Friday, October 17, 2008

"Evil" blogger's police bail extended

Another month of bail. Sheih Kickdefella was visibly disappointed with the decision to prolong his bail by another month, to Nov 21.

"It's unnecessary for them to extend my bail. My posting is there on the blog, why take so long to close their investigation? I see this as an attempt to put a psychological barrier on me. I think that's the instruction given to the cops. They are just doing their job. It's politically motivated. Because the PM called me evil on Aug 20, the cops had to investigate my posting," he told a journalist on the phone.

Nuraina and I were there to lend our support this morning, the same place Jeff Ooi was taken and later RPK. Close to two dozens journos were there to talk to Sheih.


  1. Best of luck to our dearest freinds.. kickdefella.. we will always support you...

  2. Anonymous5:15 pm

    hidup sheih!

    terima kasih Abang Rock for supporting Pas blogger ..

  3. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Thank you Rocky.

  4. Rocky one thing I am very clear with is my station in life and bleeding heart liberal I am not!
    I wish I can be very sympathetic with Kickdefella's political inclination. You see I do not have an unhappy childhood like some Malay people who take and hit back at society when I am older, Umno is not well perhaps but itcan be made better I am willing to go with it still as I do not see any other Malay party that can really look after the Malay interest per se. As you said Pas is not even interested in discussing about economy only religion and hereafter, I find that to be quite daunting for me to even thought of supporting these mullahs in sarong! Nothing personal!

  5. Anonymous12:57 am

    said azidi,

    padan muka hang! hang dgn RPK sama je!!!!


  6. Anonymous11:54 am

    All the best for saudara Sheih..

    i may or may not agree with what he's published...but I believe in his freedom to write whatever as long as he can prove it!

  7. Anonymous11:55 am

    Bro Rocky,

    I'd have someone like you on my side and as a friend, anytime!

    you are a man of principles!

  8. sheikh speaks on behalf of PAS unless he is neutral then he will get our vote .

  9. Anonymous12:59 pm


    This is what happened when justice is politicised.

  10. Anonymous9:37 pm

    hang lagi famous, gerenti lepas ni bolih jadi kaya pasai trafik blogger meningkat.