Monday, September 15, 2008

18 hours with ISA

My 18 hours under the Internal Security Act

On 12 September, about eight thirty in the evening, I was at my home in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. While enjoying my yew char koay (fried dough stick), I was worried about the show cause letter issued to Sin Chew Daily, and anxious about the days ahead for my newspaper.

Suddenly, a group of plain cloth police officers appeared at my front gate. The person who started to identify the group and the purpose of this visit was a woman officer. She was also the only one in her uniform.

Through the gate, she told me that I have to follow them to the Police station, in response to that I told her that unless they have a warrant of arrest, I will not open the gate. At the same time, I immediately rung up the legal adviser of our company and my direct superior, seeking their advice.

Later, the female officer told me that they are arresting me under Internal Security Act, therefore a warrant is not required. On hearing that, I was immediately was prepared for the worst.

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  1. Anonymous2:44 pm

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  2. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Dear Rocky

    What so sensational about her being detained under ISA as compared to the furor that she has caused the country by her distorted reporting.

    Or perhaps, her editor should get the brunch of ISA , editor who deploy manipulative journalism.

    Apart from irresponsible politician such as Anwar Ibrahim, this editors who happened to be the lapdogs of politician should be taken into ISA custody.

    I am afraid,one day, there will be people who are ready to kill for Politician like Anwar Ibrahim, a master illusionist who befriended USA and was entrusted as the ECONOMIC HITMAN for CIA.

    People will only realized about Anwar treason similar to what Kamal Attaturk of Turkey.

    Anwar is the caused of the political instability thus the economic downturn of Malaysia in 1997-1998 and now he is doing it again.

    So, shall we do something to Anwar Ibrahim?

  3. Anonymous2:50 pm

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  4. Bro Rocky,

    Star says Zaid has quit over his ISA statement.

    Do read my blog for a scenario vis a vis the British doctrine of Collective responsibility .

    God bless.

  5. Thank you for showing us your strength to believe there are indeed many of us would stand stronlgy behind those who stand up to the truth, and also to believe that we shall in no way be intimidated by anyone for speaking up the truth.

    To me, you are the hero that stokes the flame in us that we are indeed not alone to fight intimidation and absurdity and abuse of power.

  6. Dear Bro, thank God she's safe and healthy.

    However Just to be fair n square, can we a full speach of Ahmad Ismail to be published or youtube ke?? and also her article that can translate to malay or english so that anyone can make a comparison n good judgement.

  7. Rocky, 18 hours is nothing compared to those inside since 2001 or earlier...

  8. Anonymous3:50 pm

    The Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia, Heritage Associations, Malay Cultural Organisations and Related Bodies Cooperation Network yesterday lodged police reports against Teresa Kok over her "alleged act" to prohibit the azan call. As a social and cultural associations, they should show to the general public that they are run by good intellectuals who can provide good examples on righteousness, fairness and integrity. To make such police reports after the fact that the Masjid had denied the involvement of Teresa Kok on the azan issue, the confirmation by the residence association that Teresa Kok did not initiate any petition and that the blogger at the Pembelamelayu Blog has appologized on the mistakened allegations made by him, it makes one wonder what is the motive of such police reports now! It has been told that Islam forbids slander against anyone. So in this holy month, why are such actions taking place against the truth and supporting lies by these muslim associations?


  9. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Dear Hashim,

    What distorted reporting are you alleging here? You are distorting the whole thing.

    And it is sensational because she shouldn't have been arrested in the first place.

    And for the lousy minister to say it was for her safety is sheer stupidity. Make her sleep in a lock-up with mosquitoes on wooden bed -- what freaking safety is that?

    Hashim, you go inside a lock-up for one night for no bloody reason and see for yourself, then you will know. Otherwise, just shut up.

    But then agian, you sound like someone who is linked directly or indirectly to the Umno cronies. Can't blame you, mate. Blame the system and culture we are in.


  10. Anonymous4:17 pm

    biase je kena tahan. kena soal pastu lepas. tak kena seksa pun?

  11. I thought she'd be raped or beaten up or something.

    That wasn't so bad.

    I recommend ISA to a lot more people!

  12. Anonymous4:46 pm

    I have been a supporter of UMNO in my last 55 years but starting from now they will lost my vote.

    I will give it to PKR & DAP but never again to UMNO and BN.

  13. Anonymous4:54 pm

    People should not get the wrong idea that all the ISA detentions are like hers because as I hear they are incredibly worse & inhumane. Looks like she was treated rather "kindly" by comparison.
    Thank goodness for some sanity despite the absolute stupidity of the whole thing.

  14. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Surprisingly there still exists people like 'Hashim Harris' who still looks at the world through his 'rose colored glasses'.

    To say that her reporting was distorted which ultimately "causing furor to the country" is a gross misrepresentation. Furious -- I was but not with the reporting but with Ahmad's remarks and his subsequent actions. Unless if Hashim could produce any recording of what did Ahmad say exactly, maybe we can put this matter to rest once and for all. Wonder why he didn't point the finger to chef architect of this furor instead? Ku-ku?

    The editors involved may be the lapdogs of politicians, if each of them should be taken into ISA, I'm afraid we gonna lock all of them up starting with the Utusan's.

    I do not know whether there will be a day people would be willing to kill for the sake of politics here in Malaysia, but I'm none too suprised if that were to happen, given the historical context since the ancient day of Brutus and Caesar up to the present day of Benazir Bhutto.

    To Hashim whateva,

    Anwar may have lots of friends, but I do not know whether he's an 'economic hitman for CIA'. But how do you know it's not MI5 or Al-Qaeda per se? unless you have some highly confidential top-secret at hand, otherwise, how do I know it wasn't Osama bin Laden who planted you here in this nation? Another 9-11 huh, given your rhetoric? Maybe, just maybe Mr. X whom you favour so much in our administration was planted there by the Beijing.

    To say that Anwar is the sole cause for the economics downturn way back in 97-97 is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. You must have 'a certain degree of intelligence to come up with the theory' If one person could cause the entire country's economic system to go haywire (which is so mission impossible 4), then I'm sure he has ways to put things right.

    Rocky, shall we do something to Anwar Ibrahim? I do not know what can be done, but something to people like Hashim Harris? Absolutely.

    Me hate the Malays. - Not this person.
    Me, an agent for Anwar, willing to die for him. - Not in this life or beyond.

  15. Anonymous8:45 pm

    I'm proud of what UMNO is doing for the rights of all malaysians...

    From now on i will regret my vote for PKR and will give my vote back to where it should belong.... UMNO!!!

  16. Anonymous9:27 pm

    these people should be shown pictures of people being killed during the last may13 riot. And how we all suffered. nothing beat peace and freedom from fear. look at africa, iraq and afghanistan. politician play their games and the common people suffered. please wise up. no body gets everything!

  17. Anonymous10:14 pm

    (as an example) Do "cocok" = "cucuk"? So, listen properly, understand it thoroughly and quote it sincerely as "word hidden amongst itself".

  18. Anonymous1:03 am

    We need to get to the truth. Did she report the infamous speech without providing the right context? Then whether it was done with sinister motives or not?

    If it's affirmative on both counts, she deserves to get more than 18 hours!

    Defending her without real knowledge of the events or proof is just stupid. Because what she did could have escalated into a real crisis.

    The "supposed" witness accounts of the other 2 journalists are just as useless. They claimed to have heard the words during the speech but again provided no context. Is utterance of the words that is being questioned? Of course not.
    It is the context!

    That is what needs to be investigated.


  19. Anonymous8:39 am

    dont understand the government. Are they trying to protect or ... this lady. I never head any reporter to be held under ISA for the accuracte report

    zamri sunway semenyih

  20. Anonymous11:31 am

    Mcm tu je tahap penulisan seorang wartawan akhbar bahasa Inggeris?

    Patutla selalu silap laporan. Yang menulis tak pandai sgt guna bahasa.



  21. Anonymous12:31 pm

    abolish ISA la for good sake...earlier u put the HINDRAF five in u put a journalist inside...18 hours of hell wei.....
    Just imagine wat the 5 HINDRAF are undergoing in Kamunting....
    I hope they will relase the five and abolish the ISA act....

  22. my flawed-full mind digest the following thru reading and accessing the situation.
    1) the police needed to record some statement from the person.
    2) The statement needed to investigate and put a full stop on the whole racial issue initiated by her news report.(i know it supposed to be initiate by the speaker but please bear with me)
    3) It is quite clear that the one thing that can delayed the process of investigation is by requesting for warrant arrest and lawyer. Its a bright world out there, I do not see where ISA is needed for the 18 hours trivial where the police can put people under custody for few days for investigation.
    4) The story will just spark bigger hatred toward ISA which is actually not the big problem. The people using the ISA is the problem.
    5) ISA is still relevant in every world where you will need to be arrested with cause to help investigation
    6) If police lock-up is prepared with a water-bed and aircond. It wouldn't be called lock-up, it will be called hotel.
    7) Didn't reporter record every talk they received to make a news report nowadays? I say, please do continue recording of speeches, as we can directly point out if someone make a big mistake in initiating the issue.

    simple sample : if i heard my boss telling me, all employee can get 5 months bonuses end of year and I started telling everybody.. it is called rumors not news.

  23. Anonymous3:07 pm

    korang ni semua celik lar sikit..jangan jadi tongkol dan dengan sewenang-wenangnya mempercayai apa yang dikatakan dalam media.Dah memang ISA tu satu akta yang tidak menghormati hak-hak asasi manusia,tak kiralah dia bersalah ke tak..yang penting dia mesti dapat peluang untuk mempertahankan hak dio.korang ni dari kampung mana?..camna kau dapat talian internet sampai kat atas rumah pokok hang? aku ni memang lar tak top student tapi SPM aku dapat 8A..ada ler orang respek kat aku sikit-sikit sebab aku try to do my best walaupun mak bapak aku bukak kedai runcit aje.Kita ni kena lar pentingkan ilmu pengetahuan...baru kita boleh dapat menyaingi kaum kaum lain...dah 50 tahun kita merdeka kita masih tak leh nak kata kita ni dah sampai tahap boleh bersaing korang rasa tak pelik eh? selagi ada pakatan BN..masih ada jugak tongkol-tongkol yang tak berpelajaran yang masih nak "act" macam terer tapi dalam hati takut hilang "hak keistimewaaan".Hak orang melayu memang terpelihara,dah memang dalam pelembagaan.cuma orang yang mejalankan dasar untuk memajukan orang-orang Melayu telah menyalahgunakan kepercayaan kita dan mereka lah yang jadik kaya.tengok lar derang kereta mewah sampai 5000cc yang aku ni nak beli sardin cap Ayam pun pikir dua kali... kena beli sardin brand "Giant". Sedih aku tengok ada jugak orang Malaysia tak kira bangsa dan agama yang masih di pinggir kemiskinan masih lagi menanti hari di mana nasib mereka akan diubah.mintak maaf kalau dah terkeluar topik.

  24. Anonymous9:43 am

    ISA adalah satu kezaliman. Penahanan tanpa bicara satu kezaliman. Penderaaan dilakukan semasa dalam tahanan satu lagi kezaliman.ISA membuat saya hilang rasa hormat kepada semua yang bersetuju ia nya dipraktikkan. Pemimpin zalim yang mengarahkan, polis kejam yang menjalankan dan rakyat macam hashim yang buta hukum hakam menggalakan.
    Islam forbid such practice and that's enough for me to disregard whatever excuse put forward to justify ISA.

  25. Next time pls be extra careful when reporting such a "quotation".. Don't go overboard.
    You are given another chance to prove it..Do it good.

  26. Anonymous3:56 pm

    hi! sweetie, take care !!(niamahx)