Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not an ordinary Thursday afternoon

Update, almost 3pm. A journalist sms-ed to say Anwar didn't provide any list of names of BN defectors during the press conference. I suggested a headline for her paper: ANWAR GIVES LISTLESS PRESS CONFERENCE

Original article:
Anwar Ibrahim is holding a press conference at the PKR hq in Tropicana. Malaysiakini's first take:

Anwar wants emergency Parliament session
Sep 18, 08 2:27pm
Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim today said that he has sent a letter to PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to convene an emergency session of the Parliament for an emergency motion to be debated on the premier's government.

Anwar, in a press conference, said that the opposition coalition wanted to debate on a motion of no confidence against Abdullah.

He wanted the Parliament to be recalled as soon as next Tuesday.

[Full report to follow]

At 3 pm, Prime Minister and new Defence Minister Abdullah Badawi chairs the Umno Supreme Council meeting.

If you're watching prime news tonight, watch for the PM' s and his deputy's body language closely. And DSAI's, too. In these interesting and dangerous times, we don't believe whatever we're told.

Will Abdullah announce an earlier date to call it quits? I doubt. But in case he hasn't read what the Wall Street Journal thinks about him as PM, here's their latest article. The WSJ, like most all other foreign wires and publications, were full of praise of Pak Lah just a few years ago:

Pak Lah's economic reckoning
18 Sept, 2008


Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced this week that he has enough parliamentary support to unseat the current government, led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. If he does, Abdullah's lacklustre economic management will be largely to blame.

The prime minister has not introduced any substantive reforms during his nearly five years in office, preferring to rely instead on opening up the government purse. Under the Ninth Malaysia Plan announced in 2005, he expanded public-sector spending to RM200 billion annually from RM160 billion. In his Midterm Plan Review this year, he increased this outlay to RM240 billion. The national debt now stands at RM285 billion, up from RM192 billion in 2004. The official fiscal deficit has risen to 4.8% of GDP this year, from 3.2% last year. Revenue is being spent faster than it is coming in.

It's hard to argue that these outlays have served the broad public interest. Much of the funding has been channelled to elites in the majority Malay community, under the country's pro-Malay affirmation action programme. That has created discontent with many Malay who don't see the full benefits of the programme, and among the minority Chinese and Indians, who are excluded from it altogether.

Abdullah's stewardship has had a real impact on the economy. Capital flight has risen sharply; Malaysian investment abroad now exceeds inward foreign investment. The Kuala Lumpur stock exchange has lost almost one-fifth of its value this year to date. Malaysia's currency, the ringgit, saw its biggest one-month loss last month since the end of the dollar peg in 2005. Although GDP growth has averaged a robust 5% annual growth under Abdullah, that record is now under threat. Inflation reached a record 8.5% this summer. Job creation has reached record lows, as unemployment, particularly among young majority Malays, remains high. Ironically, only the opposition-led state governments are attracting new foreign investment — and without the federal government's help, no less.

Abdullah's 2004 attempts to promote growth and investment — such as through the promotion of the biotechnology and agricultural industries — have failed. He also fumbled discussions with the United States on a free trade agreement, which have now stalled. What Malaysia really needs is education reform and the liberalisation of its labour markets to improve its economic competitiveness.

The political opposition, in the form of Anwar and his Pakatan Rakyat coalition, have seized on these issues. They have promised to root out corruption and to implement a new economic policy to address the concerns of all ethnic communities in Malaysia. Their platform aims to move beyond populist spending to introduce structural reforms in government procurement programmes and in the management of government-linked companies.

When Abdullah assumed office in 2004, he inherited an economy in need of structural reform. Malaysians have had to pay for his poor stewardship through higher prices, stagnating wages and growing private sector debt. Soon, Abdullah may have to pay the political price for that record.


  1. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Di dalam lipatan sejarah Pak lah akan dingati sebagai satu-satunya PM yang gagal melipat dengan baik.

    anak isa

  2. Anonymous3:11 pm

    bila nak tukar government ni..??

    i thought today is the dateline for PM to meet the opposition, if not Anwar wants to go and meet the Agong...

    Any news on that..?? I'm getting bored...

  3. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Great article, hope Pak Lah reads it and realise how people see him. but then again, he couldn't care less about how Malaysian feels. Otherwise, he would have addressed the current issues instead of incriminating our fellow Malaysians.

  4. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Great article, hope Pak Lah reads it and realise how people see him. but then again, he couldn't care less about how Malaysian feels. Otherwise, he would have addressed the current issues instead of incriminating our fellow Malaysians.


  5. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Great article, hope Pak Lah reads it and realise how people see him. but then again, he couldn't care less about how Malaysian feels. Otherwise, he would have addressed the current issues instead of incriminating our fellow Malaysians.


  6. Anonymous3:32 pm

    What's the importance of providing the list? He can have 50 names, but it wouldn't help unless he gets clearance from the Parliament. If Badawi obstructs to that, then they can go to the King. What's the need for to publish names in this country where we know where they will end up ala Bala?

  7. It will be suicidal for DSAI to reveal the list of MPs crossing over as the current government will easily hunt them down. The best thing is for an emergency session of parliament to be called so that a vote of confidence can be passed on him. That will settle everything.
    Should DSAI failed to get the support, he will be doomed forever.

  8. Anonymous3:36 pm

    fed up with the anwar . making and arse ...oops i meant ass of us.

  9. ye la percaya la apa yang WSJ tulis tu..sekarnag kerajaan AMERIKA pun dah tunggang langgang ekonomi dia sampai terpaksa kerajaan US "bailed out" syarikat kewangan dan insurance.. itu la pandai sangat ekonomi la tu,kukuh sangat suasana politik Amerika la yg jadi penyebab itu sekarang..

    Polisi yang AMERIKA kutuk ("bailed out") sekarang mereka amalkan..

    Dan WSJ kan AMERIKA memang akan menyokong ANWAR IBRAHIM tak kanitu pun nak beritahu..

    JAdi kepada semua fikir-fikir la sendiri.. tetapi memang Pak Lah hampeh dalam ekonomi...

    Kenapa Tun Mahathir berjaya? Bukan keran dia terlampau pandai sangat dalam ekonomi tetapi dia pandai mengumpul orang2 yang terbaik dalam ekonomi.

    Kalau bagi Anwar jadi PM pun dia akan jadi 2 kali 5 macam Pak Lah tak tau apa pasal ekonomi..

  10. Anonymous3:43 pm

    anwar is correct - why give list for badawi to catch and harrass and ISA

    all he wanted was assurance and 5mins.

    looks like badawi lied or doesn't understand the malay language letter - dia ada pass spm ke?

    anyway PKR have done right process - asked for parliamentary sitting.

    so go ahead badawi call his bluff - why you scared - you don't trust your BN mps huh ?

  11. Anonymous3:47 pm

    I doubt that Anwar has the numbers that he says he does.

    Pak Lah (or Rip Van Wanker as I like to call him) has a point - If anuar truely does have the numbers, he would have gone to the PM's office with hundreds behind him shouting victory.

    Now, with the ISA on his head, Anwar is still stalling. EITHER SHUT UP OR GET IT OVER WITH!

    Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of Rip Van Wanker's administration - whose failures range from flip floping policies to horrible resource management.


    So I hope Anwar is not doing this just for airtime, a lot of people are hoping for change.


  12. Anonymous3:47 pm


    Why you and the rest of the UMNOrites pressing for the list?

    You guys wanna sabotage the takeover plan is it?

    I support Pakatan Rakyat, and in NO WAY would I want to release the list just yet, especially when the UMNO will do everything it can to scupper the take over plan.

    Lets do an emergency parliamentary meeting and settle it once and for all there.

    Will you and the rest of UMNO and Badawi take this up?

    This is the ultimate question.

  13. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Hi Guys

    We need to put this whole transition of power into propoer perspectives.

    Some bloggers are showing some irresponsbility in thinking that by Sept 16, suddenly BN will relinquish power, as they do in those African dictatorships and in communist countries.

    Hey, we have a constitution, and there were much hoo-haa about safe guarding the constitution and yet we have commenters and bloggers braying out that Anwar sold us out with the Sept 16 dateline.

    1) Anwar did say that Pakatan Rakyat is ready to goven by Sept 16with the defected MPs. The Leaders of DAP, and PAS and PKR did not disagree. But that does not mean that PR will march into Putrajaya on Sept 16.

    The fact that Anwar is willing to face up the PM to seek a peaceful transfer is enough for me to say that Anwar is confident of gaining power.

    2)I am sure that the very top leaders of DAP and PAS are aware of the defected MPs. That is why Tok Guru Nik Aziz says he is confident of PR winning govt. It is foolish of the DAP and PAS to follow Anwar blindly if they were not shown the evidence. We have to take his word and then see how the whole process plays out from now.

    3) Why should WE have to know who are the defecting MPs. If UMNO can dump Teresea Kok and Raja Petra with ISA, who says they would not do with these MPs. UMNO is capable of blocking the road to Parliament to prevent these MPs.

    Some bloggers are shooting from the hip irresponsibly as if wanting PR to stage a coup.

    The Agung's powers are limited by the Federal Constitution even if Anwar sees him. And the Constitution is quite clear on how Parliament should address the transfer of power.

    There are procedures in the Federal Constitution.. and these have to be played out.

    The views of the constitutional experts make sense: which was posted on malaysian unplug website:

    Some of those loudmouth bloggers and commenters should go and take a cold shower.

  14. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Haris rocked at DSAI's PC just now!!!!

    Managed to get some screenshots from the live streaming & posted with comments...(well done Anil once again!!)

    Shows that DSAI & PR are starting to feel the strain... just need that one good shot at it, but not getting the aim... Come On!!!

    keep them candles burning for RPK, St Teresa & the rest.... this is not over by a long shot!


  15. Anonymous3:59 pm


    a gimmick a day, keep your supporters away

  16. He knows that parliment is not in session in this fasting month. So he try to create a new drama. Why on earth you think that Pak Lah is going to listen to you, Moron? You call for the press conference just to covey your stupid ideas. Come on! Secondly, you asked that man to hold a emergency parliament just to get ride of him (so call). Ha .. Ha ... Ha ... You are really a true comedian. Do you think we are as stupid as you? Same script, different version. You have bankrupt ideas Anwar.You don't want to give names fear that they will be detained and harassed but you are willing to see Pak Lah to submit the same names. What a master Flip Flop you are! Now he carefully in choosing his word. "I'm not commit ... I will discuses at the highest leadership level in PR." Bullshit! You just don't dare to make a promise as you are a liar!

  17. Anonymous4:01 pm

    rocky, what do you think of the body language?

    I watched the press conference last night where PM announced on the switch of governement portfolio...and PM was eerr...a little 'half-dead', or am I being prejudiced?


  18. Better bored than gored, man.

    Am watching this closely and advising friends and family linked to the Government to keep their eyes and ears to the ground.

    First inclination of trouble, start Raya holidays early. Get the hell out of KL.

    It might not come to that. But...on the safe side...

  19. Anonymous4:03 pm

    LATEST !!!

    Anwar di jangka akan mendapat 30 kerusi sumbangan kilang kerusi plastik dari Amarika.

    Dengan kerusi tersebut, Anwar di jangka akan menubuhkan kitchen kabinet yang baru sempena hari raya yang akan datang walaupun Anwar akan berhari raya di Taiwan.

  20. Not only Abdullah. Oversized cabinet with nothing getting moved. Dun think Najib can do better.

  21. JOKER (giler kuasa) n Two faces (flip flop),

    Sape nak jadi BATMAN ni...

  22. Anonymous4:09 pm

    'Higher prices, stagnating wages, growing public sector debt'??? Tsk tsk, WSJ. Why not add economic crisis, collapsing banks, breakdown of capitalist infrastructures to the above to describe the holocaust in your own Wall Street?? Clean up the stench in your own backyard (that includes Britain and other western countries) before you set out on your self-righteous pontification of the politics of the coloured nations. Or are you so intent on bolstering your beloved puppet?

    From the cantankerous Catwoman

  23. Anonymous4:10 pm

    The dislodging of these godfathers (Dolah and Najib) from their lofty and comfy position is not going to be easy. Especially when they disrespect the rule of law over and over again. When cornered, they can be unpredictable and very dangerous protecting their power and wealth...

    For Anwar to expose the list of defectors is dangerous and unneccesary at the moment. Look what happened to Yong Teck Lee. The boys from ACA were immediately unleashed on him. As Anwar said, it will be announced at the appropriate time ie when parliament convenes for an emergency session or when he meets the Agong.

    Never have I seen so many Malaysians eargerly awaiting for a change of Government.....its amazing. Never have I seen a PM as blunt/blur as Dolah. Enough of choosing leaders in Malaysia bec they were so and so's children or grandchildren. Just look at the mess that these people have done to the people and nation ....


  24. Let me make this solemn plea to the No 1 man in Malaysia, please meet up with DSAI, and settle it like real gentlman, please do not hold the rakyat ransom from your power play.

    And to DSAI, please show us some solid evidence to prove beyond doubt that we can trust you, and that we can even entrust the future of this country to you.

    And to other leaders of PR, please just dont let DSAI dictates, collectively you guys must tell us what you want to do to take us out from the whole predicament that we are in right now, otherwise you guys are just as good as "they are"

    Save us from further misery, and please remember who put you up there...

  25. Hi Rocky!
    I wonder who is advising Anwar. If PakLah already refuses to even meet with him, how can Anwar expect him to "dance to his tune" and call for an emergency sitting of Parliament so that Anwar can oust him?
    Tak masuk akal-lah, brudder!
    Peace to all.

  26. Anonymous4:22 pm


    Please look at:

    (1) Words used.
    (2) Body language.
    (3) Tone of voice.



  27. Anonymous4:30 pm

    There is no reason to call for emergency Parliament meeting as there is no proof of defection.

    It will be wasting MPs time.

    If security of the MPs is feared, then take all the defectors overseas, or singapore, or brunei and make public the list of defectors from there with all the foreign journo.

    Senang ajer ni kan?
    Anwar tak payah bagi alasan tidak manasabah lagi.


  28. well what would you expect from an ignorant person who kows nuts about economics to run the country. Our ringgit is slowly but sure depreciating, i.e. the value of what you could buy with 1 rm 4 years ago and what you can buy now tells you the truth, not the feel good propoganda from a govt with vested interests for its cronies.
    Foreign investors are sick and tired of doing business here because of the red tape involved, under-table mony, kickbacks, share-holding givaways or demands, middle-man from umno, to get things done who all get commissions
    when all thes businness transactions should be straight forward and simple, so we find investment going to thailand, singapore, indonesia. why oh why? an example of this is the huge investment by FINLAND biggest oil company to set up a bio-diesel plant in singapore... which by the way will be processing malaysian palm oil, why in singapore than in MALAYSIA... ANSWER TOO MANY BUAYAS AND RED TAPE, so our loss SINGAPORE'S GAIN, Eventhough it is more expensive to do business in SINGAPORE, IN THE long run the finns find, that it is easier and cheaper to do business insingapore than in Malaysia. SO would you be surprised if investments and fdi are all flowing to other countries than to Malaysia. SO for badawi to blame everyone else but himself is to truly see how blinded and blinkered are his views. I don't think he is blind, it has more to do with the warlords and buayas waiting in the wings for their cut/ share/ commisions/ projectttts etc. There is too many with vested interests, who just want to fill their pockects and country be damned. TRUTH OR DARE? Is this the truth or is this a lie, you answer this yourself or is this too 'sensitive'. Lets all hide below the tempurung and let the house collapse on our heads.

  29. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Can the AGONG dissolve the current parliment.. If yes I hope he does so and conduct another GE..


  30. Now my dear Malaysians, Anwar now has twisted his word. He knows Malaysians including those who are the parliament leaders are not in favor of Pak Lah. Now he asking Pak Lah for vote of no confidence againt him. I thought he has already have 31 MPs to cross party. Don't be cheated by him. Vote of no confidence and cross party to so call create a new government is two different issues!

  31. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Wei bersabar la korang!

    Kau ingat senang ke?

    Kalau bagi senarai nama, habis lah UMNO akan kecam MP-MP tu!

    Ini kena dilakukan dengan sensitif dan perlahan dan dengan hati hati

    Kau ingat 50 tahun diorang mentadbir, semua golongan yang manfaat dari Barisan, pemimpin-pemimpin, serta elit-elit pro-UMNO akan lepaskan kuasa dengan senang saja ker?

    Diorang akan buat huru hara dan cuba menghentikan peralihan kuasa dengan apa cara saja

    SEBAB ITULAH Anwar harus berhati hati dan beliau memang sedang berhati hati


  32. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Yes Rocky I too received an sms this afternoon. Serious.

    "Berita Terkini. Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim berjaya memperolehi 42 kerusi tambahan. 18 kerusi dari IKEA, 14 kerusi dari Courts Mammoth dan 10 kerusi dari Fella Design....Sekarang meja pulak kurang."

    What say you? Let's buy the poor man some chairs noh...

  33. Katak-katak sudah masuk bawah tempurung atau sent to France to make frogs legs sauteed with garlic.

    Reflecting on the law by Shad Saleem Faruqi

    If a new federal law against defections by Members of Parliament is desired, several possibilities come to mind.

    THE grapevine is abuzz with rumours of defections from Barisan Nasional and the possible defeat of the Government on a motion of no-confidence in the Dewan Rakyat.

    Even the Election Commission chief has cautioned his officers to be prepared for a snap election. All this draws attention to a number of critical issues of constitutional politics.

    No security of tenure: Unlike the system of “independent government” in the US with a fixed term of four years for an elected President, our system of “responsible government” does not offer the political executive any security of tenure.

    The Prime Minister and the Cabinet remain in office as long as they command a parliamentary majority. If there is a vote of no confidence or if defections from its fold rob the ruling party of its majority, then under Article 43(4) the prime minister has two choices.

    > First, to resign and pave the way for the King to appoint someone else as prime minister.

    > Second, to advise the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to dissolve the Dewan Rakyat and call fresh elections.

    Role of the King: Under Article 40(1) the King is a constitutional monarch who is bound to act on advice. But in a number of enumerated situations he is constitutionally entitled to act in his own discretion. Dissolution of the Dewan Rakyat is one such area: Article 40(2)(b). The King may pick from a whole range of possibilities.

    > First, he may accept the advice to dissolve the Dewan Rakyat and, in keeping with a long-standing constitutional convention, allow the prime minister to remain in office as a caretaker leader pending the election and the summoning of the new Dewan Rakyat. This period can last 120 days from the date of dissolution: Article 55(4).

    > Second, the King may accept the advice to dissolve the Dewan but insist that the prime minister and Cabinet must vacate their office. The King may then appoint a neutral, caretaker government from within the previous Parliament to pilot the nation through the election period. This exceptional course of action has never been resorted to in Malaysia. But it has legal basis in Article 43(2).

    > Third, the King may reject the advice to dissolve the Dewan Rakyat. Instead he may explore the possibility of appointing a new prime minister who, in his judgment is likely to provide a stable and viable government. There are fascinating possibilities as to who may be chosen.

    Motion of no-confidence: The Federal Constitution in Article 43(4) clearly envisages the possibility of a government being defeated on a motion of no-confidence. However, the Standing Orders of the Dewan Rakyat have no specific provision for such a motion.

    It is a matter of interpretation by the Speaker as to which Standing Order must be invoked to table this motion. What is certain is that what the Constitution permits, no lesser law can forbid. Depending on which Standing Order is invoked, a notice of 14 or 7 or 1 day(s) must be given.

    If a motion of no-confidence passes, then under Article 43(3) & (4) the entire Cabinet and not just the prime minister must step down: Datuk Amir Kahar vs Tun Mohd Said (1995).

    A government facing a motion of no-confidence can hit back by advising the King under Article 55(1) to prorogue the Dewan for a period up to six months. It is a contentious issue whether a constitutional monarch can refuse such partisan, undemocratic advice.

  34. there is only one person to be blame is not PAK BENGGAP LAH, but no other than Tun Doctor Mahathir.

    well, its a sad difficult fact that Malaysian have to accept.

    moving forward, UMNO members especially supreme council members should look hard on their BALLS and remove their President; unfortunately whole Malaysian believes that these supreme members are not just lack in BALLS but include BRAIN CELLS too.

    hence, malaysia is then fated to be in deep SH*T situation like now, no difference than Myanmar if not Zimbabwe.

  35. Sabar la everybody. Seems like rakyat Malaysia memang kurang kesabaran, pandu kereta pun tak sabar, tukar kerajaan pun tak sabar. If too fast pandu accident lah, just like too fast change government accident jugak.

    I've never doubted BN will fall. Just read RPK's last few articles. The key is RPK said he won't be detained for 2 years but only 2 weeks. RPK was detained on 12/09/2008 so 2 weeks later will be 26/09/2008 and now Anwar wants to convene an emergency motion on 23/09/2008..semua tengah jalan lancar. See la all you doubters by 26/09/2008 RPK is a free man.

  36. Agong not at home? Agong performing Umrah in Mekah?

  37. Anonymous6:09 pm

    I totally agree with Frank. Anwar has to be wise and do not follow blindly what bloggers said. Kit Siang and Tuan Guru will not back him up if he doesnt have the list. Therefore, only idiots will release the list..

    As for Ketam, kamu nak kata Anwar tak da background economy. At least dia dah pernah lah jadi Finance Minister at one point of time. Kamu tu jalan pun senget, nak mengata orang pulak...go and sit quietly at the corner...Ampang

  38. I do not care if it was changed in 16th Sept or next week. Pak Lah has lost confidence and he can deny as much as he wants. If he is a real man and knows he has the support of BN MPs, he should call for parliament session and call anwar's bluff.

    He will not do it cos he is a man who is weak and hanging on to power without considering that the nation is not healthy and his leadership is the cos of most of the troubles. He is only keen in himself and his family being

  39. sorry to be off-topic, rocky.
    but the title of your post is playing with my mind. i need to know. is it a line from a song that i listened to many years ago. donovan? tremoloes?

    if from a song, pray tell what song. thank you!

  40. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Bodowi & Gang memang BODOH,,ta'guna belajaq tingi-tingi..!!!

    What really happened the past years as PM,,,? Economy from bad to WORST,,, Rakyaat MERANA,,Can't even make a living in their own land,,,APALAGI $$$$$ ta'leh buat,,!!!

    Nothing can make money in MALAYSIA,,Indah BERITA dari RUPA,,
    Propoganda TV1,,TV2,,TV3 and others yg terlibat semua PENIPU,,

    Tanya individual person in Malaysia,,Beberapa banyak mereka buat $$$ semasa BODOWI in power,,except his CRONIES,,,kita Rakyat biasa,langsung TIDAK BUAT DUIT,,,!!!! Lagi HUTANG adalah,!!!

    Ni,,yang dia bagi NAJIS amek alih KEWANGAN,,apahal,,!!!! Lagi parahlah Economy NEGARA...He's going to SELAMATKAN CIMB & Co's...

    PENDEK CERITA,,,Sebelum the economy getting WORST,,which is going to be worst than 1929,,Its better BUZZ OFF from that position,,Give it to Anwar,,at least he got a good track record.


  41. Salam rocky
    Most of the commentators are brain dead Anwaristas or numbskull Dollah minions. The truth of the matter is we need someone with th technocratic expertise minus the poltical baggage or leanings to run the economy now. Both Dollah and Anwar are not equipped to insulate Malaysia from the economic tsunami about to hit us. They just do not have the wherewithal or the knowledge of finance (both monetary and fiscal) and the capital markets to handle a highly leveraged export dependent economy like ours with a high deficit and limited capacity to take on new borrowings.I think the US will become more insular as it deals with its problems and that will be bad news for Malaysia in terms of export market and source of finance. Worse, the things that propeled the 5% growth i.e., oil,oil palm and to a certain extent rubber are all heading south. Our depreciating ringgit will help exports but q is where to export to with the bleakness all around. Even worse, the cost of imported goods will increase, especially in terms of capital goods and equipment. this imported inflation scenario will mean our factories will soon be rendered obsolete and their products will slip down the value chain.We will bleed further as debt servicing will increase as well due to depreciating currency (need more ringgit to buy the dollar/yen) and with the pull back in investments, both short trerm and long term as credit dries up in the world economy, the stock market will go through the gutter soon. So you will have a classic situation of stagflation on the horizon of rising inflation and zero or flaccid growth. by the time this two duel it out, the economy will be down the gutter. hopefully, no one starts rioting in the streets for food, jobs etcetera. the sloution to the political imbroglio would be govt of national unity if the two sides can put their ego aside. Failing which, its time to call in the military and the king to appoint a technocratic cabinet comprising people like Dr Nazrin Shah, Prof Jomo Sundram, Prof Ariif (the MIER boss) and the like to steady this ship and ban politics altogether :). good day

    Wassalam. selamat berbuka

  42. Anonymous7:33 pm

    No news of DSAI's promises. A N.A.T.O promise? Blowing out the candlelights for a new dawn.

    Pak Lah knows what Malaysians feel about him and he aint gonna move his butt.

    ISA. huh. NO ONE is safe in Malaysia. Not anymore.

  43. Anonymous7:54 pm

    I don't understand. Why the need to see the Pm or call for a parliament session??? If Anwar has the support of BN MPs, why not just go see the King??? Looks like another trick to delay things.


  44. Rocky,

    First time here to comment.

    Its funny to think that Anwar wants to have a parliament session but on the other hand dont want to reveal the names that of those people that supports him to be the PM.

    And i think, if he has the majority, he should be going to Agong and make a request to Agong that Pak Lah to resign. As i believe only Agong has the power to appoint PM, not another PM.


  45. Anonymous10:31 pm

    So BN DARE YOU DO HIS DARE YOU DO IT challenge? since you and your BN have branded him a LIAR and convinced he is calling a bluff?

    Or is it you know IT'S NOT A BLUFF? and let it continue to drag the whole nation down?

    Or are you ready to launch your ultimate super weapon, the ISA and unleash upon him and DO HIM IN? - well ain't that would be a daring do what you have done or a Dumb Do? see more at

  46. Anonymous12:04 am

    Apa lagi Anwar nak mengarut ni. Dia punya cerita pun kebenaran dia tah hapa2 je. Sekarang nak buat ini pulak, bila cakap pasal senarai MP yang nak melompat tu, dia cakap taknak dedahkan sekarang lah apa lah. Banyak betul alasan dia bagi.

  47. Anonymous12:06 am

    Pak Lah bagi dulu jawatan Menteri Kewangan pada Najib untuk melihat kemampuan Najib mengurus semua itu. Dengan ini dapat melihat samada Najib betul2 bersedia dengan tanggungjawab lebih besar nanti. Tak boleh juga main bagi je.

  48. kerinchi guy,

    no, it's not a title from any song, as far as I know, although it sounds like one. i might be part of the lyrics of a song, certainly late 60s, earlyu 70s, which I could have adopted without realizing it.

    how's The Muslim Roots, US Blues? Good?

  49. Anonymous8:30 am

    How come Chinese is referred to as minorities???? Indian yes, Chinese?
    We want facts but yet there's still blantant distortion of the facts.


  50. Anonymous11:22 am


    Anwar is a fake. Now he is trying to fake out everyone else. Why in the world should he meet Pak Lah? This is a PM who is on his way out.

    Anwar should be asking for meetings with Najib or Ku LI. These are the alternative names being proposed as the next PM. Why even Tun Dr Mahathir is slotted to play a key role.

    Anwar is talking to the wrong guy. Which goes to prove my assertion all along bro. Anwar is as much a dud as Pak Lah.

    Here is a joke I got via sms.

    'Anwar has finally secured 42 extra kerusi. He has also divulged who they are 10 kerusi from Ikea (expensive), 10 kerusi from Courts Mammoth (middle range), 22 from Mydin Hypermarket (lower range).'