Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Spin or an Outright Lie?

The two stories reproduced here are essentially the same Bernama news article: the first appeared on Bernama on-line and the second one lifted from there and published by the NST On-Line.

At the hands of NST's spin doctors, the NST On-line had one quote that the original Bernama story DID NOT:-

"Najib also said that he would not accept any nomination for the president’s post as he was commited to the succession plan."

Now, where did that come from, Kali?

p.s. For A Study on Spinning, click here.

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1) the Bernama article

2) The Bernama article in NST Online


  1. Anonymous12:32 am

    Kali posa arak tu...dia tak berapa lucid. Is that normal practice, to lift other agencies news verbatim? Shameful journalism practices we have in Malaysia.

    The last line is pretty much a lie lah. They are too lazy to spin already. Cincailah. NST is gone to the dogs. Rest In Piss.

    I wish Najib and company would go and disappear already.

    Pi mai pi mai tang tu gak....

  2. Anonymous12:33 am

    YAB Najib,

    Do you believe in the transition plan? They can't even be honest in their reporting. They don't even mind lying.

  3. Anonymous12:52 am

    This Kali character is the lowest form of life. The type who will go for the Haj to give the impression to PM that he is a holy character, then to come back and celebrate by wining.
    Similarly, what kind of Haji would be be spinning( read lying) in the NST?
    Its people like him that will cause the ultimate downfall of his political master.

  4. My take on the swapping of portfolios.

  5. Nothing is sacred anymore.

    Outright Lousy Lying Spinners...

  6. Anonymous1:15 am

    on hindsight.... i actually think there's a sudden effectiveness from UMNO to diffuse DSAI after 916... they seems to have done more in a day than they have been able to do for months....

    feels like they r outdoing themselves....could it be a puppet master's return??



    He said they have both offered themselves, now he leaves it to the divisions. Nothing more.

  8. Anonymous1:47 am

    You and TDM wrote about spin doctors today. Rocky Bru name was mentioned again by TDM in latest posting.

  9. 916+1 = A day of Change

  10. Anonymous2:28 am

    The more I see them both together in press conferences, the more they remind me about the movie "Dumb And Dumber".

    The ship is sinking yet these goonies is fighting over who is taking control.

    Why is Najib saying one thing, Pak Lah said the other? (Pak Lah said succession plan unchanged but Najib said it is up to the delegates)

    Why when the so called "wayang Anwar" suddenly become a threat?

    Why fund managers shying away when the FDI index shows improvement?

    Why can't both of you accept the facts that majority Malaysian wants you out?

    Why threatened ISA on prospective new leader with numbers?

    Be a gentlemen for a change, don't be a bunch of cowards hiding behind ISA. We need leaders with balls.

    enuff - kajang

  11. Ditto: "WHERE did that come from" ... And WHY was it there, Mr Kali?

    (BTW, had given this guy a ride from a Ku Li function in Tumpat back to KB in `93. He was with ST or Reuters then, can't remember. But I think I'll have to charge him, with 1000% per annum interest, since he's now `loaded')

    I had previously thought NST "was getting better and more open". Indeed, some of the journalists ARE that. But now this... SIGH.

  12. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Should that stop the divisions from nominating him?

    Like Umno members voting the opposition in the March 8 polls in protest, the divisions can and may still nominate Mohd Najib as a sign of protest against Abdullah.

    I think Mohd Najib has either been misquoted or he hasn't yet learned to accept the fact that the ultimate power lies with the delagates.

    What if they nominate neither Abdullah or him for the top post?

    He could be left high and dry.

    I do not discount the spin -- the Malaysian Insider is at work.

    But not at Bernama?

    Thank you.

  13. simple...its a lame lie!
    hopefully dullah wont declare a state of emergency and catch d oppostitions...he is gettin lamer n lamer by d min =(

    and free RPK N TERESSA!

  14. Anonymous3:33 am

    An OUTRIGHT lie of coz! Spin is when u make up something different from what was said.

    But, when you add a statement which never taken place at all.. it is a LIE!

    DIMWITT.. NST editor!! (who is he anyway?)

  15. Anonymous4:49 am


    About time Mr Truth gets to the bottom of this.

    Having so many untruths flying in the country is no good as it hurts the economic climate and responsible reporting/ writing.



  17. Anonymous5:40 am

    Excellent Rocky. Is this the last straw?

  18. Berbagai andaian boleh dibuat ekoran tindakan terbaru Pak Lah mengambil alih Kementerian Pertahanan dari Najib.

    Pertama ada kemungkinan Pak Lah tidak mahu Najib memperalatkan tentera untuk mengambil alih kuasa politik dari Pak Lah lebih awal dari pelan peralihan kuasa.

    Kedua, kemungkinan Pak Lah akan menggunakan kuasa tentera bagi mengatasi keadaan politik negara yang semakin gawat dan semakin tidak stabil sekarang ini, berikutan beberapa parti politik komponen BN mula hendak keluar dari BN.

    Pemerintahan tentera juga boleh digunakan bagi menghalang Pakatan Rakyat dapat memerintah melalui wakil parlimen BN yang melompat.

  19. Anonymous6:37 am

    Apapun Tahniah Datuk Najib! Ada cadangan dari Kakitangan Awam nak bagi ekonomi negara aktif dalam gawat ni. Ini formula Tun Dr Mahathir dulu2. Bagui kepala otak Tun ni. Saya ingat dia bagitau, antara cara nak bagi ekonomi dan rakyat tak susah, kita kena berbelanja. Bila berbelanja rakyat makan pun senang, org meniaga pun boleh untung dan mereka pun boleh membeli. CADANGANNYA IALAH: Bagi la bonus setengah bulan tu dulu lepas tu baru masuk gaji hujung bulan. Sekarang ni pi kedai dan pasar, org tak membeli, peniaga muka asam saja pasai org takdak duit bisnes pun tak jalan! Awat tunggu lama sangat...Datuk Najib! Jgn ikut cara Pak Lah dan Nur Yacob tu, depa berdua, semua menteri dan org meniaga tau depa hebat dari segi sapu .... Jadi Datuk Najib gunalah cara Tun berfikir untuk masa depan negara dan rakyat. Satu lagi JGN LUPA hari ini dlm MT Umno ... LAWAN TATAP LAWAN!

  20. Anonymous7:55 am

    Both are Bernama articles. No spin by NST. The one appeared in the NST website is from Bernama. However, the news agency had since updated the article with several changes (re article 1).

  21. Kalimu(xde mutu) ni cakap belit2.

    Kalau jumpa ular dgn dia, selamatkan ular tu dulu.

    Kalau ular tu ckp percayakan ular tu daripada si Kalimu(xde mutu) ni.

  22. Anonymous8:50 am

    Look into Najib face yesterday and you can tell that what he is thinking off, is 'sure, I am for the plan unless someone else says otherwise..'

  23. Anonymous9:01 am

    Never really believe the local news as it's been spun that the real truth is diluted.What happen to real professionalism in the media of this country.
    Owners of media beholding to its masters!Sheesh!!

    Green hornet

  24. Hmm....just give Najib the Ministry of Finance. He will just like a puppy...licking up his boss. I thought Najib would be smart enough. So I was wrong. The fourth (4th) floor must be laughing!!! Had he been patient for another 2/3 months he would got the whole country.

  25. Tahniah bro,

    Your name is mentioned in the last Tun Det post. You know what is post is read by ppl whole over the world. Tak caya...Singapore n British press amik statement dari blog dia la...

    Congrate n is true...klu nak tahu pasal credibility only two blogs ..u punya blog n chedet blog..

    Yang lain bias n sampah...

  26. Anonymous9:30 am

    Hi All,
    Kalimullah's nst 17 Sept - (Majority tired of the mind games Anwar is playing) refers Lim Kit Siang as wily old fox.
    Ho Ho Ho.....What a man!!! he dares to call others. What better name you call him?

    Johnny Chiam

  27. Anonymous9:45 am

    Kalau le Anwar tu ancaman kepada ekonomi, makanya Pak Dol ngan kabinetnya memang "komunis" ekonomi le. Cth harga minyak semasa:

    1 barrel (tong) = 159 liter
    1 USD = RM 3.45 (semasa)

    Harga minyak dulu = USD145 x 3.3 (masa naik) / 159 liter = RM3 – (Subsidi) RM0.30 = RM2.70

    Harga Minyak Semasa = USD92.7 per tong
    Nak senang kira = USD93 x 3.45 (Rate semasa) / 159 liter = RM2 – RM0.30 (Subsidi) = RM1.70

    Kita bayar = RM2.55/liter
    Harga tanpa subsidi = RM2.00/liter

    Kerajaan penaya kita = RM0.55 per liter.

    Sekarang cakap siapa yang MENGANCAM ekonomi RAKYAT pulak?

  28. Anonymous10:02 am


    This Kali tak malu ke dengan anak bini dia. Satu Malaya tau dia tukang spin, even dalam bulan puasa.

    Tak penah aku jumpa orang yang tak ada intigriti angsung dan tak bertanggung jawab

    Tak malu ke dia ni.

  29. If one is part of UMNO, no amount of spinning or even real remarks will get you into trouble. UMNO chaps ( and supporters ) can even blog about accusations and voila -- it is the truth in the eye of police.

  30. Dear Rocky!

    First of all Najib never said that. His stance on the matter has always been, he will leave it to members to decide if they want to nominate him, but he will not ask them to do it! NST when Najib takes over as PM needs to be on the right track as a respectable newspaper.

  31. just like my comment blog,

    media spinning have gone overboard nowadays, until you can't read the mainstream newspapaer without that nauseated feeling.. over the news.

    it's like reading in toilet..! where you have to hold your breadth and try as much as possible to self-filter all the news that you're reading.

    Even when you turn on the TV set at your home to listen to Primetime news.., again your intelligence is insulted over too much spinning and overlly negative comment when the news feature anything that doesn't aling to pak lah, umno or BN..

    that's why ppl turn to your blog.. in hoping to read un-biased news .. and looking for another perspective.

  32. Anonymous10:36 am

    apa nak bising bro...

    actually spinning the news is one of the "sunah" inside the HADARI concept.

    Ask KJ if you don't believe....

    He's more advance... spinning the goverment money.

  33. Anonymous10:40 am

    wow, an old crook criticising the current crook. hmmm...i tot that would qualify as sedition. Why not level sedition charges against Tun?? do it la...might as well cos Dollah is going down anyway.

  34. Anonymous10:47 am

    Shame on the NST. Why do people still read that junk? It's not even suitable to wrap stinking fish in the market. I use it for my dog to poo on.

  35. Anonymous12:44 pm

    It was an after thought. Najib's men called up the paper's editors to request them to insert it.

    But another version was that some do-no-good fellow requested it to sabotage Najib to make TDM blow his top.

    Be careful of what you read these days. Too many "misquoted", "misreported" items that can get you detained under ISA.

    There are many "evil" forces at play. That's why we are in such a mess.

  36. Wah, Che Det ANGKAT enkor la, Ahirudin, dalam post dia:

    23. The bloggers have attracted a huge number of supporters with Rocky Bru having more than six million hits.

    Ni yang buat aku dengki ni...
    Eh, tak baik; bulae posa...

  37. Rocky

    When it comes to UMNO, history has shown that No2 does not mean ticket to Premiership.

    None will ever know who Abdullah might be in favour of, can always hand it over to someone else after party elections.

    We'll await the showdown ke ke ke

  38. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Apa kata ahli Umno dan pembaca NST start buat laporan POLIS terhadap NST kerana 'MENYEBARKAN BERITA PALSU dan MENIMBULKAN KERESAHAN DIKALANGAN RAKYAT". Tak salah kan?

    At least kita mungkin dapat tahu siapa sebenarnya 'pelacur' dlm NST yg melacurkan suratkhabar itu.

    Ok ker? Ada orang Umno yg berani bertindak ker? Kita ber-arak ramai-ramai buat laporan polis, lepas tu kita buat protes secara aman di-Jalan Riong.

    Lepas tu kita pi berbuka puasa kat Mahbob. ok ?

    Kita jumpa di Balai Polis Brieckfields pukul 4 petang ini.

  39. Anonymous3:44 pm

    "...bang, ..bang ! tell him cepat sikit lah...tak tahan lagi ! mau jadi 1stlady & renovate the bilik tidur b4 raya lah...bang, bang...
    CEPAT lah !!"

  40. Anonymous5:10 pm

    rocky, i was reliably informed the 4th floor boys were at work again during the so-called meeting between pm and dpm to discuss the transition plan on sept 16. photos of pm and dpm appeared in the papers a day later.

    apparently pm's press sec by the name of teoh took a picture of pm and dpm with a third party in attendance to discuss about a book. the photo was immediately sent to bernama which reported the 2010 transition plan would proceed as planned. now that's a real spin whereas it was not discussed at all. how low can the 4th floor boys go? lower ground?

    can you verify this?

  41. Anonymous8:27 am

    yeah, can u verify? - Itam

  42. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Know the Difference: Transition, not Handover.
    For the moment, the UMNO leadership crisis appears to have been averted with the announcement of the cabinet portfolio swap between Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Deputy Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. As recently as last week, analysts and commentators were anticipating Najib to make a move on the Presidency before the year’s end. And why would they not? After UMNO Vice President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin rekindled the debate about Abdullah’s position, Najib appeared to position himself for an assault on the post when he remarked that the divisions should decide for themselves when the transition should occur – essentially informing that he was more than ready to receive nominations for the post of Party President.

    But with the portfolio swap, Najib may not see a need to gun for the Presidency – and by implication Premiership of the country – so soon. Notwithstanding the fact that a transition of power is, as Abdullah quipped, a process and not something carried out overnight, Abdullah must be credited for such a bold move. Skeptics have characterised it as a calculated political decision to neutralise any potential threat from Najib. Political considerations there definitely were, but by paving the way for Najib to take helm of the Ministry of Finance, Abdullah has also demonstrated magnanimity and sincerity to groom his successor for the top job in 2010.

    Being Prime Minister with little experience in managing the country’s economy will likely prove a mammoth task for anyone. And as it turns out, Najib is no ordinary figure with an ordinary past. With ample ammunition for the Opposition to take aim at his credibility – the SAS (Sukoi, Altantunya, Submarine) scandals spring to mind as illustrations – a Najib administration could use a head-start in spearheading economic recovery at a time when global financial uncertainty is affecting countries in this region, too.. It is further also to Najib’s convenience that the Budget for the year 2009 has just been announced with much of the implementation left for him to oversee. As such, Najib does not have the baggage of others’ inefficiency to contend with – a prevalent concern whenever an economic plan is carried out.

    As things, at least for the time being, cool down with regards to any contest for the Presidency of UMNO, it would be interesting to see Tun Dr.. Mahathir’s next move. Commanding a yet formidable following, his end-game for quite a while now is to unseat Abdullah as Prime Minister. His peculiar friendships with Tengku Razaleigh, Muhyiddin and Najib are telling – those individuals are all nothing more than instruments to his ultimate goal: the downfall of Abdullah.

    Ultimately, Abdullah’s supporters will hope that the PM’s move will be repaid with loyalty by Najib. Even to many who may not be Abdullah’s biggest fans are wary of the damage that an open contest will cause the party. Even they would gladly take two more years of Abdullah over the prospect of an internal split that will likely occur should we witness a repeat of the embarrassment suffered by the late Tun Ghafar Baba at the hands of a ruthless Machiavellian by the name of Anwar Ibrahim.