Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can Abdullah even get 58?

Minimum nominations to defend the President's post. Anwar Ibrahim is not the only one possessed by numbers. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, is counting the nominations he could get for Umno's election in December. Not enough, and his days as PM and Umno President are numbered.

Any Umno member who wishes to contest the presidency must get at least 30 per cent nominations from the divisions. There are 191 divisions and Abdullah needs 58 just to defend his post in the event that there is a contender. Indications are he won't even get near the 58, which was why he was advised by his Supreme Council last Thursday to hand over the presidency to Najib in December. To avoid embarassment, they said.

But blogger Pahit Manis says h e r e that Abdullah, advised by the usual suspects, has now decided to ignore the warning from council members and has decided to meet as many divisional chiefs as possible before divisional meeting starts on Oct 9.

Big Dog thinks it will be to no avail. In his analysis h e r e, the right-wing Umno blogger says Muhyiddin Yasin could be getting about 142 nominations (from the total 191) for him to contest the deputy president's post.
He reckons that all 142 divisions who are for Muhyiddin will nominate either Najib Razak or Tengku Razaleigh, but not Abdullah.
How many nominations will that leave the President?


  1. Anonymous4:34 pm

    what happens if no candidate for the umno president post gets 30%?

  2. Anonymous4:41 pm

    belum cuba belum tahu,rocky.

    setakat ini orang cuma boleh buat andaian dan analisis masing-masing berdasarkan fakta yang ada.

    cuma pada hari penamaan calon nanti kita akan tahu keputusan yang sebenar.

    sekarang ini semua bakal calon sedang menumpukan perhatian untuk strategi masing-masing bagi meraih sokongan.

  3. Anonymous4:45 pm

    money can do wonder my fren,
    just watch the gravy train
    from now to december 08,
    money trail will lead you to voters!

    for money talks, and bullshit walks!

    jeff t.

  4. Anonymous4:56 pm

    well, he already has 13. All Penang UMNO division has announced that they will continue to support Abdullah.


  5. If Pak Lah goes around to meet all the divisional Leaders,wouldn't that be tantamount to campaigning which his little book forbids.
    I am not privy to that book but I certainly hope the punishment is severe enough to exclude him from Presidential race in UMNO.

  6. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Jika Dolah tidak meletakan jawatan pada atau sebelum 9hb Oktober, Najib akan berbisik untuk besedia dicalonkan jawatan Presiden dan Muhyiddin seagai Timbalan.
    - Kluangman

  7. Anonymous6:11 pm

    A case of senjata makan tuan. No quota vote. No membership for TDM.

    Words in UMNO circle are saying anarchy is setting in into UMNO. Sympathy game, coddle and plead is no more acceptable. Money, kain pelikat, and trips failed and backfired. Party authority rebelled against. Lies and deception already pre-empted.

    It's time now for harassment and blackmail!

    The five undertaking this onerous and subsequently rewarding endeavour, if successful, are newly "honured" Tan Sri Anuar Musa, Dato Che Alwi (Ketereh), Dato Hamzah Zainuddin, and Dato Reezal Merican. Dato Kamalauddin and Khairy Jamaluddin is likely orchestrating this life saving mission for Abdullah, the claimed reformer and libertarian.

    If he comes out a winner through this ordeal, will it lead to the emergence of a tyrant and dictator? Is this why he is seeking the millitary portfolio?

    With Syed Hamid, a turned Abdullah loyalist helming Internal Affairs, is it about Abdullah holding full control of intelligence, security and "armed outfit" to remain in power?.

    I'm curious. Extremely curious.

    Is this a case of the revenge of the lembik? One thing for sure, never underestimate the severity of the vengence by the lembiks and lembuts.

    One wonders. Will there be an UMNO General Assembly this December?

    Read further ... here

  8. Only 58 nominations? Rocky, you think Pak Lah cannot afford it kah?

  9. Anonymous6:56 pm

    please lah rocky....Malaysia can & will probably do BETTER without UMNO..... 50 years of STEALING.....

    will you stop highlighting and giving them any press at all.....

    can you concentrate on an innocent MAN ( RPK ) who is suffering.... while you and i and the rest of his so called "supporters" eat& sleep like normal...

    DO you rocky....feel Marina & the children's pain.... do we all really feel the pain....

    a lot of talk these days.... but when push comes to shove....

    .....RPK walks alone.....

    a bit like Jesus & Mohamad ( PUBH )...being betrayed by their very own.... and when the time came.... they ALONE paid the price for it....

    History, repeating itself.....

    just another day....for you and me....in Paradise....

    just another soul.....

  10. The Malaysian Insider reported today that "Nearly all the Umno state chiefs will support the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi-Najib Razak tag team for the top two positions in the party. This decision was reached after a meeting at Seri Perdana between the Prime Minister and all but two of the state chiefs, a discussion which ended at 3 this morning." If this is not another one of the spins by Abdullah's merry men, then, actually this meeting is tantamount to campaigning for position and goes against the UMNO standing rules for election. So this is something serious for UMNO Disciplinary board who should and can take action against the UMNO member(s) who broke the rule.

    The 30% rule this time will be like the "senjata makan tuan". Abdullah need to hear the UMNO grass roots voices in the mosque after Terawih prayers to understand that his position as UMNO president is untenable. The perception of the Young and Old UMNO members is that he is too weak and that he has lost control and lets face it the PM post is just too big for him to fill.

    Further Abdullah said that he wants to reform many things from now until 2010. My question and many others like me is that if Abdullah were not able to make any kind of tangible reforms after he received the biggest election mandate for a PM in Malaysia's history in 2004 what can he do to reform when he is the first PM who lost BN's 2/3rd majority in Parliament in March 2008 elections ?

    I pray that Abdullah has still got the moral courage to listen to what he must hear and not listen to those selfish advisers who had failed him and this great nation of ours many times over.

  11. Anonymous7:13 pm

    In order to know the truth of whether Pak Lah can get the 58 nominations,the supreme council should let Pak Lah to offer himself to contest for the umno president post.With the war chest that he has,58 nominations for Pak Lah is "bukan masalah".

  12. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Dollah perlu dihadapkan ke lembaga Disiplin UMNO kerana majlis berbuka puasa yg dia pergi kenegeri-negeri adalah salah satu cara utk melobi kepada ketua bahagian untuk bersetuju dengan pelan peralihan kuasa.

  13. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Stop talking about this idiot in UMNO,,,To me they are dead,,!!!

    Tangkap hidup-hidup,,bakar saja or Crucified them,,!!!!

    Hari Raya ini jom ramai-ramai pi umah mereka,bawa beg plastik, kita kasi habis makanan yg disajikan,,

    lets join the illegal immigrant,,,pendatang,,,and bole masuk Guiness Book of Records, ramai pengujung pada Hari Raya,,!!

    konon Rakyat kunjung mereka,,,!!!!Mereka kunjung pemmpin coz kat luar barang Mahal,,,lagipon free,,ta'kan PM & TPM nak halau kita..!!


  14. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Saya berharap orang UMNO dan bloggers bersatu mempertahankan Pak Lah. U semua sudah lupa peristiwa Kg Baru ke or you are still too Young. You will be very sorry and we will be back to zaman TDM. You orang semua sekarang makan macam theresa Kok dalam lokap ke?. Remember Pak Lah open the media and all this ex journalist cum bloggers semua ada dendam dengan Pak Lah cos semua hilang kerja.


  15. I don't believe this guy. Either he is not aware of people hinting him to step down or he is as dumb as ever.

  16. Anonymous9:18 pm

    saya percaya Pak Lah pasti akan mendapat cukup pencalonan untuk mengekalkan jawatan Presiden UMNO. Tetapi isunya UMNO tidak cukup calon untuk meneruskan kepimpinan sebagai Perdana Menteri.

  17. Anonymous9:23 pm

    It is still an open race, and psychology plays an important part here.

    Don't nail the coffin pre-maturedly till the last bell rings.

    Money can do wonders, remember.


  18. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Mr Flip Flop will never want to listen because he is asleep. He does not read and he is blind to all the signals around him. Speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil. That will be his motto....

    Dorothy from Alice in Wonderland

  19. Anonymous9:56 pm

    The game is almost over for Abdullah Badawi ... Wali Kota

  20. Anonymous9:59 pm

    this has turned into a very sad ending for him.

    while only in 2004, he roped in the biggest ever win by any political party in malaysian history, only to lose the biggest ever number of states by any political party in history.

    how a span of only 4 years changes the world upside down for him.

    even having all quaters of pejabat perdana menteri to think the cause of the overturn, i believe none of them will get it right. diversions will be made for him to look atleast not bad.

    but any dick-tom-and-harry knows that, for the great contrast to happen, there must be a great change in him. or his team. or his people. whatever it is, the cause is under his responsibility.

    now, the sad become worse. he is about to be push out by his own people.

  21. Anonymous10:01 pm

    It means nothing and I don't think the rakyats bother how many nomination either Pak Lah or Najib can garner. Both of them is of the same kind, one is indecisive and clueless and the other has no ball and always want to play safe and main wayang kulit. Furthermore, both have no vision to lead the nation. You just tell me as both of them have been cabinet minister for umpteen years and show me what is outstanding about these two UMNO lords, nuts and nothing. So stop thinking it is their birthright to lead this nation. So UMNO can go on and fight to be elected as presiden ke , timbalan ke, ketua bahagian ke, for all I care, as far as I am concern the rakyats want CHANGE, but my 2cents advice if you want money this is the time.ha.ha.ha kah..kah can enjoy ma in KL, can go karaoke and good spa in the city, many thing can do and kampong people dunno one...ok ma.

  22. Anonymous10:04 pm

    i agree with benjamil.. dolah had go against the little red book.

  23. Anonymous10:05 pm

    AAB will get whatever he wants because all divisions head want to make millions.

  24. Abdullah can used UMNO Supreme Council to abolish the quota system if he find himself can't secure enough nominations!

    Ka ka kah
    Anyway, they r just fighting on who is going to be the opposition leader after DSAI become 6th Prime Minister!

  25. Anonymous11:40 pm

    He's 68 going on 69. I suppose 58 maybe.

    But if he gets just 58, 59, 60, or even 70, it will still be a big defeat for him. He needs to get 150, 160 to show he's strong and in control, in charge, but 58? He's a goner. He might as well migrate.

  26. Mana-mana bahagian yang cuba mencalonkan Pak Lah, mari kita semua umat Melayu mengisytiharkan bahawa UMNO bahagian berkenaan adalah terdiri daripada orang-orang yang mementingkan TEMOLOK sendiri, tamak dan tidak memikirkan kepentingan parti dan bangsa. Golongan yang disamakan segelintir golongan bangsawan yang menjadi punca kejatuhan Melaka di tangan Portugis. Mereka ini kita akan kenangkan sebagai petualang Melayu. Dan mereka ini sememangnya akan kaya raya disumbat duit oleh KJ and konconya namun mereka ini adalah golongan Melayu BODOH dan bangsat. Di antara mereka yang telah tergolong di dalam kumpulan petualang Melayu, bodoh dan bangsat ini ialah Ketua Perhubungan UMNO P.Piang dan Kelantan. Well, you know Annura Musa. Manusia yang tak sedar diri dan desperate. Awang berdoa bahagian UMNO yang lain-lain tidak tegolong di dalam kelompok tersebut. Amin..

  27. By the way after all the hanky-pancky what are they up to ?. I means him ?. U means money, yes! It's very sweet to rest on it, U've been there. Power?, it's something horribles by misused of it. Another thing made you very eager to dash up...... revenges. Exspecially for those who send U to behind bars. If U are really thinks abaout the citizens of Malaysia .... long ago U were stasfied. U've one big weekness ...... SELFISH.

  28. Anonymous11:54 pm


    Dalam UMNO(baru), undang-undang dan peraturan parti hanya akan digunapakai keatas pencabar-pencabar jawatan presiden dan timbalan presiden sahaja. Juga kepada mereka-mereka yang menentang pemimpin-pemimpin atasan sahaja.

    Undang-undang tersebut semuanya dibuat bagi memastikan kedudukan incumbent tidak dicabar. Hebatkan..peraturan yang dibuat oleh TDM semasa menjadi presiden.

    Kita tak boleh salahkan AAB jika menggunakan peraturan-perturan tersebut untuk terus kekal berkuasa!


  29. Anonymous12:18 am

    pervez musharraf, samak sundaravej, ehud olmert, theo mbeki, yasuo fukuda...in a matter of months these powerful figures of their respective countries relinquished their positions because they put the interest of the nation above themselves...i wish pak lah and his cohorts read this and make the list an exalted one...

    1. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert resigned, brought low by a string of corruption probes.

    2. Resignation: In an address broadcast on state television South African President Thabo Mbeki announced he had formally resigned and would vacate the office as soon as the nation's Parliament selects a successor.

    3. This says a lot about the qualities of good leaders. The decisions of the two leaders are worthy of emulation because they put their country's interest over their desire to remain in office. A good leader should always put country first. President Mbeki resigned bowing to pressure from members of his party - the ruling African National Congress (ANC) - to step down. President Mbeki and Prime Minister Olmert being top members of the ANC and Kadima Party respectively could have easily used their positions to hold onto power had they chosen to do so. Nevertheess, they had to resign because the calls were made by members of their own party who would not settle for anything less. Their action is admirable and a rare display of statesmanship which has undoubtedly doused whatever tensions that were brewing in South Africa and Israel respectively. Without doubt, the decision of President Mbeki and Prime Minister Olmert shows that they understand that their personal interests are subordinate to their respective nation's interests. They know that the electorate put them in power and it is therefore important to listen to the dissenting voices of the electorate. They are not the kind of leaders who would want to cling onto power even if the whole nation is burning in protest against their abuse of office.
    This show of statesmanship is obviously what is lacking in this country where politicians would rather drown the country in tension than resign their positions over corruption allegations against them.

  30. fer me addullah shouldn't get the position n najib neither.... muhyidin or tengku razaly hamzah is better!!!hopefully!!!

  31. Anonymous4:05 am

    The Sleepy Head must go to hell. The country must throw him out. If UMNO keeps him there despite all the screwed ups then we all must get rid of UMNO/BN once and for all.

    UMNO leaders must wake up to the clarion call to remove the Sleepy Head and put in Tengku Razaleigh, who is a good leader for all races and the business world.

    Vote out Sleepy Head and SIL!

    Against Sleepy Head

  32. Anonymous6:42 am

    What make it so difficult, create a Team A and Team B first and than the loser start a new part all over. This people have no idea how to bring the country forward, the 51 years record shows.

  33. Anonymous9:15 am

    Actually because of Pak Lah, you all get what you got now. U can say whatever you want eg bodowi, bodolagi, flip flop, lembik etc..etc.. Bloggers are free to say anything they like including sentitive issues with regards to religion and race. Do you think u feel comfortable to discuss this openly during TDM's time. No way.I'am not defending the current PM but there must be a limit to what we say and do in order to maintain political and social stability in this country. But of course, people especially opposition politicians will take advantage if Pak Lah is so 'soft' and weak. A leader should lead and provide a vision. He must also know how to mobilize, control, punish and reward his people. Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir have these qualities. I dont see them in other politicians.

  34. Anonymous9:38 am


    Try to preach that to the Iraqian, ask them wether they are happier under Saddam or under the USA Army protection....

    People bz trying to get rid of the real trouble while you bz licking his shit smeared ass...

    plutorian-freedom-fighther, this is planet earth, u moron!

  35. Don't be surprise if the nominate need to have 30% support policy will be abolished in near hour... in "support of better competition"...

  36. Anonymous10:35 am

    Hi saudara rocky,

    Saya cadangkan blog blog senaraikan/paparkan/listkan semua division-divison umno, dan siapa head-head dan siapakah yg mereka nominate nanti. kita hendak grassroot/public tahu division mana yg sokong pak lah, siapa ketua dia and public boleh buat judgement adakah itu suara semua ahli division, atau hanya keputusan yg dipengaruhi oleh division head.


  37. When he is in for it at all costs,
    his seconds will visit influential divisional officers with sacks of RM to ensure the floor cries out his name from the get go.

    Bye bye Najib, bye bye transition 2010, bye bye BN 2012.

  38. Anonymous12:23 pm

    We have a huge problem.

    We do not know how to elect a good government, with good leaders, and hence good ministers, and the rest of good public servants.

    Or did they turned bad after being elected ? become more corrupted, serving more of self-interest, and less of public's one ?

    Then where is the accountability and transparancy ?

    Eat my foot man.

  39. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Didn't you hear the advice PakLah gave to some Malaysia Diplomats overseas sometime go.
    If the press ask you too many sensitive questions just 'buat2 bodoh sahaja'.
    So PakLah is not really dumb ok.
    He is the master of 'buat2 bodoh'.

    Jebat- Still alive and kicking.

  40. Thats what happens when the leader practice 'Panic Management'.
    What he is doing is fire fighting and not solving the problem.
    I guess he knows deep inside him,he is the PROBLEM.How can he remove himself so fire fighting is the best management for him.

  41. Anonymous1:54 pm

    letak jawatan,

    as you rightly pointed out, five presidents or prime ministers have quit their positions in a period of what, 2 or 3 months? Yet here in Malaysia everybody seems to be supporting pak lah in buying time. what can he do in one year what he failed to do since 2004?

  42. Inilah Anugerah Allah SWT..
    Pak Lah sudah ditutup pintu hatinya dari mendengar jeritan batin ahli UMNO dan amnya rakyat Malaysia.
    Masih dalam tidor dengan mimpi indah Pak Lah dengan sokongan keluarganya menyiapkan bala tentera untuk mempertahankan jawatan Presiden UMNO.
    Adakah Pak Lah akan berjaya atau kecundang?
    Ingatlah bahawa doa rakyat Malaysia yang teraniaya tiada halangan untuk tiba kepada Allah SWT.

  43. Anonymous4:42 pm


    This is moving beyond the unbelievable. Even Abdullah cannot be that daft. I mean it is way beyond 'the writing is on the wall', the 'signs are so clear', 'the signals are loud and clear' and so on.

    The question that begs to be asked is 'why is Abdullah so stubborn and just refusing to let go?

    Obviously he has no idea or action plan for the party or the country. He could not give two hoots about what happens to the country.

    So what is Abdullah so desperately fighting for?

    This is where there needs to be more analysis than meets the eye. This is where someone has to dig up what the family (son, SIL, new In Laws) and others have to lose if Badawi exits the scene.

    Because obviously Badawi's desperate stand here is becoming quite irrational, from a pejuang negara point of view, because the whole party wants to see this man get lost. He has no more role to play in the party.

    He is not fighting for the party, the Malays or the people. He is in it now for himself.

    Totally disgusting.

  44. bro,

    if paklah want 58 he will get 58 who can stop him ,pak najib non committal ,johore umno will not support muyhuddin there are so many umno leader in johore think they are much better compare to muyyiddin ,in the final analysis the status quo remain only waiting for PRU13. look at umno kelantan and penang still dreamin no will power to shake up and wake up kelantan almost 20 yrs still dreamin ,PAS still the ruling party
    kelantan umno leader should take the responsibility and accountibility resign and let the 2nd line up /new face to take the leadership and prepare them for the PRU.

  45. Anonymous6:35 pm

    If Malaysia is so pathetic over 51yrs, we probably be at par with other ex-British colony in Africa after independence & none of u Plutorian moron in M'sia will ever know what is internet...

    this is just an example of third class mentality thinking they suit the quality to be in the first class world ...real pathetic.

    again Sitiawanman..
    The cunning old man named Mahathir is the one who initiated those ho-ha MSC broadband mega project that as a result, we today enjoy using it to smear fucking ideology, sentiments & issues in all over cyberworld with a governing thin line so-called virtual ethics..he still earn the credit..definite not Pak Lah..he is happy-go-lucky moron.

  46. Anonymous8:47 pm

    The best leader is the person who feels unworthy of leading a nation. The present system of canvassing and campaigning is erroneous as the candidates state that he is better than his opponent. When a candidate states this, it means that he is devoid of humility. When a person is not humble, he cannot be a leader for humility is the first pre-requisite of leadership. In the future, I believe that nominations and campaigning will not exist.


  47. i still cannot believe it that some ppl still think Pak Lah has single-handedly made our country a freer one in terms of self expression. That he has allowed us to speak our mind freely and criticise the government openly.

    Pls lah. Before the march election, not many ppl were reading news on the net. Nor many follow what bloggers were writing. The numbers were almost negligible.

    The onslaught by the main media during the election definitely did not represent this supposedly openness as claimed by some quarters. The daily malicious attack on the opposition parties was akin to america's shock and awe tactic in Afganistan and Iraq.

    Even the govenment did not want to admit that the internet played a significant role in the recent election.

    But the scrambling of the governing MPs in setting up their blogs, the shutting down of Malaysia Today, the arrest of THE reporter and THE blogger as well as shooting down their own ppl who dare speak against the establishment are the reality and actual activities of the current administration in muzzling those who are willing to speak their minds.

    So let's call a spade a spade and not try to paint the current PM as someone who knowingly and willingly allowed us, the Rakyat, to speak our mind. We should be so lucky!.

    Rather it is his weakness and shortsightedness that allowed the internet to flourish as a platform for expression in this country.

    His weakness in carrying out the reforms as outlined by HIMSELF not in the recent election but in the one before. His shortsightedness in not listening what is being said on the Net. He listen only to his circle of advisers who I believe do not have the interst of the Rakyat at heart.

    Since the march election, more ppl are seeking a more balance view of this country by going onto the net. Even TDM understood the power of the Net to get his message across.

    Yet again on the net we are fed with info by those who think that we cannot think for ourselves. That we should be spoken down to. And to be told that we should be grateful that without the current administration we would not enjoy this PRIVILEGE.

    This privilege would be retracted if we are to abuse it. I say this is not a privilege but a RIGHT.

    A right that all of us should have and enjoy in a civil society.

  48. Anonymous2:21 am

    I don't think there is a problem for him because his son and SIL has plenty of illegal money to throw to the delegates.Unless their currency is that of the Japanese during world war 2( banana trees logo) Or his opponent can counter offer by giving double Bodowi's camp can offer.


  49. Anonymous2:24 am

    I don't think there is a problem for him because his son and SIL has plenty of illegal money to throw to the delegates.Unless their currency is that of the Japanese during world war 2( banana trees logo) Or his opponent can counter offer by giving double Bodowi's camp can offer.


  50. Anonymous5:31 am

    (heha) : 58 !? no problem lah ! oredi 13 from penang what....
    the supporters ( sikit saja) of the @#$%^&* 4 traitors won't DARE
    to oppose aab one !!

  51. @sitiawanman 9:12 PM
    Remember Pak Lah open the media and all this ex journalist cum bloggers semua ada dendam dengan Pak Lah cos semua hilang kerja.

    Interesting angle.
    And there might be enough truth to this to warrant consideration.

    But there are many others who DIDN'T lose their positions, but who are nevertheless also concerned enough about the state of things.

    The fact is that Badawi just doesn't cut it as PM. Unfortunately, the people with the power (lower-ranked Umno leaders) are too hesitant to rebel.

    Had they all ganged up and followed through after a few had spoken their minds at the Supreme Council meeting, Badawi will seriously consider stepping down this December.

    However, his people managed to get to the state umno chiefs to obtain their support for the 2010 transition. At the very least, they have stemmed the tide of dissent and checked its momentum.

  52. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Sokongan akar umbi terhadap Pak Lah masih kuat sebenarnya. Yang menampakkan seperti sokongan terhadap Pak Lah goyah adalah kerana wujudnya segelintir pemimpin yang ingin kan Pak Lah turun untuk kepentingan sendiri.

  53. Anonymous4:22 am

    vote ku li!!