Friday, September 12, 2008

NUJ slams Govt for using ISA on journalist

update, sahur, 13th sept. A 2.34am sms: Hi evryone,here's a message from our frens in sin chew to wear black clothes and yellow ribbons as a sign of protest against the detention of their colleague tan hoon cheng under the ISA.apologies for the late hour.

Original article:
Intimidating journalists.
I have just spoken to the National Union of Journalist president Norila Daud. She expressed concern with the decision by the Government to detain a Sin Chew reporter under the Internal Security Act, apparently over her story on suspended Umno man Ahmad Ismail's "Chinese were squatters" remarks.
"This is a gravely serious matter. For the first time in 21 years, a journalist has been detained under the ISA. A reporter has been detained under ISA for doing her job, for reporting. The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, only recently told media practioners to be brave in reporting the truth [read the Star's Uphold the truth, 4/9], and now the Government has taken an action designed to intimidate these media practitioners. Sin Chew has been issued with a show-cause letter by the Government over the Ahmad Ismail report, so why invoke the ISA when before letting the newspaper editors respond to the show-cause? Also, I am very disappointed that the editors have not been hauled up. In any newspaper company, it is the Editor who is accountable.

"The NUJ will monitor the developments very closely."

I told Norila that we need to send a clear message to the Government on this. As Advisor to the National Press Club, I share her views. As a journalist and a blogger, I am very concerned with the manner the ISA is being used against the people by the Government that they elected.

p.s. Apologies for not posting anything after my last article on RPK's arrest under the ISA. I had to attend to some urgent stuff. Since then, YB Theresa Kok has also been picked up.
Thank you Mr Smith, for the Mansuhkan ISA badge.


  1. Ah... you are slow... now MP also got detained already... ;)

  2. Anonymous12:23 am

    sassy joins RPK under ISA.

    what has she done wrong? sending ultimatum to MR Botox to retract an allegation which is clearly not true?

    It has come to a point that what comes may, I will never vote for BN again.

    Sad Malaysian

  3. Anonymous12:24 am

    Hello kawan

    DAP's Teresa Kok is also arrested.

  4. Hi
    anyone knows if there be any protest in the Malaysia High COmmission in London this weekend ????

    please if you have any info, pls let me know
    i want to play a part in stopping this gov that have gone mad!!!

    i will check back this thread tonight! THANKS

  5. Anonymous12:31 am

    They are practically handing over their throne to Anwar Ibrahim. Abdullah single handedly destroyed
    UMNO and BN. I am sure this is
    cunning and sly Khairy's idea again.


  6. sad indeed.

    and this will hurt our economy furthermore.

    and the chinese will be more upset when they cannot make money. that is actually the cause of swinging votes. racisme is only its by product.

  7. Anonymous12:39 am

    What do you expect from Pak Lah, he is known for cakap terbalik. There is a really urgent need for change or we'll be doomed. Maybe its time to storm the Bastille!

    Van damned

  8. Anonymous12:48 am

    NOT THE draconian ISA AGAIN! RPK needs a good islamic teacher to make him come to his islamic senses! the journo from sin chew and teresa should be given fair and normal legal platform to ascertain their wrongdoings, if any. ISA is somehow similar to guantanamo, as one of my blog reader suggested.

  9. berani buat berani tanggung lah beb... reporter pun tak terkecuali, even miss kok as a mp pun masuk dalam.... nowaday anything can happen. at least rpk not alone, he now has miss reporter and miss mp around to talk to at kemunting....and more to join


    IS THIS VISION 2020.


  11. Anonymous1:00 am

    YB T.Kok kena juga?!
    apa dah jadi ni?

  12. Anonymous1:16 am

    Hi Rocky's Bru,

    Yes, we have to monitor the government and let them know that we are watching. If they keep going against the wishes of the Rakyat who voted them and give them the task to govern the country wisely, fairly, transparently for the betterment of our beloved country, then the next GE, they will not only lose the 2/3 majority but we will see the last of them around.

    Please all Malaysians let us join our hands and heart together and reject ISA. All law breakers are entitled to a fair trial and penalised accordingly when proven guilty.

    The government cannot just give some excuse and start to put anyone who challenged them into jail without trial!

  13. Anonymous1:16 am

    police have been very busy today yehh...taking away 3 people in less than 24 hours. and the Penang guy just got three years of un-official active duty in UMNO. What BS...Maybe tomorrow, Anwar pulak...apa nak jadi la negara aku nih... :(

    rakyat biasa

  14. Anonymous1:27 am

    Hi Rocky's Bru,

    Tonight my heart is so broken and it hurts so badly. My tears cannot stop flowing. I am sure many Malaysians are feeling the same way.

    Malaysia is turned into such sad state by just a small group of people who we have put our trust to govern the country in a fair and just manner for the betterment of our beloved country. Today they really abuse the authority that we the Rakyat give them.

  15. Anonymous1:31 am

    This why we see more heroes in blogs than in the msm.

  16. Anonymous1:50 am

    What has happened smells very familiar... It smells like the work of someone who has done it many times before. Someone who has plenty to gain and nothing to loose... In fact it stinks of TDM's handywork to discredit Badawi. “Shit Head”-mid may have already been recruited by TDM to sabotage Badawi’s weakening administration. Ahmad Ismail’s racial spat with Gerakan and BN sets the right climate for TDM to exploit the rakyat’s anger and channel it to Badawi. My God, I hope he is awake to realize what is happening now.

    The "war" has already begun. TDM’s group is burning the house down and won't care the fire is going to destroy the home and kill some of its inhabitants. We MUST reject all UMNO politicians no matter which side they are on. They care for no one but themselves.

    Yes protest if we must! Send protest notes to all the BN component parties and get them to abandon BN NOW! Let TDM and Badawi fight between themselves. They should NOT involve the rest of the country in their tussle to lead a dying dynasty. REJECT UMNO!!!


  17. Anonymous1:53 am

    ISA = Malaysia at its best.
    When people mention Malaysia, the first thing that comes to their minds is ISA. Way to go BN. The Badawi-Najib-Albar clique strikes again. One up for 'freedom' of the press and internet.


  18. Anonymous2:02 am

    I think bro, lepas ni semua journalist takut nak tulis apa2 pun. they might rather write about longkang tersumbat or jalan berlubang daripada menulis the truth that is not the same 'truth' as what the politicians wants.

    dah selalu sangat politicians cakap benda lain, bila jadi kes, esok buat PC keluar penafian cakap media putar belit, media misquoted. dulu kita diam sebab tugas kita melaporkan, but now one of us dah masuk dalam, apa nak jadi dengan journalist di Malaysia? penulis novel ke?

  19. Anonymous2:04 am

    Hopefully this is be last straw that will break the camel ass. 916 will not be just a dream!!!!


  20. Anonymous2:48 am

    Hei Rocky Bro,

    Sad sad day for Malaysia. We must fight this regime via the political platform. We must stay focus and calm. We need to maintain even keel to ensure that we do not fall into their trap. We will stnad firm. We will stand in solidarity with YM RPK. YB TK and Ms Tan.

  21. Anonymous3:12 am

    I didnt see this coming, not in my wildest dream did I see this one coming. Ahmad Ismail is free but Tan Hoon Cheng being arrested? That's really out of logic!
    Malaysia Police better set their priority right and if this is UMNO last effort to stop Anwar from becoming PM. UMNO is really making a big mistake!
    I was 50-50 to support Anwar of forming the government through the undemocratic way but now I'm 100% sure I want to see

  22. Anonymous3:24 am

    Now you know why Mahyuddin is asking Dolah to get lost from UMNO asap. He is not, and was never, fit to be a Prime Minister fron the very beginning. The only thing he knows is to enrich his Kerajaan Tiga Beranak. Anything else is "Saya tak tahu" ... Wali Kota

  23. Anonymous3:40 am

    Reporters think and behave as if they above the law. Reporters are obselete now with the availability of blogs.

  24. Anonymous4:51 am

  25. What is the point of all this condemnation when your own members will tomorrow go on to write your spin?

    Whoring is a far more honourable profession than surviving as a journalist in Malaysia. Honestly what is the difference. In the latter you only sell your body. With Journalism you sell your soul.

  26. Anonymous6:04 am

    This is highly distressing. The bigot who basically insulted fellow Malaysians is walking free while a person who was just doing her job - reporting - was arrested without trial. What f&@ked up logic is that? My heart goes out to the Tan Hoon Cheng, as well as Theresa Kok and RPK.

  27. Anonymous6:11 am

    Perhaps in order to send a strong message to the idiots at the helm, the rakyat need to do something en masse. But peacefully. A nationwide strike on Monday? How about not showing up for work?

  28. Anonymous6:25 am

    Good...very good. Ini reporter should have been detained much earlier. Come on Mr Prime more mr nice more kebebasan mutlak kepada more kebebbasan mutlak kpd journalist..
    If we were to survive in the multiracial community like Malaysia.. no nice guy policies shall be maintained..ISA must be used now and then in order to preserve racial and political harmony in the country. Let this be a lesson to all malaysians from all walk of life that government means business..
    Discard the total freedom of reporting news even to the extent could shake the security of the country..these bloggers/jpurnalists and people who support them are made up of a few % of total populations of Malaysia..Bigger majority of Malaysians want stability and peace to the country..
    Last but not least..a very much anticipated move to detain ( not forget to teach them history lessons in Kamunting).. GOOD MOVE and should have done much earlier.

    Nik Anwar
    Kuala Lumpur City Centre

  29. Anonymous6:45 am

    Abdullah really f*cked up this time.

    I think there sre some UMNO within that is giving him rope to hang himself.

  30. Anonymous8:14 am

    Dear uncle police
    Can u tell me why khir toyo and ahmad who started spreading untrue statement on non-muslim and chinese can walk freely while tan, kok and Raja Petra being arrested??? How about utusan then - for stirring the mosque story? For godsake - it's puasa month and moon cake festival tomorrow - a time of forgiving and reunion. U couldn't hv choose a better time for this terrible act.
    Little girl

  31. Anonymous8:26 am

    untuk perhatian semua,

    kalau berdasarkan penahanan yg dibuat, saya merasakan ada target yg disasarkan utk menimbulkan rasa tak puas hati dan mereka yg di'target'kan ini diharapkan utk bertindak, so langkah ini telah diatur oleh regime Pak lah utk meneruskan langkahnya dlm btk operasi lalang 2, penahanan akan dtg bukan shj terjadi pd pembangkang tapi juga penyokong kjaan( anti pak lah), dlm kata lain mereka yg ditahan adalah penentang paklah( org kjaan + pembangkang).

    Jadi utk menggagalkan langkah paklah diharap kumpulan yg disasarkan diharap bertenang.

    ** yg paling sesitif dan mmberi kesan chain reaction ialah: Ketua Bahagian Bt bendera di ringankan hukuman tapi wartawan tu plaak yg kena ISA, so kita boleh lihat siapa kumpulan(komuniti) yg disasarkan. Bertenang-tenang, kalu tidak dua group penentang paklah akan tewas dgn percaturan ini.

    from ataturk

  32. Anonymous8:51 am

    Heard disturbing news that Haris have been arrested:

    Please confirm

  33. Anonymous8:56 am

    Brace yourselves , bloggers, I feel more will be picked up!! We must not jump to conclusion fast, the authority may have more informations then we are on those picked up. May be the authority wanted to check the allegations they have on these characters. If found not true they will of course be released ! Consider this as preventive efforts to save the country from disaster. At the moment disasters happened only on those picked up, but not on the society at large yet. So allow the authority to carry out their duty and let's hope it could douse the flame of would be racial conflict!!!
    Very-much concerned too

  34. Anonymous9:02 am

    we will never ever ever vote for bn again. if ever i vote for bn again, i am a pig. enough is enough of this nonsense.

    shaking heads

  35. Anonymous9:19 am

    A suggestion. Why dont we wear black armbands? Death of a nation.

  36. Anonymous9:19 am

    MSM editors are a bunch of cowards. They have been spinning government rubbish without shame. Now that the gun is trained at one of their own, they expect others whom they have been disparaging to come to their aid. The worst racist paper is Utasan Malaysia. They should be the first one to be shut down and if anyone deserves to be put behind bars, it's their editors.


  37. Anonymous9:21 am

    Not just the reporter, Teresa Kok is also under ISA now. Albar have totally booted us(Malaysia) back to colonial stone age days.
    There is no law, no just and no hope of any recovery in our current state.
    The SATAN finally show his horns!

  38. Anonymous9:26 am


    walla! that is how chedet do. what a copycat.


  39. ISA or May 13 repeat.

    Pick your choice.

    Freedom of speech has an in-built clause of social responsibility.

    If this freedom leads to riots and unrest, then ISA is the way to go.

    I am not an AAB fan.

    Bloggers should also observe this responsible freedom of expression.

  40. Anonymous9:29 am

    Who is next ?

    Rocky ?

    'Proud Malaysian'

  41. Anonymous9:39 am

    Dear Rocky

    BUT this is MALAYSIA. Our BOLEH land.

    Dont go for the person who's at long as he has UMNO'S backing.

    Go for the others, and call it JUSTICE.

    What a deranged Govt we have, so shameful.


  42. and so it begins... the beginning of the end... dont u think?

  43. Anonymous10:13 am

    bleedy bastur ....i really wish those bn..will get kick out from the govt

  44. "The NUJ will monitor the developments very closely." people only know this word...anyway Welcome To Malaysia -The Country with ISA Expertise.

  45. Anonymous10:19 am

    Why don't journalists boycott all government functions until these so-called elected leaders start using their brains?

    Well, the journos did that during the Parliament fiasco..i'm sure they can do it again.

  46. Anonymous10:23 am

    Yusuf berkata: "Wahai Tuhanku, penjara lebih aku sukai daripada memenuhi ajakan mereka kepadaku. Dan jika tidak Engkau hindarkan daripadaku tipu daya mereka, tentu aku ini akan cenderung untuk (memenuhi keinginan mereka) dan tentulah aku termasuk orang yang bodoh." (Surah Yusuf, ayat 33)

    i pray for them and that the truth will indeed set them free.

  47. Why can't the NUJ put down their pens and strike for the sake of solidarity and to show that they will not be threatened, abused and prostituted by anyone?? And that they will report as true journalists, without fear or favor?

    And yes, where are all the running dog editors? Cowards! Cowards!

    Arresting innocent women.

    That bastard Toyo should be arrested for threatening MAY 13 in an effort to pressure Abdullah. This Theresa arrest must be part of their strategy.

    And what happened to all the cowardly Mukhrizes et al who are calling for "berani berubah"!

    Will they speak out now without fear or favour in the name of justice?





  48. Anonymous10:43 am

    Tangkap juga:

    1. kerismudin
    2. berokairi
    3. b bendera ahmad
    4. lingam
    5. v tan

    banyak lagi supaya sb boleh nampak

    pendaki gunung

  49. Anonymous10:47 am

    RPK should be detain under ISA a long time ago. Pity dolah was sleeping during that time. RPK is a cyber anarchist who disseminate slender and lies.

  50. Anonymous11:03 am

    wear black or wear yellow.
    It is wrong that a journalist was slapped with ISA for doing her job.

  51. Anonymous11:11 am

    I really don't know what is wrong with our Government. Instead of learning from mistakes, they seem to be making more and more mistakes. It is so obvious that the Government is losing touch with the Rakyat and will do anything to stay in power. How come Ahmad Ismail is still on the loose???


  52. Anonymous11:14 am

    This is indeed very sad. We gave them the mandate to rule fairly but it so obvious now that we have chosen the wrong government. Time for change!!!


  53. Anonymous11:14 am

    The present govt is going crazy. The law must be equal to everyone not sided to one side. It either the govt leader change the atitute or the people of Malaysia will soon teach them a lesson. Don't use ISA for personal interest. A leader must not be afraid facing the problem and must provide win - win solution. Not hidding behind the law and use it for own advantage. The leader cannot be double standard, words and actions must be aligned. Don't demand respect but earn respect. A simple theory that every one know, but I wonder why our govt leader unware about this. Mat Isak.

  54. Anonymous11:15 am

    I am disgusted! My heart goes out to the MP, journalist and RPK. May we have a change in government very soon.

  55. Anonymous11:33 am

    Padan muka,

    Main lagi dgn isu perkauman. Korang dah tau UMNO memang mcm tu, nak lagi test the water.

    Teresa... Lu takde kerja lain kah? kata BANGSA MALAYSIA.. tapi signboard pun lu mau letak bahasa CINA, INDIA.Dei.. Bahasa KEBANGSAAN adalah BAHASA MALAYSIA.

    Lu cina semua RACIST. Cakap Melayu Racist Lu pun sama saje.

    Selamat Beristirehat di Kamunting

  56. Anonymous11:38 am

    1. have anybody ever thought that the editors in Sin Chiew sold their reporters? We all knew that the editors were the one approved of the story, now, why wouldn't they got arrested?
    2. I think this is a prelude to either get Anwar or TDM.


  57. Be not take to the not be said his "Dr.Shu's Forum" blog.
    Message is pasted everywhere and even copied wholesale...with no thanks by a blogger.
    YES!!..Do not fall into a give reasons for Emergency Rule.
    This is a holy month for Muslims.
    Let all Malaysians go to mosques....temples....churches..pray for ALL detainees under ISA. May they have strength and peace in minds. Pray for heir families be string and good.
    Most of all...pray for whoever the UMNO members...supporting this cruel and obvious political acts. Pray they be guided to the right paths.
    Yes..pray pray pray....and Malaysians pray to be brave..clear minded...and will cast their votes....for complete change of government.
    Glad candle light virgil and prayers planned.
    Smart inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's non disobedient to government ...are the right ways.

  58. Anonymous12:14 pm

    As amedia practitioner myself, I'm very concerned with the govt's move to detain the journalist, and issue show-cause letters to three medias.
    If we're being penalized for doing our job, then what's the point of telling the media to "be brave in reporting the truth"?
    Rocky, do post updates on what the NUJ and bloggers will do next to address this sad state of affairs.


  59. Anonymous12:35 pm

    It is clear now the current government is foolish and unmature.
    I'm very sure that this BN government will collapse sooner or later. We cannot tolerate this kind of attitude from BN. Might as well ISA the newspaper. This shows that BN wanted to control the media.
    UMNO-BN you will not survive anymore!

  60. Anonymous12:40 pm


  61. Anonymous1:08 pm

    This is the biggest acid test for MCA and Gerakan. If they do not take any strong action including leaving the bankrupt BN, than they condone such actions. The people must at all cost rally behind PR and get Badawi and the umno crooks out once and for all. Where is justice when the person who should have been arrested nuder sedition is Ahmad Ismail. Is the reporter not suppose to report the truth ??
    I say Badawi and his gangsters including bloody son in law should be run out of the government. UMNO now operates like MAFIA, in fact they are even worst than MAFIA, at least the MAFIA has code of righteousness.The Home Minister is the most useless guy, if he had any balls, Ahmad should be behind bars, not RPK,Tan or Kok, my respect for this government is zilch!!!!

  62. Is this tactic to divert our attention away from Sept 16?
    Whats the pdate on September 16th anyways???

  63. Hi Bro' Bru,
    Should not abolished ISA so soon. Should wait for 916 to take place, and then detained all those fellows for at least 3 years before we termnate the law.

    Kasi sama dia rasa juga, ISA.

    Budak Bagan

  64. Anonymous1:33 pm

    The sad thing is the Govt is doing its evil deeds in the name of Allah and Islam. And all for the survival of a dying Umno. The botoxed dentist walks free even though the Kota Damansara mosque has clarified the real reason for the muffled calls to prayers. I see nothing but a pre-planned exercise to nab Fighter Kok and RPK. And the poor reporter? Well, she happens to be the messenger, and in stupid Badawi's Malaysia, we shoot messengers only. I thought the Mahathir years were horrid but now the Badawi regime is worse because stupidity when coupled with evil is more difficult for the rakyat to swallow. I'm too old to leave the land of my birth but my children are not. I will cry for my beloved country until the day God releases us from the Fool and his bunch of clowns.


  65. The Courage to Build a New Malaysia.

    The year is 2008. This is the year most Malaysians finally woke up from a deep slumber. Most Malaysians were just too busy earning their living and building up their lives to take notice that times have changed and the idealism spouted by our founding Fathers have still not been accomplished for this country even today.

    It was not so long ago in 1957 and then for our fellow East Malaysians in 1963 when the ideals and dreams preached by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj (Bapa Kemerdekaan and Bapa Malaysia) for Malaysia were first announced and was greeted with joy in the hearts and minds of all Malaysians. The late Tunku Abdul Rahman had a dream and ideals, just like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many others including the prophets over the history of mankind.

    Many a times such dreams were hijacked and led astray under the guise of nationalistic, racist and religious idealism by so called politicians and self declared and appointed righteous and religious persons (Little Napoleons). Individuals who have risen to continue some of such idealisms are gagged, isolated, bankcrupted, blasphemied, rehabilitated or worst jailed, for it is deemed not in consonance with the dreams and idealism of the elected parties agendas.

    Laws are legislated and passed at whim in Parliament to change the idealism of the Supreme Law of the Land (The Malaysian Constitution) and to cloak such party and individual agendas. It is true, Malaysia, conforms to the democratic process as practiced by most western countries in elections (even though tainted but unproven). But once given the trust to be elected as a leader or representative of the people, party and individual idealism overtook national idealism, and The Jeykll and Hyde personality emerged to be repeated over and over again at each and every election and by-election.

    Malaysians have being led astray for so long, that what is right is blurred, what is wrong is tolerated, what is evil is condoned, what is fair is pouted as unfair, what is immoral becomes moral and corruption and close one eye need to become a part of our accepted daily lives. Jealousy, hatred, greed, racism, plundering and satanism starts to breed in Malaysian minds, and brothers, friends and fellow Malaysians were looked upon as enemies or as inferior human beings. Once a while, such nets were cast ashore to include anything to do with other countries or other races which do not belong to one's own race or religious beliefs.

    The minds and souls of Malaysians are so polluted and poisoned for so many years that it seems that Malaysia is the only all correct country and we should rule the world by our way. Examples of countries which follows Malaysia or is it we following them are, such as North Korea, Zimbabwe and Israel. What justifications can you tell your own generations or future Malaysian generations that what you are doing to fellow mankind and more so to your own fellow Malaysians that it is righteous and correct, when, it is at the expense and sufferings of your own human kind and fellow Malaysians?

    Can you say to them I did it to follow the orders and teachings of God or party political agendas? Who gave you such inspirations and idealism? Do not absolve your own wicked mind and greed nor take a ride on someone else wicked mind and greed. Do not pick and choose in the Books of God nor the man-made laws to justify or suit your own twisted and idealistic minds. You can fool others due to their ignorance or emotions at some time but you can't fool forever a man's conscience nor your own children or hopefully one day your own when such enlightenment comes to you.

    The courage to change things which are not right in Malaysia nor achieve the ideals of the Founding Fathers is not impossible. Most Malaysians have woken up to the fact that the future is going to be determined by it's own citizens thru their own conscience guided by their own religious beliefs to live a harmonious and productive life of correctness and not the type of political, racial or religious correctness as preached.

    Parties and their own agendas do not take priority over the Founding Fathers ideals and hopes of all Malaysians. Religion and principles are as a guide to your own conscience to make sure whoever is the leader do not lead Malaysians nor society astray.

    For in the end, what is just and right should surely overule anything else for any leader or their party agendas.

    Does your Representative of the People (Wakil Rakyat) or You! have the courage?

  66. What kind of the rule of law the asshole PM and his Goverment is preaching now ?????

    One minute he is preaching for a greater transparency in the media and a fairer reporting from the journalism , the next minute he is ordering the ISA detention for the journalist whom just reporting the truth , WTF are u trying to achieved from this actions ??????

    If your every minute as the PM of Malaysia is indeed very disgusting to the majority of our fellow Malaysians , then sir , i indeed please and even beg u to stand down before any further damage will be done to this beautiful country with ur inability and yr crazy greediness and even selfishness .......

  67. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Rocky mana boleh kena tangkap

    Dia kan kawan dengan Khairy Jamaluddin

    Rocky ni pandai , dia dah cover diri dia dah

  68. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Itulah. Mula-mula AAB nak popular. Cakap dan promise macam2 liberties. Last-last sekali reality check la. He is losing the plot day by day.


  69. Anonymous2:05 pm

    I see it as Badawi the dumbo is desperate...very very desperate to cling onto power.. desperate people do desperate and usually stupid things.. like putting the wrong people in ISA!!!

    Now, ever more, September 16 will have to happen...

    Dont simply blame Tun ah...

  70. Anonymous2:10 pm

    So it was right for the non-malays to assume this : When we do something that is legal but perceived wrong by the malays, we are detained, humiliated and strip of all post.

    BUT when a malay does something wrong, they are released with a warning.

    Malaysia is going down the hole.

  71. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Joke of the year.

    Raja Lawak; Syed Hamid

    Sin Chew Reporter kena tangkap kerana nak jaga keselamatanya.

    Wow, kerajaan guna ISA nak jaga keselamatan reporter!!! Hebat

    Reporter di bawa ke balai polis bukit mertajam.

    Balai polis Bukit Mertajam tak selamat ke?

    Bawa pula ke Ibupejabat Polis Pulau Pinang.

    Tak selamat juga.

    Sekarang bawa ke Bukit Aman>

    Please lah, Stop insulting our intelligence

  72. Salam,
    my opinion is do not abolish ISA... there's no such need to abolish it in the first place... what is needed is to reform it make it hard to be used excessively without any cause.
    ISA has been serving this country and has been keeping this country from any discomfort in the past.
    Some opportunist firmly know the law and since the law is quite slow to take action, there's should have an emergency act to be used to stop a cancer from spreading.
    Provoker and propaganist must be stop at the early stage rather than letting them freely spread the cancer cell into the community...

    So I called upon Malaysian not to be taken by the opportunist that has now been able to be stop to ruin our society and abolish ISA.
    ISA is needed and must be revamp and used accordingly not at somebody's will.

  73. Rocky,

    Pening kepala la tengok Mat ISA ni :)

  74. The fasting month is just midway and as we all know Setan is still in behind bars in Hell. Come 1st Shawal, Setan will be set free and his place in jail (not in Hell but in Malaysia) will have to be replaced and filled up. There’s why and where RPK and many others are being so quickly welcomed under ISA to fill the jails before Shawal emerges and without exception is the ghastly politician lady by the name of TERASA KOT_ (fill in one alphabet!) whom I heard have consistently insulted the religion of Islam with PIGS, AZAN, ETC; so she deserves insult in return.

  75. Prayer and silent witnessing after mass service at St Francis Xavier ’s Church, Jln Gasing, PJ till 2.00am

    “Malaysia enter a phrase of naked display of aggression. When a regime is morally bankrupt it will use immoral means to hold on to power.
    The unjust may break our bones but not our spirit”

  76. Anonymous4:46 pm

    1atest star online report that sin chew reporter may be released and the reason for her ISA arrest was as our al=jabbar=the=nut said for her safety against death threat from her report of that racist.
    OK OK it becomes more bizzare. NOW the ISA IS A REFUGE FOR SAFETY AGAIN DEATH THREAT? read
    OK the best MORONIC award this year goes to the person who used the ISA to protect someone's life, No No you don't get points for the correct answer just confirming our stupidity in knowing the culprit?

  77. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Do you folks see the irony:

    1st event
    Sin Chew writes about a politician.
    Politician says he did mention the 'words' that were of bad taste.
    Journalist goes under ISA.

    2nd event
    Utusan wites about a politician.
    Politician denies involvement.
    Politician goes under ISA.

    The law is very very clear indeed.

    Next time you folks want to do,say,write anything use the above two benchmarks to know what will happen to you next.


  78. Anonymous7:16 pm

    NUJ should go a step further: BOYCOTT all speeches and functions of govt officers/depts, ministers, including or in fact especially the PM and home minister. If the media is truly united make sure none of the umno/bn leadres get publicised. Can or not? Jangan cakap aje....

    mat taib

  79. Anonymous8:26 pm

    How about NUJ making a stand on Utusan's racist, biased, and race-hatred inciting reporting of the ahmad ismail issue, of YB Teresa Kok, and for pandering to the seditious views of Khir Toyo in his blog? and oh it has started even way before this.... Utusan has long been the one guilty of stoking and inciting racially-sensitivities. But alas, it's ok because it's all in defence of 'ketuanan melayu', isn't it?

    -Sick, Tired and Sad Malaysian.

  80. Anonymous9:30 pm


    Can someone for God's sake tell Zubaidah Abu Bakar of NST to stop writing columns. I mean, ass-licking the Government is understandable because she is working for Umno-owned paper, but her columns do not stimulate the mind, lacks depth and intellectual debate, are not analytical and written with appallingly poor language. She is old enough to retire, but her articles are a far cry for the likes of Joceline Tan of The Star.

    I know so many one-year-old reporters who can write better than her. I am surprised that NST editors can actually print her s**t.

    The tea-toddler.

  81. Anonymous9:56 pm

    So many holding the reins of power
    Not spritually aware,

    And racism is around me everywhere,

    And racism only leads to division and war,

    Just goes to slow how ignorant some!

    Mamam Penang.

  82. Anonymous11:06 pm

    As a fellow foreign-based Melayu Malaysian, I feel disgusted with the attitude of the PL administration. This toilet mentality administration should be flushed out to where it should belong. The sooner the better! By abusing ISA to cover up its own corrupt actions and weaknesses , I dare to say that the PL administration is a piece of crap! Please wake up, Malaysians!!! Enough is enough. Do we need to deal with these kind politicians again and again? I think they have thrown shits at us far too long, don't you think?


  83. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Reporter got detained under ISA,
    The one who gave the speech only got suspended,
    Then Govt send so called "warning letters" to three prominent newspaper,
    Today the reporter was released,
    But our dear Govt said they detained her due to the fact that they are afraid that the reporter's life in danger.. wows.. i didn't know that part of ISA is to protect citizen's life too...
    Now i know those who felt their life in danger, please apply for ISA protection...

    Who is stupid now??lol

  84. Anonymous11:30 pm

    (heha) : " ...aiyah ! dun be mistaken man , her life is in DANGER so the police was keeping her in a saved 'lock up' under ISA
    so no one can harm her what, right ! ok ? thank you very much !!" fooled by the botak minister !

  85. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Dr M had indeed built a very concrete foundation for any leaders after him to govern Malaysia. With this unique multiracial community..what Dr M had done must be followed by Pak Lah..But the truth is Pak Lah was trying to project himself as a Mr Nice Guy..Mr Clean Guy..and liberalisation in judiaciary and freedom of speeches, reports,papers and bla..bla..bla.
    So we would say Pak Lah you were very wrong in trying to project that image or trying to deviate from what Dr M had built during his admin..
    ISA should have been used long ..long time ago.Otherwise th multiracial country such as Malaysia would plunge into chaos.
    Nevertheless the govt has awaken from long sleep..and ISA is the last of so many choices..By hook or crook something must be done to stop unruly behaviour by Teresa and RPK..for the journalist..i would spare my comments..because i didn't read sin chew jit poh..or how the reporting was..Thus this will be a strong reminder to others who dare to challenge govt in undemocratic way..

    ALLAH SWT bless Malaysia..

  86. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Hello Badwi, Alembab... check this out. Read the comment below posted earlier by someone. Kali n Gang not only insulted the Prophet sometime ago, his mAhChais also now dare to insult and belittle Islam. Why not use the ISA on Kali n Gang #@*&^

    Heard that a NST senior editor is in deep-shit for issuing a circular discouraging NST reporters nationwide from providing news coverage for Buka Puasa.
    The editor also allegedly ordered the NST state offices against wasting-time at Quran recital ceremonies or functions attended by the respective Sultans and the Agong.
    A not-so-little bird said, the editor hinted such ‘empty do’ was not news worthy, thus only fit for BERNAMA.
    The Riong-bird said the matter was brought to light by a Malay state correspondent who was offended by such statements against Islam.
    They say e-mails over the matter have been circulating in NSTP group and many esp those in Berita Harian are equally offended by the editor’s actions.
    They also say that there seems to be a pattern of similar instructions in the organization, particularly in the NST which overly promotes liberal views while sacrificing the customs and traditions.

    Wah… they could even IGNORE the Agong and the Malay Rulers ? Must be some super mAhCai.

    I SAY

  87. Anonymous12:27 am

    All went well and the Police were polite at all times. Can't blame them as they were merely doing their jobs.

    Sadly, none of the senior journos nor editors were around. Now we know we can NEVER rely on them.

  88. utusan said T KOK sent the petition about the azan
    Toyo said she did and logged police report
    T KOK denied , said she didn't
    the official from the mosque said T KOK not involved, but said it was act of God (lightning)

    Shouldn't the GOD be arrested under ISA?? since the GOD cannot be trial

    as for T KOK, whether there's any petition, let trial in an open court!!!

    to those who condemn T KOK, set up a website like malaysia today and publish your proof pls... i really want to see it, otherwise.. STFU!!!

  89. the home minister hinted that ahmed may not be detained under ISA as he has been punished with the 3 yrs suspension....

    wow ... since when umno member suspension = punishment of law ???
    perhaps the gov should just terminate RPK's bonuslink membership for his 'lies'

  90. arresting the journalist under ISA for her report is a supremely unacceptable act!

    and then, she was released...

    what the F.... is that?

    playing around with the might of the ISA?

    this government is in deep shit.

    PS: i also oppose the arrest of RPK and Teresa..

  91. Anonymous12:46 am

    demo dah start dah operasi lalang(11)
    yang ahmad bendera tu hanya macam kunci motor je.
    tapi yg demo tu aimed ialah opposite leader, tu je cara nak sekat kebangkitan PR,
    Semua ketua polis dah diarahkan bersiap sedia.
    kita melayu, cina, india takde pun bising-bising!!!





  93. the mansuhkan ISA badge from mr smith looks like the one (the photo i mean, not the badge!) i have up on my blog (see the shadow and all that). first posted it up several months ago.

    btw, the malaysian insider has an interesting insight into why was the sin chew reporter released.

  94. Anonymous1:07 am

    " Anonymous said...
    Reporters think and behave as if they above the law. Reporters are obselete now with the availability of blogs."

    My dear anon,
    Reporters in Malaysia are not obselete but the media companies they are representing. Reporters do not go above the law but the media companies are. If you are from government media, sure you only write good things about government. If you are from party owned media sure you write good things about your party. If you earn your salary from AAB, sure you write that AAB is hardworking despite the fact he is sleeping. If you are from PR media, of course you will deny that DSAI never commit sodomy despite that he does it before your eyes. That is how things work here. That is reality. Sure you can be a hero and write stuffs but hey, would you jeopardise the welfare of your family. Of course you don't unless you have PLENTY of money already that you don't have to fear about your family's welfare once you are behind bars. The best that people could help you is by lighting candles in front of police station.

  95. NUJ..pls be fair..This time around the govt means business. For too long racial issues had beed stirred up by some unethical so called reporters.
    Let her get enough rest and re learns the "history subject" while in Kamunting...

  96. Anonymous1:10 am

    Rock, you're one of the big guns in blogging, you must sustain pressure on this evil ISA event.

    The rakyat is banking on all bloggers like you now.!!!

  97. Anonymous1:15 am

    Is NUJ a government KRONI!!! If we see in newspaper or electronic media, all about government and how they mis-quote all opposition leader statement. Put all NUJ committee members in the JAIL using ISA


  98. Anonymous1:43 am

    for 20 years i ve seen countless of ppl fighting ISA through the same methods again & again but to no avail.

    dont u think u need a review in strategy?

    rejang che quevara

  99. Anonymous2:02 am

    Hey, abang,

    bila lagi nak melayan I ni... rindu-lah kat abang...nanti i main sendiri nanti..

    boleh beritahu girlfriend kesayangan abang tu yang bapak dia baru meninggal?

    lebih sedih lah dia nanti, kan? abang?

  100. Anonymous2:45 am

    YES to Pakatan but NO to Anwar

  101. is this gomen thinks we are stupid.Life in danger, put people under ISA!!! Wow new protection method la. and the guy who made the statement is walking around like an hero.

    Theresa arrested on a finding by KT which has been denied by her and the mosque. Take KT to court la. again going after the wrong person.

    RPK.. ha guys just made all his news so much more credible. Fight him like a man which he i willing to do. Instead you use ISA against him.

    No to ISA.

    Pak Lah you will go down in history as the worse PM in Malaysian history and maybe even the region.

    Gomen Bodoh.

    Daulat Tuanku!!!

  102. only cowards use the ISA!

  103. Anonymous6:14 am

    ENG at 12.28, bukan god but alah lah ! ( niamahx)

  104. Anonymous6:27 am

    Calling all a sign of PROTEST, boycott ALL government events and press conferences for 1 week, only attend PR ones.


  105. Every action have and equal reaction.
    We grouped all their evil actions ..and voted for a strong opposition.
    We now have so many of UMNO's much more evil a short period of 6 months...that ...our reactions...will surely be to vote for change in government.
    If Anwar cannot do election time....the actions of UMNO will make us all trust Anwar and understands his difficulties. Don't let UMNO try to prove Anwar is a liar..with their cheap stunts. We are so sick of UMNO...cannot wait for next general election.
    Malaysians need real freedom....peace and harmony.....united as Malaysians.
    That will take years for Anwar to build......and we don't need UMNO to poke fire and there.
    Let Najib and few more be the only clowns....sitting as next election.
    That will be fun to see.
    Yes...every action has an equal reaction...and our reaction to UMNO present actions...must be a massive make those puppies ..wagging their prison...but ..some out...are our show dogs...barking for food.
    We must give them the reaction..they deserve.
    MIC...MCA....Gerakan??...why their reactions are already in process by their own people.
    Useless mongrels dogs.....not worth one sen. Put them in the stray dogs.
    That's what they are.
    Lets all the year of the dog trainers.
    Who are these people?
    It's us...the Malaysians.

  106. Anonymous10:46 am

    Hello, pok nik klate,

    Kenapa soal NUJ pulak? Politikus2 yg bercakap selama ni pasal benda racist giler boleh lepas...journalist yg buat kejer pulak kena tangkap! ISA patut adil pasa SEMUA, kalau ye pu gomen nak pakai!


  107. If in detaining Tan Hoon Cheng because of her reporting what was said by Ahmad Ismail, then the same rational should be used to detain Mohd Khir instead of Teresa Kok.

    Funny thing is when Syed Albar tried to reasoning the Tan Hoon Cheng arrest is for her own safety. The police should just provide her with protection if her life was threatened similar to the treatment received by Mohd Saiful.

    Even now she has been released, the damage is done, Malaysia image tainted once again.

  108. Anonymous3:33 pm

    BN burn in hell lah! I am 100% for DSAI to form new gomen.

    BN is against freedom of speech. All they want is to stash more rakyat's cash into their fat pockets. Down you go BN!!!


  109. Rocky, it is time for us to change the g'ment. not so much of we want but the circumstances force us to make the change.

    It is immoral of the g'ment to punish those who speak the truth and make them scapegoat.

    It is worst still to let go the real crook coz they are their people.

    What ever people say about Anwar Ibrahim, he needs to be supported. who else? Umno leaders? they also belong to the gangsters. Remember Mufti Perlis poem (pantun),
    perompak ganti pencuri?

    Kota sarat disimpan tempayan
    Zahir berlian di sunyi hari
    Harta rakyat dijadikan taruhan
    Akhir kebencian menjadi api.

    Gula dan santan diuli roti
    Kelapa diparut dimakan sama
    Bila kebencian menjadi api
    Apa dihasut ditelan semua.

    Anak singa di Pulau Teberau
    Anak tebuan seekor lari
    Jika negara sudah kacau

    Pergilah mandi di Titi Tinggi
    Jalan tersepak tali pencuci
    Carilah ganti berbudi tinggi

  110. Anonymous10:10 am

    Not sure whether the media reported this correctly, but Syed Hamid was quoted as saying the SinChew reporter was detained under ISA but not Ahmad Ismail, as he's already been punished by UMNO with a 3-yr suspension and stripped of all party posts and benefits.

    This gave me the impression that since AI is already punished, now let's move on and punish the reporter who reported what she heard too?

    But later SH was quoted saying that the reason the reported was detained was due to "concerns for her safety"... so, which is which now?

  111. Anonymous12:59 pm

    aaaaarrrggghhh,,,i am reading article from bloggers help me detained me unde isa.