Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bye to NSTP

updated, 18/9: NST's Ceo joins Pos Malaysia as MD - The Star online

Original posting:
A new POS-ting. Someone at the top is saying Selamat Tinggal to the New Straits Times Press. This young Dato' has been there for only about a decade but he's tired and unlikely to grow if he stays on. Once there was a time when I had great hopes that this guy would take NSTP somewhere, but that didn't happen. The ship has been sinking, as they say, and this is a good time as any for the captain to jump off . No one at Jalan Riong will shed a tear.


  1. extremely cryptic! heh... must drop by the 'ol office to find out what's the juice. me so left behind on news of the former office grapevine.

    ps - rocky, FYI me sis is in jakarta now taking care of pertamina account. think you familiar with her, right?

  2. Anonymous7:50 am

    hope nstp also can bury the newspaper together with this guy

    zamri sunway

  3. Anonymous8:21 am


    The top guys at NSTP is actually
    "Indah Khabar Dari Suratkhabar".

    Does this mean that there is some changes in Umno sooner than expected ?

  4. Anonymous9:00 am

    The New York Times, by all measure a great newspaper, just posted a drop in revenue of 12% yoy. A crap piece like NST won't take long before it dies a natural death.

  5. C'mmon Bro Rocky. Don't change the topic please. We're refreshing ourself discussing the so called new PM in waiting. Today is 17 September. Certainly there'll be more cocks, bulls and shits. This is the best form of entertainment that the so called new liberal malay-muslims can hope to get in the month of Ramadhan. I beg some of them gave way their tarawikhs and witirs for 16/8's gathering at Shah Alam. Why not? They felt closer to god and scored more heavenly points by listening and cheering their leader whenever he flimflamed and diddled.

  6. Bro Rock,

    Hari 917, ade news menarik ke?? Happy holiday to Selangorian, klu tidak dia org cuti 2 harila. 1st 916 n 2nd 917 (default becoz of Nuzul Quran). But after i surf few Pro-PKR+DAP webiste, M2DAY and Malaysiakini dia org still lagi optimistik with 916.

    Selamat berpuasa,

    Ps: Terlepas sahur lak pagi tadi..

  7. Anonymous10:28 am

    More top people will be leaving or ask to leave the company. If they don't leave voluntarily, They will be asking to leave amicably. They will know their fate soon.

    manaf minyak

  8. Who's that the young Dato, Rocki? Are you referring to Syed Faisal.

    Hehehe..serve them right. Anyone who are still a NST follower? This publication is no longer relevant and out of context. Now people read blog.

  9. Anonymous11:35 am


  10. Anonymous11:46 am


    Maaf kerana terpaksa menggunakan blog Rocky untuk maksud lain.

    Kami bekas pelajar mass comm uitm ada membuka satu perkampungan maya menyatukan semua bekas pelajar. Saya (salah seorang moderator)berhajar besar menjemput Rocky supaya mendaftar sebagai ahli di situ.

    Para juniors anda mengharapkan sokongan bloggers terkemuka Malaysia seperti Rocky bagi menjayakan usaha ini.

    Harap Rocky ada kelapangan untuk menjenguk kami di :

    Saya mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi terima kasih di atas sokongan Rocky.

  11. Anonymous12:04 pm


    Its Syed Faisal. Heard more will leave. Syed Feisal is the first. Next to follow is Hishamuddin Aun, Syed Nadzri, Manja Ismail, Wahab HR, Lee Ah Chai, Chandrasegar, Kamarul, Mustapa Omar and Lionel Morais. Regime change, bru.

  12. Anonymous12:40 pm


    Not due to great competence, the NST Group has had to sell The Malay Mail (part of the family jewels) to some Singapore outfit. The NST's circulation itself is down to less than 100,000.

    If the newspaper cannot sell what is there to hang around for? Even the Berita Harian is losing out to Sinar Harian etc.

    Soon even the NST will be sold. Maybe another Singaporean will buy it.

  13. Bro,
    Will the suit against you continue even after he left NST? I don't think he will want to foot the bill on his own. He wanted NST to pay for it.

  14. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    I am one of those who served the NSTP loyally for three decades. Those were the days when senior executives, editors, printers, mechanics and copyboys had tea together at the executive car park.

    We bought tea and coffee through holes in the fence. Tan Sri Desa, Tan Sri Nik Ibrahim, PC Shivadas, Kadir Jasin and Ahmad Sebi all had tea with us ordinary workers.

    So when the company offered ESOS we all bought because it was our company and it was doing well. We had trust in our company.

    When I retired in 2000, the NSTP shares was higher than RM5 a share and dividends were good. But now the shares are worthless, only RM1.40. My living savings and pension gone. I attended NSTP AGM, I sense the board and management don't know what they are doing.

    Very sad that our company is destroyed by these outsiders. I don't know who they are.

    I don't know who this datuk is but they are all Datuks now because they are all addressed as Datuks at the AGM.

    Machine Operator

  15. Anonymous2:37 pm

    well, like the saying goes, 'good riddance to bad rubbish'

  16. 'Parting is such sweet sorrow'
    When you don't know what'll happen tomorrow
    After you know there's no more time to borrow
    You can only shoot with your remaining arrow

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 170908
    Wed. 17th Sept. 2008.

  17. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Bro!u don't mind passing the young Dato' a life jacket will ya?

    banjir johor banjir!

  18. Anonymous5:24 pm

    whuse the Datuk>

  19. Hi Rocky!!
    Mahathir latest post is praising hell!!!
    When he praises you...don't feel siok!!
    Last time he praised Paja Petra. look what happened?
    Now...under ISA....not one word of sympathy..or support for RPK.
    This sick old man...have the same sharp cunning mind..par excellence in twisting facts to fiction..telling half truths...and blaming others...for all the terrible sins he committed.
    Really....such a the extreme...that Malaysians have labeled him...the devil reincarnate.

  20. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Syed Faisal did nothing except carry Dollah Ahmad's balls. Then he carried Ahmad Talib's balls. Then Kali's balls. See. He is a ball carrier. Like the ball boy during last week Liverpool-Man Utd match.

    To Pos Malaysia staff, don't worry. You will get a ball boy.

  21. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Anon 12.40

    NST circulation not 100,000 lah. It's 65,000.

    100,000 minus school copies, minus airlines copies, minus hotel copies, minus kali, syed feisal, hisham aun's copies, minus staff copies, minus their contacts' copies ==== 65,000 copies

    Anon 12.40, don't mislead people, MA!

  22. Anonymous9:04 pm

    any blood relation with Syed Hamid Albar?


  23. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Syed Faisal's the guy who sold off The Malay Mail.

  24. if he's joining pos malaysia i'd like to tell him that letters from kl to pj now take around 10 days! please sort it out, mate.

  25. ROCKY

    Kami yang bijak-bijak dah lama tinggalkan NSTP tu sb kami dah nampak, tiada prospek langsung.

    Kami nampak putar belit akhbar itu, sebab tu kami tak mahu bersekongkol dengan mereka.

  26. Anonymous11:15 am

    My question is - Who is following Syed Faizal (SF) to POS Malaysia?

    a) Pat Wahid and her few followers (boys and girls)? I don't think they can survive without SF and Pat Wahid.
    b) Wahab HR? The "lalang" man, and his gang?
    c) Finance guys - Jezilee and his followers?

    Thank you guys in the above, you have done so much good to those who are left behind and those who have to leave during your time.

    Tun Ibrahim and Rahman Hashim, SELAMAT BERPENCEN

  27. Anonymous11:40 am

    Anon 7:48 pm said 'NST circulation not 100,000 lah. It's 65,000. Anon 12.40, don't mislead people, MA!'

    Anon 7:48, No I did not mislead people. Here is what I said : 'The NST's circulation itself is down to less than 100,000'.

    Yes I know that minus all the free copies they are giving away the real circulation is much lower. Thanks for pointing out it is 65,000.

    The comment by 'machine operator' is reflective not just of the NST but of the whole New Economic Policy generation.

    The old timers like Desa Pachi, Nik Ibrahim, Ahmad Sebi etc were the old generation. They grew up before the NEP and hence they could speak good English because the schools were English medium, they were possibly more 'competition' oriented and suffered less dependency on NEP crutches.

    It is possible that they could sit down and have tea with the machine operators, staff etc because they were more self confident of themselves. Possibly they also knew more things.

    Nowadays it is highly likely that all the Datos who are running NST speak worse English than the machine operators.

    They may also exhibit less common sense than the machine operators at the warongs in Jalan Riong area. They suffer huge amounts of low self esteem. No self confidence.

    So to hide their incompetence and low self esteem, they stay inside their offices, and berlagak like they are bigshots. If you talk to them their conversations center around GROs, karaoke clubs and golf.

    They cannot talk too much about the cars they drive because it is too technical.

    But not to worry. Syed Faisal is going as MD of Pos Malaysia. I believe that Kali and Khairy are shareholders in Pos Malaysia too.

    Yes there is a regime change coming. In the 1990s when Anwar became DPM, there was a regime change in the NST. Nazri and his boys came in.

    Just before Anwar was kicked out in 1998, there was a regime change in the NS again.

    Now the Datos are leaving. Yes another regime change is coming. A new King is come.

    The Bible describes Jesus entry into Jerusalem,

    'The King is come, riding on a donkey.'

    Hail to the new King. Hail Rocky riding in a Sorento!

  28. Anonymous12:07 pm

    (heha) : mr. bin Albar is tinking who is his next choice for ISA lah

  29. Anonymous3:35 pm

    But Syed Feisal did f**k all at NST and now he is going to f**k up Pos Malaysia.

    Good luck Pos Malaysia...


  30. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Hope and pray hard enough his number two man, Jez will follow suit. Otherwise, he will practice croonysm on his new circ head, namely Tasman. This arrogant young chico is heavily conspiring on old staff for alleged corruption