Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Tuesday Without Bapak

A Communist or Not? The Tuesdays With Bapak piece that had the most impact on me is Anak Kominis (13/3/2007). Upon reading it, you'd understand why the author Nuraina A. Samad and her sisters and brothers were grateful that Dr Mahathir, in a tribute to Pak Samad, had set the record straight by saying that Samad was a socialist, not a communist.
However, in a belated condolence letter, here, Lee Kuan Yew strangely wrote that "he knew from the Special Branch evidence that Mr Samad was a communist who had led the Malay section of the Anti—British League."

Ena wrote over 60 TWB instalments since March 2007. Tuesday was the day the family was allowed to visit A. Samad Ismail who was detained under ISA from 1976 to 1981. Pak Samad died last Thursday at the age of 84.

Yesterday, Ena posted a Tuesdays Without Bapak piece, here.

More tributes to Pak Samad:

1. Farewell Zorro Part l and Farewell Zorro Part ll by Aziz Hassan
2. Tribute to A. Samad Ismail, by CIJ and WAMI
3. Journo icon A. Samad Ismail passes away by Nizam Bashir
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  1. Anonymous6:47 am

    Many ex-communists now potrayed as 'freedom' fighters who killed thousands MALAYsian security personnels till 1989, wtf.


  2. Anonymous7:35 am

    Socialis dengan Komunis BERBEZA LA!

    Takde masalah dengan sosialis... kalau nak tau, negara maju macam Norway/Sweden mengamalkan sistem yang separa sosialis...

    Malah, Sweden dan Norway merupakan negara yang paling tinggi sekali tahap pembangunan mereka mengikut 'Human Development Index'.

    Sosialisma itu ada kebaikannya.

    Kapitalisma penuh itu bahaya.

    Baca dan guna la otak skit, kan internet ada banyak maklumat...

  3. Anonymous8:09 am

    Come 916 let's rewrite our history..

    PAK SAMAD (communist)
    Ust Asyaari/Arqam (deviationist)
    Ust Ibrahim Libya (traitor/extremist)
    Tun Salleh Abas/Supreme Judges (impeached)
    Al-Maaunah (terrorist)
    Murad BNM (US agents)
    Anwar Ibrahim (US agent/sodomist)
    ISA detainees/HINDRAF (terrorist)
    ..feel free to add

    DAMN 50 years..DAMN BeEnd!


  4. Assalamualaikum and Salam Ramadhan,

    When I was in the school day, the first time I know abt the late Pak Abd Samad Ismail is when he had a column in Gila-Gila Megazine. I like his written because his critisizm and advices to the manner of malaysia society with the sense of humor is superb. Instead of him, there is another famous writer, the late Pak Sako also had one special column in that megazine too. After quite a while, I followed Pak Samad column in Gila-Gila than I knew Pak Samad is not just a joker but also a great Reporter. What the bless that Allah give with this multi-talent person. I pray that may Allah bless the Allahyarham Pak Samad.


  5. Dear Bro Rocky,

    My personal opinion, I think Datuk Ahmad is a mole. The way he put on the racial remark towards the chinese is very fishy especially when the UMNO under sleepy and undisgraceful PM in very deep trouble time after the march election and also PR vision want to become a goverment on this 16 September, waiting for countdown.

    The reason that I make this opinion is because:-

    1. He wants to make a PM and DPM like an idiot and to show to all UMNO members that this both have no quality to become a leader. This is based on his statement on TV3 last night, whe he said to the PM , " Suruh Pak Lah fokus macam mana nak kuatkan kerajaan." So recite racial hatred (unfortune Tan Sri Koh and gerakan are the black goat in this drama) is the ultimatum way to show
    dissatisfaction to Pak Lah regime (trinity) government.

    2. Second most probably Datuk Ahmad is a best friend of DSAI.the way his act is to create a havoc in BN and make sure the non-malay community is disgusted with UMNO and BN especially after PP election.

    However, either way above Im still disagree with him because seriously it affects the relationship btwn me and my non-malay collegue especially we have a great friendship and ties.

  6. So what if he was a communist, socialist or whatever.

    It was common for freedom fighters in that era to study and to be strongly influenced by different ideologies in an effort to find a suitable formula/solution towards nation building/organization (given the general lack of knowledge of/and understanding of Islamic models in that era).

    It was probably (if true) a phase of experimentation and discovery, leading to a discovery of the true self and the True Purpose.

    Which is much more than I can say for the current batch of leaders in this era, who call proudly trumpet themselves as Muslims but practice piracy, looting, rape and murder and oppression and lead the nation backwards into the dark ages.

    Whatever he was or believed in (allegedly) at any particular stage, Pak Samad's main goal was always the freedom and advancement of the nation and the people.

  7. Anonymous11:43 am

    many x-communists (include Ong Boon Hua) have been potrayed as 'freedom fighters' despite having killed/maimed thousands MALAYsian security personnels.


  8. Rocky,
    This issue should have been laid to rest as how Pak Samad was peacefully laid to rest last Friday.
    Discussing it here will only open up to some lanchau or some ular who will make nonsence without knowing anything.
    As for the old man down south. It only prove ,nomatter how brilliant one is reputed to have been, at old age senility still creeps in.It can come in many ways and one of it is feeling 'sien' as the Hokien lang call it.

  9. Anonymous4:55 pm


    LKY still want to deny Pak Samad and Pak Kajai great efforts.

    LKY and the late Yusof Ishak is actually the proxy of the british @ zionist interest in the south east asia with Spore and Malacca Straits being one of the most important economic routes in the world.

    Remember that F. Magellan have to sail half the world to find a new route in order to avoid the portugese just to control the spieces island ....and the rest is history

  10. Brother,

    I wrote a piece in my blog seeking support from fellow scribes and like-minded re Pak Samad. Could you assist? Appreciate it very much Sdra. The legacy left by Malaysia's Old Man of Journalism should be preserved in a much more concrete manner. TQ