Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Raya greeting card for an ISA detainee

This picture of this old Hari Raya card of a dad and his only son, who was only eight then, was taken more than 6 years ago.

That's how long the father has been taken away from the son. By OUR government.

Laila, the ISA detainee wife, who blogs at Merah Hitam, says her husband would be spending his seventh Hari Raya at Kamunting this year.

She has asked you to please send Eid greeting cards to the ISA detainee. Click here for the address.


  1. Anonymous7:16 am


    The ISA is an afront to human rights and all of humanity. If all PR does is just to abolish the ISA and other draconian laws then the change of government would have been well worth it.


  2. Anonymous8:22 am

    sad to read this articles. Stop and please stop. This is how BN rule the country

    zamri, ex-umno

  3. Salam bro rock,

    Really sad to see the card...

    Isk..isk..isk...I almost tear (this is really serious). Instead of fighting for Theresa Kok and RPK by the united chinese, and HINDRAF by united indian. Why we malay just keep quite with our bro's who suspect to be the taliban member but still detained in ISA without trial.

    This becoz of previous admin want to please with the US and afraid that our country is protacting the terrorist. But the prob is for so many years they should be trial in the court. These guys I heard also that they are not involved in the Afgan war with US but the war with USSR.

    May Allah protect them and their family.

  4. Anonymous9:40 am

    BN.. hearts of stone!

  5. Anonymous9:49 am

    One of more reason why i hate ISA! They denied not only the detainees right.. but also their family, their kids to be precise, to have a healthy loving family!! DIMWITT!!

  6. Anonymous10:00 am

    The ISA is a very cruel and inhumane law. As Zaid Ibrahim have said it was a British colonial legacy originally meant for the Communist terrorists way back before Merdeka Day ... Wali Kota

  7. Now Rocky!

    This I cannot take and accept! The government must release this guy before Hari Raya and Pak Lah must ask himself whether this guy is really a threat to the system. I want him to be released now before Hari Raya!

  8. Anonymous10:58 am

    Most of us feel sympathy etc to ISA detainees without questioning why they are arrested under thing that i can never tolerate is that when a person humiliates our country (for example HINDRAF), playing with race and religion issue (for example HINA ISLAM) and giving threats to our national security (for example AL MAUNAH)...we should ask first 'why' before we feel sympathy to the ISA detainees.I 100% SUPPORT ISA.

  9. Anonymous11:17 am


    It is time they let this man go home. Seven years is too long.

    I think this is one of those left over 'jemaah' or 'mujahidin' cases from the 9-11 era. Maybe the people handling his file just plain forgot about this man.

    I hope they will let him go. We are Malaysians. This is not our style of doing things.

    There was a Free Theresa campaign launched y'day by the DAP with Zaid also attending.

    Bro where is the Free RPK campaign?

  10. Breaks my heart to see that the ones suffering most would always be the spouses and their children bro.

  11. Anonymous12:01 pm

    ISA = Insensible Stoopit Assault !


  13. Bro,
    From the latest indication,UMNO-Bn evil regime will start another round of ISA against those WHO IS THE THREAT TO UMNO-BN SECURITY AND UMNO-BN CROONIES ECONOMY.I really hope that DSAI can seek audience with DYMM Agong since the sleepy goon is adamant not to see him.
    Malaysia is doom if UMNO still in power.

  14. Anonymous1:37 pm


    try to think about those that will be celebrating raya in peace and don't die needlessly due to the caught up of those terrorist using ISA. How about that..

    or maybe u should think about the daughters and childrens of those who didn't die due to the preventive actions taken by the police among the bigots and religious extremist.

    maybe u should realize that in Malaysia we want to live in peace.

  15. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Kalau u tak salah , u wont be in ISA .

    And Basho , why not abolish all the laws in the country not only ISA . Let this be a lawless country . ! Isnt stupid of u basho to say that !!

    N Rocky ... wah Tun puji kau dalam blog -nya....!!!

    Pro-ISA to retain some order in the country!

  16. Anonymous3:39 pm

    hey ! 'bin Al-bar" siapakah NEXT ah !? (niamahxx)

  17. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Ah... the forgotten men.