Tuesday, September 02, 2008

16/09's a holiday in Anwar's states

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Malaysia Day. The Pakatan Rakyat will make Sept 16 or Malaysia Day a holiday in the five states that it rule, according to Malaysiakini. Lim Guan Eng, the Penang Chief Minister, has already announced that 16/09/09 will be a holiday for Penang.

Sabah and Sarawak joined the Federation in 16 Sept 1963 (originally with Singapore) to form the Malaysia as we know it today. Read my 16/09/07 posting Malaysia - 44 or 50?

Anwar's 16/09 dream to become Prime Minister is dependent heavily on defections of Barisan Nasional's Members of Parliament from Sabah and Sarawak to his Pakatan Rakyat. An attempt to lure defectors?


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  2. It is interesting to note CM of Penang declaring 16th September..a holiday.
    This can be interpreted that Anwar's promise may materialized?
    I for one...hope Malaysians are not judging him...but wish him smooth sailing for the difficult task against an unfair and unjust UMNO.
    I am prepared to wait till next election..to vote UMNO out completely.
    Anwar is the "Man of the Year".
    And yes...16th Sept. should be the real Merdeka Day...when he becomes the PM...with the support of Sabah and Serawak.

  3. Anonymous7:47 am

    hi PM-in-the-making-of-the-dream. This man is a good communicator, a good negotiator, as well as an excellence manipulator.

    I’m a sudoko fan. But Not a sodomy fan club member

  4. Anonymous7:49 am

    Is this the beginning of divide and rule by our crafty Opposition and Anwar or rather the extension of the white man's strategy, this time inspired and instigated by the Yanks. This should also make our neighbours happy. While the Philippines Govt and the Govt of Thailand are hanging on tooth and nail to their 'minority states' Malaysia is being ripped apart by the 'multi-racial' Opposition.

  5. Anonymous8:40 am

    All this 16 September are just sodomite Anwar's bullshit. He is desperately trying to stop Malay PKR MPs/ADUNs from leaving PKR by making all sorts of ludicrous claim for Sept 16th. By that he hoped to stem their departure by giving the feel they should stick with a winner.

    Zul Nordin may have denied leaving PKR but the fact is it is indicative that Malay PKR are not happy with the Chinese and Indian NGOs sluring unabated ridiculing of Malay and Islam in the guise of UMNO/Government and Jabatan Agama, respectively. Malay PKR members have explicitly expressed it openly in many occasions.

    PKR is now dominated by Non Malays NGOs that have silenced the voices of others. Closely notice who dominate PKR platforms now - the Tian Chuas, the Sivarasa / Gobalakrisnans, the Elizabeth Wongs. The voices of real politicians and community leaders are sidelined.

    The original reformasi people are not cared for any more. There is also asserting their dominance inside PKR are the carpetbagger moneyman. Its those DEB beneficiary corporate man - Sallehuddin Hashim, MOhd Nor Mutallib, Ahmad Don, Murad, Tong Koi Ong, Khalid Ahmad, Khalid Ibrahim, William, Kamaruk Baharin, ... even Azmin and his accolades of houses and ... surpise surpsrise ... 800 APs a year (more than Mokhzani, Mahathir's son). That Nurasidi Salim that crossover at Bandar Tun Razak, is also a crooked corporate man. The Rakyat First CEO that ruined the Bank in cohoot with Mat Taib.

    Don't be to sure if Pakatan Rakyat become Government, Anwar will be PM. PAS would want to hold the PM seat too. They have struggled for a long long time and not likely to give in to a only recently come lately. PAS has a stronger party maschinery and is well organised party. They are backed by the majority race. And they are likely to get UMNO MPs joining them, then joining PKR. Maybe that is why Anwar's Erdogan is trying to ruin the party from inside.

    SOmetimes I wonder why give to a party which in 2004 was merely holding 1 seat and no adminstrative experiance? Whose experiance can they shout abt? Anwar's? Huh!

    He can't give an immediate response after 2009 budget presentation, merely murmuring cliche. The PAS and DAP people gave a better analysis of teh budget. Mukhriz is right to say Anwar is 80% rhetorics. In other words, he bullshit 80% of the time. Don't get the impresion Anwar being WOrld Bank Adviser he knows economics. It is no big deal. He is not the only adviser in the world. I personally know a couple of Malysians made adviser of World Bank as far back as in the 80s.

    Why do want people want to put their faith in Anwar and PKR that have yet to be tested to administer the country. Thus far, PKR Selangor under Khalid Ibrahim messed up the state and is a walking hypocrit.

    He compromised Malay interest but lied to the Malays claiming it is defending their interest. The problem is Dolah Badawi and UMNO has compromised the Malays' interest. Ppl are disgusted with corrupted and it seems he is on a roll to rape the country. Out of anger, Malays do not realised that PKR is a devil they do not know.

    Back to the Anwar's dream, he promised Chinese DPM seat, Indian PM. He promise the Sabahan, Sarwakian. Don't you think his "tiga serangkai" partner Azmin don't want that too? Hey ... Karpal also wants it and he will claim it ios for the Punjabis. THats not racial off course. Elizabeth Wong would want to see a Penan elected DPM too. Hahaha .. under Anwar, we willhave more chief than Indians (red I mean).

    After having talked to several Sabahan and Opposition workers, none see any prospect of anyone leaving. They just can't see who is a possible defector?

    Have any idea why the hell is ACA actively going after people these days? To curb corruption? Its sending a message that a mere murmur of crossover will see ACA at your door step liek what Yong Teck Lee faced.

    Anwar and Nalla (what a suicidal idiot) will have to face up with the RM60 million Magnum money allegation.

    At the end of the day, saya sangat hairan. Apa ke bodoh punya Cina Keling harapkan seorang perasuah dan peliwat seperti Anwar untuk naik jadi pemimpin mereka dan menyuarakan suara mereka? Ingat dia orang pandai serba serbi dari Melayu?

    Ini mungkin merupakan petunjuk (indicator) bahawa moral politik kaum India dan Cina yang rendah hingga sanggup menerima seorang penipu handal dan tak bermoral menjadi pemimpin mereka.

    Saya lihat ini hanya niat tak baik mereka dan hanya memekirkan dan mementingkan diri sendiri.

    Bukan mereka memikirkan untuk negara. Jgn cuba nafi, mereka rela Malaysia dijajah oleh kuasa2 neokolonialisma dan menerima pakai agenda dan polisi kuasa neokolonialisma. Bacalah agenda ekonomi Anwar. Itu agenda IMF/World Bank .... liberalisasi.

    Ini semua kerana mereka ada niat untuk menzalimi dan menghukum ornag Melayu. Baik budi mereka ... hukum orang asal yang memberi mereka kewarganegaraan dan tidak menjadikan mereka ini steteless. Hukum orang asal yang menerima mereka sebagai pendatang untuk cari makan dan harta.

    Kalau India dan CIna berkuasa, saya pasti dan gerenti, orang Melayu akan di hina. DI Fiji dimana India berkausa, orang Fiji dihina dan dilayan macam hamba abdi. Mereka tidak dibenarkan masuk kelab2 seperti Lake CLub tidak benarkan Sultan Selangor masuk Club.

    Kalau dah asal pendatang, pemikiran pendatang yang hanya memikirkan diri sendiri masih kekal. Kalau dah bangsa yang asal penipu dan pembelit, macam begitu juga!

    Panggillah aku rasist, aku tak peduli. Aku menceritkan yang benar. Aku bisa buka pelbagai-pelbagai sikap dan tindakan perkauman Cina dan India yang terang2 dan jauh lebih banyak.

    Biar dianggap rasis kerana orang Cina dan India hanya tahu menuduh orang lain rasis tetapi sifat perkauman mereka dan anti Melayu mereka itu benar.

    Saya mahu berterus terang kerana mereka2 ini faham bahasa terus terang dan kasar. Mereka tidak tahu menghargai budi bahasa dan timbang rasa orang Melayu. Kerana mereka datang semasa negara mereka huruhara dan tamadun yg sedang jatuh. perangai mereka macam pariah lah.

    Mereka ini hanya memahami dan menghormati kekerasan dan undang2 draconian seperti ISA, Sedition, dll.

  6. Saudara Rocky Bru,

    Saya sertakan di bawah rencana saya yang terbaru:

    Alasan-Alasan Yang Amat Berhormat Perdana Menteri 16 September

    Alasan-alasan yang boleh digunakan oleh bakal Yang Amat Berhormat (YAB) Perdana Menteri 16 September 2008, sekiranya temberangnya terbongkar pada hari berkenaan. Minta maaf YAB, saya tolong ingatkan, YAB hanya ada 14 hari lagi, atau kurang lebih 2 minggu saja lagi. Penyokong-penyokong anda juga sedang mengumpul idea-idea megenai alasan apa yang hendak diberikan sekiranya YAB tidak berjaya mengambil alih kerajaan pada hari itu. Saya akan tolong mereka lain kali. Buat masa ini biar saya tolong YAB menyediakan alasan-alasan sewaktu ditemuduga oleh wartawan-wartawan pada hari itu:

    1. Gus Dur berkata bahawa masanya belum tiba untuk saya mengambilalih kerajaan. (Gus Dur tidak sempat menghabiskan alasannya sebab telah tertidur!)
    2. Ada orang hendak membunuh saya, saya terpaksa berlindung lagi di Kedutaan Turki.
    3. Yusuff Al Tantawi, ulama tersohor menasihatkan saya agar jangan bersumpah. Oleh itu, saya tidak dapat bersumpah menjadi Perdana Menteri.
    4. Rakan-rakan saya di IMF minta bersabar, mereka tidak ada banyak dana untuk mengambil alih Malaysia sebab Amerika sendiri porak peranda.
    5. Ahli parlimen Sabah telah ditangkap di bawah ISA. Mereka tidak boleh melompat parti.
    6. Saya bimbang keselamatan saya sebab pihak polis akan menangkap saya bila-bila masa.
    7. Kenyataan saya telah diputar belitkan oleh media dan blog-blog yang dikawal sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan.
    8. Saya hanya bercakap 16 September, tahun belum ditentukan lagi. Mungkin tahun 2020.
    9. Saya tidak pasti siapakah yang akan saya lantik jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Kit Siang, Karpal Singh atau Haji Hadi.
    10. Tidak semestinya dengan mengambil alih kerajaan saya boleh membantu rakyat. Sekarangpun saya dapat membantu mereka. Kenapa hendak diperbesarkan lagi isu ini.
    11. Apa yang hendak saya risaukan. Apa saja alasan yang saya bagi, penyokong-penyokong saya pasti akan menelannya bulat-bulat.
    12. Saya telah diracun dengan racun arsenik. Saya harus mendapat rawatan semula.
    13. Penyakit tulang belakang saya makin parah. Saya terpaksa mendapat rawatan di luar negara. Doktor-doktor di Malaysia tidak boleh dipercayai. Mereka ingin membogelkan saya.
    14. Ini semua main-main, bukan betul-betul. Cobaan!
    15. Saya belum dapat pengganti pembancuh kopi saya yang akan saya bawa ke luar negara!

    YAB buatlah keputusan hendak mengambil alasan yang mana satu. Kalau tidak cukup, boleh e-mail kepada saya. Saya akan ikhtiarkan mencari alasan-alasan yang baru.

  7. Anonymous9:55 am


    Finally we have reason to fly the Jalur Gemilang upright!

    Hopefully Selangor will organize a real parade on 16 Sept in Shah Alam.


    "Bangsa Malaysia"

  8. I rather you call those states as "Barisan Rakyat" States. It was the people not Anwar who elected them.

  9. Anonymous11:02 am

    You do have a thing for Anwar don't you? Still crying over the fact that your mentor is no longer leading the country?

    Son of Merdeka

  10. Anonymous11:52 am

    hye bro,

    selamat berpuasa. i do agree that this move could be politically motivated. but again being a "miak sarawak" myself, i am all for it. all these while, i and many others from sarawak/sabah have always felt why sept 16 was not declared a holiday as if it shows the government is not bothered about what happened on that day. and now with anwar's move, i believe many of us would fall for it. tak kisahlah whether anwar ikhlas or has ulterior motives.

    one more thing, spoke to my fellow sarawakians, they seem impressed with anwar for kutuking sarawak cm in a recent statement. what makes it interesting is none of the leaders from the present government dare to say anything about sarawak cm - so believe me in the next sarawak state election, pkr might make its presence felt in sarawak.

    finally, anwar's move to openly reprimand fairus (penang dcm) in a function has won him support.

    take care - laksa sarawak

  11. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Bro here is some interesting stuff thats going around today:

    16 Sept. DSAI Angkat Sumpah Sebagai PM Malaysia

    15 Sept. DSAI mohon restu Agong.

    15 Sept. DSAI mengadap DYMM AGONG.

    15 Sept. DSAI mengisytiharkan pembentukan PAKATAN sebagai
    Kerajaan baru di TV1,TV2,TV3,Bernama TV,Awani Astro
    secara siaran langsung

    12 Sept. Sidang Tergempar mengusulkan DSAI membentuk
    ‘Caretaker Government”

    10 Sept. PM mengumumkan perletakan jawatan.

    9 Sept. Sidang Tergempar Parlimen di panggil.

    8 Sept. 5 Menteri & Timbalan BN Letak Jawatan

    7 Sept. 10 Ahli Parlimen BN umum pindah kerusi Parlimen ke PAKATAN

    6 Sept. Semua komponen BN dari Semenanjung keluar BN kecuali MCA/MIC

    5 Sept.Parti Komponen BN dari Sabah & Sarawak isytihar keluar BN

  12. holiday on malaysia day will not change a thing if the agreement of formation of malaysia not be honored by the federal government. sabah and sarawak should be benefited after joining the federation, but instead some small and selected states got the huge benefits and small contribution. :(

  13. Anonymous12:49 pm

    (heha) :
    " how MUCH do we get !? what
    faedah2....any minister post ?...
    lks = dpm ah ....cannot lah ,
    his son oredi a cm in penang...
    they are squatters lah !!"

  14. Anonymous12:50 pm

    anwar can dream on. nothing will happen on sep 16, 2008 except scatter thunderstorms in pulau pinang, perak, selangor and wp.

  15. Anonymous1:29 pm

    It is about time !!! I always asked myself why independence day is 31 of August and NOT 16 of September. Now, i can proudly tell my kids that 16 of Sept is Malaysia Day.

    Thank You Everyone for this to HAPPEN


  16. Anonymous said...

    You do have a thing for Anwar don't you? Still crying over the fact that your mentor is no longer leading the country?

    Son of Merdeka
    11:02 AM


    Son of Merdeka,

    I have a thing for Anwar? Heh, be more precise, Son, or people might misconstrue your meaning. I last met DSAI at Permatang Pauh a couple of occasions and he even granted me an "exclusive" interview for RazorTV (www.razor.tv) on the eve of polling day.

    Anwar's supporters who can't accept anyone criticizing their idol have a thing with me. Oh yes. And there are many of such supporters. But with their idol himself I'd like to believe that I keep a professional, sometimes even friendly, liaison.

    As for my "mentor" no longer leading the country, it was his choice. Do read Chedet's latest posting entitled "Mengenang Budi Pemimpin Lama" and learn a bit about the resignation (not dismissal) of Anwar's boss (Anwar and I shared the same mentor in Dr Mahathir, did you know?). If I cry that he no longer leads the country, Son, I don't cry alone. Millions cry with me. Less than 5 years of Abdullah's rule, and here we are ......

  17. Anonymous1:57 pm

    I thik declaring public holiday on sept 16 to win the hearts of east malaysians in an apparent show of "oneness" is a bit too dramatic lah...You win people over with your character and what you stand for. be like Gandhi and I will leave anything to support you. But Public Holiday???? No way...

    declare it after showing what you actually can do for our east malaysian brethren....



  19. Anonymous2:30 pm

    i bet all the gambling syndicate now is having a big big betting ring on sept 16 .... hahahhaha

  20. Anonymous2:53 pm

    I see no wrong in righting a misdeeds that our forefathers either done wittingly or unwittingly, celebrating Merdeka on a date that did not account for the inclusion of the two states of East Malaysia.

    Pakatan Rakyat choice of 16 Sept as a holiday is meaningfull and I applaud them for having this idea. We want to celebrate Merdeka with our brothers and sisters in Sabah and Sarawak !

  21. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Your heading> 16/09's a holiday in Anwar's states" - is there something meant to be read between the lines?


  22. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Ask any investor and they'll tell you we already have too many public holidays.

    One more will only make us less attractive to investors' productivity concerns.

    Of course, Anwar and Lim Guan Eng know this, so expect them to spin the productivity excuse when the time comes.

    - Abang Maimon.

  23. Anonymous3:14 pm

    saya nak tambah alasan cucu tok selampit..

    alasan yang ke xx - ahli parlimen yang ingin melompat parti telah diugut bunuh/ atau disogokkan wang ringgit oleh kerajaan BN

    alasan yang ke xx - saya nak menyondol jadi takde masa saya nak jadi PM.

  24. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Why anwar can't wait for 13th GE?
    maybe becoz he thirst of power and he sees this is the right time to takeover the country. With weak Pak Lah, people's sentiments on economy and crime rate, he surely got support everywhere.

    13th GE deem too long to wait and perhaps, next GE, BN already recover from their dreams and anwar himself may fall sick, now the ONLY time to takeover Malaysia.

    People just too sick of BN and they just dont care.


  25. Anonymous4:00 pm

    come on lah guys ... we in sarawak want changes. sick and tired of being under sarawak bn rule. let me ask u guys. we all know how "clean" sarawak cm is and how long he has been in power and yet why did the bn administration not do anything about it.

    it is not a matter of us liking anwar but is just that we are sick and tired and anwar is the only guy who comes along to provide changes

    - laksa sarawak -

  26. Anwar and Lim should just forget about the change of Government on 16th September as it will never happen, UMNO will for sure make a huge hole to bury any BN MPs with the slightest suspicion of crossing over.

    Pakatan Rakyat is made of:

    1. DAP - Which is secularist in nature dominated by the Lim family with a few leaders from the Chinese community and fewer token leaders from the Indian and Malay community.
    2. PAS - Islamic Party dominated by Malays with the aim of forming a Government based on Islamic principles.
    3. PKR -Dominated by Anwar and his family with some Malay leaders and outspoken NGOs leaders and token leaders from the Chinese and Indian community whose initial aim was to free Anwar from jail and now mainly to put Anwar as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    It will be very difficult if not impossible for Anwar to try to piece together 3 hugely diverse political groups which are supposedly "equal" in trying to form a credible Malaysian cabinet/government accepted first by the MAJORITY MALAYS and then the other citizens of Malaysia.

    The question is will PAS allow Anwar to become PM, so who is going to be DPM, will there be many DPMs. I do not see PAS, DAP or PKR backing down in promoting their parties' interest first.

    Just like what happened in Pakistan recently, the unifying factor for the coalition parties was to get rid of President Musharraf, after he quit there is no unifying factor so the coalition is disunited and in disarray. Similiarly, in Malaysia the unifying factor is not really Anwar but rather to replace the BN. If BN goes what's next for Pakatan Rakyat? I predict total chaos with PAS, PKR, DAP fighting over what is worth fighting for.
    So, I would rather stick with the devil I know(BN) than the seemingly angels(PKR,PAS,DAP) I don't know. I have a business to take care and customers to serve.

    The idea of 16th September being a National Holiday - Hari Malaysia is a good idea though.

  27. Anonymous5:55 pm

    The intention of Tunku Abdul Rahman was to have the inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak on 31 August 1963, if not detoured by Indonesia's opposition.

    If 31st August is Merdeka, whats wrong with 16 September be Malaysia Day. Instead of celebrating 14 days before and after 31st August in the past few years.

    Why not make a tradition to celebrate from August 31st to 16 Spetember. Let that period to be a period everyone dedicate to discuss about nation building, patriotism and love for the country!

  28. Ahhh September 16 a holiday! Then I can bury my nose in a Sudoku puzzle book....

  29. Anonymous6:59 pm

    in KL, one BLIND massage fellow was
    'sodomed' lah !! (niamahx)

  30. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Politics aside, the bugger Anwar is right!

    I have been saying this for the past few years: Think of the bigger picture. Malaysia is not solely about the Malays, we have other communities to think of.

    Merdeka represents Malaya's 'independence' sort of. (We only got back what was taken from us.) Malaysia day is the day we woke up and thought about the bigger picture for the country.

    It is not wrong to celebrate Malaya's release from British rule, but it is more correct to celebrate the birth of Malaysia.

    After all, celebrating 'Independence' (Aug 31)is looking back in history, celebrating National Day (Sept 16)is about looking forward.

    And most of all, no one can rebutt Sept 16. Not the Kadazans, the Dayak, Chinese nor Indians.

    - Melayu Lama

  31. Anonymous7:53 pm

    kat USA ada 50 negeri, bukan semua join the union on the same year or month but they celebrate only one national day not 50 !

  32. Jangan MIMPI Di SIANG HARI laa wahai si mabuk kuasa Anwar Ibrahim.

    Tarikh 16 Sept adalah turning point BN dan UMNO kembali kuat kerana rakyat dah jelak dengan retorik dan tipu helah manusia bernama Anwar Ibrahim. Apa? Tak percaya? Tengoklah nanti. Awang tak sabar nak tengok apa alsan yang diberikan Anwar nanti.

    -Awang Maya-

  33. I like anonymous' (this is why u must at least leave a nick la) dream/wishful timetable leading to 16th Sept 2008 ahhahahaha pretty imaginative...but u forgot 8th Sep ACA jemput xxx, yyy,zzz untuk minum kopi,etc. I m not a true blue DSAI fan but the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Face it guys, we r sick n tired (really tired).....we need a change and we think we reached an all time low (economy,social,politics) that it can't be any worse. I just have 1 worry....16th come and go....that will be real boring....let's see what sh!t will be stirred up then

  34. Anonymous1:13 am

    We celebrate the national day because the Federation of Malaya (Persekutuan Tanah Melayu) gained independence on 31 Aug 1957.

    Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore joined the Federation on 16 Sept 1963. Hence, the name was changed to Federation of Malaysia (Persekutuan Malaysia) on that day.

    Just like the United States of America, the 13 original states proclamied independence from United Kingdom on 4 July 1775.

    Even the remaining states of the Federation joined the original 13 states, the independence day is still remembered as 4th July, the original day of proclamation. Not when the dates the other 37 states joined the Federation.

    Otherwise, National Day should be celebrated on 1 February every year, because that is the last date of the latest state in the Federation was proclaimed; Wilayah Persekutuan.

    So, Rocky, should the national day be on 1 February instead?

  35. Anonymous1:24 am

    Saja nak jadi popular la mereka tu kot cik taraknama. Saja nak isytihar cuti masa tu. Apa2 pun kita tggu 16 Sept nanti, adakah cakap putar belit Anwar tu terbukti cakap kosong atau sebaliknya.

  36. August 31 was a date picked by Penang Mufti Haji Abdullah Fahim, the father of the then Kepala Batas Umno deputy youth chief Haji Ahmad Badawi who was the father of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    So, you see, choosing sept 16 is Anwar strategic plan to politically eliminate Abdullah.

    Anwar vs Abdullah = The War of The Penangites.

    Sarawak became an Independent NATION on July 22, 1963. But was shortlived following the formation of Malaysia. Sarawak could have been a NATION, but became just another state in Malaysia.





  38. Dear Abg Rocky,

    Im just thinking why non-malay like to sensationalize abt 16 Sept. Kalau betulah dia org nak sangat 16 Sept sebagai hari merdeka. Kerajaan kene declare bahawa semenanjung Malaysia ialah Tanah Melayu, Sabah dan Sarawak. US takde masalah untuk sambut 4 July as their independent day eventhough alaska, hawai and other states join later. This is political hypocrite and seriously i also cannot wait to the have the next GE so that we dont ever vote DAP and PKR anymore. They r sucks.

    31st August is pioneer day, suppose Sabah, Sarawak n Singapore were declared independence on 31 August tapi disebabkan masalah confrontation dgn indon thats y the change the date to 16 Sept. Anyway this year is the suckest among all becoz we have a very shameless PM with the stupid opposition who are POWER CRAZY and POWER POPULARITY.

    Too much stupid ideas, the malay will not vote PKR & DAP forever (hopeless opposition). Do work la weii...

  39. Anonymous11:22 am


    Fedartion of Malay State is history and have no meaning what so ever to Malaysians today.

    We aqre talking about Malaysia not some folksy story about how Malay gain independence.

    We are talking about how Malaysian get toegtehr to form this nation.

    By the way don't see the need to look to America as example.

    Why can't for once be proud as Malaysian. Not Malayan nor American.

    Bangsa Malaysia

  40. Anonymous5:41 pm


    ‘Usah politikan 16 September’

    Tokoh sejarah: Boleh diisytihar cuti tetapi rakyat perlu diperjelas
    KUALA LUMPUR: Pemberian cuti umum pada tarikh ulang tahun penubuhan Malaysia pada 16 September tidak wajar dipolitikkan bagi tujuan meraih undi rakyat, menurut seorang tokoh sejarah.

    Tokoh sejarah itu, Profesor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim, dipetik satu laporan akhbar Utusan Malaysia semalam sebagai berkata rakyat Malaysia terlebih dahulu perlu difahamkan daripada segi faktor sejarah mengenai kewajaran cuti umum diberikan pada tarikh tersebut.

    ‘Tarikh 16 September boleh diberi cuti umum tetapi rakyat Malaysia perlu diberi pemahaman mengapa tarikh itu dipilih.

    ‘Mereka mesti dijelaskan agar tidak ada yang salah faham. Saya harap ia dilakukan bukan kerana hendak dapat undi,’ kata beliau ketika dihubungi Utusan Malaysia kelmarin.

    Ahad lalu, Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, mencadangkan pimpinan pembangkang di lima negeri mengisytiharkan 16 September ini sebagai cuti umum.

    Datuk Seri Anwar berkata cuti umum itu wajar kerana 16 September adalah tarikh ulang tahun penubuhan Malaysia dan ia merupakan hari bersejarah, sama seperti 31 Ogos.

    Namun, cadangan itu telah mengundang pelbagai reaksi.

    Prof Kay Kim berkata 16 September 1963 merupakan hari pengisytiharan Malaysia dan juga hari kemerdekaan Sabah dan Sarawak daripada jajahan Britian, manakala 31 Ogos 1957 pula merupakan tarikh Tanah Melayu dibentuk.

    Di Pulau Pinang, kerajaan negeri itu akan menimbang cadangan penasihat Datuk Seri Anwar itu.

    ‘Perkara ini akan dibincangkan dulu dengan exco kerajaan negeri kerana ia akan melibatkan operasi pihak industri di negeri ini,’ kata Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Encik Lim Guan Eng, kepada pemberita selepas satu ceramah umum di Pasar Awam Tanjung Bungah, kelmarin.

    Menteri Besar Kelantan, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, pula semalam dipetik agensi berita Bernama sebagai berkata kerajaan negerinya bersetuju dengan cadangan 16 September dijadikan hari cuti umum.

    Menurutnya, cadangan itu sepatutnya diterima dan dilaksanakan di lima negeri di bawah pentadbiran Pakatan Rakyat, iaitu Kelantan, Perak, Kedah, Selangor dan Pulau Pinang.

    Kongres Kesatuan Pekerja-Pekerja Di Dalam Perkhidmatan Awam (Cuepacs), bagaimanapun, tidak bersetuju dengan cadangan tersebut.

    Presidennya, Encik Omar Osman, berkata ia akan menyulitkan pelanggan di negeri terbabit yang hendak berurusan dengan kerajaan Persekutuan.


  41. Anonymous7:32 pm


    Cuti 16 September hanya muslihat Anwar

    KUALA LUMPUR 3 Sept. - Langkah Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menggembar-gemburkan bahawa tarikh 16 September wajar diisytiharkan sebagai cuti umum merupakan satu bentuk muslihat untuk membeli ‘perasaan’ rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak.

    Presiden Parti Liberal Demokratik (LDP), Datuk Liew Vui Keong berkata, Anwar cuba menarik perhatian masyarakat di kedua-dua negeri itu dengan sengaja menjadikan tarikh kemasukan Sabah dan Sarawak ke dalam Persekutuan sebagai agenda perjuangannya.

    Beliau bagaimanapun yakin rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak matang untuk menilai perilaku Anwar yang disifatkannya sebagai semakin terdesak dalam usahanya menarik Ahli-ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional (BN) menyertai pembangkang.

    ”Anwar telah berjanji kepada rakyat bahawa dia akan membentuk kerajaan baru pada 16 September dan secara tiba-tiba juga mahu menjadikan tarikh ini sebagai cuti umum.

    ”Ini semua muslihat Anwar, dia memang bijak untuk memikat hati rakyat, tetapi dia lupa yang rakyat kini semakin matang dan mereka tidak mudah ditipu dengan sebarang fakta yang tidak berasas,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

    Beliau mengulas cadangan Anwar supaya pimpinan pembangkang di lima buah negeri mengisytiharkan 16 September sebagai cuti umum.

    Anwar berkata, cuti umum itu wajar kerana 16 September adalah tarikh ulang tahun penubuhan Malaysia dan ia merupakan hari bersejarah sama seperti 31 Ogos.

    Selain itu, Anwar sebelum ini pernah menyatakan keyakinannya iaitu sekurang-kurangnya 30 Ahli Parlimen BN khususnya dari Sabah dan Sarawak akan menyertai pembangkang pada 16 September ini bagi membolehkan pembangkang menubuhkan kerajaan baru.

    Vui Keong berkata, sejak 45 tahun lalu, rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak telah dapat menerima tarikh 31 Ogos sebagai satu-satunya tarikh kemerdekaan negara.

    Dalam pada itu, ketika ditanya mengenai keyakinan Anwar untuk membawa masuk 30 Ahli Parlimen BN dari Sabah dan Sarawak, beliau berkata, perkara itu tidak akan berlaku.

    Ujarnya, Ahli Parlimen dari Sabah dan Sarawak masih mempunyai kejujuran, maruah, nilai harga yang tinggi dan integriti.

    ”Jangan sangka wakil rakyat kami mudah dibeli dengan wang ringgit. Kedudukan kami ditentukan oleh mandat rakyat dan kami tidak akan sia-siakan kepercayaan yang telah diberikan,” katanya.

    Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Datuk Fadillah Yusof pula berkata, rakyat harus sedar dengan apa yang cuba dilakukan oleh Anwar kerana ia tidak lebih daripada satu gimik politik.

    Beliau berkata, Anwar bijak bersandiwara dan menyusun strategi dalam usaha mencapai cita-cita politiknya.

    ”Tetapi saya yakin dan percaya rakyat dan pemimpin daripada semua parti komponen BN sama ada di Sabah dan Sarawak tahu mengukur sejauh mana keikhlasan Anwar untuk memperjuangkan nasib dan masa depan rakyat di kedua-dua negeri.

    ”Saya bercakap atas kebenaran. Berbeza dengan BN, kita tidak mahu banyak berjanji, sebaliknya kita akan terus bekerja untuk membela rakyat,” katanya.

    Ahli Parlimen Kinabatangan, Datuk Bung Moktar Radin turut menaruh keyakinan terhadap kesetiaan Ahli-Ahli Parlimen BN di Sabah dan Sarawak

    Namun, beliau mahu semua pihak memantau setiap perkembangan yang berlaku kerana Anwar sudah tentu tidak akan berdiam diri dalam usahanya mencapai cita-cita politik yang telah terpendam sejak sekian lama.


  42. Anonymous10:43 pm

    hey mr anwarsodomy, stop dreaming laaa to take over my home sweet home... better u go and visit mecca and pray for your healthy wealthy life, rather than bla bla bla all over in malaysia, you are old enough man. i hope u better remember Allah..

    -son of malaya's cowboy-