Friday, October 17, 2008

In defence of me

My posting on the Teresa Kok vs Utusan Melayu's RM30 million suit, In Defence of Utusan Malaysia, has drawn a record number of comments (449 comments as I write this). The letter by Mansur Putih that I published h e r e brought in 323 comments.

I believe that the many people had responded because they care about the Freedom of our Press.

It is quite obvious, however, that we'll have to agree to disagree on the basic concepts of that freedom, as well as on the role of politicians in promoting Press Freedom, and whether they should sue newspapers (or whether the newspapers should sue anyone, even a politician, which is what Utusan has now done).

What most of the commenters seem to agree on is that
1) Press Freedom must come with responsibility, and
2) Journalists must write/report the truth.

That is most heartening. I subscribe to both 1) and 2). Take If we all subscribe to freedom+responsibility and sticking to the truth for bloggers and anyone else (including political activists, NGOs, members of ivil society) who use the media - old or new - to tell their stories to the masses.

Several articles and blogposts have been written to support or condemn my stand. Zainul Arifin wrote a piece in the NST [Use the bully pulpit, not the courts, Wed 15/10]. Wong Chun Wai doesn't want another newspaper or journalist sued, h e r e. And so does Shamsul Yunus in Rocky and the Flamers.

I was given many new names and titles by some of my most regular commenters. Some accused me of having changes sides (defect?). But nobody sued, and I'm thankful for that.

Haris Ibrahim did his stuff h e r e and some commenters, riled by my support of Syed Ali Alhabshee's initiative to set up the Tabung Azan, challenged me to respond to his posting. Haris, however, is part of a legal team representing Jeff Ooi and I in an on-going defamation suit against us by the NSTP & 4 Others. It is, therefore, unreasonable to expect me to be at loggerheads with my own lawyer publicly on a matter that surely shares some of the merits of my own court case.


  1. rocky,

    I may not have the full picture but I was briefly following what's going on.

    Allow me to say a few words:
    Freedom of press and responsible media going along side by side, and from what's happening in Utusan, it is to me a smear campaign to Teresa Kok for some unknown reason.

    I am no fans of Teresa, in fact I was very upset when she called herself the next Exco after MB when she was appointed Senior Exco.

    However, Teresa did not, and does not offend as opposed to what Utusan claimed.

    Utusan published a series of attacks on her is to me unreasonable as a media that leads to my conclusion that Utusan is trying to kill her political career, if not her life.

    What option does Teresa has to stop these altogether? Obviously not asking the general public to boycott Utusan, as most PR leaders already made similar calls.

    Also, Should Teresa plant a bomb at the front gate of Utusan to blow it up? I personally do not think it is ever an option for her.

    Then what is the next available option? Obviously via legal process.

    Please do not equate Jeff Ooi & your case against NST with Teresa taking on Utusan. I do hate people suing journalist, but if the so-called "journalist" at disguise are doing for hidden agenda, then we have to look at it from a different perspective.

    The case of Vincent Tan vs the late MGG Pillai woke me up, and I have been following such cases throughout these years.

    It short, if Utusan is a responsible media, it will then seek for clarification from Teresa before publishing the story about the Azan dispute.

    If Utusan is a responsible media, it should then be careful about publishing cerpen and poem implicating someone we know who.

    I do not mind if Utusan or any other main stream media being bias on one side or another, it is a fact of life where everyone take their stand. It is for me to choose whether I will continue reading or just discard the media in question.

    But, as a media without seeking for clarification and bulldozes stories which does not even seems to be from the hand of a "journalist", then the media is questionable, be it judge by public opinion, or have the judiciary system to do the necessary.

    I support MGG Pillai, Raja Petra, You, Jeff, does not mean that I have to have a blanket view for all regardless of who they are.

    But if no action is taken from Teresa, will she risk her life, not just her political life?

    Is NST ever threaten to finish Jeff and you off?

    Utusan did not even try to clear its name after the Dog Food, Azan, killing a MP, and Dog Queen fiasco, instead, I believe they will continue doing more. What does these means to us?

  2. Anonymous4:54 am

    It's good that you have come out to break your silence. At least we know where you stand. You have taken a lot of flak but as Zorro said, you have finally come to your senses. In the meantime, keep on blogging. And dont worry, if you step out of line, we hantam you.

  3. rocky,

    It must be hard to receive 400 plus comments, and majority condemning u for defending utusan.

    However my support is always with you. I wonder your lawyer seems not to think the way u think with him u as his client. Well he indulged himself too much in politic nowadays.

    I'm not worried if journalists try to spin news, i'm more worried when lawyers trying to be journalist, it's gonna be double spins then.

    Come what may, if u blog, write, report responsibly, my support will always be with u

  4. Anonymous6:05 am

    Dear Bro Rocky,
    You earn my respect for publishing all comments especially those degrading you and undermining your professionalim in reporting the freedom of expressing opinion.That does not mean that you dont have egos but reflects your name as strong as "ROCKY" even you stand alone or not,i think you are the world strongest man who can stand alone.You are unassailable to shrewed bloggers who are so egoistic when come to personal bashings.Wish you all the best.Life still goes on for all Malaysian,keep the drum beatings with the the right tune even there have to be noises.

  5. Anonymous6:06 am

    Syed Ali Alhabshee support Utusan Malaysia. Did he also call for the immediate/unconditional release of RPK?
    Fair & Balanced

  6. Anonymous7:12 am

    i'm sure blogging about what you think about the YBJ story has nothing to do with your ongoing court case.

    it's your right to ignore it. i'm sure most of us would like to hear what you think about such a high profile journalist painting an ugly picture about press freedom in malaysia.

    i don't agree with those who calls you names like defector or traitor. There is nothing wrong to be standing up for what you believe and for your own principles.

    what is not right is not having the courage to stand up for it.

    the way i see it, i think many of your readers are not aware of what you really believe in.

  7. Anonymous7:47 am

    Well I believe that you have the right to express your own opinion on that issue and readers also do have the right to agree or disagree. However readers should keep their comments on the subject matter and not make personal attacks on you.

  8. Dear Bro',

    Responsible and truthful reporting without doubt is important. How someone reacts to the truth no matter rileful is another matter.

  9. Anonymous7:55 am

    no spinning here...just let us know if it is ok to ISA someone and also get molotov cocktails thrown inot the parent's home due to Utusan's warped reporting altho the mosques in question has come out in defence of Ms Kok. Utusan is the shit stirrer here...

    Just state your stand...

  10. Anonymous7:56 am

    That's good.

    Just shut up and listen to your lawyer, Haris Ibrahim. He's got his finger on the pulse on the Kok-Utusan issue.

    You, Rocky, have a lot more to learn.

    Be humble, be willing to accept your errors, learn from others. Humility is a virtue.

    Don't try to cover up your position by reaffirming your belief in journalistic freedom and responsibility etc.

    Don't spin.

    Just say you didn't analyse the Kok-Utusan matter adequately before pledging your support (to whichever side).

    In any case, the damage has already been done, Rocky.

    In the blogosphere grapevine, it is widely known that many, many have lost faith in your sense of balance or your sense of fairness. They do not consider your blog a fair and balanced vanguard of the rakyat anymore.

    This is not to say you must support Pakatan. But you simply are seen as having certain interests, whether you like it or not, and you have lost a tremendous amount of blogosphere support. The good thing from this episode is, blog readers are wise, they can read and analyse and understand, they know what is right from wrong. You cannot spin them anymore that easily.

    Better luck next time Rocky. That is, if ever you have much of a next time with a large segment of readers.

  11. Utusan failed both (1) and (2).

    Own up Rocky. That piece of posting of yours was hare brained, ill thought out and unfair.

    Take a leaf from you lawyer, Haris. He writes with facts and calm persuasion. Yours was just a shocking rant.

    We expected more from you.

  12. Anonymous8:02 am

    still it is between utusan & teresa. Why must it involve umno and especially malay. This is what i call racial.

    zamri still ex-umno

  13. Anonymous8:02 am

    You happy now Rocky with this nonsense from the paper you are keen on defending ??

    "In a thinly-veiled threat against Kok, Mingguan Malaysia, the weekend edition of Utusan on Oct 12, published a short story written by Chamil, about a female, non-Malay lawmaker, YB Josephine, who was accused of being anti-Islam and anti-Malay.

    At the end of the story YB Josephine was assassinated by a young man, who subsequently, committed suicide.

    The murderer left a note that it is better for YB J to die, to ensure racial harmony."

    Where is your post condemning this stance by the paper or do you still say freedom of press overides everything else??

    Come on now show your true colours and balls and answer my question!!


  14. Tidak kira wartawan, akhbar, penulis, ahli politik atau orang awam sekali pun, mereka harus bebas bersuara tetapi juga harus bebas diambil tindakan atau saman oleh mana mana pihak tanpa syarat. Tidak wajar ada kebebasan di sebelah pihak atau ada undang2 lain yang mengecualikan mereka atau sesuatu pihak yang lain.

    Tetapi selesaikah masalah itu atau persaolan itu ??

    Tetapi yang lebih tidak mengerti kenapa dalam bercakap mengenai kebebasan bersuara dan berpihak, kenapa pula ada undur memaksa dan mengecam satu pihak lain untuk berpihak kepada siapa saja yang dia suka dan dengan apa jua alasan yang dia beri.

    Anehnya pembangkang setiap hari mengeluarkan dakwaan demi dakwaan sejak saya dilahirkan hingga sekarang, tetapi bila bercakap mengenai bukti atau diterjemahkan sebagai tindakan mengikut lunas undang undang, terlalu sedikit, habuk pun takddak sampai sekarang.

    Jika pihak polis atau BPR atau mana mana institusi gagal ( jangan lupa termasuk pembangkang, tidak dikecualikan ) maka wajar pihak yang mendakwa mengheret perkara itu kemuka pengadilan.

    Tetapi akhirnya jangan lupa, kuasa untuk menilai sesuatu pihak ( kerajaan atau pembangkang) akan dibuat oleh rakyat melalui pilihanraya. Pembangkang atau kerajaan pasti tidak mampu menipu rakyat pada setiap masa dan pada semua perkara.

    Dan hormatilah kebebasan dan penilaian rakyat melalui pilihanraya yang memilih parti mana yang membentuk kerajaan. Jangan dirompak kebebsan rakyat itu dengan 'merampas kuasa' dalam apa jua cara.

    Jadilah lebih jantan dari jantan dalam politik. Jangan selalu sangat main atau masuk melalui pintu belakang.

  15. Bro Rocky,

    You're saying the truth as we fight for freedom at all cost.

    However, Utusan deserved being sued as they've been irresponsible to publish tons of inaccurate news for the sake of BN.

    What happen with you bro? defect already? lol

  16. Anonymous8:25 am


    You sound sensible and are brave enough to be honest with your stand. That should be the principal principle of a blogger/reporter. It would have been easy for you to play to the gallery. Thank you.

    Zulkifli Ahmad

  17. Anonymous8:28 am

    Since Abdullah Badawi became premier, this beloved country of MINE has been sieged with endless problems and calamities. What further compounded the incompetence of Badawi is his set of advisers dubbed the Fourth Floor and the so-called Kitchen Cabinet. Abdullah WAS a Nice Guy but turned Corrupt with his style of administration.
    Never in the history of this beloved country of mine has KNOWN foreign spy networks and operatives been openly discussed by the PEOPLE!
    Those behind the Operations were not only giving advise to the leadership but also recognised by the administration.
    Now these enemies and traitors of this beloved country of mine are even allowed to manage government-linked newspapers and operate news portals to further create political and economic instability.
    These operatives have INDEED succeeded in creating an atmosphere of fear to the extent of ruining and destroying this beloved country of mine.
    Why WAIT while they continue to do more harm than good!


  18. you have your own views in this issue and i respect you.

    you are a brave dude though. geronimo! :)

  19. Salam Rocky,

    I believe in freedom of speech but should be within certain guidelines and ethics.

    You've done your part well and I sokong you, Rocky.

  20. Anonymous8:59 am

    Bro Rocky

    It is never about the freedom of the press to most of your commentators.It is about Party A (pro govt) and Party B (anti govt).The commentators of the more popular political blogs are of Party B.
    When NSTP sued you and Jeff,your supporters are from Party B.I know it is good and flaterring to think that they love you and are believer in freedom of the press.But it is not so.
    Because if they are truly a believer of the freedom of the press than they should be supporting Zaini and not Teresa or Karpal.Isn't Teresa or Karpal the politician and Zaini the journalist.No! it is not so, Zaini is construed as from Party A and Teresa and Karpal from Party B.
    In your case, NSTP is from Party A and you from Party B.However,the moment your articles appears to be pro govt(although you are talking about freedom of the press and not supporting the Govt), your commentators will immediately brand you as from Party A and become their arch enemy.
    Notice how silent some political blogs are on this issue.Even the people that walk with you into the court like Nuraina,Jeff,Marina etc dare not speak up for you.

  21. basically the way your article was written, the impression given to us lay people is that you sold out, if you did not, than I stand corrected but whatever spin put into it, WE DO NOT RESPECT UTUSAN FOR ITS LIES, nad now for its assasination and barking dog articles. to utusan I say you are rubbish and like rubbish you will be discarded, when your readers grow up. You can bullshite the orang kampung only for so long, now with the availability of the internet, give it another 4 years come the next election, we will see such a tsunami which will be worse than the march 8, thaere will be a lot of floating bn and umno bodies joining the backflow and rubbish, Mark my words, the orang kampung are not stupid, they see the antics of corruption by umno politicians, it is getting there and very soon, it will be an eye opener. Umno does not want to change, before there were not many comprehensive choises, now there is PKR AND PAS, they will bring in the kampung votes, why, UMNO WILL NEVER CHANGE, IT IS INFESTED WITH AN INCURABLE CANCER.

  22. Anonymous9:07 am

    Freedom of speech applies for all

  23. Have you got your rocks off! last night?


  24. Anonymous9:32 am

    evertyhing comes with what the motto of Spiderman - with big power comes big responsibility.

    both politicians and journalist have their own strength,power and obligation.the things that makes them look terrible is when they misused their strength.they abused their own power for their own selfish needs.

    politicians need journalist as the medium to voice out their agenda/mission and journalist need politicians so that there will always be something to publish.they both need one to another.

    but let's not forget the fact that they are also human beings.they have heart and soul and feeling.human is not's good to have an obidient and honest politicians and journalist but but no denying there will always be some rotten fish among them.

  25. Anonymous9:34 am

    Press freedom must come with responsibility, otherwise it is easily misused by the the person in charge to spread personal agenda.

    Malaysia Humorous Image Board

  26. you are now treading on dangerous grounds my friend , as torn between many lovers

    still you must choose one way or the other ...may you have wisdom

  27. Anonymous9:42 am

    freedom of speech doesnt mean u r free from being sued.

    i think what u r championing for is an ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY for journalists and bloggers.

    no way. nobody should b above the law, including journalists.

  28. Bro Rocky,

    Sun's Terence has a take on the YB J cerpun (to quote a poster :) in his column today titled Incitement is not press freedom .

    His is specific to the MM's tale, but it does provide some fuel to the press freedom debate.

    God bless.

    PS: Agree to disagree is always a good notion for any discourse.

  29. Brother Rocky,

    I suppose your article can attract so many comments but mostly negative ones is because readers care what you say. Not merely for press freedom, but certain issues sensationalised by the mainstream newspaper can potentially lead to a lot more tension in this country. That would not be of any good to all of us.

  30. Anonymous9:53 am

    Rocky, Rocky...what happened la? Do you think Teresa deserved the treatment she got from Utusan? Do you think Najib deserved the treatment he got from RPK? If you think this should be painted with the same brush, I am truly disappointed.

  31. Anonymous9:59 am

    Admit it rocky, this time, you screwed it! You did well on the first lap (defending freedom of the press)but, with a disgraceful finish (defending mischief makers and distortions).
    TRUTH is what we seek and what we want to read!

  32. every freedom has a limit no country in the world have a total freedom unless you live in the jungle which the survival of the fittest prevail.

    Malay is peace loving people unless you rock the boat that why the word AMUCK come from the malay language.

  33. Anonymous10:11 am

    Indeed freedom of press must apply. It is the only medium we can share "things"

    Razak-Next Prime Minsiter?

  34. Anonymous10:13 am

    Rocky, I I'm behind u

  35. Anonymous10:17 am

    Perhaps you have jumped the shark. A pity, used to enjoy reading your other articles. Press freedom is fine, as long as it reports the truth. What Utusan reported was far from the truth. Seems to me that you condone Utusan's behavior. Yes they did apologize, but the damage had already been done. Its like beating someone up and apologizing, still does not make what was done right. Furthermore, do you seriously think they are remorseful? They deserve to be sued IMHO.

  36. Good to have you back online bro. It's been quite some time.

  37. Anonymous10:18 am

    Perhaps you have jumped the shark. A pity, used to enjoy reading your other articles. Press freedom is fine, as long as it reports the truth. What Utusan reported was far from the truth. Seems to me that you condone Utusan's behavior. Yes they did apologize, but the damage had already been done. Its like beating someone up and apologizing, still does not make what was done right. Furthermore, do you seriously think they are remorseful? They deserve to be sued IMHO.

    Edit: Forgot to leave a nick


  38. Hypocrisy at it's glory...

    Don't feel down though,
    For I respect a journalist not because he writes what I like to read, or he writes what other people like to read but the journalist who writes the truth even when other people just don't want to accept it.

    I guess you just can help it,
    but follow the footsteps of the previous people before you. Those editors who die a bloody death at the hands of an angry mob.

    Hey Frank Sinatra once sang...

    For what is a man, what has he got?
    If not himself, then he has naught.
    To say the things he truly feels;
    And not the words of one who kneels.
    The record shows I took the blows -
    And did it my way!

    Now back to work..

  39. So what have you said here? Nothing!!

    Freedom of speech, yes!

    Freedom to incite, a most definite, NO!

    Was Utusan's piece an expression of a view or an observation or opinion? Or was it plain incitement? If we do not care to make taht difference, then really we would be recklessly going down the tube to self-destruction.

  40. Anonymous10:22 am


    i am all for press freedom and i will exhort teresa o withdraw the suit if there is sincerity from utusan. Rocky, I truly feel your defence of tabung azan is flawed as the initiative is not for press freedom. Its slanted with religious and racist undertone. Reading thru the comments, thats the majority stand.

    by the way, Utusan has up the ante with a DESPICABLE cerpen (as described by Marina) and anjing kok poem.

    Rocky, its no longer press freedom. Before, its political agenda. Now, its getting personal. Let Kok has her days in the courts. In any event, utusan has counter-sued Kok, an action which you are very against as it is abnormal by world standards for a newspaper to sue someone. Thats why today, whatever your stand be, Rocky I am still boycotting Nasty Pee for their bullying action against you and Jeff.

    Bangsa Malaysia

  41. Anonymous10:23 am

    Hi Dean...

    Let me correct it slightly.

    Freedom of speech at level playing field, applies for all. What I mean is dont restrict the issuance of permits to newspapers. Let it free and let the people decide which to read and which not to read. Thats when I will say freedom of speech applies for all. For now its UMNO which run the show and they decide what we read and what we should not read.

  42. Anonymous10:23 am

    Hi Dean...

    Let me correct it slightly.

    Freedom of speech at level playing field, applies for all. What I mean is dont restrict the issuance of permits to newspapers. Let it free and let the people decide which to read and which not to read. Thats when I will say freedom of speech applies for all. For now its UMNO which run the show and they decide what we read and what we should not read.

  43. Anonymous10:26 am

    Bro Rocky, if you are now saying that you are totally agreeing about point 1 & 2, then you wouldn't have posted the earlier 2 comments & support postings. This is a conflicting statement. You are coming out with a confusing statement in this issue. That's why many of your ardent readers were let down by your comments. Pls look at the broaden issue here rather than about suing or setting up tabung.

  44. saudara Rocky,
    saudara jangan risau.saya menyokong anda.apa yang anda katakan adalah betul dan masuk akal.jangan pedulikan kata-kata meraka yang mahu menerima apa yang mereka mahu dan bukan menerima sesuatu yang memang realiti.

    kalau masing-masing faham akan tugas dan tanggungjawab tersendiri,rasanya saman-menyaman tidak akan berlaku.

  45. Dear Rocky,


    1) Press Freedom must come with responsibility, and

    2) Journalists must write/report the truth.

    Everybody should start abiding to those simple rules; especially to those who always loudly claimed they are!

    Think and ponder a second or two whenever we wanted to make any statements or suggestions

    Then only we can start hoping and contributing for a real, fair and worthy change.

    Cheers dearest Malaysian.

    Cheers to us.

  46. Anonymous10:36 am

    You claim to subscribe to 1. Press freedom must come with responsibility 2. Journalist must write/report the truth.

    In the light of the mosques' officials' clarification on the azan issues, in your opinion, were the journalists from UM writing/reporting the truth? Yes or no?

    By printing a cerpen on the killing of a YB, in your opinion, is UM being responsible with the press freedom accorded to it? Yes or no?

    Simple answers will do. Don't need tomes of reply.


  47. So what is your stand now on this issue. Pls let us know complete with your rationale. Thank you

  48. Dear Rocky

    Keep on blogging, we still want to hear from you.

    Kudos to your ability to attract bloggers (for or against).

    Great job.

  49. Anonymous10:46 am

    Brother Rocky,

    This is the first time i see you so defensive.

    Any problem there ?

    NMMC CMP Malaysian.

  50. Dear Rocky

    Someone wanted to sue GOD but it was thrown out for the lack of address.

  51. Anonymous10:51 am

    I would rather think that in Malaysia, freedom has been redefined to what suits the occasion. As illustrated by our MPs, when it is convenient to them, yes, it is a right but if it becomes a hindrance, then it becomes freedom denied.

    Does anybody here ever heard of the word responsibility? Freedom is nothing without responsibility.

    I pray for Malaysia

  52. I must say again, it's a national tragedy that people who know how to run our nation are bloggers, taxi drivers and office workers lepaking at Starbucks. Just as we set up tabung for all the natural tragedies, I propose setting up a tabung to save us all from this one. Do you think the thousands of hardworking small entrepreneurs who are the actually engine of the country's development care about this crap freedom of press? Rocky and the band of bloggers are all misguided and you are misguiding those reading your blogs. Yeah, right - record number of comments. Can we translate that into any new value created for the country?

    Iskandar Zulbryner

  53. "In defense of me". Hehehehe!

    Yo Rocky, yer just hadda write another posting, din yer?

    Freedom of the Press is essential since the 4th Estate is one of the pillars of democracy, ain't it.

    However, if its phrased as "Freedom for the Press" as in the case of Utusan Malaysia, that's another story, bro. That's kinda like throwing pearls to the porcine, I guess. Just as much as some politicians deserve the same accolades.

    Btw Rock, how come yer name isn't on the list on the BENAR petition for Press Freedom? Closing date: 27th October '08. Still got time mah!

    See yer tomorrow at 6pm at you know where.

  54. The record number of comments also reflect the effectiveness of you as a flamer. But I am sure the police won't be nosing around waving this act and that act in your face - I am sure of that!

    It seems that you would not comment on the merits of either Utusan's reporting or Teresa's non-involvement in the azan case. Which is unusual especially when it is jumping out of the webpages and keeps slapping us in the face.

    But neither would the pro-Utusan contributors touch on it. They are more inclined towards extending further the pack of lies started by Utusan but are found wanting when challenged for a sound reasoning behind their stand. But I am sure you knew this already ;)

    Syed Ali continues to lie, as evidenced by a Malaysiakini report, still trying very hard to turn this racial by linking Teresa to the azan issue. Azan and the muazzin suddenly becomes so imortant to this UMNO "leader", even when acts of faith like the 5 daily prayers and teetotalling which is even higher on the faithful's list is routinely ignored; especially by the upper echelon of UMNO hierarchy. Bet the Utusan-reading kampung folks don't know this do they?

    The mosque committee's explanations are simply pushed aside in a less than intellectual. So much for the truth and Islam Hadhari. And they are not even to even give us the reasoning for such a stand; merely more loud grandstanding, presumably for the Utusan-reading crowd again.

    If this is the attitude of Malaysian MSM and their political masters, then we still have a long way to go to developed nation status. But for some, that is entirely alright. As long as this kind of politics keeps them in power and in the money.

  55. Anonymous11:07 am

    Bottom line is TERESA KOK has RIGHTS TO REPLY to Utusan. Why did she waived the right and resort to Court Action. Wonder why PR Politicians like Anwar, Karpal , Teresa etc resorts to defamation suits while Mahathir, Najib and other BN politicians are yet to do the same despite lots of lies written about them . Now, who believes in freedom of speech and freedom of expression more?

  56. Anonymous11:07 am

    I subscribe to freedom of speech.
    But doesn't the press have a moral obligation or duty to at least publish what is the truth? The press is duty based to avoid harming others! If they fail to uphold that obligation, then they should pay for the consequences. Let them prove in court that they have acted in good faith and good will to check the authenticity of the facts before publishing. Don't hide behind so-called 'freedom of speech' rights.

  57. Anonymous11:20 am

    I don't think the issue can be viewed by itself. If it was only a newspaper article, people would not make it a big deal.

    I think the problem lies within the fact that numerous events took place with the start of the article and it is unfortunately the actions of some irresponsible home minister that sparked things to what it is today.

    You're right that a newspaper should be given the rights to freedom of speech, if only it is in the same way accountable for what it publishes.

    Instigating death of a politician or any individual for that matter on a nationally-distributed newspaper is plain wrong.

  58. Anonymous11:37 am

    I do really very much agree with Harris Ibrahim. It's not a question of a Malay defending a Chinese but it's a matter of doing the right thing as justice is meant for all! Utusan Malaysia doesn't belong to Malays as a whole but it represents Umno Malays only! I used to admire your write-ups/comments bro,but lately they suck..!


  59. in the emotional debate over azan issue involving utusan, there are views from teresa kok that the residents of the area themselves wanted mosques to lower their loudspeakers.
    not for the call to prayers, but for the kuliah subuh on weekends (ie the ceramah by an ustaz after the prayers).
    what say you guys on this issue?

    if you want to listen to the ustaz, should you not go the mosque?
    or the mosque could argue - not everyone who wants to listen has the time or inclination to come. so we play for those outside.

    the worrying thing, i thought, is that the issue was debated along racial lines - cheena lawan malayu - rather than a municipal or neighbourliness issue.

    if a temple near your house spews a lot of smoke and/or loud chantings often, should it not be resolved quietly through meetings?
    Or by bringing in your favourite media to hantam the other side?
    in other words, sometimes press people like us tend to overdramatise something that could otherwise be resolved quite easily.

    of course, we also have politicians from both sides of the divide jumping in, not to resolve the matter, but to gain points for their bigger games.

    well, everybody, it seems, want more freedom of expression - which many said was not found under the mahathir era.
    so you got it now, better handle it with care.

  60. Anonymous11:44 am

    Among Malaysian nowadays you can find VERY FEW of those who are NOT taking sides. In short, we could conclude that majority Malaysians are highly politically charged!

  61. Anonymous11:58 am

    Rocky i respect your thoughts on many matters concerning Malaysia but this i think is a totally different thing.Sometimes it takes a big man to say he has done wrong.

  62. Anonymous11:59 am

    Good to see you back! Your silence over the last few days was deafening.

    I still don't agree with some of your points but yeah, let's just agree to disagree and move on.

    All the best in your court case!

  63. Anonymous12:03 pm


    I'm not bungging you even you want to be a staunch supporter of Nazism. But to support a Tabung Azan which was set up purposely to slander other person surely deviate too far from basics tenets of Islam as propogated by our Prophet Muhammad. Nothing more I can say about you on this episode rather A BIG SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

    - Dicko

  64. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Rocky - well actually it sounded to me like you were aligning yourself for the post vacated by Kali....nila setitik, rosak blog sebelanga....

    apa freedom of press?

    1. Khir Toyo yang bohong
    2. Utusan yang perbesarkan, masjid deny pun org tak kisah
    3. Teresa pulak kena ISA
    4. Teresa geram, dia saman (ini ikut undang undang)
    5. Elemen fascist geram lontar bom api
    6. Elemen fascist geram, kutuk habis habis Teresa, kaitkan Melayu, Islam sedangkan Teresa tak terlibat langsung
    7. Elemen fascist tak sedap hati, hantar sms ugut Teresa
    8. Elemen fascist geram lagi, tubuh Tabung Azan (Tabung Azan??? - see how they link nothing with something). Tabung Utusan masuk akal sikit, Tabung Azan gerenti mau cari problem sajelah tu..
    9. Elemen fascist tulis cerpen bunuh YB J
    10. Elemen macan you rocky bru support cerpen on the basis of freedom of speech - tak teringat kah unsur "indirect incitement to kill" dalam cerpen tu? masih mau support?

    Don't tell me you can't tell the difference. Jangan jangan nanti accesory to murder tau? careful...

    hei ingat lah sikit, budak melayu underage kena rogol, DAP defend/protect; pompuan melayu kena nude squat dalam balai polis, DAP defend/protect. Tak malu ka org DUMBNO? mana dia defend kaum sendiri? baru semalam Melayu kena halau di Johor by DUMBNO police.

    protect Islam/melayu konon. Semuanya parasite. nasib baik kini ramai Melayu terpelajar. tak makan bullshit macam nie.


  65. Anonymous12:08 pm

    You Rock rocky and keep rocking..

    Haris is an RPK lunatic..
    He has his own ideologies that he is beating around - he is not what you represent.

    Easy to say dont "sue" when the shit is not on your head.. What about the shit he and RPK has been slinging to others all this while. He indeed is a big shit head.

  66. While freedom of speech applies for all, WHY do some tend to keep UTUSAN on the other end of the gun-barrel while they forever claim the rights to hold the TRIGGER?

    If heroes like Harris could defend lunatics like RPK, what's wrong in standing up for Utusan's Press Freedom.

    Its the same breath, is it not?

  67. xpe bro rock,

    I always support u. Even though u r popular blogger x caya tgk no of visit la...but ur jatidiri, ur root for Malay n ur stand really make me proud. Becoz as we all know most of the bloggers are Pembangkang supporter (oppose with less substance)or just want to become popular so that they can be selected in the next GE. But Im still feel ur the best becoz there is a need somebody to protect the majority interest even though we remain silent.

    tq bro..

  68. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Ini orang Utusan nak luah sikit rasa (nak saman? sukati la...)
    Tuduhan mengatakan kami ini diperalatkan untuk kepentingan politik orang tertentu adalah satu jenaka bangsawan yang sememangnya datang dari orang berfikiran era bangsawan. Ini hujahnya :
    1. Saman RM30 juta tidak bermakna kami bersalah. Tidak bermakna kami akan kalah. Kita lawan. Tunggulah keputusan mahkamah nanti, mungkin 10-12 tahun lagi.
    2. Sebab penyebab disaman, bukan kerana prinsip kewartawanan kami lemah tetapi kami sekadar meneruskan kesinambungan api perjuangan bangsa oleh pengasas-pengasas Utusan 70 tahun lalu iaitu menulis demi untuk BANGSA MELAYU, AGAMA DAN NEGARA. Prinsip ini ditiup pada setiap wartawan Utusan, termasuk di Meja Hiburan.
    3. Bila ada seorang Melayu yang merasakan dirinya minum arak layak untuk melabel Utusan sebagai MALAY SUPREMACIST, kami hanya tersenyum tergeletek hati melihat tingkah lakunya.
    4. Malay Supremacist mungkin lebih sikit daripada label MALAY ULTRA terhadap Tun Dr. Mahathir. Jadi kami generasi muda dan baru di Utusan, anggap label itu sebagai satu pujian dan dorongan untuk kami bekerja lebih keras lagi untuk membela bangsa Melayu.
    5. Persoalan saman menyaman, adalah bukti cakap kosong Teresa dan orang-orang sealiran dengannya, yang kononnya memperjuangkan kebebasan akhbar. Uniknya kebebasan akhbar di pihak DAP ialah siapa yang memuji mereka adalah bebas, siapa yang mengeji mereka, bukan bebas. Ini definisi kebebasan akhbar yang dipegang oleh pihak yang anti-Utusan. Lihatlah Malaysiakini. Ia bebas sebab boleh hentam kerajaan tapi tidak pembangkang. ohhh... ini rupanya kebebasan akhbar ala-Malaysiakini yang dipuji semua.
    6. Kami konsisten dalam perjuangan membela Melayu. Kami tidak akan berundur, tidak akan berganjak. Jika semua akhbar berbahasa Cina digunakan untuk menghentam dan menanam kebencian terhadap Utusan, pun kami anggap ia suatu pengiktirafan bahawa pengaruh Utusan terpaksa diperlakukan sedemikian terdesak oleh pihak yang anti-Utusan.
    7. Kami di Utusan bukan buta warna atau buta hati. Ketika pemberita Sin Chew ditahan di bawah ISA, kami di Utusan menganggap penahanan itu satu kesilapan besar dan kurang pandai di pihak KDN. Cuma, kami tidak boleh menyuarakan terang-terang protes kami. Dan pendirian wartawan Utusan sendiri, secara individu, juga menentang penggunaan ISA. Lagi sekali, kami tidak boleh menyuarakannya secara terang-terang. Dan ini tidak bermakna kami ini makhluk asing yang tidak mempunyai pendirian politik yang sama dengan orang di luar. Kami ada cara sendiri. Kami pun rakyat Malaysia berketurunan Melayu.
    8. Oleh itu, tindakan menyaman oleh DAP (dan pelbagai pihak lagi selama ini) kita anggap sekadar asam garam kehidupan. The name of the game. Main bola, kalau tak kena tackle, itu bukan bola namanya. Lebih baik main bola takraw. Tapi ia (tindakan saman) tidak sekali-sekali menakutkan.
    Ketahuilah para anti-Utusan dan yang bercita-cita hendak jadi kaya dengan menyaman akhbar ini, Utusan Malaysia bukan sekadar syarikat akhbar. Ia adalah sebuah institusi Melayu. Anda memerlukan lebih daripada sekadar peguam untuk menyaman kami. Anda perlu berdepan dengan orang Melayu yang merupakan agenda utama yang kami pertahankan setiap hari. Tidak Melayu Hilang Di dunia (Hang Tuah).

    (Nota untuk Rocky, kami tidak berprasangka terhadap anda. Kami FAHAM peranan anda. Orang je yang susah nak faham kami... dan ini bukan kenyataan rasmi Utusan ye... sekadar luahan rasa seorang warga Utusan yang bangga disebut Wan Hamidy sebagai THE MALAY SUPREMACIST...macam Nazi lah tu... kahkahkahakah)

    Ikhlas daripada:
    Editor tak, reporter pun tak. Sekadar wartawan cabukkkkkkkkk

  69. Anonymous12:33 pm

    To the Seekers of TRUTH, things are really quite clear and simple..
    Cos there is no shadows to blind them.

    Peribahasa orang melayu Bro,
    jangan menegak benang yang basah!

    -pimpinan ulamak

  70. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Would appreciate your views/comments on Utusan's cerpen by Chamil Waria.

  71. On some issues, there is no such things as agreeing to disagree. You cannot defend the indefensible by this kind of cop out!

    It is clear that Utusan shot from the hip and this was the key factor in Teresa Kok being Mohd ISA'd totally unjustly and unfairly i.e. the police had not an iota of probable cause.

    Now, these further attempts - scurrilous fiction, dog poetry - speaks volumes about the poor character of those managing Utusan. When caught with your pants down, it is better to apologise and negotiate behind the scenes diplomatically to mitigate slander and defamation awards.

    Instead, Utusan has shown its true racist colours by taking its battle to the more extremist elements in our society, and thereby hoping to foment unrest and mob action.

    Believe me, your attitude and beliefs on this subject will have a serious impact on your own standing among the general public and bloggers.

  72. Anonymous1:35 pm


    You position on the Utusan case has been bulldozed, this time from your fellow press journalists.

    Read the Sun's "Incitement is not press freedom":

  73. Glad you didn't keep quiet. To be objective is a tough balancing act. Your defence of Utusan on absolute freedom sparked the ire. You have a right to your opinion and interpretation but it must be fair to all parties.

  74. Anonymous1:44 pm

    it seems freedom of speech only applies to those who are against the government. what's the difference between MT/Harakah & Utusan? MSM spin doctors? well, there are a lot of those from the PR side in the comments for the previous article. pretty refreshing to read the justifications for suing a newspaper all in the name of freedom of speech.

    -air is free-

  75. Anonymous1:45 pm


    cuba baca puisi dr abdul ghafar ibrahim aka AGI, `Ratu Anjing Yang Melengking Itu.

    Persoalannya adakah AGI menyamakan Teresa Kok = Ratu Anjing Yang Melengking Itu???

    *ratu-kucing-yang mengiau-itu*

  76. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Incitement is not press freedom
    (Bravo Terence of the Sun, the first journalist to speak up against the irresponsible incitement for a culture of hatred, violence and terrorism in Malaysian politics - Chamil Wariya’s inexcusable, intolerable and unacceptable attack on MP for Seputeh and Selangor Senior Exco Teresa Kok in Chamil’s cerpen Politik baru YB J published in Mingguan Malaysia on Sunday. Terence has given me hope that all is not lost among Malaysian journalists, that there are still many honest and honourable newspaper men and women in the country)

    Incitement is not press freedom

    The Sun
    Friday October 17 2008
    by Terence Fernandez

    IT IS uncommon for newspapers, media organisations as well as their journalists to criticise one another’s editorial policies or reports. Call it journalistic etiquette if you want.

    However, there are the few but significant times when this decorum is disregarded. And this usually occurs when a member of the Fourth Estate breaches the norms and values of responsible journalism and risks bringing acceptable standards of reporting down to the recesses of gutter journalism. Thus when this happens, it is incumbent upon the press fraternity to speak up.

    If we don’t do our house-cleaning, we are seen as condoning and even supporting the words and writings of those who use “freedom of the press” and their media tag as a fa├žade to incite, provoke and inflame.

    It does not take a heart surgeon to draw parallels between the main character in Chamil Wariya’s short story in Mingguan Malaysia on Sunday to a very real and sitting Member of Parliament. He wrote about a fictional controversial Member of Parliament who meets her end at the hand of an assassin. The events leading to her murder is eye-brow-raising similar to those experienced by the real MP. The similarities are too uncanny not to be deliberate. If anyone denies this, it is just a pitiable and cowardly attempt to hide from the truth.

    The story depicts one YB J (Josephine), second term MP for the fictional constituency of Alam Maya and her push for non-race based politics which makes her out to be a chauvinist and racist who is against a certain community.

    While being driven to a function where she is to meet 500 fellow young countrymen who had studied abroad, she has a monologue on the perception that she is a racist and seeks clarification from her driver Ahmad. He tells her that she “may or may not” be one, leaving her even more confused. Ahmad has his own monologue, which are imbued with images of suicide bombers and angels.

    At the function, YB J is approached by a participant who assassinates her and takes his own life. On the assassin’s body is a note that reads it is better to end YB J’s life to ensure that this multiracial country continues to experience the peace and harmony it has enjoyed for so long.

    Drawing parallels again, the story mentions the ruling coalition losing its two-thirds majority, ISA detentions, Molotov cocktail attacks and changing of street signs. Sheer coincidence? You’ve got to be kidding!

    While we are all allowed (and in some cases guilty of using) creative licence, there are boundaries to observe – what with sedition laws, defamation suits and show-cause letters. Even so, I have yet to come across a journalist who in all sense of the word incites murder! This is definitely deliberate and deserves the highest condemnation from all members of the press and decent Malaysians who strive for peace and harmony.

    And to think that this comes from someone with more than 35 years in the media business, having held key positions in media organisations and press groups is a stain on the journalistic community.

    If Chamil Wariya wants to use his position to curry favour with certain individuals or groups or to push a certain agenda, that is his business. But when one uses his pen to even suggest taking a life, this brings us to a whole new level of sewer journalism – the likes which we have not yet seen in this country.

    The biggest tragedy of all is that he is the CEO of the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) – an organisation which among others preaches responsible journalism as an integral component of press freedom.

    Apart from awarding the nation’s highest annual journalism honours, it also conducts courses for journalists young and old. So is this the kind of journalism espoused by the MPI to cadet reporters other media organisations entrust it to train and develop?

    The MPI has often been accused of being partisan and a retirement home for out-of-work editors.

    It is thus incumbent on the institute to ensure the reputation it has built (and salvaged) is not further tarnished by one of its highest office-bearers. What it should do now is to deliberate on Chamil Wariya’s association with the MPI. Turning a deaf ear or blind eye is merely sending the message that the country’s highest media establishment condones incitement to murder.

    (Terence, who has just taken down his MPI award from the mantlepiece, hopes he will once again be able to display it proudly.)

  77. Anonymous2:07 pm

    freedom of speech only applies to contra to the government. government cannot use freedom of speech to defend facts but journo can use freedom of speech to defend RPK that is full of bullshit!

  78. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Kepada yang cakap "kita sokong Utusan kerana nak pertahankan Melayu":

    Pertahankan Melayu camana tu? Dengan membohong dan memfitnah?

    Kamu-kamu yang mewajarkan pembohongan, penipuan dan fitnah tohmah asalkan ianya demi "mempertahankan bangsa Melayu" -- kamu ni benar-benar Islam ke tidak? Ini soalnya.

  79. ''' apanama said...
    If heroes like Harris could defend lunatics like RPK, what's wrong in standing up for Utusan's Press Freedom.

    Its the same breath, is it not?'''

    ya ya it is when the bandaraya decided to press charges to monkeys for littering....

    well in case u don't get my very obvious point:
    -haris never mention that RPK should get away from court
    -haris never ask najib whoever not to sue RPK for defamation
    -utusan can clean after the posting about KOK while kok was detained in ISA... i didn't see najib or the AG or IGP suffered the same?
    -utusan have some 'proper' backing... but some says RPK is back by KKK,KGB,Kuomingtan,NASA,etc etc

    so, ya it's the same .. indeed...

  80. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Hah. Wartawan cabuk Utusan dah confirmed what most of us have known. Utusan ni according Wak Cabuk protecting the Malays (read UMNO). So in a way, jgn main-main. Kepala hontak kau Wak Cabuk. Masa budak pompuan kat Melaka kena rogol, apa yang paper kau buat? Apa yang paper kau report pasal all the wrongdoings of the government. Wak Cabuk kalau betul lah kau Melayu dah lama kau tinggalkan Utusan tu..Cukuplah dgn omong-omong bodoh kau tu. Aku Melayu juga, meluat dengar cerita kau ni!

    Melayu Utara Selatan

  81. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Ye lah tu Wak Cabuk...Kamu defend Malay Rights dengan tulis cerpen pembunuhan.

    Melayu ditindas tak dibela

    Melayu kaya dibela

    Kalau ada can, pakai "orang asing" sebagai bogeyman, senang cerita

    Wahai Wak Cabuk Si pembela Melayu. Kamu nie samada termakan bulat bulat aturcara Biro Tata Negara atau seorang manusia yang Naive atau seorang manusia mala fide (hah pi ambik kamus omputih...)

    Bela hak Melayu? Hak siapa? Hak kemboja, hak pattani, hak jawa, hak banjar, hak acheh, hah? hak sapa you bela?

    Bela punya bela, suratkhabar JAWI dah takdak...he he heh...

    Bela la lagi sampai melayupun takdak kalu ikut cara fascist kamu. Melayu hanya tak hilang didunia dengan pemikiran waras bukan cara kamu. cara kamu gerenti hilang.

    podah FASCIST. kamu dan geng kamu hanya FASCIST semata-mata. perdayakan orang malaysia dulu, kini dan selamanya.


  82. Anonymous3:04 pm


    When you want immunity for journalists from being sued for article they wrote and published in newsprint, do you ever stop for a second to think that some of these so called journalists have no soul ? They will pen with malicious intent, writings that incite hatred between innocent beings, aim to cause distress among different races, and subsequently being paid for it !

    If you have thought of these and yet still uphold your principle that all journalists should be spared from being sued, then, all i can say is I have no respect for you as a human being in a civilised society and you still need a pacifier to grow up in this world.

  83. Anonymous3:10 pm


    Orang Melayu janganlah mudah digula-gulakan oleh DAP dan sekutunya.

    Jangan sampai anak dan cucu kita menyalahkan kita kerana menggadaikan hak mereka yang bernama MELAYU.

    Lihatlah 'SINGAPURA'.

    Rocky, you are Melayu. Just do what your heart feels. If you supported Utusan, its just natural.

    Most of the 449 comments which bash you comes from anti Melayu. That's natural too.

    I bet if a chinese paper did the same to a Malay YB as Utusan did to Kok and your friend Jeff Ooi defended the paper like u did to Utusan, none of these 449 commentors will bash Jeff. Instead Jeff will be bash by another 449 anti Chinese commentors... and that's NATURAL TOO.


  84. Anonymous3:14 pm

    ........ i wonder when the circus is leaving town.

  85. Anonymous3:56 pm

    If you people read him carefully, i dont think Rocky has changed his stand.

    Hence, i my eyes, maybe this is him. I cant be bothered to comment further.


  86. >>Bottom line is TERESA KOK has RIGHTS TO REPLY to Utusan. Why did she waived the right and resort to Court Action.<<

    Where the hell did you get this stuff? This piece of "news" and whatever it is you are smoking?

    Teresa was never asked about the issue at all. Never. The Utusan people never talked to her even when she was central to the whole issue. Strange type of journalism.

    Before she sued, Utusan was asked to apologise and retract its lie. After Utusan refused to do so, only did she sue. This is what I understand from the chronology of events available on the internet.

    So can you explain your statement above?

    >>Wonder why PR Politicians like Anwar, Karpal , Teresa etc resorts to defamation suits while Mahathir, Najib and other BN politicians are yet to do the same despite lots of lies written about them . Now, who believes in freedom of speech and freedom of expression more? <<

    Because the MSM are controlled by their party. They are doing what they do based on political instruction. In most cases, the character assassination attempts are generally discounted by fair minded people. The more educated people are, the more questions they ask about any issue. As informers and educators of the public, the Malaysian media's role has been non-existent. The drivel was largely ignored by the masses as proved in the 2008 GE. Only the EC managed to secure enought seats for the government. I believe if we subtract the number of phantom and postal voters, BN would not have gone past the 50% threshold.

    If UMNO politicians sue mentioned above sue, then the defendants will have their day in court. That is to be avoided at all costs. See what happened to the SD by Bala implicating Najib. Where is he now? They do not have the balls balls to face a case in an open court.

    And if all fails, the AG , ACA and police are always there to say "no case". Yeah right.

    That is also the reason for the rotting state of the Malaysian judiciary (but that's another story the MSM won't be touching on for a while now that UMNO has their man as CJ).

  87. Bro Rocky;

    The truth shall prevail.
    Not blatant lies and slander.
    And the truth shall be reported.

  88. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Mr Rocky,

    Its a pity for you to have to write a post defending what you've previously written just to satisfy/explain to the "so-called-freedom-of-opinion" hypocrites where they should have just accept that sometimes people just have different opinions. I've said it before and I'm just gonna say it again to these people:-


    Actually you don't even should have been bothered with these hypocrites as you get a lot of support here..

    this just reminds me of post by Tun Mahathir which lead to people calling him racist without understanding the gist of the article.

    Just stand to what you believe and don't let some scumbags try to turn and twist you around

  89. in defense of me?

    sounds like a running commentary je. No need to defend ... freedom of speech what.

  90. Anonymous4:37 pm


    common on, lets come clean.

    did the devil offer u the ultimate post in nst? your dream job.

    Part of the packages, include the dropping of the case against u and yb j. after all, the accusers are long gone.

    so what is it?

  91. rockybru, stop giving excuses, spin or try to hide behind something.

    You know what you did was wrong but still try to spin it to cover up, the umno style.

    What you posted is not about freedom of the press but using the term to protect someone who is wrong in their reporting.

    Do not try to avoid the main point, just tell us whether utusan is right or wrong, the way they reported about the azan and now the assassination story.

    If you cannot then don't talk big, let TK sue and the court will decide. FAIR?

  92. rockybru is a good man and theresa kok is a good woman and utusan malaysia has been a bad paper; my english and think not good.

  93. Dear Rocky

    The Raja Raja has spoken out against "stirrers" who question the social contract.

    Amin ...

    May this be the start of an awakening for all Malaysians, Malays and non-Malays.

    The new generation ought to know history as well as the constitution.

    Otherwise they get carried away by the era of OPENNESS under pak lelah premiership.

  94. from wikipedia

    "The name Kluang derives from the Malay word 'keluang' which means a type of flying fox or rather a type of fruit bat. These used to be plentiful in the district decades ago. They have almost completely disappeared due to the combination of hunting and destruction of their natural habitat"

    kluang or kluangman..ppl like u are under extinction.

    Jgn marah ek...

  95. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Dear wartawan cabukkkkkkkkk,

    1)Cuma, kami tidak boleh menyuarakan terang-terang protes kami. Dan pendirian wartawan Utusan sendiri, secara individu, juga menentang penggunaan ISA. Lagi sekali, kami tidak boleh menyuarakannya secara terang-terang. Dan ini tidak bermakna kami ini makhluk asing yang tidak mempunyai pendirian politik yang sama dengan orang di luar.

    Komen: Begitu lemah sekali pegangan saudara berbanding dengan apa yang dilakukan oleh sahabat serta rakan2 malah orang ramai terutamanya sahabat Cina kita menghadapi penahanan wartawan Sinchew itu.

    Sekiranya begitu lemah hingga tidak dapat melakukan apa2 kenapa masih bekerja di Utusan atau sengaja menyamar sebagai wartawan Utusan hanya untuk meluahkan perasaan.. sampai nak tulis nama pun tak berani hanya wartawan cabuk!!! Sedihnya warga Utusan ini?

    2. Sebab penyebab disaman, bukan kerana prinsip kewartawanan kami lemah tetapi kami sekadar meneruskan kesinambungan api perjuangan bangsa oleh pengasas-pengasas Utusan 70 tahun lalu iaitu menulis demi untuk BANGSA MELAYU, AGAMA DAN NEGARA. Prinsip ini ditiup pada setiap wartawan Utusan, termasuk di Meja Hiburan.

    Komen: Saya bersetuju ttg ini.Utusan banyak membantu menengahkan budaya malalaikan anak2muda dengan menyiarkan berita2 sensasi artis melalui URTV serta majalah pop yang hanya merosakkan akhlak muda-mudi kita.
    Latest, pelajar2 sekolah kita di kawasan pendalaman melakukan perbuatan seks sambil merakamkannya.SYABAS UTUSAN..

    Bila ada seorang Melayu yang merasakan dirinya minum arak layak untuk melabel Utusan sebagai MALAY SUPREMACIST, kami hanya tersenyum tergeletek hati melihat tingkah lakunya.

    Komen: Ini berlaku kerana pejuang bangsa Melayu dulu menerima Perjanjian Orang Putih sebelum menerima kemerdekaan serta sanggup meninggalkan hukum yang Allah telah tetapkan.

    4. Malay Supremacist mungkin lebih sikit daripada label MALAY ULTRA terhadap Tun Dr. Mahathir. Jadi kami generasi muda dan baru di Utusan, anggap label itu sebagai satu pujian dan dorongan untuk kami bekerja lebih keras lagi untuk membela bangsa Melayu.

    Komen: Rasullah melarang mengutamakan kepentingan sesuatu kaum (Assabiyyah)tetapi mendahulukan Islam sebagai Ad-deen.


  96. Anonymous5:43 pm

    My high regards and comfort level on you and your blog has just nose dived like the plunging Dow Jones Index. Similarly the confidence level on the Rock Solid Index / Blog has just diminished. I do not think I want to go shake your hand now if i bump into you in the street.

    Harris is absolutely right.

    You are turning into one of the umno goons ala the racist Alhabsee. Thanks for the laugh Rocky.


  97. Tukar sahja blogger/lawyer hang yang itu bro. I do not think he can serve your best interest or give his best as there is a conflict here, human being human. Lawyers/Professionals should never hentam their clients Bro. That's the bottom line.

  98. Anonymous6:18 pm

    dear rocky,

    it is troubling to see people condemning you for the stand you have taken.

    i have followed your blog from day one.

    you are very consistent.

    i can make an assessment of you, though i have not met you.

    you have been very critical of the mainstream media for spinning stories -- including Utusan.
    you have been very critical of the AAB administration.
    You seem to like Tun Dr Mahathir. You are ambivalent with regards to Anwar Ibrahim. And with regards to Najib -- you have published attacks on him though i can feel that you are a little kind to him.

    from your posting (in defence of Utusan), i don't see u taking Utusan's side blindly. you may support Syed Ali's proposal. But so what?
    you're not whacking teresa, nor the DAP

    you are on the side of freedom. how odd that those expounding freedom are the very same people condemning you.

    youa re not saying that Nutusan should mgo scot free. the way i see it, youa re saying that Teresa as a politicican can teach Utusan a lesson through other means.

    indeed, if i were teresa, i'd take on Utusan...i'd whack utusan, i'd attack utusan..

    bring it on, Utusan...but i will not sue Utusan for RM30m.


    let me ask you....if someone, say a politician and say, an Umno politician, feels that Sin Chew has wronged hi in the way Utusan has "wronged" Teresa..would you defend Sin Chew's freedom?

    i think most of your commentors are very emotional. onbviously they are DAP supporters.

    the very people who attack Umno for racism have simply demonstrated that they are VERY GUILTY of just that!

    now that is troubling.

  99. Anonymous6:21 pm

    how stupid and emotional some of your commentors are!

    don't shut up, Rocky.

    these anti-malay commentors of course will support the pork-eating Haris. That's because to them he is so UN-Malay...

    you're either with them or against them.

  100. Anonymous6:27 pm

    what crap. They support Raja Petra for publishing lies -- well they are lies until they are proven otherwise..

    look at the vitriol against Utusan.

    Teresa is a politician.
    That was not the first time a newspaper (any newspaper or publication) attacked a politician.

    ok... so teresa sues Utusan.

    Rocky does not think she should.

    he is wrong in saying that?

    you all cannot accept his views?

    suddenly you think he is so Malay?





  101. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Seronok pula tgk korang tembak menembak, label melabel.. tapi sajer nyibuk.. aku suka baca tulisan orang ini ( untuk renungan kita bersama. Lari topik tapi msg tetap sama : jangan fanatik sampai tak ingat orang lain.

    Saya mahu negara saya aman damai.
    Saya sedih melihat negara saya huru hara.

    Ramai yang berkumpul untuk suka-suka.
    Ramai juga yang berkumpul membawa kanak-kanak.
    Ramai yang berhimpun mahu menegakkan keadilan.
    Tapi berapa yang berhimpun untuk di masjid untuk menunaikan sesuatu yang wajib?
    Ramai yang menjerit-jerit.
    Tapi berapa yang berdoa?

    Ramai yang benci polis.
    Sila jangan benci polis.
    Polis hanya menjalankan tugas.
    Tapi jangan kata mereka anjing yang mengikut kata.
    Jangan hina mereka.

    Polis juga manusia.

    Tidak semua orang sehebat kamu, para jurutera, para peguam, para profesional sekalian.
    Kamu mampu belajar tinggi-tinggi kerana kamu dikurniakan minda yang cerdas.
    Kamu mampu belajar tinggi-tinggi kerana kamu punya wang untuk ke kelas tambahan supaya dapat bantu kamu dapat keputusan yang cemerlang.
    Kamu mampu belajar tinggi-tinggi kerana kamu datang dari keluarga yang sentiasa mendorong kamu untuk berjaya.

    Tidak semua orang bertuah seperti kamu.
    Jadi jangan hina orang lain jika kamu tak pernah merasai kesusahan orang lain, paling tidak, cuba untuk memahami kesusahan orang lain.

    Kamu berjaya sekarang ni pun, entah-entah sebab bapa kamu dapat tender-tender sebab berbaik-baik dengan menteri, kan?

    Jangan hina orang lain, nanti terkena batang hidung sendiri.

    Jangan ajar budak-budak untuk hina orang lain.
    Bayangkan perasaan anak-anak polis apabila mereka mendapat tahu bahawa ramai orang benci ayah dan/ atau ibu mereka kerana polis jahat.
    Jika polis jahat, tentulah generasi akan datang tidak bercita-cita hendak jadi polis.

    Jadi, siapa mahu jadi polis?

    Ramai orang tidak bersyukur dengan kedudukan mereka.
    Ramai orang marah-marah bila harga tol naik, harga minyak naik, harga tepung naik, harga bil air naik.
    Kerajaan pula guna duit rakyat menghantar orang pergi ke angkasa, memang tak patut!

    Tapi, kenapa masih ramai orang sanggup beli rokok yang mahal?
    Kenapa masih ramai orang sanggup beli arak yang mahal?

    Kadang-kadang kita terlupa bahawa ada sesetengah rakyat di benua Afrika yang kebuluran.
    Ada sesetengah rakyat negara China yang bekerja siang malam di kilang-kilang tapi diberi gaji yang terlalu sedikit semata-mata kita mahukan barang yang murah!

    Kamu tidak rasa syukur dengan kos perubatan yang begitu rendah di negara ini?
    Begitu rendah sehinggakan gaji para doktor yang kekurangan pun tidaklah setinggi mana.
    Kalau ikut logik, bila produk berkurangan, demand tinggi, harga patut melambung!

    Manusia kalau tak bersyukur, memang tak pernah puas.

    Kalau tak tahu bersyukur, Tuhan pun tak hendak tolong.

    Islam pula menyarankan kita untuk berwasatiah.
    Wasatiah itu maksudnya berpada-pada.
    Jadi janganlah fanatik terhadap sesuatu parti atau ideologi (tidak kira samada sayap kanan atau kira), berpada-padalah...

    Ramai cakap Pak Lah suka tidur.
    Jangan hina orang lain.
    Kamu pernah jadi Perdana Menteri?
    Kamu berbual-bual di mamak sampai lewat malam, bila pagi menjelma, kamu mengantuk, kamu tidur.
    Kamu pernah fikir, mungkin Perdana Menteri penat memikirkan masalah negara?
    Kamu tahu berapa jam Pak Lah tidur setiap hari?
    Kalau tak tahu, jangan hina orang lain.
    Cuba bayangkan, kamu seorang lelaki 60 tahun.
    Cergas lagikah kamu? Masih energetik?

    Hormatilah beliau kerana beliau pemimpin kamu.
    Jika kamu sendiri tak hormat pada pemimpin sendiri, siapa lagi?
    Sekurang-kurangnya, hormatilah beliau sebagai orang yang lebih tua, lebih 'wise' dari kamu.

    Jika kamu rasa you could do a better job than him, why don't you join the election and compete to become the next Prime Minister

    Sekadar nak mengingatkan jangan menghina orang lain.
    Jangan banyak merungut, jangan kuat complaint, jangan kuat whining, banyakkan bersyukur.

    Kalau nak mengubah dengan cara yang berkesan, perlu ada etika. Tunjukkan teladan yang baik. Jangan jadi jahiliah.

    Ingatlah wahai pembaca sekalian.

    A small, black dot on a piece of white paper.

    What do you see?
    You say, "A small, black dot!"
    I say, "What about the rest of the white paper? Don't you see it?"

    Manusia memang mudah nampak yang negatif walaupun kecil.
    Tapi perkara-perkara positif yang banyak-banyak susah nak lihat, kan?

    Sekarang tak apa, negara masih selamat (agaknya), masing-masing ada pendapat sendiri.
    Saya cuma berharap, kalau ada tentangan dari musuh luar, kita warganegara mesti bersatu padu. Lupakan sengketa lama OK?

  102. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Rilek Rocky.
    Jadi blogger ni sesekali jadi BAHAN tidak salah kan. Apa pun, mereka yang menghentam pun nampaknya tidak bersedia untuk menerima penjelasan you. Biar lah. Inikan kebebasan bersuara pada pentas utamanya. Maka bersoraklah kita semua.
    Rilek Rocky.
    aku pelik orang Islam suka benar menganggap dirinya lebih Islam daripada orang Islam yang lain. Ni yang sampai berani tanya `sejauh mana Islam' anda? iisshhh.... Dirinya sendiri lah kena tanya diri sendiri. Tak elok tanya tahap Islam orang lain. Buka pekung di dada namanya tu.
    ih ih ihhhh

  103. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Let say if you write `I’ll support Lim Kit Siang as the new Prime Minister’ my opinion is this your personal comment, I accept with open mind and if possible with an open arm and if possible would like to hug you….

    Even though I don`t agree with your opinion, I would not say profanities or nasty word.

    I do understand some portion of this chinese and Indian community do not have any etiquette because their parent did not teach them properly.

    This is the reason why they love this country.

    from unfair treatment and discrimination in business, politics of hatred to social life that protect only their interest .

    because we the majority - the bumiputra of this land – had tolerate and accommodate them.

  104. Anonymous7:26 pm

    I forgive you Rocky. I seriously think that you overworked and you didn't have enough sleep when you wrote that "Defend Utusan" article. I think it's not that complicated, one can only defend a newspaper only if it is an INDEPENDENT newspaper, and not one which is being controlled by any government, cos no matter what, such newspaper/s would have the tendency and possibility to contain bias reporting ... simple as that.


  105. Anonymous7:37 pm


    and all you did was give your point of view. you did not attack teresa. you did not praise utusan. nor did you syed ali.

    just your point of view and they vilify you as a racist. an umno "whore". oh boy!

    now, who's warped? who's the one sick in the head?

    i like that.

    and they hate you?

    hahaa.. liberal assholes, if you ask me.

    you support RPK's freedom (of expression) although his detractors and critics vilified him for publishing lies and for being irresponsible.

    but, well. on this score, you got their support because RPK is Keadilan's and Anwar's paid whore. hats up to you. one brave bastard you are, knowing fully well that you'd be attracting these DAP supporters and Chinese chauvinists.

    for that, i will always support you!


  106. Anonymous7:44 pm


    these people who condemn you for simply stating that Teresa did not have to sue because she can use other channels know who they are. now, that's the kind of people who cannot accept any other point of view. How ironic, eh?

    for every one person you tells you they don't want to read you anymore...good! you don;t need these racist bastards and bitches. because you'll get 100 new readers. Trust me.

    i get your drift, bro.

    you're not saying people do not have the right to sue newspapers. You're saying that politicians who are not ordinary people with all their powerful backing do not have to resort to court action and for RM30m.

    Yeah...they can sue, but should they?

    i get you, bro. whether or not i agree with you is something else. but i get you and i respect your point of view.

    PEACE, brother!

  107. I supported you and Jeff when NST bullies you. And will support Teresa when Utusan bullies her.

    It is dangerous that the article that supports killing is allowed. And then, another article that caller her names like anjing menyalak etc. Malays are known for the politeness and these 2 articles just dump dirt on the whole community and even your religion. Utusan and UMNO does not realise it, but this is what many people are feeling.

  108. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Rocky, I'm not convinced. Why don't you just admit that you erred and get on with it. The more you try to give your view a positive spin, the less credibility you have.


  109. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Simply put: What is it you are trying to say in this posting?


  110. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Are you perplexed, confused, shocked by the voracity of their attacks on you for being on the so-called "wrong" side? Do you find reason and fair acceptance of healthy discourse lacking here? Do you find the inability of the public to distinguish between issues forwarded and their prejudices against personalities or institutions disturbing? A bit like being unable to see the forest for the trees. Some of your buddies who can, are smart enough not to get into this crossfire by defending you in case they are stripped of their "liberal' credentials, but the few ones who did, defended you eloquently and saw you as a respected blogger so trusted before and still to be trusted even after your infamous entry. Numbers of comments berating you and shamelessly insulting you are not so important when you have a few who have defended you so well. At the risk of seemingly only seeing trees, I would unequivocally defend you rather than a politician.

    P.S. Just commenting in support. Not putting in a nickname so that you won't have to publish this. Thanks.

  111. Anonymous9:10 pm

    I am with you Rocky!!
    These Pakatan Rakyat vermins have unleashed such dirty and racial sentiments, it has lead all people with such divide, devoid of thinking.
    Either there are UMNO hooligans or DAP-DSAI hooligans.
    They will give you big applause when you say something which they like, but will condemn you to death if they get to read something which puts them on the wrong side.
    This is how pathetic the Malaysian mentality has become, how politically charged.

    For me both Utusan and RPK, Haris Ibrahim and the ilk have been playing very dirty and racial. Mud slinging. Each one wants to show themselves on the right side.

    If Utusan incites, RPK has done worst using his website. Why different rules for a paper and a website. Both have readership.
    Using either I may be able to beat up sentiments.

    Furthermore, just look at the language penned at these websites, full of profanity and obscenities. The hate and filth is all so palpable.

    Yours is the only blog that has stayed what it is meant for - professional journalism.

    - Hiltonbeurger

  112. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Booooo Sama RPK dengan Haris Ibrahim.. Orang racist dan jahil babi!!

  113. Dear Rocky,

    Goodbye. All the best in your future undertakings!

  114. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Why shouldn't Teresa sue Utusan? They wrote lies about her to the point of painting a picture that she's a racist. Many bigots have bought into these lies and the result of that were the Molotov attacks. Her life could possibly be in danger now. She did give them time to apologize, which they didn't. Is that not justification enough to sue Utusan?
    As for those babi comments, please, do try to come up with something more original. Its really starting to get old.
    I will still be reading your blog though, but please, do try to think more carefully the next time you go around defending a paper like Utusan.


  115. Anonymous12:05 am

    I think that Lim Kit Siang is a rude guy and this rudeness permeates throughout DAP. The arrogance, the holier-than-thou attitude have deterred scores of non-Bumis that have joined PKR for a better option.

    This mentality of DAP supremacy is being exemplified by Teresa Kok. She is a Pauline Hanson of Malaysia, trying to show shes non-racial with her baju kurung and all and mixing with Malays in media and public events.

    She does not respect the Malay culture and plays to the gallery.

    YB Jeff Ooi, another DAP supremacy fighter who is thick headed and a good friend of Rocky. He even insulted the practice of Muslims in Malaysia of separating pork at the table as being political Islam in his blog.

    These people have lack of respect for the culture and principles of Malays and Muslim and yet demand for others to respect their views.

    However, Lim Guan Eng may be the saviour in DAP as the time he spent in jail had been used to study more of other people's culture and thus by understanding, it led to respect.

    Beside LGE, none of them would ever ever apologise for anything. They talk and bark and criticize everything that they deem not in tandem with their ideology.

    Now, the above is my personal opinion of DAP and their head honchos. I don't like them much.

    However, Utusan had gone overboard. 2 wrongs doesn't make a right. DAP learnt from PAP of Singapore that the law can be a great friend or enemy.

    Thus, the lawsuit came. RM 30million? If Lim Kit Siang was on the receiving end, he would definitely say that RM 30M is too much of a money to be spent on a lawsuit case.

    I guess Teresa Kok thinks very highly of herself that she should not be blamed for anything wrong that goes on in this country. I guess that Lim Kit Siang thinks that Malaysian Malaysia is the only way forward for this country.

    Both of them are dead wrong.

    But Utusan is also wrong in writing unproven allegations. If RPK is held in ISA for creating instability in the country then by the same count, Utusan writers should also be in Kamunting as they too have incited hatred.

    So now Rocky defends Utusan. How come? Well, Syed Ali is a rich man with superb network in the media. Ever wonder how he always got the spotlight in papers though he is only a retiring Senator who was handpicked?

    Now, Rocky supports this Tabung Azan. In all simplicity, this tabung is a blatant misuse of religion to fuel hatred and to garner political points.

    Being a Malay and Muslim myself, the tabung simply is a prime example of all that has gone wrong with Malaysia. And Syed Ali, being descendants of great islamic scholars have just embarassed his entire generation of Yemenis, jumping into the same boat as the Home Minister.

    If one believes that murder is not a sin, can that someone be let loose on the street?

    - Is this the way to get to the opposition by getting the URL of commenters?

    - Osman Tikus

  116. Anonymous1:36 am

    I'm reminded of what US politician once said [if i quote it correctly]: " I will not defend what you said against me, but will defend your every right of saying it".

    For the record, I'm a chinese. From what I read on the 112 comments preceeding mine, I have the impression that it's either the 'Malays' vs. 'the non-Malays'.

    The Malays supported your stand, while the non-Malays asking you to re-consider your stand.

    I thought I do not want to appear as a chinese chauvinist, so I started reading from Haris's, Imtiaz's, I don't read LKS's blog btw, hoping to get some sense and direction from the Malays' minds, yet surprisingly, from what I read here, there are also people calling Haris; Babi, racist. Racist against his own race?

    Or is this just another political gimmick or game that I do not realize that I'm playing all along? At the end of the day it's either the Malays vs. the Non Malays.


  117. Dear Rocky,

    Frankly I think you have gone discoursed from your earlier "perjuangan". Why? Are you been paid for this turnaround?

    Come on Bro, my respect for you is always there, opening your blog many times on a day. Least to my expectation that you are in support those who "pembodek".. Tabung Azan? Why don't they come up with the idea several decades ago? Malaysia is now politicised. And that's not funny and warranted for...

    Check your path bro...

  118. Anonymous2:09 am

    what a teriffy Pakatan Rakyat.. if u behave like this u will easily beaten in PRU13...

  119. Anonymous4:06 am

    Rocky ... my foot!

  120. Anonymous4:07 am

    your arrogance about freedom of press has brought downfall unto your own self.

  121. Anonymous4:10 am

    Don't worry Rocky. nampak ramai yang tak setuju with you adalah yang pandai tulis omputih. Sebenarnya ramai lagi yang setuju tapi tak bagi komen sebab tak pandai tulis dalam bahasa omputih...

  122. Anonymous8:50 am

    My take on this would be... (I am sorry if these have been said by other commenters as I did not read all of them!)

    *Let it be known first that I am a supporter of the opposition and Teressa.

    1. I agree with you on freedom of speech. And rightly so, I wish not for anyone to write and be in fear.

    2. Having touch on that, its not a matter of defending Teressa... it is a fact that everything has been double standard. When RPK writes 'malicious' article bout Najib, RPK was ISA-ed. When Utusan writes 'malicious' article bout Teressa, Teressa was ISA-ed. See the balance in that?

    3. I feel its absolutely fair for Teressa to sue Utusan as her name was cleared by all that matters (including the Mosque representatives). I object to the obnoxious amount, but lets face it, the court will be the one deciding it at the end of the day. Similarly, if all RPK's allegations proved to be invalid, put him to jail pls.

    4. The fund setup by Cheras Umno is nothing to be argued, at face value of cos. But when u named it Azan, instead of Utusan, and when claims were made that to go against Utusan is going against the Malays or the Muslims, thats absolutely pathetic, racially and politically-driven dont you think?

  123. Anonymous9:18 am

    Hmm...susah aku tengok dengan melayu fascist sekarang ni...Pertahankan Islam konon...tapi bersepah (700,000 to be exact) juga masuk skim cepat kaya Jazmeen walaupun Ustaz Zaharuddin dah terangkan panjang lebar haram bende camni...melayu..melayu...dahlah tak pandai evaluate sesuatu perkara, fikiran pendek,tak belajar dari sejarah dunia, mudah percaya dengan penipu yang hendak kekalkan kuasa, samakan Islam dengan melayu (sesat tu!)...

    Masa rosnah mat aris hina nabi kenapa tiada sesiapa yang nak baling molotov cocktail kerumah dia? Kalau dapat e-mail artis melayu perempuan seksi kenapa tersengih je? Samy Vellu pernah hina al-quran dengan mengatakan dalam Al-Quran tiada manual bina highway kenapa tiada sapa yang buat tabung Al-Quran.

    You , me all those people pada akhir zaman ni semuanya HIPOKRIT!!!

    Islam bersatu konon...kalau azan kedengaran kat rumah ada tak cepat-cepat pergi ke masjid solat maghrib berjemaah? Kalau sembahyang berjemaah tu saf rapat sampai kebahu tak?....masih kerap ke masjid seperti bulan puasa lalu tak?

    Aku nak tanyalah (kalau ada yang pandai dalam Prosedur peperangan jihad)..apa hukumnya membunuh wanita/kanak2/orang tua kafir? tau? kalau tak tau bukak Al-Quran surah Al-Baqarah...kasi paham sendiri (lagi bagus dengan tafsiran sahih)....nak masuk syurga konon.

    Kalaulah Orang Melayu sekarang mempertahankan jawi dah lama stu-satunya akhbar jawi kita tak di tutup penerbitannya...poodahh lah semua....

    Kalau Nik aziz jadi Perdana Menteri dari dulu, agaknya Lim Kit Siang ,Teresa Kok nak bising-bising pasal ketidakadilan kaum (tapi orang melayu convert luahan mereka jadi perkauman kerana pendek akal) lagi tak? Mungkin rilek kat rumah dengan anak cucu tengok astro .

    Melayu-melayu... kajian sahih universiti mengatakan average orang Malaysia atau melayu khasnya hanya membaca buku ilmiah hanya 1 buku setahun jadi memanglah scope akal tu pendek...

    Nak tau macamana pendeknya...kalu di ajak berdebat apabila tak pandai bagi point ( sebab kurang membaca ) mulalah nak attack peribadi.(macam shabery cheek)..itulah melayu...
    saja lepas geram aku...

    Selamat Hari Raya , Maaf Zahir Batin

    -Tak Nak Orang Melayu bertukar perangai macam orang Jerman pada akhir '30an-

  124. helllo

    someone told me someone mentioned my name here.....

    0f course i support Rocky's freedom to speak his mind.

    and shame on you people for calling him names just because yada yada yada...
    but i respect your freedom to call him names.

    i shan't bore you interesting and colourful commentors with my point of view.

    i'm off to the gym... and after that, i'll go have my coffee and to the Hari Raya open houses.

    now...don't let me stop you...go on go on...more debate!

    love you guys, i do!

  125. Anonymous11:03 am

    Dear Bro,

    You wear your heart on the sleeve. You wrote with passion. Your sense of judgement prevailing. With the best of intentions as always. A Malay Brilliant. The world is your playing field. Out beyond not where this herd graze. On your own you will thrive. You'll prosper even without the patronage. The clan or otherwise. Let it be known. Let it be shown. About time now. Those world changing ideas..

    Live & let live

  126. Only one comment to the long posting by gurlluvdiamond :

    When you are a public servant drawing a salary for a given position, incompetence and sleeping on the job is unacceptable.

    If a lowly salesman can lose his job for not performing, why give the PM and the police (for example) a free hand? After all, how long have we tolerated their shenanigans?

    The negative perception of the police and the PM didn't come about overnight. The police have been implicated in so many cases in so many ways; while the electorate has given Pak Lah 4 years to actually do something about his 2004 electoral promises.

    His stay can't be based on our tolerance of corruption and incompetence, it has to be based on performance and achievements in the highest office of the land. If not the PM to address our nation's problems, who else?

    If you can't perform worthy of the salary you draw, then resign!

    That's the deal for most of us in our jobs. Why make an exception in his case?

    Any reason why they should be the exception?

  127. Anonymous1:47 pm


    Whatever be, my children gained from their Utusan Portal, Tutor dot com and got excellent results..

    Commenting about Teresa, being a YB, in my opinion, there are thousands of other issues of National urgencies that need her attention. Kalau cabaran sebegini pun rapuh longlai,dah bercakar lidah personal, habisler kita semua?? I respect our present leadership... orang kata aper pun... diam diri... bayangkan kalo Najib sue... for what he and his family name is worth, bankrupt semua nanti...

    I degrade this suing culture.. Lembik..

  128. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Rocky no more for me.. he is infested with the same disease UMNO is.. and i just worry for my health.. therefore.. no more Rocky's Bru for me!


  129. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Gini la...

    As far as "TRUTH" is concern, there is only three types:

    YOUR Truth
    My Truth
    God's Truth.

    Your truth is always correct and can be presented;

    My truth is never correct and is wrong, pack of lies et al

    God's truth? Only Nik Aziz et al knows.

    So, Rocky - do what your concience say is right and true.
    The rest be damned.

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

  130. Perhaps it's time to Hartal Utusan.

    What Utusan has been doing goes beyond freedom of speech or press. And it's not just with Hindraf or Teresa Kok. This has been going on for much longer.

    UMNO/BN has been using Utusan to promote their agenda. Utusan prints stories, opinions and reports. These are then used by UMNO/BN to claim that "the people" are the ones voicing concerns, and therefore UMNO/BN has to respond.

    Perhaps what it takes is a strong protest from the real people that Utusan does not speak on their behalf...

    And Hartal Utusan is one way to do it.

  131. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Even Jalan Alor's name is changed to Jalan Kejora!!

    Daulat Tuanku!!


    Ah Loh no more!

    Kejora, HIDUP!!!!!

  132. saya berpendapat, ramai yang komen di dalam blog ini sebenarnya mungkin kurang faham intipati tulisan rocky.

    baca dan fahami betul-betul mukadimahnya dan kesimpulannya.

    rocky bukannya menyokong atau pertahankan tindakan utusan, cuma rocky menasihatkan jangan jadikan saman menyaman ni satu trend.

    susah sangat nak faham ke?

  133. Anonymous7:58 pm

    This is my defination of democracy :

    "Do whatever you wish as long as it does not offend others."

    That's right. Go ahead and walk naked on a nude beach in Australia. The Aussies would not even look at you.

    But try that at say Kota Bharu and see what happens!

    By the same token, use some common sense when you talk about freedom.

    No, Rocky cannot be faulted but the over sensitive negative netizens need to look at both sides of the coin.

    I don't think Rocky is seeking popularity but he has every right to defend his statements just as any one here too.

    So, to be popular I suppose one has to be a PR supporter huh?

    Think again.


  134. Anonymous9:05 pm

    I reckon that most people that leave their comments are somehow on Teresa's side. They wrote their stuff as if they are 100% sure (no statutory declaration from Teresa is necessary)that Teresa indeed does not do things as what Utusan said she did. But I got the feeling that most of them did not know that for sure. Seems to me that they wrote it out of prejudice.

    Nowadays, more likely than not, whatever is written about the opposition as long as it is a "bad stuff" is deem untrue, malicious and unconstitutional. But when there is allthings bad written about the current BN government (doesn't really matter where it was written and who is the writer)all of them are considered true. Why?

    Anyway, I am sure this is not the end for neither Teresa nor her political career. It will also not the end to such "smear campaign" on her. This is just the beginning...


  135. Rocky,

    I think the actual comments were more than 600 coz you like UMNO's medias, deliberately covered up comments that critic you. Including my comments.

  136. I am a Sabahan and I don't really understand what MELAYU stands for in Semenanjung.

    When u say u r melayu, does it mean u r "Melayu" or "Islam"? Sebab setahu saya, bila kita betul2 siasat dan selidik, ramai "Melayu" di semenanjung yang berketurunan berbeza2 e.g. bugis, aceh, jawa, mendailing, batak. But they r called "Melayu".

    As for myself (in Sabah), my father keturunan Mendailing (arrived in North Borneo in 1959) and my mum Brunei/Kadazan, telah dikategorikan sebagai bangsa Indonesia (in my birthcert & MyKad). Not even a "Melayu" but I am still proud of my bangsa.

    Is "Melayu" a superior race in semenanjung? If thats the case than who is the real "Melayu" amongst all keturunan? Aceh? Bugis? Jawa? Batak?

    Please don't hantam me, I am just CURIOUS...

    Salam :)

  137. every-single-one of you,

    listen here ya you people,i don't know why some of you have something againts utusan or what-so-ever maybe it's because of the theresa thingy i guess but utusan has been in this media world or industries for quite some time,even before i was born lagi utusan sudah ada so why some of YOU mahu sangat Utusan di BOYCOTT?? Even an eighteen year old teenager like me pun rasa ini tidak masuk akal dan tindakan mem- BOYCOTT UTUSAN ini adalah suatu tindakan kebudak budakan. Settle cara baik sudah,we are ONE MALAYSIAN WHAT! Maybe Bagi warga malaysia,terutamanya yang MELAYU tu,fikir lah dahulu sebelum membuat apa apa comment tu,Utusan telah memperjuangkan hak orang melayu dan juga orang kita yang lain sudah sekian lamanya jadi agak agak sikit lah jika mahu menghantam Utusan dengan cara men-boycott atau apa jadah sahaja .It's not about defending Utusan or being "emosi" about all of this,it's actually about telling you the truth.
    I will be supporting Utusan through thick and thin,take note.

    Thank you and sorry for being a bit harsh :)