Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unite for Sheih (or candle-light vigil for Sheih)

8.30 pm tonight 18/9, Bukit Aman commercial crime hq. You don't have to light a candle if you don't believe in the gesture, but be there nonetheless to show support for Sheih.

Yes, I Sheih asked some of us to turn the flag upside down. Did all of us do it? Some of us did, some of us didn't. None went out on the streets to burn down buildings and loot the Mydin hypermarkets. So what was so seditious about it? On the contrary, Sheih's "in distress" posting make us all think of the Jalur Gemilang and take it less for granted.


  1. What to do bro..

    Sheih has been a thorn for a long, long while.

    Hopefully he will ride through this mess.

    God bless.

  2. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Dear Rocky - Thank you - I have been very nervous for dear Sheih.

    How is the wife and family coping... what else can we do?

    best regards

    nenek kebayan

  3. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Hai Bru,

    Saya dengan orang muslim tidak boleh ikut candle-light Vigil, haram bah itu.....

    We pray for his release
    May god be with him

  4. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Hai Bru,

    Saya dengar Orang Muslim tidak bolih ikut Candle light-Vigil kerana haram disisi agam islam.

    We pray for his wellbeing
    May god be with him

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  6. Alah tak boleh lepas terawikh ke?

  7. Anonymous8:27 pm

    I do not agree with him flying the national flag upside down because there is nothing wrong with the national flag but the people who are running the country.
    That is solely his personal opinion that should not attract such a sever punishment. Bloggers are not stupid people who will follow what other says. They should release him immediately.

    Johnny Chiam

  8. It is a real farce in Malaysia's political scene, where genuine bloggers not hiding behind anonymity stand to get arrested,for heaven's sake they are only providing alternative news and views to us.

    Please go and bust those who absconded the rakyat's money millions upon millions, and they go scot free, tell me which is more detrimental to my beloved country.

    God save Malaysia

    Long live to the bonafide blogger.

    and to rocky, kudos to your tenacity, you help us see the light when we are being enveloped by darkness

  9. Bro Rocky, I don't give a damn what this Sheikh writes or reads. He can eat with his foot instead if his hands or take the aisprin through his a** instead of his mouth - noone cares. But to fly Jalur Gemilang upside down is totally unacceptable. More so doing it on the eve of this country 51st birthday. He has upset a lot of people especially those who have given their lives and blood so that this nation is what it is today. Sorry bro. - you can also count me out.

  10. Hello Bro,
    Been a while since I last posted a comment anyway firstly I must apologize for not being able to join TRUE MALAYSIANS for the candle light vigil. I'm in Perak, however I am there in true spirit. Also I would like to reiterate that flying the Jalur Gemilang upside down is not an insult it is a sign an international sign of distress for all who are unaware. I am ex-military which is why I know. So for Pak Lah to claim that it is an insult is totally wrong!!!!! What makes it worse is that he is now Defence Minister if he doesn't even know what flying a flag upside down means doesn't bode well for us Malaysians. We are indeed progressing or should I say maturing in the political sense. However if our political masters still intend to remain in the 'stone age' all I can say is it's high time for them to leave. WE put them there so they must be brave enough to hear our comments good or bad with regard to their performance. It is our lives with which they are playing with. It is only right for Anwar to ask for an emergency sitting of parliament, if AAB is too scared then it just goes to show he is clinging on to power. It's just tit for tat at the moment and it's both Anwar and AAB's credibility at stake now. Just have to wait and see who cracks first.

  11. Anonymous10:07 pm

    terawih lagi elok

  12. Anonymous10:10 pm

    I think its just unpatriotic to put the flag upside down. he should be punished one way or the other. There are other better ways to express dissatisfaction but to me this is disrespectful expression. I hope you take heed too rocky.


  13. I would be glad to do it for Sheih, but we are in KB. Anything similar here ?

  14. i predicted hishamuddin has quit his youth cheif post. today's umno supreme council was the most heated one. president was pressured to make an early retiremente specially from muhyiddin led group.
    ... want a bet

  15. Where were you?
    Amin..Nat...Bakaq....Sheih's sister and around 25 of us were lighting candles...then Officer Ravi came and gave us 5 minutes more.
    We cannot argue...he is doing his we dispersed.
    Since 5 is considered as a crowd...lets try 4 at one group...far apart on next candle light meet.

  16. no dap no pakatan to light the candle i wonder why different treatment??? where is Lim Kit Siang?

  17. Anonymous12:18 am

    (heha) :
    Hey, binAl-bar, u tidak beri arahan bukan !? kali ni tak bohong
    bukan, ah !?

  18. Anonymous8:56 am

    Whatever the reason Sheih has for flying the flag upside down, ISA should not be invoked. Its plain stupid knee jerk reaction from misinformed BN politicians.

    Flying the flag upside down just signify a distress call. As in the Country is in need of help.


  19. Anonymous10:36 am

    That's why old people said "marah nyamuk jangan bakar kelambu".

    U angry with Pak Lah, why u want to put our flag upside down.

  20. Anonymous10:50 am


    I don't get it. I can understand if he was arrested under the ISA. But he was not.

    Are we going to protest the Sedition Act next? Or does he get special treatment cos he's a blogger? Come on bro, half the country blogs. Do bloggers have immunity against prosecution? For breaking the laws of the country?

    let's not jump on the bandwagon. let's remain rational, and let the law take its course.


  21. That will teach him a lesson..Nothing is free in the world when u a good, constructive and responsible blogger...Sampaikan perkara yang benar walaupun pahit seperti jaddam...

    My Dear Sheih...belajarlah dr kesilapan.

  22. Whatever Sheih did...or for that matter........any Malaysian did..right or wrong..charge them in court.
    Why all these strange if...all arrested are spies...secret agents from outer space?
    We fight for freedom...daily getting worsrt and worst.

  23. Unite for Sheih?? Mana la saudara Sheih dapat idea buta perut nih?
    Apa salah bendera Malaysia?
    aku tak nampak langsung kebenaran perjuangan sheih.Untuk apa? perjuangan yang takda faedah langsung.
    Org bodoh saja akan buat bendera negara sendiri terbalik.Lagi baguih plak ada cadangan org islam ikut buat Candle light-Vigil pastu bleh la amik Free bible Versi bahasa melayu dr NGO kristian/IFC. Atas nama kebebasan..


  24. Anonymous6:16 pm

    whylaa so blur.....

    Watch "in the valley of elah" and you will get the point.