Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Malaysia arrests another blogger

update: "The policemen were nice enough to play along with us when we had to tell our four children that their father was going to KL for work." - from Nuraina A. Samad, who spoke to Sheih's wife, Bariah, here.

Original posting:

Sheih Kickdefella. Police arrested blogger Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz a.ka. Sheih Kickdefella in Kota Bharu, Kelantan today. He is believed to have been taken to Bukit Aman, KL.
The arrest is said to have been made under the Sedition Act.

No further details are available.

Sheih told me last night he was told the police were looking for him. "Someone who claimed to be a cop came to the office. I missed them by a whisker".

He said he was not going to run from the law. "If they ask me to go to the police station, I will go."

Sheih's blog. h e r e.


  1. Anonymous5:45 pm






  2. Anonymous5:51 pm

    So looks like there is hunt to get all the bloggers now...

  3. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Because of the flag? I'm sure it is not under ISA...

  4. Anonymous5:54 pm

    OH NO!

    But why????????????

    I just left a comment on his blog earlier today!!!!

    This IS TOO MUCH!!!!!

  5. watt??
    another blogger?


  6. wat??? another blogger got arressted?>

  7. Anonymous6:16 pm

    We small businessman in malaysia hopes that the Big Brother will be focussing on how to assist the locals business to survive and not just focussing the trivial and small issues which can make the situation worst.

  8. Anonymous6:22 pm


    Mr Lobak Lobak

  9. Ye.... finally the wolf shows its tail.....

  10. Rocky,
    Heard from his wife that they detained him under the Sedition Act without any warrant of arrest.
    It seems blogging is a dangerous activity in Malaysia.

  11. Anonymous6:33 pm


    Mungkin kena tangkap sebab paparkan kenyataan Tok Guru yang ditarik oleh 'tangan hitam' dalam Harakah. Kenyataan berkaitan dengan Mustapha Ali.



  12. He is now at Bukit Aman.

  13. Anonymous6:43 pm

    ISA or did he have other things for them to stick??

  14. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Our prayers are with you sheih!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Desperado ni. This is what I call total desperation and an unmitigated foolhardy. Must they fear like that though they say "they won't meet him"? Must they detain poor, hapless bloggers who are simply writing their own stories? Ish! When will the Utusan unrefined bigots hered to Kamuting? Subhanallah!

  17. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Why dont they arrest all bloggers,,senang cerita,,!!!

    Negara sedang menuju kehancuran,,SAPP out of BN,,Lagi ramai akan ikut,,Ngapa ta'percaya DSAI,,now the bodowi says"Anwar a threat to the nation",,,what about Che Det reguest the UMNO,,MCA,Gerakan jatuhkan Bodowi,,

    Kasi tangkap ISA,,Mahathir & DSAI.


  18. Bro,
    Hope this is NOT another ISA operation to get rid of bloggers that oppose UMNO-BN gov.
    As we all said,UMNO is desperate and PDRM being use as tool to safe guard their interest.

  19. Anonymous7:04 pm

    MasyaALLAH, another one. I know him personally. Last met him quite sometime ago. Yes,at Perdana L'ship Foundation. We were there.

    Bro Monty, what say you about this. I hope he is prepared for this. You have been mentioning about this on few occasions.

    A real test of KESABARAN in this Holy Month of Ramadhan.

  20. Our polis seem to have too much time on their hands. They complain short-staffed when crime rates rise but have enough staff (like 10) when it comes to arresting the ordinary folks. What's wrong with our country?

  21. Sheih was right when saying Malaysia going downwards like Myanmar....

    All because UMNO appointed Pak Benggap Lah as their Leader to run Malaysia!

    Holy SH*T!

  22. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Well, thats what you get for flying the flag upside down! Thank god you were against that in the first place Rock. But anyway, a crackdown is underway and Anal bin Ibrahim should top the list!

  23. salam bro,

    Nyatakanlah kebenaran sekalipun ia pahit utk diterima atau ditelan-dedikasi bg pencintai keamanan

  24. Anonymous8:19 pm

    I am scared, when are they coming for us?

    I am leaving this country for good!

    But am I good enough for UMNO to arrest me?

    I wish I am good enough but I scare I am good enough too!

    I dont want to spend time in jail being harassed. I have heard of people being sodomize in jail.

  25. Anonymous8:30 pm

    The authorities did not use the ISA to detain him, did they?

    Just a few days ago someone had gone on record assuring that no further arrests would be made using the ISA.

  26. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Ala Rocky tu rapat with Khairy and Mukhriz, gerenti tak kena arrest...

  27. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Aku harap Che Det kena heret lepas ni... bukan main hebat dia menyemarakkan perpecahan kaum dengan blog dier

  28. Yo Bro,

    Looks like the heat is on bloggers now after the ISA fiasco.

    BN will keep up the pressure for the moment, perhaps till the UMNO divisional meetings are done, to create the perception of control.

    Btw put up another pic of Sheih lah bro. Yang hang letak gambaq dia pegang senapang tu apa hal? Macam nak cari pasal je.

  29. Anonymous8:59 pm

    lu angkat 5+1..sekalang lu mau angkat semua..mana bolih kasi senang-senang loi!

    -kerajaan rimba

  30. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Sheih's made a grave mistake. He acknowledge his deed but showed no remorse. He not only refuse to apologise but took them on.

    PAS sympathiser, Bakaq Penarik Beca made a similar offense but is humble enough to his mistake and poor judgement to apologise for his actions.

    But Sheih was damn arrogant and plain stupid. I pity for writers/bloggers/journalist under duress for such offence.

    Remember the law may seemed immoral to some, but it is legal!

  31. Anonymous9:32 pm

    If he's detained under seditious act due to fly the flag upside down, why police took ages to detain him?? The news already outdated! or BASI...must be somebody has just woke up from a deep sleep...Kickdefella must have kicked him really hard hahahaha

  32. Bro Rocky.

    As a blogger, though not of the kind like RPK and Kickdefella, I say this:-

    SAY NO TO BN-ism & UMNO-ists

    We are being treated akin to being communist terrorists! WHO'S NEXT?!

  33. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Dear Rocky
    Today PakLah our Mr Clean (or rather Mr Cling to power) telah memberi amaran bahawa DS Anwar is a threat to the nation, to economy etc... and he knows how to handle him... I guess he's hinting of giving DS Anwar the lethal ISA prescription...adding to the list of people joining ISA Club..... Desperate act?

    Just Mel

  34. I think they should attack the porn sites instead, for they only corrupt the minds of many. As for bona-fide bloggers, they provide us with alternative news and views, it is entirely up to us distinguish right from wrong.

    Long live genuine bloggers,and love live freedom of speech

  35. Anonymous10:02 pm

    By doing proves Sheih was right. The country IS in distress!

  36. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Bro Rocky
    Hope you are not scared like anwar said, lawan tetap lawan.

    dear anon 5.45pm
    you should say
    Pls be more malaysian, malaysia. Not racist.

  37. Rocky,

    Truthfully, I prefer your blog as compared to Kickdefella's. You are more level headed.

    I am not in support of Kickdefella's detention. And I hope that Kickdefella will not be detained for long.

    BTW, surpassed the your blog's number of hits today. But I think Mahathir also likes reading your blog. Your blog really rocks!

  38. Anonymous10:31 pm

    batu ganas,
    nasib kamu kroni Ameno tidak kalu sudah join 'sepakepala' d bt Aman.

  39. Anonymous10:44 pm

    This is no more about flying the flag upside down or what the government term as racial sentiments.

    This is about the survival of UMNO. The TRUTH hurt them so much that they are now looking for people to spread their arm of fear.

    Q.Last time when racial sentiments were played, they cared not, why now?

    A. cause now they don't even have the support from the people that supported them before because we, Malaysians have learned through the hard way of their lies and deception.

    Now is not the time to be fearing them, but to fight to free us from all the bull**** of racialism, corruption, and FEAR.

    Hold you hands together brothers and sister, and pray, hold true to the principle of Good and we might, with all our might, steer ourselves out of this dark moment.

    Malaysia for Malaysians (not Malays,Chinese,Indians or what they call us).

  40. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Memang patut dia ni kena. Takda hal, dia pergi carik pasal. Suka2 hati dia je nak buat bendera macam tu. Ni bukan negara Isketambola yang boleh dia buat suka2 hati dia je.

  41. Anonymous11:09 pm

    The flag is just an excuse. Everyone knows what the imbeciles are up to.

    If flying the flag upside down is seditious, the idiots who are making the country a worldwide joke should be locked away forever.

  42. Bro.Danalli...I have warned him few times...but he will not listen.
    What matters most how to get him out.
    Few of us are discussing....and bottom line is raise funds for bail.
    I have committed RM500.
    I think maximum should be RM5000.
    I believe Rocky and Amin Iskandar are planning things.
    Tomorrow..they will go to Bukit Aman.
    It is the opinion....Sheih will be locked up for at least three night...four days...just like Bakaq...then released on bail.
    Seriously speaking...I don't think Rocky has anything to worry about.
    If he is next....then few should follow him.
    Burt if UMNO is basing on popularity and influential bloggers....that is against them...then..yes Rocky can be next.
    I am sure Rocky is smart enough to understand that.
    Lets hope not.

  43. polis "nice enough" to play along?

    that was horrifically funny.

    "sayang2, uncle nak bawa ayah pergi KL makan angin ek? nanti tahun depan ke....5 tahun lagi uncle hantar ayah balik, k...uncle janji tak patah kaki dia atau buat dia mengaku komunis atau terrorist kat TV atau suratkhabar, k?"

  44. Anonymous12:01 am

    I suggest we all shut up for now and go offline for a long time. Go watch some dvd haram or play chess or hang out at the local mamak ke. There's no such thing as total freedom of speech lah. The police and govt fear no one, least of all bloggers and they may have good reasons to arrest people, so let's not think they're wrong to do it. That's being too naive and ignorant. I bet those with the upside down flags on their blogs are quivering in their shoes tonite. Apa nak buat Sheikh dah nasib badan you memang biadap. Pity your kids. Good luck

  45. Dear Rocky and bloggers,

    I am writing to you as a person (fellow malaysian) to another malaysian.

    I don’t expect you to agreed, disagreed or even reply at all. But I do hope to have 5 minutes of your time to read this email, the rest is up to you.

    We (as simple citizen) are appalled by the current economic and political situation of our country. Even more important what the future holds for our children and country. We will not be a bystander and let the event takes it own course. I believe that each individual person can make a different. Kudos to what the different Malaysian Bloggers have achieved so far.

    I would like to believe that time is ripe for collaborative politic (back to basic) where power is at the hand of each individual and not government or political party. The traditional power pyramid will/have being inverse - where the bottom of the
    pyramid yield sufficient power to lead the ‘top’ of the pyramid. This should be/is the essence of democracy.( however, the flaw of democracy is that it is never fair, because it assume we are all playing at a level playing field. which is not always the case….)

    Anyway, today this era is made possible by technology (internet), a growing number of emancipated’(maturing mind and knowledge)’ of citizen and current desperate’ situation. This is marked by the growing group of blogger/activist.

    However, as you know the challenge of such collaborative interaction is that each individual are free to do what they want/believe in. Hence, the challenge is to ‘focus’ or orient the different effort to ensure that the ‘majority’ is working together/toward ONE similar goal.

    To cut it short, I believe the time is ripe to structure such effort to channel this ‘energy’ (reduce the waste of energy from each individual) to build the future of Malaysia. I believe we can do this by ‘creating’ a formal/informal group that do not have any political, race or religion biases with only ONE objective that is move the country forward. Where the support/legit is so important that it can influence the direction of the country (or any government or political party for that matter). This can be some sort of think tank or NGO(what ever make sense) where ideas, new policy, project are debated/voted/clarify - by the individual citizen (free from any hidden agenda, etc..).

    The idea is to start this at a grass root level with the blogger community. I will send the same each to different active blogger.

    Let me know your thoughts on this and whether you are interested to collaborate to take this further? write to



  46. Anonymous12:10 am

    (heha) :
    ISA = Insensible Stoopit Assault !
    But..But, the botak : " I Suka Act"

  47. Anonymous12:13 am

    ISA is KIV for the moment cos Zaid Ibrahim has checkmate Dollah. He is now Defence Minister. Just read the various foreign news in the internet and you will see that Malaysia is definately on the way to another Myanmar ... Wali Kota

  48. @Edi? 8:19 PM
    I dont want to spend time in jail being harassed. I have heard of people being sodomize in jail.

    I've been in twice (drug-related) - Penang & Pengkalan Chepa. Plus `Pusat' too (twice) for good measure.

    Yes and No ... It depends a lot on your "willingness level"
    It's NOT like "Shawshank Redemption".

  49. I risk antagonising the majority here but I must say this: If it's under the Seditions Act, with bail given and NOT the ISA, then I feel we should remain calm for now and not over-react.

    (Yes, I know it's not me being detained here. And YES, I've been detained before too, thank you, so I KNOW what it feels like)

    For there will be a trial here, unlike ISA. But I must say there's another "added value" for the government in doing this, trial or not: Intimidating and scaring other bloggers and journalists.

    BTW, as for Rocky Bru (Ahirudin): I don't think you'll be detained, don't worry. I feel you have not been partisan, and was/is "fair enough" with your posts.

  50. Anonymous1:05 am

    padan muka sheih,

    nilah harga yg perlu ko bayar drp kempen terbalikkan jalur gemilang ko tu......!!!!


  51. Anonymous3:40 am

    The question is.. Kelantan Police said that they knew nothing about the arrest!
    Even Kak Bariah (Sheih's wife) told the media, the "policemen" came with a private car, in premant outfitt, and said that Sheih is going to be taken to KL. Could he be kidnapped? He once told us that PEKIDA want to harm him....(?)

  52. Rocky, kalau lu kena ISA, gua ambik cuti.

    Pinjam kamera, eh?

  53. "I think they should attack the porn sites instead, for they only corrupt the minds of many."


    Oh, sorry. Ter-melayu kejap.

    Ehem.What the hell? Porn sites corrupt the mind of one, and ONE only. ME.

  54. Call him what u may but Kickdefella has raised legitimate issues.

    However I am quite surprised when he blogged about hidden hands playing their role in blanking the news about Tuan Guru Nik Aziz's comments on the so called "personal views" of Mustapha Ali.

    Apart from that, I love his photography...especially on the collection of Tuan Guru Nik Aziz.

    I did not see any sensitive issue that he raised in his blog and he is entitle to his opinions as he never demands the readers to accept his opinions.

    In fact he use his blog to raise awareness to the needy around us when he launched charity drives to help the poor...

    Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

  55. Anonymous8:24 am

    i like to suggest to police especially syed hamid - caught ALL BLOGGERS!!! this is the best way to settle the political problem

    zamri, ex-umno

  56. Anonymous8:51 am

    Malaysia di bawah Mahathir nampak lebih mulia dari sekarang.

    How long do they want to deny defeat? Nak guna kuasa apa lagi?


  57. Anonymous8:58 am

    Salam semua

    Ada kah ini dikatakan negara aman dan mengamalkan demokrasi???

    Kebebasan suara rakyat di tindas....!!

    ISA disalah guna oleh pentadbiran AAB.... pena dianggap senjata dan penulis di anggap komunis yang bahaya.

  58. who's next?

    jom main teka-teka nak?

    makin lama makin sewel.. malang tul sewel dalam bulan yg mulia ni..

  59. Anonymous12:05 pm

    (heha) : sinchiew & mr. bin ALbar
    have referred sheikh as "kicktheSeller" lah !!

  60. If u have not done nothing wrong..dont worry be happy..unless u have something really really big in yr head..then Kickdefella ..u better watch out..
    So the meantime relax,cool and RIP...

  61. Anonymous3:50 pm

    " hey ! bin albar, siapakah NEXT !?"

  62. Anonymous4:29 pm


  63. do something.. and lets hope he is safe.


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