Monday, September 08, 2008

Pre-16/9 SMS

Bru: Everyone's doing his/her countdown to Sept 16, the day Anwar Ibrahim says he will topple the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. This sms is part of the fever that's sending shivers down our collective spine. This one's about how the anxiously-anticipated defection of BN MPs to PR for the sake of 16/9 would reduce cosniderably the Malay-Muslim representation in the new PR government. Sms received last night after buka:
Sebarkan: BN: 140 Kerusi (MP Islam - 89 kerusi; MP bukan Islam - 51) Pakatan: 82 kerusi (MP Islam - 43 kerusi; MP bukan Islam - 39) Katalah jadi 30 yg lompat, semua bukan Islam, maka kerusi Pakatan 43 MP Islam & 69 MP bukan Islam..jika 30 yg lompat, 5 Islam 25 bukan, maka Pakatan jadi 48 MP Islam & 64 bukan Islam..jika inilah yg Anwar kehendaki, maka dia akan memusnah Islam & Melayu di M'sia..kita berdoa agar ia hanya impian kosong & Allah lindungi BN.


Anonymous said...

Sdr Rocky,

Thank you to the SMS sender for his thought and to you for sharing it with us. Anwar is a friend. But he's also Machivellian.

I like him as a friend but fear him as a leader. We have seen his machinization when he was DPM. His croonism and nepotism, and his manipulation of the media.

The answer, unfortunately, in not in Anwar or Pakatan Rakyat but in a strong Umno. Remove Abdullah and Najib, I am confident Umno will regroup, recover and be accepted once again by the people.

Beware of Anwar's sweet talking. I love him as friend. But this isn't about friendship.

A Friend.

Anonymous said...

What a load of tosh...

elvis bin laden

Anonymous said...

Thats no problem as long as the leadership is Malay Muslim which is representive of the majority.

One must remember that this is a transitional period and like all changes, equilibrium can only be achieved after some time. As long as stability is maintained within a reasonable limit,it is a small price to pay to achieve a better Malaysia.

Again, the sms is being presumptious. What makes us think that UMNO MPs would not hop? From what I hear, there are quite a number who are fed up with the utter inability of flip-flop PM Dollah and UMNO to reform.


Anonymous said...

So I was right when I say "Malaysia is not just a multi-racial country but also multi-religious. For me, what separates us is more on the religious matters and practice and not so much on the difference s between the races." [] The malays which mostly are muslim does not fear PR just because of afraid losing the malay rights, NEP, etc but also because they fear Islam status as religion of the Federation will be affected too.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can "musnahkan" Islam but God can "musnahkan" Melayu anytime with the click of the eye.

Many ignorant Melayu are confused between Islam and Melayu being Islam .. it is Muslim, Mukmin, Muhsin ..... depends on your taqwa.

So, please remind people of that .... BTw God can even destroy the whole of creation anytime again with the click of the eye.

Anonymous said...

..certainly yes would join forces with non-muslim MPs who r determine to fight for JUSTICE n FAIRNESS rather than to associate with a bunch of thieves and crooks disguised as so-called Muslims.


Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

I think DSAI knows well the need to have more MP Islam. Perhaps there are UMNO MP Islam 'waiting' to join PKR or PAS.

BN can be effective as an opposition too!!

Unknown said...

Sorry for that stupid sms. No point kata Islam tapi syariat Islam tidak diperjuangdan tidak didokongi oleh UMNO, BN.

Berapa lama BN memerintah Pulau Pinang do bawah Gerakan, habis Melayu dan Islam dilanyak dek Gerakan, apa hang nak cakap.

Pi Jahanam dengan BN, hidup PAS.

Unknown said...

UMNO adalah hipokrit. Perlekehkan Islam. Tadi malam saya gi tazkirah yang UMNo dok haramkan masa perintah Selangor.

Ustaz tu bagus, dia kata jika kita tidka pegang dan jadikan al-Quran itu sebagai syariat, sampai bila pub masalah jenayah, rogol, RASUAHHHHH, dan 1001 penyakit dunia ni pun tak akan dapat diubati, malah kian hari kian terusk.

Ketua Menteri PP pun setuju untuk atasi masalah ni, dia cadangkan kita amalkan Amal makruf nahi mungkar.

Sekolah agama rakyat pun dia nak hidupkan semula

Umno nak komen apa?

Anonymous said...

Tak susah matematik tu, Apa kata kalau semua MP Islam BN, lompat pergi PR, selesai masalah.

mn said...

1. Untuk apa jika Pemimpin-pemimpin berkenaan Islamnya hanya pada NAMA dan IC sahaja? Tetapi hidup mereka tak pernah Islam sepenuhnya.

2. Ada yang Islam mereka hanya pada waktu siang. Bila malam tak ada sifat Islam lagi.

3. Begitu juga ada yang Islamnya hanya bila didepan orang sahaja. Bila dibelakang, sifat-sifat Islam mereka hilang.

4. DI NEGARA-NEGARA BUKAN ISLAM, PERDANA MENTERINYA BUKAN ISLAM DAN MENTERI-MENTERINYA JUGA TIADA YANG ISLAM....tetapi Islam di sana tetap terpelihara malah kehidupan masyarakat Islamnya lebih baik, aman dan sejahtera.


Anonymous said...

...kenapalah orang melayu ni lambat bertindak?
..sepatutnya orang melayu cepat2 masuk PKR agar selesai semua masalah.

Unknown said...

So, where is your comment bro?

I believe Anwar will calculate this earlier. It should be 48 jumper. 18 Muslim, 20 Non-muslim.

so it comes 61 Muslim, 59 Non-Muslim. SIMPLE Majority to Govern Malaysia and SIMPLE Majority to Muslim.

Admin said...

Siap formula tambah tolak campur bahagi....RPK juga yang boleh bergelak ketawa dengan mazhab tudung barunya!

tiamia said...

Dah tau dah perjuangan anwar dajjal tu bukan untuk bangsa melayu dan islam. Yang taksub dengan dia semuanya sama saja. Kiat jadi magsa orang gila kuasa macam dia. Semoga dia dilaknati Allah dunia akhirat.

Anonymous said...

Satu lagi project menakut-nakutkan daripada Barisan Nasional!

Tolonglah, you really think Pakatan Rakyat is a threat to the Malays? I don't think so at all.

Seriously, grow up.

Anonymous said...

Ya, kami berdoa ia tidak akan menjadi kenyataan. With pro opposition characters like RPK( yang tak solat dan minum arak itu) and all his recent articles yang menjadi-jadi menghina ISLAM, enough is enough!!.. Di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia marilah kita bedoa, bersembahyang hajat agar cita2 DSAI tidak akan tercapai.

Anonymous said...

heh...u would expect somethin like this will come out. call it a counter-attack by the so call people with powers..

what aaa hapennin to this country.

Salam Ramadhan Bro!

p/s---It seems when i was growing up and going thru my history text book, there was little told about the so called radical movements of merdeka. Thus, i am a victim of not really knowing who allahyarham was, and i can't feeling a shame of myself.

rakyat biasa

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

BN - MP Islam: 89 kerusi. By right it should be BN - MP Munafiq: 89 kerusi. If you refer to Surah Al-Baqarah's early parts e.g. ayat 5-20, only 2 ayat describes the Kafir, while other 14 describes the Munafiq.

The Eugenist said...


Bro, personally I think it is not a good sign for us..

It's not because I'm a Malay chauvinist, it is just that I could not imagine myself about the possibility of it will happen to the administration.

Al said...

Salam & Greetings everyone ... to the mentioned topic and especially the quote of the sms text ... to me I would say ... "Hello UMNOs!" ... that's what the public has been telling all along. You cannot blame Anwar coz ur blurred & sleeping bosses still wants to hang on to power & position. They're the responsible people that is doing destruction. Now it's getting too late. The easiest way ... as normal ... blame others.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

ni semua penipu punya SMS. kerja-kerja kotor puak2 yang dengki dengan PKR.


Unknown said...

Bermuqobalah sahajalah PAS-UMNO!

Anonymous said...


The FOOL behind this SMS BS obviously memang tak tahu malu!

I pray that God will punish that culprit for being such a nuisance!

~Yip Weng Tim~

Anonymous said...

Don't you think DSAI is not aware about this?
Whatever the outcome, it doesn't change the fact that the root cause is the weak leadership of AAW, more specifically the 3K's behind him who are mis-advising him!

Anonymous said...

An agent provocatuer disguided as a blogger!

Spread panics messages without thought provoking inputs, shows yr true self.

A typical racist demagogue using the blog to 'show' his intention subtly!

And this is supposed to be a pious Ramadhan month!


Saya... said...

Oh..I like the last part. Moga Allah lindungi BN (bukan Malaysia atau Islam/Melayu).They are confused as to who is facing the actual potential extinction.

They seem to be more worried about their OWN extinction than the Malay/Muslims'. The extinction of their purse strings.

Will Allah want to protect or CURSE such a corrupt lot?

From this hysteria-inducing-attempt sms, we in turn can see that they still DO NOT SEE why all this might happen and why the country is headed towards potential unmitigated disaster.

THEIR OWN FOLLY. And they have done NOTHING to rectify that.


This sms is merely an attempt to start another fire (racial) to turn attention away from the already burning Rome.

(not that i have ardent love for Anwar too, irresponsibly stoking up the hopes of the people)...but then we are not spoilt for choice are we?

We have the naked emperor, the submarine bomber (allegedly lah), and Anwar. And, and, and...ok. That's all. Such a dearth of leadership in this bountiful country. Sigh. Too much beer and teh tarik and foreign women lulling the folks into LSD-like total mind annihilation.

Maybe we should have taken LSD too? Would definitely have made us a more creative people. Nah. Maybe just increase our hallucinations or delusions.

I prefer good old kava-kava to sedate, but can't seem to plant any. Anyone has any good baka? Bring me some from the south Pacific.

No. I'm not on LSD (out of stock). It must be 'em (let)downers, Rocky.

Anonymous said...

U r NOT in the class of RPK!

At least he has input his thought to go with his article.

Whereas U r just trying to propagate the panic message using yr readership.

Dont get me wrong I dont read yr craps. I was link to yr article thus my comment.

A closet umno bigot & demagogue!


Anonymous said...

Lindungi BN supaya lebih banyak "perompak ganti pencuri" dan barang tak akan turun lagi...

dan macam2x lagilah

Saya... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

When politics is mingled with religion, chaos will inevitably dawn upon this earth... inevitable and unmistakable, just like the darkness of the night.

Anonymous said...

This SMS is so shallow. People reacting to this must dimwits. Then they deserved to be lost.

Again, playing racial and religion cards. These losers are just so predictable. It is just so amusing.


bloggerooi said...

Back to square one. Race and religion dictate politics in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Who is playing up the race issue again ? Does it really matter how many MPs are Muslims, Chinese or Indians ? If the government is fair to all that is the government we want. Yes, now we have more MPs who are muslims and see what is happening to the country, majority of umno muslim MPs are corrupt beyond words. And shamelessly they all carry some sort of title be it Datuk or otherwise. It is so stupid to insist on the number of MPs by race, we are all Malaysians and that is how it should go by. It should not be because you are Ahmad Ismail and can open your foul mouth and say what you like, he is a muslim MP and full of shit,a monkey as MP could command more respect. So what good is he as an MP, other than bringing disgrace to his race.
Screw the racial card.

Anonymous said...

You still can practice islam

whats the big deal about the sms ?

Its just to better malaysia.

You still can practice Islam or whatever religion you like.

Its to better governance.


Anonymous said...

obviously there are some irresponsible people just wanna add more fuel to the fire.

i say that because sms like that are likely doubtful and anybody can create such sms.

however,dont get easily intimidated and deceived by such sms.

sidek said...

Bro Rocky,
I will not call the MPs as protector of Islam, when they are actively condoning corruptions and other immoral things. The moral of some of our muslim MPs are really suspect and I think they do harm to Islam than otherwise. On the other hands some of the non-muslim MPs probably hold some of the very best universal values that any human being can have. I am a muslim, I will give a hug to these non-muslim MPs anytime. For some of our UMNO MPs...well.. they are too slimy, I rather stay away from them!

amoker said...

How typical of UMNO style of racial scarring.

Muslim = Malay.

KY said...

I can't wait for the day we see pass race and religion.

flyer168 said...

Dear Bro Rocky,

The "Dreaded" time & language has finally arrived - yes, the “Critical, Dangerous & Ugly” Political situation developing in this great nation, precipated by the “Evil & Desperate” Powers-that-be, provoking & inciting “Racial & Religious” divide amongst the downtrodden “Anak Bangsa Malaysia".

We have to be virgilant, stay UNITED, stay calm, have Faith in God Almighty for His Blessings, Protection & Guidance so that we will not fall into the BN “Chaos Trap”.

Anonymous said...


Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Sembilan pada masa ini menguasai 15 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri Sembilan dengan DAP 10 , PKR 4 dan PAS 1 kerusi. Sementara BN mempunyai 21 kerusi dengan UMNO 19 , MCA 1 dan MIC 1 kerusi.

Pakatan Rakyat di Negeri Sembilan hanya memerlukan 4 kerusi sahaja lagi untuk memerintah Negeri Sembilan. Apakah ini akan berlaku pada 16 September 2008 atau pada Pilihanraya Umum ke 13 , biarlah ianya menjadi teka teki Dato Seri Mohamad Hassan untuk menilai sendiri kesetiaan ADUN BN kepada beliau.

Apa yang pasti sekiranya terdapat 2 orang ADUN Melayu dan 2 orang ADUN bukan Melayu dari BN di N.Sembilan keluar dari BN dan menyertai Pakatan Rakyat maka , BN tidak lagi memerintah N.Sembilan.

Buat masa ini terdapat 22 ADUN Melayu , 9 ADUN Cina dan 5 ADUN India di Negeri Sembilan. DAP mempunyai 7 ADUN Cina dan 3 ADUN India. PKR pula diwakili 2 ADUN Melayu , 1 ADUN Cina dan 1 ADUN India. Sementara PAS hanya 1 ADUN Melayu.

Pada ketika ini kerajaan Negeri Sembilan pimpinan Dato Seri Mohamad Hassan mempunyai 10 orang EXCO tidak termasuk Menteri Besar dimana 8 EXCO Melayu, 1 Cina dan 1 India.

Sekiranya Pakatan Rakyat di N.Sembilan berjaya membentuk kerajaan dengan andaian diatas maka akan terdapat 9 ADUN Cina , 5 ADUN India dan 5 ADUN Melayu. Sementara BN hanya ada 17 ADUN Melayu yang semua diwakili UMNO.

Sudah pasti atas dasar demokrasi ADUN Cina akan mendapat lebih jawatan EXCO di N.Sembilan ini yang majoritinya dari DAP. Kemungkinan bilangan EXCO Melayu 3 , EXCO Cina 4 dan EXCO India 3.

Maka wajarkah kita menyalahkan DAP jika ramai EXCO Cina di Negeri Sembilan ?

Mengapa tidak disalahkan ADUN dari UMNO yang tidak ramai keluar dari BN untuk menyertai Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Sembilan samada dengan menyertai DAP, PKR, PAS atau Bebas ?

Mengapa tidak disalahkan para pengundi Melayu di Negeri Sembilan untuk memenangkan wakil Melayu dalam Pakatan Rakyat pada Pilihanraya Umum ke 12 atau Pilihanraya Umum ke 13 nanti ?

Mengapa tidak salahkan pemimpin, ahli dan penyokong Pakatan Rakyat berbangsa Melayu dalam PKR dan PAS yang tidak berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk mempastikan kemenangan calon mereka dalam pilihanraya dengan mengorbankan segala tenaga , masa dan wang ringgit ?

Bak kata Nabil “Raja Lawak” orang Mambau , Negeri Sembilan “Lu pikirlah sendiri”.

Anonymous said...

No matter how strong bonding we have among Malay Muslims and non-Malays it's never about unity. It's all about the fear of one race and religion that could be destroyed if you have more of different people next to you.

Are we going forward this way!

Remember India, majority Hindu controlled. They had a Muslim president, a Sikh PM and Italian woman who is leading Congress party.
Please la guys, we should stop embarrass ourselves by distrusting each other!


kluangman said...

Selama ini majoriti Melayu dan Islam telah menerajui negara dan BN telah berlaku adil (pendapat siapa?)

Jika 16Sep menjadi kenyataan, majoriti bukan Melayu dan Islam menjadi majoriti walupun mungkin Anwar menjadi PM dan terbentuklah PAKATAN (ALA BN) dengan sekutunya DAP, ADIL, PAS DLL atau adakah mungkin semua parti dalam PAKATAN diubarkan dan hanya diujudkan satu parti iaitu PAKATAN (Mampukah PAS mengikut rentak tari ini).

Tidak ada sesuatu yang mudah untuk Anwar menjadikannya realiti kerana mungkin 30 MP akan melompat ke dalam PAKATAN tetapi secepat kilat juga PAS mungkin keluar dari PAKATAN menyertai UMNO atau berkecuali atau beberapa MP PAS akan melompat keluar dari PAKATAN. Bukankah sebelum ini ada muqabalah yang telah dibuat antara pemimpin UMNO dan PAS..

Persaolan pokoknya kenapa Melayu dan Islam cukup gentar jika bukan Melayu dan Islam menjadi majoriti pemerintah. Apakah mereka akan berlaku tidak adil dalam menggugat hak istimewa Melayu dan Islam. Sudahkah ada tanda2nya atau sekadar momokan UMNO....

Bukanlah semudah itu hak istimewsa orang Melayu dan Islam sebagai ugama resmi digugat walaupun pemerintahnya kelak bukan Melayu dan Islam, mungkin mereka menjadi lebih baik dari kerajaan yang ada sekarang, lebih adil, lebih tidak rasuah dan sebagainya...

Kita mahu pemimpin kerana 'isi'nya atau 'kulit'nya...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rocky,

So you agree with this analysis?
I think Anwar is more astute that this and will not disturb the critical balance of Muslim to non Muslim MP s

Anonymous said...

My reply to this sms :

IN Barack Obama’s inspiring acceptance speech at the recent Democratic
National Convention, he used a line that I felt also described the
state of public debate on contentious issues in our country: “? if you
don’t have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare the

Ghifari X said...

Can you imagine these vagrants sending letters demanding money/sponsorship for their so called study tours? Tourism trips now called study tour. Could you believe this - BN/UMNO begging for money to go to Taiwan. These people are void of shame. What are they going to study - how much a fool they continue to make of us? Najis cut in the Submarine deal alone could cover the price of pork rum and vodka not to mention the casino and prostitution activity set in their agenda and these scavengers sending letters to my business establishment begging for money. I or my company never benefited from this insane pompous bad of brigands.

Anonymous said...


you says the sms is sending shivers down your spine ?

why should it be ?

Or rather, you are out for mischieve again ? Same motive as the sms messenger !

Why should one assume all the 30 defectors are non muslim, non malay ? A lopsided assumption I would say.

Furthermore, portraying the racial slant of Melayu and Islam undersieged, and yet The person AI, is more melayu and more Islamic then anyone of those sitting in parliament, Do you honestly believe he will allow the erosions of the rights of the Melayu and the religion Islam in this country ?

Continue stirring the shits, and one day, you will be immuned to the stink, though, you will smell like it, nevertheless, And, you wouldn't know it !

Cak Kun Cak said...

Dear Rocky,

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi still cant see it coming? and more importantly WHY all of these is happening?????

Ignoramus to the max

Pasquale said...


Makhlok perosak harus di hapuskan dengan apa chara pun.

Anonymous said...

They have simply picked up what RPK had said in one of his recent articles and using the old scare mongering tactics again to pit the Malays against the non-Malays.

Old Fart said...

The author of that SMS surely has a poor regard for Islam and its hold on the Malay psyche. I feel so sorry for him that he thinks Islam can only be strong when you have a majority. Otherwise it is weak. Or maybe the Islam that is practised by Malays is so superficial that it will get destroyed or diminished once the Muslims do not have a majority.

What I am not sure is if it is something for Islam to worry about or Muslims to worry about or more particularly Malay Muslims to worry about. AS it is it would seem like the Malay Muslim is the one who seems to feel disoriented and insecure.

Well, if that is true, then surely it must be true with all MAlay Muslims isn't it?

What about Malay Muslims in Singaproe? What about Malay Muslims in South Africa's CApe Town? What about the Malay Muslims in Sri Lanka? These are all Malay Muslim communities who have held on to their religions despite being the minute minority.

That being the case, then if really there is something to worry about for Malay Muslims in Malaysia, it then must be the Islam propagated by UMNO that must be wrong.

But then there are Malay Muslims who have grown up indoctrinated to UMNO's Islam who have migrated to western countries who still continue to remain Muslims and retain their Malay roots.

Ah, then this must surely be confined to the Malay Muslims still remaining in Malaysia completely contaminated by the Islam that UMNO preaches, and maybe that is why they are such weak Muslims and very insecure int heir faith too.

I would have thought a good secure Muslim would have faced the challenge and said "come on with it"!

Anonymous said...

what's the big deal with this? is it important that Islam have more seats than non-Islam?? Islam can have more seats than non Islam, but non-Islam cannot have more seats than Islam?? then i say good luck to UMNO.. you are doomed. SAY TAK NAK TO RACIST POLITICS!

Mr. Lobak Lobak

Anonymous said...

Minta jesus selamatkan pemimpin2 rasuah BN lagi baik, lepas tu mintak plane yang bawa BN MP ke Taiwan meletup di udara.

monsterball said...

Sure most are non Muslim to lompak to Pakatan Rakyat...much more than 30.
That's why the instant oversea trip...51 of them.
If UMNO is saying Anwar bluffs...why such stupid trip?
Originally planned for so call study agriculture.
Chinas must have told Najib..
"Don't bring your shit politicis to my country".diverted to Taiwan....saying no time for visa processing.
China can approve their visas in 1 hour..if they want to..chop chop chop....that's it...with pleasure.
Dollah feeling so shameful..putting his head down..said...'I have nothing to do with this trip"
Poor poor more power.

Anonymous said...

Massive floods up north and our MPs are off to Taiwan. People are displaced and our MPs check into 5-star hotels. Excellent.


Anonymous said...

(heha) : GOD's most precious creation = mankinds , muslims & non-muslims lah !
GODBLESS to ALL of us & PEACE be upon ALL , ok , amen !!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Is there the need to play the musical chair
With every active player standing right on his hair
Can the tortoise really outrun the lazy sleepy hare
We'll find out soon enough with everything to bare

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 080908
Mon. 8th Sept. 2008.

Anonymous said...

We are still at this Malay and non-Malay, Muslim and non-muslim ratio nonsense??!!! No wonder we cannot move forward after all these years!!!

FOR GOODNESS SAKE LA.. WHAT DOES IT MATTER IF THE FELLA IS MUSLIM OR NON-MUSLIM AS LONG AS HE DOES HIS JOB WELL!! When I say well, it means, to carry out his/her duties with no favour of color or gender, uphold justice, fairness with integrity la! If he/she is an Iban, so be it la!!! WTF la!

lanaibeach said...

We are talking about Malaysia
We are demanding for the rights to progress
For the people marching ahead with the pack
We aren’t talking about race supremacy
It should be out of the vocabulary

We are expecting a better high
Marching forward for Malaysia
No doubt there are those still harping on race
After 51 years of independence
We haven’t thought as Malaysians
Pity isn’t it?

The country of our birth
The country we will die for her
Nothing about color of skin
Nothing about religion to justify
It is about Malaysians fighting for the country
In the arena of the global colonization

Believe me if we still harp on race
We will be colonized in years to come
For the internal squabbling ripe for takeover
By outside powers waiting for an opportunity

The race shouldn’t be an issue
It should be put to history
We are ‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia’
We better think this way

Anonymous said...

That's funny. This sms was clearly written by a BN supporter. However, notice the figures are very similar to what RPK had posted in Malaysia Today (article: I'ts in the arithmetic, stupid). Isn't it ironic that the supporters of BN are too dense to even do the math themselves that they had to count on RPK's calculation! Anyway, the Malays need not worry about losing their "Ketuanan Melayu", which many fail to realise was never there in the first place. It was merely Ketuanan UMNO in disguise all this while. Trust me, Malays in general stand to gain much, much more when Pakatan Rakyat comes into power, I'm very sure of this. If you don't agree with me on this, read up on DSAI's pledge to the rakyat or just google a video on any of his campaign speeches and you will definitely see the bigger picture. Let's for once be Malaysians and not Malays, Indians or Chinese. God knows it's about time...

Anonymous said...

BN - 140 mp islam pun, 140 MP korup! - assoluto29

Anonymous said...


Why should we pray Allah save BN. Here in Penang we have non-Muslim as CM and trust me Islam is well and alive. Allah will save Islam.

So no big deal. Bring ON 19SEP!

The Real Deal.

Unknown said...

jangan mudah terpedaya dengan segala macam sms yang disebarkan tentang 16 sept.mungkin jadi ini semua kerja mereka yang dengki akan BN dan PKR untuk memutar belitkan keadaan yang sedia kala rumit ini.

apapun,jangan risau.kemungkinan besar tiada apa akan berlaku pada 16 sept tahun ini.cuma tahun-tahun yang berikutnya kita belum tentu lagi.

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

WHY should Allah lindungi BN? Allah should LINDUNGI malay muslims who are poor, wretchedly left to themselves by the BN(Allah's mercy wisdom and love be with BN, teach BN to learn) including the rest of all malaysians.

AnakMelaka said...

bro, sms warning from umno "friend"?

Anonymous said...

I think every malay should ask Pak Lah first whether this is his true big concern or not.......or gila kuasa?

Anonymous said...

I'm really Sad as a Malaysian. Why have to involve religions when come to nation building?

Lee said...

To the writer of the sms:
Mengapa tak kira Jumlah MP Islam dari PAS?!Tak faham sms yang saudara Rocky pamerkan.Is the race of our MP that important to be the main consideration?

Anonymous said...

I think those who believe in Kemerdekaan Rakyat and a new Malaysia should start a SMS and email campaign to pre-empt a possible UMNO campaign to turn the recent tensions and events into a perceived racial issue and them maybe create a state or emergency and call for emergency powers and haul up all opposition individuals under ISA. Lets not just wait and see what they do. Lets pre-empt them. On my part I have started my little emails to my frieds to assure them there won't be any racial classes etc and if there are skirmishes it is started by UMNO thugs and do not represent the majority of Malays or other races if it is started by other races.

Malaccan view said...

Without doubts..this is typical SMS send by UMNO racists.They still have this narrow minded and racism attitude.Cant they not to use religion and races to support their claims????They are ONLY one race in Malaysia,Malaysians and Malaysians will respect all religious practice NOT UMNO bustrds.

Anonymous said...

This looks very much like the action of someone out to create mischief. It's strange that Umno is not making noise such as threatening to use the ISA to track down this person and have him/her severely dealt with.

Or is it possible that this mischief-maker is in fact one of their own?

Bunga Tanjung

Anonymous said...

Whoever the sms sender is, one thing for sure is that the racial divide in Malaysia is too well entrenched in the minds, heart and soul of most Malaysian. Afterall, this divide was and is intentionally put in place by BN.

The division of race and religion will definitely be a difficult issue to overcome but as the saying goes, UNITED we STAND, DIVIDED we FALL.

When will the people of Malaysia ever learn to be more mature and live in harmony as MALAYSIAN?

Sad Malaysian

Anonymous said...

The first order of business in the event that PR took power is to pass a law that forbids the state to collect information about people's regious and racial identifications. If one is a Malay Malaysian, it doesn't make him right. Similarly, it doesn't make a non-Malay Malaysian wrong by associated with his/her religion/race. What matters is that a Malaysian leader truly does the right thing for the country. He can be ABC, XYZ or whoever we care to identify his religion and race with. It doesn't matter. Religious freedom has been enshrined in the Federal Constitution and is protected. No need to bring religion into politics. That's the basis of state/church (I mean religion) separation doctrine.

Before such a law takes effect, everyone should undertake a civil disobedient act by refusing to state one's religious and racial affiliation in any dealings with the government. For a start, pick DLL instead of M,C,I etc.


Anonymous said...

whether our PM is malay or chinese or india, its not an issue. we live in multiracial country, come on la! dont be so racism..

I'm muslim

Anonymous said...

May I remind the originator of the SMS that the backbenchers DO NOT govern the country. Backbenchers are only good for going on agricultural tour groups to Taiwan where they can go about doing an in-depth study of modern pig farming.

Anonymous said...

apa terjadi kat FIJI akan jadi disini, atas nama demokrasi. Berbaloi ke?

Anonymous said...

Mana lebih baik buat kawan?
1)Islam, tapi perangai tak macam orang Islam
2)Tak Islam, tapi perangai macam orang Islam

Awang Maya said...

Dont worry lah, it wont be happen. Anwar is just like IBU AYAM, telur sebiji riuh sekampung.

I'll sure U, it wont happen. Sebab Anwar sebenarnya mengalami sakit mental. DIa terlalu obsses dengan kuasa sampai dia terbayang-bayang yg dia akan memerintah Malaysia dengan cara tersebut. Sebab kalau beliau rasional dan waras, beliau tidak akan sanggup menggunakan taktik sedemikan kerana kesannya besar. Negara tidak stabil dan yang jadi mangsa ialah rakyat. Jadi jawapan sebenarnya ialah Anwar kena pergi rawat pakar jiwa agar dia kembali rasional dan waras. Wassalam.

Anonymous said...

Sing to the tune of IMAGINE by THE BEATLES......

Imagine there're no races
It's easy if you try
No Malays no Chinese
No Indians nor the rest
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no religion
It really hard to do
No Muslims no Christians
No Hindus nor the rest
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And Malaysia will be as one

Imagine no UMNO
I wonder if you can
No MCA no Gerakan
No Keadilan and the rest
Not even MIC…

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And Malaysians will live as one

Imagine there’s no corruption
Amongst our leaders
No abuse of power
Not even ISA
Imagine a clean government
Leading Malaysia…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
To hope and imagine…

By The Beetles

Anonymous said...

Simply accusing parties of the SMS without concrete evidence is a form of fitnah don't you all think? Let us stay away from this sin especially in this holy month, insyaAllah.

-disagree with dsai-

painah said...

sms lagi ...
bila dah nak kena kapan baru ingat Islam dan xIslam. Masa rakyat sokong ... perangai lebih buruk dari yg bukan Islam, bodoh sombong, bila reporter tanya kenapa letrik naik ... dia jawab " ... pasal lama dah tak naik...." tak der langsung pikir nak bela nasib rakyat.

La ni masih lagi nak menyanjung dah tu pakai topeng agama. Heran sungguh ngan mamat yg berfikiran kodi macam ni.

Unknown said...

anybody is definitely better than current cabinet which is going nosedive since 8308.

After all`rahmatan lil `alameen`is not limited to certain race only.

Hidup warga dunia ,each and every one is the son of God.God bless..

abusyukri -counting my blessings

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

Mr Rocky,

Its the same ole story, Melayu, Cina, India, Kadazan, Iban, murud, Orang asli bla bla bla

hey, didnt we all agree that we are tired of racial and religious divide?????????

Come on, Malaysia, we can drop these nonsense, how, simply ignore and keep steadfast to the peoples agenda.

Maybe, we should smack racialistic bloggers, flush em out and let the world knw bout them.

Arent we all tired of it?

Anonymous said...


See how easy the opposition has made fun of the Government - just by giving a date for a major defections. Firstly, must a defection take place on Sept 16 only? Can the potential defectors be cooped until the next general election to avoid any possible defections in the future?

What we should be doing is actually to work and work non-stop so that we can deliver the best competently and in the process please almost everybody. Thats it! Why let ourselves be played by the stupid date (no doubt it is significant because it was the formation of Malaysia which is now minus Singapore).


Anonymous said...

MasyaAllah... ni mana fikiran sempit ni... takkanlah MP2 PAS akan berdiam diri, n ahli2 PKR lain senyap sunyi... masa pilihan raya 8/3, semua rakyat sedar, kemenangan PKR/DAP atas sbb dokongan kuat non-Malays, manakala dalam kes PAS di bandar2 spt Shah Alam adalah sbb dokongan kuat non-Malays jugak... saya tengok dgn mata kepala sendiri satu keluarga Cina berhenti di pondok panas minta bendera PAS, dan mereka dgn bangganya mengibar bendera tersebut. Pernah anda lihat keluarga Cina kibar bendera UMNO? jd, siapa yg 'racist' selama ni? Tolonglah, kikis fahaman sempit ni. malaysia is for Malaysians, Anwar sentiasa ckp dlm ucapannya, dia tak nak sesiapa pertikai hak Melayu, tp dia akan perjuangkan hak samarata utk bukan Melayu. So, what's the prob? Tolonglah, siapa pegawai kerajaan terutama kakitgn MoFin kenal sgt Anwar ni dulu... dia sentiasa adil. melayu mmg dpt, tp ingat kes Maika? Siapa yg songlap? Hm, sendiri mau ingatlah... kalau tak takkan pejabatnya dulu Daim pun tak berani masuk, 'panas', buat salah, mmglah... Maria

Anonymous said...

Surely Muslim voters in this country is not so shallow as to only wanting a Muslim-majority in the parliament, regardless of ability?

Look at AAB & gang, clearly he's doing any good to Malaysians, Muslim or not. Corruption is race- and religion-blind.

I don't care what race the PM is, as long as he does the country good. A Muslim or Malay leader doesn't necessarily mean he'll take care of people of his own race/religion. In fact, he may blind you with race & religion, leading you into thinking he'll take care of you since he is of the same race/religion as yourself.

Anonymous said...

MasyaAllah... ni mana fikiran sempit ni... takkanlah MP2 PAS akan berdiam diri, n ahli2 PKR lain senyap sunyi... masa pilihan raya 8/3, semua rakyat sedar, kemenangan PKR/DAP atas sbb dokongan kuat non-Malays, manakala dalam kes PAS di bandar2 spt Shah Alam adalah sbb dokongan kuat non-Malays jugak... saya tengok dgn mata kepala sendiri satu keluarga Cina berhenti di pondok panas minta bendera PAS, dan mereka dgn bangganya mengibar bendera tersebut. Pernah anda lihat keluarga Cina kibar bendera UMNO? jd, siapa yg 'racist' selama ni? Tolonglah, kikis fahaman sempit ni. malaysia is for Malaysians, Anwar sentiasa ckp dlm ucapannya, dia tak nak sesiapa pertikai hak Melayu, tp dia akan perjuangkan hak samarata utk bukan Melayu. So, what's the prob? Tolonglah, siapa pegawai kerajaan terutama kakitgn MoFin kenal sgt Anwar ni dulu... dia sentiasa adil. melayu mmg dpt, tp ingat kes Maika? Siapa yg songlap? Hm, sendiri mau ingatlah... kalau tak takkan pejabatnya dulu Daim pun tak berani masuk, 'panas', buat salah, mmglah... Maria

Anonymous said...

Sejak bila UMNO = Islam? Bukan semua orang Melayu itu Islam. Kalau tak percaya, Filipina dalam CIA World Factbook, mendifinisikan penduduknya sebagai Christian Malays. Bila dah tersepit barulah nak jadi champion kepada umat Islam. I would rather be governed by a Cina yang menjalankan pemerintahan yang adil dari Melayu yang mengaku Islam tetapi memerintah tidak mengikuti prinsip-prinsip keadilan.

Not very melayu.

Anonymous said...

hahhaah....malaysia maa...

Anonymous said...

We are all Malaysians. In the same boat and collectively facing the world. While others are working as a team competing against the world, why we Malaysians are afraid and suspicious of each other? Start looking outside instead of inside.

When an apple is rotten, throw it away. Same with corrupted and rotten government.

Time to change for the better.

Wind of change

Anonymous said...

Kenapa nak pecahkan ikut Islam/Bukan Islam? Kalau nak, kira lah ikut Bumiputera/Bukan Bumputera.

Kalau ikut Bumiputera, gerenti Bumiputera akan menjadi majoriti sebab Sabah/Sarawak ada Bumiputera bukan Muslim

Jadi takde masalah pun.

Anonymous said...



hidup MALAYSIA!!!

Anonymous said...

Oi Rocky!

Apa kau cuba buat nih?

Cuba nak buat ketegangan antara kaum dan antara agama ke???!

Poraaahhh Rocky.... kita takmo blogger cam kau!

Biar lah kita rakyat Malaysia hidup bersatu takyah beza beza ikut agama/kaum..

cukuplah style pemerintahan BN ni!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~INSAN MURNI!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

The sender of this SMS should be charged for sedition for trying to fan racist or rather religious sentiments.

It is also quite clear that Malaysians are not ready for politics based on equality regardless of race, religion, gender and so on. In other words, Malaysia is still a backward, 3rd world country.

Anonymous said...

Which UMNO MP is not corrupt? I deal with a number of BN MPs and ADUNs. I have my facts.


Anonymous said...

What's the big problem with this SMS sender? Mahathir once said during Proton was having mismanagement issues that it doesn't matter who runs the show, be it Malay, Eurasians or other races. As long at that person could perform well and reap profits to the company. So, why bother if there are more non Malays or not. This is not about race this is about brains to bring our beloved country back in to shape and perform way much better than our neighbouring countries. Does it really matter whether if Ahmad or Mutthusamy or Ah Chong could tame the bull? The bull don't give a damn who you are, it'll charge to anyone standing on it's way. The three matador's have to even out the attacks in the ring to bring it down. Everybody have to back up one another irregardless of race in order to compete in the world.

Abu Muhammad el-Merbawiy said...

Bro Rocky,

Kalau Pakatan Rakyat tiru stail UMNO/BN, maka apa makna HARAPAN BARU UNTUKMU MALAYSIA?.


Kita serahkan kepada para pakar dan ilmuan serta sarja dan professor yang bijak pandai untuk membantu Pakatan Rakyat MEMBENTUK HALA TUJU MEREKA DAN MASA DEPAN MALAYSIA YANG LEBIH BAIK DARI UMNO/BN.


Sebagai seorang Muslim, kita berusaha, guna akal fikiran, dan panduan syarak, serta persefahaman antara agama serta menyantuni kepelbagaian bangsa di bumi Malaysia bertuah ini. Mudah-mudahan semua bangsa faham apakah erti KEHARMONIAN HIDUP PELBAGAI BANGSA DAN AGAMA berdasarkan perinsip KEBENARAN ILMU SAINS DAN TEKNOLOGI, BERPAKSIKAN NILAI MORAL KEISLAMAN DAN KEAGAMAAN YANG TUNDUK KEPADA FITRAH SUCI MANUSIA. MEREKA BUKAN BINATANG EKONOMI DAN POLITIK..!!!. MEREKA MANUSIA YANG ADA JIWA DAN PERASAAN. LAYANILAH MEREKA SEPERTI MANUSIA....


Terima Kasih.



Anonymous said...

Tak kisahlah macam mana pun taburan MP tu, tak penting pun. Tapi apa yang menjadi masalah, mampu ke mereka handle semua ni dengan baik? Semuanya nampak macam tangkap muat je, mampu ke semua buat kerja dengan baik? Mereka semua bersatu sebab Anwar, esok kalau Anwar takda apa yang akan jadi? PKR, PAS, DAP semua agenda berlainan, kalau tak disebabkan Anwar mereka tak mungkin bersatu. Esok pasti terjadi pelbagai masalah yang mungkin membuatkan keadaan lebih keruh.

Anonymous said...

Ikut mana pusing pun, tak kisahlah banyak mana MP bumiputera ke tak bumiputera ke, hasilnya PKR memang huru hara. PR lagi huru hara. Anwar janji dengan orang ni macam ni, dengan orang tu macam tu. Semua berlaga menyudahnya.

Anonymous said...

Is the SMS implying that Islamic and Malay people in Malaysia are so weak as to be easily 'destroyed' by non-Islamic MPs? How does he think Muslims and Malays will be 'destroyed'?

So if we applied this simpleton's theory in reverse, does this mean that non-Muslims and non-Malays are currently being 'destroyed' by muslim and Malay MPs of the BN government?


Where is your stand on this? Its almost as if you are in agreeance with the SMS content, the fact that you post it on your blog knowing the potential harm it could bring to the peace and harmony of Malaysians.

I was hoping that you of all people would be able to blog responsibly and stop encouraging Malaysians (esp the newer generations) to continue dividing themselves according to racial/religious differences. We are all MALAYSIANS.

Disappointed rocky-bru reader.

Anonymous said...

In the I-Ching, the ancient Chinese book of divination, there is a hexagram called "Revolution". In a revolution, it says "Two mistakes must be avoided. You must not move with excessive haste nor use excessive ruthlessness against the people. What is done must be corresponds to higher truth. A revolution not founded on inner truth will come to a grief. For in the end, the people will support only what they feel in their heart to be just".
This is the meaning of the mandate of heaven.


Anonymous said...

There a lot to be said about Anwar and a lot more to be feared if he becomes the next PM of Malaysia. Just look what he's doing right now, he 'invited' the outsiders to interfere with our country affairs and for what? For hiw own gains..

putrijc said...


It is not the skin colour or race that divide us all. It is the good and bad. Nature has it the 80%/ 20%rule.

I guess fortunately for Malaysian we are 80% non-racist and 20% racist division. Those 20% usually comes from UMNO putras.

Me too, do not like the Anwar before but I love the Anwar today for a statement that he uttered ( "Melayu anak kita, Cina anak kita, India ank kita, mengapa harus kita beza2kan ).It also seems very consistent in his speeches when addressing the Rakyats whether is is Malay, Chinese or Indian crowd in his ceramahs. This man deserve a forgiven by the Rakyats.

putrijc said...

Dear Rocky,

One of the anon said U r NOT in the class of RPK!
At least he has input his thought to go with his article.

Anyway, it is good for you to share your inputs or insights on this subject. I would very like to hear from you. I am sure you are not in the class of RPK but in the class of Rockybru !. Hope to hear from you.