Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's Hishammuddin, not Mat Taib!

update, 22/9, 1 am: Hishammuddin is a true politician. He said Joceline Tan's report on what happened during Thursday's meeting was "NOT VERY TRUE". In other words, the report was true. Read here.

Original article: In my posting on Umno's Gang of Four here, I mentioned Mat Taib when it should have been Hishammuddin. Thank you for pointing out the mistake. Muhammad Muhammad Taib is certainly not one of the Umno members who spoke out. In fact, Mat Taib has denied there was pressure for Pak Lah to resign, criticized Malaysians for believing too much in blogs, and challenged the notion that the BN is a weakened party.
"If the BN is really weak how could the government unveil caring budgets year after year since 2004?, he asked.
Hey, he's right, y'know! Read what else he's saying here.


  1. I have always had the greatest suspicion about Mohd Muhd Taib.

    He's utterly loyal to the PM as he was to Anwar Ibrahim in the 1990s.

    He was one of the member's of Anwar's shadowy "Team Wawasan."

    Editors of Umno-controlled media were asked by Anwar to endorse the Team and its members.

    Johan Jaaffar, then the editor-in-chief of Utusan and I refused to acknowledge the team and two of its members -- Mohd Muhd Taib and Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik.

    We had our reasons. Anwar reported our stand to both.

    Both of them met me (separately) and I told them why I could not support them.

    As it turned out, both got into trouble later and were forced to resign from their party and government posts.

    But as a person, both are friendly.

    It must be granted that Abdul Rahim did a lot for Malacca. He has been trying to make a comeback but to no avail.

    But Mohd Muhd Taib has been luckier. He knows which side of the bread to butter.

    Thank you.

  2. Anjing yang baik akan menyalak bila tuannya diganggu. Cuma anjing tua ini tidak mampu menggigit kerana giginya palsu.

    Teresa yang mendapat makanan anjing dilokap seperti didakwanya sepatutnya 'berkongsi' dengan anjing tua dan bersyukur.

    Maaf bro kalau lari dari tajuk :)

  3. Anonymous7:03 am

    "Caring budget".

    Have you come across any budget that has not been labeled "caring budget"?

    We also have "caring government", "caring MPs and ADUNs" and also many that "carry".

  4. Anonymous7:10 am

    Be careful if you still value your ears....this low life Mat Thugson is known to bite off people's ear!!!

    Ear Biting Creature

  5. Anonymous9:34 am

    The idiot is either blind or he's so dumb that he believes his own lies. Don't assume people are stupid just because you are.


  6. Anonymous10:17 am

    Mat Taib, after reading what was said by you, you insult our intelligence. We do not foolishly and blindly follow all that were written in the blogs. We are far more capable to digest the contents than you think.
    If MSM, did not feed the public with all the half truths and the ruling govt's propaganda, we will not stay so faithful to blogs for information.
    Again, if UMNO-BN administration, is less corrupted, promote integration of all races and equality, we will not be crying for a change.
    Anwar is promoting Bangsa Malaysia, what is UMNO and other component parties of BN still practice and believe in...racial politics?

  7. Anonymous12:01 pm

    M2M said, we should respect the social contract as agreed to by the founding fathers of the country.
    We have heard it all before. Almost every UMNOputra has said it at one time or another. Unfortunately they did not mention the social contract was extended again and again until they want it to be perpetual. Not only that, they have twisted it and turn it to suit their needs and agendas never the need of the poor rakyat. When was it ever the same as those agreed by our forefathers?

  8. Anonymous12:17 pm

    God Bless Him~

  9. Salam Rocky.
    Plse tell Mike Tyson, people are not stupid as what they thought.

    I think he has lost his malay culture and poem. Here i would like to remind him on one of them - mulut tempayan boleh ditutup, mulut manusia?

    What's about the majlis berbuka puasa organised by Pak Lah. How many attended the invitation?

    Porah lah Mat Taib. Your 'bodek' is the one that will bring UMNO to the grave.

    And it is not Anwar that cause the 'ribut' but it is U and UMNO.

    What budget? Hi Mat Taib, do U know that the increased of petrol cause all the upside down? BN promise to look into the toll that really sickening, but what happen, all UMNO and BN leaders just shut their mouth.

    If not now, the 13PU, will c u all 'kick the bucket'

  10. Anonymous12:52 pm

    What the different between them two anyway??

    My latest blog post :

  11. Anonymous1:08 pm

    "If the BN is really weak how could the government unveil caring budgets year after year since 2004?, Mat Taib asked.

    Bro, and what does that have to do with the colour of seagull poo in Brighton? Why do they keep making meaningless statements like this?

    Bro, here is something that is real, relevant and frightening.

    SMART TUNNEL FIASCO : There is a potentially life threatening situation in Kuala Lumpur. The SMART tunnel is not complete. A vital component of the tunnel is incomplete and it is being kept from the public.

    Part of the Billion Ringgit project was the construction of an Exit Channel from the Taman Desa retention pond, out into the Sungai Kerayong in Salak Selatan.

    This part of the project was originally costed at RM80 mill. and MMC-Gamuda was supposed to do it.

    But thru another Flip Flop event, the contract was then given to another company at a new price of RM160 million (no prizes for guessing whose family are behind this company).

    But Bro, here is the gull : the Exit Channel was never constructed. And here is the poo : the RM160 million has been paid out.

    No Exit Channel but RM160 million paid!

    Todate the SMART Tunnel has only had to cope with unusually heavy rains of rather short duration only. People in the project warn that if it rains heavily for say 5 hours or more the SMART tunnel will not perform as per specs because there is no proper Exit Channel to handle the flood volumes of water.

    This means the SMART tunnel will back up and Kuala Lumpur will be flooded again. Bro, we need to highlight this because this is an event that WILL happen. Its not a 'maybe' situation.

  12. Bro,
    What do we expect Mat Taib ala i no speaking engelis to say??Of course he had to act like Chiwawa,do what his master wan him to do la,that why he is umno barking(informasi)tool.To us,he is already history....

  13. Mat bin Mat owes alot to Dollah.
    He will sink or swim with PM.
    That's hopw much UMNO ministers care for Malaysians.
    Six months passed after election....non stop talking about themselves.

  14. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Mind you, we are talking about him, the Mat carrying stash of Aussie dollar,in cash, years ago ...... one would rather choose to trust the credible bloggers.

  15. Anonymous4:35 pm

    correct correct correct!
    UMNO never been weak otherwise how can Mat Taib got 1 million US dollar cash to carry to Aust.

  16. (This is) very unfortunate as many Malaysians believe too much in blog material, whereas in the United States their citizens investigate first blog details and do not blindly believe what is written.



  17. Mat Taib is right. He categorised pressure as mere differences in opinions. Then again, understanding what solidarity means, there is growing suspicion that UMNO at the top is in disarray. Thats more of a reason for Abdullah to step down.

    Dont wait until it is too late. For a moment I thought tears in UMNO supreme council meeting on thursday were real.

    Someone mentioned about efforts made by Khairy, alwi and zaki after the council meeting for Abdullah to hold on. Now, thats the real PRESSURE!

  18. But of course he is for a "carrying budget".

  19. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Dear Kadir Jasin, Greatest suspicion you are right !!Bila dengar dia dah buat comeback dalam Cabinet Pak Lah post PRU, memang terkejut- Why must have this "expired goods" like him lah??? Pak Lah needs this type of 'yes man' for undying support and loyalty. Pandai Mike Tyson tu.... Berjaya tipu Almarhum Sultan Selangor dulu masa dia MB selangor, kata tak nikah anak dia... Lepas tu case bawak beg penuh duit ke Australia tak paham cakap English Mat Salleh sana. Aduh, malu nak kata apa ada Cabinet Minister macam ni. Sekarang ni pun apa kerja sebagai Ketua penerangan UMNO?? UMNO doesnt seem to be "informed" of anything on the ground or is everything just made to look good? Or are they in constant denial ? Mike Tyson ...failed as Ketua Penerangan UMNO.

  20. Anonymous10:42 pm

    If only I could just pack up and leave, but I can't this is MY HOME, MY MALAYSIA, so why don't those WOLVES who have foreign properties abroad and secret SWISS account just pack up and go. Don't create so much trouble,confusion and havoc as we the average MALAYSIANS need to brace ourselves for the coming global financial tsunami. We are worried about mundane things like putting food on the table and what going to happen to our future generations once our natural resources are depleted?

    When oil and commodities prices were up, we being the NET EXPORTER was in a more ADVANTAGEOUS position than other country in the region, but did we act CARING then? The action was to increase fuel price by more than 70cts, now prices are down how much CARING was shown?
    There will be a serious deficit and how is this going to be financed? Maybe he should show he CARES by bringing in MONEY to MALAYSIA in briefcase from DOWN UNDER, or where ever he keeps the foreign reserves to finance this deficit.

    We DO NOT NEED for these WOLVES to raise the ANIXETY LEVEL with all this WAYANG KULIT. If U must fight over the gravy train stops, go ahead, but do the HONOURABLE thing and leave us in PEACE.

  21. Anonymous11:27 pm

    bro, Mat Taib remind us
    Iraqi Info Minister, Saed Al Sharif during Iraq war, saying, there is no way US collation near Iraqi border.

  22. Anonymous2:22 am

    As predicted the spinning doctors around Pak Lah will create the perception that the majority of UMNO MT are all behind him and the controlled newspapers especially NST dumped all the bullshits in the front page.
    Besides that, Najib quickly interfered the heated discussion for his own self benefit......
    I predicted Pak Lah and KJ may have chance to win using all of their money to buy the votes during UMNO next election or the other way around shall be UMNO is going to be overhauled by new leaders which has been hoped long time ago by the public.
    In any case, the credibility of UMNO MT and its leadership has been badly and chronically eroded in the eyes of most malaysians judged from the performance so far.....
    I personally support DSAI for power change in Malaysia even though PAKATAN RAKYAT has not proven yet but at least we all give them a chance to prove. They may have the same fate like Pak Lah if they repeat the same blunders but again that is the basic rule of the democractic country. UMNO may play the racial cards, but again what genuine strengths and achievements they have shown so far......I do not worry so much on this because Pak Lah has had even worse record in this area and furthermore Sultans still exist and Malay is still the majority. When DSAI is in power, I believe this shall be blessing in disguise for UMNO to reinvent, restructure, clean up (whatever you call it) the party for long term benefit for malay and the country in the whole......

  23. Anonymous7:02 am

    Hey look, the AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS just chucked-out Thabo Mbeki as President of South Africa. That's cool.

    Pelarian Rwanda

  24. This is the season to blame the press. Yeah, Hishamuddin blamed the Star for being inaccurate. I guess he is just peeved that his name was given away. If he is a man, he should be a man to admit that it was him who spoke up. What is wrong with speaking your mind?

  25. Anonymous2:08 pm

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  26. Anonymous4:07 pm


    this mat taib is junk rubbish. just can't believe he is made a minister. amazing!

  27. Anonymous5:23 am

    " maaf...sori-sori, aku no know ingelis tau lu semua postings
    marahing i ...sori..sori...maaf ah !!" (niamahxx)