Monday, September 08, 2008

Editors thrashed

Wong Chun Wai, Syed Nadzri trash, say bloggers. Wong, The STAR's top journo who also blogs, is being labelled as a racist who contributes to the sharpening of racial tones by selective reporting. Read excerpts from rabid Umno blogger Big Dog's Chun Wai: Blinkered racism analysis to demonize a Statesman here:
Similarly in the case of Hindraf. If Wong and the rest of the non-Malay community found that Ahmad Ismail’s remarks offensive and deserving a punishent even to the extend of the full force of the sedition laws as proposed by the MCA president wannabe Ong Tee Keat (not forgetting Lim Guan Eng’s police report to the ACA in case Ahmad gets away unpunished), surely similar demand should have been made against the Hindraf leaders by the alert MCA leaders and newspaper editor, the DAP and the rest who are bent on seeing Ahmad crucified for his alleged seditious slurs (alleged because he has denied it and accused Sin Chew of manipulating his speech – in the case of Hindraf, their seditious slurs are there in black and white in the memorandum which Wong could have donwloaded and printed it and judge it as quick as he judged Dr Mahathir).
Apanama, in "Tak Chun" Wai here, accuses the top editor of the MCA-owned daily of trying to incite racism among the Chinese community despite the Prime Minister's order to the media last Saturday to stop fanning sensitive racial issues.

The affable Syed Nadzri of the NST, the Umno-controlled English-language daily, comes under heavy shelling all the way from California in Dr M. Bakri Musa's Sycophantic Editors Ruin Trust, here.
A measure of how far detached from reality those who sit in the editorial suites of our mainstream papers can be gauged by the pre-election editorial of The New Straits Times where its Editor-in-Chief Syed Nadzri boldly predicted that Anwar would be defeated*. Obviously Syed Nadzri was beginning to believe his own spin.

In coming to such a wildly off-the-mark conclusion, Syed Nadzri is either a lousy observer of the public mood or he is more concerned with sucking up to his political superiors. In either case, he does not deserve to be the custodian of such a valuable and essential institution of modern society.

Bakri's posting was published by the Malaysiakini and reproduced by Lim Kit Siang in his blog.
My observations apply equally to those who helm Bernama, RTM and TV Tiga, as well as the other mainstream papers like The Star, Berita Harian, and Utusan Melayu. What we have today is a generation of pseudo or pretend editors and journalists. Ever wonder why the public ignores them? They have betrayed the public’s trust in them.
Rocky's Bru: I suggest that editors (who write regular columns) in the NST, Berita Harian, Bernama, The Star, theSun, and news controllers from Media Prima and RTM have their own blogs to respond to arguments forwarded by bloggers such as the above. The blogosphere is not off-limits to the genuine journalist. A blog will provide a level playing field for the journalist to engage in a discourse with the blogger. And such a discourse can only be good for freedom of expression.

* I must have missed the article in which Syed Nadzri had "boldy predicted that Anwar would be defeated" at Permatang Pauh.


  1. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Doesn't matter if Syed Nazri, bernama etc etc have their own blogs...the reason they wrote they way the wrote is because they have lost their souls. Licking asses and balls carrying can certainly make you believe their own spin.

    WCW has his own what, it is still the same grovelling lap dog style of writing.

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  3. Anonymous2:40 pm

    I support your suggestion,it high time that those in the mainstream media especially the top guns to have their own blog.As for the racist allegation, I do think that it should be not be discussed further,why?Because if we give them ,the racist,more space like in blog or in the mainstream media to express their stupid ideology,we either directly or indirectly helping them. Enough said,let focus on building the nation rather that destroying it.
    Bob From Kuching

  4. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Editors like Chun Wai have a Jekyl and Hide character. Simply because they cannot write what's in their heart and soul as the mind takes control. The mind decides which side of the bread is buttered and have to lap up all the owners want said in the media.

    I find it hard to accept decision-making editors having a personeal blog. It's like saying - "Look, I can't write this in my paper because the owners won't like it and I need to keep my cushy job." This is bad for good journalism.

    To give Chun Wai credit, he went against all odds and norm to blog anti-establishment sentiments. It's indeed wrong for artchan to say ALL of Chun Wai's postings were grovelling lap dog style. Actually, there were some bold stuff and lots of neutral postings. And he allowed some really strong anti-government and pro-Anwar comments that he would not even of dreamt of printing in The Star. So be fair here, Artchan. Don't just shoot from your mouth.

    At the end of the day, the crux of our media censorship problem is the ownership. So long as political parties are allowed to own media organisations, there will be constraints in reporting the truth.


  5. Yes bro, S.Nazri did predict way -off the mark.

    And Big Dog's was correct also to potray Wong Chun Wai as racist inciter. And HINRAF.

    As for NSTP, it is really a pity. They are no longer sound in business, and now their editorials also going down, down, down,
    ever since you guys and the like of Datuk AKJ, Nazri, etc left.

  6. Anonymous3:27 pm

    haiyooo...these 2 are political appointees la..what do you expect?

    like any businesses, they have to put their man of choice at the helm as to protect their interest.
    Men of choice then have to listen carefully to what the bosses said...jaga bontot maaa.
    Lawan kena cold storage or worse, kena buang.

    Gumption or conscience goes out of the window for the sake of survival, hence all the rubbish churned day in day out.

    BTW, where's the one who spoke about GUMPTION few months ago ha?
    Gag order perhaps?

    Think Rocky blogged about this? didn't u bro.


  7. Anonymous3:50 pm


    One question...

    Why do you quote rabid, right-wing ultras like Big Dog and Barking Magpie so much, as if they represent the majority view?

    I think what they write should be taken with a huge dollop of salt.

  8. Anonymous5:45 pm

    True! Wong Chun Wei is Racist.
    Infact in his blog anti-Muslim overtones are very obvious.
    He is hiding behind a much modest star, but his true character is clearly revealed on his blog.
    I saw his attacks on the PAS blogger Mahaguru - where he teamed up with Haris Ibrahim to trash Mahaguru on Islamic issues.

  9. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Datuk M.Saravanan also wrote in blog about Ahmad Ismail - Get Ahmad Ismail under ISA at his blog at but very sad he romove it after two days of posting.He did the posting on Thursday September 4, but remove it.

  10. Anonymous6:13 pm

    As correctly pointed by Tun Mahathir in his blog, the mainstream media is not only selective but manipulative. Tun has become a victim of misreporting for so long. So am I surprised Dato' Ahmad was the latest victim. One thing good about Hindraf is that whenever Malay leaders are accused of being racists they can always use Hindraf as counter argument.

  11. Anonymous6:30 pm

    What I see are 2 Mahathir lackeys howling over the fact that their master got called on his bullshit. An excellent example of shooting the messenger, if there ever was one.

    Even linking these two in the same blog post with a link to Bakri Musa's piece doesn't hide the fact that lackeys will still be mindless zombified lackeys.

  12. Bru,

    To me, everybody is a racist in everyway that we can imagine. I am a racist. I admit it. I will champion the rights of my people. I will stop any oppression or manipulation against my people by other races.

    However bru,

    I also recognise other races' contribution to my race. I appreciate good cooperation between my race and other races.

    Whatever I do I don't do it for personal gain. I don't do it for political milleage. I am not a politician. I am a man of my race. It is my oboligation to ensure the development and survival of my race in this increasingly challenging world.

    That is about me, a racist, if that criteria qualifies me as one.

  13. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Wrong Chun Way supports whomever is in the throne for the day. When Anwar takes over, expect his tune to change from a pro-BN to a pro-Anwar stance.

    Mahathir, BigDog, and the other Mahathirists should know. WCW was also editor during Dr.M's rule, and they weren't hesitant to command him to attack their political enemies.

    Sekarang, senjata makan tuan.

  14. Anonymous1:42 am

    A point to ponder.

    Have the Chinese never been racists?

    Have the Indian never been racists?

    Has Jeff Ooi never been a racist?

    Has Kit Siang never been a racist?


  15. Anonymous2:21 am

    I like M. Bakri Musa's articles a lot.

    For one thing, his style of writing - he doesn't go out of his way to use `big words' whenever the more common ones would suffice.

    And most of all, I love his analytical skill in the articles.

    However, for an analysis to be accurate, the facts must first be correct. I don't think he was too correct with this one:

    It pains me to note (what is obvious to all) that since the paper was acquired by UMNO, nearly all its senior editors and journalists are Malays. I refuse to believe that a Just Allah had not bequeathed upon the Malay race our fair share of talent.

    I don't think that's true. I can even remember quite a few editors offhand - Anthony Raj (one GREAT guy), Lazarus Rokk, Hardev Kaur... Oh, darn; suddenly forgets who else.

    BUT I KNOW M. Bakri's contention there is wrong. Which makes his conclusion with this one rather shaky...

  16. Anonymous5:47 am

    The Star has been focusing a lot on Ahmad Ismail and everything that goes with it - Dr. Mahathir's comments etc etc.

    And MCA (and Gerakan) don't seem to be mollified no matter how hard Badawi and Najib appeared to have bent over with the apologies.

    Could it be that MCA & Gerakan are actually just setting things up for The Final Countdown ... they will pull out of BN and join Pakatan Rakyat. And wringing this Ahmad Ismail thing for what it's worth as "just cause" for doing so ... that they Tak Tahan Lagi (Melly Goeslow) with Umno being "racist and unreasonably" and quoting this as the final straw.

  17. Anonymous8:09 am

    if we are not racists, we are race-less! On similar note, if we are not sexists, we are sodomites!
    Hidup Melayu - my race!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  18. Anonymous9:39 am

    I am a Malaysian.

    I am not racist. And I disagree with one of the commenters here who says "we are all racist". To this commenter I say: "keep that opinion of yourself to yourself".

    Many, many, many of us Malaysians consider our fellow countrymen as fellow countrymen and brothers and sisters.

    That is how I treat all other friends and citizens of other races.

    I don't care about race, as long as you are nice to me, and you are respectful to me, and I am nice to you and respectful to you.

    That is what counts.

    So to those people who justify their racism by saying "we are all racist", I say go eat dirt.

    Don't try to make yourself feel good by thinking other Malaysians think about skin colour.

  19. i am very careful of what WCW has to say. even his writings in the newspaper needed to be read with extra precaution. and i am left in wonderland when nobody commented his writing on the issue of 'uniform baju kurung ke sekolah seksi dan perlu di ubah' a while back which clearly show his lack of wisdom in Islam. he clearly crossed his line on that matter.

  20. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    How to conquer 21st Century Malays Hearts and Minds? Easy Divide and Rule.
    The NeoCon (USA) and Imperial Socialist(UK) just did that to tame the Iraqis (Sunnis and Shiites)

    To survive the 21st Century the Malays should adopt Singapore Chinese Socio-economic Philosophy, i.e Chinese, Mandrin, Kiasu.

    Modified that philosophy into Malay,Islam & Kiasu. Kiasu means never give-in and inch.

    Prof R

  21. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Tulisan-tulisan Chun Wai tidak dapat menyembunyikan bahawa sebenarnya dia sangat akur kepada majikannya iaitu parti MCA. Nampak jelaslah tulisan-tulisan yang berbentuk mengapi-apikan perasaan perkauman antara kaum mendapat restu daripada parti MCA.

    Jadi adakah MCA sebagai parti komponen dalam Barisan Nasional pada masa ini memupuk perpaduan atau menyemarakkan api perkauman? Chun Wai tidak langsung mempunyai ciri-ciri kewartawanan.


  22. Anonymous11:14 am

    Well, if Big Dog wants to compare the reactions stemmed from Ahmad Ismail's racist antics with that of Hindraf, how about we throw Ahmad Ismail into the cells of ISA first, to even things out.

    And if I'm not mistaken, the organisers of Hindraf never accused any other race of being squatters or nor have they insisted that those "squatters" do not deserve equal rights......but Ahmad Ismail, the mamak squatter himself, did.