Friday, September 12, 2008

Malaysia detains RPK under ISA

Kuala Lumpur: Yesterday the Cabinet ordered the ban on Malaysia Today lifted. Today the police arrested its editor, Raja Petra Kamaruddin. The Government is using the mighty and dreadful Internal Security Act.


  1. kesian dia.

    now we hope 916 really not a dud.

  2. Anonymous2:24 pm

    That football-head rascal deserved it!!!
    But ISA?? Why not throw him in through court! He can well be sentenced !

    ISA is cowardly!

  3. Anonymous2:24 pm

    That's Barisan Nasional/UMNO for you.

    I say enough of this draconian government.

  4. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Rocky ,
    I am sad that Raja Petra is being detained under the ISA Act while people like Datuk Ahmad only received a 3 year suspension from his party(UMNO).

    Datuk Ahmad comment that orang cina adalah pendatang could cause another May 13 to occur again and therefore he should be detained under ISA.

  5. Anonymous2:28 pm

    is Tun on facebook? I that the real him?

  6. I wish the 916 will happen soon. Really cant take it anymore, seeing how the goods r bullied, n the evils on road show to show how well verse he this Malaysia that I am living in?

    Going bald today to support FREE RPK....!

  7. Anonymous2:33 pm

    While Ahmad Ismail goes scott free to create more tension and strife.

    Is Ops Lallang II not very far off?

  8. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Rest in peace..

  9. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    It's timely for the government to impose ISA on RPK. it's long overdue.

    The cabinet acts unanimously even when its members do not all agree on the subject-collective responsibility.

    RPK has gone to far. He always assume that he is above the law. Well, let he feel the brunch of his own doing.

    No sympathy should be accorded to him.

    At least, the government is seen to be responsive enough by uplifting the banning of Malaysia Today and punish the irresponsible author.

    What say you?

  10. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Why under ISA when there are sufficient laws for the govt to use! After all, he's being charge before. This will only shows that the BN govt is afraid of him and the secrets that he tends to leak out.
    Anti ISA

  11. There you are , the call for Malaysians to 'hush' and not speak. There, the use of draconian law because the police and the law has no proof against RPK. Yep, and it will signal the usage of ISA's against anybody ( other that UMNO, as Ahmad Ismail is a prime example) who uses racial, religious undertones.

    Rocky, here is your Malaysia in hush.

    AAB, Najib, the rakyat will not quake at your infamy.

  12. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Now the Badawi seems to have lost complete control of the government. The arrest probably is the beginnig of the end for UMNO.

    "Long Live Raja Petra"

    Raja Chulan

  13. Anonymous2:42 pm

    this is a police state.... what a shame... why wait until now to arrest RPK under ISA? why not then? what is the justification now that he is arrested under ISA??

  14. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Damn he was right when he suspected ulterior motives...

    maybe the rest of higher profile bloggers must watch out too..

    this is bad...
    do let us know what the rest of us can do bro..


  15. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Sumbat je dia ni dalam ISA. Kalau dibiarkan berkeliaran, nanti kerjanya nak menghasut dan menyesatkan orang je. Duduk dalam tu diam2 takda orang macam ni tambah kekecohan.

  16. in my humble opinion, the government is a coward for using ISA. if they are not cowards, they would have gathered all the evidence and fight RPK in the court of law. hey, the government can't lose, they sort of "own" the court don't they? :P

  17. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Now we know the catch.

  18. This is proof that UMNO and the government of the day is really scared stiff of 16 September.

  19. too much too late doesn't it? I suppose ISA is to be used to prevent harm being done to the harmony life we enjoyed in the past... now that they using ISA, it become a concrete reason for anti-ISA to demolish ISA one and for all, and take law in their own hand.

  20. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Tangkap sekali yang banyak cakap macam:

    1. Ambiga Ambigous,
    2. Harris Ibrahim,
    3. Malik Imtiaz,
    3. Ivy Josiah
    4. Zainah Anwar of Sister in Islam
    5. Dr Kua Kia Soong, Marvis Putucheery dan Farish Noor for their remarks in Bar COuncil Forum
    6. Hindraf activist dalam keadilan
    7. Kaki sibuk blogger slogan bangsa malaysia
    8. Din Merican

    List akan ditambah supaya special branch boleh lihat.

  21. Anonymous3:15 pm

    he was only testing M'sians' ISA, good luck, RIP

  22. Pak Lah doing a Mahathir again? I would have thought the first to be arrested would be Ahmad Ismail. But of course not, he's not Hindraf, he is UMNO.

    He gets to do a Najib or Lee Kim Sai in Ops Lalang - getting away scot-free with a mere slap on his wrist.

    What next?

  23. Why ISA???
    Normal legal procedures is not enough to shut him up?
    Or is his mouth more powerful than the government?


  24. Anonymous3:47 pm

    RPK arrested...again?

    i dont know what offence he did this time.and i've lost count how many times he had been arrested before.

    but this is the second RPK are arrested under ISA.the first was back in 2001.back then he was arrested along with some other people.

    but still no idea of where RPK are being detained.

  25. Anonymous3:50 pm

    My take is the Government shall fall next week.

  26. Anonymous3:54 pm

    An appointed minister must bear in mind that he is as human and ordinary as any other citizens in this country. But for him to be able to sit in such high places in the government, the citizens are hoping that this person can carry the high standard of human value, fairness, wisdom and integrity. He should not behave like a warlord brandishing the power given to him by the people of this country unfairly. May god enlightens him with wisdom and love for mankind.

  27. Anonymous3:59 pm

    You mark my words, Barisan is going to pay a heavy price for this. It is going to help hasten PKR's march to Putrajaya.

    Be patient RPK, you will be released soon. We know the government cannot stand your exposes of all the wrongdoings.

    Let's all pray for him. We need RPK around to check govt excesses, even after PKR comes into power.


  28. Anonymous4:00 pm


    Let me say I won't miss the lies and deception that RPK promotes. After all his pronouncements, he has yet to submit any evidence to support any of his accusations, and relies on hearsay from doubtful characters as his sources.

    it is precisely because of people like RPK that the ISA has not been abolished.


  29. Anonymous4:02 pm

    this is why they lifted the is clearly shown..


  30. Anonymous4:10 pm

    We must change the government as soon as possible.

    Really angry about RPK being arrested.

    by zaedtaufek.

  31. Anonymous4:10 pm

    No wonder, they unblocked the Malaysia-Today website as UMNO is going to get the HERO!

    My Hero... I'm with you all this time!

  32. Anonymous4:15 pm

    HE should had been detained under ISA much earlier but the weak gov under flip flop Pal lah doesnot understand the feeling of silent majority.Anyway it is better late then never.

  33. Anonymous4:16 pm

    And so RPK got arrested under ISA.. and Ahmad IsMaD is what? Walking free calling anyone other than his own kind a PENDATANG...

    If this is what Malaysian law is all about, than we are truly screwed big time!


  35. Yup good for him.. blogging is a freedom of speech but not give you the RIGHT to just let anybody insulting your religion in your BLOG just because you practice freedom in internet.

    May allah give him guidence.

    To does who support him because the detaintion think twice because he is responsible in everything publish in his BLOG. So did you and me and everybody else.

    Insan kerdil

  36. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Sedang Umat Islam berpuasa,,lantas d Mesjid utk solat jumaat,,Polis Islam juga tangkap umat Islam,,!!!

    Syabas Bodowi,,Hamid Alburh,,alehkan perhatiah from the UMNO crisis,,

    Another double standard action by the BN govt,,!!

    Orang UMNO lepas,,bila lagi nak tangkap DSAI yg bole gugat keselamatan Negara,,,?????


  37. Anonymous4:36 pm

    bodowi! bodowi nak hansurkan m'sia

  38. That whylah...have a big mouth....circumlocution....

  39. Anonymous4:38 pm

    bodowi oh bodowi, nak hancurkan negara kita. undur-lah saja....

    Anak Malaysia

  40. Anonymous4:39 pm

    I have Three canldles in my blog for the victims, families and humanity of arrests around the world of people without recourse to a trial and justice. Finally the flip-flopper has used his whip to flog those who do not accept their version of 'truth' and justice

  41. The likes of the ISA is always the cowardly choice for any weak form of government that depends on laws to stifle, gag and quash dissent; to effectively kill off the opposition and to thwart any attempts towards open and transparent governance and administration.

    Relying upon such methods is the only way for the ruling powers to maintain their stranglehold on the nation and subdue the people so they can continue their corrupt practices and serve their own interests unhindered and unexposed.

    After lifting the ban on MT (which I agree seems to have no sense of responsibility or ethical concerns at all for its contents, but should be dealt with under the existing laws); the Home Ministry proceeded to threaten three papers merely for disseminating the message sent out loud and clear by one of the ruling party's own.

    Why wasn't Ahmad slapped on the wrist for his inflammatory remarks?

    Another case of selective prosecution and persecution.

    Precisely what is causing the downfall of this government. But they still never learn.

    Their blinkers are permanently glued on.

    On another note, does anyone know what we can expect next week? Chaos? Darurat? For those with kids in school and kids to feed, it is a worrying scenario. Should we stock up on food and essentials? Should there be preparations?

    Anwar is probably creaming (sorry its ramadhan)in his knickers at the prospect of becoming PM soon, but we the mothers and regular people would definitely like to know what to expect in the weeks ahead.

    Just a mother's worry for her children...

    -me, only better- battered, bruised but not broken-

  42. Anonymous5:05 pm

    good for rpk :-) for those yg tak hormat perlembagaan m'sia, eg..talkig freely and igniting fire about races should be treated this way.

  43. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Good move. should go after a few more...
    -awang senior

  44. Anonymous5:13 pm

    The Great Malaysian freedom fighter and truth-seeker is being incarcerated by the evil corrupt hypocrites from BN. You can silence him but the truth will still come out in the end.

  45. A sledgehammer to kill a mosquito.

    Always the "correct" response to everything, our present administration.

  46. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Sad to hear that RPK is being ISA-ed. Finally the threat of using ISA has now become real. Our prayers will be with his well-being and his family. His struggle for Malaysian Malaysia will not be in vain.

  47. Anonymous5:32 pm

    The list of things the police should do investigate :-

    1)Sharlinie Case.

    2)ISA the Ahmad Ismail.

    3)Catch the Lingham.

    4)Investigate the overpilled rape cases.

    5)ATM Burglars in almost every branch.

    6)Check the corrupted police hiding under the Highway.

    7)The house breakins.

    8)illegal immigrants robbing our malaysians.

    9) Go and kill the somalians who hijack our ships.

    10) Investigate on so many corrupted leaders.

    11) The Kayangan robber who slit our Malaysian throats

    12) Saiful's Ass

    13) The culprit of Altantunya

    14) The Mat Rempits

    15) The Pimps and Ah Longs

    16) The Mamak Gang

    17) My longkang steelbar steelers

    18) The Rombongan Sambil belajar Bribery

    19)The papaya Farms mushrooming.

    20) The illegal bettings in cybercafe.

    ALL YOU F****** CAN THINK OF IS TO ARREST A BALD FAT OLD BLOGGER who is hungry for the truth.

    Leave him alone la.


    Proud Malaysian.

  48. Nothing shocks me anymore in this land of the funny and the idiot.

    If it's true, reckon a few more can expect to get that knock on the door at midnight.

  49. Anonymous5:39 pm

    What mighty and dreadful ISA are you talking about? Being held under the ISA, and being freed, is NO bar to going straight back into politics, or civil society, with NO criminal record whatsoever. So, again I ask, just what is so "mighty and dreadful" about being arrested under the ISA? Many people get detained by the police, put in the lockup, and end up mysteriously DEAD. Now, that is truly "dreadful." As for the ISA, I say Bah, its overrated. All hype with no substance.

  50. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Somehow, deep within me, I thought that the Malaysian public have grown up and could see through the Ahmad Ismail staged show (ploy); but I was completely & totally wrong. The public have, once again, fallen for the sting. Not a single blogger & opposition politician has paused and analysed the exact scenario / situation that led to the outbursts & suspension of Ahmad. It was the MCA & Gerakan (the UMNO collaborators) who initiated the public hanging of Ahmad and also eventually joined by other opposition parties. It was a precursor of Op Lallang- anyone could see it a mile away!
    Does it really hurt the Chinese's feelings being called a squatter? No, I don't think. The Chinese have been called worse than that before. What the opposition and bloggers could have done was to counter-demand that we accept name calling and from now on sensitive issues can be discussed in a rational manner.
    Now that the BN is about to implement the second half of the sting operation, you all had better hope Anwar can pull it off , otherwise more repressive actions will be taken by the government. Better hope & pray now. Back to square one- Mahathirist textbook operation has won.


  51. Anonymous5:40 pm

    What mighty and dreadful ISA are you talking about? Being held under the ISA, and being freed, is NO bar to going straight back into politics, or civil society, with NO criminal record whatsoever. So, again I ask, just what is so "mighty and dreadful" about being arrested under the ISA? Many people get detained by the police, put in the lockup, and end up mysteriously DEAD. Now, that is truly "dreadful." As for the ISA, I say Bah, its overrated.

    ISA Joe

  52. Lets start a Petition for the release of RPK otherwise we seek a referendum for Fresh Elections. RPK will go down into the annals of history as the person who stood up and made a difference to this country that we love.

  53. Anonymous5:55 pm

    tahan sahaja pengkhianat agama bangsa dan negara ni. Cakap sekarang seolah-olah seorang ulama'. Selepas memecahbelahkan antara melayu kini rpk cuba untuk menyesatkan umat islam pula. Kepada orang PKR, selain daripada Ustaz 'Bapak Setan' Badrul Amin PKR, RPK adalah ulama' muktabar PKR. Untuk PAS TGHH dan TGNA sudah jadi watak kodi, yang diagung2kan RPK dan DSAI. DAP... gelak sakan dan tepuk tangan, tak lama lagi DAP tanpa PR akan memerintah Malaysia sebab semua parti melayu dah gagal.

    Sokong RPK ditahan, beliau biadap, kurang hajar dan menulis tanpa memikirkan apa kesan daripada tulisan beliau. Sumber-sumber RPK memesongkan fakta, fitnah dan menganggu kelancaran perjalanan mahkamah. RPK ikut sedap mulut sahaja tuduh orang itu ini, beliau berselindung disebalik bankrupsi. ISA memang wajar untuk RPK, untuk sesiapa yang mencadangkan RPK dibawa kemahkamah, tiada guna dengan Polis pun dia cakap no comment je memanjang, tidak hormat langsung. Inikan pula mahkamah. Orang PKR, penyokong setia Anwar, aku sedia untuk menerima kutukan korang. Tapi ingat, fakta-fakta mengenai Islam termasuk arahan tutup aurat, sirah nabi, sirah khulafa' ar-rasyidin semuanya sudah diputarbelitkan oleh RPK. ISA wajar dikenakan. Langkah yang bijak oleh kerajaan!!!

    Lagi satu, RPK juga telah menulis artikel mengajak orang Melayu PR bermandi darah memperthnkan orang bukan melayu PR, untuk menentang siapa???? untuk melawan Melayu UMNO. Ini hasutan untuk perang saudara! Quoted from malaysia-today.....

    "This is all Malaysians ask from Anwar and nothing more than that. Guard against anything untoward happening. Only when the coast is clear should you make your move. There should be no bloodshed and loss of life. And ask the Malays in the opposition to come out in defence of their non-Malay brothers and sisters and warn the Umno Malays, in no uncertain terms, that they take to the streets at the risk of facing fellow Malays from the opposition who will defend their non-Malay brethren to the last drop of their blood. I, for one, am ready to stand by my Chinese and Indian comrades. So let Umno be warned."

    jangan tak accept pula, penat aku tulis ni!!!

  54. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Elokla tu, politik kacau berakhir

  55. Anonymous6:21 pm

    15 sep Kelana Jaya Stadium... be there!
    meanwhile... stay cool... use your brains... constuctive protest... but dun do anything stupid..

    FREE RPK group started...


  56. ..............tak patut...............tak patut...........tak patut...........

  57. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Who ordered RPK's arrest?

    Syed Hamid? No!
    The PM? No!
    4th Floor cronies? Yes!

    We should get rid of the PM and the son, son-in-law and all the henchmen in 4th Floor!

  58. Anonymous6:40 pm

    A big time FU**ER just got Fu**Ed!!
    Thats all I can say..
    I didn like him anyway.
    big bragger.. who cares..

  59. Bukan tidak simpati, tetapi rasanya RPK sendiri jauh lebih tahu dan sedar akan segala kemungkinan yang akan berlaku kepadanya. Malah sudah beberapa kali RPK lebih gemar dan mencabar dan memilih 'dipenjarakan' dengan penolakan ikat jamin sebelum ini.

    Ada strategi tertentu sedang dimainkan, ada satu matlamat dan halatuju yang sedang di usahakan, semuanya berkiblat kepada meraih sokongan rakyat untuk bangun besuara dalam 'bentuk' masing masing.

    Walaupun perpaduan tidak seerat dahulu tetapi majoritinya rakyat masih waras untuk tidak melakukan sesuatu yang radikal.

    Rombongan Pakatan Rakyat ke Taiwan juga menggambarkan Anwar yang gila dan kemaruk kuasa sedang menagih dan merayu MP MP BN untuk menyebelahinya. Alangkah malunya jika bekuasa sekadar mendapat 'kuasa' dari jalan 'otek' ala pengemis. Kalau Anwar cukup hebat, biarlah yang menderu deru mencarinya...

    Satu watak, Dolah yang diminta turun, tetapi enggan. Satu watak Anwar yang belum cukup kuasa - mengejar.

  60. Please add this ‘Mansuhkan ISA’ logo- RELEASE RAJA PETRA from here and paste it in all your blogs and websites.

  61. Anonymous7:35 pm

    The wretched BN regime. mired uher the stifling yolk of UMNOputra incompetence, is signing its own death warrant in the arrest and detention of RPK under the dreadful ISA. The days of the jackal are numbered and the BN will die an ignominious death post-916. All the people of this beloved MALAYSIA BOLEH country salutes RPK and his courage in standing up to the godforsaken UMNOputra juggernaut.

  62. It is yet another sad day when the government decides to act by using such unjustifiable weapon.

  63. God bless RPK. Hope he will be taken care off..

  64. Anonymous8:03 pm

    finally this bugger is arrested. good riddance.

  65. Personally I don't think RPK is a threat to national security. I felt more insecure by the racists comments made by Ahmad Ismail and the veiled threats he made to the Malaysian Chinese. Police be fair - if you arrest RPK under the ISA than Ahmad Ismail should also be arrested. Ahmad ismail is intending to do a road show and create more havoc? Yes, arrest him please.

  66. free RPK ? nonsense !
    KDN will decide within 2 months.
    Is that the best you could do?
    Here what we can do.. Joint RPK camping..

    Destination.. Kemunting
    Accomadation and food… on the house
    Duration..2 month+2yrs+..
    limited numbers only
    first come first serve basis…
    basic qualification…speak up your mind
    objective …to know RPK better personally

    abusyukri- dr muzali bin mohamad
    nic :630101-07-5535
    status : pendatang
    bangsa :malaysia
    qualification: to hell with promiscuous child molester arabs

  67. Anonymous8:40 pm

    tsk!! tsk!!

    They should have charged him with libel and defamation instead.

  68. Anonymous8:42 pm


    Heard that a NST senior editor is in deep-shit for issuing a circular discouraging NST reporters nationwide from providing news coverage for Buka Puasa.
    The editor also allegedly ordered the NST state offices against wasting-time at Quran recital ceremonies or functions attended by the respective Sultans and the Agong.
    A not-so-little bird said, the editor hinted such ‘empty do’ was not news worthy, thus only fit for BERNAMA.
    The Riong-bird said the matter was brought to light by a Malay state correspondent who was offended by such statements against Islam.
    They say e-mails over the matter have been circulating in NSTP group and many esp those in Berita Harian are equally offended by the editor’s actions.
    They also say that there seems to be a pattern of similar instructions in the organization, particularly in the NST which overly promotes liberal views while sacrificing the customs and traditions.

    Wah… they could even IGNORE the Agong and the Malay Rulers ? Must be some super mAhCai.

  69. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Not fair to detain RPK alone. Govt should also detain ANTI-JIHADIST (the commenter) who offended Islam and Muslim through his comment under ISA.

    ANTI-JAHADIST deserves to be locked up


  70. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Must have a major surgery performed..the left and right hands not syncronized.

    Most likely a brain deform.


  71. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Pak Lah kata 'stop discussions on power transition'....

  72. Bro,
    What the Fxxx UMNO bstrds doing???After RPK,SinChew reporter who was reported Ahmad Ismail 'pendatang' issue was also arrested tonite.So,it meant that the Fxxx Ismail is correct and the reporter is wrong????..Shit the bstrd UMNO devils..

  73. Anonymous10:53 pm


    betul ke ramai blogger akan kena tahan bawah ISA sehari dua ini?


  74. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    How come you have not published comments since the first posting many hours ago? Don't run! Stay and fight this injustice. This Badawi madness. We will stand behind you all the way. I just heard they held the Sin Chew reporter on ISA. Badawi has made his biggest mistake. The poor reporter was only doing her job, for goodness sake! About time Jeanne shake awake Badawi or the whole world will condemn us.
    Publish this please.
    The Rock

  75. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Kau orang semua bodoh. Blog kena block kau orang bising. Kena block aje.

    Sekarang baru nak kelam kabut bila nak kena ISA.


  76. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Rocky,how come the RACIST Ahmad Ismail wasn't arrested under ISA?

  77. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Malaysia is again in the international news spotlight for the same repeatedly wrong reasons - Malaysia Today, Raja Petra Kamaruddin & Internal Security Act. UMNO just never learn from the 08/03/08 political tsunami ... Wali Kota

  78. Anonymous11:19 pm


    Saya petik kenyataan ini dari .. Saya tafsirkan Naib Presiden UMNO, Dato Seri Mohd Ali Rustam setuju secara rasmi Pak Lah berhenti Jun 2010. Bagaimanapun, mulai sekarang Pak Lah boleh bercuti dan berikan Dato' Seri Najib memangku jawatan tersebut:

    Keputusan Majlis Tertinggi dan Kabinet bahawa peralihan kuasa daripada YAB. Perdana Menteri Pak Lah kepada YAB. Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Dato’ Seri Najib pada Jun 2010 adalah munasabah.

    Dalam masa peralihan, saya cadangkan pada masa masa tertentu YAB Dato Seri Najib memangku jawatan Perdana Menteri dan YAB. Perdana Menteri boleh menyerahkan kepada YAB. Dato Seri Najib untuk buat keputusan penting bagi beberapa dasar seperti ekonomi dan politik.

  79. Anonymous11:20 pm


    RPK is full of crap.

  80. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Unfortunate that this has to happen. Gone are the days of tolerance and goodwill in the country.

  81. Anonymous11:38 pm

    he just over the limit.overrr!

  82. Rocky matey:

    together with the "show cause" action against Sin Chew, theSun and Suara Keadilan, it's reminiscent of Ops Lallang 1987 -- 106 politikus, activists detained under ISA, three papers including The Star closed down. The current PM is slightly more hadhari, I gas, giving ONE-WEEK grace for the 3 papers to answer. Is RPK the first in line?
    Let's pray NegaraKu has learnt some History lessons well. Esp March 8, 2008 and August 26 or Are BN leaders' memories THAT SHORT?

  83. Anonymous11:44 pm

    ‘RPK detained under ISA".
    Pls come to Kelana Jaya Stadium 8pm 15th September, 2008 to show solidarity for RPK’.

    People,Pass message to everyone you know

  84. Man.

    Oh well. I guess everyone got what they wanted.


  85. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Yipeee its the right thing to do ...
    Anyway did anyone notice rpk eyes ? His eyes looks like someone with mental problem .
    If me I would not detained him under ISA ... I would send hom to Tanjung Rambutan !

    Ha ha


  86. Coming from Pak Lah, this must be a bad joke.

  87. Anonymous12:02 am

    On one hand, they decide not to block his website. On another hand, they also decided to detain him under ISA.

    What I cannot comprehend is when they also decided to detain a journalist just for doing her job - to report what happened as it is.

    I fear for the future of my country. This is NOT how I want my children to grow up - in an environment of FEAR.

  88. Anonymous12:02 am

    latest news teresa kok arrested under ISA, GO TO TUKAR TIUB

  89. Anonymous12:08 am

    AhMAD Ismail got 3 years suspension from UMNO….. the reporter who reported his words (which he never denied & has been pusnished for it) is now arrested under ISA????????? MAH CHOW HAI!!! What d FUCK!?!?!

    It is now confirmed is that MP Teresa Kok has also been arrested!!!!

    My fellow bloggers, espcially of high profile….. as I mentioned earlier….pls pls watch your backs….

    Everyone else…. please please be cool…. they are not fucking around…. they r trying to ignite the political racial flame… we need to fight, but we need to fight this real smart…. as one PEOPLE!! do NOT play the racial game!!!

    We need !!PEOPLE POWER!!! more than ever…..


  90. Anonymous12:13 am

    They always resort to the easiest of jobs. They couldn't prove him guilty in court so put him under ISA where they don't have to argue their case and no need to answer anything. Governing is that easy for them.

    frm: tak makan gaji buta

  91. Anonymous12:15 am


    Look like lots of ISAs this time, and it's confirm that there's different set of rule for UMNO.. that guy get 3 years ban and walk freely.. others.. ISA? is this you call 'why ahmad will be sacrificed'? no.. he's not.. he's free!!! others been sacrificed!!!

    This is UMNO!! the one you want to save!! and mahadhir want to save!!

  92. Anonymous12:30 am


    You've been a torch bearer and I hope we, Malaysians, can see what just happened today. Before this becomes another round of ISA detainees I believe we should seriously rethink our government, our legislature, and our judiciary. Which, of these 3 pillars is not functioning properly today?

    The way to overcome this is for the Malaysian Bar Council, as servants of justice, see that the public's interest via our judicial system, is served. The recent report by the Bar Council is a spine-chilling read but what choice do we have, more protests and demonstrations? What for? To what effect?

    Alternatively, Anwar Ibrahim and PKR should do, WHAT THEY SAY THEY WANT TO DO, stand up for Malaysians.

    Excuse me if I have rambled but this is another day of infamy for Malaysia.

    I have also posted my thoughts - in greater detail at my blog:

    Stay safe and best regards,

  93. Anonymous1:52 am

    What has happened smells very familiar... It smells like the work of someone who has done it many times before. Someone who has plenty to gain and nothing to loose... In fact it stinks of TDM's handywork to discredit Badawi. “Shit Head”-mid may have already been recruited by TDM to sabotage Badawi’s weakening administration. Ahmad Ismail’s racial spat with Gerakan and BN sets the right climate for TDM to exploit the rakyat’s anger and channel it to Badawi. My God, I hope he is awake to realize what is happening now.

    The "war" has already begun. TDM’s group is burning the house down and won't care the fire is going to destroy the home and kill some of its inhabitants. We MUST reject all UMNO politicians no matter which side they are on. They care for no one but themselves.

    Yes protest if we must! Send protest notes to all the BN component parties and get them to abandon BN NOW! Let TDM and Badawi fight between themselves. They should NOT involve the rest of the country in their tussle to lead a dying dynasty. REJECT UMNO!!!


  94. Anonymous1:59 am

    How come RPK arrested and Ahmad Ismail not? Double standard? Not surprising coming from a weak and ailing govt.


  95. Anonymous4:31 am

    Why isnt Ahmad Ismail who made racial comments arrested under ISA ? Malaysia's policies are like punishing the victim or the witness who saw the crime rather than the criminal.
    I guess Malaysia Boleh!

  96. Anonymous6:32 am

    That's it Mr Nice Guy..This RPK should have been detained much much earlier..Who the hell he thinks he is??? This man destroys almost everything just to make sure what he thoughts be heard to all..

    Teach RPK a damn good history lesson while he takes a good rest and free meals in Kamunting..

    Nik Anwar

  97. Anonymous10:38 am

    Dear sahabat2 and rakan2 sekelian,

    RPK is no threat to nation! dont worry. He alone cannot do anything. Dalam bulan ramadan ni, I cukup sedih dengan kerajaan sekarang for doing this. it does not justify anything. Yg penting, issues facing the nation by our sleeping government has not been addressed. kalau nak tangkap org masok ISA - it should be the following.

    1) Lingam

    2) Vincent tan

    3) Nalla Pambhu snake

    4) dan mereka2 yang bersubahat dengan menjual maruak orang Melayu dan agong system kehakiman malaysia, khazanak malaysia and sebagainya. Ingatlah, kalau tak bayar sekarang, akan anda bayar with bonus and increment in akhirat. Pak Lah keluarge incl Khairi and all lanun2... you will pay for your deeds. No escape.

    Mat Sentol-

  98. Anonymous11:20 am

    why just UMNO, not BN. Racial remarks!!!

  99. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Its not like RPK going to create chaos and national security...

  100. Anonymous12:43 pm

    A-N-G-E-R !!!F-I-R-E!!! @#$%^&*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*&^%$#@!@#$%^&**&^%$#@! !!!

  101. Anonymous1:09 pm

    RPK as what I've told you earlier you are an iresponsible person who made baseless slander, innuendos, allegation thinking that coz of your royal lineage you are invincible. I've no pitty for this kind of a man who does not respect the rights and liberty of a citizen of this country. As for RPK family please do not plead sympathy from the public coz you all did nothing to stop this mad man from uttering pure rubbish in order to discredit others for which you are the author of your own misfortune.

    from dmh1871

  102. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Free RPK?! Eh no lah. Pandai jual pandai lah beli. Pandai menghina kena pandai terima di hina balik. Long live Raja Petra? Daulat Tuanku to him? Such illusions of grandeur of a pathetic spin doctor.
    "Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything" Frank Dane-author. So true of his supporters. Wat a world we live in...

  103. Anonymous2:28 pm

    padan muka RPK,

    inilah balasan kalau hina nabi Muhammad SAW, hina Islam!

    aku nak tengok RPK jadi `gila babi' lepas kluar ISA!

    *bukan sengal otak mcm RPK*

  104. Anonymous3:00 pm

    the majority of comment here accept RPK spreading lies.

    now maybe 20 percent of the content of his story is the truth.

    But can we accept it? maybe some of the blogger here teach thier children this way.

    well i`m not surprise la, look at the people who supporting him with culture , heritage of 3000 year and also that bleeding heart liberal malay (ptuih.... )

    ISA is not necessary and i believe an open court trial is sufficient.

  105. Anonymous3:13 pm


    kenapalah kerajaan bodoh tangkap RPK bwh ISA!

    RPK tu kan gila, sakit mental, sengal otak! orang gila tempat dia di TANJUNG RAMBUTAN!


  106. Anonymous3:23 pm

    The arrest of Teresa Kok and the Sin Chew reporter under ISA is a mockery compared to the 3 years suspension of Ahmad Ismail. If this is the kind of government I am getting, I will definitely be rooting for anyone else other than BN.

    The spirit of BN has long died. It exist only to rubber stamp UMNO’s decisions. This is good timing that UMNO shows its true colors that they don’t care a damn about what the other component parties are thinking and saying.

    So what are you waiting for Gerakan? MCA? PPP? MIC? Are you going to continue to be treated like dogs by UMNO or stand up and fight like true Malaysians?

    Time to abandon the BN ship! It is on it’s way down!!!

  107. Anonymous3:25 pm

    RPK is a egoistical idiot. But he doesn't deserve to be made a Nabi ISA.

    I was at a raya party last year and he and his wife were also invited. He monopolised everyone's conversation and held a three-hour me me me talk, literaly, literally speaking nonstop. At one point his cellphone rang. He took it out - still talking - looked at it - still talking - and handed it to his long-suffering wife, who had to take the call, take the message ("Sorry, he's busy now), all the while looking adoringly at him.

    So sweet.

    Sword O' Might

  108. Anonymous3:39 pm

    ok ahmad ismail should be sent to ISA fair enough but same goes to ambiga, lim cakap siang, sivarasa, wong chun wai (the star), koh Tsu koon and Ong Ka Ting.

    just like jualan murah :
    `Everything must go'

  109. Anonymous1:13 am

    he deserve to be put under ISA. He has no prove for any of his action and he just mention "he has reliable source".

    zamri bss

  110. Anonymous1:42 am

    Go to hell BN. What the heck that the stupid guy that mention the real statement still free outside and continue bullshitting but the reporter that report the news truthfully without adding any own opinion. (Only 100++ word news) put in jail. This is so call Malaysia boleh? Malaysia really Boleh, but too bad in the wrong and stupid way. This just make us embarrass in front of other country. Go to hell BN.

    I really hope that 916 will happen soon. really. Really cannot take it any more the stupidy that the current gov show.


  111. Anonymous1:44 am

    zamri bss,

    are you still support BN at this point?


  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. Anonymous3:56 pm

    For once I agree with the govt...that RPK deserved to be in there!


  114. Anonymous8:54 am

    served him right....pada muka..if i see him..i'll spit on his face...anonymous

  115. Anonymous9:21 am

    kerajaan terlalu lambat untuk bertindak menahan rpk di bawah akta ISA. Walaupun lambat seluruh rakyat Malaysia bersetuju dengan penahanan makhluk tuhan yang menjadi penyebar fitnah terbesar ini!!

    Kami rakyat Malaysia menyokong penahanan RKP di bawah ISA!!

    -anak penang

  116. Anonymous9:25 am

    Yeah... RPK deserves to be ISAed. I'm sure if Mahathir or Lee Kuan Yew is the PM, same decision will be taken. This country doesnt need people like RPK who thinks he knows better than anybody else and make tons of money by telling lies in Malaysia Today. Duduk diam-diam ma.Get some rest.

  117. Anonymous9:57 am

    Agreed with the gomen...RPK gets what he deserve with all the the bullshit he's been doing for the past few weeks..talking about things that he doesn't even know especialy when he coments about my religion..

  118. raja petai kamaruzaman said...

    "Sumbat je dia ni dalam ISA. Kalau dibiarkan berkeliaran, nanti kerjanya nak menghasut dan menyesatkan orang je."

    Petai?..patutlah mukadimahnya pon berbau busuk!

    Kalau maghasut dan meyesat kan orang, Utusan Malaysia dan TV3 lagi terer..

    semua dia boleh siar suka hati, tak de pulak sekatan...

    sumpah, masjid, mufti, imam, quran, azan, menteri, bekas menteri,liwat,taiwan, hong kong, pertanian....and the list goes on..

  119. Raja Petra is a true muslim with great compassion. To me, RPK is a modern saint. His mission is to save our beloved nation Malaysia. He cannot make it alone. He need our support. Pls pray hard for him.

    Pls realise that Islam has been hijacked by UMNO. To all malaysians, pls wake up.

    To DSAI,
    It is now or never. Pls take over the government asap. The Mamak Kutty is planning for racist warfare. Look at what he wrote on his blog lately. A bunch of craps.

    To Mamak Kutty,
    Your hands are filled with blood of May 13th. You already sold your soul to devil..So pls go to where you belong.

  120. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Todate, RPK could not even get 1pcent of PR supporters to show him support by signing the petition?

    This is very strange??

    Or it this what people mean by saying ""EMPTY DRUM BEATS THE LOUDEST"".

    Sorry, I don't mean to add salt to injury but I am monitoring the numbers, and I feel so so sad for RPK.

    No offence, but I am sure everyone, even in PR, bunow must be sick with all these nonsense..


  121. Anonymous7:51 am

    I am a Malaysian but I can not understand why Politician in the Malaysian arena cling on to power by all sorts of dirty means. At least do something good for the country. Do not be blinded by power over another fellow citizen.

    Anak Malaysia

  122. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Tan Kiah Wah,

    Habis tu datang dari KAYANGAN ka?


  123. Peter Johnson5:22 am

    this is a police state! what a shame. why did they wait until now to arrest RPK under ISA?