Sunday, September 14, 2008

Malaysian bloggers Unite against ISA

update, 15/9
story and pics H E R E by Tony Yew

original posting:
Vigil at Bloghouse

From Nathaniel Tan

I know it's last minute, but some of us felt very strongly that we need to keep the flame burning. Please help spread the word as far and wide as possible.

Let's gather tonight for a candlelight vigil in solidarity with all still under ISA detention.

9pm, 14th September, 2008

Blog House
66,Lorong Setiabistari 1,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.

It's open to everyone, and we hope as many people will come to show that with every passing day, we will care ever more for all still detained unjustly.

It's very last minute, sorry, but this means we need your help even more to mobilise support, spread the word, sms'es, etc. Stand up and be counted in Malaysia's hour of need.

Thanks, Nat


  1. I will be coming.

    Btw, kenapa tiba-tiba mereka lepaskan pemberita berkenaan? Betolkah tangkap dalam ISA akan dapat menjamin keselamatan pemberita berkenaan seperti kata menteri. Saya tak reti lah. Macam budak tadika pulak kita

  2. Anonymous5:27 pm

    All this ISA detention is suppose to be the finale for The Drama "New MAlaysia"?

    As the usual ending to Hollywood movies; The King, The Saint and The Journalist being held ransom.

    The Starring @ Anwar got to make the rescue by sending few of his most trusted aids to Taiwan to get the necessery support while Anwar himself deal with the current issue.

    Just like the usual Finale, it will always be NOW or NEVER!

  3. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Jom lakukan HARTAL untuk selamatkan negara tercinta ini.

    Let's do HARTAL for our beloved country.


  4. Welcome folks to the 'DUMB, DUMBERER & ASSOCIATES' CIRCUS show. a show full of morons you will have to get your ears, eyes and brains examined at the sheer audacity to sound and look stupid. WELCOME TO MALAYSIA folks, where the lunatics run the asylum. The dangdest dumbest excuse of a moron you will ever find, our very own social retard hamid al blur gave the excuse, that he did not give the order to detain under the ISA AND IT IS THE POLICE'S FAULT, sure tells us something new, 'the tail is wagging the dog'.
    Ohh hamiiiid oh hammiiiiid do you think we are stupid, should we apply your standards of stupidity to ourselves, THINK AGAIN HAMID, WE ARE NOT THAT GULLIBLE. Neither are we stupid nor retards, MORON.

  5. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Dear RPK, Teresa Kok and other freedom-loving citizens of Malaysia, please keep your spirits up. All our attention and prayers are with you all who are being held captive under the obnoxious ISA. Please take comfort and courage from these words: "Any day now, any way now, I shall be released!"

    "sixties radical"

  6. Anonymous7:07 pm

    wat for? got better tings to do....


  7. What’s there to unite? Is the whole country under threat just because two suspicious characters, both not my liking, are under ISA? Are my bread and butter being adversely affected? There are better things to do during this fasting month than displaying utter HYPOCRASY and DECEPTION; politicians and their ardent supporters know and take their risk; so let us not be carried away with the Games People Play.

    As far as I am concern, there are no “saints” in this country; Setans under the guise of Men and Women there are indeed abundance including those two under detention.

    So one wonders about the evil doer who’s the battle cry is to have a mass rally against political crackdown during this fasting month of Ramadan. But such is DSAI, a so-called acclaimed pious Muslim by the US Administration, who is so desperate to save his arse that he drags down the Holy Month of Ramaddan. Sick, isn’t he but that is typical of DSAI, just waiting for the opportunity to take his gospel of governance onto the streets. So who’s causing or asking for crackdowns and troubles – BN or Pakatan or both. For Muslims, refrain from being hypocrites during the Fasting month.

  8. In this month of Ramadan, I hope the Muslims have better things to do.

  9. I am totally disgusted with the bn govt and especially the antics of some umno members. The utter irresponsible behaviour and actions which have culimnated with the ISA ARRESTS, leads me to believe Malaysia is bring governed by a bunch of lunatics who have taken over the asylum. This includes the flip-flop decisions and bersumpah saiful, pusrawi DR'S notes, Police selective prosecuting and threats leads one to be astonished at what lengths some people will go to stay relevant and in power. With utter disgust, as my up bringing will not allow me to utter 4 letter words I have therefore come up with a few rejoinders,
    I have a new title for umno & BN cabinet members. for acting and behaving like morons and retards,
    YANG BERKURAP aka kucing kurap
    Yang berSCUM-BAGS

    So the next time you call them YB, DON'T FORGET THESE TITLES.

  10. bro,

    indeed all malaysian need to unite 4 our sake and generation..put aside all politic,religous,races etc..time thinking bout future.

    hope bro n all reader may come to vist n put something comment on my topic that im story about

  11. The candles burning
    Beautiful light on the ground
    People sharing similar sentiments
    Silently praying for good to come

    The lock-up without trial
    ISA the draconian law
    Use it for the wrong reasons
    It is for the ruling elites’ survival

    The candles burning
    Spook the goons let them see
    The people are against this law
    Ban ISA for good

    The candles burning
    Pray for the innocents to be released
    MPs that have consciousness do the right thing
    Don’t go hiding behind the devil’s skirt

    Let the light sparkle
    The way forward for the people
    The candles burning
    Silently praying for good to come

  12. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Rocky, pls take note of this.

    Pleased be informed that the small group of JOURNALIST that attended the vigil at Bukit Aman last night was under the impression they were there to gather for Miss Tan only as organised by the NUJ.

    Thus the next time if there were to be any form of gathering, it is hoped that the NUJ will notify its members CLEARLY.

    The JOURNALISTS were there for their fellow mate and not for a self proclaimed journalist.

  13. Bro Rocky, Reading RPK's infamous artcile on "Malay - the enemy of islam", I must say that this writer has crossed the line. The content is so offensive, made worst that it was written in Malaysia by a Muslim. Asking the muslims to go to the mosque for friday prayers if and only they have nothing to do is an insult to Islam. It is understood if RPK is annoyed with officers from RELA or JAWI because they had made mistakes before. Not matter how overzealous they are, this has nothing to do with muslims going to the mosque. Sorry, Rocky - you can count me out!

  14. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Bebaskan mereka semua,,,tangkap toyol & Co,,mempermainkan issue azan,,!!!!!

    Zaid kata,,muhyiddin letak jawatan,,sekarang dia nak letak jawatan kalu Bodowi still using the ISA against innocent rakyat,,!!

    Yang Che Det nak masuk kembali UMNO,,apasal,,??? Tindakan seperti menjilat ludah sendiri,,

    Senang cerita,,Bodowi & Co,,letak jawatan,,


  15. Though I can't make it to BlogHouse, I am with 'Bloggers United Against ISA'.

  16. Anonymous11:14 pm

    (heha): ISA = Internal Shameful Act

  17. Anonymous11:17 pm

    (heha) : the botak is carrying a black umbrella = 'no hair no sky' !

  18. Anonymous11:46 pm

    baik rocky pi sembahyang terawih dr dok sibuk bakaq lilin.

  19. Anonymous12:06 am


    Humble journo showing support.

    Photos up at

    Dragged my wife there. Only on in tudung!

    Have fun!


  20. Anonymous12:30 am

    The detainee desrve what they act to destablize the country


  21. Hi, it's me - cendana287 from the Recovery from Drug Addiction blog.

    This comment here is a no-shame, muka tak malu promotion of my new blog, Cendana Blues: Addicted to Politics at

    It's socio-political "Satire, spoof, lampoon, commentary, review and analysis by an "Intelek Kampung" in the backwaters". Had started this one because I don't want to pollute and contaminate the present blog with this dirty thing called "politics". There are a few posts already.

    Thanks for the attention.

  22. Anonymous12:38 am

    Bro Rocky, Reading RPK's infamous artcile on "Malay - the enemy of islam", I must say that this writer has crossed the line. The content is so offensive, made worst that it was written in Malaysia by a Muslim. Asking the muslims to go to the mosque for friday prayers if and only they have nothing to do is an insult to Islam. It is understood if RPK is annoyed with officers from RELA or JAWI because they had made mistakes before. Not matter how overzealous they are, this has nothing to do with muslims going to the mosque. Sorry, Rocky - you can count me out! (quoted by Bluemoon)

    Dear Bluemoon,

    thank god such ppl only appear once in awhile like they say..."once in a blue moon".

    What RPk said offended u? Why? If u hv been a good muslim then what RPk wrote doesnt concerned u. I m not a muslim but a christian. It serves as a check for myself as i read what RPk wrote. We must do self-check once in awhile and his writings also affected me but in a good way. So why bother going to church every sunday then in my case if i m a hypocrite, amassing wealth thru corrupt means, etc.?

    If I am a politician today, would i be able to stand in front of my fellow brethren blameless?

    So, what RPK wrote isnt condemning Islam. He is gvng the many ppl a wake up call and lest they stray further. I am sure RPK has his own weaknesses but he aint the one screwing u n me thru corrupted means. He may hv his own personal flaws but that is his own biz.


  23. Oh, BTW; Sorry I can't attend - I live a few hundred kilometres away. And I'm also not allowed to get out of this district until the end of the year(under a `Pengawasan' court order). Plus, tengah `sengkek' lani...

    However, my thoughts are with you guys who attend. Plus, "I'll do it my way" with my newly-launched blog...

  24. Anonymous1:02 am

    Let us all call for an immediate release of YM RPK and Teresa Kok ASAP!!!

    I always thought that ISA were meant for those armed terrorist which really threaten the country such as like sarin gas or bio chemical attack. BUT by using pen and writing are now regarded was a weapon?? Holy shit! What harm can this jolly good fella do? He just reports what’s really happening around us where MSM were tongue tied.

    Be reasonable, free these people now.

  25. Anonymous1:03 am

    candle in the wind!

    UMN0 strong wind is blowing!

  26. Anonymous1:18 am

    Some of the ppl who commented have completely lost it here .

    This is neither about RPK or teresa. It is a stand against an act that allows a person to be detained for any number of period, without any proof, reason or trial. An act used to defuse opposition politics and voices of dissent

    If a person is guilty of any wrongs, then by all means take him/her to court and produce the evidence, and if they are found guilty then they can face the consequences. RPK or teresa or anyone for that matter. produce evedence in court and lock them up if they are guilty for all i care..

    there is a bigger picture here and its not about 1 man and 1 woman arrested under the ISA.

    As a muslim, this goes against all basic teachings of Islam. I am bound by my religion to stand up for injustices.

  27. Dear Rocky & Nathaniel,

    That was a good gathering inspite of the drizzle.

    As they say, "When the Going gets tough, the Tough gets going & God helps those that help themselves".

    Keep it up guys & gals.

    Here’s one Divine Intervention - God Almighty is Great...

    Malaysiakini - Beh Lih Yi | Sep 14, 08 2:42pm - Quote - “Law minister threatens to quit over ISA….

    De facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim today threatened to resign if the government continues to use the Internal Security Act, which allows detention without trial, against any individuals. ” Unquote.

    “Devine Intervention” works wonders & with the “Anarchy” developing within their ranks of “Wannabe Young UMNO Heroes” vs the “Righteous Leaders”, they are having their own “Enemies” from within !

    PM & DPM have lost the “Plot” altogether & this “UMNO Anarchy” will be the “Mother of the BN Self-Desruct” mechanism in full action.

    Just give them more rope to “Hang” themselves at every turn towards their “Demise” soon.

    We have to be virgilant, stay UNITED, stay calm, have Faith in God Almighty for His Blessings, Protection & Guidance so that we will not fall into the BN “Chaos Trap”.

  28. Anonymous1:44 am

    say what?

    unite for this Teresa kueh a Kok?

    Throw in also this ba***rd Lim Kit Siang and Lee Kuan Yew the mother and grandmother of all racist inside the Bar.

  29. Anonymous4:39 am

    Please check harris Ibrahim’s site. Disturbing news, RPK in danger.

  30. Anonymous5:15 am

    how mature of you me artic turban. and by the way, what d'ya mean by artic turban? Ain't that name racist? Typical Malaysian chinese....everybody else but them is racist. how sad.

    Oh and by the way, Teresa is a scumbag. She deserves everything that comes her way. An MP was supposed to be ethical. I can't call somebody who fights over jawi signboards ethical.

    FYI you chinese people. Bahasa Malaysia is our national language and bahasa jawi is its original form before the british changed it. The usage of Jawi is by no means racial. You chinese politisize everything. Talk about being bankrupt of ideas.


  31. Yes....Light a candle for ALL detainees.
    For those cannot go..light a candle in a quiet open space...and pray for them.
    Let darkness have thousand of small lights...all over Malaysia....all saying a prayer for them be safe and well.
    These are true and brave..Freedom Fighters..for the love of a totally free country for younger generations.
    They are in jail without trial...for love of Malaysians!!
    What a good time to show our this holy month of Ramadan.

  32. Anonymous5:54 am

    Kalau negara negara membangun yg lain ada ISA mereka, sebaik-baiknya negara kita pun ada. Ingat senang ke nak menjamin keamanan negara berbilang ethnic group dan agama ni? ISA sedikit sebnayak membantu. Fikir kan lah dan muhasabah. Lihat sekeliling kamu. Bukan apa, kat tempat kerja saya jumpa juga orang yg menegeluarkan kenyataann yg tak sedap didengar. Kalau tak dak ISA lagi teruk

    Mama Sofea

  33. Anonymous6:33 am

    Sorry.. not for RPK or Teresa... got better thing to do..


  34. Anonymous6:51 am

    To me ISA is alright. If there is no ISA the blogger wil just write whatever they like and they will write on sensitive issue and alsocondemn about Islam which nobody can touch them. And without ISA mereka akan lebih berani dan tak takut lagi untuk mengutuk tentang Islam dan Melayu. Huru hara akan berlaku.
    Sekurang kurangnya dgn adanya ISA mereka akan lebih berhati hati dan berfikir tentang sensiviti org lain.


  35. Anonymous8:14 am

    i jus wonder what is your comment on tereessa's arrest? not agree as well? how bout her comment on azan not to be perform in selangor?

  36. well, we can forget about the candle vigil, now that we will all be safe, and we need ISA badly, simply we need to be protected under ISA, isnt this mentioned by Syed Habis?

    As law abiding Malaysian, i am too confused now, please help me, i cant distinguish black from white anymore.

    God save Malaysia, please

  37. Anonymous9:34 am

    i do not agree with some..but i support with all my heart those people who will provoke religion sensitivity ? as a muslim, i totally not agree others who want muslim to slow down azan? do we muslim ever stop u from doing whatever ritual you want to do in msia?
    may allah bless malaysia...

    -emo lady-

  38. Anonymous9:51 am

    Worry not... they will be out just before the MotoGp schedule on 20th October, 2008 .

    You have to pay the price when you blab so much without taking in consideration of the local sensitivity.

    In the month of Ramadhan , I hope Pete will perform his Terawikh in full solace.

    To the your mouth and writtings!

    Joe Labu

  39. Anonymous10:16 am

    Rocky where are you

    Laying low ke?

  40. Anonymous10:28 am

    go go and gone for ISA.

    Any how, i think ISA SAMAD will become a broker for this umno election.

    because najib will become authoritical person like Dr M.

    Zamri sunway semenyih

  41. Anonymous10:31 am

    lucu dengar kenyataan sywd hamid. Wartawan itu diugut, maka kita terpaksa kenakan ISA. Macam itu, najib boleh dikenakan ISA. Ni yang dipanggil menteri bodoh.

    Bakal pesalah ISA kerana memanggil menteri bodoh

  42. Anonymous10:56 am

    Why there was no such show of solidarity before these 2 clowns were detained?

  43. Dear bro rock,

    They both should be released from ISA because:
    1. RPK only need to be sent in PUSAT PEMULIHAN AKIDAH.

    2. T. Kok only should give a slap in her face because malay can respect buddhist and christian why she so anti abt malay n Islam.

    I think after that the gomen can close case.

  44. Anonymous11:25 am

    How can you let the lady being fixed like that?

    Free Teresa Kok, abolish ISA. Sign petition at

    Only name and email required.

    Please spread the word, we need your support.

  45. Anonymous11:37 am

    Alahai you all ni...biar lah Petra and Teresa tu stay a few more weeks in jail..who knows they'll come out changed persons who professes undying love for the Govt...boy, now that would be something wouldn't it...Imagine Kit Siang running around in a panic like a headless chicken. Awww...
    I'm not for them being released. I will waste no candles or time on them.. today, tomorrow or whenever.
    "I submit that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law."
    Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968)

  46. We want total democracy,total freedom,free press, free judiacry, fair police, free from ISA etc.....but are we prepared for it??
    Are we a society of totally civil people, totally responsible to other peoples sensitivies,totaly tolerant,totally harmonios.
    Intellectuals can tell us all the social theories,what is 'right',what is ideal.
    But just take a look at ourseleves and those among us.Is our society free of chauvinists hiding behind political & social causes or the hipocrites getting self benefit by championing the people's cause or the frustrated underdogs among the masses just watching on the sidelines.
    And on the ground as each day passes, beneath the peaceful surface,are we not living on a delicate social balance all these years,are the people's frustrations being addressed.Or on the contrary,is there not a rising tension just waiting to break out.
    Politicians can come out with their own agendas and social reforms, but are they really working .They can point fingers at one another when things fail and crisis starts. Different groups can continue to blame and condemn one another and all hell break loose like it once did.
    Are these all not hapening to us today.If we all really believe we are free from all these then lets free ourseleves lets have.... democracy,total freedom,free press, free judiacry, fair police, free from ISA..etc...
    ..lets go for it..
    ..while we keep our fingers crossed.

  47. Anonymous12:08 pm


    Dont waste your time. Frankly speaking RPK and the other two deserve it as the saying goes "kalau tidak ada angin takkan pokok bergoyang" to me they are the author of their own misfortune.

    Before we talk about the right to speak freely as you wish there is other more important rights that we should champion for such as the right to education, housing, food, health care, employment etc.

    The problem in this country lately is that people been allowed to speak freely too freely and the consequence is that most of them talk bull shit and in the end offended others in the process.

    Basically those who champion the right to speak freely is those who are well off and has no problem in term of education, housing, food, health care and employment thus this are the people who can afford to waste their time and at the same time causing trouble in our beloved nation.

    Hello if you all really want to be a hero please grow up and act accordingly, this is not a game of monopoly that you can do what you want, you all are dealing with real people on (bread and butter) and (flesh and blood) and (do or die) issue involving millions of people future. If this sort of people that supposed to be the saviour might as well throw away the key at least I know who the enemy behind the gate are.


  48. Anonymous12:36 pm

    I dont know about Theresa and the reporter but RPK deserves ISA. Let him stay there. We just dont need him. He can get free makan inside ma.

    ah long

  49. Anonymous12:44 pm


    i checked on the visitors on chedet's blog, our tun's blog already ahead of yours :)

    i'm not against ISA anyway

  50. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Dear bro,

    Vigil for what? What culture is that? Are we Orang Timur or Barat?

    I dont understand at all, why this kind of culture has been uphold widely in Malaysia? By who?

    Regarding the ISA for Teresa KOK. She deserved. All kind of hypocrasy for Bangsa Malaysia. She has nothing to do but touching on tiny winy issue like JAWI writing matter etc.. But no MINTA MAAF like what UMNO bodoh did.

    I am really sick with DAP. And for RPK, better learn Islam more and more and dont write something that you dont know. If you dont know, dont ask your fellow friends who were aeteist, Islam Liberal and etc.

  51. Peringatan kepada blogger Muslim, amalan menyalakan lilin untuk menyatakan kesedihan adalah bukan dari ajaran Islam.

    Semoga tidak terikut-ikut dengan budaya ini.

  52. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Rocky, lost your fire ka?

    Tak Rock la...

  53. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Hello kengkawan semua:

    Tunjuklah bukti bahawa Teresa Kok anti-Islam/anti-Melayu.

    Mana buktinya?

    Jangan terlalu ikut perasaan, tambah pula terikut hasutan golongan tertentu seperti Khir Toyo.

    Jangan tuduh tanpa bukti. Kalau kau tuduh tanpa bukti, tanya diri sendiri betul ke tidak kau ni Muslim?

  54. oh bro,

    I miss it again...

  55. Missed it!
    Message came late!
    Can we keep it going?
    Pls keep in touch with us.
    We r out of the loop!
    Use sms etc too!
    Jeya from Gasing Hills!

  56. @evelyn2828 6:51 AM
    And without ISA mereka akan lebih berani dan tak takut lagi untuk mengutuk tentang Islam dan Melayu. Huru hara akan berlaku.

    But there are other laws that can be used.
    I'm not a lawyer, but I believe there are provisions in the Seditions Act (among others) that cover such things.

    Polis/Kerajaan boleh kumpul maklumat ni - bukan payah sangat, sebab benda dalam digital form. Nak trace tempat tinggal blogger tu, pun mudah. Lepas tu, boleh tangkap dan charge di mahkamah. Boleh bagi jamin - sampai hari, datang bicara. Kita tengok apa yang pendakwa kata dan tertuduh pun boleh bela diri. Kalau didapati bersalah, negkau kena.

    I know that all this takes time and effort, plus expenditure. Plus it needs the police and the relevant people to be "rajin buat kerja". But if we really value truth and justice, and fair play for all, so be it. Using the ISA is for those who aren't confident of their cause or the truthfulness of their position.

    BTW cuba baca apa yang Mufti Perlis kata tentang ISA - walaupun seseorang tu dikatakan `menghina Islam' sekali pun.

  57. Dear ahgro,

    RPK can write anything he likes as long as he does not degrade islam. He can post anything under the sky and I don't give a damn. Never assume what is OK with your faith then it's also alright with Islam. We will not question if you decide to play golf on sunday instead of going to the church. In similar way we detest any attempt to poke fun at muslims going to the mosques on friday.

  58. Anonymous2:55 am

    Bagi org Islam..VIGIL ni ade ke dlm ugama? Jgn jadi pak turut aje even kalau menentang ISA pun.Mmg dah sahlah org2 Msia ni mmg bangang, tp nak main politics..ishk ishk...KO pun stau Bro Rocky oiii..igt2lah sama..

    Anti ISA tp x payahle VIGIL vigil...

  59. Anonymous11:58 am

    ISA must stay..but must be used wisely......

  60. Anonymous8:19 am

    ISA = Insensible Stoopit Assault !!

    " ...halo, can speak the botak minister ah !?"
    "yes, cakaplah, apa mau !"
    " i..i...mau minta ISA arrestlah ?"
    "apa..gilakah..apa sebab ? cakap
    cepat...sedang mandi lah.. cuci rambut(!?), kepala...cepat !"
    " untuk protection lah...taiyeelong
    mau cari saya...lah !"
    "...aiyah, celaka...malam datang rumah saya !"
    " rumah !?...rumah lu ? malam ah ?
    ...ok...tapi...anjin adakah ?"
    " ...botak..NO, NO ...bodoh...saya muslim mana boleh anjin ada !?"
    " ok...terima kasih !"
    " ...@#$%^&*...!!"

  61. Anonymous12:45 am

    ISA = Insensible Stoopit Assault !
    tapi..tapi, botak :" I Suka Act!"
    So..So.. Sheih lah , apalagi !!
    " NEXT ! hahaha..! "

  62. Anonymous1:08 am

    In this holy month of Ramadhan, my priority is my prayers.

    God is bigger than all the politician and bloggers combined.

    Sorry don't count on me to be at any demonstrations or vigil.


  63. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Hi ! mr. binAlbar, siapakah NEXT !?