Friday, September 12, 2008


Malaysians we are!
"So please people, start feeling and being Malaysians. Live as Malaysians, move as Malaysians, dance as Malaysians, wink as Malaysians, fly a kiss as Malaysians, reason as Malaysians, wave as Malaysians, love as Malaysians, be angry as Malaysians, be stunning as Malaysians, be gentle as Malaysians."

Just a sexy article on being Malaysians, h e r e.


  1. Get rid of the racist BN 1st and we'll dance together!

  2. Yes...for once...we cam feel real united Malaysians....while UMNO guys are preparing Team A...Team B...and newly created...Team C..type of Malaysians.
    It is a game to them.
    Team C... neither for nor against. They simply want to leave...don't like the game.
    All games are to compete against your opponent.
    UMNO have ideas and stunts in political games.. that will put the whole whole..political games...into shames.
    So out of the original.
    The master of the art....resigned.. few months returning to play the game.

  3. Yes I am proud to be a Malaysian as I am as proud to be Melayu.

    It is stated in the Quran “O Humankind! We have created you from male and female and have made you into peoples (shu‘ub) and tribes (qaba’il) that you may know one another; truly, the noblest (akram) among you before God are the most pious (atqa) among yourselves; indeed, is God the All-knowing, the All-seeing.” (49:13).

    The Prophet (PBUH) affirmed the benefit of genealogical knowledge when he said: “Know concerning your genealogies that by which you may make your ties of blood kinship close; for close ties of kinship are a cause of love amongst family.” The Blessed Prophet also announced, “The believers, in their love, mutual kindness, and close ties, are like one body; when any part complains, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever” [Source: Muslim’s Sahih].

    The critical question being presented is why there are Malays individuals out there in this blessed country creating mischief amongst the believers, be they representing a racial based party, Islamic based party or supposed multi-racial party when Allah’s covenant is so clear. Who amongst them are actually safeguarding the interest of the Muslims? How would one view a comment from one supposed learned Muslim leader expressing his happiness in this Holy Month of Ramadan that “Pakatan Rakyat will benefit should Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad rejoin Umno as there will be "chaos in within UMNO", knowing that UMNO is practically made up of Malay Muslims while Pakatan Rakyat do not represent the Muslim community in totality. Is there so much greatness to see fellow Muslims in this country to be in chaos, forgetting that no one is that “Great” to determine the course of future events? Sickening, isn’t it, making a mockery of him while not contributing to the well being and unity of Muslims?

    With respect to the relationship with the non-Malays, the Malays have always lived in peace and harmony with them; an honourable trade mark of our multi racial nation unchallenged elsewhere.

    Has time changed? I hope not, hope it will never be and not at this point in time when I know there is so much evil threatening the Malay race, Islam and nation of Malaysia. Politicians aside, I believe the ordinary Malays generally feel the same way as I do.

  4. Anonymous5:10 am

    I am proud to be a Malaysian.

    No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty save in accordance with law.

    All persons are equal before the law and entitled to the equal protection of the law.

    Except as expressly authorized by this Constitution, there shall be no discrimination against
    citizens on the ground only of religion, race, descent or place of birth in any law relating to the
    acquisition, holding or disposition of property or the establishing or carrying on of any trade,
    business, profession, vocation or employment.


  5. Anonymous5:25 am


  6. Hey !
    Rocky. on !
    We are all NOT only Malaysians , we are all NOT only Malaysians consist of multiracial , multireligion and multicultural.



    “Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
    Watch your words, for they become actions.
    Watch your actions, for they become habits.
    Watch your habits, for they become character.
    Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

    RAKYAT the Power of Nation

  7. Anonymous8:24 am

    Rocky, it is easy for you to say those.

    However in actual fact most West Malaysians on the steeet, in the private sectors, in the kampungs, in the Government, may be yourself perhaps, etc., are very ignorant that Malaysia exist because of Sabah and Sarawak; if not for this 2 states it is still called Malaya. RPK Website would be Malaya Today! & Steven Gan would have Malayakini!

    This ignorance has led to many unpleasant policies, insults, disbeliefs, disrespect, 3rd class citizen treatment, for a Sarawakian like myself. Is this true? Let me give you some examples as follows:

    1. A lot of West Malaysians still think Sarawakians live on trees,

    2. West Malaysianss think Malaysia has only Malays, Chinese & Indians while the rest are classified as "Others/Lain-lain". This "recognition" is proven & shown in almost every government forms, be it for school children or adults. But do you know that Malays, Chinese and Indians are minority in term of population in Sarawak or in Sabah?

    3. Sarawak and Sabah achieved independence on 16th of Sept 1963 and not 31st August 1957 - yet West Malaysian leaders behemently refuse to accept this fact - isn't this a discrimination of the highest order?

    4. Yet the % ratio of Dayaks/Ibans soldiers who had stood at the enemy lines and some sacrified their lives in the past in West Malaysia and in other parts is high - this is just to protect the country - that's more Malaysians than anyone else, don't you think so?

    5. The late Tun Jugah was one of the persons who brought Sarawak to form Malaysia with Malaya, Singapore and Sabah. Do you know that in his home town of Kapit, until today there is no road access linking it to other towns? Had Sarawak not part of Malaysia, the late Tun being the paramount leader of the Ibans/Dayaks would have built that road earlier than anything else.

    The list can go on Rocky but that would be enough for you to have some idea that it isn't easy to be a Malaysian like you have described. The faults of the ignorant West Malaysians who make and execute gov't policies are many. There are whole bunch of ingorant people at the JPN, the clerks who at bank counters who would reject ASB account application from an Iban, etc.

  8. Rocky
    don't you think it is time to organise another

    Malaysia aka Bersih rally

    to talk about what you are talking about now ?

  9. Anonymous8:30 am

    Being a Malay Malaysian guy I am truly enjoyed by manhood days. I've been blessed by having attached to multiple partners coming from diverse races in our beloved country. It really a truly exhilarating experience as you got to enjoy different kind of moment and a unexplained satisfaction. May God bless this multi races country!Malaysia... a truly haven for manhood.

    - Dicko

  10. Selamat Pagi Rocky Bru! Hope you will have a wonderful weekend filled with love, happiness and food :)

  11. Saya orang Melayu rakyat Malaysia. Saya sayangkan jiran saya tak kira orang cina ke, india ke, melayu ke as long as diaorg tak kacau saya. Saya nak kita semua happy dan taknak gaduh2 sebab U.S.E.L.E.S.S. dan tiada faedah.

    Ni yang jahat2 nak gaduh ni semua kerja POLITICIAN la...xde kerja lain nak tolong rakyat, cuma GILA KUASA DAN NAK KAYA JER.

  12. you are absolutely right bro, we must be Malaysian, born Malaysian, die Malaysian. Let us forget about ahmad ismail from now, for i can find many true Malaysian AHMAD ISMAILs.

    Let us celebrate for being a true Malaysian.

    Thanks again for publishing this post.

    My all time favourite Raya Song for the late Sudirman.
    Balik Kampung oh oh oh balik kampung,,, happy fasting to my malay and muslim friends.

    together we can make Malaysia the world's most beautiful place, believe that

  13. Anonymous9:22 am

    arggghh .... get a life guys. dont harp on badly written words that actually mean nothing at all. need to petition to allow only natured thoughts online ... sigh

  14. No way man..I'am Malay and I'm proud to be a Malay and I'll not stop to fight for the Malay right. This is one and only land for me to live. Takkan Melatu Hilang Di Dunia Sehinggalah datangnya kiamat.

  15. It would be ideal to refer to ourselves as Malaysians and not as Melayu, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, kadazans etc.Then there will not be any "Ketuanan Melayu"...just ketuanan rakyat will do.The "race" in our identity cards will disappear, and as all of us are Malaysians, there will no longer be any discriminations based on race.Affirmative actions to help the marginalised, the hard core poors and the disadvantaged can still be carried out, not based on race but based on needs.How ideal!

  16. Anonymous10:03 am

    Yes, as Malaysians, but only Melayu first, Malaysians second. Hidup Melayu!
    - Hang Tuah Jr

  17. To me, there is no conflict being a Malaysian, Malay, Muslim, father, husband and blah blah....the list goes on.

    As a rational human we do have choice to choose which identity to best represent us best in the greater scheme of things by exercising our god-given rational thinking capacity, to quote Amarty Sen (an Economist & Philosopher).

    We, Malaysian!

  18. Anonymous10:16 am


    I started living like a Malaysian as this is my only home. I had close friends from all races. Also:

    1. I cried along with other Malaysians each time a winning Malaysian stands on the rostrum with the Negaraku being played and Jalor Gemilang is hoisted;

    2. I cried when when in the 90s the Malaysian badminton team brought back the Thomas Cup after 30 years;

    3. I shouted myself hoarse each time Malaysia was involved in a hockey or football match;

    4. I cried when Tun Razak died in 1975

    5. I told my children never to refer to an elderly person as "Chinese uncle, Malay uncle or Indian uncle" and told them they all human beings and should be called just uncle.


    1. My children/nephews/nieces and others from my race were not given scholarships despite doing extremely well and coming from average homes while their richer and lesser performing Malay schoolmates got scholarships and special offers from the GLCs;

    2. I could not explain to them why special privileges and quota systems continue although I paid, along with other non-Malays, quite a bit in tax;

    3. My peers and juniors who were much lower performers, some with no special skill at all, were promoted;

    4. I was referred to continuously as "kaum pendatang" by the late Ghafar Baba in his official speeches;

    5. My children and brothers from the community were subjected to deragatory terms no less by teachers and politicians who are leading us;

    6. My temples were being destroyed with no respect for the faith we have in our religions and there was little regard on the way they approach such sensitive matters;

    7. Intsructors at Buro Tatanegara for overseas-bound JPA students blatantly told non-Malays that they should not question anything about the quota as they should be thankful the Malays gave them citizenship and a place to stay.

    If these actions are stopped or reformed, I will definitely start doing everything Malaysian. It will come naturally.

    Remember bro, it is a two-way process in everything we do. My loyalty is only to the King now, not to the Barisan Nasional government which I hold collectively responsible for this state of affairs.

    My support is for any party which can undo much of these wrongs.


  19. Anonymous10:30 am

    Malaysians we are?
    PURE enough!


  20. Anonymous10:53 am


    I'm a Malaysian subject and I'm proud of it, while I carry the burden of shame of having a flip flop pm

  21. Here is another good piece about Malaysians :

  22. Anonymous11:06 am

    Hello Ahmad Ismail, I am a Malaysian.

    Now, dont choke on your own vomit.

    Free Malaysia

  23. Anonymous11:10 am

    Most of us of different races, like very much to build a nation of true Malaysians. The missing link to achieve this aim...integration and equality, falls solely on the shoulders of one vicious political party UMNO. The use of race and religion as pillars of their political structure of power. Islam has been so twisted by politicians, it has even divided the muslim community and a no go area for non-mulims. How could Malaysians integrate with this invisible barrier placed on them.
    Until we mature fully and confident enough, to move into these difficult and sensitive areas, to understand and respect each other, finding true Malaysians will just a dream.
    My absence from Malaysia for 30 years, I observe, nothing has changed. Until we place the nation first before self, a new hope may arise.

  24. Anonymous11:23 am

    Yet many still don't speak Bahasa Malaysia well.

    If you are proud of being Malaysian, be proud of the national language also.

    So, use BM in conversations you have with other Malaysians. Boleh?


  25. How flippant.

    And who or what exactly is a "Malaysian" pray tell?

  26. Anonymous12:14 pm

    missed out
    eat, shit & fart as Malaysians
    bitch, smile & cry as Malaysians

    i could go on... =]


  27. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Thanks for such a motivating spirit Rocky!!
    Things have become too bleak,
    because people are now always fighting and arguing.

    I think on the internet,
    Malaysians are the most disunited people. So much of mud slinging and bashing. (includes me, so thanx for realizations)

  28. Anonymous12:18 pm


    Go tell that to that "hero" of yours, Mahathir Mohammad.

    He continues to feverishly drive a wedge between all the races through his very 'ultra' blog postings, inciting feelings amongst the Malays.

  29. racism is uncool and unethical.that goes without saying. and that's one of my main reasons why i NEVER vote for racist parties like UMNO etc.

    but one can never get away from stereotyping and prejudice along racial lines and skin color. it's a sad fact of human race. and so, that's why i love one quote allegedly from warren beatty. can't remember the exact words but it was along the line we had to go on having sex with each other of different races until everyone of the human race will all be of the same skin color... sounds like fun and an excellent idea.

  30. Anonymous12:54 pm

    You think Rocky Can control his race by Punching ?

    You think Bernard Can control his Race by unmasking ?

    You thin Chedet Can control his race by pegging the ringgit?

    The truth is nobody can do it with all the might and wisdom.

    And Nobody should dictate who you are Including Ahmad Ismail or UMNO.

    No amount of lawatan sambil belajar can teach you about that.

    It is a natural selection.

    God for all the education we have we still debating about race.

    Can Malaysians please Grow up, handle things like an adult please.

    The truth is Malaysians are still not mature.

    We are a laughing stock.

    'Proud Malaysian who is not so proud of Race"

  31. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Tell this to Ahmad Ismail and the many who are like him.

    And he probably will tell you "Go ......!!!!"

    Pity. After 51 years we still haven't grown up or matured.

    We continue to quarrel and can't get along and we remain insensitive, disrespectful and distrustful of others.

    Sloganeering, of which we are very good at, means nothing if it does not come from the heart and if we don't mean it.

  32. Anonymous1:34 pm

    The MPs are on the way back from taiwan

    916 is back ON people!!!!!!


  33. Or be as racist as Malaysians! You must add!

  34. Or be anything you want as long as you are all moronic Malaysians! I am okay with that! But then DAP must drop this "Malaysian Malaysia" with a racist connotation crap!

  35. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Another painful stab into the heart of the ruling government:

    Just one instance of ludicrous and extravagant spending by a government-linked corporation for a major politician!


    Sudah tiba masa tukar kerajaan lah.

  36. Anonymous2:02 pm

    (heha) : ISA on RPK at 1.10, said
    the bini !

  37. Anonymous2:28 pm

    want to divert sikit. pls post KJ - letter to NST- teaching maths/sc in English. What do u think when he said this policy should b ditched. He doesnt even know our local edu system.If that is the case why Ministers/VIP including the Pm cucu ( Kamal's children)- Arif Badawi & Alia Badawi now in Garden International school. Dont u think they should go to gomen school? i would like to email u 1 advertorial that appear in Nst written by corp exec of a university -the blunder caused by Anwar for 3 generation. How do i go abt it? Shah

  38. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Be As DOCILE AND COWARDLY as Malaysians Bullied by the ISA!!

  39. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Be as DOCILE AND COWARDLY and Bullied by the ISA!!

    Support RPK

  40. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Malaysia Malaysian cannot exist until we stop separating our children in different schools. Abolish vernacular school, and only have one type of school, then can we talk about Bangsa Malaysia.

    - Choong

  41. Anonymous9:55 pm

    now somebody is talking like anwar and lee kuan yew forty years ago in malaysian parliament. good luck.


  43. ..and blog as Malaysia today..

  44. Anonymous6:49 am

    I am a melayu. My neighbours are bangsa Cina and Bangsa India. We live happily together. Bangsa Malaysia can go to hell.


  45. Anonymous11:34 am

    RAKYAT the Power of Nation..... my arse!!!

  46. Anonymous11:56 pm

    The Malaysian concept is being threatened by those umno melayu that have gone bonkers harping on ketuanan melayu. ketuanan Melayu = ketuanan komunis. These umno bonkers must be wiped out like the komunis, then only the Malaysian concept will be realised. Ketuanan Rakyat

  47. Anonymous1:09 pm

    After more than 232 years since independent 1776 Obama became the first African-American to be nominated to as President of a major political party. MORE THAN 232 YEARS. Even after 232 years Obama is still being refer to as African-american or black. so there is NO equality in American. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AMERICAN-AMERICAN:there are african-american, asian-american, latin-american, cuban-american, native-american etc..
    FOR THE SAME REASONS NO BRITISH-BRITAIN, NO AUSTRALIAN-AUSTRLIA, NO CANADIAN-CANADA NO CHINESE-CHINA, NO INDIAN-INDIA SO THERE WILL BE NO MALAYSIAN-MALAYSIA. Just because we are malay, chinese, indian, iban, kadazan and others doesn't mean we cannot live peacefully together. If you ask minorities anywhere in the world they will say there are discrimination in their countries.
    So just be happy that our country is properous and peaceful. IF ANY OF YOU ARE NO HAPPY LEAVE NO ONE GOING TO STOP YOU.