Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where to find Al Ghazali

Blogger Sheih freed, may be charged. I couldn't help but smile when reading Sheih Kickdefella's posting after his release from detention yesterday afternoon. He's found his Al Ghazali in Dang Wangi and recommends the lock-up for "de fella" so that he could find his.

Sheih may be charged tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:09 am

    ''It is politicians who sparked off May 13 and it is politicians who have been central, almost all the time, in raising religious and racial tensions over the last four decades since May 13. Some of the May 13 culprits are still around.''

    'fact' from our beloved Kali. He beats all other scholars who has ever wrote about this subject, excluding Raja Petra.

    His long awaited sequel has finally arrived!!!!!!!


  2. Anonymous9:10 am

  3. Assalamualaikum Saudara Rocky,

    "Al Ghazali" yang sebenar ada dalam seketul daging dalam dada setiap kita yang dinamakan Qalbu.

    Kalau betul Qalbu ini, InsyaAllah akan betullah segala-galanya.

    Dan ikhtiar 'membetulkan' Qalbu ini pula bermula dengan "Niat" kita. Kalau benar benar mahu mencari Al Ghazali mulakan dengan Ilmu. Ilmu Islam yang sebenar, Ajaran Islam berteras Al Quran dan Hadith Rasulullah saw.

    Islam yang tidak bermotif apa apa tetapi Islam yang mahu mendekati diri pada pencipta kita Allah swt.
    Dengan Ilmu dan berguru dengan guru guru yang bertauliah, kita amalkan amal ibadat kita yang merangkumi yang Wajib dan sunat.

    InsyaAllah, dengan Ilmu, Amal dengan niat yang betul dalam Qalbu barulah timburl Iman dan kita mula akan mempunyai ciri ciri orang Yang BerIman. Orang yang beruntung, yang boleh Kyusuk dalam Solat.

    Imam Al Ghazali memang telah lama meninggalkan dunia yang fana tetapi ruh beliau Hidup hingga sekarang dan mungkin selamanya juga. Ajaran ajaran beliau begitu mendalam menusuk Qalbu kepada mereka yang diberi Taufik dan Hidayah oleh Allah swt.

    Ajaran ajaran yang jika diikuti dengan betul akan dapat diterjemahkan dengan tingkah laku kita seharian, cara kita berinterasi dengan Allah swt dan dengan makhluk-makhluk sekelilingnya.


  4. Let us pray together

  5. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Good thing to hear he's out. And sticking to his guns as well.

  6. Anonymous12:30 pm


    Few days back I had buka puasa with a high ranking Policeman with the rank of Dato. He described UMNO as behaving like a 'sawa kenyang' (meaning overfed python).

    He also said that the ISA arrest of Theresa Kok was a 'fumble'. It appears that the Police were not behind her arrest, as claimed by Syed Hamid Albar. It was an 'ikut arahan' situation. They followed orders.

    Even the Police force wants to see the backside of Badawi.

    Here is more. After the Saiful's sodomy thing, Syed Hamid Albar's office had called Bakri Zinin (Police Chief of CID) two times, asking Bakri to arrest Anwar and put him in the lock up.

    Bakri turned down the request saying that there was not enough proof to even charge Anwar under Sect 376 (forceful rape). They could only charge Anwar under Sect 377 (consensual sodomy).

    Sect 376 could have seen Anwar denied bail and held in jail. Sect 377 is bailable, hence Anwar is out.

    So when Syed Hamid Albar says 'Dont ask me. I dont know. The Police were the ones who arrested Theresa and released Theresa' he is fa*ting thru his mouth.

    I say Hamid, bohong di bulan puasa maksudnya batal puasalah.

  7. He is a stubborn stupid clown.
    Good or bad...he is my adopted son.
    But he did prove his point style!!
    Problem the wrong country..with the wrong government.
    Now go to his blog and note..the small chinese Olympic Games..waving an upside down CHINESE FLAG!!!

  8. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Al-ghazali..I laugh when visit Nuraina Samad's blog. Someone mentioning Al-Khairi haha

    My Latest blog post :


    Looking at current situation with all sort of nonsense created by those lawmakers from PR and BN, the economic issues, ISA, racial harmoni and etc. etc will rumah terbuka or open house be the same again?

    Should the comming Hari Raya celebration be used to mend ties will all races, politician etc etc or should we just ignored it.

    Should Hari Raya celebration be used by Anwar Ibrahim to seek forgiveness to Malaysian for not materialising the 916 target.

    Should Anwar Ibrahim seek forgiveness to Malaysian for being selfish to gain power thru backdoor by not respecting the people who voted for BN to still governed Malaysia.

    Should PR and BN seek forgiveness to Malaysian for creating such tension among them that had affected us Malaysian.

    Should the powerbroker from PR and BN seek forgiveness form Malaysian for not working together for a better Malaysia.

    Should Ahmad (Bukit Bendera Umno) seek forgiveness to Gerakan Koh or should both of them reconcile for the sake of unity.

    Should PR and BN seek forgiveness to the Malaysian and Internation comunity for reprising the role of Tom and Jerry by making themself a cartoon and look stupid in the Malaysia especially the International eye on their catch a mouse episod in Taiwan?

    Should PR and BN seek forgiveness to the Malaysian for making movies since March 8 instead of governing the States and at Federal level.

    Lastly, should BN seek forgiveness to Malaysian for attending to Anwar matters more then us Malaysian.

    Not forgetting, should PM seek forgiveness from Malaysian for steering Malaysia under 'Auto Pilot'

    Sorry, one last word should we all forget all the nonsense above and celebrate Raya open house together and open a new chapter for a better Malaysia.

  10. Anonymous2:50 pm

    should you open your house too this raya?
    instead of asking others?


  11. Barisan Nasional (BN) should accept individuals to become direct members of the organization. As in the case of BN’s predecessor the ALLIANCE or PERIKATAN where if I am not mistaken had direct members ADMO (Alliance Direct Membership Organisation).

    This will allow voters who do not want to be members of anyone of its coalition partners be direct members of Barisan Nasional. In this way their representation is counted because they believe in the National Front’s (BN) objective.

    Other members through their parties will continue to form the coalition partners and the coalition will be managed by the present BN Supreme Council system.

    In the case of SAPP members who had resigned from their party who no longer wants to be a partner of the BN coalition, these members can be direct members of Barisan Nasional and thus their representatives who had won on the Barisan Nasional ticket can continue to serve the Barisan Nasional Government as per the wish of their voters.

    This is one way of avoiding unnecessary and expensive by elections if in the near future any coalition partner wishes to withdraw from the Barisan Nasional. If the party so chose to discontinue from the coalition, the elected representatives who had won on the Barisan National ticket can opt to be a direct member of Barisan Nasional and rightly continue to serve his or her constituency. If he or she wishes to follow the party out of Barisan Nasional then rightly a by election should be called to let the voters decide on the future of the representation.

    It is a crime to deceive the voters when one stands in the election on one ticket and along the way to change to another ticket for personal or other reasons. The voters should be given the priviledge and the right to decide on their representation of the elected members platform, ticket or party. It’s the voters who decide to vote on the ticket and if the ticket holder wants to change, he or she should give it back to the voters to decide.

    The Barisan Nasional Direct Membership Organization will be a good transition vehicle for a One Malaysia Concept Party to move Malaysia ahead after 2020.

    As of the present, Barisan Nasional will consists of its coalition partners and the direct membership organization. The Barisan Nasional supreme council in the meantime can appoint three members from the Direct Membership Organization to represent their views in the Supreme Council until such a time when the Direct Membership Organization representatives can be chosen from their own meetings or Congress.

    This will be an alternative political membership forum where individuals who are not accepted by Coalition Partners Parties and or who are not wanting to be part of the Coalition Partners Parties due to its objectives or beliefs can be a member of the Barisan Nasional.

    A condition for Direct Membership will be that the applicant must be a registered voter. Non voters should not be accepted as the Barisan Nasional Direct Member.

    Until a time when the number of Direct Members achieve a figure exceeding at least 50% of Malaysian voters, then the Sopreme Council should review to look at the structure of Barisan Nasional to register of formulate it as a poltical party of the future.

    Sincerely yours,

    Naim Mohamad
    I/C No: 540525-04-5023
    Voter at 105/34/06/036

    Date: 21 st September, 2008

    Handphone No: +60126887767

  12. Insha’allah even he is charged tomorrow, Sheikh Kickdefella should be fine as he’s a tough guy. He’s definitely not like those biadaps and hypocrites who say that have been served food like dog food while under ISA and yet family members having confirming being well treated by the Police.

  13. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Kickdefella's al-ghazali is classic bro.
    BTW Sheih's disclosure that THEY are just trying to intimidate BLOGGERS by arresting him is the actual case now.
    Scare tactics are being unleashed from all corners, including on Umno division leaders and influential members with skeletons in their closet.
    The 4th floor guys are working overtime bro, round the clock.
    Some even berbuka and sahur @ the 4-th floor.

    p/s ada yg kena campak dari tkt-4 nie. ha ha

    read -
    Wiping out Mr.Clean @ Apanama

  14. Anonymous6:52 pm

    I have never seen a more confused Police Force!!

    They have succeded in turning the ISA into an all purpose vehicle which could eventually widen to cover any form of "offence"...

    Please don't turn the Police Car into a Taxi!

  15. Anonymous6:55 pm

    nobody wants 513 xcept those who make money out people's misery


  16. Anonymous8:24 pm

    "No Ramadhan buffet in the the food eaten by the small guy you are fighting for"; that's the spirit. When someone complain about being fed 'dog food", it only show a wolf in sheep skin - hypocrite!


  17. Anonymous12:39 am

    This is what I think about politician.

    1)Politician do create havoc just to maintained their survival i.e., self interest.
    2)Being politician is one of the sure way to get riches in life...i.e., millionaires!!
    3)They don't care except themselves
    4)They easily forgotten their roots...
    5)The sons or son-in-law thinks that they can inherit the position of their old man
    6)A lot more .....

    ....that's why we see social ecadence and destruction of morality and justice by these very people in power

    ''''that's why we need a change!

    J Dean

  18. Salam Sdr Rocky, ini dia gambaran dalam UMNO :

    Mengapa Peralihan Kuasa 2010 Pilihan Terbaik Untuk UMNO

    Desas desus politik kini seakan-akan mengikut rentak lautan yang bergelora di musim tengkujuh. Tiada tujuan, tiada destinasi. Di dalam era komunikasi alaf baru ini, begitu banyak sumber yang menggambarkan situasi sama dengan nada yang begitu berbeda. Bermacam-macam jenis analisis yang diberikan selepas penukaran portfolio Menteri Kewangan – Menteri Pertahanan dan Mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi UMNO.

    Namun, jika kita ikut norma-norma lazim, lantas memisahkan emosi politik, hanya satu hakikat yang boleh digunapakai oleh UMNO. Penetapan peralihan kuasa 2010 dan bukannya 'peralihan kuasa paksa' yang diuar-uarkan oleh mereka yang dahagakan kuasa.

    Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi membuktikan beliau akur dengan suara akar umbi dan demi survival UMNO telahpun mengumumkan pelan peralihan kuasa pada tahun 2010 yang dipersetujui oleh Timbalannya dan telah mendapat persetujuan Majlis Tertinggi UMNO. Entah semena-mena, suara-suara yang berhasrat melanggar perjanjian pelan peralihan kuasa ini demi kepentingan peribadi mula mengorak langkah politik mereka.

    Hakikatnya, demi UMNO dan nasib anak bangsa, Dato' Seri Abdullah perlu melakukan beberapa perubahan peri sukar sebelum beliau dapat mewariskan tampuk pemerintahan kepada Dato Sri Najib. Jika Dato' Sri Najib melakukan perubahan ini, beliau akan kehilangan banyak dana politiknya. Disebabkan ini, Dato' Seri Abdullah memerlukan tempoh sehingga 2010. Malahan beliau telah mengatakan bahawa jika kerjanya selesai, beliau sanggup melepaskan jawatannya kepada Timbalannya sebelum 2010.

    Niat sebenar Dato Seri Abdullah terbukti dengan pemindahan portfolio Kewangan. Jelas beliau mahu memberi Dato Sri Najib persiapan yang terbaik untuk menjadi pemimpin Malaysia dan UMNO setelah pemergiannya dari tampuk pemerintahan kelak.

    Dari segi politik UMNO, kaedah memaksa Dato' Seri Abdullah untuk pergi sebelum pencalonan bulan Oktober hanya akan menguntungkan segelintir pihak. Jika dilihat dengan kanta politik, pihak tersebut bukanlah Dato Sri' Najib. Untuk UMNO kekal kuat, pucuk pimpinannya mestilah dapat bekerjasama. Jika 'pelan peralihan kuasa paksa' yang dicanangkan oleh Tan Sri Muhyiddin ini menjadi, maka dialah yang akan menjadi Timbalan Presiden UMNO.

    Semua di dalam UMNO tahu Dato Sri Najib kurang selesa dengan corak kepimpinan Tan Sri Muhyiddin. Tambahan pula, dengan menunjukkan taringnya baru-baru ini, ternyatalah bahawa kesetiaan kepada pemimpin bukanlah kekuatan Tan Sri Muhyiddin. Sejarah persaingan mereka berdua sudah lama diketahui oleh warga UMNO. Tidak mungkin mereka akan dapat bekerjasama demi kepentingan UMNO. Dato' Seri Najb akan dipaksa melihat gerak geri Timbalannya yang sudah pasti mengidamkan jawatannya selaku Perdana Meneteri. Bagi menghadapi cabaran politik dari Pakatan Rakyat yang semakin meruncing ini, Dato' Sri Najib memerlukan Timbalan yang setia dan mampu bekerjasama dengan kepimpinannya.

    Suara akar umbi sebenarnya sudah menetapkan Barisan kepimpinan Naib Presiden yang mampu memastikan UMNO terus releven. Nama Tan Sri Muhyiddin tidak terkandung di dalam barisan kepimpinan ini. Nama-nama Naib Presiden yang disebut-sebut ialah Dato' Zahid Hamidi, Dato' Shafie Apdal dan wakil dari Johor pula samaada Dato' Khaled Nordin ataupun Dato' Seri Hishammuddin.

    Ramai penganalisa politik berpendapat bahawa pilihan sebenar Dato Sri Najib untuk menjadi Timbalannya ialah bekas Setiausaha Politiknya, Dato' Zahid Hamidi. Antara nama-nama lain yang dipercayai oleh Dato Sri Najib ialah Dato' Seri Hishammuddin, Dato' Shafie Apdal dan Dato' Khaled Nordin.

    Jadi terang lagi bersuluh, taktik 'peralihan kuasa paksa' ini merupakan taktik terakhir yang dapat dijana oleh Tan Sri Muhyiddin untuk menentukan survival politiknya.

    Dari segi politik negara pula, Dato Sri Najib memerlukan peralihan kuasa 2010, kerana beliau sedar bayangan Anwar Ibrahim akan sentiasa menghantuinya. Sejak pembebasannya dari tahanan, Anwar Ibrahim meletakkan Dato Sri Najib sebagai musuh utama Pakatan Rakyat. Dari Ijok hingga ke Permatang Pauh, nama Dato' Sri Najib yang selalu disebut oleh Anwar Ibrahim.

    Namun, jika Anwar disabit kesalahan di dalam kes liwat pada tahun depan, ataupun dakwaan Anwar yang menjanjikan perubahan Kerajaan Pusat tidak menjadi kenyataan ketika Dato Seri Abdullah masih kekal Perdana Menteri, maka Dato Sri Najib akan terlindung dari sebarang dakwaan konspirasi politik yang sudah pasti akan dilontar oleh Anwar Ibrahim dan konco-konconya.

    Justeru, untuk UMNO dan Malaysia, peralihan kuasa 2010 merupakan pilihan yang terbaik kerana ia peralihan yang mementingkan kesemua ahli UMNO dan bukannya segelintir pihak yang rakus kuasa.

  19. Anonymous1:12 am


    Saya TERbaca kolum Kalimullah di dalam NST hari ini.

    Saya harapkan anak-anak Kali bersyukur kerana mempunyai bapa yang kaya raya dan dapat menyekolahkan mereka di luar negara.

    Bapa saya orang miskin, tak macam Kali. Bapa saya orang kampung tak macam Kali. Jadi tak bolehlah bapa saya nak bercerita satu Malaysia macam mana kali bercerita dalam New Straits Times hari ini.

    Bukan ramai orang Malaysia yang boleh kaya macam Kali. Sekurang-kurangnya Kali perlu berterima kasih kepada Pak Lah kerana memberi peluang pada nya untuk menjadi orang kaya dan dapat memberitahu anak-anaknya tentang negara dan betapa pentingnya integrasi kaum.

    Bagi saya dan bapa saya, integrasi kaum masalah kedua. Masalah pertama bagaimana nak mencari sesuap nasi.

    Kali dah ada duit. Jadi boleh lah dia dan anak-anak duduk bersama dan makan di restoran nun di Australia bersama rakan anak-anak nya MJ etc untuk bincang hal integrasi kaum.

    Tahniah Kali.

  20. Kepada saudara rahman332, terima kasihlah kerana membuat cerita atas cerita yang berjela jela semata mata untuk menghalalkan tindakcara paklah, sesungguhnya tidak diragui cara itu sah dan boleh cuma ahli UMNO menerusi wakil meeka sekadar 'mengingatkan' paklah dan najib bahawa peralihan kuasa terletak di tangan sepenuhnya ahli melalui perwakilan.

    Seepatutnya dengan secara sopan Najib dan Dolah dengan rendah diri merayu dan meminta perwakilan mengesahkan, menyokong pelan tersebut dan bukannya menunjukkan kekuatan dan kedegilan secara bongkak dan bodoh sombong. Mereka harus berfikian terbuka, sedia dicabar dan bukannya mengugut atau merasuah ketua bahagian dan perwakilan.

  21. Khaled Nordin???? Are you out of your mind (if you have one in the first place), Rahman332?

    Kalau dah 'Yang Di-UPAH', ini lah hasil-nya. Tulis ikut sedap rasa diri sendiri jer.

    U nie, takde akal ker Rahman332? Khalid Nordin tu nak jadi Ofis-Boy JPM pun belum tentu lagi.

    He is where he is solely because he's an excellent 'lapdog' for Khairy, Kamaludin & Callymullah..thats it.

    Zaid Hanmidi is also not the match for Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

    Look back at what happened in 1997/98, when Umno was at its crossroads, who/what was Zaid then?

    Was he not one of those Anwar Ibrahim innner-circle boys whose plans to topple the President/PM with the help/funding of foreign-elements was exposed?

    Was he not detained for investigations under ISA for subversif elements at the Kota Kinabalu airport after his 'political shopping spree', and later released after he confessed and turned-the-tables against Anwar?

    You nie, biaq betul. You people are still trtying hard to plant your stooges here and there, arent you?

    Stop It! Go before its too late.

  22. Anonymous9:52 am


    mengapa kah anda bodoh nak mampos? untuk pengetahuan anda pelan peralihan kuasa yang di-cadangkan pak lah dan di-sumbatkan paksa ke-dalam kerongkong si-Najib ini tidak demokratik dan tidak pernah ujud dalam perlembagaan UMNO!!

    Ini adalah sesuatu yang sengaja di-ada2kan oleh pak lah untuk "membeli masa"....dan masa adalah sesuatu yang pak lah amat memerlukan untuk "memperbaiki" diri nya yang sememang nya "beyond repair".

    Untuk pengetahuan anda pak lah bertindak seperti orang gila kuasa. Apalah lagi yang ada pada batang tubuh pak lah kalau tidak secebis maruah...itu pun entah cukup entah tidak...untuk melepaskan jawatan PM dengan cara hormat!

    Tidak kah ada perasaan simpati dari para2 pembodek pak lah untuk berkata yang benar kepada pak lah bahwa saat nya dah tiba untuk pak lah bersara. Pak Lah bukan PM material. Kesiankanlah sedikit pak lah...suruhlah dia bersara.


  23. Anonymous9:56 am

    I hv made my comments to sheikh kickdefella but it seems that he can't handle it. He can't handle criticism.

    I am glad that he is OUT. I enjoyed reading his critical views on our political situation but I DO AGREE with the PDRM investigation him on the sedition act. I hope they charged him in court.

    I dont think that his “detention” is political motivated. Other blogs hv also made critical comments on the govt but I think he has gone nuts when he made the infamous call for the upside down flag.

    I am also angry with the Negara KUKU songs because it is an insult to MALAYSIAN (Is it political motivated when the police ask him to "drop by" Bukit Aman for investigation? I dont think so). BOTH made BIG INSULT to Malaysian.

    Sheikh, If you hate Pak Lah. m fine, cos m on ur side. I oso do not agree with his flip-flop decision. We definitely need a strong leadership.

    Now, back to sheikh infamous idea on the up-side down flag. I am ANGRY with his stupid suggestions. Pls differentiate political and sovereignty. If he wants to insult PAK LAH, go ahead. BUT, DO NOT insult MALAYSIAN.

    Budak JB

  24. Anonymous1:28 pm

    you are right kickdafella can't accept criticism. he is very childish. I have posted in his blog, if you praise him, your comments get posted very fast, if you say something against him, not one sngle negative comment on him appears. he is no different from pak lah. be careful. This one is nothing near RPK but try to pretend to be like him. In our circle, we call him "lembik"