Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's TMtv, not Curi-Curi Malaysia

And it's NOT going to cost RM36 million. I would like to credit the parties implicated in my posting Curi-Curi Malaysia, the most expensive website in the world for getting in touch with me. On condition of anonymity (for now, at least), they have offered to clarify the points raised in my posting with regards to their proposed Tourism Malaysia TV.

I have decided to reproduce the "clarification" in toto. I know some friends in the mainstream media are following up on the story. They will get more info, including who are behind this not-RM36m proposal.

9 Sept 2008, via e-mail

Dear Rocky's Bru,

The proposal that was approved by the cabinet is NOT a website. It is a webTV channel (Geo-Targeted Interactive TV) that streams on-demand and LIVE videos to a customized CDN (Content Delivery Network) that will be set up strategically in 6 places around the world. The videos will also be streamed over the 3G network for billions of mobile users around the globe.

Malaysia has not really got into the REAL online video industry yet. Don’t be mistaken by comparing the TMtv to the Bernama webTV, or the Edge’s video site or the Singapore strait time’s razor TV. None of these sites those are available in the south east region works well even as near as Dubai let alone the whole world.

If you look at the breakdown below, there will be a “more than 300 professional documentary produced” part. If 1 documentary cost 100k (which is very affordable for a professional documentary) then, 300 documentary cost 30 Million.

As a technical person, the most difficult thing in an online video project is the distribution of content. We have managed to come up with a way to distribute both the LIVE and On-Demand elements to any net connected device possible. The intelligent thing about the TMtv is the fact that the contents are targeted to countries. An Arabian tourist will see a different version of the TMtv contents in his own language than a Japanese tourist without needing to click anything. The videos will also be really fast to load as they are cached from the main origin server to all of the Edge servers around the world.

Please take your time to read these points below. We are creating a customized CDN worldwide so to not rely on the local infrastructure. Most American Online video portals have spent 100s of millions of dollars to build their site. Hulu has got a 100 Million USD round of funding from NBC and other guys so that they can set up a online video site. The TMtv is a lot more than what Hulu is all about . The TMtv is a bargain but the price that we are quoting the other countries for this technology is far more than this.

Email or call us anytime if you need further clarification.

  • GSR (Geo server redirection): contents are distributed around the globe with the help of multiple streaming servers placed strategically around the world to provide fast access to the relevant video contents globally. In each location, there will be 1 edge server, 1 mobile devices server, 1 redundant/backup server. This technology is absolutely needed so that the videos could be distributed effectively around the globe.
  • LIVE element (24/7 Mirror to the world)
  • High Resolution Cameras placed strategically in 6 beautiful locations to serve a video wallpaper of enchanting scenery. This can be watched globally 24/7 LIVE and installed on your computer’s desktop (Widget). Watch the sunset at Langkawi from anywhere around the world. These cameras are monitored centrally with a small delay for screening purposes.
  • LIVE Element (15 Major Events)
  • Watch events as it happens. Professional camera crew on location that serves event as it happens through multiple cameras that are edited in real time. Watch Merdeka celebrations, fireworks festival, rainforest music festival, etc. All these events will be produced as highlights and can be viewed on-demand after the events are over.
  • LIVE Element (Malaysian Lifestyle)
  • A small MOBILE production crew that goes around Malaysia to show LIVE non critical events such as turtle hatching, tourists’ interviews and critical events such as ad-hoc address by the Minister to tourists and would be tourists.
  • Professional production to produce more than 300 broadcast quality DOCUMENTARY that are produced in multiple languages (travelogue, getting here and there, cultural documentation, heritage documentation, reality series, local news, etc. )
  • Geo-Locater: the TMtv knows which state of which country the viewes are from and it can target relevant content to them and direct them to their local travel agent.
  • Mobile TV: you could also watch all the TMtv travel contents on your mobile phone. There are 3.5 billion mobile users in the world and TMtv can be streamed over 3G or Wifi.
  • Mobile travel guide: interactive software that enables users to carry them around when they are in Malaysia to find tourist spots, maps and other interactive travel information.
  • Platform and network independent: TMtv can be watched by any computer on any platform and any browser.
  • No firewall/proxy block: firewalls normally block streaming usually in a multinational organization’s LAN network but the TMtv has propriety software installed to get past this roadblock.
  • No plugins required: everyone can access the TMtv. If you can watch youtube which gets billions of views per month, you can watch the TMtv
  • On-Demand capability: ability to search for relevant travel videos. Watch what you want when you want.
  • Viral video
  • All the TMtv videos can be embedded onto blogs, social networking sites, etc. Travel agents can use this service to embed videos on Malaysia in their own website by following a simple procedure.
  • Videos will be spread virally by embedding and sharing it with friends and families


  1. Anonymous6:52 pm

    mambo jambo marketing talks - you are talking about bloody RM36million and the cabinet approved it, what a crap. that money could build a much awaited road linking Kapit to Kenowit...instead it is wasted on something that hasn't got true value - no bottom line, what a crap

  2. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Excellent idea. I hope the project will be a successful one. It is always good to marry online video technology with the social networking features available to everyone nowadays. This is the only way of promoting viral video distribution. Let Malaysia be know globally

    ... S. Anand

  3. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Guys, As a mobile developer myself, i would say that i was pretty disappointed when i went to Croatia (Not as developed as Malaysia) and they had a really cool mobile travel guide. It was easy to roam around the country with that software on my mobile phone.

    The tourists that comes here will find such software god given as it is an invaluable tool to travel with. by the way, what platform is the software gona be deployed in ? flash lite ? Java ?

  4. what a waste of money. 36mils, to clone youtube? WTF

  5. Anonymous7:07 pm

    By the way, i heard about this Hulu. it apparently shows popular series like Dr. House, etc. why are the shows not accessible over here ?

  6. Anonymous7:18 pm

    I commend the effort. Very good proposal. But needs proper implementation though. Let it not just be a good thing on paper.

  7. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Its about time Malaysia has its own video portal. youtube is really slow. hopefully with that GSR thing the videos will load fast. Can i upload my own videos onto the TMtv ?

  8. Anonymous7:28 pm

    My goodness, another snake-oil scheme.

    How many time M'sia needs to be a Guinea pig for these untested IT ideas?

    Moreover do M'sia has the capability in management, technical know-hows to enter into this 'wobbit' wannabe.

    Timedotcom has been conned Big time. Now this?

    Could it be the under-table is to ir-resistable that all the others considerations become in-materials?

    These people never learn? Ya high tech! My foot, more like con man job to steal m'sians openly.


  9. Anonymous7:44 pm

    If this company indeed delivers all that it is promising, then Malaysia will have one of the most advanced tourism sites in the world... Something to be proud of I think. And the mobile travel guide is something that even I wish we already had. I think that would benefit both tourists and locals alike...

  10. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Economy no good.Why waste money? Ask the rakyat if we need TMtv and I bet 90% will tell you better to spend the money to lessen the burden of the people.

    Waste Money

  11. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Rocky's Bru... Some of the comments from your original posting on this matter portrayed the Tourism Minister and Ministry in a truly bad light. Not that I'm in favor of the govt. But how credible were your sources? Kudos to the people who responded to your "accusations". I believe a public apology is in order. If you're man enough to blog it, be man enough to admit that you were wrong.

  12. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Why can't you use P2P for that same purpose? Its cheaper and its faster.

    I for one, have stopped using Astro for the past 3 years. I use P2P to watch everything from live EPL, Nat Geo, Discovery, BBC, CNN, thousands of movies etc. (I don't even have a TV in my house anymore!)

    Its strange, but Malaysia is the only country in the world (excluding North Korea, of course) that restricts satellite dishes! I've been to so many countries and one ubiquitous sight in ALL these countries (even in the staunchest Islamic countries, like Iran - Yes, been there too) is the sight of never ending array of dishes, of a variety of sizes and shapes!

    This TMtv sounds like they want to shove content into our heads. In fact, it now looks like they want to shove some idiotic programming worldwide.

    Its doomed to fail. But promises to make some folks rich!

    Guess that's good enough.

  13. Firstly,
    Besides those technical cost justification, can someone tell us the business justification too? Do you think that some foreigners will book their ticket to Malaysia right after they watched our merdeka celebration/fireworks festival streamed LIVE to their PC or mobile phones? (In fact, the correct question should be, would they even watch these stuff?)

    Why does the sports ministry(or the taxpayers) need to commit 30 millions with you to film 300 so-called professional documentary? Can't we try out by putting up a few episodes on youtube first to see if such strategy would work? By doing so, you could also know if you really really need dedicated CDN for these 300 videos.

    BTW, tell us WHICH american video portal spends "100s of millions of dollars" to build their site. Most of the money are spent on marketing and content acquisition. Their money is also their/shareholder's money, not the government/taxpayer's money.

  14. Anonymous9:05 pm

    The idea is definitely there. I checked some of the local video sites such as star paper's video channel in the UK and it almost didnt play at all. i guess this is because the infrastructure wasn't set up properly.

    To do an effective online video site, you must have several streaming servers around the world to reach the local audiences.

    Excellent proposal, lets hope that the implementation is proper.

  15. Anonymous9:07 pm


    If the proposal is sooo cost effecient and effective, why do they need to hide it from the public.

    And why not they sell the idea to other Tourism Authority around the world especially the cash rich Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    A lot of excuses using thechnical terms.... Get the Auditor General review it first la bro

  16. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Wow !!! Are you sure about this. 24/7 LIVE video wallpaper. Singapore tourism site only has a static picture changing every few seconds.


  17. Anonymous9:23 pm

    The concept sounds good and creative but in my mind; nothing beats the way in which how other successful countries/neighbors in marketing their tourism like our Thai/Taiwan counterpart.

    Hey ;-) even our own 40+ BNBBC's MP went to Taiwan instead of a nearer destination.

    They say the imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so instead of spending on web/ads campaign like this which may or may not yield the desired results; we should just have learned from other successful countries in marketing their tourism destination.



  18. Anonymous9:24 pm

    The person is right in the sense where CDN is not a very popular topic here in Malaysia. Most of the video sites perform poorly outside Malaysia. hopefully this new CDN will serve many other sites as well instead of just focussing on the tmtv.

  19. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Videos are the way to go. Lets show the foreigners the real Malaysia.

  20. If what the guy wrote is true then in your case, that is what you call "jumping the gun" and "prejudiced". Now I have to read your postings with more than a pinch of salt.

    you must be embarassed rocky...can't deny it hurts your credibility..

  21. Anonymous10:00 pm

    In Bolehland you can spend that much money just for promotion. Do we really need it??? How much MORE income from tourism industries can we expect with the said technology?? If only less than 50%, please don't rape hard earned taxpayer's money!

    Learn from other countries, do they spend that much money for promotion?? When I look for information about certain countries, I search directly the website. Most interesting places they have their own camera that we can view the image in the real time. The technology is much cheaper...Why don't they just maintain what we have, make it more accessible,make it more interesting...

  22. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Most of the RM36 million will go to Azalina's pocket. That's why it is THAT expensive. People like her close friend BK LIM will be making more money and pay off her challenger in any election. How do you think she won the Pengerang Parliamentry uncontested twice?



  23. but still, please check who gets the contract to produce the 300 documentaries...all the mat salehs? only one company? different companies but one owner? etc..just a 10 percent commission you can get RM3 million! what about more than 10%. LONG LIVE MALAYSIA

  24. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Gosh Rocky, the irony of it all just got on another level mate.

    Show the world how united we Malaysians are from a government perspective whilst the rakyat get's milked from under their noses.

    At the end of the day, call it what we may ... it will still be on the platform of TMtv, from an UMNO point of view.

    Gonna listen to Bob Dylan's tune Time's-are-a-changing .. May god bless all Malaysians for a better Malaysia..


  25. Anonymous11:11 pm


    I have more than a few reservations about this. Probably the biggest concern I have is over the cost effectiveness of this initiative and whether it can really bring in the money as promised. The details in the email are scant and they don't paint a convincing picture that the plan has been thoroughly thought out. The idea is good, but the seeming lack of planning leads me to think this may turn into another non-(expensive)event like Visit Malaysia 2007.

    Let's take the 300 documentaries plan for example. From what I understand from a friend of mine who is involved in the local film industry, every documentary produced locally has to get a license and permission from FINAS. But many local filmmakers are reluctant to make documentaries because of restrictive clauses in the contracts offered by the government. One in particular, forces the producers and filmmakers to assume a disproportionate amount of risk. Even though a filmmaker's request for funding may have been granted and the project pre-approved, FINAS reserves the right to reject the final product and refuse to reimburse filmmakers for shooring costs incurred for whatever reason, even if the filmmakers go as far as to reshoot the documentary to meet FINAS's requirements (which may be very different from what was originally agreed on). It seems that filmmakers have no route for appeal or recourse. So even though local filmmakers may have good documentary ideas and also strong intentions to film, they won't because they lose too much control over funding, creative content and copyright.

    TMtv is an idea with good potential, but unfortunately also the potential to turn into yet another government-funded white elephant. It's built on the core of working closely with the travel and film industry to promote Malaysia but I don't know how far the Tourism Ministry has engaged with these two industries. And this is something which needs to be thought out thoroughly since the travel and film industries are the ones who will be key to the success of TMtv.

  26. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Then when you get the tourists over i.e. if they really do come... they 'll find the lobangs/potholes,stuck and stinky drains,polluted rivers , snatch thieves, dirty smelly stalls, rude taxi drivers, etc.the real deal. Spend the money fixing these first.Best deal is still by word of mouth.


  27. Hi,

    I am a IT technical person. A few months ago, I did a technical research in-line for a proposal to TMnet for a live-streaming/Peer-to-Peer web and mobile TV.

    Whatever you listed above is not doable with just 36 million dollars.

    The main problem like the comment said is the underlying Content Delivery Network (CDN). The CDN is not fast enough to deliver the live/streaming contents to every viewers based on just 1 media server.

    Our Streamyx's best effort 1Mbps could not even cover it's bandwidth requirement for optimum high-resolution video streaming. And Streamyx's own anti-P2P filtering blocks P2P-based video sharing.

    To do whatever they proposed or approved, you will need the TM HSBB project to be in place first, and that cost billions, not a mere 36 million.

    That 36 million dollars is definitely going down the drain.

  28. Anonymous12:05 am

    What nonsense. How can they compare themselves to Hulu? They must be geniuses to create something better than Hulu with so 'little funding'. All we will see are Mat Sallehs minting money from us - again and again. RM30 million is nothing - so when the money disappears, no one will make too much noise - just another auditor general footnote. The thing with this kind of projects is that it needs funding after funding. RM30m to start off and then invoices will start to appear with the usual mambo jambo that you need money to create content. Once again, more money to the mat sallehs who are smiling all the way to the bank because we are so gullible.
    RM30m is nothing compared to the company who got a RM120m contract from RTM over three years and whose chairperson is an UMNO stalwart.

  29. Anonymous12:16 am

    bro 36 millions dollars, it a small amount of money if they do it well for multi billion tourism money. cheers TMtv

  30. b*llox.. however the reply you got, the dudes typing style, did remind me of some prat who used to post on the promuda website.. there is no way this would cost that much..

    First point - Mobile server, do we honestly believe that people all over the world are going to watch ad's on visting malaysia on their mobile phone?? you can't even get ppl to watch whole EPL games on their phone but they'll watch productions on their phone? seriously taking the piss if he thinks so.

    point 2 - a professional crew capturing live interviews with tourists all over the country ie at events such as turtles hatching eggs.. is this for real?? and surely this can be done offline and uploaded at a later date??

    point 3 - 300 production quality productions? again, these would probably be more like mini productions as you're streaming it, so 300 productions would be more akin to 30 or even fewer tv productions.. i'd like to know what' he's budgeted for that? how much per 'episode' if the budget for that is more than 4 million i'd be very suprised. Just put it this way, filming the siti nurhaliza concert with 4 cameras costed less than GBP15k roughly 100k. for 90 minutes at one sight paying UK rates!!

    Point 4- Geolocater.. what, like any decent website with an IP address detector can do for pretty much bugger all? this is schpiel at it's finest.

    Point 5-Platform and network independent? so is the world wide web, so what is the USP here?

    As an IT consultant who has worked in some production before, this is a ridiculous waste of money.

  31. Anonymous1:10 am

    Why not use youtube? It's free.

    it could be slow in malaysia.. but it perfectly fine in elsewhere in the world.

  32. This looks very impressive on paper but knowing from past experience and Scope of work shown and actually done is 2 different don, on paper it says "genuine mercedes parts" but in reality you get " genuine made in china mercedes immitation parts" another boria contrackkkk get rich quick scheme for somebody, how many abandoned projects have we seen in the past, or er fantastic sounding mumbo jumbo technical jargon, but wouldn't be surprised IT WILL BE A website which will segment the documenteries into 6 parts of ten minutes on YOU TUBE, SAMA JUGA BABE, Ass-a-lina My COmpany willing to do this contract at 20 million (7 million for you) 7 million for me, than I set it up with a sub-con company and base it in India, why?, I.T. SPECIALIST & know-how DIRT CHEAP LIKE KACHANG PUTIH IN INDIA, Meanwhile with the currency difference, I still make tons of money and have a playboy lifestyle with bollywood princes ....party all night loooong. mau tak ass-a-lina, don't worry you are welcome to study the project in India, where you are served by sweet young yum-yum, belajar sambil belaajar kama-sutra kursus to your hearts pleasure.
    that is INDIA WHERE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE,ps must have a lottttt of lolly, no money no talk.

  33. Anonymous1:49 am

    Better use the money to maintain all the tourism sites and send people for hospitality training. When you have a nice, clean, beautiful place and trained staffs, tourist will come flocking thru word of mouth. No need for high tech broadband thingi. It's all a sham.

    Shame on you, Azalina!!!


  34. you jumped the gun, but it's ok since you post this scoop. the first time i heard of such extensive program to make full use of i-technology by ministry of tourism. this should be applauded, not condemned. let's just hope this is not mere dream.

  35. Anonymous2:17 am

    This project really miserable if they failed to make it in proper way.The minister must review this proposal. We want a very clear picture of RM36mil tax-payers money being used.

  36. "Mike said...

    By the way, i heard about this Hulu. it apparently shows popular series like Dr. House, etc. why are the shows not accessible over here ?"

    WTF? It's House or House MD! Not Dr House. What the hell is Dr House?

    Dr House, indeed.

  37. Anonymous2:55 am

    It's not fair to judge a project or a product by the person behind it, in this case azalina. We should give this project a chance as it looks good, and not judge it on azalina's reputation. Sometimes even Azalina can get it right.

    And btw, as the clarification says its NOT RM36 million, which part of NOT RM36 million don't these people understand.

    And I am told it is for one year, not for three years, and the budget for it is way, way, way below RM36m. I was told by my sources, it's just RM10million.

  38. Anonymous4:33 am

    As a potentiel visitor to Malaysia, I found the idea of being able to see live views of what the country has to offer rather interesting: still pictures can be modified and arranged. In the case of TMtv, I'd be sure to image the real thing and not some fake postcards...


  39. Anonymous5:09 am

    Can't comment if the 36 mil is the value of the product. But question is do we really need more promotion right now?

    I think Tourism Ministry need to take a breather from promoting but instead invest in upgrading the tourism products that we have.

    There spots that were gems before but fast turning into third world unkept eyesores... look at Telok Chempedak (the only beach in the world arched by McDonald and KFC drive-thru.. it blocks public access to the beach!).

    Dato' Azalina, pls also check out what has happened to the hotels around pristine beaches of Cherating. It has turned into beaches fit for only backpackers!

    If the Tourism Minister has the money, please spend some on investing in the people that run the industry... stop having foreigners welcoming our guests in the local hotels.

    BTW, can we see the actual Service Level Agreement(SLA) for the 36mil software? Just have seen too many projects took off in big fanfare with special ministerial launching... then the service fizzles into thin air...


  40. Anonymous6:24 am

    Hi Rock. Conceptually it may be right but wisely, it is still WRONG. Remember the CYC and the other programmes like sports centre in London and the Rakan Muda... Knowing the Minister and her penchant of really taking aride on the sleepy Cabinet to make money from the taxpayers fund, this latest SCAM is bound to fail. AGAIN. Dont be tricked by the concept or some beautiful ideas, the point here is purely profiteering. Remember, all SCAMS come with beautiful ideas. Basically, IDEA TO TIPU. Since Azalina became Minoister, none of her projects actually bears any fruits. Everything bled to wastage of public funds and by the time the matter or rather the problems were highlighted, she (or rather shim) was no where to answer as she had left to create another concept for her new ministry. Wake up Cabinet members and all Malaysians. Stop being fooled by this crafty Minister.Look all all her rebranding of the campaigns and tourism activities to promote Malaysia (or rather herself) Nothing new but purely skillfully created to tap up public funds. Just like putting her face together with Pak Lah and Najib on the billboards from JB to Bkt Kayu Hitam. My 90 year old grandma can tell thats pure STUPID and DOOMED TO FAIL. It actually turn off Malaysians and foreigners alike. Being a former journalist deeply involved with the tourism ministry since its inception and covering many activities locally and abroad, I know this one SURELY FAIL. Its still as you say bro, CURI CURI MALAYSIA. Period.

  41. Dear bro Rock,

    RM 36 million is a lot of money, is like Azalina like to create multi million project. The amoint is quite similar to her previous proposal to build the sport complex in london when she was youth and sport minister. Suppose if they really serious than focus on the ads and make sure the tourism website is attractive and the most important is to strenght our enforcement to make sure our country is clean.

    The bottom crap is Azalina is not qualify to become a Minister and seriously she does have capability to lead except for her Puteri UMNO. I hope Ku Li will not select him in the his new cabinet.

  42. My friend develop a youtube clone (i.e www.mukmin.tv) for less than USD$200 per month... How do you justify RM36mil....

  43. Ultimately I don't share the Tourism Ministry's enthusiasm on the whole project. Why spend so much at the expense of the people? Not when I have to dig deep into my pocket to earn a living. The returns are going to be intangible and Azalina's spin doctors, some of whom cant come up with properly constructed sentence to save their lives, will give it the positive spin. Anyway media companies linked to Azalina will be laughing all the way to the bank I suppose.

  44. Anonymous8:51 am

    that is why when even azalina goes, some money missing or over-spend!!! why ya. Can she see the money be used for other purpose.

    zamri, ex-youth

  45. Anonymous8:51 am

    Why waste money on high tech thingy?

    Get the basic infrastructure right.

    Clean out public toilets???????

  46. Anonymous9:12 am

    wow, the damn ignorance continues. the post clearly said that there was no project for 36mil approved. by the way, i feel tat the whole thing is really cool and i hope it will materialise as it will be good for the country.

    blogs are so 07, let us embrace online video and move forward to 08.

  47. I say if our Ministry is using free YouTube to store all videos and maintain the proper web site to link to those, and provide someone sit there round the clock to answer question, blog on the tourists experience, forum and so on, that would be a humble and honest message to tell tourists to visit Malaysia.

    It also show that we are part of the community, understand what is around us, not someone living in the jungle and where the technology is done by "vendor" who just fly in to give you solution and go home after that, and left your site die after 36 months.

  48. Anonymous10:09 am

    Why spend such money on something that only few will access to later on. How many people will logon to such sites? Why not update the current Tourism Malaysia website and have some videos in it rather than having a new one and then die off after 1 or 2 years!
    Prudent Spending

  49. Anonymous10:20 am

    At a time when even advertisers and agencies are looking to free media to rave about their stuff...this still seems a little dodgy.

    Sure it seems cool on surface, but seriously Rocks, do we have the capability? And as numerous commenters have also said, just how do u get people to check out Malaysia on videos? You would go for instance, the viral way, yes.

    But how successful this will be is a moot.

    And remember, this is taxpayers' money so we should be a little more demanding and less tolerant of frivolity.

    Many of these questions can be answered if they engage and explain to the public.

    This is the era of accountability. But I don't think Azalina and the rest of the governance machinery has yet woken up to the fact.

  50. Anonymous10:36 am


    Let's change the ruling govt first and revisit this project again later.

    as usual, when done by, apanamaaaa..umno, it will be a big waste of money with little benefit to rakyat.

  51. Anonymous1:17 pm

    is it just me or do others also get the feeling that all the yea-sayers seem to be doing the job they have been asked to do.

    a nay-sayer

  52. Anonymous2:47 pm

    yo babe let me tell you about hulu, movieonline, movie6, youku, etc etc etectra, I reside in EUROPE and my streaming from my local service providers (private entities). THERE is so much choice, of internet services, The services I have subscribed to in an internet with adsl, wireless & lan cable modem with 8 ports, The services I subscribed to provides me with 100mbps lan service and 58 mbps wireless service, Berapa, Euro 27 a month plus get bonus points, my service provider provided the modem free of charge, sini competition is stiff, Down time in 16 mths was twicw when service was being maintained, even in heavy snow fall or rain no interruption, my line excludes PHONE CONNECTION AS all my calls I make through the computer and the net. thats what you call service, unlike in Malaysia where it is buaya business, monopoly. The reason why you find it difficult to live stream is if you have that than ASTRO DIES, and guess what astro's ANANDA KRISHNAN also owns Maxis, remember the yacht in turkey, live streaming means if a program is shown on tv and I have missed it, I just go back and watch it the next day from the same channel, or if I want to watch
    Tv series which were never shown OR BANNED IN Malaysia, for e.g Sopranos, it is like watching the godfather & the mafia everyday, but let me tell you this, there is so much choise, you just become jelak after a while. This is the difference between a free soceity and a govt. controlled soceity, You do what you want, when you want, (of course within the scope of the law) and you don't have people like ahmad or hamid albars or other bankrupt for ideas umno walla telling you what you can and cannot say. I am blessed that I chose to leave Malaysia after the ops-lallang in 1987-1988, lived,WORKED & STUDIED (at own expense not even parents money) in EUROPE, states, middle east. and decided to come back in 1987, thinking maybe, a big maybe our politicians had grown up, but after living in Malaysia for 9 1/2 years I gave up, why first of all, my wife and children who are of eu pasports were practically treated like shit, when dealing with the rubbish of MALAYSIAN IMMIGRATION DOUBLE STANDARDS, MY WIFE IS A SPECIALIST IN HER FIELD, FIRST 4 years couldn't get work permit, application for PR STATUS IS A JOKE IF YOU ARE NOT MUSLIM, as was shown and proven when the jemmaah islamia indonesian group were
    arrested and the newspapers showed that they (indons) had pr status within 3-4 years mykad in 6 years,whereas when I confronted the wilayah persekutuan DG at jln duta with this evidence all he could do was lift up his shoulders and shrug and point the finger to putrajaya, so as per 2nd, 3rd 4th class citizens we should not question. SO MY CHOICE WAS TO RETURN TO EUROPE. I RETURNED WITH MY expertise and have a very well paid job although right now I am on a long leave so my experience in talking about HULU. bottom line as long as there are vested interests by politicians and the right amount of money finds its way into the pockets of ministers than my friends monopolies will remain in Malaysia, so stay focused to garbage programs from rtm, tv3, ntv7 and pay through your nose for garbage services from astro, everytime hujan lebat ....out of service... scenario. I know of this guy a former architect who went into the resort business, his name is raymond from d'coconut, pulau besar, mersing johor. go and check out his website today, did he depend on tdc for tourist business, NO WAY JOSE, He created his own clientale by using a hand held camera and took scenes of daily life in his beach resort, he advertised to the tourist agencies in scandinavia through the web, the beaches, the scenery the tranquility, and the rest like the saying goes is history. IT goes to show it is the calibre and mentality of people involved in the tourism industry, But with TDC, WITH ITS HUGE UNSUCCESSFULL ATTEMPTS TO ATTRACT TOURISTS, WITH UNQUALIFIED PEON MENTALITY MORONS RUNNING THE SHOW WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT, THROWING MORE GOOD MONEY AFTER BAD OVER THE YEARS. when you have civil servants and moronic ministers with zero knowledge other than how to become a political appointee AND MAKE SIDE MONEY AS AN AGENDA, what you will find is a lot of fleecing and tak bolih harap with any result, of getting tourists to visit malaysia, maybe UMNO CAN SHOW THE AHMAD VIDEO and the BEHAVIOUR of our morons from penang UMNO in the next tdc ad. campaign, WHAT SAY YOU ASS-A-LINA AND UMNO, DON'T WASTE THE RAKYAT'S MONEY.

  53. Anonymous2:50 pm

    whore can i get 1 or 2 of the 30 film production, got interesting tit bits to produce myself and upload... cumy juicy movies...

  54. Anonymous2:52 pm

    RM 30,000 Million ???

    creating the content is one thing, granted, content is king, but the means to distributing them is also covered, but with virtually so much news worthy stories around the globe, its the getting the attention of the masses is what counts, read seth godin, viral marketing....

    we spent close to rm 100 million on a space tourist and how much of column inches or news did we get in return ?

    we are just another formula 1 city, out of the many in a season....

    come on malaysia, we need to "make" news that is really news worthy...

    you may have content, then you may even have the means of distributing it but the most important is FINDING WAYS TO bring peoples aka the masses attention to it......

    - Column Inches ++

  55. Anonymous3:07 pm

    She' s the most sorrupted lady in the world, she should be put in Prison for robbbring our money with her g freind sabrina and also a second minister.
    All the UMNO's. Azalina is not helping u all anythings, why do you have to give your vote to her, Her freinds are all amonug the chinese, BK Tan,

  56. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Who wants to bet that the whole thing will collapse after 5 - 10 documentaries, and the sponsors all walk away with the RM 36 million ?

    Remember the NS scheme where the contractors took advance payments of RM 57 million and have not paid this amount back to the gomen ?

    I agree it is a get rich quick scheme where the sponsors have no downside.


  57. Anonymous4:14 pm

    after reading some of the comments in this post. i just have to laugh. obviously the people that are following this blog are either too old to be talking tech, or just full of it.

    hahahah. come on guys, i'm an experienced programmer and even i feel that the proposal is a masterpiece. Its not new but certainly new to this region.

  58. Anonymous4:18 pm

    By the way, "Malaysian in Europe"

    wow man, United Kingdom or Ulu Kelang. hehe.

    An Intro to IT student will laugh at what you mentioned in your comment. Go back to school.

  59. Anonymous4:21 pm

    I wish more IT people will join this conversation and give thoughtful comments.


  60. Anonymous4:32 pm

    words of wisdom by the brilliant J: "Mobile server, do we honestly believe that people all over the world are going to watch ad's on visting malaysia on their mobile phone??"

    Dr. Vinton Cerf (father of internet): Mobile devices are going to be the primary mean to get online very soon.

    brilliant suggestion for Malaysia J. Lets step back a few years instead of moving forward. No matter how you look at it, i think they do have a winner with this project.

  61. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Finally, i'll be able to convince my friends that Malaysia is not in Africa. I know that this thing does not make much sense to Malaysians but in the US, this year's Olympics were watched more online than on TV. Furthermore the ability to share the videos with families and friends are great.

    I have 384 friends on my myspace. if i share it there, Malaysia is sure to get thousands of views from my myspace alone. Imagine if 10 of my friends decide to share this thing with their friend.

    My point is that there is no point in bangin these people over something that is pretty god. As i said, Malaysians may not understand it now, but another few years down the road, i can guarantee you that you will look back at this and regret posting all these comments.

    I do feel however that the mobile thing wont work very well in the US as even though the infra is there, its pretty expensive if the video doesn’t come from the telcos. Maybe this thing is more for the Europeans as i heard that mobile video watching there is pretty rampant.

    Cool project, look forward to using it soon. when will it be out ?

  62. Anonymous4:59 pm

    yo J, you said: "Platform and network independent? so is the world wide web,"

    Do you know what platform independent means. By doing some research on this TMtv thing, i found out that the videos work on any OS, any Browser, any device. Do you know how difficult it is to deliver a LIVE stream to 1 OS/Browser/device. do your research man. Belum buat belum tahu.

    Do you know what network independent means ? try loading the maxis wap portal's videos on your celcom networked phone. Is it possible dawg ?

    God Damn man, i feel sorry for the people you are consulting for.

  63. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Intelligent proposal.

    Rocky, is this thing really around though. i cant find any info on it anywhere.


  64. Anonymous7:51 pm

    As always we are sucked into the DOT CON i mean DOT COM glossy stories. What a load of technical term. I have a landscape consultant and engineer who does my garden. I am impressed with what the grasscutter does to my garden when he comes around. Get the drift. So what the crap as one commentator said is 'Platform and network independent? Stupid you still need some platform and network to broadcast your documentaries.
    So we want to invest the money to let foreigners see us on their mobile and what have you.. are we the 8th wonders of the world people like to glue their attention to? We BolehLanders can't event get decent good broadband and when we invite these tourists here they will think what a con trying to impress them with high tech IT video images and in KL they can't find decent WI-FI hotspots. They are all bought over by the technical jargon again... I recall we used that a lot when we launched Malaysia's Supersick I mean Super Corridor and look what it has achieved?
    Sure the toursits will visit us given the sordid sex stories and murders and racist mentality that is being aired each night?
    And with the double standard expenditure of tourism dollars on even the states, we think this million ringgit investment will make tourist a flocking here? Imagine visiting Chinatown in PJ being run by migrants (no not us cinapeks with citizenships ok) and to try local food, it's prepared by another migrant and when greeted in hotels again being greeted by a migrant?
    Improve the service indutry, the transportation system, make tourism affordable with moderate priced stays, cleaner toilets, the basic that tourists enjoy... not some documentaries that need to be shot 100 times over just to get that 'kodak' moment!
    If you are a regular tourist overseas, the brochure ain't what it always is nor the docummentaries too... the best guide are people who have visited the place...As a traveller myself, I didn't need HULU or those fancy websites to impress me. I log on to individual hotels, etc and my decision is based on how well they market themselves as well as travellers feedback.
    Tourism Malaysia should develop a portal for tourists to give their feedback or are they afraid of feeback?
    To me it's a SHEER WASTE of money that will go into some foreigner pockets.. TM isn't tourism malaysia, it's throwing money away!
    In the end it is a DOT CON scam. As some commentators said, get the IT and those who are in the know to give feeback... not as always HIDE and shroud in secrecy again!
    Back to YouTube I supposed.

  65. Hey Guys.. remember the RM500million London Sport complex. This RM36Million ahh what it just a peanut.We are used to it. Put one peanut in your mouth then spit it out the window. One peanut is RM1mil therefore 36 spit and there you go RM36mil. Get used to it man!

  66. Anonymous1:51 am

    Kerajaan Belanja RM140 Juta Bayar Pencen Minimum RM720 Kepada 75,000 Pesara

    KUALA LUMPUR, 10 Sept (Bernama) - Kerajaan akan membelanjakan RM140 juta bagi pemberian pencen minimum RM720 kepada 75,000 pesara yang telah berkhidmat sekurang-kurangnya 25 tahun, kata Presiden Persatuan Pesara Kerajaan Datuk Paduka Raja Wan Mahmood Pawanteh.

    Wan Mahmood memberitahu Bernama kenaikan itu akan berkuatkuasa mulai 1 Jan 2009 seperti yang dibentangkan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi pada Bajet 2009 baru-baru ini.

    "Kenaikan itu dibuat secara automatik seperti yang diperuntukkan dalam Bajet 2009, contohnya bagi pesara yang sekarang mendapat pencen RM700, jumlah ini akan dinaikkan RM20 bagi mencapai paras pemberian pencen minimum (RM720).

    Kadar kenaikan pencen ini berbeza-beza mengikut paras pencen yang mereka perolehi pada masa sekarang," katanya.

    Beliau berkata, berdasarkan statistik, jumlah pendapatan yang kurang daripada RM569 di Semenanjung Malaysia dikategorikan sebagai di bawah paras kemiskinan manakala bagi Sarawak pula kurang daripada RM650 dan Sabah (RM680).

    Sehubungan itu, katanya, dengan kenaikan pencen minimum RM720 itu pesara kini boleh dianggap tidak lagi berada di bawah paras kemiskinan.

    "Sebelum ini, ramai pesara hidup di bawah paras kemiskinan dan dengan kenaikan jumlah pencen itu pada Jan depan, ia diharap dapat memberikan sedikit kelegaan kepada para pesara," katanya.

    Katanya, persatuan yang mewakili 600,000 pesara kerajaan di seluruh negara menyanjung tinggi keprihatinan kerajaan itu termasuk pemberian 100 peratus pencen kepada balu atau duda anggota perkhidmatan awam yang meninggal dunia dalam perkhidmatan.

    Wan Mahmood turut menyeru kerajaan mempertimbangkan imbuhan kepada pesara kerajaan sepertimana anggota perkhidmatan kerajaan lain yang memperolehi bonus tahun ini termasuk menaikkan kos sara hidup atau COLA.

    Ketika membentangkan Bajet 2009 pada 29 Ogos lepas, Abdullah mengumumkan bahawa pesara kerajaan yang berkhidmat sekurang-kurangnya 25 tahun akan menerima pencen tidak kurang daripada RM720 sebulan mulai 1 Jan tahun depan bagi menghargai jasa pesara, dan bagi membantu pesara berpendapatan rendah yang menghadapi kesukaran untuk menampung sara hidup harian.

    Sementara itu, Presiden Persatuan Bekas Tentera Malaysia Datuk Mohamad Abdul Ghani berkata kerajaan perlu memberi kenaikan pencen kepada anggota Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) untuk meringan bebanan mereka.

    Katanya, sehingga kini masih terdapat bekas-bekas tentera yang menerima pencen minimum RM280 yang terdiri daripada mereka yang telah berjasa kepada negara ketika zaman perang dan telah berkhidmat sekurang-kurangnya 21 tahun.

    "Mereka ini telah berjuang semasa zaman perang dulu, saya menyeru agar kerajaan dapat membuat satu dasar baru bagi membantu bekas-bekas tentera yang banyak berjasa kepada negara dengan pemberian pencen yang setimpal dengan jasa mereka seperti pencen minimum RM720," katanya.

    Menurutnya, bekas tentera ini tiada sumber kewangan lain selain daripada pencen yang diperolehi setiap bulan. "Wang pencen yang tidak mencukupi menyebabkan Jabatan Hal Ehwal Veteran ATM perlu memberi sedikit sumbangan kepada bekas tentera ini bagi meringankan beban mereka.

    Sumber - BERNAMA


    Pesara Anggota Lain-lain Pangkat ATM Terima Pencen Minimum RM720 Sebulan

    KUALA LUMPUR, 10 Sept (Bernama) -- Bekas anggota lain-lain pangkat Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) kini boleh tersenyum gembira kerana kerajaan telah bersetuju memberi pencen minimum RM720 sebulan kepada mereka yang telah bersara selepas berkhidmat sekurang-kurangnya 21 tahun.

    Kementerian Kewangan dalam satu kenyataan hari ini berkata perkara itu adalah bagi menghargai jasa pesara ATM dan membantu pesara berpendapatan rendah yang menghadapi kesukaran kerana kos sara hidup yang semakin meningkat.

    Menurut kenyataan itu lagi, perkara itu adalah hasil keputusan Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Kabinet Mengenai Perjawatan dan Gaji Pekerja-Pekerja Sektor Awam yang telah diadakan pada 9 Sept.

    Selain itu, ia juga merupakan tambahan kepada kemudahan yang diumumkan dalam Bajet 2009 bahawa pesara kerajaan termasuk bekas pegawai ATM yang berkhidmat sekurang-kurangnya 25 tahun dibayar pencen minimum dengan jumlah yang sama mulai 1 Jan tahun hadapan.

    Sumber - BERNAMA

  67. Anonymous8:53 am

    1) No plugins required: everyone can access the TMtv. If you can watch youtube which gets billions of views per month, you can watch the TMtv --

    correction, to watch Youtube you require a plugin. The Plugin is called Flash.

    2)Why not use google videos http://video.google.com/

    you can put up hours of video. Fast and efficient. As a bonus your video will available in Youtube search engine.

    And you can access via mobile too.

    When you have no money, act like one.

    You think this TMtv is expensive?, how about the same thing or less with the price tag of RM99 million!

    Yes it is fully operational (un operational) from Kementerian Pendidikan.

    I am involve directly with this project. There were four shortlisted companies in the tender process. The company that got selected is the company that didn't participate in the tender.

    It was awarded using direct-nego.

    The company that got the project is the company under Hishamuddin group of advisers companies.

    Go and visit this site www.eduwebtv.com tell me whether it worth RM99 milion.

    Talk about The Emperor's New Clothes.

  68. Anonymous11:39 am

    Concept may sound interesting, but is it something we really need? Seriously, technology moves so fast these days, by the time the whole project gets setup and ready to fire up, the technology may already be obsolete. And that RM36mil, is it just capex? What about opex? How are they going to sustain it? How are they going to generate revenues? Or are they going to depend on taxpayers' money again since it's a 'govt' project.

    As pointed out, HULU, or YouTube, or what-have-you, are all privately funded and their relevancy and push for success are very much compelled by ROIs expected by NBC and the other investors. Can we, the rakyat expect any ROIs and have such 'returns' subsequently trickled down to us?

    And my opinion is that this project will not succeed. Coming from Malaysia, and this fact alone, dooms it to failure especially since they attempt to target worldwide billions of audience. Why? Because of CENSORSHIP! Whatever documentaries they put out would not entirely tell everything. Ok, for pure marketing, you just highlights the best materials, but for LIVE STREAMING NEWS? No way, brother! The Malaysian authorities will be scared stiff that not-so-pleasant truth of reality will be broadcast out to the world. But the funny thing is, without this proposed project, people around the world already know a whole lot of Malaysia (both and bad), and any other countries in the world.

    Malaysians could not even sustain an initiative like the MSC and build it up to be an ever-progressing platform. That was a good idea then, and hey, we had Bill Gates and all the top IT companies sign up in the International Advisory Panel then. It could have moved us far ahead. Concept was great, but after a while, where is the committment? We have been superceded by Bangalore, and others. Gates, Intel, Sun, etc., are all no longer interested in the MSC. Everything falters after the initial brouhaha. That's because the Govt is too involved and dictates everything without realizing that the people they put in charge sorely lacks the basic knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

  69. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Jonathan - you really have a lot of time to write essays don't you. This is another reason Malaysia can't grow as fast as other countries. we just keep talking and talking. Never any work done or productive action. just talk. I'm surprised you have so much of time to be writing so much man.

    Yo, get a job for god sake ! leave this people to do theirs.

    I really do believe that this blog is an absolute model for how blogs can be used to talk illogical things without knowing anything about the topic.

    although, i'll may be deemed as talking nonsense if the project is a failure. So TMtv guys, make sure that you use this opportunity to humiliate these haters.

  70. Anonymous1:55 pm

    another words of wisdom


    "So what the crap as one commentator said is 'Platform and network independent? Stupid you still need some platform and network to broadcast your documentaries."

    Are you kidding me man. go read a book man. I heard that Malaysians don't have a reading habit. That is why you are talking like this. Try to take some time to learn a few things instead of talking s**t. Don't be afraid to ask question. if you are, you will be ignorant forever.

  71. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Jonathan = As some commentators said, get the IT and those who are in the know to give feeback... not as always HIDE and shroud in secrecy again!
    Back to YouTube I supposed.

    Try typing in malaysia in youtube.com and see what comes up. 80% will be scary stories like racist things or riots. Do you think tourists will come here after they see that. Use your head man.

    We are absolutely lucky that the TMtv guys are smart enough to think about all these things.

    TMtv guys, dont listen to the negativity here. I'm sure these clown would have said that KLCC was a waste of time before it was built as well. Haters will always be haters. carry on with the good work and make sure this thing actually materialize.

  72. Anonymous2:05 pm

    eh jonathan, u open up the kuew tiaw stall lah. we will all come over for supper. ahahhaha.


  73. Anonymous2:11 pm

    hi guys, i do think that we are a tad bit wrong in this matter. first of all, it was false reporting. what was reported earlier was wrong. now everyone is making up stories. do we really know anything about this thing to be talking negatively about it. I don't know guys, i love development and i feel that we need more of it in Malaysia. it makes me proud when i go to a country like Japan and when i say i'm from Malaysia, they know about our beautiful country.

  74. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Everyone keeps talking about Youtube and how good it is...has anyone actually typed 'Malaysia' to see what is the results?? Out of the 20 results shown,19 are bad comments on Malaysia and only 1 is about Visit Malaysia which is like in the middle. So imagine which tourist would come to Malaysia if it was just based on videos on youtube. Youtube is good for kids to pose their daily crap but if u ask me..at a corporate n professional lever...it just don’t work. So if these guys are actually spending some money to come up with something that MIGHT just help Malaysia than I don’t see anything bad in it. I was down in Myanmar 2 months back and meet a German chap there, when asked I told him that I was from Malaysia..straight away he gave that look “where the f..k is Malaysia” I had to continue by saying “it’s the peninsular beside the tiny island of Singapore”. Till now people in the developed countries still don’t know much about Malaysia…so which better way to get to these modern and developed people than videos on the internet.

  75. Anonymous3:20 pm

    I know many people are not happy with the fact that many project have not come through and were not as they were promised…but lets not forget that many project have come through and we have food on our plates everyday…compared to some people in other countries which don’t even have that…so I guess Malaysia have done SOMETHINGS right also. From what I understand it’s a one year deal with way way less cost than what’s being said, so lets look into the first 6 months and see what this TMtv is all about and than we can let loose our comments.

  76. Anonymous6:24 pm

    The whole tourism industry needs a complete revamp.

    But that does not mean getting rid of good personnel like showing the door to the Director General just because he subscribes to a different policy of not giving in to inexperienced bosses.

    The poor DG rose from rank and file and had to report to bosses who know next to nothing about the Tourism Industry and its workings. All the bosses know is to 'go for a holiday'.

    Trust me, I know a lot more than those blind shooters. I served the industry from 1977 till 1990 and was part of the pioneering few.

    I am still 'within the industry' and can tell you exactly who can or cannot work in the tourism authorities.

    The setting up of the Ministry of Tourism is a complete waste of resources and funds. Since the Ministry was set up, there has been duplication of efforts, too many decision makers and less dedicated workforce.

    Round up the oldies like Baharuddin Musa, Abdullah Jonid and their team and see what they could do. They were the pioneers and were budget stricken in the early days but, they built the industry for others to just warm the seats!

    Enough said.

  77. Anonymous9:03 am

    What's so hard to get? It's not 36 million!

    T.S. Reader

  78. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Hey gang,

    There is no such company called TMTV for the project. It is proposed by a company called ufl.com.my. Check out their website and you'll see why this proposal is questionable. ( read: bollocks)

    While they may make it sound so special and new, theres nothing spectacular. another way of blowing hot air to the ministry in exchange for millions.

    I will contact Tourism Malaysia regarding this even if they may already know about it. Enough of so-called IT experts milking their way into the rakyats money.

    nowadays got Internet, dont play play...

  79. Anonymous1:06 pm

    whoaaa..patutlaaaa. Good job !!