom of expression,freedom of press and your nostalgic views.

    I was a Malaysian but now live in UK and even in UK we have the right to sue any newspaper if they have libelled an individual as you are well aware and there are many instances of this which I am sure I would not need to repeat to you.

    Libel is an offence and if it can be proven that libellous article'articles were written about an individual then ,tough shit, you are going to get sued and rightly so but the individual must prove that it was libellous firstand this is why we have courts and law and lawas pertaining to libel. Weat we do NOT need is ISA
    In this instance Utusan printed article/articles that were damaging to the character of the MP therefore rendering themselves open to be sued and this is Ms Kok's right to sue
    It is after all Ms Kok's basic human right and freedom to sue if she feels the need to and rectify the false information that was printed and which resulted in her being detained under ISA. She maybe an MP but isn't she also an individual who wants to put right what was wrongly written?

    While you may applaud Syed Ali's initiative in setting up a fund and this is what he said "“Apabila pemimpin DAP itu menyaman akhbar Utusan Malaysia hanya kerana isu laungan azan, maka tindakan Teresa itu seolah-olah mencabar dan menghiris seluruh perasaan umat Islam di negara ini,” jelasnya.",
    I think he has got it all wrong and a moron on top of that

    Ms Kok is not suing Islam or any religion-she is suing Utusan because the article was wrong,libellous and damaging to her character. She had nothing to do with the azan issue and thish was clarified by the imam of the mosque itself so why carry on writing an article about an individual when the individual was not involved in the first palce?

    I love the word 'hanya'in his speech- he says 'hanya' so easily yet the word'hanya' is the one that left Ms Kok to lose her freedom for a week under the dreaded ISA
    The only way Mr Syed and people of his ilk know, is to use religion and what a pity because Islam by itself is a beautiful religion and yet it has been misused (like the Spanish Inquisition and christianity)by people like Mr Syed to enhance his political future and to make himself popular with the diehard UMNO

    Freedom of expression and speech have different forms and different circumstances but writing racial and inciting articles against an individual is not freedom of expression-that sir, is vile and disgusting.
    Freedom of speech,expression is a double edged sword and you can live by it or die by it but be prepard to face the consequeces when you get it wrong and in this instance Ms Kok has every right to sue Utusan for the concocted story that they printed
    I thank you Sir for letting me have the freedomn to publish this letter

    Raj in UK

  63. Anonymous5:23 pm

    ".....And we published without malice...."

    You have said it correctly, the key word is without malice but the way Utusan did was so callously. If they care to verify the fact before they published, the story they published should be condemning Khir Toyo for maliciously writing his blog story instead, if Utusan is really such a responsible paper!!!!

  64. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    I have the utmost respect for you, but in this matter, imho, you've got it totally wrong.

    Freedom of the press is not absolute. Not in the US, not in the UK, not in Australia, not in Indonesia, not in the Philippines, not in Thailand etc etc.

    A responsible press can stand up and account for it's actions.

    Can Utusan Msia defend itself on the grounds that it wrote "fair and balanced reports" that were thoroughly checked and double-checked before they saw the light of day?

  65. Anonymous5:27 pm


    You "see the Umno Cheras' inititiave for its simple message: if we believe in a freedom, we must defend that freedom at all times"?

    I am shocked at you.

    The issue is not one of defending Press freedom.

    Utusan chose to continue writing highly biased and inflamatory reports that Teresa Kok is against the azan and islam for a long time even after the officials from both mosques invovled had come forward to state that Teresa was not involved.

    Teresa was arrested under the ISA and deprived of her freedom for some days, and it may well be that Utusan's reports, which were already proven to be without basis, played a large role in that.

    What do you think of that, speaking as a journalist, ex-editor and advisor to the National Press Club?

    I am all for defending Press freedom, and "if we believe in a freedom, we must defend that freedom at all times", but what on earth are you suggesting that the Tabung Azan for Utusan Malaysia is defending?

    Further, I also have no argument against believers of a religion being united and fervant in defending their religion/faith.

    In the blog posting by Syed Ali Alhabshee linked at the bottom of your posting, Syed Ali was quoted as saying::

    “Apabila pemimpin DAP itu menyaman akhbar Utusan
    Malaysia hanya kerana isu laungan azan, maka tindakan
    Teresa itu seolah-olah mencabar dan menghiris seluruh
    perasaan umat Islam di negara ini,” jelasnya.

    Saman Utusan = mencabar/menghiris persaan umat Islam?

    In Utusan's own report "RM32,000 diterima serta-merta" published on 12 Oct 2008, Syed Ali was quoted thus:

    ''Kita terpanggil apabila timbul isu ini. Tindakan Teresa yang
    mengambil tindakan kepada Utusan Malaysia sama seperti dia
    menyaman agama Islam"

    Saman Utusan = saman Islam?

    What basis does Syed Ali for equating sueing Utusan with sueing Islam?

    I am not even questioning if that was a political move, fanning Islamic feelings for politcal ends. Even if we give him the maximum benefit of the doubt, surely there is a big question of whether his logic is fatally faulted?

    Is this the same Syed Ali, chief of Cheras UMNO, whom you applaud for his "initiative over the weekend to come to the defence of Utusan Malaysia"?

    Malaysia is going through a very troubled period, not only economically and politically. Unity is being shredded left and right, racist statements are spouted by recalcitrant politicians, and our prime minister has acknowledged that this is a major problem.

    Yet we have an UMNO leader supporting Utusan's mistakes with very questionable statements of his own, and you seem to see it as commendable defence of a freedom?

    What freedom is that, may I ask?

  66. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Kan masjid dah cakap Teresa tak cakap apa apa pun dan takde penglibatan apa apa.

    Kenapa pulak Utusan Melayau nak menipu?

    Kalau seterang siang hari Utusan menipu, inilah padahnya, kena saman.

    Kepada mereka yang nak sokong Utusan Melayau, bertaubatlah...........


  67. Anonymous5:36 pm

    i've never commented on your blog before, only reading and enjoying your posts but this, rocky, i think you've gone off your rocker. i have to disagree with you like most of those who commented here. i really lose my respect for you this time. hopefully you don't mean it and retract your post.

  68. Newspapers, blogs etc do not have the right (or freedom, as you put it, Mr Rocky) to defame people. Let alone the right to instigate or cause a detention under ISA!

    With respect, I find your reasoning warped.

  69. If Utusan can demonstrate that they have the policy of checking out the facts and interviewing the accuser and the accused before writing and publishing their articles, then they have reasonable grounds to say they have acted professionally.

    If Utusan only based their articles on Toyol's blog, then sue their pants off!! And revoke their license for they certainly are not deemed to represent ethical journalists.

    Just call themselves Utusan blog. Newspapers must write facts, otherwise why are we paying journalists money for? Imagine paying money to read "Man killed police" but the actual fact is "Man killed by lightning" Why pay for bogus stories? They can blog for free.

    SUE SUE SUE Utusan!!

  70. Dear Ms Kok

    I am rather amazed at your insistence to settle this issue in court. You claimed that the azan issue is ‘tainting’ your image, while it is true but its debatable

    There are other incidents that equally ‘tainted’ your name but you choose to stand proud of it.

    Just after your release from the short detention, you emotionally claimed that you were served with equivalent of dog foods. But after experiencing massive rebukes from the public, you ‘democratically’ blamed the media for ‘spinning’ the issue. You said those bad and ‘can’t-talk-straight’ peoples were trying to kill your image.

    Luckily we are living in a modern world with which we managed to revisit the incident. It was proven then that there were no spinning activities whatsoever by anybody; except your good self.

    Same goes when you decided that the right way to indicate a street is by having it multilingual. You do not make a fuss because you proudly captured the moment.

    But those bad people in Utusan Malaysia decided enough is enough and there’s no point pursuing it.

    But not you; you picked the portion that ‘you look to be right’ and sue them.

    You do not give a minute care that your action in calling them liars and manipulators (when you were actually the said evil) have also actually tainted Utusan Malaysia’s image.

    I guess that is not important to you.

    Unfortunately for all Malaysian, the azan issue was not captured under the radar, thus now you can comfortably scream injustice which you are really good at.

  71. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Funny guys...The same people supporting RPK for what he does and write, now cannot accept the fact that Utusan is actually a bigger RPK.....only in the other direction. Grow Up!

  72. Anonymous5:46 pm

    I think you have gone off your 'rocks'.
    Hope you get well soon.

  73. Anonymous5:50 pm

    When Sin Chew reporter wrote about the racist statement based on fact by an UMNO politican, she got arrested by the police under ISA. When Utusan reporter wrote about action of a DAP politican based on hear say and lies, the DAP politican got arrested under ISA. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that all this is political sandiwara by the ruling party. The move by Cheras UMNO is a further sandiwara for political motive. Please don't claim that they are fighting for the maruah of the malays, for heaven sake!

  74. DAP is just taking the cue from its Papa Action Party down south.
    Almost all foreign press had been sued one time or another during the PAP rule.
    We can have a glimpse of the kind of press freedom will be in pracise if DAP is in power.
    But still it is T Kok's and DAP's prerogative to sue.
    On Syed Habshee defending Utusan.Same goes, he has his every right to do so.
    And if everyone had forgotten, Utusan is not just any MSM. It had become a Malay insititution. Since the early pre independent days of Rahim Kajai and Samad Ismail, Utusan had been the voice for Malay struggle and National Independence.
    If T Kok and company do not think that Malay sentiment will not be affected by their actions then, I wish them all the luck.
    Lets just hope we can all just say "Let the law take its course".

  75. “Apabila pemimpin DAP itu menyaman akhbar Utusan Malaysia hanya kerana isu laungan azan, maka tindakan Teresa itu seolah-olah mencabar dan menghiris seluruh perasaan umat Islam di negara ini,” jelasnya.

    OMG!!! Come on man. If the writer can't defend the paper, just remain quiet lo. Why need to twist things and bring religion into this. Please la, Utusan is not Islam, Islam is bigger than Utusan and going against Utusan is about the truth.

    Islam is a great religion that believes in facts. Even the mosque has denied the claim. So will the writer claim that the imam of the mosque is against Islam cos the imam denied what was written by Utusan. real joke...rockybru..check your standing la bro. the man tak ada modal to response to TK.


  76. rocky bro - i dont see how you can equate TK suing the paper as not subscribing to press freedom.

    does press freedom give the press the right to publish non facts and refuses to retract and apologize?

    you say that during your time as editor of Business Times and The Malay Mail you team have "published without malice"

    do you sincerely believe that is the same case (without malice) in utusan vs tk?

    being loyal to a fren or a cause is good but blind loyalty does not augurs well for anyone.

    I do hope you will reflect on this for you have always been objective in your posting but i think this time you wrote with emotional linkage to your past life in the paper.

  77. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Chun Wai, Kadir J, Johan J, Kali, Brendan P, etc

    Mengata dulang paku serpih ... You're no different ...

    Write what you want ... but please don't hide behind press freedom. You don't understand what it means


  78. Your update at 5:30pm is still trying to defend the wrong committed by utusan.

    Just to prove that you are not straying away from your neutral stand, why not you post what you think about the how utusan reported on the azan matter.

    You have all the facts and knowledge about this azan matters, tell us the truth whether utusan is right or wrong the way they published these news.

  79. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Doesn't Theresa have grounds to sue?

    If it is a question of mis-reporting, then Utusan should be held liable. Restitution and remedies are part of the aims of civil law. What other redress does is available to Ms Kok, tell me.

    In the case of The Star in 87, its permit was revoked. The government cracked down on it. That was wrong because there was no avenue for the paper to defend itself on the basis of facts.

    What Utusan reported had relation to her subsequent arrest under the ISA. I believe, regardless of whether she is an individual or a politician, she is entitled to legal redress.

    This is her right under the legal system. Utusan too could defend itself in court. In fact, if bloggers are liable to be sued, so should newspapers be. They are as a matter of fact.

    ISA precludes all these rights and remedies.

    If a newspaper can sue you and Jeff , why should an individual not sue a media group?

    A newspaper publishes reports, commentaries, features and editorials. All of these should be backed by facts.

    If they are wrong, they should make amends. Apologize or print a retraction. If they can be backed by facts, then Theresa has no case and Utusan has nothing to fear.

    I think a publication can only go so far under the name of "fair comment". Especially in these times when foul comment is far more prevalent.

    I abhor the idea that press freedom can be stretched to them not being sued. If tomorrow I am called a murderer, I must have the right to clear my name too.

    If because of that report I am later arrested, then the anguish and suffering I suffer while in custody, not to mention the sandal and loss of reputation is directly because of that report.

    Don't I deserve to clear my name, if I was innocent of the charges? The court proceedings will let both parties have their say and bolster their case with facts?

    RPK was sued by some of the parties mentioned in his now famous (or should I say, infamous) "Let's Send Altantuya to Hell". It was their legal right to sue him because their reputations were at stake.

    If someone protested that he should not be sued then, I will still state the same stance I did today.

    Let the truth prevail.

  80. Anonymous6:08 pm

    You have just lost my respect.


  81. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Omg, rocky, it looks like your losing the plot here

  82. Rocky Bro, You of all people should be the last person to come to the of that rubish propoganda rag. Is it because it is a Malay Rag, that has blinded you, YOU know for a fact the responsibility of journallists, I AM SURE THIS WAS HAMMERED INTO you head by your editors, get you facts RIGH, CONFIRM THEM, DOUBLE,TRIPLE CONFIRM, AND THAN CHECK AGAIN, THIS IS CALLED PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBLITY, why are you getting so worked up man, they have never been professional from the start, they have and always been a mouthpiece for umno. And regarding the action from DAP, PLEASELAH, IF somebody keeps on spitting on you face everyday, but you have kept quiet for such a long time, how much more rubbish can you take, I say you REAP WHAT YOU SOW. Next time this propoganda RUBBISH RAG OF utu-satu-sen, needs to learn a lesson in JOURNALISTIC RESPONSIBILITY. Grow up Rocky.

  83. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Wow, you have REALLY lost the plot... you are so clouded by your prejudices that your preception of reality is completely distorted.
    This is not an issue of press freedom - it is a case of persistent false, irresponsible and downright malicious reporting, with real consequences and damage involved.
    It seems like, to you, UMNO and your gang(sters) can do no wrong, and the rest of the world can do no right, eh? That bodes very well for Malaysia, indeed!

  84. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Anyone has the rights to collect donation for any cause. But I think it's better if Alhabshee set up a 'tabung' to help the poor and needy instead of helping Utusan which as a media company, I'm sure would have fund to deal with legal suits.
    If it's true the YB from Selangor did such thing as alleged by Utusan then it's unbecoming of her. At the same time the Utusan writer/editor should speak to the YB herself and not another YB from PR about the matter. By all means go to Selangor MB if you must.
    don't just quote this friend la, that AJK la, these people should be willing to come forward and speak to defend Islam if it's true the YB has been kurang ajar.
    And why on earth does the writer want to be apologetic by starting the article with this:
    "JANGANLAH anggap apa yang saya tulis ini sebagai rasis atau berunsur perkauman."

    If it's not your intention to be racist just go ahead and write lah brother.

    And then he contradicts himself by writing this:
    "...isu perkauman atau rasis itu memang dirancang - secara sengaja, oleh pihak-pihak tertentu yang mahu melihat suasana negara dan rakyat Malaysia tidak tenteram."

    Rocky, maybe you should start giving journalism workshop. And this zaini is an editor. God help!

  85. I say rocky, you are way out of your league, wasting your time on this blog and not being paid for it. Please stick to writing for Singapore Today. They believe you check your facts before writing b'cos you are a used to be journalist.You may want to check this out...

  86. Dato' Seri Rockybru, how much $$$ were you paid to write this crap? As a fellow pendatang and Dato'Seri, I am dissapppointed.

  87. If you were a journalist in Germany in the 1930s, I guess you would argue that Hitler had a right to publish Mein Kampf, nevermind that the book contained the necessary ingredients for poisoning the minds of Germans and subsequently led to incitement of war against other European countries, not to mention the killing of Jews.

    Years ago, I bought a copy of this evil book just to study its contents. Oh my, the hatred contained in it was chilling. And to think that an entire nation bought into that bullshit.

    I am sad to read your "defence of Utusan Malaysia" piece. In your eagerness to present a "neutral" front, you have decided to give this instigator of racial hatred a "fair" say. Utterly disappointing.

  88. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Bro...are u reading the same article i am reading ha?

    You sure ha?

  89. Bentoh,

    I am being sued for defamation, so of course I am aware that our laws protect individuals against defamation.

    In fact, I said as much in my posting -- that people and organisations sue newspapers all the time. But as I also said, Theresa Kok is not an ordinary person - she's a politician.

    Sure, politicians have sued newspapers before. But is RM30 million in damages the price for misreporting (RM10 million if the paper aplogizes)?

    When he was Foreign Minister, Syed Hamid sued a writer from the NST not too long after the Malaysian Press delegation that went into Baghdad during the war came home. I lost my respect for him, too, even though he did not ask for RM30 million. In fact, I wrote in my column Rocky's Bru (which appeared in The Sunday Times back then) about it, criticising politicians who underestimate journalists and what they stand for.

    As for your last para "We are living in such interesting time when a journalist trying to tell us that a journalist can do whatever he/she like, even sending someone to ISA detention...", come on Bentoh, you are giving the Utusan journalists too much credit.

    Journalists get detained under the ISA, by politicians.

    Thank you.

  90. Anonymous6:31 pm



  91. Anonymous6:34 pm

    You have gone off your 'rocks'.
    Hope you get well soon.

  92. When Umno sinks, Utusan Malaysia will be sunk too. Just be patient, folks. Extinction is inevitable for those that live in a mental vacuum. Nobody will miss Umno - except a few planeloads of rent-seeking parasites, whom nobody will miss when they flee the country for fear of long jail terms.

  93. So will Utusan Malaysia use the fair comment or fair reporting as a defense?

    That would seem comical. The piece was written with malice in mind and not the first time. Figures in opposition to the government have always been the target of such malicious reporting; this was not media freedom but media persecution on behest of the government. Fortunately many sahre this view although the owner of this blog does not.

    If Utusan had not been a political mouthpiece of a racist organisation, Kok's actions would have raised the spectre of trying to shut out the media (like the MGG Pillai case against VK Lingam and Vincent Tan during the Mahathir years). But no, this elicited a totally different response.

    But my first reaction to the suit was "...serves that racist propaganda tool right!"

    The newspaper has refused an apology and retraction. The right solution to this crisis is to have its day in court. I am not worried as the person suing is Teresa Kok, and not Vincent Tan. That would have brought about another reaction.

  94. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Rocky, have you just accepted a job at NSTP? Suddenly you cannot differentiate between free speech and articles printed with malice that endanger a person's life and freedom, by a publisher with vested interest to crush an opposition.

  95. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Press freedom does not allow for false reporting, we know Utusan is a toll of UMNO and has the tendency to be bias. Teresa Kok has every right to sue the Utusan. What press freedom are you talking about ??? If there is press freedom, why is RPK in jail without trial??? Has the government the right to put RPK in jail on sedition, did he speak the truth or was he put in jail for telling the truth??? Perhaps you ROCKY should enlighten us on this issue. I believe he is put in jail to prevent him from telling the truth and preventing him from exposing the murderer who is free and wants to be our future PM.
    Press Freedom My butt

  96. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. Issues affecting religions are highly sensitive in Malaysia.

    2. Reporting them are always dicey.

    3. Even reporting about a particular religion or an activity concerning that religion can land us in a lot of unnecessary trouble.

    4. When politicians are involved, it becomes worse.

    5. When editing the NST, we reported a tussle in a Hindu Temple Committee over the renovation of the temple.

    I had to spend days afterward pacifying both parties. One even took the case to the Board.

    6. But it's better to be sued than having your permits revoked or your reporters detained under the ISA.

    7. There's nothing to stop the Oppositions to resort to revoking media permits if ever or whenever they come to power.

    8. It would have been nicer for them to seek apologies. Even if they go to court, it should be for the purpose of seeking redress and not to make million-ringgit demands

    9. I always thought the a politician's honour is priceless. But alas here in Malaysia it's being priced in the millions ... money politics of a different kind.

    10. Even bloggers who earn nothing from their blogs are being sued.

    11. So much for freedom of expression and responsibility.

    Thank you.

  97. Anonymous6:41 pm

    u din get sued when u were an editor coz those ppl dun get jailed under ISA. If u get jailed for something dat u din do, I wonder if u would sit down quietly.


  98. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Aiyaa disappointing! Mr Presidente of Bloggers..

    i certainly wd propose u as the President of Utusan. mayb.. replacement for Kali NST?

    Its in the blood Bro.. u r skewed..can never change!

    -darah cap keris

  99. Anonymous6:49 pm


    You are talking through your proverbial wrong hole. Just because you are a Mahathirite doesn't give you the blinkers to support totally biased and inaccurate reporting. Not even an apology was forthcoming from the UMNO-controlled press.

    I would print an apology of this article if I were you. Or maybe say that your English isn't that good.


  100. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Haha! Like Sinatra_z said la ROcky, you go up in flames for this posting.

    REason is simple -- this is politics. Utusan Malaysa = Umno. Utusan + Umno versus TK + DAP/PR, is equalled to Politics.

    Azan or dog food all wayang, all really about how expedient for one and one's party.

    BYUt I don't understand one thing -- if you people defended RPK for his lies, you people should be defeding Utusan Malaysia to your death for their lies! If they lied, that is (and most of you seemed certain thyat they lied).

    \And Rocky, ROcky .. wake up la. STop wasting your talent lah.. I told you it won't be worth your time and energy defending Malaysian journalism, whether it is new media like Raja Petra/Kickdefella's kind of journalism or the Utusan/NST style of journalism.

    Balik kampong tanam kacang better.


  101. Anonymous6:58 pm

    I do not quite agree with your opinion. If that is the case, then RPK should not be in detention under ISA. What has RPK done that threatened national security? Do you personally consider RPK a threat? I am afraid not.

    Utusan has a responsible to report news that have been verified and NOT hearsay. Malaysia NEEDS responsible and impartial news not a mere servant/mouth piece of the government.

    You must not forget that editors are human and they can be manipulated and doing other peoples' agenda.

    By the way, if Utusan has tendered an apology, then Karpal should be man enough not to sue.

    My 2 sens worth...bru


  102. Anonymous6:59 pm

    The issue here is not about press is about being responsible for what was written...and this applies to everyone including you , me and news media. You must believe in what is written for you to publish it right?. The integrity of the media lies in the accuracy of the reporting. When a news item (especially sensitive ones) such as the Azan report was about to be published, the content should have been validated for factual accuracy. Any form of verification on the accuracy of the news should be done BEFORE it is published.. isnt this a standard practice here for the editors?...
    I believe Ms Kok or anyone for that matter has every right to sue the news media if he/she feels the news item has done grave injustice to them...What good does an apology do when the damaged has already been done??.
    I believe if you dare to publish such stories, that means you believe it is true and therefore you should stand by it if you are challenged

    -reluctant traveller

  103. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Cukuplah Utusan Melayu menipu dan menghelah umatku warga Melayu! Cukuplah dengan fitnah tohmah mereka! Siapa suruh mereka memfitnah orang? Kalau dah salah tu maka kena bayarlah ganti rugi! Kalau Utusan Melayu betul dan benar, buat apa nak takut? Buat apa kena ada Tabung? Fikir-fikirkanlah!

  104. FOR YOUR INFO...Blogger Antares said...

    You ought to know by now that Ahiruddin Atan was an Umno-serving journo who had to leave after Badawi took over. Most of Rockybru's most vicious attacks have been against Badawi - not Najis or Mahathir. Those who know him better than I say he's hankering for a return to the "good old Mahathir days" - or a resurgence of Neo-Mahathirism under Najis. Then he'll be appointed editor-in-chief of Utusan Malaysia.

  105. Dear Bro,

    With due respect, I find it hard to accept your opinion of freedom of press for Utusan's action. In the first place there are two sets of law in this country: as you termed it should be at par for freedom as to Malaysia Today: The government has decided that the content of MT are pure rubbish as we can see that no action has been taken or no police will action has been taken against any case highlighted in MT. On the otherhand, the Editor of MT is in ISA for what he wrote. However, allegation/news brought up by Utusan has been used to put someone behind bar using ISA....and you expect the person who went through so much caused by it not to sue Utusan and to accept it as freedom of press....being a senior journo/editor I thought you know more than me :(

  106. Bro',

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I see what you are driving at.

    As long as freedom of press is not abused by publishing defamatory or inaccurate articles, the fear of being sued penniless does not arise.

    However, the slow but steadily growing culture of suing the press by individuals is also one method of intimidation and curbing freedom of press.


  107. Anonymous7:18 pm








  108. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Your views are so misconcieved that trying to rebut them will just be a waste of time. This is the last time I am visiting your blog.


  109. thumbs up for Theresa suing Utusan for being irresponsible Messenger/Despatcher. such organization must be taught lesson that it cannot forever living on crutches, government support to bear all deceiving works it done. Utusan being manned by people with brains and adults should know the limit. life is all about freedom and limits. thumbs up again on Theresa for taking legal action on Utusan. enough of feeding on silver platter over those incompetent species from tax-payers monies. enough lah...

    if one is happy doing charity deducting 27% from salaries to feed dumb and complacent government servants and its non-profitable GLC, then check again your pay-slip.

    well, those malaise and jobless malaysians would always agree government or the dumb and daft public sponsoring their lives!

    wonder why ever GOD created such creatures in the first place; dont we all doing enough charity onto 1.2million gomen servants already?

  110. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Strange brew you're cooking up today brudder!
    Very smart way of writing!
    Heads you win! Tails oso you win!
    Hehehe! ;-)


  111. ‘‘Kita terpanggil apabila timbul isu ini. Tindakan Teresa yang mengambil tindakan kepada Utusan Malaysia sama seperti dia menyaman agama Islam,” ujarnya.( kata ali habshee)
    Baca apa dia kata Rocky, macamana pulak saman UM boleh disamakan dengan saman Islam?Apaka bodohnya ini orang. Saya seorang Islam, saya sokong Teresa saman UM. Saya dah lama langsung tak beli UM, baca online je sebab nak baca apa benda karut yang diaorang nak spin tiap2 ari.Boleh you tolong tunjukkan rocky,mana dia artikel UM mintak maap kat Teresa?mana dia?
    Kalau betul Umno nak pertahankan Islam, patut diaorang sokong cadangan Mufti Perlis wujud majlis ulama Umno yang takut dengan Allah sahaja bukan ulama fulus mcm kebanyakan ulama2 upahan umno.

  112. Anonymous7:31 pm

    dear rocky,

    after reading thru most of the comments here, i can conclude easily that majority is not with u this time. For a reason which is quite clear, you are NOT writing in favour of them.

    one commenter did say we are living in an such interesting times. I agreed. The way i see it is when one group who recently gained so much momentum and given a lil bit more power than usual suddenly start to think they are always right while others (i.e their enemies) always wrong.

    for exampe, i found it hard to cast some doubt in anwar's credibility (should there be any left after series of flip-flops on takeover deadlines, moreover part of his 'contributions' in creating unstable political, economy situation in M'sia), not defaming him of course, but just to tell readers that anwar is not to be seen as a cult leader. If not he's no different than Ayah Pin or Nabi Kahar.

    as expected, whenever some blogger, a far right, or on the fence blogger wrote stuff about anwar that don't fit their ears and eyes, they react. And when they react, they reacted badly and to a certain extent aggresively.

    Is this the meaning of interesting times some of us here are claiming? When people don't seem to be able to agree to disagree, respct others opinions and constantly trying to impose what they think is the best in to others' minds and judgement.

    I pity you when u tried to defend Utusan (or press freedom), you are now being labeled as another guy just like 'them'. Try defend Suara Keadilan, maybe you'll see a monument of you standing 12 foot tall somewhere in Batu Caves.

    maybe george w. bush's words is best to describe this interesting times we are living now..

    "If you are not with me, you are against me.."

    I bet press freedom has no future should the government change hands.

    If they can't agree with u, they don't have to outcast you, and try to bring u down. Or maybe, afterall, that's how they look down on those who are not with them..

    sorry for this lengthy piece

    i'm just dissappointed, i got the same treatment when i wrote article 'they' don't want to hear.

  113. Anonymous7:31 pm

    ROCKY BRU...

    please DONT bullshit us with this argument, we all know what a true freedom of press means...

    Your utusan is simply the mouthpiece of UMNO who lied and lied and lied but never get ISAed because of their priveleges...

    My full answer is posted in the Malaysia today...

    please dont insult my intelligence... it will only add more resolve for me to campaign to bury utusan and UMNO in hell


  114. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Your justification is "And we published without malice".

    So if you publish WITH malice, report falsely and caused damages to innocent parties, do you deserve to be sued?

    And let's consider the logic:
    “Apabila pemimpin DAP itu menyaman akhbar Utusan Malaysia hanya kerana isu laungan azan, maka tindakan Teresa itu seolah-olah mencabar dan menghiris seluruh perasaan umat Islam di negara ini,”

    Utusan should not be sued "hanya kerana isu laungan azan" BUT for the same issue Teresa (or any person) can be arrested and jailed?

    First of all, Utusan was not sued because of "isu laungan azan" but for malicious false reporting.

    Secondly, if suing Utusan is a challenge to all Malaysia's Muslim, does that make falsely accusing and arresting Teresa (a Malaysian)is a challenge to all Malaysian.

    Your credibility is truly challenged on this post.

    And talking about apology, I await one from you towards all Malaysian.

  115. Anonymous7:34 pm


    I think the idea is ridiculous. Why should there be a fund raising to defend Utusan Malaysia.

    The court will decide the truth whether there is any basis for the allegation.

    If Utusan Malaysia is guilty if fabrication then It is fair that they should be punished as the allegation have incited racial tension.

    Is the senator from the government do not believe in the judiciary system?

  116. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Freedom of the press does not give Utusan Malaysia a free hand to report dishonestly and immorally. It is immaterial, who sues the press, if the reporting is not done professionally.
    In this case, Teresa has every right to claim damages from this politically aligned paper. It is about time, these trouble makers face the music.
    Roc, your statements are tasteless and defending an unworthy press company.

  117. like sinatra_z said, you are so getting flamed for this.

    i support freedom of press. i also support journalist who tells the truth. some may be bound by legalities or powerful authorities at work to supress certain news from being printed.

    question is, did utusan ever verified their stories and listen to both sides of the issues?

    yes, again freedom of speech but what we inform the public must be substantiate with facts and the truth. since this issue in particular was contested by even the said mosque itself and there were never any investigative reporting except based on hearsay and one source of information.

    i would have done the same if i'm teresa kok.

  118. whatever you are smoking is not good for you.

    KOK has the right to clear her name in court

    utusan can't hide behind Freedom of press to publish lies.
    If those are truth then reveal everythign in the court.

  119. Anonymous7:38 pm

    did we all just get bala-ed again???


  120. Anonymous7:39 pm

    So, finally you are showing your true colours.....

    Wonder what your bro. Jeff Ooi has to say about this?


  121. but have to admit, your article did increases the traffic to your blog.

  122. Anonymous7:39 pm

    the chinese press were well known in `sensationalism' racist issue.

    i am very dissapointed with all you blogger.

    open your heart, ask your true self.

    fully support syed ali alhasbee.

    go to hell Teresa Kok.

  123. Anonymous7:41 pm

    if people call your mother a prostitute, will you retaliate?

  124. Anonymous7:43 pm

    rocky just lost his one marble.

  125. Freedom of Press is bound by accurate reporting - not "he says, she says". And character assassination with no proof is tantamount to defamation.

    Teresa Kok should sue Utusan Malaysia for such shoddy journalism. Perhaps it will teach them to get their facts right the next time.

    Besides, the detention under ISA has the government claiming that she was taken in based on what was written in the Utusan.

    That puts Utusan directly responsible.

  126. Anonymous7:43 pm

    say if somebody accuse you of being a thief, will you seek justice if the authorities do not give you a helping hand?

  127. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Rocky, I hope u drown in shit... U try sitting a week in ISA, tell us if you like it. A@@hole.

  128. Anonymous7:44 pm

    rocky just lost his marble.


  129. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Well, commentators "sekalian"... you've all said what I wanted to say.

    But c'mon fellas... give Bro Rocky a break. His patron is gonna be back in power soon (by proxy), and its time for the sleeper agent to wake up.

    And by the way, congratulations on your future promotion to the top brass of the NSTP. I wonder if there'll be any difference with the time when Kalimullah at the wheel, who himself wasn't that different from Kadir Jasin?

    Not likely...

  130. Anonymous7:46 pm

    so I suppose you won't mind,Rocky, if I start telling people that you have been asking folks to go around raping young girls, freedom of speech and all that... then when someone you never met before in your life comes and blows up your children because he believed you caused his 9 year old daughter to be raped, you will of course say it is OK no problem, power to freedom of speech and press even if it is used to spread malicious lies.

    I used to suspect you were stupid. I suspect no more. MARA scholarship, was it?


  131. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Khir Toyo and Utusan deserve to be sued. Their deliberate misrepresentation of the facts led to Kok's ISA stint and put her life in danger. Her home was under attack and threats were made against her life. Again, Rocky, your mask slipped to reveal your racist self. Don't give us the crap about defending freedom of speech etc. Then why do you malign Kali and gang at the NST for their version of the truth? Hypocrite, aren't you? Are you waiting to take over as GEIC?


  132. Anonymous7:50 pm

    aku setuju 100% dgn kau Rocky. kalau berkaitan dengan org Melayu atau Utusan Malaysia, semuanya tak betul, semuanya tak kena, racist, ultra-malay, extremist, kronisme, rasuah. ya ,sebagai org melayu kami mmg ultra, thats the fact.takkan nak berpura2 jadi mat salleh kot?

    tapi kalau sebab 'diaorang'..wahh melenting, mcmla diaorang penting sgt.tau pun takut bila org dah mula nak mengamuk, pasang bodyguard. yg pasti org melyu mmg mudah mengamuk.kalau tak takkan ada perkataan 'amok' dlm english.

    yg hairannya, kata PR dah buat kempen boikot mainstreams media terutama sekali UM, tapi diaorg baca jugak.kalau tak mcmana diaorang tahu berita dlm tu kan? hypocrisy in the highest level

  133. Press freedom does not mean giving you the licence to print untruths and that was what Utusan did.Their misleading information resulted in Therasa being charged under the ISA.The main media has every right to print the truth but not lies in order to incite hatred and racial tendencies. This was what Utusan did and there is a price to be paid for such reckless jounalism.

  134. Anonymous7:59 pm

    y'missin the point, "bro".
    y'lost the plot or are you trying to provoke some response and gauge some common laymen's minds/souls?

    or are you pandering to the kughang hajau umno goons?

    'discussions' 'bout the azan can go on for eternity.

    would i be correct in saying the origin of the azan lay in:
    a) a lack of means to tell time
    b) people/tribes lived quite a distance from the mosques?
    educate me if i'm wrong.

    second, if the former is correct, then why carry on an outdated tradition/culture, since mass media and watches/handphones do very well in informing prayer times?

    or would these questions be considered as insulting?
    so easily insulted ah?
    the people and/or the religion?

    but i digress ... to wit, y'missin the plot?


  135. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Karpal Singh please retired.

    Go home and play with your grandson/daughter and your dog la.

    we the majority of the people don't want to hear from you.

  136. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Hello, did you read about this in MT?

    "Last Friday, I had the opportunity to perform my Friday prayers at the Masjid Kota Damansara. As I was entering the Masjid, I passed by the Masjid’s notice board. Normally Masjids’s notice boards are filled with advertisements of programs and events in the particular masjid. But, this one notice board was posting something more special.

    It contains the newspaper clippings and police reports pertaining to the recent controversy of Azan which lead to the arrest of Teresa Kok under ISA. One newspaper clipping shows the statement of Datuk Khir Toyo from the Utusan Malaysia dated 09/09/2008 entitled "Ada Pihak Cuba Halang Laungan Azan".

    You call this press freedom or creating trouble??

  137. Rocky,

    I thought after meeting TG Nik Aziz, some of his wisdom might have permeated into you. But alas, you now sound like an Umno-paid blogger, or perhaps you are just testing the market. Or you have run out of money, or Mahathirism has got into your skull.

    You appear to be a person without a backbone, or the SB's have caught up with you with a carrot and a stick approach.

    Another advice from me, try to be a good Muslim, ok!

  138. Anonymous8:05 pm

    You're off your rockers, Rocky. A real CLOWN.
    Surely you can see the UMNO man from Cheras just want to use the issue to gain mileage for his political ambition.
    Wonder where the donations will finally end up ????

    Same as Khir Toyo. Fanning racial sentiments.

    Hope Malays/Muslims can see through the real objective of these people.

    Also, if you are the measure of the standard of jounalism in Malaysia -it is the pits.

  139. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Hello, did you read this in MT?

    "Last Friday, I had the opportunity to perform my Friday prayers at the Masjid Kota Damansara. As I was entering the Masjid, I passed by the Masjid’s notice board. Normally Masjids’s notice boards are filled with advertisements of programs and events in the particular masjid. But, this one notice board was posting something more special.

    It contains the newspaper clippings and police reports pertaining to the recent controversy of Azan which lead to the arrest of Teresa Kok under ISA. One newspaper clipping shows the statement of Datuk Khir Toyo from the Utusan Malaysia dated 09/09/2008 entitled "Ada Pihak Cuba Halang Laungan Azan".

    You call this press freedom or creating trouble??


  140. Anonymous8:19 pm

    What a load of crap.

  141. Anonymous8:30 pm

    I don't see your logic Rocky. Utusan slander & publish hatred articles that endanger the security of Teresa Kok & her family. In fact, the government should have closed down this pariah newspaper.

  142. Anonymous8:36 pm

    HEY S2PID!!




  143. Anonymous8:39 pm

    wow..rockybru..u've been bought by UMNO is it?singing the same tune as them...what a shame

  144. long live Syed Ali...
    what about if police sue T KOK for dog food?

  145. Saudara Rocky,

    This is my 1st...scribe..comment's on your site..!!
    Been clinking yours...for ages..I guess..!!
    No matter..what ever..!! Your're still the Best..!
    Thank you.

  146. Anonymous8:47 pm

    You must have had a few meetings or cups of coffee with certain people in Utusan. And you as a human being somehow sympathized with the certain individuals at that moment, was influenced and went back somewhere and wrote this in your blog.Now you getting hell from it. Well, all the above who criticize you are correct. This are the people, the majority of whom has criticized the present government and supported people like RPK or Theresa Kok for that matter. Perhaps you require a whack in the head to bring you back as Rocky Bru..Just me lah- Franklin

  147. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Screw Utusan...
    It's nothing but an UMNo ass.
    It's not only should be sued, it should close shop.
    I stopped reading it years ago.
    Press freedom is about the truth.
    What truth is in this ass paper ?

  148. hmm...... Double Standards eh.

    Najib + Rosmah sue RPK = trying to kill of the truth and freedom of speech.

    NST sue Rocky and Jeff Ooi also trying to kill of the truth and freedom of speech.

    Theresa Kok suing Utusan Malaysia to the tune that can make it go bankrupt. Merely defending her honour and truth and a just fight for she merely resort through law and procedure in democratic means.

    Speak about Neutrality most of your commenters here are so full of BS.

    Setting up funds for RPK after he slander and accuse people without any proof is patriotic and Malaysian.

    Setting up funds for Utusan Malaysia after they slander and accuse are racist, ultra Malay and typical of UMNO racist behaviour.

    I particularly like how some have somewhat managed to tie in ISA with the sue. The issue here is not that Rocky is for ISA or vengeance to Utusan because Kok was arrested. The issue here is Theresa Kok is doing the exact opposite of what she preaches.

    Because if she and her party is in power Utusan will be what RPK is right now.

    She was against the lawsuit to the two bloggers (one turned politician), she was against Najib's lawsuit of RPK but she herself is suing Utusan for the same reason.

    And yes to answer most of you who prefer to judge based on emotions let us see what Utusan the Ultra one sided UMNO newspaper that is UNFAIR and DO NOT REPORT THE WHOLE STORY please do, before you start flaming me do read this entry...


    neutral stand?
    Oh no of course I am not neutral,
    Unlike most of you folks here I do not like to pretend.

    OOOhhh Yeah!!

    So if I get it right (after reading all of the articles produces). Utusan produces an article written by their Columnist was expressing his uneasiness over the RUMOURS he heard around and implies Kok is responsible. Utusan then Publishes a news article in which Kok denies she did any of Those.

    And Now Kok is Suing utusan for 30 Million Dollars for the first Article.

  149. Anonymous8:54 pm

    I would have agreed with you Rocky, if Utusan had apologise when they were given the chance. But they were too thick-headed bunch of guys. I'm sure that Teresa would not had proceeded with the defamation suit if only they had apologise eventhough afterall the pain that she went thru' ISA. Tell me what's the other choice to clear your name if the people concern don't even bother to apologise? Call them for a teh-tarik?
    As for your lost of many nights' sleep over legal suits filed by disgruntled individuals and organisations while you were the editor of Business Times and The Malay Mail, that you should know yourself lah! WHY? If you had made a mistake in your reporting, you should have the balls and act like a man to apologise. No people would sue you if you had apologise. But if you were right in your reporting then there shouldn't be any lost of night's sleep! It's was because of your guilty conscience that you can't sleep! Maybe too that you are one of those batch of thick headed guys also lah. As the malay saying "ORANG YANG MAKAN LADA AKAN MERASA PEDAS"

  150. Shame on you Rocky Bru. There is no way of equating Utusan with press freedom because what that paper does is spread racism and untrue stories.

    I am deeply shocked to have such commentary coming from you. Where is your professionalism? Were you burying your head in the sand while writing this?

  151. Anonymous9:06 pm

    *sigh* If only the Tabung is a real tabung azan. It has been introduced under such controversial circumstances...

  152. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Okay, Rocky, you made your point. Okay, when are you going to head the NST as the generalissimo? When? Congratulations. Najib got a good catch.

  153. Anonymous9:11 pm

    I salute you for doing the right thing.
    When they want to abolish ISA they forgot the JI people over there who are still detained.
    When Utusan publish news that favors the opposition they cherish them.
    When Utusan hit them on their noses, they curse and sued Utusan.
    These flip flop decision like Pak Lah also affected the opposition.
    To me, Teresa Kok deserve what she gets.
    And Karpal? Let's not dicuss what he has done not only to Utusan but to Anwar , his own boss, and now licked Anwar's ass? How low can a person be?
    Let me ask teresa, have you forgotten the petition signed by those 188 person of YOUR constituency to ask the majority of muslim people in YOUR constituency to turn down the volume of azan?

    -Makhak Sakthi-

  154. Anonymous9:16 pm


    To be fair to Rocky, he has always adopted a stand of defending his fellow brothers and sisters in the journalism profession. That was the reason behind this article I believe, not some UMNO psy-ops that some of use may be thinking.

    I too am not a fan of lawsuits, its just to similar too what those clowns down south tend to do. It should always be used as a last resort once all options have been exhausted.

    However Rocky, I do believe that in this case, unlike what you did while helming Malay Mail and Business Times, Utusan did publish with malice (and some might say continue to do so) and those aggrieved by their publication has a right to seek legal redress. I still believe the spirit of press freedom would still be intact because Utusan themselves have a chance to defense themselves in a court of law. However, i am also of the opinion that Teresa should reduce the amount she is suing for, after all she just needs to seek legal redress, not be a millionaire.

  155. Anonymous9:16 pm

    dissapointed with you althou that's yr point of view, but still ??? what press freedon when someone freedom was taken away?? what about human rights?

  156. Rockybru,

    Just 1 (actually 2) question. Were what Utusan published about Teresa Kok true or not and if not, was it defamatory?

    Very simple. Just a yes or no answer.

  157. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Pathetic post ever Rocky!
    Guess you've flipped like ol' Flip-flop himself. What irks me is you've abandoned the notion that press freedom does not equate to false reporting.

    Ah well, it was good while it lasted... so long dude. Don't bother preaching about life on the other side...we, the rakyat have better vision than the likes of you.

    -- Jason K --

  158. Anonymous9:26 pm

    angin sudah tiup ke timur ... sampan bro rocky pun tukar haluan kah! very disappointed !

    Sang Kerbau

  159. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Rocky had sold out to the UMNO dogs? Depressing... to think we were supporting an UMNO dog in disguise of a blogger matyr. Unlike you, Teresa got thrown into ISA and had her life threatened by molotov cocktails.

    You had totally lost all my respect for you as we finally had seen your true colours of none other than an UMNO lap dog.

    -- Cheated----

  160. Anonymous9:35 pm

    sayadahbosan said:

    do you f#&*%* see what's happening?

    this is the typical mindset of the other team. when it comes to anything that concerns the malays or the gov then it is guilty until proven innocent.

    sorry bro i have to say this.

    f&*^^&#&#* you lah guys and gals. what level playing field are we in when others could not f*&#^#% around in your field?

    not rugby but play golf instead? with handicapped for you?

    rocky, you're in deep s*#&#& right now as the snipers have the bullets and rifles they desperately need.

    btw good job heheheheee yeehaaaaa let the rodeo begins

    i'm a muslim 1st then the rest will follow.

  161. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Utusan Malaysia patut diharamkan,,,,UTUSAN PERKAUMAN,,lagi pon da'mati dah akhbar tu,,Utusan Zaman dan Utusan Melayu dah lama berkubor,,berapa keratlah orang baca,,,!!!

    Dah ta'ada duit,,,minta rakyat tolong bayar saman,,,dasar MELAYU,,peminta sedekah,,!!!!!Mahkamah belum bagi lagi beri keputusan dah minta SIMPATI,,

    Based on yr article maka saya amek akhbar Mingguan Semalam,,itu pon pinjam PAK Guard d opis punya,,,nothing concrete from page 1 to page 11,,,semua politik UMNO,,,konon mereka aja betui,,!!

    Berita bodo Shah RUKHKHAN terima datuk yg di benci oleh seluroh rakyat Malaysia,,tadak,,!!! Maklumlah akhbar penyokong anak Rustam,,!!!

    Haramkan aja akhbar tu,,,atau pon buat TOILET paper,,Hindu jual kacang putih pon ta'mau,,,!!!

    Dasar Akhbar PENIPU,,,PERKAUMAN,,!!!


  162. what a joke. I thought only Badawi's level of standard will utter such statement. Too bad.

  163. Anonymous9:43 pm

    I find your articles flip flop over the past 6 months before the March 8 election and after. But I still read and try understanding the underlying reasons for that.

    By the way, then why RPK is still in ISA if Malaysia Today (MT) should also be free to write anything on its site. But the difference is MT carries the truth and not UTUSAN!!!


  164. Dear Rocky, with all due respect, I say "You are simply NO good!"

    Read my response here:

    Hope you will get some education. Grow up, brother.

  165. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Another blunder from Dear Rocky.
    Pls be careful next time okay?
    Last time you were an editor and now not the same..history lah. Time change.

  166. Anonymous9:45 pm

    bro rocky

    i don't know whether to laugh or to cry when i read all the criticims piled upon you for merely suggesting that Teresa Kok and her ilk not to be too quick on the draw in suing newspapers.

    But the commenters chose to get riled up and raised issues as to whether you have been bought over and your political affiliation being questioned.

    So what if you choose to agree with the move by Cheras Umno to defend Utusan.

    Are the commenters saying that you would only be worthy of their support if you choose to support Teresa for suing Utusan.

    What a bunch of hypocrites. At best they are ignoramus. Worst, they are parasitical ignoramus.

    he who will never blog

  167. Utusan is Muslim and Teresa is not Muslim. So it's not wrong for Utusan to write lies about Teresa like suggesting that she seeks to silence azan although she didn't do it. I know the mosque has denied it, but Utusan is Muslim and Teresa is not. As an Umno supporter and fan of Rocky, we must remember that Utusan is on the right side.

  168. Rocky,
    i am shocked that all these sh*t come from you. What make you switched camp over night? Somebody offer you a place on the gravy train? Like all others here has commented, Teresa Kok was throw into jail for no reason, Utusan has given ample time to apologize or answer to her notice, as usual the arrogant Utusan never give a hoot abt it. So whats wrong Teresa sue Utusan?

  169. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Tuan Syed...kenapa bila pemimpin Islam merobek2 maruah Islam dan org Melayu dengan perangai rakus mereka tuan tak emotional macam nih...

    Sebab kegagalan dan keangkuhan UMNO lah yang menyebabkan berbagai serangan berlaku sekarang ke atas Islam dan hak2 Melayu.

    Pikir sikit dulu Tuan Syed oi.

    Umno masih tak berubah.

    Anon Is Me

  170. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Sinchew's reporter reported the truth and was arrested for ISA. In contrast, Utusan's reporter reported a serious defamation can stay above the rule?? Why the reported was not arrested by Syed Albar the GREAT for ISA detention???


  171. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Sinchew's reporter reported the truth and was arrested for ISA. In contrast, Utusan's reporter reported a serious defamation can stay above the rule?? Why the reported was not arrested by Syed Albar the GREAT for ISA detention???


  172. Anonymous9:54 pm

    I tend to agree with you; Teressa shouldn't sue because as a politician she can get more mileage by appearing benevolent. Literally turning the other cheek will make her immortal amongst politicians. She must has gotten some bad advice. Teressa, if you are reading this, please drop your suit. w9

  173. Anonymous9:58 pm

    saudara cocky bru

    mau jadi kaya pun bukan gitu. mana semangat lu? mau jadi kroni saper sekarang?

    ah groo

  174. Anonymous9:59 pm

    You're like Dr Mahathir.. Used to admire him, but not anymore. Please use some sense when writing articles, don't waste your talent. This is the last time I believe in your credibility.

    Jimmy Kee

  175. Anonymous10:06 pm

    If any newspaper makes a mistake in reporting then they should apologise. Sometimes they report what is true but can't prove it, as in the case of Teresa Kok's sinister actions.

    Teresa Kok is clearly a racist. She dislikes and works against the Malays and Muslims, even if she falsely denies it officially in public. Now she is relishing cashing in on this. She is no better than the crooked UMNO politicians.


  176. Anonymous10:10 pm

    wow.. after reading through your post today i am really hoping you'll comeup with another update stating : "just kidding! gotcha!".

    malaysia image board

  177. Anonymous10:11 pm


    It is very generous of you to presume that Syed Ali did this in defence of Utusan's freedom of speech. But he was quoted in the STAR that his objective in starting this fund was because he views Teresa's action to sue Utusan and the columnist as attacking and challenging the Malays and UMNO, not defending the freedom of speech. He has turned this into a racial "us" and "them" thing.

    You got it all wrong this time bro'.


  178. Pak Rocky! if follow your logic of argument, how about I FXxK your ass until the shit out.? Ops sorry, I had mistakenly XX your ass. Please forgive me Rocky.
    And please don't associate The Holy Islam with any act of those racist Utusan writers/Editors. It is humiliating The Islam.

    We support press freedom to report the true, not bias prejudice. don't humiliate the reader's intelligent, we know how to judge.

    Aldo, Dear All, can any body get the Personal detail of those racist Utusan Editors/writers? I'm sure some of yours out there may able to get their Personal particulars and photos. please publish their and all their family photos and particular at MT so that people known whose this idiot exactly are. we may like to congratulate them for writing all those goods staff to promote racist in bolehland
    if we accidentally stumble on them.

  179. Anonymous10:27 pm

    You've really got your head screwed on wrong. Suing the paper doesn't deny them the right of defense. Don't quote your past record PUHLEEEEEEES - you've got this self-grandeur sickness that your personal 'morals' are the standard for the whole world. Come off it, man. If we call for utusan to be shut down, that's denying freedom of speech. If somebody faked a photo of you or your family doing unspeakable things, you're gonna just put on your smug smile? Come off it or we'll think you are just angling for an excuse to join the ranks of BN racists because we are sick of such spin. By SHOCKED

  180. Anonymous10:29 pm

    A newspaper like NST, which is supposed to be the champion of freedom of expression is suing a bloggers for defamation.

    Teresa was put in prison. She was innocent. That's really not fair.

    Suing for defamation is fine. You would not loose sleep is what you have is true and is without malice.

  181. Anonymous10:32 pm

    If Utusan didn't do anything wrong, why must they need this tabung??

    My friend, you must ask Utusan to defend mati-mati and counter back TK with RM300 million if they didn't lie ! That, I say, will strengthen our maruah bangsa..


  182. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Uncle Rock,
    Sure you're smoking the same stuff?
    Im shock! Pls quickly without any hesitation. Apologised least you have hard time pursuing your dreams. This one is the terrible topic you choose. We all make mistake. Just admit it like the real rakyat.

  183. Salam Bro,

    Am I dreaming or what? You really support that Alhabshee fella for setting up the Tabung Azan huh?

    C'mon la bro... please read what Alhabshee said, “Apabila pemimpin DAP itu menyaman akhbar Utusan Malaysia hanya kerana isu laungan azan, maka tindakan Teresa itu seolah-olah mencabar dan menghiris seluruh perasaan umat Islam di negara ini.”

    This is a classic case of a politician `memutar-belit' a defamation issue into a religious one, all for his own personal agenda. And you see fit to applaud this. Unbelievable.

    This is NOT the way to defend press freedom la bro. From someone whose at the wrong end of a suit, I thought you should've known better. You should read and understand Pak Sako's comments up there.

  184. Anonymous10:40 pm


    You sold your soul to the devil!

    What more can I say ?

    Why you view Utusan's intent as a mistakes is so laughable that I wonder how you think we are suckers born only yesterday !

    People like you treat others as though they are nerds, thinking yourself are too smart, and this epitomise the whole problem with the MSM in the country.

    I just wonder if you know how stupid you sound for writing in defense of Utusan ??

  185. Anonymous10:41 pm

    im all for freedom of speech.but baseless accusations without facts backing it up?thats just ridicirous!


  186. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Somebody said, "I will defend 'to death' your right to freedom of movement. But if you choose to move towards a pack of hungry wild lions, that's your own bloody business."

    I am all for press freedom and is with Voltaire on free speech.

    In TK's case, it is definitely not an issue of press freedom. She is not taking any specific legal actions to stop Utusan from publishing.

    Teressa should sue Utusan to restraint Utusan's frivoulous, unrelenting, gangster-liked, primal and bigotted attack on her and other opposition.

    If she win, I am sure, she will use the money to donate to the poor and various mosques.

    Voltaire's friend.

  187. Syed Ali Alhabshee said that Teresa Kok is suing Utusan which is owned by Malays; therefore Teresa is challenging the Malays and also challenging UMNO. Good grief, where is the logic in all this? Are you saying that a newspaper can be irresponsible in reporting lies and expect not to be sued? It is not press freedom - it is being irresponsbile. Anyone, including Members of Parliament should have the right to sue the media for irresponsible reporting.

  188. Anonymous10:42 pm

    What a spin. I can't believe he doesn't understand something so simple.

    Freedom of speech means you have the right to say what you want PLUS THE RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND PROVE WHAT YOU SAY IS TRUE AND NOT MALICIOUS. Our man doesn't even understand why just (not twisted or biased)laws on defamation are necessary in civilised societies for the protection of all. UTUSAN IS NOT DENIED THE RIGHT OF DEFENSE.


    Name: omegod!

  189. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Freedom to tell lies? Rocky, you are way out of line on this. The Press is there to tell the truth, not to be a mouthpiece of UMNO.

    If they are in the right they will not have to pay. If they are in the wrong, then maybe RM30 million will teach them a lesson - it seems to be the only way to stop this crap that passes for reporting in this country.

  190. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Could not comprehend your reasoning. I support the Kok's freedom to sue and Utusan's press's freedom to report. Let's see who is telling the truth after the court case

  191. Anonymous10:49 pm


    how does teresa justify asking for rm30 million or karpal the rm10 million?

    sue by all means but the amount they asked is questionable.

    busuk-busuk pun a few mill in hand kalau settle out of court. now that's a plan.

  192. Anonymous10:51 pm

    When you accuse, you must have proof. Without proof, it becomes allegations. The allegations allows ISA to be used. If it happens to you (Rocky) the next thing you will do is to is to sue them. Why you "WANT TO CLEAR NAME"

  193. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Waaah! tiba tiba Encik Bru (bukan saudara lagi) dah mula tunjuk belang. Mentang mentang Siu Mamak is in power already. What's in it for you Bru? Could it be Kalimullah post or you hoping for some other carrot that the old pot is offering. You are a self centred person ...dont you ever dare say you are fighting for us. I hate OPPORTUNISTS. Post if you dare.

  194. Anonymous10:58 pm

    DAP=PAP, Ms Kok is the prodigy of LKY. Of course lah she must follow the style of her political master, pauperised your political rival through court of justice. In Singh Republic the courts are under the thumb of LKY. In my beloved country the lawyers who file the suits are under the thumb of DAP aka Bar Council. DAP for Democracy??? My foot loh.

    Dollah Gemuk

  195. You said "We live in interesting times, where those who complain about the mainstream media being muzzled by the authorities are also the ones who sue these media at the slightest provocation."

    Sorry Rocky....I could not read more than that. Either you are a fucking idiot or you have been bought! Full stop! So what is it?

  196. Anonymous10:59 pm


  197. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Sdr.Rocky, this is not an issue of press freedom and it is not about RM30 million. The direct effect of the said article was that an individual lost her freedom, probably in more ways than just being arrested (i.e. Molotov, bodyguards). What was wrong for me was that the said article was written under the pretext of "defending" the religion, and yet I am sure there are many Muslims like me who disagree with it now that the "truth" has become more publicly known. Curiously and coming on the heels of your piece yesterday on Tok Guru Nik Aziz, I wonder what Tok Guru (and Sdr.Sheih for that matter) think of your stand that Utusan was merely exercising its press freedom "in the name of Islam" ?

    Keep well.

  198. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    I can't believe it's you who wrote the article. Have you changed side?


  199. Anonymous11:12 pm

    apalal ko ni rocky.. terang2 ko ni orang Mad- Dey.. bila bab Pak Lah, ko tulis kat blog ko macam2.. bila Mad-Dey, semuanya ok. siap bangga Mad-Dey bagi komen kat blog ko..

    Ni aku nak tanya sket, zaman Mad-Dey dulu ada ke freedom of speech ni? ha, jawabla..

    camnila, tak payahla ko jadi presiden national blogger ni.. wat malu la..

    terang2 Utusan Melayau-layau tu racis. Tabung azan konon.. Piiraaah!

    ps: (mungkinkah lepas ni rocky bru akan menjadi budak level 4 utk Najib?)

  200. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Freedom comes with responsibility.

    But Utusan was irresponsible to report against Theresa without checking the facts.

    If Utusan is free to report irresponsibly, then Theresa should also be free to sue to defend herself. What so difficult about that?

    I am sure you would have done the same if you were in her shoes and got ISA-ed