Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Health Alert!

Is the Health Ministry's List of Safe Milk Products really safe?

The question popped into my mind after reading Doctor2008's latest posting on the melamine scandal that has affected over 50,000 babies.

"If you think that only milk and milk products with only Chinese names are contaminated with melamine, the results released by the Center For Food Safety of Hong Kong as reported by China Daily yesterday raised the possibility that the practice may be more widespread."

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Anonymous said...

Yes, checked the Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety website and there is mention of this milk brand.(

In HK, they actually analyse the milk themselves. Is this the case for Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Macam mana dengan pinggan mangkuk yang di buat dari melamine? Orang ramai suka beli sebab tahan pecah. Selamat tak?


Anonymous said...

Most foods imported from Thailand originate from China. There is NO MELAMINE detected in suspected foods simply because there is NO LAB in M'sia capable doing the test.


Anonymous said...

Rocky, Milk is not the only issue here. last year while sourcing out warehouse/factory outlet, i saw this very disturbing warehouse used to produce tomato ketchup for a famous fastfood. dirty drums and what kind of vinager they are using? Local vinager? certified? I hope so! but i have never touched any tomato ketchup ever since!

Greedy people resort to all kind of sinful act! these people should be locked permenantly!

Peace on Earth

monsterball said...

So many so call mineral water bottled in MALAYSIA...are actually .....filtered tape water.
On is forced to say.
smoking creates cancer.
Why can't the government force those tape water say.."This is filtered tape water" ??....or shut them off?
And many cottage industries are producing sweets.
So we know about China's bad milk......but bad things that kills in Malaysia are not exposed...just quietly solve.....with under counter briberies.
So while we are concern about imported milk from very concern on products ..made biscuits..cakes..sweets...and many more.
Buy branded products with more than 60 years ...good reputation.
It dearer.....but real safe for your children.

Anonymous said...

chinese's manufacturer has no conscience, how could they put such chemical that bring fatality to human into baby's food?

lady lavender said...

Rocky, there is a much wider list of items to avoid..My friend onpassed me a list of some 20 items. I can't vouch for the source as it is in Mandarin but check out my includes KLIM, Assam Tea among others. I loved Assam Tea!

Anonymous said...

"...the Chinese government had issued a 21-point plan to all journalists covering the Olympics to avoid taboo subjects, including food safety issues (point 8). "

So athletes have good reasons and defence should they be tested positive in dope testing that their samples were "tainted".

If they can spend US$40 billion for the Olympics, they can at least spend US$ 1 billion to clear up all their messes. And more to compensate the victims. But lets see what the Chinese government will do to stop all these unscrupulous bizmen.

So many scandals but no action. The greedy and guilty ones must be punished. What were they thinking when they purposely put melamine in their products? Did they do a R + D?

Anonymous said...

arghh...I really confuse about this milk product...

can u pls list down the names of the milk from China?

My son is using Isomil Plus and Dumex Dugro...

really don't know.. :-\

profit said...

Dear Rocky,
Looks like Che Det has overtaken you.

Anonymous said...

If ISA were to be used in China..

These manufacturers deserved to be in the priority list...maybe the communist party will shoot them down..better!

Not only China but in Malaysia too...plenty of these kind..Those greedy & without conscience in whatever ethics, humanity & religion respect...

Last time bread, sausages, poultry product become hot issues in M'sia..not to mention fomaldeheid preserved food & kiling chopstick !

Still pity the Hi5 bread till today.. have a taste of your own medicine.

Lucky our neighbour Singapore is a kiasu..we can trust any dairy product consumed by them..

ChengHo said...

what theresa kok say about this?

Anonymous said...

I received a SMS health alert today which read 'To those who frequent Little Dragon Girls, please do not suck nipples'. Hahahaha...sorry to those who might be offended by it. ;) w9

Anonymous said...

Have you notice F&N milk products is not on the safe list yet and the GM dares to declare they are safe. Check this out I think F&N is dodgy.

Anonymous said...

Items that have been recalled due to China's milk scandal

I'm not sure how far this is true. But I think it is better to avoid
them for the time being.

For your information, the following items have been recalled due to
China's milk scandal:

1. M&M
2. Snickers
3. Mento's Yoghurt Bottle
4. Dove Chocolate
5. Oreo Wafer Sticks
6. Dutchlady Sterilised Milk
7. Wall's all natural mango
8. Mini Poppers Ice Cream
9. Magnum Ice Cream
10. Moo Sandwich Ice Cream
11. Mini Cornetto
12. Youcan Ice Cream

Stores have been asked by AVA Singapore to remove them. If u have any
of these items at home, don't eat them.


Anonymous said...

The Singapore authorities reported that Dutch Lady Strawberry Flavoured Milk, Dutch Lady Honeydew Flavoured Milk and Dutch Lady Banana flavoured milk product are contaminated with melamine.

The Malaysian Health Ministry on the other hand, reported that all Dutch Lady Sterilised Milk range of products and UHT Milk range of products are 'SAFE'.

I was under the impression that all the Dutch lady flavoured milk are part of their sterilised milk range. So strange that Malaysian authority says the Dutch lady flavoured milk are safe but Singapore authority says otherwise. Can anyone confirm whether whether strawberry, banana and honeydew Dutch lady flavoured milk range are safe to consume?


Anonymous said...

SOYA BEAN based products imported from China also containminated. Court case pending.

Siti Khadijah said...

Dear Anonymous 6.48 am,

Please don't underestimate the chemists in Malaysia. We are capable and we have the equipment to test for the presence of melamine i.e. GC/mass spectrometer or HPLC. Before melamine was not routinely tested because it is only present in food in very tiny amount about 1 ppm (part per million) partly due to decomposition of certain pesticides used.

In this tainted milk matter the melamine was added on purpose not due to contamination. As a result babies drinking tainted milk were getting a dosage of 2000 ppm. Yes 2000x over the safe limit. So please do have confidence in the professional people such as us. There are still very many people who honour their job and work with integrity!

Anonymous said...

What about Malaysia's own milk?
Anybody doing tests? So nice to just get hysterical over China-made goods. We should not be so smug.
A Malaysian

Anonymous said...

Talk about anything from China, it is always scary. mainland Chinese is a conman when come to business. Talk about dairy products, have anyone think about those thousands of people who participated and attended the olympics in China recently. good luck ...

Anonymous said...

Problem will start in China n it will become massive world wide problem .


Anonymous said...

For a country which spent US$40 billion and a country which has the biggest US$ reserves (trillion) in the world , Malaysian businessmen,SMI entreprenuers and beef ball noodles sellers contributed RM 65million for the earthwake victims in July 2008.It is all about guanxi and making money.I am willing to predict forecast that since they also connive with importers in Msia, some one 's baby will fall ill.As ovweseas malaysian suggests dont check and the Auditor General reported that it takes 24 months for action on suspect foods.Truly Malausian of HK, another failed state evidence ?( I mean the 24 month lag.)Arjun

Anonymous said...

This dairy scandal in China points to two things:

1. Methinks that besides being a potential health hazard, all the reports about the inferiority of China's products have pointed to the fact that China's consumer awareness is probably still low. Even their government apparently sit on the melamine issue despite being informed as early as december last year (according to some reports).

2. Now we in M'sia start to panic the minute something is written 'Made In China'. But as consumers, what assurance do we have that the products we consume eeveryday is SAFE? I give my daughter a milk that is is sourced from Australia and NZ, but i don't get to see how it's packaged, it hygienic? any contaminants? and worse, if the company want to put melamine to make it look high-protein, i wouldn't know. As consumers, I can only rely on accepted food safety packaging standards, such as HACCP/SIRIM/ect..or for moslems, the HALAL code. The bottom line is,,,...producers of consumer goods must be ethical and conscientious, and not just think of profit margin! we're talking about food/drinks here! OMG, my heart goes out to those poor chinese babies who are ill! It migh have been my daughter if M'sia import china's dairy!


Anonymous said...

Sila baca kalau musykil pasal melamine

Kerajaan sepatutnya bukan concentrate terhadap produk susu sahaja, lain2 pon scan sekali.